Selena Goes Yachting

Title: Selena Goes Yachting

Author: Selena Fan

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: M+F, NC/Cons, drugs, mdom

Disclaimer: This story is entirely a work of fiction and is based on nothing real.

Immediately upon arrival at Naples airport Selena was whisked across the tarmac to an awaiting private helicopter. She’d promised herself she’d never do this again. “No more coke and no more escorting!”she promised herself after she got out of rehab. But her singles weren’t selling and she was in debt to the record label for cancelling her tour. Insurance wouldn’t pay as they knew she’d really quit the tour due to her coke habit. Anyways how bad could it be. Tommy had been nice. He’d taken her jet skiing and apart from being a rather conceited boor was rather good in bed. That guy in Dubai although his body odor was unbearable he was a gentleman overall. It was an easy way to make money. The only difference this time would be that she’d be straight.

Aziz had told her about the client. A billionaire in his mid fifties named Boris Telnikov known for shipping, oil and arms dealing. She hadn’t been keen at first but Aziz had assured her that he was willing to pay big. Not in cash of course but jewelry. Selena loved jewelry. She was to join him for a small private party aboard his large yacht in the Mediterranean and then afterwards join him for a tryst in his cabin. After that she’d board the helicopter and again board the private jet home.Easy money!

She boarded the helicopter and it set out across the Mediterranean. She had a great fear of open water so she tried not to look down. As the helicopter approached the yacht she could see that it was huge. A gentleman in a captain’s cap greeted her at the landing pad. “Welcome aboard Miss Gomez,” he said, “I’ll escort you to your quarters so you can freshen up and change. After that you can make your way down to deck level where you’ll find the lounge along with Mr. Telnikov along with his other party guests.” He then escorted her to her lavish suite.

Boris had requested that Selena wear the long black dress with the mesh inlays she’d worn in the In Style magazine shoot. As she looked into the full length mirror with her make up done and her hair in a bun and those massive hoop earrings she smiled to herself and laughing said, “I’d pay a million dollars to do me!” before heading to the lounge.

Making her way down the wide staircase Selena could hear music playing and could see an empty dance floor with a bar at the end surrounded by tables full of people talking. When she reached the bottom she was greeted by a burly man wearing an expensive suit. “Good evening Miss Gomez! So glad you could join us! My name is Boris Telnikov! Won’t you have a seat!” “Thank you Boris. call me Selena,” Selena replied giving him a flirty look as he took her arm. He escorted her to an empty table and sat down next to her. A waiter came and brought champagne.

As she drank the champagne Selena noticed something odd. There were no women in the room, only men. Fifty or more men.”So where are all the girls?” Selena asked casually.”Oh this is a stag party for my nephew Victor.” A waiter brought over a tray of H’oerderves and Selena piled her plate with them. As munched away she casually asked, “So I guess there’s gonna be a stripper?” “Oh there’s gonna be a stripper!” Boris replied. As Selena munched away she noticed something odd. Everyone had stopped talking and were staring intently at her. Through the windows she could see the dark ocean under the night sky. She began to feel uncomfortable. “Listen Boris I just remembered I have to go back to my room. I need to call my assistant,” Selena said. “Unfortunately this far out in the ocean there’s no cellphone reception,” Boris replied, “I’m sure it can wait.Anyways there’s something I want to give you.” A waiter came over and handed Boris a velvet box. Boris opened it to reveal a beautiful black pearl necklace. He stood up and placed it around Selena’s neck. “This necklace is worth over six million dollars Miss Gomez It’s my gift to you.” Selena smiled touching the necklace. “Thank you Boris,” she said.

Boris stood up and standing in the middle of the dance floor motioned for the music to stop. Addressing his audience he then said, “Gentleman we are here today to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my nephew Victor!” A rather stupid looking bald headed muscular brute stood up and was greeted with a round of applause. “I’d also like to introduce a very special guest we have here tonight. Someone whom my nephew is a huge fan of Stand up Miss Gomez! Selena Gomez!” Selena stood up and was greeted with a round of applause.”Unfortunately gentleman Miss Gomez just reminded me of an error on my part. Seems when planning this shindig I forgot to book a stripper!” This was greeted by a chorus of boos. “As I just mentioned we do have someone here who’s not unfamiliar with dancing and perhaps might grace us with a dance performance if given the proper encouragement! What say Selena?” Selena shook her head as the men clapped and called out her name.The men stomped and clapped and shouted her name until finally Victor along with two of his friends stood up and walking over to Selena picked her up and walking over plunked her down in the middle of the dance floor.

“No please! I don’t want to do this!” Selena pleaded shaking. Everyone laughed including Boris who said, “Ahh just one dance Miss Gomez. It would mean so much to my nephew.He’s such a huge fan.” Boris’s nephew Victor stood ogling Selena like a hungry animal. “I’m sorry I can’t!” Selena said, “I’m really not in the mood!” “Well just have to get you into the mood. Won’t we Victor?” At that point Victor headed over to the bar and returned with a silver tray piled high with cocaine. Two neat lines had been cut and there was a rolled bill next to them. He handed the tray to Boris who held it in front of Selena. “No I don’t do that anymore! Please I’d just like to go home now!” Selena cried. “There’s no place to run to Selena,” Boris said menacingly as Victor laughing handed her the rolled up bill. Selena shaking took it and snorted the two lines of cocaine. A warm familiar feeling of cocaine induced confidence took hold of her and her pupils widened. Boris and Victor sat back down in their seats.

The first bars of Good For You began and nervously at first Selena began to move. “I’m a fourteen carrot,” she sang quietly as her hips swayed along with the undulating rhythm. Moving her hands she gradually became more expressive. She looked out at the captivated men surrounding her and for a moment felt that old familiar feeling of power over an audience. Just as the lyric, “Leave this dress a mess on the floor,” came up she felt someone approach her from behind. It was Boris. Slowly he unzipped her dress and pulling it away from the shoulders caused it to fall on the ground. Selena stood stock still and closed her eyes. “Keep dancing Miss Gomez,” Boris whispered in her ear before walking away. She slowly opened her eyes and resumed dancing. She looked beautiful in her black silk lace panties and bra with her sweet bee stung lips singing along.

The song ended and the men erupted into applause. Selena went to pick up her dress but Boris held her arm and said, “Your audience requests an encore Miss Gomez.” Selena’s eyes teared up and she said, “No. Please. You said one song.” “Miss Gomez you can’t refuse your audience,” he replied before unhooking her bra. The first bars of Come And Get It began playing and Selena knew she had no choice but to continue. She held the unhooked bra in place for some time before finally letting it drop. Her heart beat faster and she became breathless. Her perk nipples betrayed an excitement hidden behind her mask of defiance. Wearing nothing but the black pearl necklace and a pair of panties she looked amazing. The lust surrounding her was palpable and she could feel it.

The song ended and the audience again burst into applause. Boris stood beside her and holding Selena’s arm said, “Gentlemen! Are you ready to come and get it?” “Yes!!!” the men cheered before getting up from their seats and crowding around Selena. “Selena we have something special prepared for you tonight!” With that the crowd parted and a Sybian vibrator was placed in front of Selena. She looked at it and gulped.Boris then removed her panties causing another cheer to go up among the crowd of men. He held the tray in front of Selena and she did another two lines. Boris then wet his fingers and coating them with cocaine slid them deep inside Selena’s shaved vagina. “Seems like your already wet Selena,” he said laughing as he slid his fingers in and out of her. Selena’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she moaned and said, “God what’s happening!”

Slowly Selena sat down on the Sybian and as she did it began to vibrate. The men began taking off there clothes. Selena’s moaning was quiet at first but it gradually grew louder. The men stared in awe of this starlet as she writhed and moaned. Victor approached her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. His cock was huge and very hard and as he shoved it deep inside her gaping mouth she let out a start and her eyes opened wide. “Now suck it you bitch!!” Victor screamed and started pushing her head back and forth on his giant cock. Selena gagged and tried to pull away but Victor tilting her head back shoved his dick deep down her throat.Her throat widened with each thrust and before long Selena was sucking on his cock like her mother’s teat. Selena opened her eyes and Victor said, “Now jerk my friends off!” Selena grabbed two cocks and started jerking them off. The Sybian was turned up to high speed and as Selena rocked and moaned her mouth became a pleasure receptacle for cock after cock after cock. Eventually the machine was turned up to full speed and Selena collapsed in a heap. Boris lifting Selena’s face said, “You must be a little thirsty after all that work. Here have a little drink!” And with that he lifted up a bottle of vodka and began pouring it down her throat.Then he held up a spoon filled with cocaine up to her nose and she snorted it. She looked up at the staring faces. Her make up was running and her whole body was covered in sweat.

Victor approached Selena. “All rested up now?” he said and grabbed her by the hair yanking her off of the Sybian. Selena let out a scream. He then forced her to kneel. Spreading her ass cheeks wide he rammed his giant cock inside her. “Please stop! It hurts!” she said. “Shut up bitch!” Victor shouted. His giant cock tore at her insides as he rammed it into her and by the time he’d had enough and was ready to pass her along to the next man her asshole was like a gaping mine shaft.A man grabbed Selena and placed her on top of himself. He drew her knees in and then shoved his cock inside her. As he did this another man remounted her gaping ass. As the two men pounded Selena a third man approached and put his cock deep into her well worn throat. As the three men fucked Selena’s holes their thrusting seemed to become almost synchronized and as it did the music was turned back on.It was The Heart Wants What It Wants. Selena looked up into the crowd of ogling men. She could here them say things like. “Oh God she’s such a fucking slut!” “She’s a born whore!” “She’s loving all this attention! Aren’t you Selena you little bitch!” “Yeah the heart wants what it wants and what you want is more cock!”

Suddenly Selena heard herself say, “I want more cock! Yes! I’m a slut! Feed me more cock!” Her hands grabbed hold of cocks and started jerking them off as her mouth searched for new cocks to suck. An endless line of men took turns fucking her ass and her cunt. At one point she had two cocks up her ass, one up her cunt, one in each hand as she alternated between blowing two other cocks. At that very moment she knew that she could never go back. That from then on she would always be a slut. A real slut. She surrendered herself.

As dawn broke the men formed into a circle around kneeling Selena. “Now remember Selena you must swallow,”said Boris. “Yes,” Selena replied and smiling opened her mouth wide. As each man jerked off into her awaiting mouth Selena swallowed and gave a naughty smile before sucking and licking it dry. When the last man had been sucked and swallowed clean Selena stood up and the men once again applauded. “So did you enjoy the party?” Boris said offering her another hit of cocaine as she sipped on a glass of champagne. “It was the best party ever. Thank you Boris. Selena said as she inhaled the lines. “Go take a shower now. Your helicopter will be here in an hour.” Boris said and handed her her clothes. As Selena showered Selena she couldn’t help touch herself and think about dirty she felt, how slutty,and yes how much of a woman and the thought excited her.


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