Selena’s Big Audition

Title: Selena’s Big Audition

Author: Selena Fan

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: M+F, mdom, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This work is entirely a piece of fiction.

Selena arrived at the studios for her audition dressed in jean shorts, a halter top and heels. The director wanted someone who looked young and slightly slutty. Selena hadn’t had a movie offer in so long she practically would do anything to get the part. It was to be a horror film and Selena loved horror films. Walking into the audition she saw eight men seated at a long table. She sat down on the couch and putting her feet up on the coffee table tried to look relaxed as John Houseman, one of the biggest directors in Hollywood, introduced himself along with the script writer Ted and five producers Jerry, Ron, Peter, Norman and Bill. The producers were all in their mid forties while John and Ted were both in their late twenties. John said to Selena, “Now Selena this role requires nudity. Do you have a problem with that?” “No not at all, ” Selena replied laughing, “At this point half the word has seen my tits!” “Good,” John continued, “It being a horror film it may also require you to scream quite a bit. Do you have a problem with that?” “Not at all! Ahhh!!!” Selena replied laughing. “Good! Why don’t we start the audition on page 43. Where the girl is tied up by her abductor.Tell you what Selena why don’t we clear off this coffee table,” He said getting up from his seat,”and we’ll have you lay on it. For an added touch I brought along some rope. I think it might motivate you to really experience what the character is going through.” “Ahh OK sure,” Selena replied nervously. She then lay on the dining table as John the director tied her hands and feet to the legs. “Now if we’re going to make a film together you’ll have to show complete trust in me. Do you trust me Selena.” “What’s there not to trust? Selena said offhandedly laughing to herself as the ropes were tightened and knotted. Having finished John then brought out a video camera and began to film.

“OK Ted she’s all yours!” John said motioning to Ted. Ted got up from his seat holding in one hand a pair of boxcutters and in the other what looked like a car battery charger. Leaning over Selena he said menacingly, “You thought you could get away but you couldn’t could you Eliza!” Selena getting into character replied, “People will know I’m missing! What are you going to do to me?” At that point Ted taking the boxcutters proceeded to slowly cut away at Selena’s haltertop. “Oh my God! What are you doing? I have to wear that home!” “Don’t worry Selena we’ll find you something else to wear home. Remember you must trust me completely!” “OK.” Selena said with resignation. Having cut away Selena’s top to reveal her mouthwatering breasts Ted proceeded to place clamps from the battery charger onto her nipples. “That hurts! What are you doing? I’m scared! I don’t want to do this!” Selena cried out. “Good! Be scared Selena! Use it as fuel for your acting!” At that point the five producers were crowding around the table ogling Selena’s nubile young body.

“Now I want to hear you scream Selena!” John said as Ted sent an electric shock to Selena’s nipples. “Ahhh!!!” Selena screamed. “Good,” John said, “That’s good but I think you can do better! Ted turn it up by 3 volts!” Ted did as requested and Selena convulsed and screamed. “Help me! Help me! Selena cried to Peter, one of the older producers. Peter then whispered something into John’s ear. John nodded and Peter went back to the executive table and returned with a very large black vibrator. Selena seeing what Peter was holding screamed, “Let me go! Let me go! I don’t want to do this!” “Good Selena,” John said, “Now your getting into character!” Ted loomed over Selena as he slowly cut and ripped away her shorts along with her panties to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy small and virginal.

Selena’s bottom lip quivered and tear drops began to form in her sweet doe like eyes. “Please don’t do this!” she begged. “Your such a good actress Selena,” Ted replied.

Turning on the black vibrator Peter began to make small circles at the edges of Selena’s pussy lips. Then he began gradually inching it into her. “Her pussy is so tight I can barely fit it in,” he said as the stood looking on slack jawed. Gradually turning up the speed as he pushed it in and out he finally managed to get it all the way into her pussy. At that point he turned the speed to maximum. “Oh God!” Selena moaned. John motioned to Ted who sent an electrical shock to her nipples. At the same time Peter began masturbating her with the vibrating dildo. “Ahh! Oh God! Ahh! Oh God!” Selena screamed as her moans of ecstasy mingled with her screams of pain. Again and again Ted sent shockwaves through her nipples as she writhed and moaned. Soon her mind began confusing the pleasure for the pain and visa versa. “Will you do exactly as your told Selena?” John asked homing the camera in on her face. “Will you obey my directions Selena if we untie you?” he asked. “Yes, yes anything!” she cried out. “Good. We’ll untie you now but you must promise to be a good girl Selena!” John said. “I promise! I’ll do whatever you say!” Selena whimpered and the men untied her.

Once untied Selena was told to kneel on all fours on the coffee table. She submissively did as she was told. All the men took off their clothes as she quietly waited. As Ted readied himself to mount her John looming over Selena said, “I want you to repeat after me Selena. Say I’m a cock teasing Lolita slut!” Selena meekly replied, “I’m a cock teasing Lolita slut.” John continued, “I’m a cock teasing Lolita slut who deserves to get fucked over and over again!” “I’m a cock teasing Lolita slut who deserves to be fucked over and over again,” Selena quietly echoed. “Louder so everyone can hear!” John demanded. This time Selena shouted out the words and just as she finished Ted drove his penis into her dripping pussy. “Ahhh!” Ted cried, “My God she’s tight!” Feeling Ted’s large penis entering her Selena’s eyes widened momentarily and her jaw dropped. “I want you to tell Ted to fuck you hard!” John said zooming in on Selena’s tense face. “Fuck me hard Ted!” Selena said looking into the camera. “Smile Selena!” John said. Selena did her best to smile as Ted pumped his penis in and out of her juicy cunt which by this point was dripping all over the floor.

Ted pulled out and Peter approached Selena. “Why don’t I give this pretty little ass a try!” he said. “No please not my ass!” Selena pleaded. John holding the camera to her face said, “No we don’t say that Selena. We say. Oh yes I love it up my ass!” “I love it up my ass.” Selena echoed monotonously. John slapped her face. “Louder with more enthusiasm!” he shouted. “Yes I love it up my ass!” Selena shouted back, “Please! Please! Give it to me up my ass!” At which point Peter rammed his penis deep inside her perfect ass. “Oh it hurts! Selena cried and her eyes rolled back. Peter began  pumping his hard cock deep into Selena’s ass and as he did he grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back. “Now do you love it bitch!” he exclaimed. “Yes I do!” Selena screamed, “I love it! I love it! I love it! Fuck me harder!” With that Peter began pounding her ass with an all out fury. “Yes! Yes! Yes! You fucking whore!” he screamed as he rammed himself deep inside her. When he finally pulled out her asshole looked had become huge.

With Selena breathless and covered in sweat John told her to kneel in front of the couch. He then told Jerry, Ron, Norman and Bill to sit on the couch. When they all were seated John grabbed Selena by the hair and said, “I want to see those cocks get really hard really fast!” He zoomed in on her face as sucked and and gave handjobs to the men on the couch. Each man grabbed the back of her head and forced her to swallow deep. Finally Jerry picked her up and placed her firmly. “Ride it bitch!” he yelled. Bill came up behind her and shoved her downwards before entering her ass with his hard cock. “Oh God I’ve got two cocks in me!” Selena cried, “Oh God I think I’m gonna cum! Ahh!” At that moment Selena had the biggest orgasm of her life as her cunt juices washed over Jerry’s cock. John handed the camera over to Ted and as Bill pulled out he entered her. “I’m gonna split you wide open now,” he whispered in Selena’s ear. He pumped her harder and harder until she finally screamed out, “Help me Jesus!!!” “Jesus won’t help you now you fucking whore! Welcome to hell! Ahhh!” John and Jerry came at the exact same time flooding Selena’s ass and cunt with warm sticky cum.Selena collapsed in a heap.

Norman and Ron took turns fucking Selena. Selena’s mind was completely gone at this point. She’d just become a mindless sex slave. Finally she was placed in the center of the room and as she gave blowjobs and licked and swallowed and was covered by their cum Selena was heard to whisper, “Mmmm more cum. More cum please.” John zoomed in on her with the camera as she sucked the last man dry and as she licked her lips he said, “Congratulations Selena! You got the part!” “You just made me the happiest girl in the world!” Selena replied.

The End

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