Silver Screen Express Ch. 11

Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 11

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, rim, spank, facial, affair

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

The door slammed shut to the gold van, just before a sigh could be heard among David’s voice. The clock read out 6:34 PM while the sun was beginning to fall down into the ocean to leave a darkened sky. He wasn’t used to being out on the streets around this time of the day. Working night shifts was something he had not done in many years, not since he was a regular taxi driver a few decades ago. Tonight had made a special occasion of a shift change, just to make up for two men being down on the job and off the clock. It was Wednesday, which wasn’t too bad for a night shift. It was better than Friday when he preferred to cash his check and go home to relax.

Working late for the Silver Screen Express company often created various different results from the day shift. David had only worked night shift during one month, a few years ago when he first took up the company job. Of the clients, most of them were calling for pickups and to be escorted to places where they could indulge in a grandiose night life. In some ways, it made him almost envious of the clients, as he wished he could leave the job and go party himself at some clubs. His expectations for tonight came to this, as he didn’t quite know what was going to await him when it came to the fares who would be calling in.

After starting the van, David took to the streets while the sky was clearly colored in a hue of orange during the sunset. This was his second time driving during the day, as he had to take the van out earlier in the afternoon and have the tires refilled and a routine check up over the van. From last week’s events, he was forced to scrub the seats to cleanse them of any cum stains that may have been left over after a pretty hot day with a pop star. Since then, he had yet to indulge in any devious fun in the back of his van. Perhaps his luck would change tonight, as David liked to say ‘the freaks come out at night’. He didn’t know what to expect once he took the road and was waiting on fares to call in requesting rides.

From within the taxi, he wore the casual clothes that were never anything particular for his taste. Just a white T-shirt and black cargo pants. As usual, a pair of flip flops were over his feet. It didn’t take him but around thirty minutes to hear the first fare calling in for a request. A man down near the USC college had called in, but David ignored the call for now. He was already in south of Los Angeles, but he didn’t have the patience for any rich college kids tonight. Soon after he passed by the college campus, another call came in close by just a street away from USC. The request was rather odd, asking for a driver to come into a parking lot and drive near a black Bentley to await the fare to come out. It was a woman who called in, but did not verify anything of her appearance.

David didn’t know what to think at first from such an odd request. Could it be a set up of some sort? His imagination ran wild through his mind, speculating just what this was all about. Being a man who enjoyed surprises, he called back into dispatch and alerted them that this fare would be his. At his worst thought, he figured this was probably some kidnapping scam or a planned robbery. It was wild thoughts, but he couldn’t help himself. With a smirk on his face, he turned the steering wheel of the gold van and continued his destination. Once he arrived in the back of the parking lot, he spotted the black Bentley sitting alone in the distance.

Pulling up right next to the vehicle, David was ready for whatever was about to happen. The lights were turned off on the Bentley and the windows were tinted dark. From this appearance alone, he figured it must have been someone wealthy enough to live in complete privacy, but what was the point of such an odd request? He put his hand down over the horn, allowing it to blow momentarily. The passenger door came swinging open and a woman stepped out in a black long sleeved jacket. David watched from the driver’s window as she set her heels down over the concrete, slammed the door of the Bentley and then approached the sliding back door of the van to climb in.

“Hello there, Miss.”


She responded with just a single word, spoken almost in a smug tone as she slammed the back door shut and sat down on the left side seat. David didn’t know what to think of her at first while gazing into the rear view mirror above. Her outfit had a belt around it and he clearly could see fishnet stocks over her legs and a tall pair of black high heels. Her hair was brunette, fixed up neat with heavy makeup and eyeliner. First impressions gave him the idea that she almost looked like a high class escort.

“So, where do you wanna go?”

“Ummmmm, I don’t know really…”

What a hell of an answer, David thought to himself. She looked up at the ceiling for a minute before finally speaking back up after several seconds.

“You know what? Just take me out to West Hollywood, somewhere around there. Just drive, I’ll think of where I want to go when you get there.”

“Alright, suit yourself. If that’s what you want, I’ll start driving. The initial fee of this ride is going to be for five hundred dollars.”

She nodded.

“Yeah, I know. I call in every so often to get rides, I’ll pay you when we get there.”

Her demeanor had clearly caught David’s attention. He shifted gears, backing the van out of the parking lot and heading back onto the roads. Despite the fading sky, the van wasn’t dark yet. There was a set of lights that turned on above over the ceiling in case it would be needed later on during a night drive. Once the van was back on the roads, shifting through a few cars in light traffic, David was ready to create a conversation with her some how. So far, she sat quiet in the back of the van.

“What’s your name, Miss?

“Jessica and you are?”

“David. You said you call every now and then, so I don’t think I’ve had the privilege of driving you in the past.”

“No, you’re not the usual guy who picks me up at night. That guy has blonde hair, you look a bit older.”

He chuckled as she had leaned up from the back seat to study his facial features from behind. Moving through traffic, David couldn’t help but to speak of her awkward request so far.

“You’re quite an odd ball, I have to say.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well, I’ve never had a fare call in and ask me to pick them up in a parking lot when they own a car to drive themselves.”

“Oh, sorry if that seemed weird. I guess it is, really depending on what I’m going out to do.”

“And what would that be?”

Jessica sat back in the seat and took a deep breath after hearing his question. David had witnessed her conflicted face when he glanced back up into the rear view mirror. She took a few moments before reply back to him with a new question.

“How about I ask you something? Are you married or have you ever been married before?”

“Nope. I’ve never been married in my life. That’s something for people that have money to enjoy since you don’t have to worry about paying bills constantly.”

She laughed, finally easing up in the back seat. David had the impression she appeared to be stressed or was simply the type of woman who took herself seriously, so it was a relief to hear her laugh for once. He turned the van through traffic, heading west just as she wanted to. Since Jessica didn’t speak again, David was quick to change the subject with a new question.

“Why are you wearing long sleeves out here? You know, it gets blazing hot out here in L.A. during the summer time.”

“This is just an outfit I’m going to take off later, the long sleeves aren’t a big deal at all.”

With a response like that, he couldn’t help but allow his imagination to go crazy. David didn’t want to outright say it, but he thought the jacket with the belt around ti looked like a stripper outfit. He came to this conclusion when observing the fishnet stockings and large high heels. The only question that didn’t make any sense in his mind was, how could a hooker be rich enough to own a Bentley yet need to call for a private ride? David chuckled and couldn’t help but to mention it briefly.

“So the outfit comes off? I bet I can guess what’s under it, you fit the look.”

“I fit the look of what?”

“You’re an escort, right? No other reason you would be dressed like that, I know you’re wearing something revealing under there.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. He was so blunt with his words as if he didn’t care at all how offensive he may come off to her.

“Excuse me, but no! I am a married woman and an actress, I’m too classy to be some whore on the street!”

“Ohhhhh, so you’re an actress, huh?”

“Yes! I’m sure you could probably guess my name if I wasn’t stuck in such crap movies lately. It’s been a while since I was in anything that did well in the box office.”

What an interesting development, David was thinking to himself. Never would he have guessed this woman was an actress, given the situation and how she was dressed. He slowed the van towards traffic, allowing a car to take a turn before he moved back to the speed limit. From outside, the sunset lit sky was quickly fading off into darkness. If there was one thing he knew in his mind that was correct, the freaks really did come out at night. This didn’t seem like the kind of passenger he would be driving around during the day. Taking a deep breath, he spoke back to the subject of her career while thinking to himself.

“So you’re in bad movies lately, but you must have been in something big before, huh?”

“Yeah, that sounds about right. You might remember me, I was in the Fantastic Four movie over a decade ago. They dyed my hair blonde, do you remember that?”

“Fantastic Four, huh?”

“Yeah, you seen it before?”

“I believe so, hold on…”

The name that came into his mind was Jessica Alba. He stopped the van in traffic behind a light waiting to turn green. When he had another look from the rear view mirror, his eyes had not deceived him whatsoever. It was definitely Jessica Alba in the back of his van. He smiled to himself as the light faded into a green and he continued to drive the van forward.

“Oh yes, I know who you are now. The lovely Jessica Alba, am I right?”

“You’re the winner.”

She replied back with a smug grin over her face. David couldn’t help but laugh at her tone.

“So, you’re going out to cheat on your husband or something?”

“I guess you could say that. What would you do when your spouse cheats on you?”

Gripping the steering wheel among his fingers, David laughed for a bit before he answered her back.

“I don’t know, cause I haven’t been in a stable relationship in years. But I’ll tell you this, if he cheats on you then maybe you should leave him.”

“That’s easy for you to say, but what am I supposed to do when I have kids with him?”

“A divorce isn’t going to hurt them, but I suppose I don’t have any room to talk since I’m not in your shoes.”

“That’s right, thank you!”

With such a revelation of who his passenger was now, David wanted to test his luck at seducing the Hollywood beauty. By now, it wasn’t so much of a surprise who he could come across with the Silver Screen Express van. David had accumulated quite the number of names for famous ladies that he had gotten lucky with so far this year. He wanted Jessica Alba to be another card to go down in the list of famous people he had slept with. Slowing the van down in traffic, he spoke again.

“So you’re going out to get even with your husband for cheating on you, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“How about I help you out? Since you weren’t so sure where you wanted to go at first, how about I be the one? I’ll even cancel the fare entirely if we can fuck each other.”

Jessica laughed at his blunt attempt of a seduction.

“Well, you don’t try and hide your intentions do you?”

“Nope! You said you wanted to get back at your husband, so I’m just offering to help. You also weren’t quite sure where you wanted me to take you exactly, which is what led me to think you must be some escort or something.”

“It’s not that easy though. There’s something I want to do to get back at him just so he knows that I can fuck other people to. Just a little idea I thought of today.”

“What would this idea be, babe?”

A visible smirk ran across her lips when David glanced back up into the rear view mirror. The darkness of the town was beginning to consume even the back of the van. He would be forced to turn on the upper lights soon. He went on and turned the lights on while she explained her plan to him.

“I brought my phone with me and I would like to make some videos, just so he knows what he’s missing out on when he cheats on me.”

David busted out laughing. She didn’t even seem to notice the lights that had been turned on from the ceiling above the back seat. The brightness of the lights could be seen over the black leather seats in the back.

“So basically you want to make a sex tape, is that what you’re saying?”

“Yeah something close to that, but with short videos.”

“I can do that for you, that won’t be a problem. I’ll take us out to some place quiet close by, what do you say? Let me get in the back with you and I’ll give you all the loving that your husband has been neglecting.”

Thinking to herself for a moment, Jessica found herself agreeing with him by nodding her head.

“I guess I’ll take you up on this. I wasn’t sure who to turn to about it. You’re just a stranger, so we are going to keep this under the rug, right?”

“Yeah, this will be our secret between me and you. I have no one to tell anyway, I can promise you this secret will remain safe unless you want to tell your husband yourself.”

David smiled to himself like he had done several times before in the driver’s seat. He was surprised that Jessica didn’t take much convincing to talk into the idea of some kinky fun with him. All that remained now was the fact of her jacket covering her body. He was still guessing that she was wearing something revealing underneath. Jessica leaned up in the backseat, finally noticing the lights that had been activated from above. David now had to think of where to take her tonight for a quick stop. He was so used to doing this during the afternoon, he didn’t quite think of making stops during night. After he made a slight turn down a back road, he was thinking more clearly of a small place he knew close by.

“You know, while I drive us, why don’t you go on ahead and get naked back there?”

“What, you want me to take my clothes off?”

Her response was almost in a teasing voice. David replied back while moving his gripping fingers among the steering wheel.

“Yeah, I want to see if I was right all along.”

“Right about what?”

She heard him laugh.

“If you are truly wearing something skimpy under that jacket! I don’t see why anyone would be wearing long sleeves after all in this hot ass down, so show me if I’m right or not.”

Jessica rolled her eyes but wasn’t bothered by his request. She had planned all night to give a strip tease show to some lucky friend of hers or even a random stranger if they agreed to her terms of a short lived affair. To comply with his request, she undid the tied piece of her black jacket and then moving the belt to come undone. David was busy behind the wheel, taking the usual off route where he would be arriving at a quiet place of his choice for the two to commence in some heated lust. She wasn’t sure if he was paying attention to her from the rear view mirror while she pulled the jacket off and revealed her body in a black thong with fishnet stockings and a matching push up bra. A naval piercing sparkled and shined from down below with her tight fit amazing stomach.

“Wow, now that’s fucking gorgeous. You look so beautiful back there, babe.”

His words had alerted her, he must have been watching her from the front seat all along. Jessica slid her hand into the jacket, grabbing her cellphone from the inner pocket and placing it down in the middle of the leather seats so it wouldn’t be forgotten. She then disposed the jacket to the floorboard and ran her hands through her hair, overcome with the desire to break off into a bit of a dance routine. She pushed her legs up and then began to grind her hips down into the seat while rolling her stomach. It was nothing fancy, just a small bit of a dance to begin.

“What’s that, you wanna dance back there?”

“Sure! Why don’t you get us parked soon and get back here, I’ll give you a lap dance.”

“Now that’s my kind of woman right there! I like to hear from a woman who can give a proper lap dance.”

If Jessica had done anything to encourage him, David was now looking to park the car as fast as he could. How could he turn down a lap dance from Jessica Alba of all women? It was probably the one thing everyone agreed she did best in her films. He had already thought to park the van somewhere in the woods. He was afraid to use his favorite places such as multi-story car parks and abandoned buildings, since he didn’t know what freaks may come out at night. While he continued to drive, moving off the main roads, Jessica was busy dancing slowly and moving in the back seats. She climbed up on the seats, positioning herself on all fours to shake her ass and distract him. Only a black thong was tucked between her impressive ass cheeks. David didn’t spend much time looking into his rear view mirror, as he had to focus his eyes on the road. He soon heard a smack as she spanked herself and called out.

“Are we there yet? If you want this lap dance, you better hurry up cause I don’t wanna wait.”

“Don’t worry, we’re getting there babe.”

For once, David had to laugh as he wasn’t used to hearing a woman impatiently demanding the arrival. Usually, he couldn’t’ get to a quiet spot quickly enough for his own desire, but now he had Jessica in the back of his van dancing and grinding into the air as she shook her ass from the seats. He pulled through an off back road yet again, going down the brown dirt road and taking his time through an area of the woods. Since he didn’t go the distance to West Hollywood, he was able to take a main road out to the woods up north. A few more spanks could be heard from the back seat while David was driving through a bit of the woods, off road. Jessica was busy smacking her ass with the palm of her right hand.

“Hold off on the spanking, babe. When I get back there, I’ll do it for you.”

“I hope you’re serious, cause I don’t wanna wait any longer.”

She had become even more impatient with him. A bump was felt in the road before David shifted gears and began to back up. He was somewhat concerned about this spot during the night hours. He wasn’t used to taking night shifts or even doing this sort of thing once the sun went down. Could somebody catch them in the woods? That thought remained in the front of his mind. Soon, the van came to a halt and David spoke up from the front seat.

“How about this place? Is this good enough for you?”

From a glance out the window, Jessica couldn’t see anything.

“Yeah, I guess this is fine.”

“You guess?”

“You sure no one is going to find us?”

“Well, we’re in the back of the woods, I don’t imagine bigfoot exists otherwise, he might be the only person that’s gonna find us.”

Jessica rolled her eyes at his cheap joke. David turned the key in the ignition to shut the engine down but made a second turn just so the lights would stay on from above. He then opened the door and climbed out, setting his flip flops down over the grass as he heard the crickets from outside. Jessica remained seated in the back, awaiting him to slide open the left back door and climb in himself. Within seconds, the door came sliding out and David joined her. She was at last face to face with the stranger she had agreed to this short affair with.

“Damn, you look even more beautiful now that I can see you up close.”

He sat down right next to her in the right side of the back seat. Jessica leaned up into his face and kissed his lips. David had noticed the phone in the middle of the seat and picked it up while they were kissing. After their lips pulled apart, Jessica snatched the phone from his grasp and held it herself. He almost said something back, but didn’t. She wasn’t wasting any time with him, getting up from the seat and turning around to show him her ass. David realized what she was hinting to and sat his feet on the floor, stretching his back against the seat. Just as he kicked his flip flops off, Jessica lowered her plump ass down onto his lap. She listened to him moan for a bit as she began to grind her hips down into his crotch.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! There you go babe, grind it down.”

This was a fantasy realized from the ‘Sin City’ actress. Many men who had witnessed her famous stripper scene probably dreamed of having her ass grind down into them. David was living that experience, softly moaning as he felt his cock beginning to harden from under her. Jessica closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, still grinding down into him when she felt his hand roam across her muscular stomach.

“This is fucking incredible, work it babe!”

She still didn’t say anything in return as she began to pump her ass down harder into his crotch. Jessica could feel his clothed cock pressing up, almost into the crack of her ass. A few more groans were heard among his voice while she felt his hands run up to her bra. Jessica opened her eyes and looked down, tempted to rip the bra off before he could take that pleasure for himself. Placing her free hand down into the seat from between her legs, Jessica moved to turn around and face him. David was grinning at her as he looked into her big beautiful brown eyes.

“Do you want me to take your phone and start recording now?”

“No, not yet!”

After shaking her head, Jessica smirked back at him while she was still grinding her ass down into his crotch.

“Let’s just wait until I’ve got your dick in my mouth. Then, I’ll let you start recording me.”

“You’re my kind of woman, babe.”

David replied back as he was still grinning at her. His eyes shifted down, looking at her stomach and the cute little belly button piercing she had. Jessica figured now that she could surprise him by revealing her bare breasts. While still gazing into his eyes, Jessica continued to grind down into him while she pulled the straps of her lace push up bra and then snatched it off. Her tits shook for a bit before she disposed the bra to the floorboard of the van.

“Ohhhh, wow. Look at those titties, those are nice.”

He ran his hands up, gently squeezing her breasts while feeling her nipples harden up under his palms. Jessica moaned as she was still grinding down into him. By now, his cock had grown harder and she couldn’t wait to get hands on it once his clothes were off. After he moved his hands away from her breasts, Jessica leaned in and grabbed at the fabric of his T-shirt while pushing her puffy lips to his. David moaned into her mouth as they locked lips, kissing one another. Since she was able to lean into him, this made it easier for Jessica to begin bouncing her ass over his crotch to do a bit of the ‘twerking’ move. When they broke the kiss, Jessica leaned up and giggled.

“Mmmmm, you dick is so hard under me. I bet you’ve got a nice big one, don’t you David?”

“Yeah, why don’t you get it out and see for yourself.”

Jessica smirked as he had ordered her around. He may have been calling the shots, but she felt to be the one in complete control. She set the cellphone down onto the seat next to him and then fell down to her knees. Her hands moved up to the front of his shorts, pulling the button apart and sliding the zipper down.

“Go ahead and take the phone, set up the camera to record.”

“Alright, babe.”

Pulling down his shorts and underwear, Jessica gasped when his hard cock into her view. David picked up the phone and set the camera while he felt her little hand wrap around his meat pole. He moved the phone into his right hand and sat back, holding it towards his dick as Jessica had lowered her head down and was smirking as her eyes looked into the rectangular shape of her phone.

“Go ahead, start recording now.”

He moved his thumb over the screen and pressed record, just as Jessica had pushed the head of his cock past her pink puffy lips while her right hand gripped the base. David groaned as Jessica was looking into the camera as she began to bob her lips up and down on the first few inches of his cock. The only sound that was heard was his voice moaning out and her lips slobbering all over his pole.

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah! Suck that cock, baby! Your husband is truly missing out.”

After a minute, David moved the phone to the middle of his chest and held it still with both hands gripping the rectangular shape. Jessica closed her eyes and began to aggressively force her mouth down over his shaft. ‘Mmmmmm’, she moaned against his shaft while he took a heavy breath. Over and over, she bobbed her head up and down sucking his cock easily. David couldn’t help but brag aloud.

“You suck cock better than most whores I’ve had in my life, fuck! I hope your husband knows what he’s missing out on, cause you are fucking skilled with those lips.”

Twice now Jessica heard him mention her husband. She looked up at the back of the phone and then slowly eased his cock from her lips. A loud pop noise was heard as she released his dick, strings of drool breaking off and falling down. While still looking into the camera, she pushed her lips over the head and loudly kissed it. Jessica spit on his cock and them let go of it only to move down and give his balls some attention. David was forced to move the phone up a bit, still holding it with both hands. Jessica began to lick and slobber all over his balls loudly making slurp noises.

“There you go, babe! Yeah, that’s what I like. Get those balls soaking wet with your filthy fucking mouth.”

It was almost as if Jessica was trying to be as dirty as possible just for the fact he was recording from the phone. She pushed his left nut between her lips, forcing her jaw to inflate as she sucked on it. When she pulled it out, a string of drool ran down the seats and to the floor. She looked up into the back of the phone as she used her tongue to slather over his balls, rubbing all the small hairs over her tongue before loudly moaning.

“You like how those balls taste, babe?”

“Mmmmm, yeah! I’ve got a little surprise for you.”

“Oh, do you?”

“Mmmm, yes!”

Looking into the phone, Jessica spoke again.

“Since you always ask me to rim you, I’m gonna make you watch me rim this fucking stranger.”

David just then realized that she wasn’t talking to him. She was speaking directly to her husband who would be watching the video later on after everything was over. Jessica reached her left hand up to take hold of the phone from David and then she moved down, watching as he raised his legs up for her to properly place her head between his thighs and find the crack of his ass. David decided to help her, taking the phone again.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ll record, I can get a better angle from here.”

She didn’t bother fighting him for the phone. Jessica had positioned her head right between his thighs and soon David was gasping as he felt her tongue traveling forward and through the crack of his ass. She heard him take in a deep breath before calling out to her.

“Ohhh, fuck yes!! Do it, babe! Do it!”

Jessica’s tongue twirled around his little dark hole, licking around it before sliding between the crack of his ass. All she wanted to hear was this man moaning and calling out to her, so far he wasn’t disappointing her. After repeating the process with her tongue several times, Jessica moved her head back up and took the phone from his hands yet again. She hit the save button and shut the recording off for now.

“Alright, that’s enough footage for now. I want you to fuck me, I’ll let you record again later when you fuck my ass.”

David raised his eyebrow while glancing back at her. She must have been a really kinky woman, already talking about planning to have her ass fucked without him having to ask. Jessica sat the phone back down over the left side of the black leather seats as she moved to position herself sitting down. David watched her as he got up from his seat and stood up, moving between her legs after he had stepped out of his shorts and underwear that were now a pile on the floorboard. She responded by throwing them up and arching her heels up over his shoulders. With a smirk on her face, Jessica teased him with her dirty words.

“I bet you’re the kind of man who always fantasized about fucking a famous woman, am I right?”

He laughed. If only she truly knew the number of celebrity women he had enjoyed in the back of his Silver Screen Express van. David refused to ruin this moment for her ego, so he simply nodded his head as he gripped her right leg in his hand and began to reach for her thong down below.

“Yeah, this was always my dream. Let me get this thong off you and then I’m going to fuck you better than your husband ever could.”

“Mmmm, I’m waiting.”

Jessica winked and moved her legs down, pushing them up against the front of his white shirt. Since he couldn’t properly reach at her thong, she helped him out by shoving it down and revealing her wet pussy. There was a small strip of hair right above it. With a smirk on her face, she pushed the thong up her legs and then moved then down so he could grab the last article of her slutty attire and drop it to the floor. Now she was completely naked except for the tall pair of high heels over her feet. David was only half naked, as he didn’t want to remove his white shirt. He waited until she properly arched her legs back up over his shoulder and then, he finally guided his cock towards the pink folds of her entrance.

“Come on, give me your hard cock! I want you to fuck me, David!”

“I’m gonna fuck you better than your husband.”

“Oh, please! Don’t worry about him, just enjoy yourself with me while you have this chance.”

She gasped, looking into his eyes as he began to thrust the first few inches of his hard rod into her sweet pussy. Jessica remained firm among the middle of the leather seats, feeling his first few slow initial thrusts. A moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and ran her hands up to push down over her perky breasts.

“Oh yes, that’s it! Come on and fuck me, David! Fuck me harder!!”

He was about to see just how flexible her legs were. Jessica was in perfect shape, as he leaned forward and her legs bent, David gritted his teeth and began to buck his hips hard to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. Jessica moaned, looking up into his eyes and pushing him with more filthy language.


“I’m gonna fuck the shit outta you, yes!!”

Over and over, David’s cock pumped into Jessica’s pussy and out. He couldn’t help but consider the thought that she must have cheated on her husband in the past like this and had experience. Everything seemed so natural to her. Jessica’s tits began to bounce in her hands as he was still bucking his hips to drive his cock in and out of her. She gritted her teeth, almost growling with her moans. When she moved her legs away and spread them out, David was able to truly pound his cock into her.


She couldn’t hear him grunting or moaning as she was much louder with her own moans. David looked down, watching as his cock would disappear and then reappear again with each hard thrust he made into the Hollywood sex symbol’s clit. Jessica whimpered, enjoying every second of him fucking the hell out of her. Eventually David moved his hands down to her stomach, leaning forward while his hips were still bucking as hard as he possibly could. Jessica gasped for him.


If she was worried he would stop before she reached her climax, that wouldn’t be a problem as David craved to feel her orgasm more than anything now. He grunted and gritted his teeth momentarily before looking back at her face. Jessica was only getting louder by the minute, her screams echoing throughout the four walls and roof of the van.


Jessica gasped as she moved her hands away from her tits. They bounced, jiggling up and down with each hard thrust he sent into her pussy. She moved her hands away and clenched them into fists before pounding them down into the leather seats. There was nothing she could do anymore to hold off her orgasm. Her body began to tense up as David slowed down, making one final hard thrust her. She opened her eyes and looked up at him as she gasped and then screamed out to him.


David could almost tell the moment that Jessica had reached her breaking point. He came to a stop as he felt her body tense up and release her juices to flood over his cock from within. As she was catching her breath, he moaned and gasped for a moment.

“Oh, fuck! I felt that, babe! Damn!!”

His mind was racing, unable to muster clear thoughts into what he truly wanted to say. David had blurted simple random words as he began to ease his cock out from her pussy. It glistened, soaked in her juices. Jessica looked up at him, still catching her breath while speaking.

“That…That was…That was fucking great.”

“Yes it was, babe.”

He chuckled as she was slow speaking back to him. So far, David had managed to hold off his own climax, though it wasn’t easy after the way he had fucked her with such intensity. Jessica moved up from the seat, setting her heels back down over the floor. Though she may have been knocked out of breath momentarily, she was quick in her recovery and ready for another round. Standing up for a bit, Jessica kissed his lips just as she had done before. David moved his hands over her shoulders, his fingers brushing up against her hair as he deepened the kiss into a passionate one. When their lips broke apart, Jessica had a smug grin across her lips ready to speak up to him.

“You have one last hole left to fuck, are you ready for it?”

She spoke to him in a low, slutty tone. David chuckled and teased her with a question in response.

“Are you ready for me to record it so you can show your husband later?”

Still grinning, Jessica slowly nodded her head. David glanced away from her and moved back to the seats to grab the phone. Jessica followed him, moving to the left side seat as she climbed back up and positioned her knees together while her hands moved to the back of the seats, moving up to the head rest area. She didn’t waste time at all, clearly begging him to get behind her and fuck her ass. When she glanced over her left shoulder moments later, David was standing right behind her and gazing into her nice round ass.

“With an ass like this, I’d say you’re ass is built quite well for a good pounding.”

She laughed at his words.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve been told that many times before. There’s nothing I love more than getting fucked hard in the ass, so I hope you can live up to it.”

David wasn’t looking at her face from above. His eyes were still set on her round ass. He noticed the small tramp stamp tattoo right above the crack of her ass, detailing a dark ribbon bow laced together. When he heard her sigh in what seemed like an impatient tone, David raised his right hand up and delivered a hard spank over her ass.

“Ohhhh, yeah! Spank me too, I love that!”

Once more, he smacked her ass with his right hand. Jessica whimpered, calling out to him with the cry in her voice. After the playful little slap over her ass, he pulled her right ass cheek and then used his left hand to guide his cock right into the crack of her juicy ass. He was still holding the phone in his left hand, causing his cock to brush up against it momentarily. Jessica raised her head and called out to him.

“Don’t forget to set the phone to record! Go ahead and do that now, just in case you were about to forget.”

“You know babe, I almost did forget about this thing.”

He chuckled for a bit while standing there. David went on and followed Jessica’s advice, touching the screen of the smart phone with his thumb to pull back up the camera for recording. It took him a minute to set it up and then he used his right hand to guide his cock further through her ass crack, searching for her dark little hole.

“That’s it, right there! Get it in there and fuck me in the ass, come on!!”

Just like before, she called out to him impatiently. David made the first initial thrust into her ass while he moved both his hands up to grip the edges of the phone and hold it steady as he turned it sideways to begin recording. Jessica moaned as David began to slowly buck his hips, pumping his cock in and out of her ass.

“Ohhhhh, yeah! Come on, that’s it! Fuck my ass! FUCK MY ASS, DAVID!!”

Since she had screamed louder to him, David was forced to begin bucking his hips harder. He found it to be somewhat difficult given that he had to position the phone and get a clear angle at her ass while he was bucking his hips. Things were easier when he could lean his hands down and have more control, but he managed for now. His balls began to slap up against her thighs loudly, but it was Jessica’s voice that was the loudest noise calling throughout the van.


Her breasts began to shake, bouncing up and down as he was now thrusting his hips forward with all the strength he could muster through his body. When she glanced over her shoulder, she could see that he was trying hard to concentrate on angling the camera lens of the phone perfectly and couldn’t quite multitask fucking her ass at the same time. She reached her left arm back and called out to him.

“Here! Give me the phone, I’ll help you!”

He didn’t hesitate to hand Jessica the phone back. Now that his hands were free, he was able to move his left hand down the small of her back while he reared his right hand back and spanked her ass.

“Ohhhh, yeah! SPANK ME TOO, YES!!”

Jessica whimpered while his cock was thoroughly pumping into her ass and back. She moved both hands up the back of the seat, holding the phone backwards so it could capture the view from above of David pounding into her ass. He reared his hand back again to lay another hard smack over the right cheek of her ass. David was ready to give her a proper spanking now with each thrust he made into her beautiful booty.












Spank! Spank! With the final smack, David held his hand out and began to shake it while his palm was stinging in pain. A red mark had formed over the right cheek of Jessica’s ass, all while he was still thrusting as hard as he possibly could into her lovely bottom. From this moment, David knew he was so close to blowing his load and was thinking of the possibly to fill her ass with his hot seed or to paint her beautiful face in it. It didn’t take much for him to make his mind up. Jessica was still holding the phone up between her finger tips as he began to slow down with his thrusts into her ass. It wasn’t until he pulled his cock free from her tight ass, did Jessica turn and glance over her shoulder. She knew exactly what he was about to do.

“You’re about to cum, aren’t you?”

The phone was still in her grasp, but she had pressed her thumb to stop recording and moved it away while David replied back to her.

“Yeah, I’m about ready to-“

“Get ready to cum on my face cause I want you to take a fucking picture of it!”

David was impressed. To him, it was almost as if she were reading his mind and knew what he wanted to do. Jessica had her own agenda at hand here and to get a sloppy selfie picture of herself with another man’s cum dripping from her face, was just what she wanted to surprise her husband with out of revenge. Jessica got up from the seats and climbed down to the floor, facing David as she set the phone back down over the seats and now turned her complete attention to him and his cock. Just when she reached her left hand up to wrap her fingers around his meat pole, he stepped backwards so that the seats were right behind him and the phone close by.

“I’ve gotta suck this big fucking cock one last time before you cum.”

“You know how to handle yourself just fine with it, babe.”

With a smirk over her face, Jessica broke eye contact and then lowered her lips down to the head of his cock. All David could do was stand there now as one of the most beautiful in Hollywood was ready to finish him off in a short lived affair to remember. She pumped her left hand up, stroking him in perfect sync as her lips would suck up the first few inches as she stroked and sucked him simultaneously. ‘Mmmmm’, Jessica moaned over his thick cock and closed her eyes while he began to moan.

“Oh, fuck yes! Go on babe, suck that fucking cock!”

He began to run his hands through her dark hair, playfully running to the back of her head as Jessica came up and released his cock from her lips with a loud pop noise. A trail of saliva dripped from his pole, falling to the floorboard below. As Jessica pushed her lips back around the head, David had curled up a grip of her hair with both hands, almost making a pony tail between his fingers. She continued to suck and slobber over his cock while the man was ready to take control for a bit. Her right hand pushed up against his leg while she devoured his cock. David spoke up, fully prepared now to make his move.

“Move your hand away, babe. No hands, just use your mouth.”

Jessica followed his instructions, moving her left hand away and pushing it up against his leg. She had a feeling of what he was about to do and those assumptions were confirmed the moment David thrust forward by moving his hips and pushing his cock into her mouth. As he still held her hair in his hands, he began to buck his hips forward to fuck her mouth.


“Fuck yes, take that cock babe!”

Her mouth generated various sounds of slurping and slobbering while David was pumping his hips forward and driving his cock in and out of her mouth. A saliva string dangled from Jessica’s lower lip, trickling down to her chin and dangling around as he was busy still pumping his cock back and forth between her lips. He was almost ready to blow his load, just a few seconds away. Though his time was short, David wanted to enjoy every bit of this, not wanting it to ever end. He continued to face-fuck her, listening to the various noises that her mouth made between sucking and slobbering.


Just as he screamed to her, he pulled her hair to release his cock from her mouth. Jessica gasped and gritted her teeth as ropes of saliva strings sway back from his slobber coated shaft back to her mouth. He kept one hand in her hair, gripping it to hold her up properly. She sat there, looking up as she watched him place his other hand around his cock and begin stroking it while aiming right at her face. She began to tease him in a soft voice.

“Cum on me, David! Cum for me!

“Ohhhhh, fuck!! I can’t hold back, here it is babe!”

Jessica closed her eyes just before he answered her back. He let out a gasp while his cock had exploded, firing off a thick string of cum directly into her left eyelid and drenching her eyebrow up to her forehead. The second wad splashed up against her forehead in a gob. She dropped her lower lip as another line went over her face, this one streaking up her right cheek and into her hair. David groaned, taking in a heavy breath as he continued to fire off line after line of his hot seed over her face.

“Ohhhh, god! Yes, look at you now babe! God, you’re so fucking beautiful!”

She cracked up, giggling at him while feeling his hot seed continue to layer her face. Another thick wad splashed into her left eye, trailing down like a tear drop as she moaned. When David felt his orgasm beginning to fade away, he squeezed his cock hard to force out the last remaining drops over her chin. Jessica began to slowly open her eyes, blinking from the amount of cum in her left eyelid.

“Holy shit, you got me good. Go ahead and take the picture, make sure you get a good angle of my face.”

“Oh fuck, I almost forgot about that.”

David laughed as she reminded him about the picture she wanted. He grabbed her phone from the seat and then set up the camera by pushing his thumbs over the screen. Jessica could see him holding the camera as she glanced up and then she held up both of her thumbs to him. David laughed again, she looked so goofy down there with her face soaked in cum.

“Alright, this should do it.”

When he flicked his thumb over the screen to start the photo, the small camera part of the phone flashed and then blinked as the picture was snapped. David looked back at the screen as it revealed the final picture. Jessica spoke up when she noticed him smiling.

“Well, how does it look? Do I look like a dirty whore right now or what?”

“See for yourself, babe.”

He smirked while handing the phone back over to her. The cum was dripping from Jessica’s face as she raised her eyebrows and smirked.

“Mmmmm, this is perfect. I can’t wait to show my husband next time he cheats on me with some slutty bitch.”

“I have to say, if I was married to you we would be making naughty video recordings all day. Forget the cab, I’d be fucking you over a balcony while recording it.”

Jessica giggled at him.

“You’re a kinky bastard, I have to give you that. I’ve had a lot of fun tonight, but I think I need to get cleaned up and get back home. You were being honest when you told me that this ride would be free of charge if we had fun, right?”

For a moment, David had completely forgotten the ‘deal’ he made with Jessica hours earlier. He had been so caught in the moment of their lustful time together, time had slipped by.

“Oh yeah, that won’t be a problem at all, babe. This was a free ride, just don’t tell your husband what my name is. I don’t want a jealous man hunting me down just cause I fucked his wife when he was too lazy to get it on.”

“Don’t worry about that, he isn’t going to know.”

With that said, Jessica gave him a wink before she wiped her face up from his cum. She didn’t bring her purse with her so David figured he would have to go to the front seat and get some paper towels to help her out. Once everything was said and done, he was already thinking about his diary entry tonight. He would be adding another famous name in his book of a beautiful woman he had managed to get lucky with. Life was good sometimes, at least he could say that to himself after a night like this.


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