Trafficking the Stars Pt. 1

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 1

Author: Wigglybutt65

Celebs: Anna Kendrick

Codes: ncon, anal, bdsm, M+F, rape, ws

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

All the words in this story is completely fiction and written for the enjoyment of others

For feedback, I can be reached at lordwiggly(at)mail(dot)com


August 15th, 2015

Mr. Z was waiting patiently for his target to come out. Z is 30 years old 5ft 10, 220lbs and muscular. He had been planning the capture, rape and eventual trafficking of Anna Kendrick for weeks. He had been involved in the sex trafficking business for 10 years now. He specialized in barely legal girls desperate for money. He was getting tired of getting at most 5 grand a girl so he decided to try for a big splash.

Anna was heading to her car when she was grabbed from behind with a big hand placed over her mouth. She was then forced into a van. Once inside the van her hands were cuffed behind her back and a ring gag shoved into her mouth.

“Get us back to the hideout” he yells to the driver. Anna glares daggers at Z. He chuckles at her “Just wait my pretty. Your life is going to change forever”

20 minutes later they get to an abandoned warehouse. Z grabs Anna and drags her into the building. Once inside he grabbed her shirt and ripped it of exposing her lacy red bra. Next he pulled off her skirt showing her matching panties. He then grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her bra and panties. This exposed her clean shaven pussy and 34B tits. Tears are slowly starting to fall from her eyes as she tries to scream through her gag.

When Anna was grabbed she thought it was a simple kidnap a celebrity and try to ransom her off. Now that she is naked she realizes that she will be raped. She hopes it is just to make a black market sex tape. She knew with the gag and her hands cuffed behind her back that escape was impossible. Little does she realize the hell awaiting her.

Z inspects his prisoner. While walking around he stops at her ass and gives it a few hard slaps. Anna cries through her gag at the pain. When Z come back to her front he grabs her tits and starts to suck on them while rubbing her pussy. She tries to keep herself from giving Z the satisfaction of her cumming but is unsuccessful.

When Anna finishes cumming Z shoves her fingers through the gag making her taste her girl cum mixed with his dirty fingers. When he is done that he throws her to the ground. Anna lands on her stomach with her ass pointed up. He lines his dick up with her ass. She tries to escape but is held in place.

With that Z roughly shoves his 8″ dick into her asshole. She let out a blood curdling scream through her gag. While not new to anal sex Anna had not done it much or for a long time. She never got into having stuff shoved in her ass. The pain was excruciating between her tight hole and the fact that Z used no lube. He viciously drove his cock in and out of her ass not worry how much pain she was in. Drool was starting to poll underneath her face. He spent a few minutes spanking her ass. After the spanking he grabbed her hair and pulled it back so he could stick his lounge down her throat. Eventually he cummed into her bowels.

Z pulled out and then went to the front. He pulled her up by her hair and stuck his dick in her face. “Time to clean my dick slut” He then started to roughly face fuck her. He did not stop until he cummed into her mouth. “Your turn guys” Anna finally noticed that 15 more guys were there. They all were waiting patiently for their turn to rape the celebrity.

Over the next 5 hours the guys worked in teams of 3 and fucked each of her holes not stopping until each guy had cummed in all her hole. By the time the guys were done raping Anna there was cum oozing out of her pussy and ass. Underneath her head there was a pool of her drool and tears mixed with the guys cum. Her eyes were bloodshot from all the crying.

Anna was then dragged over to a nice sized plastic pool. Once she got close she noticed a nasty smell coming from it. For the last few days the customers had been instructed to piss in it. She was then picked up and thrown into the pool. She had no choice but to swallow a lot of piss and when she emerged from the poll she started to cough through the gag. Z then told her if she said a line in the camera she would get the gag removed for a few moments.

“Thanks for viewing the Anna Kendrick sex tape. I hope you enjoyed what you saw and recommend it to all your friends” She said after the gag was removed. After she was done the gag was shoved back in. She was then dragged to what she hoped was the showers. Unfortunate for her it was a stage where her hands were uncuffed. Before she could try to escape her arms and legs were grabbed and spread out as far as possible.

Mr.Z then grabbed a mic “Welcome to the first auction at the Stag Club. Today we just have just one item up for bid. It is the lovely Miss Anna Kendrick. She is 5t2 with 34B tits. This piggie is 130 pounds” Anna tried to scream out at being called a piggie. She was also pissed at him calling her fatter than she was. The bidders started to taunt her about her weight. They told her stuff like to lay off the burgers and chips fatso. “So what is the opening bid on the Kendrick doggy” At this point Anna had hung her head in shame. She did not want anyone to see her crying.

The bidding was fast and fierce. Soon enough it was down to 2 men. Eventually the one bidder Biglove had to drop out. “Sold for $5.8 million. Give us 20 minutes to get her cleaned up and for the money to go through. At that point the doggy is yours” Anna is then unhooked and dragged to the showers. Once there she is cleaned up. When fully cleaned up the gag is removed from her mouth and she is stabbed with a syringe which causes her to pass out.

About 8 hours later Anna wakes up. She thinks that she just had a nightmare. Her hopes are dashed when she notices the dog collar around her neck and that she is naked. When she goes to the mirror she notices the tattoo above her left tit. When she puts her hands to her tits she notices the tattoos on her hands, small Kanji characters on both her ring fingers. She starts to cry when she realizes that she has no idea where she is. The only thing she knew is that the tattoos are in Japanese.

All of a sudden another woman came into the room. She is about 19 years old. Like Anna she is naked with just a dog collar around her neck and the same tattoos on her chest and hands. “Good you are awake. Our master is waiting to fully inspect you”

“Where the fuck am I. What is this tattoo about” Anna screams.

“You are in a Tokyo whorehouse. The tattoo on your chest signifies you are a whore. The tattoos on your hands signify that you are property of the Yakuza” Anna face looses all color when she realizes how bad things are for her. She had heard about the Yakuza. She knew how dangerous they are. Anna hopes that someone is coming to rescue her.

With that a Yakuza guard came in and cuffed Anna’s hands in front of her. The woman attached a leash to Anna’s collar and led the actress to meet her master. Anna was crying and hanging her head in shame.

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