Trafficking the Stars Pt. 2

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 2

Author: Wigglybutt65

Celebs: Lucy Hale

Codes: ncon, anal, bdsm, m+f, rape, ws

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

All the words in this story is completely fiction and written for the enjoyment of others

For feedback, I can be reached at lordwiggly(at)mail(dot)com


August 17,2015

Lucy was at a party hoping to get lucky for the night. She had no lingerie on underneath her clothes. Though Anna Kendrick had been missing for 2 days Lucy was not worried. Lucy thought that Anna had just wanted to get away from it all for a bit. Little did she know the truth of what happened to Anna. If she knew what was in store for her Lucy would not have left her house that night.

Eventually Mr. Z found his opportunity to spike Lucy’s drink. A few minutes after that Lucy stumbled to the bathroom. Z waited another 5 minutes then went in and he found Lucy passed out on the toilet. He had a duffel bag and stuffed her into it while leaving enough of it unzipped so she could breathe. He sneaks out the back door and dumps the bag into the trunk of his car.

30 minutes later Z gets to the warehouse. He grabs the duffel bag from his trunk. When the bag is picked up Lucy starts to regain consciousness. She is unable to move but is aware of what is going on. She is also wanting to gag due to the smell from the bag. Z has used this bag to transport girls before and a few had pissed in it, He decided not to bother washing it since it is only used in his business.

When inside the building he dumps Lucy out. He immediately strips Lucy of all her clothes. Next he takes off all his clothes. He then gets on top of her and lines up his dick with her pussy. Lucy looks up at him and begs him not to rape her. Z answers her by shoving his dick in. Lucy screams when she feels his dick tearing up her semi-tight pussy. Z starts to squeeze and suck her tits. After a bit he starts to bite her tits causing even more screams from Lucy. After he is done with the tits Z starts to jackhammer her pussy. 15 minutes in he cums into her pussy. This causes her to weakly cry out in agony.

He then turns her over and lines his dick up with her asshole. She weakly begs him to stop raping her. He refuses and shoves it in. Lucy lets out a very loud scream of pain. He does not even try to let her asshole prepare for the invasion. The only sounds that can be heard is her cries and his balls slapping against her abused pussy. Eventually he starts to spank her ass. Another 20 minutes in he cums into her bowels.

After he pulls out of her ass Z picks Lucy up by her hair and lines his dick up with her open mouth. Lucy has had enough and finally regains control of her body. So when he shoves it in she bites down. Z cries out in pain and punches her in the head. When Lucy lets go she tries to escape while he is dealing with the pain. One of Z’s new employees grabs her.

“Boss where do you want the cunt” He asks

Z replies “Bring her to the pool” Lucy is dragged over to the same pool that Anna was thrown into. It was even more foul smelling than when Anna went in. Z did not throw Lucy in but instead grabbed the back of her neck and shoved her face in. Lucy flailed her arms out trying to get Z to let her go. He did not let go until her air bubbles started to slow down to a trickle. After Lucy is freed from the pool she starts to cough and puke. She was also crying uncontrollably.

The same men who raped Anna then start to crowd around Lucy. Z states “Ok you guys have 3 hours with her. No injuries or killing her but otherwise you can do what you want.” As Z left the room the guys had already started to rape her. Each hole was filled with a dick. When a dick cummed in her it was replaced with another until each guy cummed into each hole. Lucy was forced to swallow so much cum that she almost choked a few times. They finished off by painting her body with their cum.

While this was going on Z was running the second Stag Club auction. Almost 3 hours in as the last of the regular girls was sold Lucy was dragged into the room. When they let her go she immediately curled up into the fetal position and resumed crying uncontrollably. “Bidders there is one last doggy to be bid on. This one is is actress Lucy Hale. She is 25 years old, 5ft 2 with 32B tits. This oinkers is 135 pounds. I think she needs to get to jogging. So what will you bid on the doggy Hale”

20 minutes in it’s down to a bidder known just as NightAngel58 and one other. Unfortunately for NightAngel the bidding got too high for him. Z then bangs down his gavel “The Hale puppy is sold for $2 Million. To all winning bidders you puppies will be shipped once your funds clear” Lucy is then dragged to the showers and cleaned up. Once she is cleaned up she is shipped off to her new home.

12 Hours later Lucy wakes up and when she looks out the window “What the fuck” she screams as she sees a family of penguins.

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