Trafficking the Stars Pt. 3

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 3

Author: Wigglybutt65

Celebs: Debby Ryan

Codes: ncon, anal, bdsm, M+F, rape, ws

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

All the words in this story is completely fiction and written for the enjoyment of others

For feedback, I can be reached at lordwiggly(at)mail(dot)com


September 8, 2015

2 weeks after Lucy Hale had gone missing Debby Ryan was heading out to the gym. She was a little worried about her missing friend. At first Debby thought Lucy was just getting away from it all before filming of Pretty Little Liars started up.

As Debby gets to her car she hears a crunching sound behind her. Before she could react she was tasered. Her unconscious body was then thrown into a nondescript van.

A hour later Debby is tasered to her now naked tits. She screams in pain and tries to move but is chained to the floor.

Mr. Z then rams his dick into her pussy. Debby screams in pain at the violation of her very tight pussy. Z then starts to grab her ample tits. Debby has tears rolling down her face in shame at being raped. She tries closing her eyes and looking away but is slapped hard for her troubles. Z then starts to spit on her face. After about 15 minutes he cums in her pussy.

Z then heads to the stage area. While he is conducting the early part of the auction his men are continuing the rape of Debby. Each man spends a bit of time fucking her tits and facialing her. A few then rape her mouth while the rest rape her ass. Just before its time for her to be brought up the men proceed to piss all over her. By the time they are done she is covered in piss from her head to her feet.

Debby’s piss covered body is dragged on stage. Mr Z then states “The celebrity dog today is Debby Ryan. She is 21 years old, 5ft 5 and has 32C tits. Her weight is 175 pounds” Debby freaks out at the weight comment and Mr. Z then slaps her across the face. “Shut it dog. Dogs do not speak unless spoken to. What is the opening bid on the Ryan puppy” Yet again the bidding on the celebrity gets intense. After about 10 minutes Z bangs his gavel down. “The Debby puppy is sold for $6 million. As always the puppies will be shipped once the funds clear” Debby is then cleaned up and knocked out again.

12 hours later Debby wakes up scream in pain form her pussy. “Where am I. What is going on” she asks as she realizes that her clit has been pierced. She was then slapped across the face

“Dumb Christian whores do not speak unless prompted to. You are now in Afghanistan. I OWN YOU NOW” Her owner says. With that he aims the piercing gun at her tits while Debby is screaming in terror.

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