Trafficking the Stars Pt. 4

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 4

Author: Wigglybutt65

Celebs: Shay Mitchell

Codes: ncon, MF, rape

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

All the words in this story is completely fiction and written for the enjoyment of others

For feedback, I can be reached at lordwiggly(at)mail(dot)com


September 15, 2015

Shay is really getting worried about Lucy not showing up anywhere, This is not like Lucy to disappear for weeks. Plus with Anna Kendrick and Debby Ryan also disappearing Shay was worried something sinister had happened. Little did Shay know how bad it was and that she was next.

One of Mr. Z’s henchmen had been following Shay around for a few weeks learning her routine. When the time was right he pounced and grabbed the PLL star. He threw her in the trunk of his car and sped away to the Stag club.

Once at the club the guy grabs Shay and drags her inside to Mr Z who was just finishing up raping some random girl who is going to be a worker at the strip club part of the club. “Boss here is the Mitchell doggy liked you requested. She a full on dyke from what I can tell. Not just with Ashley. I also saw her with the Hale puppy before that dog was captured” He then throws Shay to Z’s feet.

“Damn good job. No injuries to the slut. You get first crack at her once I head to start the auction” Z then strips Shay of her clothes and strips naked himself.

With everything being said Shay was beginning to realize what happened to Lucy, Anna and Debby. “Let me go you freaks. Where are Lucy, Anna and Debby” For her outburst Shay is roughly slapped leaving a red mark across her face.

“Shut it dog. Puppies only talk if their owner allows it. You don’t need to know where those 2 puppies are” With that Z grabs hold of her legs and spreads them apart. Once the legs spread enough he roughly shoves his dick in. Her screams of pain excite him. Shay tries to look away but is slapped again “Look at me dog while I rape you”

Besides being raped this is hell for Shay since she has never had or wanted a dick inside her. She looks at Z so as to keep him from slapping her again. As soon as Shay is looking at Z he spits into her face. He also chokes her a bit only stopping when she starts to turn blue. After about 10 minutes Z cums in Shay causing the starlet to scream in agony.

“Your turn men” Z says as he heads to start the latest auction. As he turns around to check he sees the henchmen who grabbed bending Shay over a table with a belt in his hand. “Hey don’t go too far. I still gotta get top dollar for the dog” The henchmen nods his understanding and brings the belt down hard on her ass. When she screams in pain another of the men grabs her head and shoves his dick in her mouth.

Once Z goes to the main stage he grabs a microphone “Welcome to the latest auction at the Stag club. We got lots of fine puppies up for auction tonight. Including our second Pretty Little Liar puppy as the Celebrity puppy” He proceeds to start the auction.

4 hours later as the last regular girl is sold off the men drag Shay onto the stage. By this point she is totally out of it. She had also been covered in cum except for her face. “Here she is. Miss Shay Mitchell. Shay is 28 years old. She is 5ft 8 and 160 pounds with 32B tits. Gonna have to be careful with this one. She a full on dyke. One thing before I open the bidding. My men missed a spot”

Shay is so out of it she did no register Z calling her a fatty with his weight comment. Even when Z pulled his dick out and painted her face she still did not react. “Now that her look is perfect who will open bidding on the Mitchell puppy”

The bidding takes a bit to start. Once it gets going it goes hard and fast. “The Mitchell puppy is sold $4 million dollars. As always once the money clears your puppies will be shipped” Shay is then dragged to the showers and cleaned off.

36 hours later

Shay finally wakes up after being kept doped up until she reaches her new location. She wakes up and tries to run when she remembers what happened to her. The collar that had been placed around her neck while sleeping gives her a nasty shock when she tried to leave the room. “What the hell. Where the fuck am I”

A man enters the room and says “Miss Mitchell you are now in Brunei. My dogs do not speak unless given permission. Now be a good puppy and get on your knees”

Shay refuses and is shocked until the pain causes her to fall to her knees.

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