Trafficking the Stars Pt. 5

Title: Trafficking the Stars Pt. 5

Author: Wigglbutt65

Celebs: Hayley Williams

Codes: ncon, anal, oral, MMF, rape, spank, ws


This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

All the words in this story is completely fiction and written for the enjoyment of others

For feedback, I can be reached at lordwiggly(at)mail(dot)com


September 22, 2015

Hayley was searching for the missing Debby Ryan when she got a text. It said “Come to the location stated or your girlfriend dies” Hayley was so worried that she immediately headed off not thinking the text could be a trap.

When Hayley gets to the location she grabs her purse. She hears a cracking noise. Before she can react her vision goes black. Mr. Z and his employee Brad grab the unconscious singer and throw her into the back of a van. Once the van speeds of they strip Hayley naked and set her up to be raped from both ends.

Z then looks at Brad and says “I got pussy. You get her mouth” The men then go to their respective holes. Z nods at Brad and they shove their dicks into the unconscious singer. The men keep a good pace going . Brad starts to spit on her face while Z spanks Hayley’s ass. About 20 minutes in Hayley starts to stir. Due to the effects of the stun gun she is not totally aware of what is going on.

A few minutes later Brad cums down Hayley’s throat. This jolts her back to awareness. Hayley starts to struggle when she realizes what is happening. The struggling is more than enough to send Mr. Z over the edge. He then cums in the singers pussy. Hayley screams in agony at feeling the warm semen in her fertile pussy.

Before Hayley can do anything else she is bent over Mr Z’s knees. Brad holds the struggling girl while Z starts to spank her. She screams in pain and begs him to stop. He does not stop until her ass is dark red.

Brad then sets up Hayley so Mr. Z can rape her ass. He did not bother using any lube and just roughly shoved his dick in. Hayley lets out a bloodcurdling scream at the pain in her ass. Z could feel blood pooling around his dick as he started to viciously rape her ass.

Brad then stuck his cock back in her mouth. This time instead of raping her mouth he pissed down it. Hayley was disgusted at having to drink the piss of 1 of her rapists. When Brad finished pissing he then placed his dick in Hayley’s right hand “Jerk me off whore”

Hayley does as ordered hoping to end her torment. It takes a few minutes but eventually her stroking leads to Brad cumming all over her face. Seeing this Mr Z lets loose a stream of cum in her asshole.

Mr. Z then grabs her and forces her to her knees in front of his dick. When she sees it she starts to suck him off. She does not give him any of her blowjob skills. She is disgusted at sucking the mixture of cum and her shit and blood. After a few more minutes he cums down her throat.

They finally arrive at their destination. Brad throws Hayley out of the van. Before she can react Mr Z throws a spiked dog collar and leash around her neck. “Walk like the dumb dog you are slut” Haley crawls not wanting to risk Debby’s life.

When they get inside the building Hayley looks around. When she does not see her lover “Where is Debby you sick freaks”

Mr. Z laughs and says “Your fats ass lover Debby is gone”

By this time Hayley realized that she had fallen into a trap. She is horrified thinking that her lover was killed by these monsters. “You fucking bastards I will make you pay for killing Debby”

Mr. Z then tells Hayley ” Last time I knew Debby was still alive” At Hayley’s confused glance “Gone in this case means she will never see the United States again.”

Hayley openly weeps for her lover and the realization that she is in the same situation. The only hope Hayley has is that she goes to the same place as Debby.

Mr Z then leads the Paramore lead singe to a crate with some air holes for her. “Normally I auction you celebrity dogs off to the highest bidder, For you I had a special request and they were willing to spend more than what I could expect at auction” Brad then picks her up and sticks her in the crate. Before she can say anything she is knocked put with a syring. The crate is then shut and shipped of to its destination.

1 day later

Hayley wakes up in her new home. At first she thinks it was all a bad dream. That hope is dashed when she feels the dog collar and leash. She tries to remove them but they are locked in position. She also feels a couple of points sticking into her flesh. Little did she know that her dog collar was actually a shock collar.

Just then a young woman enters the room. She is wearing a low cut top and a short skirt. Seeing this woman Hayley pleads “Please help me. I was raped and abducted”

The woman instead of helping grabs the leash and orders Hayley “On your knees you fucking dog” Hayley refuses and is shocked until she drops to her knees. The young woman then leads Hayley to a couch. She sits down and rolls up her skirt revealing her freshly shaven pussy. “Dog you are to address me as Mistress Neysha. I spent 800k on you Now lick my pussy” Hayley wastes no time licking hoping that if Debby is not there Neysha can get her.

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