The Family That Lays Together: Scene 227

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 227

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Judy Greer

Codes: FM, oral, mas, drugs, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on a wedding reception, where a young man stands alone, glass of coke in his hand, looking bored. “My sister’s wedding.  Everyone here is either a relative I barely even know, or a complete stranger.  Jerking off at home would be less of a waste of time for me than this.”

“Jack?  Oh, my God, is that you?” Jack looks up, to see a noticeably drunk Judy approaching him in a red dress, fruity looking drink in her hand.

“Aunt Judy?”

“God, you got handsome!”

“Um, thanks, Aunt Judy.”

“Is that a rum and coke you got there?”

“Uh, no, it’s just a coke.  I’m only eighteen, so…”

“They won’t serve you alcohol?  Well, here, have a sip of mine.” She holds her drink up to Jack’s mouth, and feeds him half of it, as Jack again talks in voiceover.

“My Aunt Judy.  Last time I saw her, I think I was going through puberty.  I know I was, because I remember having a bit of a crush on her.  She was always very sexy.”

Judy takes the drink away, and finishes it off herself, then says, “How about we find someplace less noisy to catch up?”

Later, we see Judy fiddle with the lock on a conference room door. “Don’t tell your mother I told you this, but she taught me how to pick a lock.  I think she learned it from one of her old boyfriends.” Finally, she gets it open, and the two go in.

As soon as the door is closed, Judy turns around. “Mm, come here…” she whispers, and gives her nephew a long, open-mouthed kiss on the lips.

“Oh, fuck…” Jack again narrates, as his Aunt sucks his lower lip “Is she aware of what she’s doing?  God, I don’t care…I just got an instant hard-on the moment her tongue went in my mouth.  I wonder how long before she notices…”

“Oh, God, Jack…” Judy whispers, “I can’t believe how sexy you got…” Down below, Judy’s hand touches the front of Jack’s trousers. “Huh!” Judy immediately gasps. “Oh, my God, Jack!” She then smiles, as she grabs his cock through his pants, and starts to stroke it. “Boy, you really do still have the hots for me, huh?”

Judy then squats in front of him, maintaining eye contact, as, in our first close-up, she pulls down his zipper, then reaches in, and pulls out his rock hard cock, which she immediately wraps her lips around, and starts sucking off. “Oh, fuck…” Jack sighs, tilting his head back, as, back in the close-up, Judy jerks him off, while smiling up at him, then kisses and licks up the underside, before taking his head back in her mouth, and continuing to suck him.  As she does this, Jack starts unbuttoning his dress shirt.  Once it’s open, Judy stands up, kissing his chest along the way, then again shoving her tongue in his mouth, as she keeps her hand around his cock.

Now, the two sit on a couch in the room, Judy in her black bra and panties, as she and Jack continue making out.  In back, Jack attempts to undo Judy’s bra. “Hm…Let me…” Judy reaches behind her back, and unhooks her bra, then takes it off, and Jack immediately leans down, and starts sucking her nipples. “Ooh…Yes…” Judy leans back, pulling Jack down with her.  In another close-up, he rubs his Aunt through her panties, causing her moans to get louder, then pulls them aside, and starts fingering her. “Oh, God…You’ve got me so wet…”

At this, Jack starts kissing down Judy’s stomach, until he arrives at her drooling pussy.  In another close-up, he pulls his fingers out, and sucks them, then buries his tongue in the pink, oozing hole. “Oh!” Judy cries out, starting to writhe under him.  Back in the close-up, Jack holds open her twat, and laps up her juices, then starts flicking his tongue on her clit. “Oh, God, Jack…Oh, fuck, give me that cock…I want it…”

In another close-up, we now see Jack insert his cock in Judy’s steamy cunt. “Ohhh…God…” As Jack pumps his cock in and out, Judy begins to shake. “Oh, God, Jack…You’re making me so hot…” She then grimaces, and whines, “Oh, fuck, harder!” Jack speeds up, and his Aunt’s tits bounce and jiggle with his thrusts. “Oh, my God, Jack, keep hitting that spot!” Judy’s face contorts, as Jack continues fucking her, until she starts clutching at herself, before finally biting down on her lip, and letting out a muffled scream through her teeth.

Judy’s now straddling Jack’s lap, riding him as, in another close-up, her pussy moves up and down on his cock, like it’s sucking him off, all the while drooling all over his balls. “Ooh!” Judy leans back, and Jack immediately grabs her tits.  Back in the close-up, we see him start to thrust up into her, causing her to let out a series of shrill, raspy cries. “Oh, fuck!  Oh, honey, please don’t pull out!” Finally, Jack shoves his cock all the way up into Judy’s cunt, and both seem to climax at the same time, Judy’s body twisting and convulsing.

As both catch their breath, Jack pulls his cock out, and, again in the close-up, you see his load ooze out of Judy.

Some minutes later, the two are getting their clothes back on. “Zip me up.”

Jack does so, and asks, “Think I can see you again?”

Judy turns to him, smiling. “Oh, honey.  You have no idea how happy that question makes me.  Come here.” Jack leans in, and the two share one more kiss, as the scene fades out.

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