Silver Screen Express Ch. 12

Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 12

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Kate Mara, Jamie Bell

Codes: MMF, MM, rom, oral, anal, DP, facial, bi curious

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com


Los Angeles, California

The wind blew slightly, rustling through the trees and sending littered paper trash blowing across the road and into traffic. David wasn’t bothered at all while he sat behind the steering wheel of his gold plated Silver Screen Express van. A soft smile ran across his lips as the afternoon hours were under way and he was on the clock making his rounds through south L.A. After a rough week dealing with the night shift, David couldn’t think negatively about anything during a hot summer day. He much rather preferred to be driving his van around town during the day and avoiding whatever could come in the darkness of night.

One week of night shift wasn’t too bad, as it could’ve been worse. David did have quite the chance encounter with a Hollywood starlet last week. He had recorded the event in his diary, just like all the other ones. There was something about being out in L.A. during the midnight hours that made him feel so weird. ‘The freaks come out at night’ was something that remained in his mind at all times. He ended up getting stuck picking up drunk fares that consisted of rich socialites with enough money to burn with club hopping until midnight. Sometimes, he had to deal with older clients who were all more mysterious than the night itself for their odd hour schedules. Such people were always in the back of his taxi van during the nights, though they rarely offered much conversation.

David always found excitement as a driver since you never quite knew who would open the door and sit down in the back of a taxi van. Though the Silver Screen Express was a luxury service only for those that could afford it, he still had his share of interesting people requesting rides across town. This made the job worth it back in his youth, even before he had developed a seductive smooth talking habit with pretty ladies. The taxi was almost like a shuttle for an adventure, even if the town was so similar after two decades of driving all across it. The right person in the back of the seat could make even the most boring ride become one of excitement, all by sharing conversations with them.

It was easy to be negative when many fares consisted of quiet wealthy people just needing and pick up and to be driven back and forth. David usually didn’t become optimistic with someone until they had talked to him a bit from within the back of his van. So far today, his first fares had been relatively silent but he was still in a wonderful mood since the afternoon hours were far more comfortable than the unpredictable calls that came in during a night shift. A call had just come in from a couple requesting a ride outside a bar called ‘Mercy Street Inn’ around Long Beach. Changing gears in the van, he grabbed the walkie-talkie device attached to the radio and called back into dispatch to let them know that he was the driver taking this fare.

He quickly changed routes, driving alongside a road between traffic of a white sports car and an old sedan. Long Beach was a fun place, if someone could afford the expensive living and entertainment distractions within town. David wasn’t quite familiar with the bar’s name, so he had to check on the GPS to pull up an accurate destination. He had been guessed correctly that he was close by in the area and soon, he found himself pulling up on the side of the road. The bar itself was decorated with red windows. A man and woman could be seen standing near the sidewalk wearing casual clothes and holding hands. The man was taller than her, wearing a pair of jeans and a blue T-shirt bearing a logo for the New York Giants NFL football team. His hair was brown, short and he had a hue of blue in his eyes. The woman had faded blonde hair wrapped up in a pony tail with sunglasses. She wore a yellow shirt, black pants and a brown leather jacket that matched her purse. David rolled down the passenger’s window, to smile and greet them.

“Hi there, are you the couple who called in for a ride?”

“Yes, can you take us back to our hotel?”

The woman smiled after speaking. David nodded to them both.

“Yeah, sure! Go ahead and hop in, I’ll drive you where ever you need to go.”

“Thank you, kindly!”

The voice answering him back came from the man. David sat there in the driver’s seat when he heard the right side back door sliding open and then both of them climbed in to enter the cab van before sliding the door shut. She got in first, moving over to the left seat while the man was seated on the right side. David scratched his hand across his gray T-shirt before speaking up to address them both.

“The initial fee will be for five hundred dollars, where can I take you?”

“Are we both to be charged that price individually or is that all together?”

David shook his head before replying back to the woman.

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to. The initial fee is always for five hundred dollars, regardless if it’s one person or two.”

Laughter was heard from the back seat as the man and woman found him to be funny. David couldn’t help but smile to himself as the couple appeared to be rather charming in their own right. He shifted gears to the van and began to move back into the streets while speaking up.

“So, are you staying at a hotel around here?”

The man from back shook his head and spoke up.

“No, we’re staying back in Santa Monica.”

His voice spoke in a diminished accent, almost with a British tone that had faded away. David couldn’t help but chuckle at the answer. It seemed odd to him that someone would leave Santa Monica for Long Beach, given that both had their own beaches.

“Santa Monica? Well, what are you doing out here in Long Beach? The beaches are better in Santa Monica, you know. They’re not as crowded with the tourists either, it’s nicer there.”

“It’s our honeymoon! We wanted to see how it was out here instead of staying in just one place. It gets boring just being in one spot all the time.”

It was the woman who spoke up. David raised his eyebrows while starring into the street and gripping the steering wheel.

“Oh wow, so you two have just been married, huh? Well, congratulations! I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to drive newly weds before.”


“Yes, thank you!”

He spoke before she could, both of them answering him back in a delighted tone before laughing. They appeared to be such a happy couple, David couldn’t help but find an interest in them. When he looked back up into the rear view mirror, they were even holding hands and looking back at one another. It was rare to see such a sight of lovers in the back of his taxi van. As each second went by, he was becoming more invested in learning about them.

“So, what’s the names for Mr. and Mrs?”

“I’m Jamie-”

“I am Mrs. Jamie Bell, but you can call me Kate or even by the name I’m mostly known by, Kate Mara.”

She replied before kissing her husband’s cheek. David had noticed when he glanced once more into the rear view mirror. Traffic wasn’t too bad in front of him, so he felt

“So Jamie and Kate, huh? When did you two get hitched?”

“About a month ago. We were engaged almost a year, it always is a long wait before getting a wedding put together. It took a while to plan out the honeymoon too since we stay busy working.”

Kate had answered him back. David wanted to gaze up into the rear view mirror, but with a green light, he had to put his foot down on the pedal and move in traffic right behind a yellow sports car. A bit of whispering was heard from the back seat, forcing David to glance into the rear view mirror. Kate had whispered something into Jamie’s ear and he chuckled. When David had a second glance, he noticed that her hair appeared to red but faded at the roots into a dyed gold blonde color. He couldn’t stop the interest in his mind from wondering about these two. David spoke up again while driving.

“So, how did you two meet? You’re quite charming back there, I must say.”

“We’re both into acting, we starred in a movie together and we began going out after that. It was a few years ago when we first met.”

Jamie responded to David’s question this time instead of her. David nodded while looking into the streets and turning the van once more through traffic. He was beginning to feel that he was a magnet for attracting Hollywood names through his job as a driver. He had never driven a married Hollywood couple, so this was something new to experience. It was a lucky coincidence, but not one he could complain about whatsoever. Driving around famous people was more fun than the usual wealthy socialites. David replied back while he remained focused on driving.

“What movie set did you meet on, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Oh god, I don’t know if you really wanna know. It’s sorta embarrassing.”

Her words made David chuckle. In his mind, he wasn’t quite sure what she meant by embarrassment. Jamie laughed and sighed before he answered back.

“Well, I guess it’s hard to explain. The movie we were in together was received so negatively, I’m not sure if you want to know. It’s not a work of art by any means.”

“I can’t even watch it! After all the bad reviews in the media by the critics, I’m scared to even see one of my own movies.”

She laughed after speaking. David was still curious, even if the movie was an obvious box office bomb. There was something charming about Kate and Jamie that he felt it would be impossible for him to be rude to either of them.

“If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine. I’m not going to judge you anyway, you’ve achieved something that a regular guy like me is never going to come close to.”

A sigh was heard from the back seat. Kate was looking up into the ceiling trying not to smile when David spotted her big brown eyes from gazing back into his trusty rear view mirror. Jamie didn’t seem too bothered as she was in admitting the film’s title as if it were a crime.

“Fantastic Four. We were in the remake from a few years ago. I’m sure you thought it sucked since I have yet to hear a nice thing about it.”

One coincidence had turned into an even greater. David couldn’t help but smile to himself while the van continued to roll down the streets. Just last week, he had spent an evening during the night shift with a woman who was featured in the older Fantastic Four films from over a decade ago and now he was entertained by the new cast. He didn’t plan to reveal this trivial detail to them, as he just gripped the steering wheel and shook his head quietly while thinking of his time with Jessica Alba from last week.

“Fantastic Four, huh? I don’t reckon I can say anything bad, cause I haven’t watched it.”

“Oh, thank fucking god! That’s a relief that you aren’t going to tell me how bad it was!”

Kate laughed in a goofy tone after she had spoke in relief. There was something about this girl that was blossoming with a wonderful personality. David was curious now about her role in the film. He was familiar with the characters, though he wasn’t one who kept up with comic books to know a great deal of knowledge about them.

“What character did you play? Were you the blonde haired-”

“Yes! Sue Storm, that was me!”

David smirked to himself. To be driving both women who had played the role of Sue Storm was quite an impressive feat out of an amazing coincidence. Jessica Alba was last week, today it was Kate Mara and her husband Jamie Bell in the back seat. He licked his lips, beginning to speak again but when he glanced back into the rear view mirror, he noticed that both of them in the back had locked lips and began to kiss passionately. David didn’t know what to think of this. To drive a married couple who couldn’t seem to take their hands off one another was something he had never experienced before as a driver. He forgot his words, figuring it was best to just let them kiss and enjoy each other in the back seat while he was busy driving.

The smoldering kisses continued, even after David had stopped the van between two red lights and had to wait for them to fade green. By now, the man behind the wheel had simply become a silent observer to the two lovers in the back of his van. He had suddenly remembered that they didn’t even tell him which hotel or where to go. David figured he would have to interrupt them by the time he crossed back into Santa Monica, but for now there was a considerable distance to be made. David’s attention was caught yet again when he began to hear Kate’s voice moaning. When he looked back into the rear view mirror this time, she had moved to sit in Jamie’s lap and he was laying kisses down the beautiful girl’s neck. David was forced to speak up now, almost excited to witness such a sight in the back of his van.

“Getting a little cozy back there, huh?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Is this disturbing you?”

David laughed at Jamie’s question.

“No, not at all. Go right on ahead, you’re both quite cute back there.”

Kate raised her eyebrow and leaned over to whisper something into her husband’s ear, all while David was still driving the car through the streets. How could he stop them from back there? He was guilty himself for such dirty desires in the back of his own van. He wasn’t about to stop them, even if their clothes came off. For people of fame, they seemed rather private and daring to be adventurous given their display of crude behavior at the moment. Soon, David heard another set of moans this time echoing from Jamie’s voice. Like before, his voice chimed a faded accent that couldn’t help but make David wonder if he was a British native. This time around when he glanced into the rear view mirror, Kate was grinding down into her husband’s lap and raising her neck for him to trail kisses down like before.

Her jacket had been removed and tossed to the floor, David was surprised he didn’t notice this at first. He didn’t bother speaking up to alert them to his watchful eye. If they weren’t embarrassed to be putting their hands on one another like this in the back of his van, David figured they must not have had much shame. He didn’t mind them at all, as he found it rather amusing to listen to their moans and kissing back and forth. Kate eventually threw her purse to the floor and then it became evidence that much more was going over the backseats. David was forced to speak up after hearing both of them moan together in chorus.

“Are you too comfortable back there?”

“Oh shit, I’m sorry! We got a little carried away!”

She laughed after speaking up. David couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing at this point he wasn’t about to stop them at all.

“No need to be sorry, you can continue on.”

Jamie looked to the back of the seats before speaking next.

“You mean, you don’t have a problem with us enjoying ourselves back here?”

“No, not at all. You’re the one paying the bill for the fare, so I figure you can both do whatever you want back there. Go ahead, it’s your call to do whatever back there. I ain’t gonna stop either of you.”

David’s answer offered quite the welcoming for what was to come with the lustful couple in the back seat. Since he had been enjoying watching them the rear view mirror, he couldn’t wait to see what was to come of them now that he had given them full reign. Kate looked back at her husband bit her lower lip, silently gesturing to him a quiet message to push the boundaries. For David, he didn’t know what to expect the next time he looked back up into his rear view mirror but he was already guessing what could happen. All the while, the van was still moving forward through the streets and through traffic alongside various vehicles. After a few minutes, silence faded over the back seats of the cab. David couldn’t hear anything from Jamie and Kate from the back seat.

When he glanced up into the rear view mirror, he noticed that Kate had moved away from her husband’s lap. She was leaned over, whispering in his ear while moving a watchful eye to the back of the front seat as if she were watching the driver. They were clearly up to something, as David soon heard giggling from both of their voices. He didn’t utter a word to them, he just sat there and continued to do his job driving the van through the streets. He thought he heard Jamie’s voice whispering back to his wife. ‘But we don’t even know this dude’s name!’, Soon Jamie spoke up to the driver.

“Hey man, you wouldn’t mind if I ask your name?”

“Oh no, not at all. You can call me David.”


This made for an odd turn of events. Why would they want to know his name all of a sudden? Soon, David heard laughing and more whispering going on. ‘I can tell by looking at this guy, he would do it! He’s got that look to him!’. When David glanced upward back into his rear view mirror, now both of them were sitting in the back seat with some innocent look over their concerned faces. Despite the obvious mischief from the back of the van, David still didn’t say anything to alert them of his watching eye or ear. He was trying to play it stupid. He soon heard more laughing and whispering. ‘No, I asked for his name! It’s your turn now!’ A sigh was heard as the voice speaking was clearly from Jamie. More whispering and laughing came forward from low voices. It sounded as if Kate was clearing her thought when David heard Jamie speak up again.

“Ummmm, David?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

A sigh was heard from both their voices. He was forced to stop at a red light in traffic. When David looked back into his mirror, Kate had a worrying grin over her face while biting her lower lip. For once, Jamie looked nervous as hell as he began to speak up with a serious yet dirty question.

“My wife was wondering if…If…you…”

Kate let out a sigh and then blurted out the words her husband struggled with.

“Do you wanna join us for a threesome?”

“Do what!?”

“A threesome! That’s basically what my husband was trying to ask you.”

David took a deep breath. For once, the roles had been reversed it seemed. Usually, he was the one asking women for dirty deeds while they sat in the back of his van. Now the tables had been turned and he had a freaky couple asking him to do something dirty instead. He chuckled for a bit before replying back with a weak question of his own.

“You want to have a threesome with me, really?”

Kate giggled before responding back to him.

“Yes! This is our honeymoon and well, we’ve been wanting to try other kinky things outside the bedroom. You seem like the kind of guy who would enjoy something like this.”

He couldn’t even ask her what left the impression in her mind. All David could think was that Kate was smart enough to see right through him, judging the older man by his looks. It didn’t take much to take him into something like this.

“Yeah, if you want me to. Give me a moment, I’ll have to take us to some place quiet and park the van.”

Jamie’s voice could be heard gasping. He looked back at his wife and then Kate spoke to him.

“See, I told you!! He looks like a sleazy old fucker, I knew he would say yes to us!”

David couldn’t help but laugh. He wasn’t offended at all, for Kate had clearly seen right through him with such an appropriate nickname. He turned the taxi van down a road where he knew there was a construction site close by that could possibly offer a decent cover where the van would blend in unnoticed from the naked eye. After laughing a bit, he teased Kate with a question.

“Hey, who you calling sleazy back there, babe? You were about to get it on with your husband in the back of my van.”

“And? You told us we could!”

All three of them were laughing at Kate’s answer back to him. David wasn’t about to walk back on his claims at this point.

“Yeah, and I might as well tell you both that it’s alright to get naked now.”

“We weren’t going to wait on you anyway, man.”

Jamie’s answer made Kate giggle again before she kissed his lips. David took one more turn down a dirty road as he replied back.

“That’s fine, I’ll be joining you once I get the van parked.”

She didn’t waste any time pulling the eyes of her shirt over her head and disposing of it to the floorboard of the car. Kate’s pale body was met at the touch of her husband’s hands while she pulled a black bra to reveal her perky breasts to him. As much as David wanted to gaze into the rear view mirror and watch them, he knew that he had to get the van parked. The construction site was closed off from a set of buildings that were currently in the process of being built. There was an underground car park around the back of the area, serving as the best spot to place the van where no one would notice to bother them. The sound of buttons coming undone and shoes booming against the floorboard were heard as David began to slow the van down.

It only took a few minutes for both Kate and Jamie to completely disrobe their bodies of clothes. David had driven the van through the car. They were soon sitting naked side by side, Kate still to the left seat and Jamie remained on the right. David stopped the van and shifted gears, backing them up into a spot in the underground car garage. There was only a black car and a white van sitting parked in the large spaces. The gold taxi van would be alone up against the wall, a place he always preferred to keep his van. Jamie was still pulling off his socks when the van parked in position. David turned the key in the ignition, just as he had always done before. When he turned his shoulder to look at them from behind, he smirked as they sat naked together.

“So, I hope this place is quiet enough for us.”

Jamie shook his head to him.

“Oh, I doubt anyone is going to be bothering us, not that we’re afraid of them anyway.”

“I’ve gotta admire how brave you are, most people are always worried they’re going to be seen.”

Kate laughed at David’s answer as the man opened the driver’s door and stepped out. When she heard the door slam, she glanced back at her husband and leaned across the seat, taking his cock into her hand as she began to stroke it fast. With a devious smirk, she leaned across the seat and lowered her mouth down to twirl her tongue around the head of Jamie’s meat pole. While his wife was busy playing with his cock, Jamie leaned his arm over the seat and relaxed for a moment just as the left side back door came sliding open and David joined them by stepping in. When the door slammed shut, Kate moved her head back up to look at David who had moved to the floor.

“Looks like I need to get naked to join you both.”

“Yes, you do!”

“Kinda crowded in here, I hope we have enough room in this van.”

It had never crossed David’s mind in the past just how spaced in the van could be with more than two people in the back. Kate moved her back up against the seat before leaning back up and sucking on her husband’s dick. ‘Mmmmm’, she was heard moaning before she visibly began to bob her lips up and down his fat cock. David was busy taking his shirt off and kicking off the flip flops from his feet. It took him a minute to get his shorts and underwear to the floor, in which he was careful to move his clothes towards the back of the front seats so they didn’t mix into a pile with his passenger’s. Once he was naked, he noticed Jamie smirking at him as David had moved to the left side of the floorboard and remained on his knees to give Kate complete attention.

She pulled her lips from her husband’s cock, making an audible pop noise before glancing down at the older man on the floor in the middle of her legs. Kate knew what he wanted, as he was glancing upward at her naked body and starring at the wet mound between her thighs. She licked her lips, looking at David before raising her legs and resting the heels of her feet up against the dark leather seats and inviting the older man to orally pleasure her. Kate was loving this moment, to have both these men focusing their complete attention to her. She felt Jamie’s eyes locked on her face, she turned and smirked at him and then gasped a moan when she felt David’s mouth brushing up against her pussy. Her right hand was stretched out, wrapped around Jamie’s cock and slowly stroking it, nice and steadily.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhh god yeah!”

Still gazing into her husband’s eyes, Kate moaned while she felt David’s tongue slipping into her clit. Jamie ran his hand out, cupping his wife’s chin and smiling back to her while she was still stroking his rod. It was a tender moment between the two, even if there was an invited stranger who joined in between them. Jamie leaned up, pushing his left knee down into the seat to raise his cock up and make it easier for Kate to suck him. His wife leaned over, wrapping her lips back around his pole as she began to bob her head up and down yet again. Kate moaned against Jamie’s dick while she could feel David’s tongue slithering into her clit back and forth. The older man didn’t stop, as he began to twirl his tongue back and forth into her pussy. Kate was forced to release Jamie’s cock from her mouth with another pop sound as she cried out.


David was surprised at how quickly he was able to force this lovely actress into screaming loudly. She bent her knees and arched her feet over his shoulders as he continued to lick her sweet clit over and over. Jamie watched her slide down into the seat, the one notice he had that Kate had been taken into a world of pleasure from this stranger. She even let go of his cock and lay there closing her eyes and moaning out. Jamie wanted to feel her mouth around his cock yet again, so he ran his hand to the back of her hair, feeling her pony tail as he began to climb over the seat, arching his back as it brushed against the roof of the car. He fed his cock back into her mouth from the odd position.

“Yes, YES!! Suck that fucking cock, baby!”

As Jamie had called out, David was able to hear a bit of the man’s British accent coming out. Kate moaned against his cock as she tried to devour it. Unfortunately, David couldn’t watch her when he glanced his eyes up as he was blinded looking into Jamie’s ass hovering above. ‘Mmmm, mmmmm, mmm’ Kate moaned against his cock before popping her lips off it again. Jamie was having such a hard time in the position standing his feet over the seats, he had to crawl back down, but David wasn’t bothered at all as he continued to eat away, slithering his tongue back and forth into Kate’s lovely clit.


She cried out before gasping her breath. By now, Kate had stretched her legs out across David’s back as he was still eating her pussy. All Jamie could do was sit there and watch as the older man was pleasuring his wife. He leaned over and kissed her lips, dancing his tongue against hers passionately. Kate moved her hands to cup Jamie’s face, allowing David to see quite a beautiful moment between the two while he was closing to forcing her orgasm. She was close, he knew it the moment she squeezed her legs around his head. Jamie’s hands moved to her perky breasts, squeezing her nipples before they broke their kiss. Kate gasped and began to scream.


Jamie leaned up, focusing all his attention to watch his beautiful wife experience her orgasm while crying out after he moved his hands away from her tits. David could taste her juices as they shot into his mouth. She pulled her legs out from his shoulders, allowing the man to lean up as his mouth was full of her sweet juices. As Kate was trying to catch her breath, she ran her hands over her body and saw that her husband pulled back away and was looking at David with a curious look over his face. When David’s eyes met with Jamie, the man spoke up.

“I wish I could taste her cum like you’re doing right now…If only you would share it with me.”

Kate knew how to approach this question better. As she slowly caught her breath, she spoke up to the older man.

“He’s asking if he can kiss you. If that’s alright with you, hun.”

David couldn’t reply back with his mouth full of her spunk. The thought didn’t bother him to kiss another man. David had not often participated in threesomes, but he felt the pleasure was for all three to enjoy taking turns in a fair trade. For Jamie, all this was a show for Kate as they had previously done before in threesomes. Once David raised himself from the floorboard of the car, Kate found herself grinning as the two of them kissed to share her cum.

“Ohhhhh, my. This is so adorable.”

It didn’t bother David to lock lips with another man. He and Jamie had shared Kate’s juices before swallowing it down. Kate couldn’t have been more thrilled, a wide grin running across her lips as the men had put on quite a little show for her even with something small like this. She began to loosen the pony tail that held her hair together but changed her mind at the last minute. Kate took a deep breath and then moved off the seat after the two men finished kissing.

“I think it’s time I pleasure both of you…”

“I would fucking love that, babe.”

She winked at David after he responded to her words. Kate had lowered herself down to her knees among the floorboard of the van while both men sat back down. Like before, Jamie found himself in the right seat while David took Kate’s former spot in the left seat. She looked at both of them, gazing into their eyes while biting her lower lip and flashing her pearly white teeth. Kate had sat up on her knees, sitting between both of the men as her hands reached up to wrap around their cocks. Her left hand went for her husband’s pole while her right hand’s fingers wrapped around David’s fat rod. Both men began to smile while her hands pumped up and down, wanking both their cocks. Kate giggled before speaking once again.

“Two big hard cocks, all for me.”

“Yeah, all for you darling. You’re quite spoiled today, huh?”

Jamie teased her. She grinned at him and began to tease him in return by moving to her right side and taking David’s cock towards her lips first. She pumped her right hand down to the base of his rod and then squeezed her lips around it. As she began to slowly suck the van driver’s dick, her left hand never stopped stroking her husband’s rod. David groaned, beginning to quietly moan as he watched Kate’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked him off.

“Ohhhhh, man. She’s fucking amazing, I love this.”

“Dude, you ain’t seen nothing yet. My wife truly is the best, you’ll see.”

She would’ve laughed at Jamie telling the other man, but Kate was too focused with moving her lips down and up over David’s fat rod. After slobbering all over it for a few minutes, she raised her lips and came off with a loud pop sound. Her right hand began to stroke David’s saliva coated dick as she moved to her left side and gave her husband some attention now. Kate gazed up into his eyes while twirling her tongue around the head of his pole. Her right hand began to stroke David’s dick up and down in unison as she was now working her lips up and down her husband’s cock. Jamie took a deep breath, both of them watching as she was taking even turns with their poles.

With no words uttered from either of them, all Kate could do was continuing working her oral talents over her husband while listening to their heavy breathing and moans. Her grip over David’s cock began tighter. The older man could see the flash of a pearl in her engagement ring slid over her ring finger. She sucked and slurped over Jamie’s cock before releasing it with a loud pop sound. A string of saliva dangled from her lower lip, falling to the floor board of the van. Kate grinned at David as she turned her attention back to him and lowered her mouth back down over his cock. Like before, her left hand was now pumping Jamie’s cock up and down while her lips worked David’s rod.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yes! You like that cock, babe?”

She came up, releasing his rod from her mouth with a pop noise just to answer him in a low seductive tone.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah.”

David smirked, thinking of that nickname she had called him earlier.

“Call me a dirty old fucker again, please! I loved it when you called me that, do it again babe!”

Gritting her teeth, Kate looked into his eyes and spoke once more with her seductive voice.

“You like how I suck your big fucking cock, you dirty old fucker, huh?”

“Fuck yes!!”

Her short ponytail bounced from the back of her head while Kate was quickly moving her lips up and down the first few inches of David’s cock. Unlike before, she was fast to alternate her attention back to Jamie. She would suck on the first few inches one cock before moving to the next. Both men just sat there, watching as she alternated twice between pop sounds and strings of drool falling. Their dicks glistened in a shiny coat of her saliva. When Kate turned her attention back to Jamie, she rolled her eyes to David and spoke to her husband.

“You wanna show him how well I can deep throat your fucking cock, baby?”

“Sure thing, honey. Just move your hand away for me.”

He looked over at David and nodded to get his attention.

“Hey man, my wife wants to show you something. Watch this!”

The couple were about to demonstrate to David a small sample of how freaky they could truly get. Kate removed her left hand from the base of Jamie’s cock, but her right hand remained stroking David. Jamie put his hand on the back of her head and proceeded to push her down, repeatedly as she gagged for a bit and her mouth began to make several sucking noises.


“Yes, take that fucking cock, baby! YES!!”

David was impressed when he watched Jamie hold her head down, her lips buried at the base of his cock. It took a few seconds for her to truly gag and then Jamie pulled her hair to force her head up. His cock came out of her mouth with a loud pop sound, flopping down as strings of saliva dripped from her lips. Kate moaned and licked her lips while giggling.

“God, that was fucking hot right there.”

She looked over at David and smirked to him.

“Yeah, I know how to take it all. Maybe you should test me later.”

She gave him a wink, just like before.

“I’ll try to remember, babe.”

“I think it’s about time we get some real fucking going on, how about it, David?”

Suddenly, Jamie had spoke up and changed the subject, but before the older man could respond his wife had answered him.

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea. I want you both to fuck me…”

Biting her lower lip, she raised her eyebrow and finished her sentence with a bit of teasing in her voice. Her eyes glanced to Jamie and then David while she spoke.

“At the same time, that is.”

“That’s what a threesome is all about isn’t it, babe?”

David’s answer made her laugh, but Jamie was ready to assume control now for the hole he wanted first.

“I want to fuck your ass first, honey. I didn’t get to last night, you know?”

“Mmmmm, you’re about to get it right now, baby.”

She watched Jamie get up from the seat and then Kate leaned in and quickly placed a kiss over her husband’s lips. David knew there was enough room among the back of the van for the man to get behind her, as he had experienced this time and time again when it was just himself and one woman. Moving to the center of the leather seats, David figured that he could sit there as Kate would climb atop him and Jamie would get into position from behind. There was one question lingering on the older man’s mind though as the beautiful short actress began to spread her legs and climb onto his lap.

“Hey, I’ve gotta ask you both something real quick.”


“What’s that?”

Jamie spoke after Kate. David looked at her first before he glanced back at Jamie before looking at Kate to speak of his question.

“I figure I must ask if it’s alright if I kiss you? Knowing you’re married, I-”

She rolled her eyes and quickly cut him off.

“Since you kissed my husband, you might as well kiss me too!”

Jamie was laughing. He clapped his hands watching Kate push her lips to David, initiating a loving kiss. He moaned into her mouth before she pulled her lips apart. He was impressed, as she had other skills with her mouth besides sucking his cock. When their lips moved apart, Kate reached her right hand under David to grab his cock and rub it against her pussy while speaking.

“Alright, here’s the deal. You can’t cum inside me, whatever you do.”

He smirked at her, shaking his head.

“Don’t worry babe, I wouldn’t waste my load inside of you.”

Jamie chuckled and spoke up.

“You hear that, baby? Sounds like he has other plans for that cum.”

She gasped, letting out a moan as she pushed herself down and forced David’s cock to enter her pussy. Kate glanced over her shoulder, licking her lips as she grinned towards her husband.

“Yeah, I’m sure he does. Come on, I want you to get inside me too!”

Using both hands, she pulled her ass cheeks apart while moving her head to look back at David’s face. Kate moaned as he began to slowly buck his hips forward and push his cock into her. He didn’t even bother waiting for her husband to get inside her, David was too caught up selfishly experiencing the pleasure of her pussy. Kate bit her lower lip and watched his hands reach up, cupping her breasts. At that moment, she felt her husband thrust his cock into her little back door hole from behind. The actress dropped her jaw, gasping before she called out.

“Ohhhhhh, yes! That’s it, come on! Both of you, fuck me! Fuck me hard!!”

She was still gasping at the feeling of both hard cocks pumping into her holes. David looked to her beautiful face, watching her eyes close as he squeezed her breasts and began to buck his hips. He and Jamie both were thrusting forward, almost simultaneously as Kate was caught in a whirlwind of pleasure from both of these men satisfying her desire. Jamie reared his left hand back and playfully slapped her ass, causing her to yell out to him.


Spank! Her husband laid a hard smack down on the left cheek of her ass yet again. When Kate had reopened her eyes, she looked down into David’s face before quickly cupping the back of his neck with her hands and locking lips with the older man. She moaned muffled sounds past his lips, trying to dance her tongue with him while being overrun with the pleasure of their hard cocks pumping consistently into her pussy and ass in unison. Kate broke her lips from David’s, only to lean her head up while her tits were bouncing in the man’s hands. She began to scream.


Over and over, their hard cocks pumped into her holes. Kate knew that an orgasm would be approaching soon, given how hard they continued to pound inch after inch of their rods into her pussy and ass simultaneously. A loud smack was heard as Jamie yet again spanked her ass, but he had a difficult time catching Kate’s attention. After a few more minutes went by, Kate screamed to both of them.


Jamie knew what to do, it was time to change position. David may have been their guest for this act, but he refused to have another man inside his wife when it came to her orgasm. He stopped and stepped backwards, pulling his cock from her ass and then calling out to alert David.

“Hey!! Get her up, we’re gonna change positions now.”

David wasn’t about to argue with the man. They were a married couple after all, and even though this was going on in the back of his taxi van, they were still calling all the shots. Kate leaned up, breathing heavily as she looked at her husband who helped her off David. His cock slithered out of her pussy and flopped free. Bending her knees, she moved off David, climbing to the floor before giggling in a mischievous voice. The kinky side of her mind was in complete control now, coming up with a new idea for this position switching moment. She spoke up to her husband.


“Yes, dear?”

Kate crawled to her knees, still giggling as Jamie was standing behind her and David was still seated. She glanced over at the older man before gazing back towards her husband.

“You two didn’t have a problem kissing earlier, huh?”

David laughed, shaking his head.

“No, your husband is quite an experienced kisser. Not as good as you, but then again I don’t kiss men often.”

Jamie’s face flushed into a red hue, obviously blushing at his wife’s request. Before she could speak out, he figured it was up to him to explain such things.

“My wife likes to watch two men get it on when we have threesomes. I enjoy a bit of male play too, but only if the other man lets me. You wouldn’t have a problem with that, would you?”

Curiosity sometimes got the better of David. He was open for exploring and trying new things in his sexuality. With a big smile, he raised his eye brows and turned to look back at Jamie ready to answer the other man back.

“If you want to give her a little show, I’m all for it. Do you want me to take you from behind or are you getting behind me?”

Jamie chuckled for a moment before replying back to David.

“How about you do me? I want to make my wife cum, you can take me from behind while I do that.”

“Oh my god, I truly am blessed with the best husband ever. Mmmmm, get over here and let me kiss you.”

Turning to face him, Kate placed a short kiss over his lips and then turned to sit back down over the seat. David observed the back of the van, hoping there would be enough space to place his feet and be able to get behind Jamie. From figuring the look of things, Kate would be seated down while Jamie would be in front of her. David’s position would be behind Jamie, almost as if they were lining up into an I formation. Once Kate had sat down, she grinned at her husband and spread her legs. David found himself looking over Jamie’s buff stomach, as he didn’t quite notice how muscular and attractive the man was when they originally had first stripped in the nude.

“Remember, don’t cum inside me baby. I’ve got an idea I want to do instead.”

David got up from the seat, listening to Kate address her husband. Given how kinky both of them had turned out to be, he was beginning to guess just what she wanted to do with the cum. To David’s guess, it would probably be to rain a shower all over her face, or maybe that was just what he wanted to do. Kate spread her legs out so she could properly wrap them around Jamie’s waist. They weren’t going to spend their time waiting on the other man. While David was still stepping around the floorboard of the car, Jamie had already made himself busy by thrusting his cock into her pussy. David heard Kate gasp and call out to her husband in a low voice.

“Mmmmm, yes, yes! That’s it, fuck me! Ohhhhhh, yeah!”

“Oh shit, hold on! I’m coming!”

Jamie laughed at David’s respond, looking over his left shoulder as the man quickly lined up behind him. For David, this would be a breath of fresh air when it came to trying something new. To satisfy his own bisexual urges inside his dirty mind. Jamie took a heavy breath when he felt David’s fingertips pulling his ass cheeks apart. He simply focused on giving his wife this pleasure, looking into her beautiful brown eyes while he was still bucking his hips to drive his cock in and out of her pussy. Soon, Kate bit her lower lip, trying not to grin when she noticed her husband’s lower jaw dropping from the pleasure of being penetrated from behind.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah! Mmmmm!!”

Kate listened to her husband’s words while looking forward to see David’s face from behind him. She softly bit her lower lip and then spoke to him.

“You like that, baby? I think he does too, he’s smiling.”

David groaned, feeling his cock slowly push into Jamie’s ass. The space was tight from within of the back. David could feel the heels of his feet pushing up against the back of the front seats. After a moment, he knew he had to reply back to her.

“Oh yes, we’re all having fun now together!”

All three of them began to moan in a perfect chorus with Kate’s loving voice leading the loudest. Jamie found himself caught in the middle of a world of pleasure, to pump his cock into his wife while receiving it from behind by David. Kate moaned louder, her breasts bouncing a bit as Jamie began to thrust into her harder and faster. David remained behind Jamie, slowly pumping his cock into the man’s ass at a nice pace so that they both could enjoy this pleasure. Looking to the side, he could see Kate’s feet as she had tried to wrap her legs around her husband’s waist. David moved his hands over Kate’s feet, gently massaging them as he was still thrusting into her husband’s ass. Soon, she was gasping and beginning to yell louder for the man she loved.


“I love you too, Kate!!”

It was a heart warming moment, even for David who was simply the guest to complete the threesome for these two. The older man found himself moaning as he was still thrusting into Jamie’s ass, but his mind was somewhat distracted on the passion between Jamie and Kate. They were quite the freaky couple but he was impressed by a moment like this. Kate began to breath heavily, unable to control the orgasm that was approaching.


Just another thrust, and Kate’s eyes closed before she gasped loudly. Jamie groaned, feeling his wife reach her climax. David could tell something was up since Jamie’s body movements slowed down. He made one final thrust into Jamie’s ass, before stepping back and pulling his rod free. Jamie didn’t seem to notice, but David simply had to move away. The space behind the man was too closed in and cramped up. Taking a deep breath, he returned back to the seats while he watched Jamie lean forward and kiss his wife passionately. So far, it was a wonder that he had not shot his load from all this pleasure with both of them. David took a deep breath, simply watching as Jamie leaned up and now Kate was smirking. She looked over at him and spoke.

“Mmmmm, are you ready to go for one more round?”

“I reckon so, you two are fucking freaky for a married couple, I’ve gotta say that.”

They both laughed before Jamie spoke up to answer him.

“We’re newly weds, actually! But yeah, we like to be daring and risky, as you can see.”

David chuckled while Kate had moved off the seat and appeared to be climbing back down on her knees over the floorboard. She wrapped her hand around her husband’s cock before taking her tongue and licking the underside of it. Jamie’s rod was covered in her own juices. As both men had shared a taste of her earlier, now she was enjoying it for herself. Opening her mouth, she slid his cock past her lips and neatly cleaned him before pulling it back out with a loud pop noise.

“Mmmmmm, I taste good.”

“Yeah you do.”

She spit on her husband’s cock after he answered her back. Kate smirked before responding to him.

“Oh yeah, you would know for sure. I can’t neglect that you taste good too, mmmmmm.”

While sitting over the right side seat, David took a deep breath as he watched Kate place Jamie’s rod back between her lips and resume sucking him. He licked his lips when remembering her words to tease him over her deep throat skills. From there, David knew exactly what he wanted to do next while he had to sit and watch her sucking Jamie’s cock. He stood back up, moving towards her as she reached her left out to wrap around his meat pole. When Kate pulled her lips free from her husband’s rod, a string of saliva fell to the floor as her eyes met with David’s, looking up at him. It was time now for his request to be spoken.

“Hey Kate, remember when you were showing how far you could take his cock earlier?”

Her eyebrows raised before she kissed the head of his rod. Her right hand found it’s place around her husband’s shaft as she replied back to the other man.

“Are you asking if you can fuck my face, you dirty old fucker?”

He slowly nodded his head while grinning. She remembered that nickname and teased him with it, much to David’s surprise. Kate twirled her tongue around the head of his cock and then decided to tease him with her words.

“Maybe you should ask my husband first.”

David sighed while he hard Jamie chuckling. She had played a good one for a tease. He looked back to her husband and then sighed again before asking the question.

“You mind if I fuck your wife’s face?”

“Go for it, as long as you don’t cum on her face before I do.”

Kate gasped and then spoke to both of them.

“I want you BOTH to cum on my face! I know you’ve both gotta be ready to explode at this point. Don’t know how you both have held off so far today while fucking me and fucking each other.”

“It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you that!”

She smirked at David after he replied, moving her knees a bit so she could get in position facing him. With her hand removed from his shaft, Kate was now ready for him to have his fun with her mouth.

“I believe you. Now come on, fuck my face so you can cum all over me! Don’t keep my husband waiting, I know it’s gotta be killing him to drain his balls by now.”

Placing his hand down into her faded hair, David didn’t utter a word as he moved her ponytail between his fingers. All Jamie could do was stand there next to the man and watch his wife and the other man with a keen eye. Kate parted her lips, inviting him to slam his cock to the back of her throat. David went slow at first, pushing his cock into her. As Kate squeezed her lips around his thick shaft, David grunted and began to buck his hips while holding her head there in place. He groaned feeling the inside of her mouth around his cock.


As he began to pump his cock hard and fast between Kate’s lips, her mouth generated various noises of sucking and slobbering like it had done earlier.


“Ohhhh, yes! God, you’re so fucking good at sucking, babe!”

David continued, pushing her head down and thrusting his cock back and forth into her loving mouth. Jamie remained standing there, still watching the action down below while jacking himself off. A string of drool flew from the left corner of her mouth, landing over the floorboard while David pushed her mouth all the way down until her small lips were buried in his ball hair. It took a few seconds for Kate to gag and choke on his cock. her eyes watered up, smearing a bit of her mascara. He was so close to blowing his load at last, David grunted and then pulled her hair to force her up. Strings of saliva broke from her lips to his slobber covered shaft. Kate smirked before giggling, as she could see the conflicted look over his face was enough to tell her that she had forced this man to his break point.

“Mmmmmmm, are you about to cum for me?”

He groaned, looking into her big brown eyes while he responded.

“Fuck yes!! I can’t hold back anymore!”

While licking her lips, she looked back at her husband who also spoke as they shared eye contact.

“Yes, me too! I’m ready to blow as well!”

“Let me do it! I’m gonna finish you both off myself in just a minute!”

Reaching behind her head, Kate finally pulled her pony tail apart and let her dyed blonde hair flow freely. She fixed her hair up to be split between the middle, as it was short and didn’t touch her shoulders. With her hair fixed up properly, Kate wrapped her hands back around their cocks and began to wank them together. She looked over into her husband’s eyes, winking at him before she leaned to her right side and kissed the head of his pole. She then smirked back at David but didn’t give him the same loving attention that she had given her husband. All Kate did was spit on his dick instead of kissing it.

“Come on, I want you both to cum on me! Cum on me! Cum on my face, yes!!”

“Keep stroking ’em, and it’s gonna happen! Ohhhhh, fuck!!”

Kate was giggling, looking back at both of them as she couldn’t help but laugh. Her grip tightened on their cocks, stroking them harder as they were aimed towards her face. David’s lower lip dropped, he couldn’t hold back anymore as the actress was wanking his cock with all the strength she had in her little hand.



David spoke first, just before Jamie as their cocks erupted at the same time. Kate didn’t close her eyes, she blinked as thick droplets of cum went flying towards her face. A few thick strands went into her hair, while a wad went to her left eyelid. All Kate did was blink, still not closing her eyes as she busted up giggling as their cum was flying all over her face. A few spurts had misfired and landed over the floorboard of the van, the majority of it was going straight to her face and painting a creamy mess. Streaks of cum went over both her cheeks with a second strand extending over her left eye.

“Oh fuck, I’ve never seen this much cum on you before!”

Jamie called out to her while he watched a thick string fly over her forehead and streak into her hair. Kate was still pumping their dicks back and forth in her hands, forcing every bit of cum to release and splash over her face. By the time they were both depleted, her face was covered in a sticky mess of their hot seed. She let go of their cocks and looked back at her husband, trying not to smile. All Jamie could do was laugh at her.

“God, you’re fucking sticky as hell down here.”

“Mmmmm, I am very sticky. You and our new friend here made quite the mess out of me.”

“Oh, so I guess we’re friends now, huh?”

David answered back. He didn’t expect to feel Jamie’s hand over his shoulder and the man offering him a smile.

“You served us some fun today, so you might as well be a friend of ours.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, since we all made quite a trio today!”

Laughter was shared between all three of them. David had soon realized that time escaped them for the past few hours and they were parked in the back of an underground parking lot near that familiar construction site. Kate began to clean her face after opening her purse while the two men got dressed. For David, he didn’t know the words that would come to his mind right away for recording this particular incident in his diary. Jamie and Kate had done more than offer a fun threesome, they had tapped into his curiosity of the male body. For the Hollywood couple, David would remember to look up their names once he got home to learn more about just who was in his cab today. Coincidences could be funny when they happened, as this was a ride he didn’t have to offer anything free to have a fun time with a sexy couple.


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