New York Whore, Part 6

Title: New York Whore, Part 6

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, nc/cons, mDom

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

Selena Gomez had no idea how long she had been lying there in complete darkness. She was cold, thirsty, tired and afraid. The front of the hood covering her head was wet with the tears she’d been shedding since the car had stopped and they’d thrown her in that quiet room where time seemed to have stopped completely.

The weeping latina was about to fall asleep from exhaustion when the sound of a door alerted her to someone else’s presence. The hood was removed and she saw the tall and blurry figure of a man standing in front of her before a splash of cold water stunned her. Selena gasped and her eyes struggled adjusting to the dazzling bright lights of the room.

“Wh– where am I?” she feebly asked, looking at the white tiles covering the floor and walls. The place looked like the old, worn-down showers of a gym of some sorts and it made her think about her old middle school back in Texas, if it had been abandoned for 20 years.

“Your new home,” answered the tall man who proceeded to hose her down with no warning. The helpless brunette tried to shield herself from the extremely cold stream of water hitting her body but the duct tape around her wrists and ankles made it extremely difficult. The water stopped and he tossed a bar of cheap soap in her direction, “Clean yourself,” he told her. Selena kept shaking in fear and asking why she was there but there were no more answers for her. After she soaped up and he hosed her again he threw her a towel and waited for her to dry her body.

“Get up. Let’s go.”

“G–Go where?”

“I said get up!” he yelled and Selena jumped to her feet. He took away her towel and made her stand still while he walked around inspecting her shaking body for any traces of uncleanliness. He pulled a switchblade from his pocket and pointed it at the terrified girl who flinched immediately. The tall man cut off the tape from her wrists and ankles before handing her a leather collar with cuffs, the three parts were attached to a long chain that extended to his right hand.

“Put that on.”

She looked at the collar like it was an alien object and then at him with incredulity, then back at the collar again.

“Don’t make me say it again.”

His stern tone informed her that she really didn’t want to make him angry so she tried putting the pieces on but fear made her hands too clumsy to secure the lock behind her neck. She could tell he was getting impatient and it made her even more nervous, then the collar slipped from her hands and not even a second later the shock of a leather crop striking her butt startled her.

“Aaah!” she cried in pain.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” the captive girl said, still wincing from the sharp pain in her backside. It took her a couple of minutes but she finally got the collar and cuffs on, then the tall man yanked the chain violently, causing her to fall on her hands and knees.

“Now crawl like a bitch,” he told her before opening the door and walking out with the raven-haired star as his pet. Following him on all fours around a badly lit warehouse, Selena cried of fear and humiliation as she crawled like a dog amongst a lot of the men she’d danced for before Estrada kidnapped her. They whistled, laughed and shouted at her things in spanish she didn’t understand, except for the word “puta” that kept coming up over and over again and that somehow felt more humiliating than before.

“Go on, the Boss is waiting,” the tall man told her, opening the door of a small office with big windows that overlooked most of the warehouse from its vantage point above a short flight of stairs. Estrada was waiting for her there and his subordinate handed him Selena’s leash before exiting the room. Shaking and on her knees she waited for him to say something but instead he just unzipped his fly, letting the chubby penis she had disliked so much flop out.

“Chúpamelo,” he finally said.

Selena did not move and his fat hand came down hard on her face, she squealed as the force of the slap sent her delicate body to the floor. She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and a big red glowing mark on her left cheek. “Chúpamelo, puta!”Estrada insisted with an angrier tone, raising his hand to hit her again but his arm stopped in mid air when the frightened girl jumped at him and wrapped her lips around his dangling prick.

“Bien, muy bien…” he said, stroking the singer’s wet black hair while she made him hard with her tongue.

“You mine now, understand?”

“Mmhmm…” she moaned looking up at him, terrified of getting hit again.

He pulled out suddenly and picked her up, “You will be good girl, ok? Or I punish you! Entiendes?!”

“Yes, yes! I understand!” she said desperately as he bent her over the desk, “I’ll be a good girl, I promis– Aaaahhh!!”

Estrada shoved his uncircumcised cock inside the petite girl and fucked her ruthlessly, huffin and puffing like a beast while pushing her pretty face against the hardwood between several papers and folders. Selena cried with pain and fear but soon found herself in that same strange state she’d experienced before where the humiliation and disgust turned into a guilty form of pleasure, strong enough so that she didn’t want it to stop.

“You like it, puta? You like how I fuck you?!” He kept shouting with a thick mexican accent as the weight of his oversized anatomy crushed Selena’s delicate frame.

“Nnngh! Yes! Mmph… YES! Unngh!” Selena replied, getting more and more turned on with every insult. But the fat man had no interest in her satisfaction, with a hog-like grunt he started cumming and kept mushing her face against the desk until the last drop of semen was inside her. Then he pulled out, zipped up and left the room without saying anything else while Selena went back to the floor. She heard him lock the door from the outside and drank from the dog bowl full of water he had left for her. She looked down at her sore pussy, leaking with Estrada’s seed. Even in that pathetic state she couldn’t stop herself from touching it and the captive slut finished herself with her fingers, deeply ashamed of how much she had enjoyed being raped.

For a moment she imagined what it would’ve felt like if it had been Gilberto doing that to her instead but, as painful as it was to admit it, she knew it wouldn’t have been as powerful. She was attracted to Gilberto, she loved him even, but the fact that a man like Estrada was exactly everything she disliked in a human being stirred her pervert side like Santos could never do.

Then she felt sad again, thinking of how much she missed him, until she eventually fell asleep on the floor.

Hours later the tall man from before opened the door to find the famous singer still lying on the floor, drinking water from a dog bowl in the corner of the office. “Time to go,” he announced, handing her a robe before walking out again with the leash in hand. Selena stumbled behind him, trying to keep up with his fast pace while she put the robe on.

“Where are you taking me?” she nervously asked during the car ride.

“Back to the city. To get you ready for the auction.”

“What auction?”

“The whore auction.”

“The what?”

“You’ll see.”


“No more questions.”

The tall man didn’t say anything else for the rest of the trip and neither did she. He took her to an apartment building where a group of beauty professionals welcomed her with big smiles. For the rest of the afternoon Selena was fed, massaged and groomed just like before any of her singing events, with only the best hair and makeup products as well as the obligatory manicure and pedicure treatments. It was weird for her, after the scary and humiliating treatment she had received that morning, to be treated like a princess again, but most people reacquaint themselves with the good things in life very easily.

And so, when the tall man returned that evening he found Selena rejuvenated and looking amazing in a shiny blue night dress. “Ready to go?” he asked in the same monotone voice he always used.

“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on! What happened to Gilberto? What is this auction you mentioned?”

The man raised an eyebrow and looked at the pretty girl with the eyes of a killer. She flinched, thinking he was about to hit her but instead he just sighed and explained: “I do not know where Santos is or in what condition.” Selena’s expression twisted with concern for his lover while the tall man continued, “The whore auction is a secret gala event where the richest people in New York bid for some of the most prized whores in the world, such as yourself.”

“But– but what’s gonna happen there?”

“You will be measured and tested in front of the bidders, the sum offered for you will be based on how you perform on these tests.”

“But I don’t want to! I don’t be a prostitute anymore… I want to got back to my family, to my old life.”

“That does not matter. You are Mr. Estrada’s property now, he paid big money for you and he expects that investment to pay off at the auction.”

“What? But I thought he had paid for the show, I thought I was with Gilberto and–“

“Mr. Santos sold you to my boss right before the show. I was there.”

“No! You’re lying! Gilberto would’ve never… I heard the gunshots! I know he was trying to–“

“The violence at the end was an unfortunate but ultimately unrelated event. You though the gunfight was about you? Silly girl.”


“Santos might have treated you better than his other girls but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re a whore. You are nothing more than a sex doll of flesh and blood to be bought and sold by the people rich enough to afford it. The sooner you understand that the easier it will be for you.”

“But you can’t make me do this against my will! It’s illegal!”

“Legality is not something that concerns men as powerful as my boss. You are his property now and he will decide what happens to you.”


“Besides, from what Santos told us, you like to put up some resistance but deep down you love being a whore. Or did he lie about that?”

The texan didn’t respond, deeply hurt by Gilberto’s betrayal all she could do was try and hold back the tears.

“I can answer any other questions you might have on our way there. Let’s go.”

Selena looked around the placer for some sort of weapon she could attack him with. “If I hit him hard enough and run I might be able to get to the street before he catches me, he won’t be able to do anything to me out in the open,” she thought as the man turned her back on her. But the fantasy vanished quickly when she heard him talking to someone on the radio.

“Yeah, we’re coming down, be ready,” he said, taking away any hope she had of escaping. “C’mon, the car is waiting us,” he said walking away without even looking at her.

“You said like 3 words to me all day. Why are you being so talkative now?” Selena asked her captor once she was back in the black S.U.V. filled with more of Estrada’s thugs.

“Our boss needs you in a good mood for tonight’s event. You will not be the only famous girl being sold there, which means there’s no guarantee you’ll be the highest selling item.”

“Wait, what do you mean I won’t be the only famous girl?”

“Everything is taken into account there,” he continued saying without acknowledging her question, “Not just your body but also your skills and your attitude. And I suggest you do everything you can to improve your price.”

“And why would I do that? Why would I help someone who’s keeping me against my will?”

“Because you will be punished if you don’t. And instead of a gala dinner with billionares you’ll be sold on the street to lowly criminals and drug addicts.

“Oh…” she said softly with her eyes locked on the floor, “Can I at least call my mom to let her know I’m ok? I promise I won’t say anything about where I am or what I’m doing!”

“No. That would put them at risk so don’t even try it. Is the boos finds out you so much as touched a phone he will make sure you never see your family again. Understand?”

“…yes,” she weakly replied.

“Good. Let’s go.”

The black car had stopped in a parking lot just next to an almost empty pier Selena had never seen before where a speed boat and another thug she recognized from the night before were waiting for them. The tall man helped dolled up whore her climb on the vessel and she felt a hole in her stomach as the black S.U.V. began to shrink in the distance.

“Where are you taking me now?” she asked the tall man, struggling to keep her composure while the boat’s constant bouncing on the waves began to make her nauseous.

“International waters,” he said, pointing at a huge cruise ship starting to become visible in the horizon.

20 min later they were on the luxurious embarkation walking through a white hallway where the echoes of Selena’s high heels hitting the floor reminded her of the gunshots from the night before. Everything was moving so quickly, her life had changed so much in the last few weeks and she had no idea what was going to happen next. She felt dizzy and detached, like she had been watching her body do all those things without her control. In that confused state she stopped just before reaching the door that led to the main hall where the rumble of the crowd was already audible.



“If I do this…”

“Not if, when.”

“…when I do this. Will you let me go home?”

“That is not up to me,” the tall man replied and he saw the last glimmer of hope leaving her big brown eyes. Selena reached for the door handle and stopped abruptly, like she was unable to summon the energy needed for the small task. She was about to break down in tears when he leaned in closer and spoke to her in a warmer tone that she couldn’t have imagined him capable of.

“Look, I’m not supposed to tell you this but… Estrada doesn’t really care about you. All he cares about is making more money so, if you get someone to pay more for you than any other girl, I might be able to help you escape…”

“What? Are you serious?!”

“Yes, but only if you make him enough, otherwise he’ll never leave you alone until you make him his money back.”

“Oh my God thank you so much!” she said, hugging him with her face pressed against his bony chest, “I can’t tell you how grateful I–“

“Stop. Don’t thank me yet. First you have to do your part. Think of it as a beauty pageant, if you win it you can get back to your old life and you will never have to do something like this again.”

“Ok, I’ll try my best but…”


“Why are you telling me this? Why would you risk getting in trouble for me?”

“I… I have two nieces who love you. They’re twins and they used to run around my sister’s house all the time playing with their little magic wands pretending they were you. The last time I saw them they had nothing but photos and posters of you covering their bedroom walls. I remember thinking back then how beautiful and down to earth you seemed, and I honestly hate seeing my niece’s idol treated like a piece of meat.”

Selena was so moved by him that she couldn’t help shedding a tear before grabbing his neck and kissing him softly on the lips.

“Ok, I’m ready now,” she said, before opening the door.

“Wait, first you have to put this on,” he said, handing her a leather collar with a chain, very similar to the one she’d worn that morning. “Whores aren’t allowed to walk around without this.”

Selena turned around and held her long hair to the side, allowing him to secure the dog collar behind her alluring neck, then she took a big breath, adopted her trusty fake smile and handed the tall man her leash.

“Let’s do this,” she said, walking in with Gilberto’s betrayal still heavy on her mind but her chin up, determined to win her way out of her terrible situation. She could not rely on false saviors any more, if she wanted to go back to her old life it was all up to her now.

To Be Continued…

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