New York Whore, Part 7

Title: New York Whore, Part 7

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Paris Berelc, Taylor Swift

Codes: mast, exh, mDom

Disclaimer:  This story is a work of fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway.

They stepped into a gigantic conference room, the kind of place that could fit a big tech convention without a problem. So big that Selena had a hard time believing they were still on a ship floating in the atlantic ocean. With the gorgeous mexican whore on a leash by his side the tall man walked confidently like he’d been there many times before amongst tons of people going back and forth. Some of them seemed like bodyguards and each time they passed by Selena she’d get really nervous about the possibility of another gunfight, but most of them were just part of the event staff, running around dressed in black screaming at the microphones in their headsets while dozens of beautiful women walked around in all sorts of slutty clothes, from skimpy short dresses to bikinis and lingerie and even a few schoolgirl and BDSM outfits. Every hot girl there had a collar and leash just like Selena and that made her a little less self-conscious.

“This is incredible… it’s like being backstage at the Victoria Secrets show, but bigger…” she thought while the tall man signaled her to join a group of women lined up just behind the main stage. “Good luck,” he said, taking off her collar before a woman with a headset gave her a number and showed her her position in line. Selena stood in her place, soaking in the noises around her. From where she was standing only a part of the main stage was visible but the bid caller’s voice could be heard loud and clear through the speakers: “One hour of Item #24: Isabella Moner, sold for 50 thousand dollars!” she heard the man announce while a tiny short-haired girl in a tight leather-strapped dress posed and smiled next to him.

“Fifty thousand for an hour?” Selena murmured. It dawned on her that, having never been in charge of her own price, she had no idea how much an expensive prostitute like herself was supposed to cost.

“That’s actually not that high for the teen auction,” a stunning brunette with pink hair extensions and a leather mini skirt said,“She’ll get more next time if her career continues going well.”

“The teen auction?” Selena asked without taking her eyes off of the short girl leaving the stage.

“Yeah, Isabella is only 16, I think… so she gets sold at the teen auction with the rest of the underage girls. Bidders pay a ton of money for that kind of fresh meat, even though they can only get them for an hour because of the… well, the legal complications…”

“Right…” Selena said, a little bit unsettled by the cute teen girl she had just watched on stage now crawling on her hands and knees with an old white man with a cowboy hat and boots pulling her leash to a dark room backstage. “Wait– Madison?! Is that you?!”

“Finally! I thought you’d forgotten about me!” Madison Beer replied, before the two of them hugged.

“Oh my God I haven’t seen you in like forever, I almost didn’t recognize you!”

“It’s the nose job, right? It throws most people off,” the younger girl explained, “but hey, If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, uhmm…”

“I’m not like, judging you or anything like that, is just that I know your career is going so well and you never seemed slutty to me, like at all.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of long story…” the latina singer sighed.

“Hey, you don’t have to be ashamed, I’ve been doing this since I was 15 and it’s been great for my career.”

“15? really?” Selena said, realizing she was actually lucky to not have had to prostitute until she was 24.

“Yep, but this is my first time being sold at the main auction since I turned 18 in march.”

“Hey, isn’t that–“

“Rachel Bilson? Yeah, that’s her.”

“Wow, I used to love watching the O.C. so much when I was a kid.”

“Me too! We should go say hi! C’mon!” Madison grabbed Selena’s hand and dragged her all the way to the front of the line, where the petite actress was waiting for her turn in a tight-fitting little dress that really accentuated the curve of her hips.

“Hey, um… Ms. Bilson, we’re sorry to bother you but we’re big fans of the O.C. and we just wanted to say hi for a sec,” Madison said while Selena stood behind her and smiled awkwardly, still embarrassed about being seen in a place like that.

“Aw, how nice of you! But please, call me Rachel,” the older actress replied, kissing Madison on the cheek.

“I’m Madison and she–“

“Oh stop it! I know who both of your are, I’m not that old!” Rachel joked before approaching Selena, who gave her an awkward hug. Madison laughed at her older friend, “Sorry about that, Rachel, I think Selena is a little ashamed to be doing this, y’know?”

“Oh… right, well, you really don’t have to be. I mean I don’t need to know your reasons for being here but we all have them, right? Like, If you had told me 10 years ago that I’d be whoring myself to pay the rent I’d tell you to fuck off,” she said, jokingly giving the finger to both girls, “But living in L.A. is expensive, girl, and money can get tight in Hollywood once you pass the 30 year old mark. Plus, my husband is really into the cuckold thing so… here I am.”

“Yeah, I get it,” Selena said, “it’s just that my situation is a little bit different…”

“So what? Are you a nympho? You wanted to see if all of the rumours were true? No, no, you’re more of the “nice girl” type so let me guess… abusive relationship?”

Selena laughed nervously without knowing how to respond.

“Hey, don’t worry about. It’s like, whatever the reasons are, they don’t change the fact that we’re all whores here. No need to be ashamed. And I know you make a lot more money than me but you’re not the only A-lister here, trust me.”

“Ooh, are Taylor and Ariana here yet?” Madison asked before turning to Selena and explaining, “They’ve been the two biggest names in the auction for the last 3 years.”

“I’m not sure about Ariana but Taylor is definitely here, she’s kinda hard to miss y’know, with the blonde hair and the long fucking legs.”

“Wait, Taylor is here? Taylor Swift?”

“Isn’t she like your BFF or something?”

“Yeah…,” Selena answered anxiously, looking for her friend in the crowd, “I’m gonna try and find her…”

“Ok, it was nice meeting you!” Rachel shouted as the girl in the blue dress stormed off, pushing and shoving and squeezing herself between large groups of people, desperately trying to reach the short blonde hair she thought she’d seen in the distance.

“What the fuck?!” Taylor yelled when she felt a body colliding with her and she was about to push Selena off of her when she recognized her dear friend.

“I’m so glad I found you!” the cute latina girl said with her face buried in the blonde’s chest.

“Oh my God, what are you doing here, baby? Why are you crying?”

“I’ve been through so much, Tay… It’s so good to see you!”

“Aw, you poor baby, where have you been all this time? Your Mom actually called me, she’s worried sick about you.”

“I… I was living with this man, after Abel–“

“–convinced you of becoming a prostitute?”

“What? How did you…?”

“It’s not really a secret….”

“What do you mean?”

Taylor looked away, trying to decide if she should tell the truth to her best friend, knowing how much it would hurt her.

“Just tell me, Taylor! I’m tired of people keeping things from me!”

The blonde sighed and revealed everything she knew, “I’m sorry, baby, but Abel was bragging all over the city about it…”

Selena’s voice cracked when she asked Taylor to tell her exactly what he had been saying.

“He bragged about how much he was charging for your pussy and talking about what a big fucking whore you are. Those were his words if I remember correctly.”

“So everyone knows I’m a prostitute?”

“Only the rich and powerful… but your fans will never believe it. Tell me what happened, Sel, no one has heard anything from you in the last month! “

“I was so in love with him, Tay…” Selena lamented, crestfallen, “I just wanted to please him and I trusted him but I was so scared and… before I knew what was going on I was with another man, living in his house, sleeping in his bed, pleasuring him night and day.”

“But why didn’t you tell me what was going on? Or at least your family…”

“I wasn’t allowed to, he wouldn’t let me near a phone or a computer. He just wanted me all to himself and…”

“And what?”

“And I liked it,” the singer confessed with a hand on her face, trying to cover her shame, “I was happy with him and I was dumb enough to think that he cared about me, but then–“

“He sold you to some other rich asshole?”

“…yes. And if I don’t make him a lot of money tonight I won’t be able to go home.”

“Your poor baby!” Taylor said, lovingly stroking Selena’s dark hair. “That kind of thing happens all the time, trust me. I’ve been coming to this thing for 4 years now and after a while most stories start to sound the same.”

“But how come you never told me about this?”

“I didn’t think you would approve.”

“But I–“

“You know I love you like a sister, Sel, but when it comes to sex you haven’t always been the most open person…”

Selena stopped herself from trying to contest something she knew to be true as her tall friend wrapped one arm around her shoulders. “C’mon, let’s go take out places, you must have lots of question for an auction veteran like myself.”

“Um, yeah,” the brunette said while they walked back to the line behind the stage, “Who’s making you come here every year?”

“No one, silly!” Taylor laughed so hard that her boobs almost fell out of her tiny orange crop top.

“So no one is forcing you to be here?”

“Do you see a collar on me?” she said, showing off her long, enticing neck.

“But then why? Why come here and sell yourself to strangers? It’s not like you need the money…”

“Because I like it, Sel. For years I tried fighting it, denying it to myself, but the truth is I love the nothing more than the feeling of a dirty stranger treating me like his bitch and having his way with me.”

“Are you being serious right now?” Selena asked with surprise. Taylor had just described exactly what she had felt that morning when Estrada was raping her in his office. She felt her pussy getting wet as her friend continued talking openly about the dark desires that mirrored her own.

“Sure am. I’m a slut at heart and I’m at peace with that, Sel. Guess that’s why I dated so many douchebags in high school…”

The girls reached the rest of the items to be auctioned and started getting into position while Taylor continued explaining her reasons to her neophyte friend.

“And about the money… it’s like you said, I don’t really need it. I’m lucky in that way because money is basically the reason why most of the girls are here. At this point I enjoy it so much that I’d basically do it for free but, since they do pay a lot of money to fuck me, I donate it all to charities.”

“Wow, that’s really cool of you, Tay.”

“Yeah well, people are always calling me a slut on social media anyway, I’d figure I’d do something good with it. Oh look! The main auction is starting!” the skinny blonde announced, clapping her hands with a sort of childish excitement.

“The first item in this year’s Main Auction is this lovely 18 year old girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s 5’3, weighs approx. 117 pounds, her breasts-waist-hips measurements are: 34, 24, and 35 inches and until recently she played the role of Skylar Storm on the Disney Channel’s series Mighty Med. Please, come forward, item #36, Paris Berelc.”

“Wow, she’s pretty,” Selena noted while she watched the young actress getting down on her knees in front of a machine with a gigantic black dildo poking out of it, “and she looks so young…”

“Yeah,” agreed Taylor, “Right now she’s right in the sweet spot the bidder’s love. She looks like she’s underage but they can fuck her all night like a grownup.”

“Yep, that’s why Ariana basically wins this thing every fucking year. That little bitch is gonna keep looking 16 for the next ten years,” said a voice behind them. It was Madison Beer again and Selena and Taylor allowed her to squeeze through the middle to watch the auction with them.

“She doesn’t win every year, ok? I got the highest amount two years ago,” Taylor corrected.

“And then she came back last year and wiped the floor with you, remember?”

“…I do. But tonight’s going to be different,” Taylor said, moving behind Selena to start massaging her shoulders.

“Wow, that’s a lot of dildo she’s taking…” the impressed latina said with awe as beautiful Paris Berelc swallowed more and more of the black toy.

“6 and a half inches, ladies and gentleman. But can she take more?” the bid caller said before pushing the girl’s head forward. A couple more inches went inside Paris’ mouth before the man pressed a button and the machine started fucking her throat.

“You think she’s okay?” Selena asked her friends, concerned about the way the young girl’s body rattled with every push of the machine while she gagged and choked, trying to free herself from the man’s grip while her tears turned black by her mascara left two long trails over her cheeks.

“She’ll be fine, it’s all part of the demonstration,” Taylor reassured her, “the anal test is the hard one.”

“There’s an anal test?” Selena asked, a little intimidated but also turned on by the whole concept.

“That’s my specialty,” the blonde whore boasted with a wink.

Selena’s attention returned to the stage where Paris was now standing up, letting the bid caller unzip her short black dress. The front of the garment was covered with her drool and she seemed happy to toss it aside.

“What’s happening now?” Selena asked, watching the 18 year old walk in nothing but a tiny black thong and high heels in the direction of a table with several older men and women.

“That’s the appraiser table,” Madison said, “They check the items for things like tightness, softness and thickness amongst other things.”

Paris stood with her arms to the sides while the group touched and squeezed every inch of her body. With a big smile on her face she endured the thorough examination of her chest by an older woman who took her time weighing and squeezing her small breasts, then hitting them lightly to measure their bounce and elasticity. The woman scribbled something on a little notepad and proceeded to pinch and pull the young actress’ tiny pink nipples, causing her to let out a little whimper and bite her lower lip. Then a thin bald man with thick-rimmed glasses and a brown suit got on one knee and slid down her silk thong, offering his bony shoulder for support as she lifted her leg to let him remove the small piece of cloth. He put on a pair of medical gloves and placed his hands between her inner thighs, pushing gently so that she would spread her stance a little bit. Then he got really close to her crotch and used his fingers to spread open her pussy lips. Paris smiled as the cameraman zoomed in on her cunt, showing every last detail of it on the big screens set up all around the audience, and moaning softly when he inserted a finger. The bald man fingered her slowly a few times, she closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure before he pulled it out and tasted her lubrication a couple of times, like a chef checking to see if the sauce is ready.

After scribbling something on his notepad the bald man got up and a heavier and bearded man took his place. Grabbing the girl’s hips he made her turn around until her lovely butt was facing the audience. He gave a quick spank to each one of her cheeks and wrote something on his notepad, then said something Selena couldn’t hear and Paris spread her ass and held it open for the cameraman who again zoomed in before the appraiser began to carefully prod inside her pink circle.

“If this is making you horny just wait till she does the real tests…” Taylor whispered softly in Selena’s ear, sending a wonderful shiver through her body.

She was enjoying the show a little too much, with all those hungry eyes set upon that innocent looking girl and all of those strangers exploring and analyzing every part of her tight young body… she was getting so wet just watching and imagining that if she wasn’t there as a whore herself, she might actually bid for the chance to have the sexy starlet in her bed.

“Here comes the best part,” Madison told her as Paris left the appraiser table and walked back to the device with the huge dildo, which had been adjusted so that the toy was pointing up in the manner of a sybian machine. The young whore closed her eyes and began slowly descending upon the thick phallic object. Once all 10 inches of the fake cock were firmly inside her she began rocking her hips. The crowd started to murmur as they observed and criticized her riding technique and Paris increased the speed of her hips swaying.

“Wow, she looked so tight, that’s really impressive…” Selena commented while her silk thong soaked in her sex juices.

“Pff, rookie!” Taylor scoffed, “Just wait till you see what I can do.”

“Oh, look, here comes the anal probe!” Madison said, pointing at one of the appraisers who kneeled behind Paris holding a cylindrical contraption with a round tip that he promptly pushed inside the squirming girl’s asshole. At first Selena couldn’t hear her moaning but once the appraiser began pumping air into the anal probe her cries of pleasure became loud and clear above all of that crowd noise.

“What is he doing to her?” the latina singer asked.

“He’s inflating the probe in her ass to see how much girth she can take,” Madison explained.

Paris leaned forward crying, “Stop!” and the man behind her pulled out the probe, leaving her widened asshole gaping for the camera. The bid caller announced the start of the Paris auction: “The bidding for item #36: Paris Berelc will begin at 50 thousand dollars.”

Immediately dozens of hands holding signs were raised.

Sixty thousand! shouted a man with a top hat from one of the back rows.

“This next part always makes me really horny,” Taylor whispered in Selena’s ear.

“What do you mean?”

“Now she has to put on a show for the bidders. Last year Ariana beat me because she fucked herself with a cucumber but I have something better planned this time.”

Seventy! Hollered a black woman with white hair.

“Umm, Tay, hmm… what are you doing?” Selena moaned when her blonde friend began kissing her neck and touching her breasts.

“I just… missed you, y’know?”

“Seventy five thousand!”

“Hmmm… I missed you too…” the brunette purred softly while her friend’s hands got inside her cleavage and teased her sensitive nipples in front of everyone, “But you and I never…”

“There’s a whole other side of me you don’t know, Sel, but now that you’ve become such a dirty girl I can show you what you’ve been missing.”

The blonde singer continued massaging Selena’s tits but neither of them could take their eyes off of Paris who was now standing up and in the middle of DPing herself, pushing a ribbed glass dildo inside her wet cunt with one hand and a pink plastic dildo into her ass with the other.

“Hey, save a little something for the stage, lovebirds…” said Madison, who had always had a thing for Selena and wished she could be the one playing with her famous boobs.


“Tay…” Selena moaned again, loving the way she was nibbling on her earlobe and wishing she had worn a short dress so she could touch her yearning, sopping pussy.

“Yeah, baby?”

“Hmm, maybe we should… hmmmm, stop…”


“Relax, Sel, I’m just getting you ready for when we go up there,”


“Yeah, I’m gonna help you get back to your family and you’re gonna help me beat that fucking midget.”

“What? together? Is that allowed?” Selena asked, turning around to face her.


“Not really, because each girl has a different master and they’re usually not keen on sharing profits…”


“…but I have no master, I can pretty much do whatever I want.”

“A hundred!”

“And then what?”

“You just relax and let me do what I do best, ok?”


“Shhh,” Taylor silenced her with her index finger on the latina girl’s enticing lips, “you’re missing the show!”

Selena turned around just as Paris fell down on her knees, climaxing with violent tremors and loud cries of pleasure while the host announced the end of the bidding: “SOLD for a hundred and ten thousand dollars!”.

Selena rubbed her wet thighs together with anticipation and felt her desire dripping out of her excited pussy while she watched the fat man with the top hat and the long mustache go on stage and claim the 18 year old whore with a collar and leash very similar to the one the tall man had made her wear.

“So, you still scared?” Madison asked her while Lea Michelle, the next item, took Paris’ place on stage.

“Not really… Now I can’t wait for my turn.”

To Be Continued…

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