Selena Goes To Mar a Lago

Title: Selena Goes To Mar a Lago

Author: Selena Fan

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Donald Trump

Codes: M+F, rape, nc/cons, anal, drugs, Mdom, beast

Disclaimer:  This story is entirely a work of fiction.

Selena Gomez was sitting poolside when she received a call on her cellphone. “Hello Selena here!” she said. “Hello Miss Gomez,” the caller said, “My name is Dan Helmsworth and I’m the assistant to president Trump. Mr Trump is formally requesting that you attend a charity event that he is hosting this Saturday in Mar a Lago.” “Donald Trump?” Selena replied, “No I couldn’t possibly be seen with Donald Trump. No offense but I can’t stand the guy. That would ruin my reputation if I were to be seen with him. I’m sorry the answer’s no!” she said before hanging up. Two hours later she got another phone call. “Hello Miss Gomez. Dan Helmsworth here again. I’m sorry but president Trump simply will not take no for an answer!” he said. “Well he’ll just have to!” she replied. “Miss Gomez Mr Trump has asked me to pass on certain information to you. There’s evidence to suggest that on trips to Dubai and Europe you received gifts of expensive jewelry in lieu of services rendered. None of those gifts were declared and as such you might be in line for an IRS audit.  He also said that there’s also evidence you committed fraud by telling your insurance company that you quit your last two concert tours due to complications from Lupus whereas the facts are you quit them due to cocaine addiction. He also has in his possession certain nude photos you emailed to among others William Macy and Woody Allen while campaigning for movie roles. He also says it would be a pity if that boyfriend of yours (what’s his name?) The Weeknd! That’s it! It would be a pity if The Weeknd were to be targeted by law enforcement agencies due to that past altercation of his wherein he punched a police officer in Vegas. Having bragged about his past drug use it would be reasonable to assume that he is in possession of illegal drugs. Perhaps law enforcement would find lots of drugs? Also there’s the matter of your family in Texas most of whom are of Mexican origin. It would be a pity if they were to come under the scrutiny of immigration officials now wouldn’t it. Miss Gomez are you there?” Mr. Helmsworth asked. “Give me a second,” Selena replied and a deep vein of worry etched across her forehead. “OK I’ll go!” she said despondently, “What time do you want me there?” “Eight o’clock will do Miss Gomez. Oh Mr. Trump asks that you wear the same black mesh dress which you wore in your In Style photo shoot.” “OK,” Selena said before hanging up.

“Why me?” Selena said to herself as the driver pulled up to the front door of Mar a Lago. Stepping out of the car she was greeted by a doorman who ushered her inside. From amidst a throng of expensively dressed party goers came Donald Trump. He shook her hand and giving a sly grin said, “Miss Gomez so glad you could come!” “Didn’t feel like I had much of a choice,” Selena said gazing around the room. Donald looked around also and laughing said, “Yes I suppose you didn’t. I just thought it was about time the queen of Instagram got together with the king of Twitter! Here let me introduce you to some of our guests!” He grasped he elbow and began escorting her across the room and just the touch of his hand made Selena’s skin crawl. “This is my good friend Jeffrey Epstein,” he said introducing her to a tall older man with beady eyes and a big chin. Selena had heard of him. He was a billionaire who’d been convicted of luring underage girls into a prostitution ring a few years ago. He shook her hand and she tried to smile. “Mr Epstein here is a good friend of Woody Allen’s!” “How is Woody doing these days? I haven’t seen him for awhile,” Mr. Epstein asked. “Fine. Probably already at work on his next movie,” Selena replied. Selena could feel the two men staring at her like birds of prey and it made her feel uncomfortable. Moving along Mr Trump proceeded to introduce Selena to his two sons Eric and Donald junior. Donald junior talked about having seen Selena along with his kids at her Jingle Ball concert in New York. Donald senior proceeded to introduce Selena to a number of other guests including Steve Bannon as she sipped on champagne trying not to notice the leering glares she was receiving. As the night wore on she drank more champagne. Finally it was almost eleven and guests began to get ready to either go back to their hotels or to their bedrooms there in Mar a Lago. Selena was about to say her farewells when Donald Trump approached her with another glass of champagne. “I should be going now, ” she said shaking her head. “Just one more for the road Selena,” Donald said placing it in her hand. “OK,” Selena agreed and proceeded to down it in one gulp. “Now I really must go!” Selena said and began making her way to the front door. As she neared the door she began suddenly feeling faint and the room began spinning wildly. The front door seemed to get farther and farther away like in a dream. Then the floor gave way and she collapsed. People crowded around her. “Give her some air!” Donald Trump said approaching the circle of people. “Looks like somebody’s had too much to drink!” he said. “Donald Junior! Eric! Here why don’t you take her up to a room and we’ll let her sleep it off before going home.” Eric and Donald Junior picked Selena up and took her up the stairs to one of the bedrooms.

The smelling salts did what they were supposed to do and Selena woke up with a start. As the looming face came into view she screamed however due to a ball gag strapped to her mouth very little sound came out. Neither could she move as both her hands and feet were tied to the four bed posts. She was completely naked. “Waky! Waky!” Donald said maniacally laughing as he began removing his clothes. “No one ever says no to me!” He screamed climbing on top of her. “Your lucky I took my Viagra earlier otherwise I might not be in the mood! God I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long little Selena Lolita!” he said pushing his penis inside of her. “You Mexican tramps are all the same!” he said has he began pumping away, “Cock teasing whores aren’t you! Little fucking lolita cunt! Little Miss Prima Donna!” Selena closed her eyes trying to pretend it was all a bad dream but Donald yelled, “Open your God dam eyes and look at me while I fuck you you slut!” slapping her face. Selena’s eyes opened and there were tears in them. She found it increasingly hard to breathe as Donald’s fat belly crushed her delicate frame. It felt as though his girth would swallow her whole. Rage flamed away in Donald’s eyes as he proceeded to hate fuck her. Selena felt like she was being raped by the devil himself. Taking a quick respite from the vicious pummeling of her cunt Donald said, “Don’t think I didn’t notice you and your friend Courtney wearing those ‘Nasty Women’ jackets at that after Grammy’s party! Nasty women? Nasty women? I’ll show you just how nasty a woman can get!” And with that he began pumping her again with his hard penis until finally he ejaculated inside her and covered in sweat collapsed on her naked body. Sliding out of Selena’s sore pussy Donald began to get dressed and picking up the room phone said, “Yeah you can come and get her now!” before leaving the room. Selena lay staring at the ceiling her mind struggling to pick up the pieces.

After about ten minutes two men entered the room. One was shirtless. Untying her the shirtless man said laughing, “Looks like Donald got you all revved up for the after party!” Having taken the ball gag out of her mouth Selena pleaded, “Can I please go home now?” “Sorry babe this party’s just gettin started!” the other man said as he tilted back her head and proceeded to pour vodka down her throat. Selena coughed and gagged and wiped her mouth. While he poured vodka down her throat the shirtless man hovered hovered over a dresser drawer. He came back to the bed holding a mirror on which were drawn four neat lines of cocaine along with a rolled up dollar bill. He held it in front of Selena and nodded his head. “No please I can’t!” Selena pleaded, “I don’t do that anymore!” “Oh just this once won’t hurt!” the man said, “Besides we can’t have you looking all sour pussed at the after party can we? Do as your told Selena!” Selena nervously picked up the rolled bill and proceeded to snort down the four lines of coke. Her pupils widened as an air of false confidence and defiance overtook her. Getting a wet towel one of the men wiped her face and then wiped away the traces of Donald Trump’s spunk from her vagina. “And we’re all ready to go!” he said throwing away the towel. Putting the ball gag back in Selena’s mouth the two men picked Selena up and proceeded to take her out the door and down the stairs. Once on the main floor they then took her down some further stairs to the games room in the basement. As they approached the games room door Selena could hear music coming from inside. It was her song Come And Get IT.

As the shirtless man reached down to open the door, letting go of Selena’s arm, Selena used the opportunity to take the ballgag from out of her mouth. Having done so she began to scream for help. “Help!!!” she screamed as the two men carried her naked into the room. Her legs were spread exposing her shaved pussy and her nipples were hard. Inside the room men lined the walls. There were at least thirty men there waiting for her. Seeing all the men in the room Selena began to scream louder, “Won’t somebody please help me!!!” she cried but the men in the room just laughed as they started singing along with Come And Get IT. “If you’re ready come and get! La la la la!” they sang. Putting Selena’s naked body down on the pool table the shirtless man said, “Welcome to the afterparty Selena!” Selena looked around. Eric and Donald Trump junior were there. As were Steve Bannon and Jeffrey Epstein. “Let’s get this party started!” Eric Trump chimed in. At that point two men who were sitting next to him brought out ropes and as one man held Selena down the other man proceeded to tie her up. Selena’s expression of cold defiance was betrayed by a quivering bottom lip. “Please don’t do this. In the name of Jesus,” she quietly asked. “Best if you just save those prayers for now girlie,” the man tying her up replied in a southern drawl. Quickly he tied her left ankle to her left wrist and right ankle to her right wrist leaving her legs and pussy open and exposed. While the two men tied Selena up the other men in the room began taking off their clothes. Once tied Selena was carried over and placed on a coffee table. The men crowded around her jerking themselves off in the process. Selena saw Donald Trump junior standing naked in front of her in a sea of naked men and again she tried to imagine it all being a bad dream.

Eric shouted out “Cue the music!” And with that Selena heard another one of her songs being played. This time it was Good For You. “Just want to be good for you…” the lyrics swirled in her brain as Donald Junior penetrated her pussy and began pounding away with his hard cock. Selena screamed again only to have penises placed in each hand. “Jerk us off you bitch!” one of the men screamed and Selena began giving hand jobs to the two men. “Fuck yeah!” Donald junior crowed as he pumped away at Selena’s wet pussy. He pumped and pumped until finally he cried, “Fuck!” once more as he shot his load inside her. Next came the man who had tied her up along with the other man who’s held her down. One man stuck his penis up Selena’s ass. The pain of the being fucked up the ass made Selena’s eyes roll in the back of her head. Then as the one man fucked her up the ass the other man penetrated her pussy. While this was happening she began giving handjobs to another two men. All the while the men around her kept jerking off and staring at her. “What a fucking whore!” she heard someone say.  “Your a born slut Whorelena!” another said. “More like Slutena!” someone else chimed in.

The men untied Selena and forced her to snort more cocaine and drink more vodka. They then told her to kneel on the floor. Jeffrey Epstein approached her and pointing at his hard dick said, “Now start sucking bitch!” Selena took Jeffrey Epsten’s hard cock in her mouth and statred sucking on it. “Mine too you slut!” Steve Bannon said and Selena began alternating between the two cocks. “You like it don’t you bitch?” Jeffrey Epstein said. Selena nodded her head slowly and whispered, “Yes.” Soon she was sucking on all the men’s cocks and staring into their eyes as she did so. “Mmmmm…..” she softly cooed as she moved down the line of men licking and sucking their swollen members one by one. Steve Bannon fucked her the ass and as he did he exclaimed, “Ahh Jesus what a fucking nice tight ass this bitch’s got! Little Mexican slut!!!”  His huge fat belly jiggling as he laughed and fucked her. Jeffrey Epstein then fucked her in the ass, cunt and mouth. Eric Trump got in on the action too grabbing her hair as he rammed his cock into her sweet asshole. Finally the men stood around Selena as she kneeled on the floor and as they began shooting their loads into the welcoming mouth of her sweet moon face she was heard to whisper, “Praise Jesus!” over and over again. When she’d finished sucking off all the men and swallowing all their cum Selena was told to lay back as the men stood in a circle and peed on her. As they gave her her golden shower they chanted, “Whore! Whore! Whore!…” to which Selena responded, “Yes I’m a whore! Praise God Almighty I’m a whore!!!”

Morning came and after having bathed Selena put on her clothes and was given a ride back to the airport. When she got back to LA people noticed something different about her. She didn’t talk as much and often sang to herself, “I’m a Marquis diamond…”  A few months later she filmed a television commercial alongside Donald Trump. Praising him and hugging him. Hollywood shunned her but she didn’t seem like she cared. Sometimes she’d get a call in the middle of the night from Donald Trump and would have to leave town.  A group of Japanese business men or a group of rich Arabs would need ‘entertaining’.  At one point she even made a trip to Moscow to ‘entertain’ Vladimir Putin and a few of his cronies in order to help smooth relations between the two countries. She came back from that visit with a number of bruises on her body.  After each visit abroad she would visit Donald Trump down at Mar a Lago and after a quick debriefing he would thank her for doing her patriotic duty and then proceed to rape her again at the end of which she would in turn thank him. Once when tired of raping her Donald filmed Selena as she was fucked by a huge dog. The dog fucked her mercilessly as Bad Liar was heard playing in the background. She howled along with the dog as it climaxed inside her. She was also put in charge of teaching and training the underage prostitutes Donald’s friend Jeffrey Epstein would sometimes bring along with him on his trips to Mar a Lago. Sometimes she’d break them in by fucking them up the ass with a huge strap on black dildo and as the girls screamed and cried the men would cheer and Selena would shout things like, “Shut the fuck up bitch!”  Sometimes the very young girls would just watch Selena as she was gangbanged and other times they would join Selena in getting gangbanged and at the end of it they would cumswap and Selena would lick the cum dripping from the young lolita’s small titties. Selena eventually learned to love life as Donald Trump’s sex slave and would eagerly look forward to her trips to Mar a Lago.  Stay tuned for Ivanka and Selena teach underage girls at Mar a Lago!!!  The End

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