The Long Weekend Part 1

Title: The Long Weekend Part 1

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber

Codes: mf, MMf, Fm, MM, Ff, cons, inc, orgy, oral, anal, strap-on, pegging, facial, creampie, ATM

Summary: Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, has the invitation of a lifetime and can’t wait to indulge in every wicked taboo pleasure she can get for herself.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Okay everyone, I’ve been away for a while and I’m starting a new story series. This chapter does a lot to set up the concept for the series so it’s background heavy and more will be coming in future chapters. Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at with any suggestions or feedback.

It shouldn’t have been possible to feel this good. And yet there she lay, happy and content and without a care in the world as she felt nothing but bliss.

And while she had a very special event to look forward to, one that was filling her young body with a giddy excitement the likes of which she had never experienced before, Kaia Gerber right then didn’t want to do anything but lie in her bed and make sure this ecstasy never ended.

How could she want to leave all of this? She had everything she needed right here to be in total and complete blissful comfort. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining in with a lovely breeze coming right off the ocean.

Both felt so good all over her body and that was something Kaia definitely enjoyed because as she pressed herself down against her comfortable mattress and the soft sheets that covered it, the big smile on her face was the only thing she had on. Having that warm, bright sun shining through her bedroom window onto her young, nude body while a cool breeze blew in to tickle her bare skin helped make her bed heaven on Earth to Kaia.

But those weren’t the main reasons Kaia felt tingles of joy in every inch of her teenage body. It wasn’t just where she was that was making her feel good, it was what was being done to her as she kept her legs spread open and wrapped around the body of the boy between them as he did things with his tongue that drove her absolutely wild with lust and pleasure.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkk oooooooooh yesssssss don’t stop! Pleaaaaaaaaase ooooooooooh my godddddddd don’t ever fucking stop eating my slutty wet pussy! Oh my gawwd suck all the fucking juice out of me!” Kaia cried out, using words that no 15-year-old should have ever been using as she did wicked things no 15-year-old should have been doing as she writhed naked in her bed and made sure to grind her very happy pussy into the face that was going down on her. “Mmmm yessssssss ooooh oooooooooooooooh yesss no one does that like you baby! Mmmmm eat my little cunt Pres! Oooooh fuckkk you make it feel sooooo gooood ooooooooh oooooooh yessssssssssss mmmm fuckkkkk!”

Kaia was insatiable on a typical day but this was something that always made her tingle from head to toe in a way nothing else could match. Because she wasn’t just feeling pleasured. She was also being loved. The mouth on her vagina was one that was completely dedicated to her pleasure and nothing else. Kaia had been with so many people over the years who knew just what they were doing in bed but few knew how to pleasure her like her lover did. He even ate pussy better than any girl she had ever been with…well with the exception of one woman.

The feel of a big, hard cock inside her was usually what Kaia loved best. But it was always easy for her to go crazy over a tongue in her pussy when that person knew what they were doing. She was bisexual to her core and loved when hot girls and hot boys would lick her but this tongue was so special to her and she was shivering with ecstasy from what he was doing to her.

As her tight little ass rubbed hard into her bedsheets, Kaia made damn sure the boy between her legs didn’t move an inch away from her honeypot. She not only kept her legs wrapped around him, pinning him down to her naked body but she also had a hand in his dirty blonde hair, holding him to her and moaning wantonly with every touch of his tongue to her dripping folds.

“Yessssssss right there! Ooooooooooooh yessss yesssssssss lick it Presley! Lick it! Oooooh yesssssssss!” Kaia panted breathlessly, her free hand rubbing all over her firm little tits and toying with her erect nipples. “Fuckkkkk! You make my pussy so fucking wet! Mmmm fuck! Make me come big brother! Make my cunt all juicy and creamy for you to stuff your cock in so you can fuck your slutty sister like the dirty little whore she is! Mmmm ooooh Presleyyyy! Don’t stop licking me! Oooooh fuckkk you’re going to make me come big brother!”

What Kaia was saying made clear just how much she loved the boy between her legs and why this was so wickedly special to her. Because this wasn’t a case of kinky roleplay or illicit fantasy. Her older brother Presley was naked in bed with her and it was his tongue that was making her breathless with pleasure.

He was relentless in licking her just how she loved it. His tongue was working magic on her clitoris and it left her moaning his name again and again. Kaia loved how her older brother always made her feel. She adored their illicit fun. And it wasn’t just between them either. Their mother and father not only had allowed their sibling incest they had encouraged it and both teenagers also knew every intimate inch of their parents’ bodies too.

Being the children of Cindy Crawford and billionaire bar maestro Rande Gerber had meant Kaia and Presley had not only grown up filthy rich but impossibly attractive as well. And their parents had raised them to embrace pleasure and sexuality and enjoy their beautiful bodies in the most wonderfully hedonistic ways. Both Kaia and Presley were bisexual, constantly eager for cock and pussy, and around the house they were practically nudists as well as nudity and incestuous intimacy felt completely natural to all of them.

Kaia loved her brother and while she recognized she loved him more than a sister was supposed to that was perfectly normal to the both of them and she indulged fully in the wicked pleasure it brought her. The only man she loved more than her brother was her daddy and the only one who could eat her pussy better was her mom. This was how they loved to live and Kaia didn’t hide it among her very select group of closest friends, because so many of them were just as kinky as she was.

Because it wasn’t just her horny brother on the bed with her. As she lay back moaning like a wanton whore from her sibling’s mouth sucking on her tender, young pussy lips, Kaia was also surrounded by hard cock and the other men on the bed reminded her of that by smacking her flawless teenage face with their erections.

With both of the boys flanking her, one slapped into the left side of her face and the other the right, not only leaving little marks on her soft skin that quickly faded but also causing the droplets of precum that had already formed on their swollen cockheads to fly off and coat her face, a sensation that Kaia adored.

“Oooooh yesss mmmm you naughty fucking boys! Cock slap my fucking face!” Kaia cooed, the sensation of those thick, heavy dicks smacking into her serving as a wonderfully arousing reminder of what a whore she was and how much she craved the attention of three horny boys at once. “You nasty pervs! Mmmm you’re so fucking hard seeing my own brother eat my cunt! Mmmm fuckkk your cocks feel so good in my face but they’re going to feel even better in my mouth again!”

Those were not just empty words to Kaia. She eagerly turned to her left and, while in the middle of moaning from her brother’s tongue on her clitoris, opened wide to inhale the hard cock slapping her right into her mouth. She bobbed her lips hungrily up and down on it, relishing the taste of his precum and the way she had already made the shaft of the meaty prick slick with her own saliva. And while she did that, Kaia wrapped her small hand around the thick length of the cock on the right of her, stroking the shaft and making the boy moan from it before she pulled her mouth off the cock on her left and instead inhaled the one on her right into her warm, wet teenage mouth.

Kaia moaned in bliss as she went from one cock to the other and put her lips and hands to use on pleasuring the older boys. Whatever cock she wasn’t sucking she was stroking as she went back and forth between them, wetly bobbing her lips up and down the lengths of their cocks and sucking on their heads to taste the warm drops of precum on her horny tongue. Both of them were so hard for her and Kaia was in nothing but ecstasy with two hard cocks to play with while her brother’s tongue flicked against her clit just the way she loved it, making it pulse and fill her nude body with the addictive adrenaline of sexual pleasure.

Kaia was already well acquainted with both of these cocks and she knew what these horny boys liked to get them off. She was famished for them both and Kaia desperately wanted their hot cum in her mouth so she could gulp down every drop of both creamy loads. They were her brother’s friends but they were very close to her as well and Kaia had taken on their big, thick cocks many times in all of her holes.

To her left was Presley’s friend Dante and to her right was his friend Donnie. Just like she and her brother, both teenage boys were the product of perfect Hollywood breeding, growing up with gobs of money and the right genetics. Both boys had amazing bodies, toned and tight and athletic, and they loved to show them off too. As they kneeled in her bed, both of on a side of Kaia as she lay back, Dante and Donnie sported all over tans making clear just how natural it was for both of them to be naked as often as possible.

Kaia loved being with them both and it showed in how enthusiastically she sucked their cocks while she looked up at them from the bed with nothing but lust in her twinkling eyes. She loved seeing Dante naked as she looked to her left and Donnie naked to her right, their huge young cocks so hard and thick for her as she swallowed and drooled on them to coat them both with her wetness while going from boy to boy to pleasure them both. She loved seeing their tanned, muscular arms not too thick and veiny. Kaia loved all kinds of guys, but toned and athletic, fit and strong and slim, just like her beloved brother was, was her favorite kind of boy body.

Donnie had his long, shoulder-length brown hair untied and it flowed down like a gorgeous cascade of soft hair. Kaia loved his hair. It would have looked strange on any other guy but with Donnie’s fit body, tanned naturally by the outdoors and his sexy tattoos made it look so natural and beautiful. And it was so hot to contrast it to Dante with his short, bleached blonde hair and softer tan on his pink skin as he had less ink than Donnie but he was so well-toned from all the sports and running he did. Both were beautiful teenage studs and Kaia loved seeing them moan for her as she looked up from their crotches to see their toned chests complete with pierced nipples and watched their mouths contort with pleasure as they both egged her on.

“Yeahhhh get that fucking mouth back on our dicks!” Dante groaned while Kaia’s practiced lips bobbed down deeper and deeper on his meat while her small, delicate hand fondled his heavy balls, the saliva dripping down from her mouth onto his nuts as she spread it around with her nimble fingers. “Mmmm you’re getting to be an even better cocksucker than your brother! Oooooh fuckkk yessss mmmmm suck it you horny little slut! Ohhh fuck your mouth feels so good on my fucking cock!”

“Yeah Presley you’d better pick up your game if don’t want baby sister to outdo you,” Donnie teased, the hint of an accent in his voice showing how the native Aussie had been in America for most of his life. “You’ve been practicing haven’t you Kaia? Mmmm sucking all that cock in your pretty mouth and trying to be better than big brother!”

“Yesssssssss!” Kaia hissed in desire as she pulled off of Dante with a wet gasp and jerked both boys off with her hands, smearing her own drool all over their shafts. “I’ve been practicing with every fucking hot guy I can find to be perfect at sucking cock! Oooooh I want to be soooo good for this weekend! I want to be the best fucking cocksucker around! Even better than Presley! Mmmm fuck even better than my mom!”

Kaia was quieted the way she loved best when Dante grabbed her by her own shoulder length, dark hair and pulled her back onto his cock. She moaned in whorish delight as he did it and she happily wrapped her lips around his throbbing inches as she swallowed him down her eager throat and went deeper and deeper with every motion of her head until she almost had her nose pressed into the neat brown curls of his pubic hair.

She did want to be the best. She wanted to be the hottest slut in town and have everyone, male or female want her. Kaia wanted to make cocks hard and cunts moist for her tight young body. She wanted them to lust for her gorgeous face, so similar to her mother’s, and her tiny tits and her perfect little ass. She wanted everyone to be willing to do anything to fuck her and she wanted all their cum to be for her. If that meant outdoing her own family, then so be it.

Donnie and Dante had been her brother’s friends first and he had known them intimately before Kaia had. She could still remember the day she had come home early and heard the grunting coming from his room. She had naturally snuck a peek inside and she had almost come instantly from seeing Donnie on his back taking Presley’s cock deep up his teen boyhole with his legs up in the air like a hot little bitch as Dante had been behind Presley, plowing his ass with his thick cock at the same time. It had been an amazing all-boy threesome and Kaia hadn’t hesitated a second before tearing off her clothes to join in on it.

Dante and Donnie had been her friends too ever since and she loved to suck and fuck them as much as her brother did. They were very close to the whole family in fact and it was so common for them to act just like this as Kaia sucked and jerked them both off and made them both feel like they could blow their loads at any moment.

Both boys were older than her by a few years and even were a bit older than Presley but no one cared about little details like that because Kaia possessed skills and experience far beyond what a girl her age did. Her mommy had taught her all the hottest ways to suck cock and Kaia loved to show her brother’s friends how good she was as she made them both throb for her slim, tight body and her insatiable ways.

With her mouth now full as she turned her head from side to side to get at both cocks. Kaia could no longer moan out for her brother and egg him on with the dirty talk that flowed so naturally from her teenage lips. But she didn’t need to do that to show him how much she loved what he was doing and how much she desperately didn’t want him to stop. She just used her legs to keep pinning him down to keep him close to the forbidden treat of her drooling pussy as Presley incestuously licked it.

And it wasn’t like Presley needed the extra encouragement. His sister tasted so good and her pussy was so snug and sexy. Even after all the poundings she had taken from hard cocks, including his too many times to count, Kaia was still as tight as ever and Presley loved burying his face between her cute, lithe thighs and feel her wrap herself around him like she never wanted to let him go. He knew she loved this and Presley loved giving Kaia what she loved.

Of all the girls he was with, and there were many of them, Presley loved his sister’s pussy the most. She was so deliciously horny all the time and she always was so wet and creamy for him. Being able to taste his sister’s hot cunt had his own cock rock hard and he couldn’t resist stroking it as he continued to lick her, each swipe of his tongue against her sensitive, swollen clitoris getting Kaia closer to orgasm.

She was panting and groaning non-stop when she wasn’t gorging herself on Donnie and Dante’s cocks and Presley could certainly taste how close she was to coming. Her cream was all over his lips and her pink folds clamped down around his tongue, squeezing him as he licked her aroused hole.

That just made Presley lick her more as he tongued her clit with more urgency and sucked away at her soaking wet velvety cunt. He could never get enough of his little sister’s juices and Kaia had so much to feed him, especially as he pushed two of his fingers into her just like she knew she loved.

Kaia screamed while sucking and her eyes rolled back in ecstasy over the feeling of her brother’s fingers sliding into her very willing pussy. He knew just how to touch her and he worked his fingers in with force but also a caring gentleness that made sure he was giving her nothing but pleasure as Presley worked those fingers in and out of his younger sister’s vagina. His fingers squished into her drenched cunt and he licked up even more of her essence while stroking his own cock at the same time, the taste of her tangy juices turning him on even more.

Her cries were getting louder and stronger even with her mouth full and Kaia couldn’t help herself as she pulled off Dante’s prick with a wet pop before stuffing it right back into her famished mouth.

“Oooooooooh soooo close! C’mon Presley! Make me come in front your friends! Make baby sis cream in your hot mouth!” Kaia begged. “Mmmm tongue fuck me and make me come! Pleaaaaaase! Ooooooh right there Presley! OH YES RIGHT FUCKING THERE BIG BROTHER OHHH YESSSSSSSSS DON’T STOPPPP!”

Kaia silenced herself by not only shoving Dante’s throbbing cock into her mouth but reaching for Donnie’s as well. She crammed both meaty sticks into her wide open mouth and sucked on them both at the same time, making sure the two penises rubbed into each other as she got them both wet with her saliva. And while she did that, Kaia humped herself harder against her brother’s face, smearing her juices all over him as he sucked and licked and used his skilled fingers to get her off so good.

While rubbing the tight lips of her slit and stimulating her clit with his fingers, Presley sucked on Kaia with thirsty smacks of her lips. He used all the pussy eating skills his mother had been so diligent in teaching him and Presley was rewarded with the forbidden taste of his sister’s orgasm. Kaia screamed out for him as she came, gushing his sexy teenage face with her delicious incestuous juices, while she had two big cocks stuffed in her mouth.

The two cocks filling her up was the only thing keeping Kaia from shouting her brother’s name to the heavens as she came all over his face. She cried out again and again from his tongue bringing her to ecstasy but the cocks in her mouth muffled those cries and also inspired her to suck on them harder, stroking off the two older boys as they fucked her face and fed their dicks to her.

Dante and Donnie’s cocks were rubbing together in her mouth which made them even hotter. And it was hardly a new pleasure to either of them as they both knew how good it felt to feel their cocks rubbing up against another hard prick, especially each other’s. The two teenage boys began to passionately kiss each other and run their hands over each other’s chests, toying with each other’s pierced nipples, as they felt Kaia’s warm, young mouth envelop them both and coat their cocks with her saliva.

Kaia was able to take them both on. Having two big cocks in her mouth at the same time made her jaw a little sore but she loved it. She got so cock crazy and one was never enough for her. She wanted two in her mouth and, as good as it had felt to come all over from having her pussy eaten, she also needed more for her insatiable teenage cunt and Presley knew it because he also needed it too. His cock was throbbing with need and there was nowhere he wanted to put it more than inside his little sister’s velvety pussy.

Presley got up off the bed and stood up at the edge of it, his feet on the floor and his rock hard erection jutting out in all its glory. His cock was swollen with desire and his face covered in Kaia’s cum. He needed to fuck and he couldn’t wait a second more as he grabbed his sister’s legs and threw them open so he could pull her to him and slide right inside her, penetrating her with his hardness.

The aggressive pull toward her brother yanked Kaia away from her two other lovers, but she didn’t mind. She knew they would follow her and feed her and, besides, it gave her the chance to gasp and moan out wantonly from the blissful taboo of her own brother’s penis sliding inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss mmmmm fuck me big brother! Fuck my dirty little pussy!” Kaia squealed in delight from the feel of that thick, hard cock pushing inside her. “You got it so creamy with your tongue and now it needs your big cock! Fuck me Presley! Mmmmm fuckkk make all the cum you just licked out me squish when you fuck me! Ohhh yesssss mmm fuck me while I suck your friends!”

Kaia was cut off in the middle of begging for her brother’s dick when Donnie pushed his cock back into her open mouth, but Kaia certainly didn’t mind. She closed her horny teen lips around his pulsing prick and sucked it down, moaning in lust as she did. Kaia enveloped Donnie with her mouth while Dante slapped her face and groped her little tits, which made her moan even more. Pulling off Donnie with saliva dripping off his cock and her own chin, Kaia turned back toward the other boy and inhaled Dante next, swallowing his meat and making herself gag on it.

Kaia’s head was swimming with pleasure as she went from one hard cock to the other while her own brother filled up her tight pussy. She loved being overwhelmed like this. She even wished there were more cocks around her so she could be sucking both Dante and Donnie while Presley fucked her cunt and another cock stuffed her ass and two more were in her hands and other horny boys were smacking their hard dicks against her sensitive little titties. Kaia wanted it all and her pussy oozed out her juices all over Presley’s cock from how turned on she was.

Frantic little cries escaped her lips as she sucked off both boys, going down deep on Dante before turning her head and doing the same to Donnie before she crammed them both back into her mouth. Saliva drooled out of her mouth and she worked her small hands vigorously on their shafts to spread the wetness around down to their swollen, cum filled balls as she felt inch after inch of her brother’s cock fill her up just how she liked it.

Presley knew just how to fuck her. They had gotten a lot of practice in on each other’s bodies over the years and it was so natural for them to fuck. His cock felt at home inside her cunt and Kaia loved the feel of that thick boner going deep into her insatiable little vagina just as much as he did. Presley grunted and moaned too as he fucked her, the sweat on their naked teenage bodies making them glisten as they fucked hard.

“Suck them both off you little whore!” Presley moaned as he watched his sister open wide for the cocks of two of his best friends. “Choke on their cocks! Oooooh fuck you look so hot sucking them both off Kaia! I know you love watching me suck cock and I love watching you do it too! Suck them while I fuck you! Take all their cock and cum while I fill your tight little pussy up and nut inside you!”

Kaia loved the sound of that. The anticipation of her hot brother’s sperm filling her pussy made her writhe in illicit ecstasy in her bed while she sucked off Dante and Donnie and they blissfully kissed and played with each other’s pierced nipples. But she wasn’t the only one it turned on because Kaia wasn’t the only girl in the bedroom.

“Mmmmm Kaia’s not the only one who’s going to be fucked,” a hot, young voice purred into Presley’s ear as she came up behind him and rubbed the plastic shaft she had on between his butt cheeks, sawing up and down his ass crack. “I know this slutty little boy ass of yours must want some cock too! I don’t have the real thing like Dante does but I know you love it when I fuck your butt just as much as when my brother does it!”

Presley moaned when he felt the girl’s strap-on slide between his ass cheeks, especially when she began kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear, the close proximity of her naked body to his allowing him to feel her round tits and pierced, erect nipples pressing to his bare back. His cock twitched when he felt the plastic prick she was wearing rub into his ass crack and he didn’t fight her a bit.

“Yesssss! I fucking love it when you fuck me!” Presley groaned, wanting to feel her toy buried deep in his ass. “Mmmm I want that dick up my ass! Fuck me just like Dante does! Take my hot fucking ass while I’m fucking my own sister!”

“Mmmmmm yesssss give her that big dick of yours you incestuous fucking freak,” the girl purred. “It makes me so hot to see you beautiful fucking pervs fucking each other! Mmm your dick looks so good sliding in and out of Kaia’s pretty little twat! I love seeing your cock get all creamy with baby sister’s fuck juices! Give it to her good you incest loving fuck!”

Of course incest was nothing new to the girl as she rubbed her body into Presley while wearing the strap-on and nothing else. Her name was Nikki and she wasn’t just some random girl who had made her way into the illicit bedroom fun. She was Dante’s twin sister and the horny, dominant teenage girl not only knew every sexy bit of Presley and Kaia’s hot bodies but Donnie’s as well and, naturally, her own brother’s. Just like Presley and Kaia, Nikki and Dante had been fucking each other for years and Nikki was always hot for anyone else freaky enough to share her love of family fun.

Not wasting any more time, Nikki grabbed a hold of Presley’s firm, fit ass cheeks as the athletic boy thrust into his writhing, slurping and moaning baby sister. She loved seeing him fill Kaia up with his cock and she had gotten her toy ready with a fresh glaze of strawberry-flavored lube while she had watched Presley lick the girl to orgasm. Now she was watching his hot, toned ass clench with every hard, incestuous thrust and she couldn’t wait any longer as Nikki spread open Presley’s bare ass cheeks and pushed her strap-on up inside him.

“Fuckkkkk ohhhhhh fuckkkkk!” Presley grunted in ecstasy as his snug ass was penetrated by the horny teenage girl eager to peg him. “Oooooh Nikki! Yeahhh that feels so good!”

“Mmmm better than Dante?” Nikki teased, remembering all the times she had watched her brother and Presley fuck and how it turned her pussy into a fucking furnace of desire to see her twin brother fuck other boys. “You like my big cock up your ass more than his?”

But Presley wasn’t going to fall for that trick, especially with his fuck buddy right in ear shot as Kaia wantonly slurped on Dante and Donnie’s hard cocks together and the two boys made out with each other.

“There’s nothing like the real thing Nikki, you know that,” Presley grunted from the pierced, blonde and tattooed girl fucking his teenage ass from behind while his own cock got harder inside his sister’s pussy. “But your cock is a close second! Fuck me Nikki! Fuck me hard and make me dump my hot load right inside Kaia’s little pussy!”

And Kaia loved that idea so much she even pulled her mouth off the delicious cocks she was gorging on to cheer them on.

“Yessssssss fuck him hard Nikki! Mmmm my big bro loves cock up his ass! He loves it when his sexy buddies fuck his butt with big, meaty cocks and he loves it when I get a toy like that and make him my horny bitch!” Kaia moaned as she Donnie and Dante slapped her face again with their engorged cocks, sending saliva and precum all over her flawless young face. “Fuck my brother like the dirty slut he is! Mmm he loves taking it up the ass like a naughty slut and so do I! Oooooh I’m such a naughty lesbo for your big hard cock Nikki! Mmm fuck me after you fuck him! Take that cock right out of his ass and shove it into mine while your brother fucks my cunt and you both fill me up! Ooooh that always feels so fucking good!”

Being sandwiched between Nikki and Dante was a position Kaia was well accustomed to and one she badly wanted to experience again. Everyone in the bedroom had fucked everyone else and they loved it. The shared intimacy between them all made them so comfortable and uninhibited with each other.

They had all licked and sucked and fucked each other in every position. There were no assigned roles. No one had been exclusively a top or a bottom. They had all switched around depending on what they had been horny for and what had felt so good. There were no rules and no limits beyond the goal of bringing each other sexual pleasure and it charged them all up as they went wild in Kaia’s bedroom, their naked bodies writhing and sweating as her bed creaked on the floor and the smell of sex filled the teenage girl’s room.

Kaia squealed and panted, her short gulps of breath and the hard thrusts inside her making her tiny tits bounce as much as they could on her young chest. She loved feeling Dante and Donnie’s cocks smacking her face and she loved it even more when they both got nastier and began rubbing their balls into her, pressing them to her lips and her chin and making her moan as her tongue almost reflexively slid out and began licking the cum-swollen sacs up against her face.

Kaia’s teenage tongue licked all over both boys, tasting the sweat and smelling the musk off their balls, which made her even hornier for them as she got both of them back in her hands. She stroked both of them off while they kissed, the sight of them pressing their male lips together in a lusty, uninhibited kiss making Kaia jack the rock hard, saliva covered shafts of the both of them off even harder. She loved making their boners throb in her soft, little hands and Kaia wanted every drop of what they had for her.

“Come all over my face!” Kaia demanded when she pulled her tongue off Donnie’s swollen nutsac and swallowed his deliciously masculine taste. “Blow those loads all over me! Mmmm fuck splatter your cum all over my fucking face you nasty boys! I know you love to come all over me! Ooooh squirt it all on me so I can fucking feel it!”

Kaia showed how much she wanted it by burying her face into Dante’s nuts as hovered over her with his throbbing erection right above her face. She pressed her lips to his balls and slurped them both into her wide open and hungry mouth, making him grunt with pleasure before Kaia furthered it by dragging her tongue up his balls and then over the underside of his cock until she got to the swollen head of his dick and began swirling her tongue all over it to make him throb even more and feed her a fresh gob of precum slipping out of his cockhead. And while she did that she vigorously jacked off Donnie and then turned her head and gave him the same treatment his friend had just gotten.

“Yeahhhh fucking beg for it!” Donnie cheered as Kaia effortlessly licked from his balls to his purple swollen head and then sucked him down her mouth, showing what a trained cocksucker she was as her teenage mouth engulfed Donnie’s nine inches. “Ohhh yeahhh show us you want it you little cum whore! You want it even more than Presley does, don’t you slut?”

“Yessssss no one could want it more than me!” Kaia declared when she pulled off Donnie, saliva dripping down her chin after choking his thick meat down like it was easy and her voice filled with desperate need as the pleasure of her own brother fucking her drove her wild. “I need that fucking cum you dirty fucking pervert! Shower me with that hot spunk! I want all your fucking cum! Give it to me Donnie! You and Dante are so good at making me your fucking cum whore and I love it! Pleaaaaase fucking coat me with your loads! All over my face! Do it in front of Presley and Nikki! I want them see what a fucking whore I am!”

Presley and Nikki certainly wanted to see that show and normally they would have cheered Kaia on as she begged to be soaked in sperm. But they were very focused on each other too as Nikki thrust her strap-on up Presley’s tight teenage ass while he remained buried inside his sister’s sweet, snug snatch.  Presley was grunting wildly with pleasure from every hard push Nikki took and she had her hands on his hips to grip onto him tightly while she thrust and shoved more and more of her toy inside his tight hole.

“Oooooh you bad boy! Mmmm your ass loves my cock so much, doesn’t it?” Nikki sensually breathed into Presley’s ear as she pegged the teenage stud. “Mmmm gotta get this pretty little boy ass of yours nice and ready for today! I’ll bet you want even bigger cocks than mine up this sweet, tight ass don’t you Presley? Mmmm you gonna be a fucking whore for cock later at the party?”

“Fuck yeah!” Presley grunted in ecstatic reply, Nikki’s toy feeling so good shoved up his accommodating asshole as his sister’s folds gripped his own cock. “I fucking love cock up my ass! I’m going to be a fucking whore for cock at the party and for pussy too! I want it all! Just like you do Nikki! You love cock and cunt!”

“Mmmhmmm we all fucking do,” Nikki cooed even though it was not a necessary reminder. “I’m going to fuck everyone at the party! I’m going to suck every cock and lick every pussy and fuck every ass! Mmmm I know you want it too! You want to bury your big, yummy cock in every hole you can get and you don’t even care if it’s a man or a woman’s do you Presley?”

“Yessss yesssssss fuckkk I don’t even care as long as they’re hot! I want to fuck them all!” Presley groaned, Nikki’s teasing making him feel even hotter and hornier. “I want them all to suck my cock and let me fuck them all and I want them all to fuck me too! Ohhh fuck yessss do it Nikki! Fuck that ass while I’m fucking Kaia! Make me nut extra hard inside her little cunt!”

Her thick toy was pushing up his ass and he could feel her pierced nipples scraping against his bare back from the way her tits bounced with each thrust she took. Presley loved the feel of a strap-on up his ass almost as much as he loved a real flesh and blood cock filling him up. But the woman had to know how to do it right. Nikki sure knew how to fuck like a pro and so did Kaia and so did his mom and some of her hottest friends. Presley couldn’t wait to see what other hot women he would meet today who would know just how to do this right too.

“Ooooh yessss naughty boy loves it up his ass! Mmm feeling me stuff this adorable little butt of yours is gonna make you blow that load right inside your own fucking sister mmmm yesss that’s so fucking hot! I love boys who take it up the ass!” Nikki moaned, knowing full well the illicit pleasure of incest as her gaze locked on Dante’s while he and Donnie both fucked Kaia’s mouth and groaned in warning of imminent orgasm. “Oooooh fuck Presley! I love how fucking freaky we all are! Mmm you and Kaia are going to have so much fun at the party! I can’t wait to be there too for your first time! Mmmm fuckkk your ass is so ready for it too! I didn’t even have to rim your tight boy hole first or loosen you up with one of my other toys! Mmm you were so ready to be fucked!”

“Fuckkk yesss I had a butt plug in all morning getting ready for it mmm fuckkk! Me and Kaia both! We both got our asses ready for this party!” Presley confessed, his moans increasing as Nikki took one hand off his hip and instead brought it down to his cock and balls.

While Presley thrust harder into Kaia, Nikki began stroking his throbbing shaft and caressing his balls, encouraging his orgasm into his own sister. She jacked him off while she still thrust into him, giving him the reach around he so craved while he watched two of his closest friends spill their loads all over Kaia’s perfect teenage face.

“Fuckkkk ohhh take it slut! Here’s that fucking cum you’re craving!” Dante moaned as he was the first of the two of them to lose it.

He pulled out of Kaia’s mouth, preferring to paint her face than have her swallow as he knew he’d have plenty of chances to do the latter before this weekend was over. And after pulling his saliva coated cock out, Dante just had to give it a few strokes before he blasted his hot, sticky load all over Kaia. The jets of white cum squirted onto her cheek and over her nose onto her lips as she giggled and moaned from the feel of the sticky, hot mess on her skin. And it didn’t take long for Donnie to join his best friend in letting loose all over Kai’s face.

The first blasts of Donnie’s load struck her face and Kaia eagerly stuck her tongue out so he could redirect his cum onto it. As Dante’s load dripped down her cheek, Donnie squirted his jets of jizz onto Kaia’s tongue while she moaned for more. Donnie coated her pink tongue and made it look white as one more jet from Dante went over her chin. And when both boys were spent, Kaia greedily swallowed what was on her tongue and let the rest drip down her face as she begged her brother to give her his load as well.

“Fuck me Presley! Ooooh fill me up with that hot cum big brother! Mmmmm make it drip out of my pussy from how good you fucked me!” Kaia groaned, the pleasure of her brother’s cock in her cunt making her close to coming again while she reveled in the feeling of those sticky, dripping loads on her face. “Fuck me! Come inside me Presley! Oooooh fuckkk you’re fucking me sooooo nice! Mmmm I love your cock inside me! Yessssss!”

Kaia groaned and writhed in her bed, her bare ass grinding into her sheets as she felt herself come from the illicit pleasure of that big cock inside her. The taboo thrill of it made her come with extra satisfaction but she was also getting off because Presley was so good with how he used that big dick of his. Kaia felt so blessed to be in a family of hung men who knew how to use what they had been given and Presley always knew how to hit her happy spots.

She came all over his cock as he fucked her, the little cries of pleasure flowing past her lips as her tight folds clung around his cock, keeping him buried inside her. Kaia locked eyes with her older brother as he fucked her and she felt additional pleasure from seeing the ecstasy in his eyes from what Nikki was doing to him with her strap-on. Kaia loved that look and it made her cream his cock, her juices coating him as he kept thrusting.

Presley’s balls were slapping into Kaia as he fucked her, making it easy for Nikki to reach between his legs and rub her soft, sensual fingers against them. She played with the teenager’s nuts while kissing his neck and thrusting more of her cock up his ass until he couldn’t withstand the pleasure any longer and he let loose right where he and Kaia both wanted it.

“Fuckkkkkk! Ohhh fuckkkkk! Mmmm filling you up sis! Ohhhh fuckk take every drop of that cum deep in your hot little cunt! Fuckkkkkkk!” Presley grunted as his balls emptied and jet after jet of wicked brother cum was shot right into Kaia’s waiting, willing pussy.

The two siblings shared a taboo tongue kiss as Presley came inside her and he delighted in being able to taste the jizz of his friends on her face and tongue. They kissed and moaned into each other’s mouths until the others took control and separated them in her bed.

Kaia was left moaning in bliss as Dante and Donnie forced open her legs and began licking at the creampie dripping out of her but her mouth was quickly filled when Nikki took her strap-on right from Presley’s ass and shoved it into her mouth. Kaia immediately started sucking hard on it, wrapping her hand around the plastic shaft to guide it down her throat so she could savor the taste of her brother’s ass on it. Kaia groaned as she sucked the plastic down and experienced two horny male tongues lapping at the cum dripping out of her vagina as she felt her mind wonderfully float away from all the pleasure she was receiving.


Later that afternoon, Kaia was still tingling from how good all of it had felt as she stood in her shower and let the hot water cascade down her naked body, soaking her skin and her hair and washing away all that naughtiness she had eagerly indulged in. She had a good soapy lather all over herself as she washed her body, still feeling a pleasurable soreness in her pussy and her asshole.

Just like she had promised, Nikki had fucked Kaia’s asshole right after fucking Presley’s and the horny teenage girl loved feeling how her tightest hole had been loosened up by the older teen girl. Kaia had been wearing a plug earlier just like Presley had too in order to get ready for today but no plug had been able to prepare her for just how good it had felt to be on all fours with her ass in the air for Nikki to come up behind her and push that plastic prick inside her and buttfuck her until she had come again.

God, it had felt so fucking hot to be taken like that knowing the girl’s strap-on had gone from Presley’s ass to her mouth to her ass. It had made her feel like such a naughty slut and Kaia loved feeling that way.

She had loved being on all fours so Nikki could fuck her from behind especially because all three of the sexy boys they were playing with had made sure Kaia was spit roasted in her own bed. They had each fed her their cocks, fucking her face as they had kissed and jacked each other off to get good and hard. And this time it hadn’t been Kaia who had gotten all the cum as both she and Nikki had shared it by kneeling their naked bodies before the three horny teen boys and letting them jerk off onto their faces and open mouths.

It had tasted so good but Kaia was already hungry for more. She was typically an insatiable girl but today that feeling was even stronger inside her because she knew more was exactly what was waiting for her. And she couldn’t wait for it. She was aching for it with every bit of herself because she knew that as good as what had just happened inside her bedroom had felt, it could get even better.

What they had all just done in her bed had been a warmup for later and now it was all Kaia could think about as she soaped herself up in the shower and washed every inch of herself off. Normally she would have just indulged in the sluttiness of what she had done and not showered so quickly after. She would have lay in her bed on her soaked sheets feeling cum stick to her face and drip out of her pussy while reveling in what a naughty girl she was and how good and tender she felt after being fucked.

But today was not like any other day and Kaia wanted to make sure she was squeaky clean before she went and got dirty again. She wanted to make damn sure she was as hot as possible before she entered what she felt had to be paradise. She had been a kinky girl but she had never been this kinky and Kaia felt like she was stepping up a grade level. That made her nervous, but the good kind of nervous, because she wanted to make sure she made nothing but a good impression so that this was the first of many times she had the chance to go where she was about to go.

So she was going to make sure she was perfectly clean and ready to play. It was the reason she and Presley had both been wearing butt plugs inside them and why they had been so eager to do a warm up when Nikki, Dante and Donnie had come over. They had wanted to be primed and loosened up in all the right ways and now Kaia couldn’t wait for the seconds to pass.

Her mother had taught her to never be the first guest to arrive at a party and always be fashionably late but it was so hard for Kaia to not run over right now without even bothering to dry off from her shower, much less get dressed. She was like a kid on Christmas who couldn’t wait to unwrap her presents and she was practically giddy with excitement as she washed her soapy nude body off in the shower.

That was why it felt so good to have a distraction. When the shower door opened and someone else stepped in, Kaia didn’t do try and cover herself up or do anything but moan as she felt Nikki come up behind her and press her bare tits against her back, teasing her wet skin with those pierced nipples. Kaia let out a little mew of pleasure as the older teen girl rubbed into her and reached around her front to caress her tits and reach down to tease her pussy lips.

“Mmmmm someone’s ready for fun,” Nikki moaned with a seductive laugh as she felt how excited Kaia was just by brushing her fingers over the teenager’s labia.

“Mmmmmhmmm SO ready,” Kaia replied eagerly as she turned her wet body around so she could be face to face with Nikki and kiss the blonde girl right on the lips. “I can’t wait, Nikki! Oooooh you built it up soooo good! I can’t wait to see it for myself! Mmmm you think they’ll like me? Think I’ll be hot enough for them?”

“You’re so cute when you worry,” Nikki teased the younger girl. “You’re going to be the hit of the party. Mmmm everyone’s gonna be so eager to take you and Presley and see how fucking dirty you two can be! After all, your mom and dad have been there before so everyone there is going to know you come from good genes.”

Kaia didn’t like being anxious like this but she knew it was for the best reason. And if her parents couldn’t be there to accompany her at a function like this, she was very glad someone as experienced as Nikki was going to be there with her so she could lean on her when needed. Kaia did not want to do anything to make it seem like she wasn’t totally poised, totally ready for this and totally slutty for anything that was going to happen.

Kaia had been around the beautiful people all her life but she had never been to anything like this and she couldn’t wait to experience everything. She was walking into rarified air and the last thing she wanted to do was choke.

“How does it start? Do you have to get naked when you get there? Do you just start doing it? How does it work?” Kaia asked, unable to stop herself from peppering the elder teenager as they stood together in the shower.

“Just relax,” Nikki advised her. “Just tell them the password that you saw on the invitation you got and they’ll let you in. Then all you have to do is just be there and be as beautiful as you are. The rest is going to come naturally. You’re going to know exactly what to do and everyone is going to want to play with a gorgeous girl like you.”

Kaia appreciated the assurance from her friend and began tenderly kissing Nikki again, Nikki kissed back and soon the two girls were caressing each other’s wet, naked bodies as the water flowed down all over them in the shower. They both could have stayed like that for hours, kissing and caressing each other and being totally naked and totally into each other. But they knew they couldn’t dawdle here, not when there was so much waiting for them.

Kaia trusted Nikki implicitly. She knew the girl intimately and she was happy to have her there guiding her. Kaia might never have gone to something like this before but Nikki sure had and Kaia wanted her older friend to show her everything there and make sure she didn’t miss a thing.

Every Labor Day weekend Jessica Alba and her husband held an orgy at their home. It was the hottest event of the year, the one everyone wanted to be on the guest list for and this was Kaia’s first time invited. She and Presley had made the cut and she was so eager to experience for herself what she had only heard about from others, like Nikki who had been there the past two years along with her brother and Donnie. All three of them had built it up to such an epic event and Kaia wanted to enjoy every sexy thing they had.

The guest list was full of the sexiest bodies and the richest, most powerful people and the only rule was that anything went as long as it was consensual. Kaia had wanted in so badly. She’d heard about how awesome the weekend-long party was from friends like Nikki and Kendall Jenner and others and Kaia had been aching to go. She had been dreaming of being at a place where she wouldn’t need any clothes and that where she could give her horny, young body to any man and any woman she desired.

She had been looking forward to this more than anything else she ever had and Kaia couldn’t wait to get there. She was full of nervous energy, so anxious and horny and as much as she loved being face to face in the shower with Nikki and being able to look at her friend’s gorgeous nude body with those sexy tattoos and piercings and all-around tan on her beach bunny body, Kaia wanted so much more.

Any other time she would have been on her knees lapping at Nikki’s tight little pierced cunt and licking her until she had her cream all over her tongue. Any other time she and Nikki wouldn’t have left this shower until they had both fucked each other over and over again until the hot water had run out. But this day was not like any other day and all Kaia could think about was if the party at Jessica and Cash’s had already started and who was there and what they were doing to each other.

“I can’t wait another second for it,” Kaia admitted. “Where are the guys?”

“I think they’re in Presley’s shower,” Nikki said. “Mmmm they’re probably all sucking each other’s dicks right now. Want to go watch?”

“Of course,” Kaia grinned. “But I don’t want to be late. Nikki, I need to get there now!”

“Don’t worry,” Nikki assured her. “We’ll be on our way soon. And it will be an experience you’re never going to ever forget!”


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