The Long Weekend Part 2

Title: The Long Weekend Part 2

Author: Guy Incognito

Celebs: Kaia Gerber, Isabela Moner, Michelle Branch, Peyton Roi List

Codes: Mf, MF, Ff, MM, cons, oral, anal, mast, cuck, orgy, inter, rim, facial, exh

Summary: Kaia arrives at the orgy and finds delectable debauchery and a happy surprise.

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is pure fantasy. It is not real and is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Okay everyone, I’ve been away for a while and I’m starting a new story series. This chapter does a lot to set up the concept for the series so it’s background heavy and more will be coming in future chapters. Just giving everyone a warning show that the sex here involves underage people, incest and male bisexuality so if that’s not your thing then we shall both agree to move on. Hopefully people will give it a chance and hopefully people will like it.

I would love to hear any feedback you might have. Please email me at with any suggestions or feedback.

As she approached the destination she had been dreaming of, Kaia Gerber’s nervous excitement had not abated one bit. In fact the closer she got, the more excited she felt. She was practically squirming in her clothes and so eager to just rip them off and be naked. She loved being a horny little nudist under normal circumstances but this was anything but normal and her lust was off the charts. She was crackling with sexual energy and she badly needed an outlet for it.

And that excitement was only increased by being sandwiched between two hot guys, including her own brother Presley. She was in the back of the car in between her brother and his friend Donnie and all Kaia wanted to do was reach into the basketball shorts both teenage boys were wearing and pull out their big cocks and play with both of them. She wanted to jerk them both off while they were passengers with her in the car and then lean down to take both of them in her hungry mouth.

She had gotten so much cock before in her bedroom when not only had Presley and Donnie given her their hard, thick meat but their friend Dante had as well. And Dante’s sister Nikki had brought her big strap-on and her delicious teen pussy into the fun too. But it still hadn’t been enough for her. All that sucking and fucking and licking had only made Kaia hornier and everyone knew it because they all felt the same way. They couldn’t wait to get where they were going.

They had all been invited to the most incredible event. Jessica Alba and her husband Cash always threw a Labor Day weekend orgy at their beach house and the guest list was always so star studded and filled with the richest and most connected people. Dante, Nikki and Donnie had been there in years past but it was Kaia and Presley’s first time and they couldn’t wait to get there and see all the hot, horny bodies engaging in wicked depravity.

Both of them had been raised by their parents to be totally open and uninhibited with their bodies and their sexuality and this was a chance to be with people who had the same liberated, erotic attitudes that they did.

To Kaia it sounded like paradise. She didn’t know who was going to be at this weekend long party but she still knew she was going to want to fuck them all. She wanted to show everyone how kinky and hot she was and how she might have been a teenager but she was already ready to handle anything. She wanted to fuck all the hot guys and all the hot girls. Kaia was amped and she was having so much trouble holding it in.

As Nikki drove them all to Jessica and Cash’s beach house, Kaia could feel her panties getting more and more soaked by the second. If it had been possible for her to be naked already she would have been because she was aching to rip her clothes off and fuck. She wanted to do it all at this party and fuck older men and women and boys and girls her age and even younger if there were guests there that qualified. She wanted to fuck friends and total strangers. Kaia was so hot for it all and she could feel her sodden panties clinging to her teenage slit.

Her pussy was on fire under her tiny little skirt that showed off her perfect legs and her tight lean teenage body. She hadn’t bothered to wear a bra and her nipples were already erect and poking against her shirt. Kaia was so turned on and everyone could see it. Kaia knew her brother and his friend were staring at her tiny little sexy tits and her pokies and she loved it. She wanted everyone at this party to stare at her and want her. Kaia wanted to fuck everyone.

“Are we there yet?” Kaia whined, unable to help herself. She was like a little brat wanting to know when they were getting to Disneyland because this was what it felt like to her, a nasty, hot, horny XXX Disneyland.

“Oooooh don’t make me turn the car around,” Nikki laughed, teasing her younger friend as they drove closer to their destination. “Just keep your panties on. We’ll be there before you know it.”

Kaia knew she was being silly but she couldn’t help it. God, she was so fucking excited for it. It wasn’t even a long drive to get from her house to Jessica and Cash’s but the minutes all felt like hours. They were all impatient to get to the party but for Kaia the wait was the most excruciating because she had never been to it before and was so eager to experience it all for herself.

Fortunately her brother knew just how to distract her and Presley turned her beautiful face toward his and kissed Kaia right on the lips. It was a sensual, loving kiss that made Kaia feel wonderful tingles throughout her body. She loved her brother so much and he knew just how to make her feel good as well as how to distract her because the feel of his sexy lips against hers made her think about nothing but erotic pleasure.

Nothing else mattered than the feel of his lips and his tongue against hers and before Kaia knew it she was deeply making out with her brother. His hands moved over her chest through her thin shirt and softly caressed her tits, making her nipples even harder and Kaia’s hand reflexively went to Presley’s crotch to fondle him.

She immediately felt how she wasn’t the only one excited for this as she felt his cock already getting stiff under his shorts. Her small, soft hand rubbed Presley through his shorts, feeling his balls and his meat as they kissed and the time just disappeared around them.

And Presley’s incestuous kiss had just the effect he had wanted because the next thing Kaia knew, the car was stopping at the gate to Jessica and Cash’s beachfront mansion.

“What’s the password?” a strong voice asked from the other end of the speaker. The voice seemed distracted and Kaia wondered if it was moaning. She hoped it was. She wanted everyone to be getting fucked. The party had already started and Kaia hoped everyone there was naked and ready for her to take them all on.

When Nikki gave the password the gate opened immediately after and they drove in. The place was already crowded with cars and that excited Kaia even more because she knew that meant there were so many people there for her to play with. She couldn’t wait to make them want them all and when they all got out of the car she practically ran to the front door.

The door was closed but also unlocked and when the five teenagers opened it and walked inside it didn’t take long for them to be greeted by the first sight of debauchery. They walked out of the front hallway and saw a security station set up off to the side. A video feed of the beach house’s exterior was on display on several screens to make sure no intruders, or worse paparazzi, snuck in and two security guards were keeping a close eye on things…or at least as close an eye as they could because both of them were very distracted too.

Kaia felt a sexy shiver of delight roam through her body when she saw that both of the security guards were totally naked. They were both strong and muscular, the kind of guys who spent a lot of time working out and were proud to show it off, and Kaia got an eyeful of every one of their muscles especially the big ones between their legs because both of them were being blown even as they did their work and let invited guests in.

The two bodyguards were indeed both moaning just like Kaia had hoped and it turned her on to see both of them naked and having their big cocks sucked by eager women. There was a white bodyguard and a black one and Kaia’s eyes immediately drifted over to the black one first as she drank in his beautiful dark skin and stared at the thick, hard meat between his legs as a sexy teenage girl eagerly slurped it into her wet mouth.

Kaia wished it was her sucking the bodyguard’s huge black cock and she looked with desire and envy at the naked girl, who she immediately recognized as Isabela Moner from Nickelodeon and that new Transformers movie. And as hot as the hunky, muscular bodyguard was, Kaia found herself staring just as much at Isabela’s nude body as she kneeled in front of him, sticking her perfect teenage ass out and showing off how firm and tight it was.

Kaia could see how dripping wet Isabela’s slit was from behind and the only thing she wanted as much as she wanted that black bodyguard meat in her mouth was to get a taste of Isabela’s surely yummy little cunt. Kaia had never met the girl before but she wanted to lick that sweet girl honey out of her and she could see Presley was thinking the same thing too as he visibly tented in his shorts.

Or maybe her brother was staring at that huge black cock too as Isabela softly stroked it with her young hand and licked with her tongue all over the swollen dark cock head. She was moaning lustfully as she did it too and Kaia didn’t know if her horny brother was turned on for her or for him. Presley was just as bisexual as she was and Kaia loved knowing he probably wanted them both.

Reaching over without saying a word, Kaia rubbed her brother’s boner through his shorts again, this time making him even harder as he tented those loose basketball shorts with his hard-on. They watched, just like Nikki, Dante and Donnie did, as Isabela drove the bodyguard wild.

“Mmmm does daddy like my hot young lips on his big, fat cock?” the Peruvian American teenager purred lustfully as she kissed all over the bodyguard’s thick cockhead. “Mmmm I want you so bad daddy! I want you to blast that hot fuck load all over my teenage face so I can go in there with your fucking jizz dripping down my face over my hot tits! Gimmie that load daddy! Shoot that fucking cum all over me so they can see what a whore I am for big yummy black daddy dick!”

The bodyguard could only groan in desire from what the teenage starlet was doing to him. He couldn’t form any words thanks to the pleasure of her wicked blowjob but it was obvious just what an effect she was having on him as her dirty talk made his cock throb in her hand.

“Oooooh you like it when I call you daddy, don’t you mister?” Isabela teased, playing up how she was only 16 and the bodyguard, whose name she didn’t even know, was at least twice her age. “Is this what daddy likes? A famous little whore like me on her knees servicing his cock? Mmmm does daddy like having a nasty Latina slut sucking him off? Mmmm does daddy want to come all over this whore’s face? Do you want to get that fucking load all over my pretty teen face and even in my hair? I want it so bad daddy! I want your fucking cum in my mouth and all over my face!”

Isabela was insatiable as she serviced the bodyguard’s throbbing cock. She moved her mouth down and pushed his cock up so she could drag it all the way from his swollen nuts up the underside of his shaft to get to the thick head of his dick again. The girl had skills far beyond her 16 years and Kaia found herself getting so turned on by how well Isabela could suck cock. The teenage starlet licked up to the bodyguard’s head and then opened wide to swallow him into her mouth. She took the first several thick inches of his dark prick down her mouth and started to sensually bob her head up and down to taste him.

Isabela was clearly totally into what she was doing, moving her lips up and down the lucky man as he fucked her face, thrusting up to feed her more of the cock she was craving. The more she sucked, the more she wanted and while Isabela struggled to get much of the thick meat down her throat, she loved every inch stuffing her mouth as she went deeper and deeper and then pulled off with a gasp and a smile to lick her own saliva of his shaft and tease the pre-cum dipping head with her wicked teenage tongue.

“You’re so fucking hard for me! Are you thinking of fucking my tight little pussy, daddy?” Isabela teased. “Mmmm are you going to fuck my tight little underage hole with this big, fat daddy dick? Oooooh I want it soooo bad, daddy! I want this big, black cock deep inside my little Latina cunt! I want you to fuck me and loosen my tight teen fuckhole up so you can be the first one here to pound me and fill me up with cock! Mmmm I want to fuck everyone here but I couldn’t resist having you first when I saw you! I needed that big, black cock inside my tight teen holes sooooo bad!”

Isabela was turning herself on with her dirty talk and it was also having an effect on her audience. None of them had said a word as they watched the show but Kaia could tell all of them were as turned on as she was. Her panties, which had been so wet on the way over, were completely soaked now and she wanted to tear her clothes off more than ever.

Kaia was so turned on watching Isabela suck that huge, thick cock. She wanted to go over to the girl and join her. Kaia wanted to suck those big, swollen black balls into her mouth as Isabela gorged on his cock. She wanted to introduce herself to Isabela by sucking that black stick with her and giving him a dual blowjob from two horny teenage girls. Kaia pictured herself working over those cum filled nuts and teasing the man’s asshole with her tongue as he fucked Isabela’s face and then going wild on Isabela’s tight, young body.

Kaia was so turned on by the sight of the young actress naked and sucking cock. She loved seeing her firm little ass sticking up in the air like it was an open invitation for anyone to take her. Her slit was dripping wet and Kaia wanted to taste the girl so much. She didn’t know if Isabela was into girls but Kaia was sure she could make her into a total lesbian with her tongue. Kaia’s own teen cunt was tingling with the desire to fuck Isabela and the bodyguard but she didn’t indulge because it was so hot to stand there with her friends and just gawk at the live sex show that was taking place before they even got into the real party.

Isabela pulled her hands away and instead began touching herself, making herself moan as she swallowed down the bodyguard’s cock. She fingered her own cunt as she sucked him off, not caring who was watching her as she moved her teenage lips up and down his pulsating shaft and pulled off only so she could suck and lick his head and make precum drip out into her waiting mouth.

The bodyguard was distracted momentarily from the pleasure when another car arrived and buzzed for access. He picked up his radio and, moaning even more audibly than he had before, let them in when he received the requested for password. And then he got back to focusing on Isabela as she tried to coax the orgasm out of him with her mouth and her voice.

“Come for me daddy! Mmmm give me that hot, nasty load all over my slutty face,” Isabela pleaded. “I fucking love all kinds cock but black cock is the best! Mmmm I want every drop from your big balls daddy! Ooooh give it to me like the black cock slut I am!”

Isabela then said something in Spanish that Kaia didn’t understand but the bodyguard sure seemed to. It sounded so dirty coming out of her young mouth in such a sultry voice and it sure had the effect she was hoping for as the bodyguard grunted and started to tense up. Isabela moaned in delight over getting what she wanted and she tilted her head back so he could soak her with his load.

“Yessssss all over my face! Come all over my slutty fucking face!” Isabela moaned while finger fucking herself and the bodyguard complied as cum shot out of his dick, the first long stream of it striking her forehead and getting up into the teenager’s dark hair. The white cum contrasted so nicely with her soft, black hair and he had more for her too as the rest of his load shot out of his cock onto her nose and lips and down to her chin, just like she wanted it.

The thick load dripped off the teenager’s gorgeous face and Isabela moaned in wanton delight over feeling the hot sperm on her skin. It ran down her chin onto her neck and Kaia badly wanted to get down on her knees with her and lick that bodyguard’s cum off Isabela before kissing her passionately and snowballing it back into her mouth.

But Isabela Moner wasn’t the only cock hungry woman on her knees and an older woman was having quite a time with the other bodyguard at the same time Isabela was relishing the dripping streams of cum running down her face and hair. The sight of the teenager being so into that huge cock had demanded everyone’s attention but so did the naked woman next to her who was on her hands and knees before the white bodyguard showing off her cocksucking skills.

While Isabela had struggled to take much of the bodyguard in her inexperienced but eager mouth, the other woman was putting on a hell of a show as she took the muscular, naked bodyguard’s big, thick white meat into her mouth and down her throat. She was showing off her skills and experience and was happy to do it for an audience. She didn’t acknowledge the crowd of five teenagers that were staring at her but she knew they were there and she went after the cock in her face with even more gusto, swallowing it down almost to the balls.

Kaia stood stunned and so aroused as she watched Michelle Branch get her beautiful face fucked. Kaia never would have expected the folksy singer to be so slutty but she looked so good naked and on all fours. Kaia had never seen the singer naked before and she loved seeing Michelle’s round, juicy ass jutting out. She looked so sexy like that with an ass that wasn’t tight and toned like Isabella’s teenage booty but rather soft and succulent, like Michelle tried her best to keep in good shape but also didn’t have the time to spend hours in the gym. It was a beautiful MILF ass and Kaia loved looking at it and seeing how wet Michelle’s juicy, glistening slit looked from behind.

Kaia wanted to taste the sexy singer as much as she wanted to taste Isabella’s yummy fuck juice and she loved seeing Michelle swallowing that cock like all she wanted to do was be a deep throating whore. The bodyguard had his hand on the back of Michelle’s head, holding her by her jet black hair and she was expertly bobbing her lips up and down his shaft, swallowing him down her throat and showing off how experienced she was with a big dick.

Unlike Isabella, Michelle was having no trouble taking the hung white bodyguard deep in her mouth and the wet, gagging noises as she lewdly choked him down were turning everyone on, especially the guy next to Michelle. Because Kaia and her group weren’t the only eyes making up the audience.

A naked man wearing only his glasses was right next to Michelle as she kneeled and sucked and he was furiously beating his meat as he watched her get her face fucked. He was so into the show and Kaia recognized that it was a very personal show for him too. She knew enough about music to recognize the guy who was jacking off to the cocksucking performance as Patrick Carney who was not only the drummer for The Black Keys, but also Michelle’s fiancé. And he not only had no problem watching the woman he was going to marry sloppily sucking another man’s cock, he was totally into it as he masturbated to it.

He watched even more intently than Kaia and her friends did as Michelle had her head pushed down deeper onto the bodyguard’s dick. And Michelle was totally willing to get face fucked like that as she greedily swallowed the man’s thick, long cock, taking him down her throat until his balls were rubbing up against her chin. And when he let her pull her off his dick she happily gasped for breath with a big smile on her face and gobs of saliva dripping out of her mouth and onto his chin.

“Mmmmmmm yesssss you love this don’t you?” Michelle moaned breathlessly as she turned to her fiancé and watched him jerking his cock to the sight of her leaving another man’s penis coated in her saliva. “You fucking sick perv! You know you’ll never be man enough for me! You know I can’t get enough dick and that tiny little prick of yours can’t satisfy me! Mmmm watch me suck a real man down my slutty throat! Watch him fuck my face and make me choke on his fat cock like you never can! Mmmm he’s a fucking stud and you’re just a perverted, weak little nerd who can never give me what he can! I’m going to fuck everyone at this party and you’re just going to watch and jack off to it all because it’s all you’re good for!”

Michelle then wickedly smiled again and resumed sucking off the stranger whose throbbing cock was right there in her face. She slurped it right back into her horny, hungry mouth, tasting her own saliva all over it as her spit dripped down her chin onto her neck. Acting anything like the good girl she always made herself seem like, Michelle lewdly sucked the thick, heavy cock down her throat again and let her saliva bubble out of her lips all over his meaty shaft as she choked it down and gagged erotically from it while her fiancé masturbated to the sight of it.

Kaia was so surprised to hear Michelle say such nasty words but Patrick clearly wasn’t. He was visibly turned on by his betrothed talking to him like that and he jerked his cock harder while encouraging her to cheat on him.

“Yessss baby! Oooooh yessss take that big, fat cock all the way down! Deep throat him! Suck his huge fucking meat down your throat!” Patrick groaned while jerking off as he was cuckolded by his singer fiancé. “You deserve to have a big cock like that! You look so good choking him down! I love watching you spit up all over a real man’s dick! I know I can’t satisfy you! I don’t have a real man’s cock like you need! Ohhhh yesssss suck it all the way down baby!”

Kaia got such a wicked thrill about watching the man masturbate over Michelle’s cheating depravity. She had never seen someone be into the cuckold fetish before but it was clear that the star drummer was way into it. Patrick was masturbating like his life depended on it while he watched Michelle deep throat the muscular man’s huge cock, her eyes dripping tears while saliva spit up out of her mouth while she choked him down. Kaia didn’t even think Patrick’s cock was small. It was just…you know…normal size. But he and Michelle clearly loved playing that game and it was definitely true that he couldn’t compare to the huge size dicks that Michelle and Isabela were sucking.

Standing there naked in his glasses with his body so pale and skinny next to the muscular bodyguard, Kaia felt Patrick did look like a nerd. But he was a cute nerd and she would have felt bad for him if he hadn’t been so clearly aroused by what Michelle was doing. He was so hard over what she was saying and Kaia was turned on by seeing how much this perversion aroused the famous rock star.

Kaia would gladly have sucked Patrick’s cock if he’d wanted her to but he was too focused on Michelle as she nakedly remained on all fours sucking the bodyguard off to want to do anything else. Michelle’s soft, yummy ass looked so good and so did her round, full tits as they shook sexily while she got her face fucked. Kaia definitely would have played any number of kinky games with the couple and she watched intently and found herself lifting up her skirt to slide her hand into her drenched panties while Michelle pulled off the bodyguard’s cock and, while gooey strands of saliva, dripped out of her mouth, continued to tease her fiancé.

“You’re going to just stand there and watch like the pathetic fucking nerd you are,” Michelle moaned, so turned on from what she was doing. “I want to watch what a real fucking man can do to a slut like me! I want you to watch as he takes that big monster cock of his and stuffs it right up my ass! You’re too fucking lame to fuck my ass with that tiny little micro dick of yours but this stud can fuck any hole he wants! You’re just going to watch him do it like a fucking loser! Mmmm watch a real man satisfy me with the big cock I deserve! Watch him fuck my ass and jack off to it you useless piece of shit! I’ll bet you’ll be staring at his cock and not my ass anyway! Mmm you’ll be looking right at his big dick as it fills me up and wishing your cock was big like his! Ooooh or maybe you’ll even be watching it and wishing he was fucking your ass with it! Isn’t that right faggot? Don’t you want him to fuck your ass with that cock like I fuck it with that big dildo you love so much?”

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhh fuckkkkk!” Patrick grunted and moaned, unable to help himself as the sound of that caused him to lose control and shoot his load out all over his hand and the tiled floor below.

“Pathetic, can’t even fucking hold your load,” Michelle sneered sexily as she watched her fiancé come all over his hand and continue masturbating. “You’re such a nerdy little loser! Stand there dripping cum out of that tiny fucking cock while you watch a real man fuck me! I’d never let a piece of shit like you fuck my ass but I’m going to do all the things with him that I know you want but never could do with me! Mmmm you’re to fucking pathetic to have a girl like me be a whore for you like I’ll be for him!”

And Michelle proved it. As Patrick’s cock dripped sperm all over his hand and onto the floor and he kept jacking off, the singer moved her face down so she could start sucking the bodyguard’s balls. Michelle wantonly slurped both of his swollen, cum filled nuts into her mouth and then began licking her own spit off the smooth sacs. The bodyguard wordlessly moaned and grunted in pleasure over Michelle’s experienced tongue teasing his shaved nuts and she got totally into it, burying her nose in his balls and licking and kissing all over them in front of her fiancé.

She repositioned herself so she was on her knees now, giving herself use of her hands so she could push the bodyguard’s cock up. His precum dripping head was pressed to his muscular stomach and Michelle moved her tongue down below his balls, over his taint and right down to the naked man’s asshole. As Patrick groaned and kept stroking his cock, bringing the soft prick back to semi hardness in no time as he watched Michelle cheat on him, Michelle started tonguing the bodyguard’s asshole.

“Fuckkk ohhh yesssssss lick his fucking ass! Oooooh I want you to do that to me baby!” Patrick groaned in need.

“Mmmm I know you do but you’ll never fucking get it,” Michelle taunted him in between licks all over the very willing bodyguard’s asshole. “I’m not going near that asshole of yours with my tongue! Mmmm only a stud like this gets to feel me lick his asshole! Just watch what I do to him that I’d never do to a loser like you!”

The bodyguard was very appreciative of Michelle’s efforts as he lifted up his legs and let her have full access to his hole. And she took full advantage of it by wetly sliding her tongue over his more spread open asshole, letting the saliva that had collected in her mouth from deep throating the bodyguard drip down into. Michelle devilishly spread her gooey drool around with her tongue as she teased the tip of his hole and then pushed inside, rimming him deep while the bodyguard stroked his cock.

“Ughhh yessssss fuck yessss! Eat that ass you little slut!” the bodyguard grunted out.

“Mmmmmm yeahh I’m a slut! I’m YOUR fucking slut you big stud,” Michelle purred while savoring the taste of the man’s asshole on her tongue. “He wants me to lick his asshole so much but I never do because a loser like him doesn’t fucking deserve it! I’ll do anything you want though, stud! Mmmm only a real man gets to feel me rim his ass and you’re the real man that’s going to make me his whore, aren’t you stud?”

“Fuck yeah!” the bodyguard immediately agreed. “Shove that tongue in my ass you little bitch! Oooooh fuck yeahhhh eat that ass right in front of that fucking nerd! Show him what a real man gets from a whore like you!”

“Oooooh yesssssss anything you want, stud!” Michelle moaned. “Mmmm your ass tastes so fucking good! Ooooh I just want to bury my pretty face in it and be your ass eating whore all night long!”

Michelle was intoxicated over how dirty she was being as she spit into the stranger’s asshole and then licked it out with thorough tongue strokes, spreading around her saliva even more and licking all over the muscular bodyguard’s tight ring. She lapped at his hole while Patrick’s cock stiffened anew from his constant playing with himself and pushed back inside him, tongue punching the bodyguard right in front of her man.

It was turning everyone on to see this. Isabela, with streaks of white cum still all over her brown Peruvian skin, had resumed sucking the bodyguard’s cock again after she had eagerly licked up every stray drop of his load from his softening prick. She had him plumping up nicely in her mouth again as she caressed his balls and even took a page from Michelle’s book and teased the black man’s asshole with her eager, nimble fingers. And it was also turning on the crowd too.

Kaia heard moans behind her and turned around to see her brother making out with Nikki. His hands had moved under the older teen’s t-shirt and had pulled it up enough to reveal the underside of her bare tits underneath while her hand massaged his growing bulge through his shorts. And Dante and Donnie were illicitly kissing too, the two teenage boys rubbing into each other as they made out, their erections straining against their shorts.

That left Kaia without anyone to play with but she didn’t mind because she was enjoying playing with herself. Having a partner at that moment would have kept her from being able to star at Michelle and Isabela both being so slutty and Kaia had her skirt up and her hand down in her panties as she used her other hand to tug at her nipples through her skirt. Her panties bulged with her hand inside as she touched herself openly, making her pussy wetter and wetter while she watched Michelle and Isabela nakedly kneel like little sexy whores before the two hot men.

The show Kaia and everyone was getting was distracting them all and they hadn’t even noticed that the door had opened behind them and two others had walked in, one of whom was very, very surprised and even a little nervous over who she saw there.

“Kaia???? Oh my God, what are you doing here?” a female voice asked in shock.

The familiar voice startled Kaia enough that she turned around and then it was her turn to be surprised when she saw who had arrived.

“Peyton? Holy shit! I never expected to see you here,” Kaia said with an excited little squeal in her voice as she found herself seemingly discovering a whole new side of a close friend.

She walked right over to Peyton Roi List and hugged the blonde teenager not even pausing to compose herself or clean off her fingers, which were visibly glistening with her pussy juices. Kaia hugged her friend close and then impetuously gave Peyton a little kiss on the lips that left the blonde flustered but not upset.

“Ummm…I wasn’t expecting you here,” Peyton stammered out, her lips tingling in a way she really liked from the unexpected kiss from Kaia. “This…this is pretty new to me…I…I…I didn’t think I was going to see you.”

“Well it’s my first time here too and oooooh look who you brought with you, you naughty girl,” Kaia said with a growing excitement and lust for a girl she had never thought would have this kind of secret slutty side. “Mmmm I had no idea what a little freak you were Peyton. Oooooh this is so hot!”

“No…no…it’s not…not like that…ewww…no!” Peyton insisted, her mind immediately picking up on Kaia’s meaning as the eager girl went over to Peyton’s twin brother Spencer and hugged him too.

Kaia was so turned on that she was in no mood to play nice as she rubbed herself right into the teenage boy and felt his boner poke into her through his shorts. She couldn’t stop herself from dropping her hand down and stroking it through the crotch of his shorts and when he moaned, Kaia took advantage and kissed him, a gesture Spencer, unlike his sister, didn’t hesitate to return. He had never kissed Kaia before but Spencer sure did now and their tongues soon started to touch before Peyton interrupted it by pulling the younger girl away from her brother.

“Ooooh jealous? Mmmm it’s okay I don’t mind sharing,” Kaia teased.

“No! Kaia! No! It’s not like that it’s…it’s…” Peyton nervously replied, not quite sure why she had so reflexively pulled her friend away from her brother.

“Don’t be shy,” Kaia assured her nervous friend. “Relax Peyton. It’s an orgy. Everything’s supposed to be fun here! Mmm and I sure don’t have any hang-ups about this stuff!”

Kaia proved it by getting in between Nikki and Presley and giving her brother an illicit kiss on the lips, something that visibly stunned both Peyton and Spencer as the twins gawked at such an openly incestuous display.

“See? Relax and have fun,” Kaia giggled. “No one’s going to judge. If it feels good, do it!”

Kaia was even more excited than she’d been before now that Peyton was here. She’d known the blonde girl for years. They’d even done some modeling together for some fundraiser shows. Kaia had always thought the actress was really hot and she’d had a little crush on both her and Spencer. But Kaia had always thought Peyton was too repressed a girl to be into the kinds of things she was. But now that Peyton was here, Kaia was looking at her friend with new eyes and she couldn’t help but wonder how kinky the sexy blonde teenager really could be.

Kaia never would have normally made any kind of move on her friend unless she had been sure she would be into it or that Peyton could be seduced. And Kaia had never gotten those vibes from Peyton before. But she wasn’t thinking like herself and in this atmosphere everyone looked fuckable to her.  Kaia’s insatiable nature had been turned up to the max by the giddiness she was feeling by being here and right then all she wanted to do was tear off the clothes of her friend and her friend’s sexy twin brother so she could have them both.

“Oh my God!” Peyton said under her breath from everything she was seeing. “I had no idea Kaia. I didn’t know you were this…this…”

“Mmmmm slutty?” Kaia teased as she interrupted Peyton and finished her sentence. “Ooooh there’s a lot about me you don’t know yet Peyton. Mmmm want me to show you?”

As she asked that question, Kaia sent Peyton an unmistakable look of lust with her eyes. It flustered the blonde again but she sure didn’t do anything to back away from it as she found herself looking at Kaia with a new appreciation while also staring at a whole lot more as Michelle got wilder with her bodyguard friend. Kaia could see just how new all of this was to Peyton but she could also see just how excited the blonde girl was, even though she was trying to hide it.

“Fuck me!” Michelle demanded as she bent herself over at her knees and reached back for her own round ass cheeks, grabbing onto her pale buns and lewdly spreading them open to expose her waiting, horny hole. “Bury that big fuckstick right up my slutty ass! Do what that fucking loser can’t and stuff my ass full of meat! C’mon! Don’t make me fucking wait for it!”

And what Michelle was doing wasn’t just an appealing invitation for her muscular lover. Patrick loved seeing her act like this and continued to masturbate over his fiancé offering up her ass to a man she had just met.

“You fucking whore,” the bodyguard said with a cocky chuckle as he got out of his chair and got right behind Michelle while the singer spread her ass cheeks open for him. “You want to get fucked? Well you’re going to get it so fucking good you’ll be walking funny for a week!”

The sound of that not only made Michelle moan in anticipation it got Patrick groaning too as he worked his cock up and down with his hand to try and make himself erect again after coming all over before. He badly wanted to see his fiancé get fucked up the ass by another man and Michelle wanted it too.

“Yesssss fuck the shit out of me, stud!” Michelle lustfully demanded, revealing her true self under the façade of the sweet coffeehouse singer she publicly presented. “Fuck this whore’s ass! Stuff it right up my butt! Don’t even bother with my pussy! Go straight for the ass! Just take it like the fucking whore hole it is!”

The bodyguard was going to do that whether Michelle told him to or not. The singer never flaunted herself publicly or sexualized herself or even wore revealing clothing but she had an incredibly luscious little body with her round tits and curvy white ass. Plus she was acting so raunchy to go along with that sexy mom body that it was turning everyone on to see her acting like that.

So the bodyguard didn’t hesitate. He got right behind Michelle and pushed into her ass. He didn’t take is slow and he wasn’t gentle. He just shoved his cock up her waiting asshole and she grunted and moaned in whorish delight from it.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh! Ughhh fuckkkk yessss! Fuck me! Fucking fuck that ass!” Michelle groaned as she remained bent over at the knees and began feeling her new lover thrust inside her. “Do what he never can and fuck me right up that slutty hole! He’s too much of a fucking nerd loser to fuck me up the ass and he’ll never get to do it! Mmmm fuckkk that big, fat cock feels so good up my butt! Give it to me harder! Ughh fuck me up with your big dick so my ass is gaping for everyone else who gets to fuck me here at the party! Oooh I’m going to make them line up so I can take everyone on and they’re going to see how you fucked my ass raw first! Yessss ooooh fuck stuff that cock in deep while he watches!”

While Michelle met the bodyguard’s thrusts with her own backward pushes of her ass to get more of his dick inside her, Patrick was masturbating even harder. He had his cock hard again as he saw his fiancé get sodomized deep and hard but Michelle didn’t even look at him. Instead she had her eyes on Isabela and her lovely teen body.

“Mmmmm get that sweet little pussy of yours in my face while he fucks me, honey,” Michelle purred, turning her head so she could use her tongue to lick the drying jizz off Isabela’s gorgeous brown skin. “I’m going to eat you out while he fills me up with his huge fucking dick!”

Isabela looked very surprised to suddenly have Michelle’s tongue erotically licking the mess off her pretty face and she not only backed away from the bodyguard’s dick that she had resumed sucking, she pulled away from the singer too.

“I’m not into girls…” Isabela started to say before Michelle cut her off by aggressively kissing her, planting her lips onto the teenager’s and feeding her the cum she had just licked off her skim.

“Mmmm you will be when I’m done with you,” Michelle devilishly promised after pulling her smiling lips away. “Don’t worry, honey. It’s going to feel so fucking good. Just spread those legs and let me get in there. No one’s ever licked that tight little slit of yours as well as I’m going to!”

Michelle’s kiss had taken Isabela by surprise and it was clear that she had liked it. She was still visibly uncertain though and her new friend pushed Isabela to take Michelle up on her offer.

“C’mon you pretty little slut, let her eat that tight cunt of yours,” the bodyguard said as he stroked his cock over the thought of a hot lesbian show. “I want to see how dirty you can get. You suck cock like a pro but I want to see what else you can do!”

“But I don’t like girls,” Isabela tried to insist but all it got her was another hot kiss from the older woman as Michelle used all her experience to make the teenager moan from the sensual kiss.

While she was getting her ass fucked, Michelle still had plenty of focus on Isabela as she kissed the teen and reached between her legs to slide her fingers up and down the girl’s slit. Michelle rubbed the tender lips of her young cunt and made Isabela moan despite her insistence that she was straight. It was so hard for Isabela to resist such a sexy kiss, especially when Michelle was skillfully sliding her fingers over the teen’s slippery, aroused pink labia lips.

Michelle, while moaning and panting from the ecstasy of being roughly fucked up the ass, kissed Isabela tenderly, slowly pushing her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth while working her fingers into her pussy. She played with the Latina girl like she was a maestro with her fingers, making the girl quiver and coo from a new pleasure, and Isabela unconsciously spread open her legs to give Michelle easier access.

“Mmmmm oooooh that…that feels good,” Isabela said, admitting the obvious as she no longer made any insistence that she wasn’t into girls. “Ooooh don’t stop! Mmmmm!”

“Yeah that’s it you little slut let her make you into a fucking dyke like she is,” the black bodyguard cheered, getting down on the floor too to fondle Isabela’s firm little teen tits and kiss the girl who still had traces of his cum in her mouth. “We love girls who love girls around here. At this party everything goes so don’t act like you don’t love what she’s doing to you!”

That sounded really good to Kaia as she watched the show and enjoyed seeing Isabela succumb to the pleasure of Michelle’s soft, sensual kisses. The singer was all carnal wickedness as she backed her ass up to meet the thrusts of the man fucking her hole, her cheeks jiggling as she was stuffed full of the cock she craved, but also all seductive sweetness as she kissed the teenager and made Isabela melt into the pleasure.

Kaia loved seeing Isabela lose her straightness as she closed her eyes and kissed Michelle back. The two women were soon tongue kissing as Isabela became fully seduced by the pleasure and found herself doing what she had claimed she would not. She lay back on the floor and spread her young legs, opening herself up both to Michelle’s tongue and a new experience. And the older woman attacked as soon as she could, fueling the energy she was feeling from being assfucked from behind into licking the inexperienced girl.

Isabela had been so in control as she had sucked the bodyguard’s cock to climax but now she was the submissive one, quivering and moaning as new pleasure ripped through her teenage body. Isabela cooed in unexpected delight as she felt Michelle’s tongue bathe her completely smooth slit, her labia getting so wet despite her insistence that she wasn’t into girls. Michelle knew just how to lick her too, lapping at Isabela’s honeypot and tasting her hot cream.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh that feel sooooo good! Oooooh ooooooh yesssssss mmm oh my gawwd I never thought it could feel this good!” Isabela cried from feeling Michelle’s tongue lick her flaring cunt lips with a growing passion and then slip inside into her gooey young folds to taste her hot spots and make her clit throb with arousal.

“Mmmmm yessss I’ll make you into a cum craving lesbo slut in no time,” Michelle teased in between licks, moaning in her own pleasure as the bodyguard thrust harder up her ass and spanked her at the same time, slapping her creamy skinned butt cheeks and making them turn red from the hard smacks. “Ughhh yessssss fuck me stud! Make him watch me get buttfucked and turn this little teen princess into a horny dyke! Make him watch what he doesn’t get! Ooooh fuckkkkk your big cock feels so good up my ass! Yessss mmmmm fucking stuff it with that meat right in front of him! Oooooh baby girl your pussy is so tasty! Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Yesss yessssss soooooo gooooood!” Isabela breathlessly cooed, Michelle’s tongue driving her wild with pleasure as she began fondling her own firm tits and playing with her dark, swollen nipples while she lay back with her legs opening up wider by reflex to let Michelle get in there more. “Ohhh God! Lick me! Lick my little tight pussy! Oooooh you naughty slut! Mmm fuckkk you’re the first woman to lick my fucking cunt and I love it! Mmmm more! Please lick me more!”

“Not so straight anymore, are you honey?” Michelle lustfully said before licking more at the Latina teen and making sure her tongue hit just the right spots on her swollen clitoris. “Mmmm you’ll be fucking all the hot girls here in no time and seducing all your pretty young girlfriends too! You’re going to be such a horny little dyke by the time I’m done with you!”

“Oooooh yessssssss mmmmm ohhhh my God! Do that! Make me into a dyke! Make me into a total lesbo slut!” Isabela cried out in an ecstasy she had never thought she could ever feel from a woman going down on her. “Lick my pussy! Ooooh no one’s ever eaten me out this good before! Mmmm fuckkkkk eat my pussy in front of your boyfriend and let him see how much you’re going to make me fucking come! Ooooh yessss make me like girls now! Fuck! That feels so fucking good! Oooooh yeahhhh eat my pussy! I want all these cocks to get hard and come all over from seeing me get turned into a dyke!”

Kaia had no doubt that Michelle was capable of backing up every boastful word of what she could do. She loved seeing the surprisingly slutty singer turn Isabela into a quivering mess of naked girl on the floor. Michelle clearly knew just how to work her tongue and Kaia found herself craving the chance to have the singer eat her out too as well as experience every wicked sensation that was driving Isabela absolutely wild at the moment. But she also wanted something even more and she turned toward her blonde friend.

“Have you ever been with a girl, Peyton?” Kaia asked seductively as she brushed her hand up her friend’s arm and watched as little goosebumps formed on her bare flesh, relishing the reaction as Peyton’s nipples stiffened under the bikini top she was wearing with her shorts.

“Ummmm yeah…once…” Peyton admitted feeling a squishy arousal forming between her legs that made her want to do every dirty thing she had been dreaming about but too afraid to actually do before today. “It was okay…”

“Just okay?” the wicked teenager asked, smiling as she saw just how ready her friend was to be totally seduced. Peyton’s stiff nipples looked so good under her bikini top and Kaia couldn’t wait to really start this party by getting the blonde teen out of those clothes so she could fuck her. “Mmmm then I’ll have to do a lot better than that.”

Kaia then brought her lips to Peyton and gave her friend a real kiss for the first time. It was no peck on the lips this time. It was a sensual and tender kiss and Kaia let her desire for Peyton, which she had been stifling inside herself for a long time thinking it wouldn’t be returned, loose. She kissed her friend sensually and made Peyton moan as the blonde girl’s toes curled in her sandals.

“Oh Kaia…” Peyton softly sighed when the girl pulled away, the smile that curled Peyton’s lips all the proof that Kaia needed that she had liked it.

“Holy shit!” Spencer gasped. “That’s fucking crazy! You’re into girls Peyton?”

“No…I mean…I don’t know…I…I…I just liked that a lot,” Peyton admitted, her cheeks blushing in such a cute way as she kept on smiling in a flustered fashion that made Kaia want her even more.

“Don’t be jealous Spencer,” Kaia chided. “I want you too! I like everyone!”

“And so do I,” Presley said, interjecting himself into his little sister’s fun by moving toward Spencer like he was going to kiss him, a gesture that made the teenage boy back away in shock.

“Whoa there dude,” Spencer said. “I’m not into that shit! I don’t like guys! I mean if the girls want to lez out that’s great, but I’m not into doing stuff with other dudes!”

“Ughhh double standard!” Kaia grumbled. “It’s okay for me and Peyton to be bi but not you? You wanna see girls kiss and fuck but if a guy makes a move on you suddenly that’s wrong?”

Spencer tried to say something to defend himself but Peyton was far too busy making little heart eyes at Kaia to even think about her brother at the moment. So Presley jumped in and showed he didn’t think much of the teen’s insistence that he didn’t want it.

“Mmmm I’ve heard guys say that before,” Presley lustfully boasted. “And by the end of the night they’re always on their knees with my dick in their mouth and loving every second of it!”

“Well not me…okay?” Spencer said defensively, starting to get flustered over the very idea that he could ever be interested in a guy sucking his dick much less sucking one himself. “I’m only here for the pussy! I mean if you wanna be into guys that’s fine but it’s not for me!”

“Okay if that’s how you feel,” Presley replied while giving Spencer a look like he was appreciating his tight, teenage body for the first time as a challenge was presented to him. “But we’ll see if you still feel like that in a few hours.”

Kaia knew the look in her brother’s eyes very well. When he set his mind to something he always got it done and Kaia had no doubt by the end of the night that Spencer would be happily swinging both ways as much as her brother did. Kaia was sure there was no one her brother couldn’t seduce and she was living proof of that because before she had even been officially brought into her family’s wickedly close familial love, she had been in total love with her big brother and had welcomed him eagerly into her bed as soon as he had let her know he had wanted it.

But while Presley had his eyes set on Spencer, Kaia was focused on his sister. She had never thought she’d have the chance to fuck her friend and now that it was there for her she was not going to miss it. She could tell that Peyton wanted it too and that made it so much more exciting for her. She loved seeing the way the blonde girl was looking at her, like all she wanted was to be bad and have naughty fun and do the dirty things she never would have done before.

Satisfied that soon Peyton would be hers, Kaia took her friend’s hand and pulled her closer to the group on the floor with the full intention of making what was happening between Michelle and Isabela into a lesbian foursome. Kaia loved what she was seeing as the older woman made the teenager experience pleasure she had never expected and she knew Peyton loved it too. Peyton excitedly squeezed Kaia’s hand and didn’t resist a bit when the younger girl brought her closer to the fun.

Isabela was crying out in newfound ecstasy as she was licked so well by Michelle’s experienced tongue and Kaia wanted to press her own pussy to Isabela’s beautiful lips and ride her cowgirl style so she could undress and taste Peyton for the first time too. Kaia wanted all of them to fuck and cum and be happy and naked and then get into the party itself so there would be more pleasure for all of them.

But before she could do that, the black bodyguard, who was currently unoccupied other than enjoying the show of Michelle getting fucked and licking teen pussy all while cuckolding her man, put a stop to it.

“Whoa there, if you’re going to join in first thing you have to do is go upstairs and get undressed,” the bodyguard said, a stickler for the rules even in the middle of all the action. “Leave everything up there including your phones. No cameras down here. If we see you with a phone or anything that can record we’re going to throw your ass out of here. No one gets in unless they’re naked. So go upstairs and leave your clothes there and then come back down.”

“Sounds fair to me,” Donnie immediately declared as he quickly stripped right in the hallway. He pulled himself away from Dante and slid his shirt and shorts and sneakers off as quickly as he could. And since he had not bothered with underwear his teen erection was sticking straight out as he did something he had been dying to do ever since he had walked in and caught side of the action.

“You guys can head upstairs to get naked if you want but I have business here I need to tend to,” Donnie said as he stood there wearing nothing but a smile, his stiff cock waving between his legs. “I’ll catch up with the rest of you later!”

Donnie walked away from his friends and went straight up to the naked black bodyguard. Donnie was on his knees in a flash and, without even saying a word, he opened wide and took the bodyguard’s ebony rod right into his eager mouth. It took the older man completely by surprise and he had no idea how to react as the horny teen boy’s warm, wet mouth enveloped his semi-hard penis and began sucking on it.

“Whoa! Hey there kid I…I…fuckkkk ohhhh fuckkkk!” the muscular bodyguard began to say before he gave himself over to the pleasure of the skilled cocksucker on his meat. “Goddamn! Ohhh fuck! Never had a man suck me off before!”

“Mmmm well didn’t you say anything goes?” Donnie asked with a wink before diving back down onto the black dick in front of him and sucking it back to full hardness with a skill he had perfected in his teenage years. “Mmmm a dick this big and beautiful deserves to be constantly sucked and I can never pass up a cock this hot!”

“Fuckkkk ohhh my God! You know how to fucking suck cock!” the bodyguard groaned from the teenager’s eager blowjob, his dark shaft quickly getting coated with Donnie’s saliva as he happily slurped it down his talented throat. “I’ve never done this before! Ohhh ohhhhh yessssss suck me off you dirty boy slut! Suck it good white boy! Damn you’re fucking hot for black dick, aren’t you?”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh I can never resist black cock!” Donnie moaned after pulling his mouth off the meaty treat he had helped himself to. “I’ll show you how good I am! Soon you’ll be wanting guys to suck you off all the time! Time for you to try something new, man! Fuck my mouth good because you’re going to be fucking my white ass in no time!”

Donnie’s lustful words turned the no longer straight bodyguard on immensely as he succumbed to the surprise pleasure and just closed his eyes to feel the ecstasy overtake him from the unexpected blowjob from a teenage boy. It was obvious that the muscular bodyguard would soon be doing a lot of things he had never done before and that turned everyone on as they all kept fucking and sucking right on the floor.

But while Donnie had shown no patience for walking all the way upstairs to get undressed, the others did. After all Kaia and Presley were new here and they didn’t have the comfort level Donnie did with all of this. They wanted to follow the rules so they would be invited back year after year and Nikki and Dante stuck by their friends’ side.

They took one last moment to appreciate the fun on the floor as the black bodyguard got his hand on the back of Donnie’s head, almost stroking his long hair as he felt the illicit ecstasy of his first bisexual experience. It was so hot to see that while Isabela also felt new bisexual pleasure from Michelle’s tongue and the bodyguard behind her kept hammering away at her pale ass, her cheeks jiggling with every hard thrust while her fiancé watched helplessly and happily.

It was so sexy to see all of it but the teens knew that so much more was waiting for them inside the party. This was just a taste. The feast was inside and they all wanted in. Donnie’s sudden dalliance left only the three pairs of siblings and they all went upstairs to undress with Kaia leading the way hand in hand with Peyton.


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