The Violation Of Holly Marie Combs

This FICTIONAL story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations,
if you are underage or easily offended, stop reading.

By Wonder Mike

Alyssa Milano had to get that part in star wars, she deserved it. She
had gone from the girl next-door to a sex symbol who can’t get a decent role.
Stars Wars will make her the biggest name in Hollywood.

Eddie told her she had to bring her friends. She had been through a rough
ordeal, but she had 2 days to recover, and Eddie had really been nice to her while she

She knew she could get Shannon Doherty to agree, they were best friends after
all. She wouldn’t stand between Alyssa becoming somebody.

She went to Shannon’s apartment and told her somebody wanted to meet her.
Shannon wanted more
details, she really hated to meet the humanoids, I mean fans. Alyssa told her
who it was and Shannon
told her no way, she had heard about Eddie. Shannon had done some weird stuff in
her life but if half
the things she heard about Eddie were true, she wanted no part of it.

Alyssa was pissed. She had to get that role. She called Eddie and told him that
wouldn’t come to see him. Eddie had a plan. He called Alyssa back to his Mansion
and gave
her a bottle of chloroform. Alyssa knew what to do.

She left the home and was going to return to Shannon’s apartment. She would do
to get that role. On her way she had a couple of minutes to think. After all
was her best friend and she did know some dirty secrets about her, this wasn’t

She saw she was driving by the third member of the trio of friends, Holly. She
and Holly
were not as close as she was to Shannon, after all they forced the producer to
add her
to the cast of Charmed. Holly owed her, and she wanted to become more involved
in some
of the escapades Alyssa and Shannon had.

She knocked on Holly’s door and told her she was going to take her on an
Holly really didn’t want to go but Alyssa convinced her. She told Holly they
going to meet a fan who could help their career if they just went along with a
of things that he wanted.

The two actresses arrived at Eddie’s place, Alyssa introduced Holly. She told
her the
Holly wanted a part in the movie also. She didn’t tell her what she would have
to do though.
Eddie had plans for both of them.

Eddie but on some music and told them both to do a strip tease. Alyssa slowly
her top, Holly was apprehensive but she soon was topless also. Alyssa started to
rub Holly’s tits. Eddie really enjoyed this.

He instructed them to finish stripping. Alyssa dropped her pants, bent over and
wiggled her
ass in Eddie’s face, she told Holly to join her. She was getting into the spirit
and took off
her pants. She bent over next to Alyssa and wiggled her ass at Eddie also, her
ass wasn’t as nice as Alyssa’s
but he wouldn’t throw her out of bed, unless of course she was eating crackers.

Alyssa reached over and started to finger Holly’s pussy. Holly jumped at her
Eddie instructed her to stay still for Alyssa. Alyssa then inserted 3 fingers
into Holly,
Holly took them easily and started to pull away. Eddie reminded her what was at
The greatest movie role in history, if they pleased him.

Holly started to rock back on Alyssa’s fingers. She added a fourth finger. Holly
started to squeal, she was embarrassed, but it felt good.

Eddie wanted more. Alyssa added her thumb to Holly. She shoved her fist past the
into Holly. She was still rocking back onto Alyssa. She was scared she was going
to lose
her watch because it was buried into Holly.

Holly reached around and started to finger her friend. Eddie called for guards.
Ten of them arrived. He ordered them to all strip and lay side by side. They all
laid down
with their erect cocks sticking straight up in the air.

Eddie told Alyssa to sit on the first one and ride him until
he cums.
She rode him for 10 minutes until he couldn’t take anymore, then
he ordered Holly to suck him off. The first guard came into Holly’s mouth.
Eddie ordered her to hold it in. He then got a cup and ordered her to spit the
cum into

Alyssa then moved on to the next guard. They repeated the scene with Alyssa
him until he was ready to cum and then shooting the load into Holly’s mouth and
her spiting it into the glass. The two actresses finished off all ten guards
like that.

When they were finished, Alyssa was exhausted, but Holly was ready to go. Eddie
Holly to lay on the special bench. He but a blind fold on her and told her to
her legs.

Eddie called Alyssa over and told her to go to work. Holly didn’t know what
was going on. She felt something being inserted into her pussy.

She was being stretched wider and wider by what ever it was. A couple of guards
came over and grabbed her arms and legs. She was tied down to the bench before
knew what was going on. Her legs were as wide apart as they could go and she
barely move anyway.

Eddie came over to Holly and removed her blind fold. She looked down
and saw her friend Alyssa fucking her with a highway cone. Her pussy
was being stretched to the max. She opened her mouth the scream as Alyssa
the huge cone even further, Eddie stuck a ball gag in her mouth.

Alyssa was working the cone in and out of her as hard as she could. She had a
of it buried into her cunt. Holly was having the most intense orgasm of her life
couldn’t believe what was happening. She also knew she wouldn’t be able to take
much more of this.

She was in the middle of another orgasm when she saw another guard enter the
It wasn’t the guard that shocked her. It was the fact that he was bring a
in with him.

Eddie told Alyssa to suck on the horse, Holly had suspected that she and Shannon
had been
fucking animals but she just couldn’t believe it until now. Alyssa wrapped her
lips around
the 18 inch stallion cock and began to suck.

Alyssa got the horse hard and guided it to Holly. She was trying to scream but
couldn’t. Alyssa slid the horse cock into her pussy.

The horse put it’s front legs up on the bar above Holly’s head, and
slammed his cock all the way into her. Her pussy was stretched out from the
cone and she had no trouble accepting the huge cock. The stallion had his cock
all the way into Holly on the first stroke.

The stallion reared back until only the tip of his cock was
inside of Holly, then he slammed it in as far as it would go.

It fucked Holly like that for half an hour. Alyssa couldn’t believe
that Holly stayed conscious for the entire fucking. When she thought
Holly couldn’t take anymore Alyssa pulled the cock out of her and sucked
off the horse until it came in her mouth. She then spit the cum into
Holly’s mouth.

Alyssa then grabbed the glass of cum and drank it all down with one
swallow, she had to get the lead in the movie now, Holly deserved
a small part too.

Eddie told them he would get back to them.


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