The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Fifteen

Title: The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination “And Many Fantasies Were Learned…” Part Fifteen

Author: KMB

Celebs: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan, Jessica Alba, Alyssa Milano, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Stella Hudgens, Chloe Moretz, Ava Sambora, Heather Locklear, Hayden Panettiere, AnnaSophia Robb, Bella Thorne, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Branch, Mariah Carey, Olivia Holt, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Anna Kendrick, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, Dianna Agron, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Mandy Moore, Natalie Portman, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Eliza Dushku, Kim Kardashian, Amy Adams

Codes: FF, FF+, MF, MFF, cons, orgy, oral, anal, inc, toys, squirt, rim, ATM, DP, inter, facial

Disclaimer: Merry Christmas everyone! There is another gift to give and this is it as we start to come in for a landing. Yes this is chapter 15 and chapter 16 will be the final chapter in this epic series. So while there is a lot of action and twists and turns to get to, we are almost at the end.

To refresh your memory though, the party is still roaring wild as the girls, feeling the effects of all that spiked punch, are doing things they never would have dreamed of. Boundaries are being crossed and new perversions are being embraced.  But whatever happened to Vanessa Hudgens and Stella and Ashley? And what the hell is Rose planning to do with Fluffy? You’ll find out all of that and more in this chapter.

Before we do, a few notes first.

Now, this is critical to remember. This story is NOT REAL. It is completely made up. It uses real people and refers to real events but it is FICTION. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way.

Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. It’s not PG. PG-13 or even R. Hell NC-17 is too mild. This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only.

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Finally, the thank yous. I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. And there is a special thank you that must go out to 313 who proofread every single word and told me the correct way of saying “strap on” is actually “strap-on.” He read it all even the parts that made him very uncomfortable and for that I cannot thank him enough. And of course I need to thank that special someone out there who always makes me feel like an amazing writer even when I don’t think I am and even put her arts and crafts skills to work to make me feel inspired. She’s the best and I’m still doing this because of her.

So have we covered everything? I think that’s it. Please read and read well. Because it might be a new year, but things are as kinky as they ever were in Malibu.


The Harem: Keep Feeling Fascination

“And Many Fantasies Were Learned…”

Part Fifteen



As she staggered out of the living room, Vanessa Hudgens tried to get the feeling back in her legs. They were all wobbly and she was having trouble walking. But she didn’t care. She was too busy smiling and tingling from all fucking she had done.

Her pussy was raw from how many times it had been licked and her face and hair were a mess from all the girls she had eaten out. She was a filthy, sticky mess from all of that girl cum and Vanessa loved being that way. It might have been hard to walk but it wasn’t like that mattered anymore because Vanessa never wanted to leave this unbelievable party.

She had been to the mansion many times before but it had never been like this. Tonight was the wildest party she had ever been to and all she wanted was more. Her pussy had been fucked and licked to excess and Vanessa could feel saliva dripping down her ass crack from how many times she’d been sloppily rimmed. She was a fucked up hot mess and she knew it. But all it did was turn her on more.

She was sore but still horny as she staggered away from everyone else and found herself clutching the wall for support. Her pussy had been filled with fingers and tongues and toys and, gawd she had even let Lindsay Lohan grab one of the nutcrackers that had been in the festively decorated room and fuck her with it. It had stretched her out so good and she had come so hard from it, relishing how awesome it had felt to be so nasty at Christmastime.

Vanessa hadn’t believed she had done that. She had let that slutty redhead fuck her hard with the wooden object while Lindsay had also shoved two fingers up her asshole and it had been amazing. Vanessa had screamed in ecstasy from it as she had come all over. It had felt so fucking filthy and it was only the tip of what she had done and what she had let be done to her.

Vanessa knew she should have been worn out from everything that had happened to her but instead she was energized and so hungry for more. Part of Vanessa recognized that this was weird and that not only were all of the girls at the mansion acting wilder than normal, but so was she.

But Vanessa was having way too much fun to take heed of little details like that. She was beyond simply intoxicated from the punch now. She was also absolutely and completely cum drunk and Vanessa practically hiccupped from it as she tasted girl cream all over her lips and tongue and imagined how much of it was now filling her tummy.

Just picturing that made Vanessa smile even more. She had tasted so many hot girls that night. She had fucked Jamie Chung and Ashley Benson a bunch of times and showed her new lovers how she could be even kinkier then they’d all been the night before when they’d played in her bedroom. But Vanessa hadn’t stopped there.

She’d also fucked Lucy Hale and Holly Marie Combs and found out Ashley’s co-stars were just as tight and tasty as she was. And Vanessa had also made sure to thank her hosts too. She’d fucked Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’d sucked on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s big tits and buried her face in the gorgeous woman’s ass to tongue fuck her tight pussy and Love’s precious little asshole too.

God, Vanessa thought she might have done Jewel and Jessica Alba in there too sometime but everything was a blur. She had lost count of how many women she had fucked. Vanessa was sure she had licked Olivia Munn and Selena Gomez had sat on her face at some point in the night. She distinctly remembered tongue kissing Carrie Underwood while Kelly Clarkson used fingers on her pussy and her ass at the same time. And Vanessa remembered flashes of licking Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson with their gorgeously sexy asses naked and sticking out for her to play with while her own pussy was being tended to by Christina Aguilera.

Nothing was entirely solid in her mind, though. It was all a sexy, dirty fog in her brain and Vanessa wasn’t quite sure if she had actually done those things with those girls or if she had just thought about doing it. All she knew for certain was she was having the time of her life.

Vanessa had no idea of how many girls had licked and fucked her pussy and ass that night and she definitely had no clue how many she had done it to. At one point it had seemed like she had been lying on the floor and girl after girl had been sitting on her face and letting her push her tongue into tight pussies and yummy assholes while others took turn defiling her own cunt and ass with fingers and tongues and anything else lying around. Vanessa had been thoroughly fucked in every way in there and yet she still craved more.

Vanessa needed more sex. It was a compulsion now. She had to have it and she could feel the hot juice on her thighs from how much her pussy was dripping as she tried to stagger her way around the mansion without falling on her face.

That was the main reason she had left the living room. She felt like she had fucked every girl in there and she had wanted to go into the other room to find more. Vanessa didn’t just want to fuck a lot of girls tonight. She wanted to fuck every single one of them.

She wanted to drink their cum and spread her legs for them until she had gotten every bit of her brains fucked out of her and had completely forgotten Ashley Tisdale’s name much less how much she still ached for her and how she missed her with every fiber of her being even though Ashley was still a dirty, cheating bitch who she totally hated.

Vanessa knew there had to be other girls here. She had seen Ariana Grande lurking about before looking all delicious and naked with that tiny little sexy body of hers. Vanessa wanted her bad and she had also spotted some pretty little young morsels too like Bella Thorne and Olivia Holt. God, she and Ashley had teased each other before about seducing those young Disney Channel chicks and showing them how to do it right like naughty little High School Musical sluts. But now Vanessa wanted them all for herself.

And she didn’t just want to put her tongue in those young, tasty teen peaches. Vanessa felt a deep aching to be fucked. She had seen Rose prowling around before with Mr. Snappy and Vanessa’s well-fucked pussy oozed fresh, hot cream at the thought of Rose taking her and defiling her like only she could. Vanessa hadn’t been fucked by Mr. Snappy in so long and right then, in her overheated and desperately horny mind, she felt like she absolutely had to have every big, thick plastic inch of it stuffed inside her pussy and then her ass or else she was going to die from need.

Unfortunately, in her sexually delirious state, Vanessa had wandered the wrong way. She had meant to make her way to the other room near the Christmas tree where all the other girls were. But she had accidently gone in the opposite direction though and found herself staggering naked around the empty hallways of the mansion’s ground floor, grabbing onto the walls and whatever else she could find for support as she considered how much easier it would be if she just dropped to her hands and knees and started crawling around looking for someone to fuck her.

And yet as eager as she was for more sex, none of what she had done had made Vanessa stop thinking about Ashley and how badly she still needed her and wanted to be with her even after she had broken her heart with her betrayal. And the part of Vanessa’s brain that wasn’t completely cooked at that point now recognized that nothing would.

Ashley was haunting her like a spirit, like a ghost of Christmas past or something and Vanessa hated it. She wanted to be done with her and forget she had ever known her. She hated Ashley for what she had done to her. And she hated herself for not being able to force her now ex-girlfriend out of her own mind.

It was all made worse by the fact that Vanessa knew Ashley was here too. When the clothes had started coming off, Vanessa had been right there with Ashley, fighting with her and Stella and demanding that if they had wanted each other so badly that they get each other naked and fuck. Ashley had resisted the idea but Vanessa had insisted and soon her girlfriend’s clothes had been off just like everyone else’s.

Vanessa had lost track of Ashley after that with all the other girls there to play with and get pleasure from. She assumed that her now ex-girlfriend was somewhere in the pile of girls fucking in there. Vanessa tried not to think about it though.

Vanessa didn’t want to picture Ashley Tisdale naked. She didn’t want to think about some other girl kissing all over her girlfriend’s beautiful creamy-skinned tits and sucking on Ashley’s yummy pink nipples. Vanessa didn’t want to think about what other girls were doing to Ashley’s perfect ass and how they were probably licking it and kissing it and doing naughty things to it to make her squirt, which was what Vanessa especially loved doing to Ashley. She didn’t want to think about other girls fucking Ashley’s pussy either and tasting the flavor Vanessa always hungered for and how those girls were probably making Ashley come over and over and over again.

Even the mere suggestion of something like that made Vanessa want to scream out of anger at Ashley for betraying her and with jealousy and rage that Ashley would do the kinds of things that she had been doing all night. And it also made her want to scream at herself for not being able to let go and forget all about that cheating bitch. But mostly she wanted to scream because as good as Vanessa had been able to feel in there by fucking all those other girls, it hadn’t stopped it all from hurting.

If she could just turn it off, Vanessa knew she would be able to be okay. That was all she wanted. Unfortunately that was the one thing she couldn’t do because Vanessa suddenly got a very big reminder of everything she was trying to forget when someone stepped out of the shadows.

“You’re such a fucking hypocrite!” the voice said, startling Vanessa when it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Vanessa whirled around to face the person’s accusation, nearly falling over in the process. But she didn’t have to do it to know who it was. She knew that voice as well as she knew her own.

“Stella! What the fuck?” Vanessa gasped, her heart beating in her chest over being spooked like she had. “What the hell are you doing? Are you following me? Go away!”

“Yeah I’m following you!” Stella shot back angrily. “I’ve been following you this whole time you’ve been at the party. I’ve been following you around watching you fuck girl after girl after girl. How can you be mad at me for being a slut when you’re the biggest slut in the universe? I had no idea you were such a whore! I knew you and Ashley were kinky like that and did other girls but I had no idea you were this much of a total rug munching lesbo! Ughhh was there anyone you didn’t fuck in there? And while you’re doing everyone, Ashley is upstairs crying her eyes out!”

“Good!” Vanessa sneered, feeling the sentiment both because she wanted Ashley to feel even more hurt and pain than she did and also because of the immense relief Vanessa experienced from knowing Ashley wasn’t in the party fucking other girls. “Go up there and cry with her. I don’t want to see either one of you again!”

“How can you be so mean?” Stella demanded. “You’re being such a bitch!”

Vanessa had not been expecting this confrontation and she felt the immediate need to defend herself. She was justified completely in her anger. After all she had been the one who had been betrayed. Ashley and Stella had broken her heart and they both deserved to have her do it right back to them.

“Me? You’re the bitch! You and Ashley both!” Vanessa insisted. “You made my girlfriend cheat on me, Stella! I thought you were my best friend! I thought I could trust you with anything! I loved you both so much and my own sister went and fucked my girlfriend! Now I don’t want to ever see either one of you again! Leave me alone Stella!”

Vanessa tried to get away as quickly as she could. But in her current state that was easier said than done and she stumbled a bit as she tried to turn around and head back to the party. That allowed Stella to move quicker and grab Vanessa’s arm, yanking on it and pulling her back around again so she had to face her.

“Let go of me you little fucking brat!” Vanessa angrily spat out.

“No! Not until you shut up and listen to me!” Stella said forcefully, keeping a tight grip on her arm. “You can’t just push me away like this! We’re sisters! You have to love me!”

“No I don’t! You clearly don’t love me or else you never would have done what you did!” Vanessa shot back. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want! You don’t love me at all! If you did then you never would have fucked Ashley! Get away from me Stella!”

“No! I do love you Vanessa and I’m going to show you how much!” Stella insisted. “I’m going to make you love me again too!”

And then Stella did something that took Vanessa’s breath away. The younger girl shoved her back against the wall and, before Vanessa could do anything but gasp over the force of her little sister’s strength, Stella kissed her right on the lips.

It was a forceful and passionate kiss and definitely one that was anything but sisterly. The kiss stunned Vanessa and she froze from it, which Stella took full advantage of.

Kissing her sister fiercely, Stella mashed her lips against Vanessa’s while pressing herself up against her, rubbing their naked bodies together. Vanessa’s eyes fluttered in total shock as she not only experienced Stella’s lips but also the feel of her own sister’s breasts, the larger mounds pressing up against hers and giving Vanessa a feel of the younger girl’s pierced nipples that she never had expected to ever feel.

Time stood still for Vanessa as Stella kissed her with a bold lewdness that had her toes curling into the hard hallway floor beneath their feet. Vanessa didn’t know how long she had Stella’s lips on hers. Her dulled mind was slow to react and Vanessa found herself shockingly being swept up in the passionate, taboo kiss.

It was only when Stella reached up and began wickedly teasing her nipples with her fingers that Vanessa realized she was supposed to be stopping this.

“Wait! Stop! NO!” Vanessa declared forcefully as she finally reacted and shoved Stella off her, sending the younger girl staggering backward with a big grin on her face. “What the fuck? Wha…what are you doing Stella?”

“Awww c’mon, you know exactly what I’m doing,” Stella teased as she stated the obvious while staring at Vanessa with a lustful heat in her eyes. “It’s what you were doing to all those other girls in there. Mmmmm I wanted to see just how big a slut my sister really is. And now I know. Mmmm you’re such a dirty girl Nessa. You liked it when I kissed you, didn’t you? It turned you on, didn’t it? Mmmm it sure turned me on!”

Vanessa didn’t like where this was going. Her whole body felt on fire even as her mind felt even woozier than before. She had never imagined that Stella would ever do something like that to her and Vanessa didn’t know how to react, especially because the kiss had truthfully felt amazing.

It had been so wrong and it was nothing she had wanted. But it had still felt good and in her current state, Vanessa felt hornier than ever. But she wasn’t about to admit that to Stella. She didn’t want this to go any further than it already had.

“You don’t know shit,” Vanessa snapped back. “You act like you know everything but you don’t know a goddamn thing! What’s wrong with you Stella? How could you do that? I’m your sister!”

“I thought you didn’t want to be my sister anymore,” Stella evilly pointed out, feeling confident that she had Vanessa right where she wanted her. “So if we’re not going to be sisters, I want to be something more. I got all fucking hot and wet watching you act like a whore in there and fuck all those other girls. You didn’t care about Ashley at all. You didn’t care that she would have done anything to make you forgive her. You just wanted to fuck and lick and come over and over again! Mmmm that was so fucking hot! I loved seeing you acting like a total slut in there craving pussy and getting so many girls to fuck you! Well now it’s my turn Vanessa! Now I’M going to fuck you! Your little Stella is going to fuck your brains out!”

Vanessa couldn’t believe Stella was talking this way to her. What had happened to her sister? Where had the girl she had thought she knew gone? Now not only had Stella fucked Ashley but she wanted to fuck her too? It was like Stella had gotten possessed by some kind of demon, because what she was suggesting was filthy and depraved and Vanessa didn’t want any part of it.

“No! Get away from me! What the fuck is wrong with you?” Vanessa demanded. “I’m not going to have sex with you! You’re crazy Stella! Leave me alone!”

“Mmmmm you want me! You know you do!” Stella confidently stated, giddy that her plan was working out so well. “I could feel it when we kissed! Mmmm you loved being a slut in there and fucking every girl you could get your dirty hands on! Now you want me too! And I want you too, V! I want to fuck you! Once we fuck you won’t be mad at Ashley anymore because you’ll have done what she did! You’ll both have fucked me and you’ll both know how hot I am! Everything will be even then and no one’s going to fight anymore!”

“That’s crazy! You’re crazy!” Vanessa insisted, stunned by Stella’s logic and trying to push every dirty, inappropriate thought she had out of her head so she couldn’t think about how much she had liked the taboo kiss and how the feel of Stella’s big tits rubbing into hers had made her feel really turned on.

“Maybe I am, but you’re wet from this!” Stella claimed, making her older sister gasp from the accusation.

Vanessa’s mind wasn’t working right and she found herself nervously checking to make sure Stella was wrong. But when Vanessa reached between her own legs to find out for herself, she found out the younger girl was right. Fuck! She was wet! It was obvious too. She couldn’t hide it when she was standing there naked.

The older girl tried to stammer out some kind of explanation about how she was wet from all those other girls at the party. She never wanted Stella to think she was some kind of sick pervert who would get turned on from her own sister.

Vanessa wanted Stella to know that she wanted nothing to do with her or Ashley ever again. But Vanessa never got the words out of her mouth before Stella got the drop on her again.

Stella pushed herself into Vanessa, sending her older sister back against the wall in the mansion’s hallway. And when Vanessa literally had her back against the wall, Stella took full advantage by grinding her naked body into her sister’s, pressing their bare skin together as the younger girl devilishly brought her hand right to Vanessa’s pussy.

And, even as Vanessa tried to voice an objection to what was happening, Stella began rubbing her sister’s pussy, sliding her fingers over Vanessa’s wet, tingling slit and starting to stimulate her tender, well-fucked lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddddddddd! Fuckkkkkkkkkkk!” Vanessa hissed, groaning out in unexpected pleasure as she felt the dual shock that Stella was doing this to her and that it felt amazing.

“Mmmmmm yessssssss you’re so wet V!” Stella moaned as she brushed her sister’s dark hair out of the way and kissed all over her neck while she pushed her fingers in deeper and started to fuck Vanessa. “Mmmmm you’ve got such a tight, hot and wet pussy V! Ooooh just like I do! Maybe it runs in our family!”

“Ohhhh Goddd! Ohhhhhhhh my fucking Goddddddd!” Vanessa groaned, her toes curling into the hardwood floor as pleasure she had never dreamed she would feel rushed through her. “Nooooo! Stop! Stop it Stella! Ughhh pleaaaaaaaaaaase! Please don’t do this! Oooooooh my God this is so wrong! We can’t! No! Stoppppppp ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk!”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Stella moaned into Vanessa’s ear while she began pumping her fingers faster in and out of her sister’s pussy, creating a sexy squishing sound as she turned Vanessa on more and more. “Mmmmm this is how I took Ashley too! I started playing with her hot, wet pussy and fingering and licking her and making her think I was you! Mmmm and when she realized it was me it was too late for her to stop me! She wanted me too much because she could feel how good I am! Now you’re feeling it too Vanessa! Now you’re seeing what a hot fuck I am! And you’re not going to want to resist me, are you? Mmmm you’re only going to want to fuck your little Stella like the nasty sisters we are!”

Vanessa’s head was spinning more than it ever had before. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Her own sister was finger fucking her. Those weren’t just any fingers sliding in and out of her vagina, stimulating her clitoris and making her weak in the knees as they toyed with her hot spots and made her all squishy and hot. It was her own sister’s fingers!

God, Stella was finger banging her and she loved it. Vanessa couldn’t believe this was actually happening but it felt so good that she didn’t want to stop it.

Stella was totally taking advantage of Vanessa’s intoxicated and aroused state and Vanessa was totally letting her do it. The pleasure of this taboo act was intoxicating Vanessa even more as the endorphins and adrenaline ran wild in her brain. She was so turned on from this and Vanessa found herself not wanting Stella to stop at all.

She wanted her sister’s fingers to keep fucking her. She wanted to feel them pushing in deep and hard and rubbing her clit until she came all over them and Stella brought them up to her mouth so she could taste her own naughty cum on them.

Vanessa couldn’t believe she was thinking this way but it was making her so wet to have Stella’s fingers plunging in and out of her twat. Suddenly Vanessa could understand everything. She could feel why Ashley hadn’t been able to resist and had cheated on her. This felt so fucking good that Vanessa suddenly didn’t care about anything else, not even the taboo of incest and how wrong this was. She just wanted Stella to make her come.

Vanessa was too weak and too horny to fight her determined sister off and when Stella kissed her again, Vanessa found herself unable to resist her. She couldn’t think rationally or morally. She could only feel immense desire clouding her brain and making her completely unable to want anything but to relent to those fingers sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy while Stella’s lips passionately pressed to hers.

So Vanessa did what she had never dreamed she would or could do. She kissed her own sister like a lover. She and Stella had kissed many times before, but only innocently as sisters. But there was nothing innocent about the erotic kiss Stella was giving her and Vanessa’s head spun as she found herself ignoring the decent and right thing to do and kissing her back. Vanessa rubbed her lips into Stella’s and moaned from how good it felt.

God Stella’s lips were beautiful. They were so soft and tasty and Vanessa found herself wanting them. They were her own sister’s lips. They were the lips Ashley had been tasting when she had cheated on her. And now Vanessa found herself tasting them. She found herself kissing them. She found herself enjoying it. Kissing Stella was so fucking hot especially with those fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, making her wetter by the second.

Vanessa could feel her knees buckle from the intensity of what she was experiencing but she didn’t do anything to stop it. In fact she furthered it. Stella had been the aggressive one to initiate their kissing but Vanessa was the one who took it deeper as she pushed her tongue into Stella’s mouth and rubbed it against her sister’s. And Stella didn’t hesitate to do it right back to her, making their tongues rub together as the two sisters illicitly made out.

And once their tongues touched, neither one of them wanted to stop it. Stella and Vanessa began kissing with more urgency, all their emotions turning into lust from the heat of their kiss. Vanessa even took one of her hands and softly ran it over her sexy sister’s face, caressing the cheek she had earlier slapped and letting her fingers softly tease Stella’s soft straight hair that contrasted so nice with her own curlier, darker locks.

Vanessa could see that Stella had closed her eyes while they kissed and she did it too, letting the pleasure wash over her as they broke this taboo. This was so fucking filthy and Vanessa knew she was supposed to be stopping it but not only couldn’t she, she didn’t want to.

She just wanted to keep on touching her little sister and when Vanessa brought her hand up to erotically fondle Stella’s bare chest, feeling up the large mounds and pierced nipples on her forbidden body, Stella moaned and Vanessa pulled her mouth away.

“Oh Stella! Stella ohhhhh fuckkk ohhhhhhh my God…wha…what are we doing?” Vanessa moaned, her voice not angry anymore, just filled with the dreamy pleasure of knowing she was enjoying something that was truly and totally wrong.

“Mmmmm shhhhh don’t think about it, just let it happen,” Stella softly replied, loving how she had control of her older sister. “Doesn’t it feel good V? Don’t you like feeling my fingers in your pussy? Mmmm doesn’t it make you want to come?”

Vanessa couldn’t believe this was happening and that she was hearing such filthy words coming from Stella’s mouth. But she couldn’t resist them, not when Stella was making her so weak with pleasure.

Vanessa was already at a disadvantage thanks to the punch and her ultra-aroused and emotionally frazzled mind. And now Stella was pushing her closer and closer to the edge thanks to those magical fingers fucking her dripping wet hole.

“Yessssssssss!” Vanessa hissed back erotically. “Ughhh ohhhh fuckkk this is so wrong! But it feels so fucking good! Is this how you did it? Is this how you made Ashley fucking cheat on me? Oh Stella! Fuckkkkkk ohhhh fuckkkk don’t stop!”

“I’m not going to stop! I’m not going to stop until you fucking come all over my fingers!” Stella evilly promised, her dirty words making Vanessa moan in disbelief and horniness as her legs felt like they were going to collapse right out from under her while she let her own sister defile her. “You can’t fucking resist me any more than Ashley could! When she realized it was me licking her and not you she tried to make me stop but I wouldn’t let her! I just kept licking and finger fucking her until she couldn’t fight me off and let me do any dirty thing I wanted to her! I made her want me and now I’m making you want me Vanessa! Say it! Say you want me!”

This was too much for Vanessa. How could she say something like that? Stella was her sister! And she hated her! Ughhhh fuckkkkk but it felt so good! It was making her rethink everything.

How could she really hate her own sister, especially when Stella was making her feel so incredible! Those fingers just glided in and out of her cunt, fucking her with such effortless skill that Vanessa was convinced that Stella had to have been fucking girls behind her back this whole time. How else could she know how to do this so well?

Stella’s fingers were driving her wild. Vanessa’s toes were curling into the floor and she was moaning out whenever she wasn’t gasping. There was so much pleasure flowing through her veins and it was all so taboo. Vanessa knew she shouldn’t say it. She knew she should have been even angrier at Stella for violating her like this. But Vanessa couldn’t be angry. She couldn’t fight it. She gave in with barely any effort to hold back.

“I want you!” Vanessa cried out, saying something she never dreamed she would ever utter. “I want you so much Stella! Ohhhh my God this is so fucking wrong! But I do! I want you! Don’t stop Stella!”

Stella’s eyes lit up when Vanessa admitted it. She started fucking her big sister harder, making Vanessa’s nude body writhe up against the wall, her bare ass pressed right into it and grinding like she was going to leave a hot sweat mark against it. Stella started to force her fingers into Vanessa faster and deeper, rubbing her clitoris and making both of their bodies crackle with taboo energy.

“Tell me to fuck you! Tell it to me all slutty and hot like you would tell it to Ashley!” Stella demanded, pushing things even further as her big sister wailed in pleasure from the feel of her fingers stimulating her drenched pink folds and making her sensitive clitoris throb with the need for release. “I want to hear you fucking say it Vanessa! Tell me to fuck you! Oooooh mom and dad always thought you were the nice one but you’re not! You’re the one letting your own sister finger fuck you! You’re the one who’s going to come from my fingers in your slutty fucking twat! Say it Vanessa! Tell your own sister to fuck you and make you come!”

Vanessa was panting and groaning loudly now but she could still hear her own pussy squishing with every motion of Stella’s nimble fingers. And she could definitely feel it. Vanessa’s mind was whirling and she groaned in both embarrassment and arousal when she realized she was drooling over this. Fuck, she could actually feel the saliva dripping out of her mouth and running down her chin over how good it felt to be finger fucked by her own little sister.

Stella was relentless in her stimulation of her pussy and Vanessa felt completely helpless. All night she had tried so hard to hold onto her fury and nurse her heartbreak so it would never leave her even though she had kept feeling the compulsion to forgive her girlfriend and her sister.

Vanessa had wanted to keep hating them both even when she’d been reminded how good Ashley looked naked and how she desired and loved her and even when she’d thought about how horrible it was to hate her own sister. She’d always shoved those thoughts aside and tried to bury them under her anger but now she couldn’t anymore.

All Vanessa wanted to do was to forgive and to fuck. Stella was doing so much more than getting her off with her fingers. Every illicit thrill Vanessa got from the taboo shattering thrust of Stella’s young fingers in her sodden pussy made Vanessa ache to be close again not just to her sister but to Ashley and she couldn’t fight it. She wanted to do everything Stella told her to do no matter how wicked. It felt too good. How could she be angry when Stella was showing her just why Ashley had cheated and why it was impossible to resist such a little seductive vixen?

“Fuck me Stella! Oooooh finger fuck my dirty little pussy!” Vanessa cried, giving into the carnal thrill of the incest that was blowing her mind and making her mouth and her pussy drool. “Ohhhh fuckkk yessss! You’re going to make me come you little slut! My own sister is going to make me fucking come! Fuck me Stella! Fuck me like you fucked Ashley! Make me want you like you as much as she did! Make me want to fuck my own sister! Ooooooh Stellaaaaaa ohhhhmygawwwwd you’re making me so fucking wet! Gawwwwd ooooh how did my little sister get so fucking good at thissssss?”

“Mmmmmm lots of practice on myself!” Stella wickedly giggled, relishing every moment she had her beautiful big sister, the one who always thought she knew what was best for her, writhing and moaning from the feel of her fingers fucking her cunt. “I’m a bad girl Nessa! I finger fuck my pretty little pussy every single night! I’d secretly watch you and Ashley fuck when I would stay over at your place. You and her would fuck because you thought I was asleep! Mmm but I was really listening and watching and getting so fucking turned on! I wanted what you had so bad! I wanted a hot fucking girlfriend! But now I don’t just want that! Now I want you too! It was so fucking obvious that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it the whole time! I thought I just wanted Ashley! But I wanted you too! I saw what you two had and I wanted it! I wanted something hot and special and kinky! Now I have you both! Now you both fucking want me!”

“Yessssssssss fuckkkkk ohhhhh yessss you have me! I fucking want you Stella!” Vanessa groaned, pussy juice dripping down her thigh and onto her leg from how skillfully and vigorously Stella was finger fucking her. “Oooooh I had no idea! Fuckkkk you’re such a dirty girl! Gawwd you fucked Ashley and now you’re fucking me! Fuckkk I’m your sister you kinky bitch! How is this feeling so good? Ooooooh yessssssssssssss! Fuck me Stella! Make me come!”

Vanessa had no control of herself. She couldn’t have stopped what was happening to her even if she’d wanted to. All she wanted was Stella to finger her and then tongue fuck her and suck the cum right out of her pussy until she was completely spent and forget she was ever mad at her.

Vanessa gave herself completely over to her sister’s wickedness and continued begging Stella to make her come as she pressed herself up against the wall and let Stella’s fingers defile her.

Stella was loving every second of having Vanessa in this state. She felt so powerful and totally in control of her famous big sister. It made her own pussy drip and while she fingered Vanessa, Stella also started fingering herself. She played with her own pussy while she felt Vanessa’s wet juices drip down her fingers and coat her hand as they even got on her wrist.

“Remember how you said I was nothing to you?” Stella demanded, both of her hands now hard at work. “Remember how you said I wasn’t your sister? Remember how you said I wasn’t your friend? Remember how you said you didn’t love me anymore? I’ll bet you don’t feel that way anymore, do you Nessa?”

“Noooooooo! Oooooh fuckkkk I don’t feel that way anymore Stella! Mmmm I fucking love you!” Vanessa groaned in out of control lust wanting nothing more than for this illicit incestuous pleasure to never end for her. “Ohhh fuckk I’m going to come! I love you so much Stella! Ohhhhhhh yesssss you’re the best fucking sister ever! Make me come! I love you Stella!”

Stella had been aching to hear that from Vanessa again and she didn’t care that this was how she’d had to get those words out of her. She didn’t care that this was wrong and taboo. She just wanted Vanessa to forgive her and Stella was going to do anything to make it happen, even this.

“I love you too Nessa!” Stella cried back, her own pleasure growing as she brought her sister to the precipice of orgasm. “I never wanted you to be mad at me or hate me! I just wanted what you had! Now I know I want you too and I’m going to be such a good sister from now on! I’m going to make you and Ashley feel so fucking good and you two won’t be fighting anymore because you’ll both be fucking me!”

To Vanessa’s overheating and punch addled brain that made perfect sense. She did want to forgive them both deep down and how could she stay mad at Ashley when they both had committed the same sin?

And it was even worse with her, wasn’t it? Stella was her sister and they were doing something that was so fucking wrong. It just felt so good and Vanessa wanted more. She wanted to feel what she’d had with Ashley again and she wanted Stella too. Vanessa couldn’t stop herself from wanting it.

“Yesssssss fuck us both! We can both fuck you Stella! Ughhh all three of us in a nasty fucking threesome!” Vanessa cried in utterly unleashed lust. Nothing felt taboo or out of bounds to her now as she grinded against her sister’s hand and found herself playing with Stella’s tits, feeling the round sexy mounds and loving how Stella’s pierced nipples felt against her palms. “I fucking want that! Make me cheat on Ashley with you like you made Ashley cheat on me! Ooooh we can all fuck together! Oh God! Ohhhh my fucking Godddd I’m going to come Stella! You’re making your sister commmmmmme!”

Stella responded to that by moving her fingers into Vanessa harder and faster while kissing her sister right on the lips. She had Vanessa pinned against the wall and she was such easy prey for her.

Stella’s fingers slid in and out of Vanessa, giving her pussy non-stop stimulation while Vanessa melted into the incestuous kiss and rubbed her tongue right into Stella’s. Vanessa was hers now and Stella loved it. She had thought she had only wanted Ashley but the more she illicitly played with her big sister, the more Stella felt like she’d really been jealous of Ashley.

She’d thought she’d been jealous of Vanessa for having a girlfriend and a happy relationship when she hadn’t had anyone. But Stella now thought she was more jealous of Ashley for having Vanessa and making her big sister fall in love with her. And now she could have them both and Stella wanted that bad. She wanted to have Vanessa and Ashley be totally into her so she could have everything they had, all the sex and all the love, all for her!

“Come for me Nessa! Come all over my fingers!” Stella demanded, her fingers squishing in and out of Vanessa’s cunt while she kissed her. “Come like a fucking slut for your own sister! Come like Ashley did! I fucked your girlfriend so good and now I’m fucking you! You’re both going to want me all the time now! Come for me! Come for Stella!”

Stella was totally in control of her and Vanessa just let it happen. She was too fucking turned on and too fucking drunk and it all felt so fucking good. Vanessa couldn’t hold back. Those fingers stimulating her sensitive, well-fucked pussy and her throbbing clit were too much and Vanessa gasped in ecstasy as she did something she never could ever have dreamed she would ever do.

“Yessssssssss fuckkk! OHHH FUCKKKK OHHHHH STELLAAAAA FUCKKKKK!” Vanessa screamed out as she came, not caring if anyone heard her, the aggressive finger fucking removing any self-control as she ecstatically came from her own sister’s fingers buried inside her cunt. “OOOOOH IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! OHHH FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKKK FUCKKKKK!!!”

Stella quieted Vanessa’s orgasmic screams with another passionate kiss to her lips. And as she came, Vanessa feverishly kissed her little sister back, holding back none of the love and newfound lust she now had for Stella. Vanessa came with an intense rush as they kissed, her pussy clamping down and squeezing Stella’s young fingers as hot cream dripped out and soaked her hand.

Vanessa was left gasping after her orgasm and her legs were too weak to support her. She fell to her knees, collapsing onto the floor as she moaned in shock and ecstasy mixed together over what had just happened. And when Stella kneeled down next to her, the younger girl was smiling very much like the cat who had gotten the canary.

“Wh…what did we just do?” Vanessa groaned out, struggling to catch her breath as she felt such shame and such pleasure over what she had just let happen.

“Mmmm you just came all over my fingers,” Stella said matter of factly as if what they had just done was completely normal. “Mmm and it tastes sooooo good.”

Stella wickedly giggled as she licked her fingers, dragging her tongue up them to savor the forbidden flavor of her own sister’s fuck cream. Vanessa had gotten her fingers so wet and messy and there was so much to lick up. Stella helped herself to a naughty taste of it and then she took those fingers, now wet with her saliva too. and pushed them into Vanessa’s mouth so she could taste herself.

Vanessa let out a little squeak at first, like she felt she had to resist it. But she couldn’t. She succumbed in seconds and moaned as she tasted her own sloppy orgasm all over Stella’s fingers, sucking them clean while she felt her pussy get freshly aroused over the nasty thing she was doing with her little sister.

Vanessa’s head was spinning. She knew how wrong this was but she wanted so much more. And more was very much on Stella’s mind too.

“Let’s go upstairs sis,” Stella said, adding extra sexy emphasis on that last word. “There’s someone we need to go see.”


With a sad sigh, Ashley Tisdale lay herself on top of the bed and waited, though she wasn’t quite sure what it was she was waiting for. After all, the party was going out outside of the room and she was in here away from it all.

Ashley had never felt more alone and she knew she deserved it too.

She should have been out there with Vanessa. They should have been out in this party together making all their wildest and most fun fantasies come true. They should have been out there playing with other girls but wanting most to be with each other, the way other couples like Eliza and Kirsten and Britney and Christina were. They could have been having so much fun together

Ashley had dreamed about a night like this where she and Vanessa could be dirty and naughty with each other and with so many other beautiful women. They had been to mansion parties before and they’d enjoyed amazing nights of group sex here together with their hot friends. But this had been a night that was supposed to be magical and special and Ashley knew she was the one who had ruined it all.

She and Vanessa had been looking forward to this party from the second they had been told about it. They had planned to make love to so many women there and Ashley had dreamed about her and Vanessa waking up naked and messy from all their fun in each other’s arms. But none of that had happened.

Instead Vanessa was out there probably fucking every hot girl she could get her hands on and forgetting all about her. Ashley couldn’t help but torture herself by picturing that. She had been so hurt when she had seen Vanessa at the party with Ashley Benson and Jamie Chung and now all Ashley could do was picture Vanessa naked and fucking girl after girl without thinking about her and totally moving on with her life without her.

Ashley’s eyes welled up with tears from that and she grabbed some support from the one place she knew she’d find it without any question.

“At least I know you love me,” Ashley said glumly through wet eyes as she clutched the oversized black teddy bear that Love had given her as a companion the previous night.

The bear Ashley was clutching happened to be part of the hottest Christmas gift of the season. Parents were willing to crawl over broken glass and destroy each other Hunger Games-style to be able to get at the Hugamals. But to Ashley the bear wasn’t just some toy. It was a friend when she needed one most.

And though the warm, large stuffed black bear wasn’t much for talking, Ashley didn’t need him to say anything. She just needed to hold him tight and squeeze something soft and fluffy and feel loved and comforted, if only for a brief moment.

Ashley hated feeling sorry for herself and getting all weepy-eyed while everyone else out there was having fun and being naughty and naked. But what she hated most of all was the guilt. Ashley didn’t blame Vanessa for what happened. Even after seeing her now ex-girlfriend show up at the party with not one, but two women, Ashley couldn’t be mad at her.

And Ashley didn’t even blame Stella, at least not as much as she had before. Sure the scheming girl had been the one to take everything that Ashley had treasured in her life and shattered it for reasons Ashley still couldn’t understand. But it hadn’t been all Stella’s fault. She had been the one to cheat on her girlfriend. She had let Stella lick and fuck her and make her come even after she had realized it hadn’t been Vanessa who had woken her up with her tongue.

Ashley knew she could have made Stella stop. She could have pushed her off her and forced her to stop licking. She could have done a thousand things to end it before anything had happened. But Ashley hadn’t done that. She had let Stella go down on her. She hadn’t stopped it and she had come all over the tongue and gorgeous face of her girlfriend’s little sister. And she had loved it. Ashley had done something so horrible and she knew she deserved to be punished for it.

She had broken Vanessa’s heart. Ashley had never cared for a lover the way she cared for Vanessa and yet she had still hurt her. And now she was all alone because of it. Ashley was miserable on Christmas and she felt like she had to be that way because of what she had done to Vanessa.

The greatest party of all time was happening downstairs and she was up here in the guest bedroom completely dressed and hugging a teddy bear because Ashley couldn’t bear to see everyone else have fun and know Vanessa was in that pile being pleasured by other women and forgetting all about her.

Ashley had been the only one who hadn’t joined in the fun. Even Stella had ripped off her clothes and eagerly gotten naughty even though she and Vanessa fighting on the floor had kind of sent the whole party spiraling out of control. Vanessa sure hadn’t hesitated to be a part of the orgy. Ashley had seen that with her own eyes.

But while everyone else had been having fun with each other, Ashley hadn’t been able to do it. This had been what she had wanted so much. This was something she had ached to be a part of. But she couldn’t get into it, not with the guilt she felt and not with the heartbreak of losing Vanessa.

Sex wouldn’t have fixed what was hurting her. It probably would only have made things worse. As everyone else had kissed and touched and fucked and licked, Ashley had just wanted to run away and hide. That was what she was doing back in the bedroom she had crashed in the night before, fully dressed once again and clutching the Hugamal to her like his magic bear powers could somehow make everything better and heal hers and Vanessa’s broken hearts.

And yet, as miserable as she felt and as hopeless as it all seemed, Ashley couldn’t help wishing for a Christmas miracle.

Stella had promised her that she could fix things. The wicked girl had said she felt terrible over ruining Ashley and Vanessa’s relationship. She had sworn she had a plan to make things right. And while Ashley hadn’t wanted to believe her, she also hadn’t wanted to close herself off to at least the chance that things could be healed.

After all it was Christmas. It was a time to love and forgive and be together. And all Ashley wanted was to show Vanessa how much she loved her. She would have done anything to get Vanessa to forgive her. Ashley needed Vanessa in her life. She couldn’t lose the most important thing in the world to her because of some stupid mistake. Ashley couldn’t give up without a fight.

So she had done what Stella had asked her to do. She had come here and waited…and waited…and waited. And the more she had waited the more discouraged Ashley had become.

It seemed so crazy, she told herself. There had seemed to be a better chance of Santa Claus himself sliding down the mansion chimney to deliver Vanessa back to her from his big red sack of presents than of Stella somehow being able to convince Vanessa to forgive her.

Ashley hadn’t wanted to face it, but she also didn’t want to ignore reality either. And the reality was Vanessa was at the party fucking her brains out and she was here alone in the bedroom.

Ashley had grabbed her clothes and left the party, seeking solace in the bedroom where Stella had told her to wait. But there had been nothing for her there but the Hugamal and while Ashley was able to cuddle it, the comfort it provided was not the kind she needed most of all.

Ashley pressed her body up to the large teddy bear and clutched it closely. And as she did, she began to feel her eyes flutter shut. It was getting hard for her to stay awake, especially after how emotional the last few days had been. She might not have been exerting herself like the others were downstairs but she was still tired and sleep suddenly sounded really good to Ashley. At least it would be a temporary escape from her problems.

But before she completely dozed off, Ashley heard a knock on the door and sat up in the bed. The knock had startled her and she let out a little gasp because of it.

“Who is it?” Ashley asked, quickly getting her composure back, hoping it was Vanessa.

Instead the answer Ashley got back wasn’t the one she wanted.

“It’s Stella,” came the reply and Ashley sighed, falling back onto the bed in disappointment.

“Come in,” Ashley sighed, not really wanting to see Stella but knowing it wasn’t going to do any good to just send her away either. Ashley was sure that the girl was just up here to give her some excuse about why her plan hadn’t worked and why Vanessa was too busy fucking other girls to even want to see her anymore.

The door to the bedroom opened and the eager girl streaked inside, literally. Stella Hudgens wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing on her young body and she threw herself on the bed, bouncing up and down on it and laughing as she did it.

Ashley reacted with annoyance, though, sitting up in the bed and not letting herself be distracted by the way Stella’s round tits jiggled on her bare chest while she bounced. The sight of those tits capped off by wickedly pierced nipples might have enticed Ashley in another life, but not now. Stella was not the girl she wanted.

“What are you so happy about?” Ashley glumly asked, the giddiness in Stella’s demeanor only upsetting her further.

“Because I’m here to give you your Christmas gift,” Stella said with an excited smile before pressing her lips right to Ashley’s and kissing her.

But the kiss didn’t last long before Ashley broke it up. Once again Stella had taken her by surprise with a kiss but, since she was one of the few who hadn’t had any of the punch, Ashley had the presence of mind to be able to put a swift end to things. She still had all of her self-control and she was not about to make things worse by repeating her mistake.

“No! Get off me Stella!” Ashley said, pushing the girl off her. “I don’t want that! Don’t you get it? I only want Vanessa! She’s the one I love!”

Stella pouted for a quick second after Ashley pushed her away, but it didn’t last. Her smile returned and Stella reached out for Ashly to caress her face.

“And that’s exactly what you’re going to get,” Stella promised. “Mmmmm and if you want me, I can be a gift for you to play with too. I know I did a terrible thing Ashley. I know I fucked you and Vanessa over but I can make it up to you. I can give Vanessa back to you as a gift.”

Stella had claimed downstairs that she could do it but Ashley hadn’t believed her then and she was even more skeptical now. So Ashley was in no mood for Stella’s games or for vague promises that she had no way of being able to keep.

“What are you talking about?” Ashley demanded, so hopeful that somehow there was some kind of Christmas miracle that could bring her and Vanessa back together but too scared and sad to let that hope emerge in her words.

“I’m talking about this,” Stella replied before calling out into the hallway. “Come on in Nessa.”

Ashley made a little gasp as she nervously sucked in her breath at the sound of what Stella said. And when Vanessa indeed walked into the bedroom a second later, Ashley’s heart instantly leapt at the sight of her girlfriend. Vanessa, like Stella, was totally naked and Ashley’s heart began skipping excitedly in her chest when she saw the look in Vanessa’s eyes and recognized a very forgiving gaze.

“Vanessa!” Ashley gasped, so excited at the idea of this story somehow having a happy ending while, at the same time, trying to gird herself against the heartbreaking disappointment that it might not.

“Hey Ashley,” Vanessa said softly, not with the furious tone she had used with her girlfriend before but still with a lot of awkwardness between them.

It was so hard for Vanessa to look Ashley in the eyes and it wasn’t even because Ashley had cheated anymore. It was because of what she had just done downstairs with Stella.

Vanessa was so embarrassed and ashamed of herself and how much she had liked it. Now she and Ashley had done the same wicked thing with Stella but her having done it felt so much worse. Ashley had cheated but Vanessa had committed incest.

But at the same time, Vanessa also recognized that this was where she not only wanted to be, but where she needed to be. Even at her most furious, when she had been fucking every girl she could in a misguided quest for sexual revenge, Vanessa hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Ashley.

And now seeing Ashley sitting on the bed like she had been waiting for her made Vanessa feel an even greater swirl of emotions. She had told herself so many times when she had walked upstairs that this was a mistake but seeing Ashley just made Vanessa ache even more to find a way to fix things and get back to what she and Ashley had had together.

Neither of them said anything to each other at first. Ashley stared at Vanessa, her teary eyes full of hope and desperation and Vanessa’s full of longing and shame and hurt and need. They both wanted to say so much to each other, but neither of them broke the silence until Stella finally did it.

“Would you two just kiss already, jeez!” Stella whined in frustration. “What are you two waiting for? Make up and fuck! You know you both want to!”

“Oh my God Stella, it’s not….not like that,” Vanessa snapped back. “It’s not that simple! I…we…I mean…Ash and I…”

Vanessa was stammering, looking for direction in what she was saying and Ashley was of no help either as she was too shocked by Vanessa actually showing up to say anything. Ashley had so much that she wanted to say, but she was afraid if she did she’d just end up blubbering everywhere with tears rolling down her face as she begged Vanessa for forgiveness.

So it was Stella who took the lead again and she wasn’t afraid to hold anything back.

“It is that fucking simple!” Stella insisted. “You were mad at Ashley because she and I fucked but now you can’t be mad at her anymore because we’ve fucked too, Nessa! So now you and Ashley have done the same thing and it’s like it totally cancels everything out! You two can be all like girlfriends again!”

Vanessa didn’t quite see it like that and her face turned bright red over the illicit confession that Stella had so casually blurted out. And Ashley’s jaw dropped when she heard it too because, while it sounded completely unbelievable, the look on both sisters’ faces showed that it was true.

“Wait… you two? You…you…” Ashley gasped, her mind whirling at the very idea of something so taboo happening between Vanessa and Stella.

“Stella! Whyyyyyy? Why did you tell her?” Vanessa groaned in embarrassment. “I didn’t want anyone to know!”

“Well I want everyone to know,” Stella brattily insisted, quite pleased with herself and not ashamed of anything she had done to her own sister. She felt terrible that she had ripped Vanessa and Ashley apart, but at the same time Stella was sure this could bring them back together. “Didn’t it feel good sis? Didn’t it feel good when I finger fucked you and made you come? Mmmm your juices are all over my fingers still, Nessa! Want to taste Ashley? Want to taste how I fingered my own sister just like I finger fucked you?”

Ashley couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The idea of Vanessa and Stella having sex with each other sounded insane and Ashley was shocked by what Stella said, especially because Vanessa didn’t deny it. Ashley had thought Stella was capable of a lot but she had never thought she was capable of that.

She had no idea how to respond to this and there was more awkward silence in the bedroom until Stella broke it by opening her mouth again.

“Don’t be so shocked,” Stella said, speaking to Ashley but also making sure Vanessa got the message too. “I know you two do kinky stuff all the time. I listen to you two getting it on whenever I’m over at Nessa’s and you two think I’m asleep. Mmmm I watched you two whenever I could. I know you two like to get dirty. And obviously you two like doing all that crazy stuff that’s going on downstairs. I mean all of that is shocking and you don’t have any problem like that!”

“It’s not always like that! It’s…” Ashley began, feeling the reflexive need to defend her friends and, more importantly, not let Stella get the wrong idea about her and Vanessa being perverts.

“Shhhhh don’t worry, I’m totally cool with you and Nessa being kinky fucks,” Stella giggled. “After all, I’m one too! You both know that now! And since I’ve had you both and I’ve made both of you come we can have lots of fun together from now on! You can two can be together again and fuck each other like you used to and you two can both fuck me! Because I want some more of this!”

Stella boldly leaned in and kissed Ashley right on the lips, surprising the girl who immediately pushed Stella away. Because while Stella’s kiss was wonderful and Ashley had to admit she really liked feeling those sexy lips against hers, Stella was not the girl she wanted.

But Stella was undeterred and, once she was pushed away by Ashley, she instead turned to her sister and kissed Vanessa, pulling the older girl into the bed with her and Ashley so she could really give Vanessa a sensual smooch.

And even though Vanessa knew it was wrong and even though she was extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable about Ashley knowing she had just committed incest, Vanessa couldn’t push Stella away. It felt too good in her intoxicated and foggy mind and Vanessa kissed Stella back, making Ashley gasp as the two sisters sexily kissed in front of her.

When Stella had told Ashley she’d had a plan to get Vanessa back for her and that she should wait in the bedroom for her, Ashley had never dreamed this would be what Stella had concocted. This was so wrong. It was so dirty and so sinful. Ashley had seen sisters kiss before. With Lindsay and Ali and Hilary and Haylie always around at the mansion parties, she had seen a lot more too. But this was the first time she had seen Vanessa do something like this and it shocked Ashley while at the same time also giving her a wickedly erotic thrill.

Because while Ashley knew this was wrong, she couldn’t deny that both Vanessa and Stella were gorgeous women. And since both of them were naked and since everyone else was fucking their brains out downstairs, it didn’t look wrong.

It was totally, totally dirty of course and Ashley knew she should make them stop, but she couldn’t. For something so wrong, it looked so right and it was clear to Ashley that both Vanessa and Stella enjoyed the kiss, even when Vanessa felt a pang of guilt and finally pushed her little sister away.

“I can’t…we can’t…this…this isn’t right…” Vanessa stammered out, so embarrassed over her own arousal and that this was happening in front of Ashley. Vanessa’s head and tummy were churning over this and it was like she had an emotional roller coaster inside her. “Why are you doing this Stella? Why are you acting like this? What happened to you Stella? Why did you turn into this little monster?”

Those words had an impact on the younger girl and Stella backed away with a frown on her face, showing obvious pangs of regret, not necessarily over the kiss with her own sister, but over everything she had set in motion. Stella didn’t want to be the bad girl in this and it showed all over her young face.

“I’m not a monster,” Stella insisted, her feelings hurt that her sister would ever think she was that way. “I…I…just want to fix things! I want to make it all better! I want you two to love each other again and I want you two to love me too! Don’t fight this Vanessa. Just let it happen.”

But while so many of Vanessa’s instincts were telling her not only to forgive Stella and Ashley but also indulge in this new, forbidden pleasure, she wasn’t ready to do it. A strong part of her still wanted to hold onto her anger and the betrayal. Yet Vanessa also felt herself get aroused at the mere thought of Stella joining her and Ashley in bed and what wickedness the three of them could engage in.

That sounded so hot and so dirty and so much fun. Vanessa felt like she couldn’t let go of her fury at them both even as it was fading by the second. The more she was with Ashley the more she wanted to forgive her. But Vanessa reflexively clung to her stubbornness.

“I…I…no…I can’t…what you two did….ughhh I’m still so mad at you both!” Vanessa said, feeling so confused and emotional and frustrated over not being able to make up her mind about what she wanted to do. “You can’t just fix this like you’re snapping your fingers and wishing it away! You can’t make it like it never happened! I should just go…this was a mistake. I shouldn’t have come up here.”

Bur Vanessa leaving was the last thing that Ashley wanted. None of this was happening like she had expected it to and Ashley didn’t know what the right thing to do was. But she also knew that she couldn’t let this chance slip away. It was possibly her last chance with Vanessa and Ashley was so scared that she could lose her if she didn’t act.

“No! Please! Don’t go!” Ashley insisted, lunging forward and grabbing Vanessa by the arm to keep her from getting out of the bed. “I know we did something terrible to you Vanessa! I hate myself for what I did! I love you so much Vanessa and I hate that I hurt you! I’m so sorry for everything and if I could take it all back I’d do it in a second! But I can’t! I can’t take any of it back! I wish I could! But I’ll do anything for you to give me another chance! Please Vanessa! I miss you so much! I’ll do anything to make it up to you!”

“You can’t!” Vanessa insisted even though her voice made it seem like she actually was far from certain about that. “You cheated on me Ashley! You…you….you had sex with my sister! I can’t just forgive that! I…”

“So did you!” Stella interjected. “You can’t be mad at Ashley for what you just did too!”

“Quiet Stella!” Ashley shot back even though they all knew what had just happened between the two sisters had changed everything. “I don’t care about that! I just want you Vanessa!”

Vanessa didn’t say anything in response but she didn’t get up from the bed or pull herself away from Ashley either. So Ashley took that as a positive sign and moved her hand from Vanessa’s arm down so she could take her girlfriend’s hand in hers. Ashley pushed on, hoping she could spark something in Vanessa so they could move toward forgiveness.

“I’m so sorry for what I did, V,” Ashley said, again, not knowing what else to say but knowing she would say sorry a million times if she had to. She felt such deep regret over her actions and the pain she had caused someone she cared so much for. “I never wanted to hurt you. I love you so much Vanessa!”

“That’s why it hurts so much!” Vanessa said emphatically, her eyes welling up with tears. “I love you too Ashley! I love you more than I ever loved a guy! I never thought you were capable of doing something like that! I never thought you’d cheat on me! Especially with her! You broke my heart! You both did!”

Neither Ashley nor Stella said anything. The guilt they both were experiencing was immense and Vanessa just pressed on.

“I thought I could trust you both more than anyone in the world!” Vanessa said. “My sister? My girlfriend? You’re both my best friends and you did this to me! If you love me so much then why did you do it?”

“I don’t know,” Ashley admitted. “I know that sounds so fucking lame but I really don’t know. I don’t have any excuses. I did it. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t really try and stop it!”

“It’s all my fault!” Stella blurted out, reminding everyone she was there too. “Don’t blame Ashley! Blame me! She didn’t want me to do it! I snuck into bed with her when she was asleep and I just started licking her! She thought it was you at first! She was moaning out your name! And when she realized it was me, she tried to make me stop! But I wouldn’t! Ashley loves you Vanessa! Don’t do this to her! Blame me instead!”

“I blame both of you!” Vanessa insisted as her emotions bubbled over after all the intensity of the last few days, especially after what had just happened in the hallway. “Ughhh but this is all your fucking fault Stella! Goddamn it! You’re the reason this all happened! Look what you did! I never thought you’d ever be so selfish! I never knew you could be so hurtful! You’re not a kid anymore! You can’t just do whatever you want! You ruined everything! You knew I loved Ashley! I told you I was in love with her before I ever told her!”

“You’re in love with me?” Ashley said, her voice soft but almost eager.

She and Vanessa had never told each other that. Ashley knew how she felt but she’d been too scared to say it out of fear Vanessa wouldn’t feel the same way. They were best friends. They felt love for each other. That had been obvious to both of them. But it was a big difference between feeling love and being “in love.”

“I am…I mean I was,” Vanessa said, quickly correcting herself as she tried to stay angry. “You broke my heart Ashley! You both did! And then you…you….ughhh fuckkk I still can’t believe we just did that Stella!”

But Ashley didn’t want to think about Stella and Vanessa. Incest was so unimportant to her right now compared to what Vanessa had just said. And Vanessa knew it too. She hadn’t even meant to say it. She had just blurted it out in her emotional state and her bringing up what had happened with Stella was almost like she was trying to change the subject.

Ashley and Vanessa looked at each other with such regret as they both shared the same thought. It had taken all of this to make them say how they had really felt out loud. Vanessa had heard Ashley say it earlier in the night when she and Stella had been fighting and she had wished Ashley had told her so much earlier. And now Ashley felt the same way, regretting that true depth of their feelings for each other hadn’t been revealed earlier.

Ashley felt a growing sense of urgency inside herself. She couldn’t lose Vanessa. She couldn’t lose the best thing in her life. She had to fight for her.

“Please Vanessa! I love you so much!” Ashley said desperately. “I’m in love with you too! I’ll do anything to make up for what I did! I know you hate me and I know I deserve it! I know you should never want to see me again. But I’ll do anything to prove how much I love you! I hated seeing you with those other girls downstairs! I hated how you came here with Ashley and Jamie! I hated thinking about what you were doing with them! I know I deserve so much worse but I still hated it because I want you to be with me!”

Vanessa felt her eyes well up with tears again. She wanted to forgive Ashley so much. She hadn’t stopped loving her, even after all that had happened. In fact the depth of her feelings had made it hurt so much more when she had walked in on Ashley and Stella. Vanessa didn’t want to leave herself vulnerable though. Ashley said she was sorry now, but what if she did it again? Vanessa never wanted to ever feel as hurt as she had.

Vanessa wanted to say so much but she couldn’t get the words to form in her head. She was drunk and emotional and Vanessa knew she couldn’t control herself. She felt so funny thanks to the punch and all of her instincts were now telling her to let Ashley make all the pain and sadness of the past few days go away. Vanessa wanted to be with her so bad and she wasn’t the only one.

“Gawwwwd just kiss each other already!” Stella groaned in impatience. “You love Ashley! Ashley loves you! You love each other! Just kiss and fuck and pretend like this never happened! I’m trying to bring you two back together here!”

Ashley wanted that more than anything. But she didn’t want to push it. She didn’t want to come on too strong and scare Vanessa off or anger her somehow. She could feel like they were right on the precipice of some kind of reconciliation and Ashley didn’t want to ruin it.

So she said nothing. Ashley ignored Stella and just focused on Vanessa instead. She still had the brunette’s hand in hers and she softly held it, caressing it with her own hand while staring at her girlfriend with nothing but love and hope.

This was the Christmas miracle Ashley had wanted and she just hoped that if Vanessa could see how sincere she was and that she had meant every word and that she would rather die than hurt her again then somehow Vanessa would find it in her heart to be able to forgive her.

Vanessa didn’t say anything either though, at least not at first. She also ignored Stella’s petulant urging and instead gave all of her attention to Ashley. She loved the feel of Ashley’s hand softly touching hers. Ashley had the softest, most gentle hands she had ever felt and Vanessa had such an intense longing to experience those hands all over her body again.

She loved how Ashley touched her. She loved how she kissed her. She loved how Ashley always made her feel. How could she fight this anymore? Vanessa knew it was what she wanted even though it still hurt to think about how she had been betrayed.

“Are you really in love with me?” Vanessa asked, squeezing Ashley’s hand while looking at her softly and knowing she looked as vulnerable as she felt right then.

“Yes! I love you so much Vanessa!” Ashley immediately blurted back, not wanting there to even be a sliver of doubt in Vanessa’s mind as to how she felt. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before! I’m in love with you!”

Vanessa felt the same way, even after everything that had happened. She still had nagging doubts about what she should do. Ashley had hurt her so much and if she let her get away with that, what was to stop Ashley from doing it again? But Vanessa tried to shove those doubts away and instead she decided that Ashley was worth the risk.

“Oh yeah?” Vanessa challenged, her eyes still teary but a smile making her beautiful lips curl upward. “Well if you love me so much, how about you prove it Ashley?”

Ashley’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. That was just what she had wanted Vanessa to say and at first she feared she was dreaming all of this and that it wasn’t really happening. But the feel of Vanessa’s hand in hers was all the reassurance Ashley needed to know that this was real and she didn’t hesitate. She moved closer to Vanessa and softly and tenderly kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

Part of Ashley was afraid that Vanessa was going to slap her in the face or reject her advances, which would have felt even worse than a slap. But that didn’t happen. Instead Vanessa let Ashley kiss her.

She let Ashley’s soft lips brush up against hers gently and Vanessa let out a soft sigh in response. It felt so good to have those lips on hers. It was a shy kiss, almost like the first one Ashley had ever given her, but it reminded Vanessa of how good it felt to be with her girlfriend.

It was a brief but sensual pressing of their lips together and Ashley pulled away, wanting to know if it was okay if she did it again. And when Vanessa didn’t tell her to stop or give her any sign that she didn’t want this, Ashley moved her lips back to her girlfriend’s and kissed her again.

This time it was a longer, more purposeful kiss and Ashley followed it up with another and then another. Vanessa wasn’t kissing her back yet but she wasn’t fighting her off either and when Ashley softly kissed her again, this time letting it linger while she gently ran her hand over Vanessa’s face, the brunette moaned once more.

“Oh Ashley!” Vanessa cooed, unable to stop feeling wonderful tingles from the sensual, romantic kisses she was getting. “Mmmm baby! I missed you so much! Don’t stop! Don’t stop kissing me Ashley!”

Ashley didn’t reply with any words. She just gave Vanessa another kiss and this time Vanessa kissed her back. She returned the gesture and let her lips sensually connect with Ashley’s.

It had only been days since they had done this but it felt like years and they kissed with a growing eroticism. Vanessa sucked on Ashley’s bottom lip and Ashley did the same right back to her as they connected again and again, showing off how much they had both missed each other in kiss after kiss.

They didn’t use their tongues, not at first. They let their lips have all the fun and Ashley and Vanessa both were left smiling and naughtily giggling as they kissed each other repeatedly, the both of them loving the sparks they made each other feel. And it was only then that Ashley voiced what was an obvious fact.

“You’re naked,” Ashley said with a sexy little laugh at the end, her voice so nervously excited as if she could scarcely believe that this was actually happening.

Vanessa was indeed stark naked. She had been when she’d entered the bedroom and she hadn’t done anything to hide that. But everything had been so emotional that it was like the nudity hadn’t mattered. Now it did though and it gave Vanessa the chance to point out something obvious too.

“Oh yeah? Well you’re dressed,” Vanessa teased. “What kind of girl is dressed during an orgy?”

“I was just waiting for the right girl to get me naked,” Ashley replied, acting very flirty but also meaning it completely.

“Well you got the right girl now,” Vanessa pointed out with a smile, the kisses with Ashley making her so giddy in her arousal that all the pain and anger she had felt these past few days disappeared like an evaporating cloud. “So what are you doing still dressed?”

Vanessa hadn’t wanted to admit it but she liked that Ashley was dressed. She liked knowing that Ashley hadn’t been a part of the party. She had seen Ashley get naked before downstairs. Hell she had been the one to demand she strip. But she had never seen Ashley fuck anyone at the party and Vanessa liked that.

It made it seem like Ashley was sincere in how ashamed and regretful she was over what had happened. It made Vanessa believe that Ashley hadn’t come to the mansion for fun and sex. It made her believe that Ashley was telling the truth when she said would never hurt her again. And that was a good thing because the more Ashley seemed that she wanted forgiveness, the more Vanessa wanted to give it to her.

Vanessa knew that made her a hypocrite since she had come here looking for sex and had spent all night getting her brains fucked out. But Vanessa also felt like she was owed that after what Ashley and Stella had done. She didn’t want to think about it though. She only wanted to think about Ashley now and how much she wanted to get her girlfriend naked again. She badly wanted to get at Ashley’s body again and Ashley was very eager to grant that particular Christmas wish for her lover.

With a big smile on her face, Ashley whipped her shirt over her head as quickly as she could as if she was afraid Vanessa was going to change her mind about doing this. Ashley tossed her shirt away and exposed how stiff her nipples had become under her bra just from being able to kiss Vanessa again. And Vanessa loved what she saw.

“Mmmm more! Take it off Ashley! Take it all off!” Vanessa urged, playing with her own stiff nipples as she kneeled on the bed naked in front of Ashley, so excited to see the girl strip. It was like she was seeing Ashley get naked for the first time again and Vanessa loved how that made her feel. “Get naked for me baby! Mmmm I want you Ashley! I’ve missed you so much!”

Ashley felt giddy as she complied with Vanessa’s wishes. She had wanted this so much and yet she had told herself so many times it wouldn’t happen. She hadn’t wanted to get her own hopes up only to have reality dash them. But now things were happening just how she had wanted them to and at a faster pace than Ashley had ever dreamed they could.

Ashley had thought that, at best, Vanessa would have wanted to take things slow and move toward intimacy step by step. And she would have been totally okay with that because all Ashley wanted was Vanessa in her life and she wouldn’t have cared if it had meant waiting weeks, or even months, to get in bed with her. But now Vanessa seemed like she wanted to skip all the steps and get right to the fun part at the end and Ashley was more than totally okay with that.

All she wanted was whatever Vanessa wanted and if Vanessa wanted her to get naked then Ashley was very, very happy to get naked. She loved how Vanessa was looking at her with barely contained excitement and lust and Ashley hurriedly stripped. Before her shirt even landed on the floor, Ashley was going for her bra clasp. She reached around her back and undid it as quickly as she could, pulling it down and baring her breasts to a very appreciative audience.

“Ohhhh Ash!” Vanessa moaned in desire when she saw those beautifully firm tits she always loved to see and touch and suck on and play with. “Mmmmm I want you so much baby! Ughh fuckkk you always turn me on! Even when I’m mad I still want you!”

Vanessa couldn’t just sit back and watch this anymore. She pushed herself forward, pressing her body into Ashley’s and kissed her girlfriend.

This time there was nothing tentative about their kiss. It was a passionate one, one full of desire and love, as Vanessa and Ashley both moaned from the feel of their lips pressing together. And, when Ashley opened her mouth, it was Vanessa who took the lead and slid her tongue so she could rub it into Ashley’s and deepen the kiss. The two of them began uninhibitedly making out on the bed, rediscovering the intimacy they had for each other with such ease.

It felt so right to them both. They sensually kissed each other, feeling their bare breasts rub together in such an erotic way that they both felt sparks from it. Every time their stiff nipples pressed against the other’s and rubbed together it made them tingle and moan and Ashley reached around to press her hands to Vanessa’s bare back, enjoying the feel of that soft, sexy skin once more while lowering her hands down and down her girlfriend’s bare body until she was playfully cupping the tight, perfect ass cheeks that she so adored.

Vanessa moaned in desire when she felt Ashley’s hands on her bare ass. That was where those hands belonged. Vanessa always loved how Ashley touched her but this time it felt extra special. She needed those hands. She wanted to feel them all over her nude body. She was so aroused for Ashley and she needed this. Vanessa didn’t want to think about anything else other than how good it felt to reconnect with Ashley.

As they kissed, Vanessa pressed her body into Ashley’s, pushing her girlfriend up against the headboard as they both sat up in the bed and made out blissfully. Vanessa was so full of desire for Ashley and Ashley was just so happy that it was happening that she didn’t question it. They passionately tongue kissed each other again and again and Ashley caressed Vanessa’s tight ass cheeks, her hands squeezing those firm little cheeks like she never wanted to let go of her again.

In this position, Ashley could feel Vanessa’s pussy right up against her leg.

“Oooooh you’re wet,” Ashley moaned, loving how good it felt to have that warm, moist pussy up against the denim of her jeans, the wetness and heat soaking through to her bare skin and making her ache with desire for her girlfriend.

“Mmmhmmm, I’ve been soaked ever since…since….mmmm I can’t even remember,” Vanessa admitted, showing off just how foggy and unfocused her head was thanks to the punch. “I want you to make me even wetter Ash. No one turns me on like you do. Show me what I was missing out on by fucking other girls and not you.”

That sounded just fine to Ashley. She didn’t want to think about anything that had happened before. She only wanted to focus on the future and what she and Vanessa could do to each other. Ashley hadn’t thought she would ever have the chance to do this again and she wanted to make the most of this.

“I’m going to fuck you so good,” Ashley promised her girlfriend. “I’m going to make you come and make you feel good! I want you so bad V!”

The sound of such naughty words coming from Ashley’s pretty mouth made Vanessa quiver and nothing else mattered but this to her. The past was gone and all she wanted was a future with lots of Ashley in it. Vanessa’s head might have been foggy and her emotions untidy, but she was so sure this was right. She knew this was what she wanted more than anything.

“Mmmmm I love you so much,” Vanessa mumbled before kissing Ashley once more and making both of them moan from the soft tenderness of their lips connecting.

Vanessa repositioned the both of them so she could lay on top of Ashley, their nude chests rubbing together and their hard nipples poking into each other while they continued to wetly tongue kiss. All of Vanessa’s anger and all of Ashley’s guilt and anguish were disappearing with each tender, erotic kiss and Vanessa didn’t hesitate to go for Ashley’s jeans, popping open the button and beginning to slide them down her girlfriend’s body while Ashley moaned and fondled Vanessa’s bare ass.

“I love you too Vanessa,” Ashley moaned out again, eager to say it because she felt it as deeply as she had ever felt anything. “Mmmm make me naked baby. I want this so much! I want you! Mmmmm fuck I never want to wear clothes again when I’m around you!”

Vanessa and Ashley shared an eager giggle over the sound of that and kissed again. Ashley took one of her hands off of Vanessa’s bottom and used it instead to help her girlfriend ease her pants down her. They were able to shimmy Ashley out of her jeans and leave her in nothing but her panties and Vanessa quickly noticed just how damp they were and how Ashley’s eager pussy was clinging against them, creating a camel toe in her underwear that made Vanessa hunger for the taste of her girlfriend’s slit even more.

Ashley tossed her head back and moaned wantonly as Vanessa caressed her pussy through her panties, her fingers rubbing over the tight lips of her labia and making even more of a camel toe appear as Ashley got wetter. Her lacy red panties were really starting to stick to her pussy as it got more and more aroused and Vanessa’s fingers rubbing against her girlfriend’s slit, just like Ashley loved to be touched, made the blonde ache to have Vanessa just tear them off her body.

“Ohhhhhh! Oooooh yesssss! Don’t stop!” Ashley sighed, closing her eyes and savoring the pleasure of Vanessa’s touch while the brunette kissed all over her neck. “Mmmm ohhh fuck yesssss! Yesssss oooh you always touch me so good Nessa! Mmmmm please! More!”

And Vanessa wanted more too. She had missed this. Everything she had done to all those other girls had felt amazing and all of them had been so sexy. But at the same time it hadn’t felt the same to her. This was what felt right. Being with Ashley, touching her and kissing her and making love to her, made Vanessa feel a happiness and a pleasure that nothing else could equal.

Vanessa was moaning too as Ashley’s warm hands caressed her, roaming over her bare skin. She had missed that touch so much. It might have only been days since she had felt it, but even that relatively small passage of time had left her craving her girlfriend’s body. Now all Vanessa wanted to do was forgive and indulge in the pleasure she knew Ashley always gave her.

The feel of Ashley’s hands on her bare back and reaching down for her ass made Vanessa quiver and want to forget about everything else but how good it felt to be touched. She wanted nothing more than for Ashley to touch her everywhere and there was somewhere Vanessa especially wanted to be touched. She was too out of it to be subtle about it either as she grabbed Ashley by the wrist and guided her hand between her legs.

Naturally Ashley got the message and eagerly started to play, rubbing her fingers over Vanessa’s glistening, slick slit and loving how warm and wet she was for her. Ashley erotically rubbed her girlfriend’s already overstimulated labia, loving how her touch made Vanessa gasp in bliss and draw in a sharp intake of breath, and she began kissing all over Vanessa’s neck and even behind her ear, going for all those secret areas she knew her girlfriend liked to be kissed.

For the both of them nothing mattered but each other. There was a raging orgy happening downstairs but for Vanessa and Ashley it was like they were the only two people on Earth.

Of course that wasn’t true since they weren’t even the only two women in the bedroom, something that became clear when the third part of the equation reminded everyone of her presence by moaning loudly in pleasure while masturbating.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh don’t fucking stop! Fuck each other!” Stella urged, sitting up and playing with herself while she watched her sister and her sister’s girlfriend reunite in the most erotic of fashions. “Mmmmmm put on a show for me! This time you know I’m watching you two fuck!”

Having Stella speak up like that startled both Vanessa and Ashley. They had been so focused on each other that they had forgotten Stella was in the room with them. But she was not going to let herself be ignored as she openly and lewdly touched herself, sliding her fingers into her young, drenched honeypot and bringing them up to her mouth so she could lick her own juices off while she used her other hand to play with her pierced nipples, moving from breast to breast and toying with the silver bars that made her erect nipples look so sexy.

“Aren’t you going to give us any privacy?” Vanessa whined, not wanting this moment ruined by her little sister even though she found it impossible to look away as Stella kept on masturbating.

“Mmmmm no,” Stella grinned like a brat who was getting exactly what she wanted for Christmas. “I’m a part of this now too! After all, I’ve fucked both of you! Mmmm I always had to look from the doorway or even from the closet when I’d watch you fuck. A couple of times I even left my phone in your room on purpose V and let it record you and Ashley getting it on so I could watch it later! But this is so much better! Now I’m getting the up close view!”

And it was a view that Stella loved. She felt so wonderfully naughty as she touched herself in front of Ashley and Vanessa, using the same fingers to fuck herself that she had just used to finger her own sister. Stella felt such a rush of energy and horniness in her young body. She was more energized and turned on than she had ever felt in her life and it made her want it all.

Having Stella there, though, was not how either Ashley or Vanessa had envisioned this going.  Ashley especially just wanted to be alone with her girlfriend so she could show Vanessa how good she was going to be at earning back her trust and her love and how she would do anything to get her to fully forgive her. The last thing she wanted was any kind of distraction, especially because Stella was the reason they were in this situation in the first place.

Ashley didn’t want to think about Stella or anything else right now, not even what had happened between Vanessa and Stella. That was a pretty big elephant in the room to ignore but Ashley didn’t want it to distract her even though the idea of her girlfriend doing something so taboo excited Ashley. She didn’t say that though. She didn’t want to give Stella what she wanted and she only wanted to concentrate on Vanessa.

“Just ignore her,” Ashley told her girlfriend before kissing Vanessa again and Vanessa took that suggestion by not responding to her sister’s call for attention and instead kissing Ashley back.

Both of them closed their eyes and tenderly kissed, not giving Stella the acknowledgement she wanted. So Stella tried again this time by moving up in the big king-sized bed and setting herself up near where Vanessa and Ashley were kissing and caressing each other. The black bear Hugamal that Ashley had been cuddling before had been set aside now that she could cuddle with Vanessa instead and Stella went right for the oversized stuffed animal.

Stella pressed it right to her body, hugging the soft bear and making a far more carnal show of it than Ashley had thanks to how naked she was. Stella felt a tingle when she felt all that soft fur up against her bare skin, getting such a naughty rush from pressing the most sought after Christmas gift in the country against her nude body, taking something designed with only wholesome intent and making it anything but.

“Fine! Ignore me!” Stella sulked. “But I’m going to keep watching you too. Me and Mr. Bear here. Do it you sluts! Put on a naughty fuck show for me and my new friend! Mmmm I know it’s turning me on and I’ll bet if he was equipped Mr. Bear here would have a big stuffed bear boner too! Mmmmm we’re watching youuuuuuu!”

Stella giggled as she teased both girls, reminding Ashley that while Stella hadn’t had any of the punch that was making everyone so crazy she was definitely still drunk. But Ashley forced herself not to think about that or what Stella had done to Vanessa or even how alluring it was to see Stella’s naked young body cuddling the big stuffed animal and how she looked so innocent and so naughty all at the same time. God the girl was acting every bit like the tempting Lolita that she was but Ashley wasn’t going to take the bait, not when she had Vanessa there for her.

And Ashley used Stella’s interruption to take control of the situation. It felt so good to have Vanessa’s delicate, experienced fingers in her panties and on her pussy lips. Vanessa always knew how to drive her wild with her touch. But Ashley didn’t want to be the one receiving the pleasure right then. The last thing she wanted was to be selfish. She wanted to be the one making Vanessa feel good and she showed that in her actions.

“Lie back,” Ashley told Vanessa, focusing only on her and not Stella’s distractions as the wicked girl pressed her large breasts into the stuffed animal, loving how his soft fur tickled her pierced nipples. “Mmmm I’m going to show you what a good girlfriend I am!”

Vanessa loved the sound of that and she didn’t hesitate to show it. She excitedly lay back on the bed, pressing her head comfortably against a pillow and spreading open her legs. Ashley didn’t have to say what she was going to do. It was more than implied and Vanessa wanted it too especially as Ashley leaned down and began kissing her bare tummy, moving slowly downward and making the heat and longing grow with each kiss.

“Ohhhhhh! Oh Ashleyyyyy! Yesssssssssssss!” Vanessa groaned in pleasure as Ashley kissed her bellybutton and flicked her tongue over it, teasing the belly piercing that Vanessa had. “Oooooh lower baby! Lower! Mmmmm oh God I fucking missed this! Do it Ashley! Do it like only you can!”

“Do what?” Ashley teased, unable to resist as she kissed all over her girlfriend’s sparkling piercing, pressing her lips softly again and again to Vanessa’s tummy, just like she knew Vanessa liked. “Tell me! Tell me what you want to do to you! I’ll do anything you want Vanessa! Just tell me!”

To get Vanessa to forgive her and love her, Ashley would have walked to China and back. But fortunately Vanessa had something far easier in mind and it was just what Ashley wanted to hear.

“Fuck me!” Vanessa urged, her voice husky and full of lust. “Eat my pussy Ashley! Mmmm please do it! Don’t make me wait for it! I want you so bad Ashley! I’ve missed you and I need you to fuck me! Mmmm show me that you love me by eating me out! I wanna come again! I wanna come all over your face Ashley! I wanna come in your mouth and taste it when we kiss!”

Vanessa’s mind was rolling like mad again. The need and the pleasure were fueling the effects of the punch and making her moan and babble. She was so hot for this and Ashley didn’t hesitate. She kissed Vanessa’s pierced belly button once more and then lowered her head to between her girlfriend’s thighs. Ashley kneeled in between Vanessa’s opened legs and she went right for her pussy, kissing it softly and lovingly as she pressed her mouth to the brunette’s labia.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Vanessa hissed in ecstasy as those very welcome lips kissed her slit. “Oooooh baby yessssss! Mmmm I missed this! I love you so much Ashley! Mmmm fuckk show me you love me too! Show me what a good girlfriend you are! Eat my pussy and show that you’re only going to make me feel good from now on!”

Ashley intended to do just that and then some. All she wanted to do was please Vanessa and she kissed all over her girlfriend’s spread slit, tasting the dripping juices and loving how hot and tangy they were on her tongue. Ashley had been so afraid that she would never taste that flavor again and now that she had it on her tongue she wanted to lick up every drop as she began softly lapping at those splayed labia lips, tasting how tender and swollen they were and just how juicy Vanessa was.

Was she this turned on for her or was it from all those other girls she had ben fucking all night? Ashley didn’t know and she didn’t care. If Vanessa was inclined to forgive her for what she had done with Stella than Ashley was sure as hell not going to let Vanessa’s slutty ways at the party bother her. In fact it turned Ashley on more because it made her feel that no matter what other girls Vanessa had been fucking, she was the one that Vanessa still wanted the most.

Vanessa moaned for her again and again while she began licking her pussy more earnestly and Ashley loved it, especially as Vanessa reached down and played with her hair, something Vanessa loved to do to her when she went down on her. It made Ashley feel so loved to have those fingers sliding through her hair and it made her think that maybe somehow this really could be all okay again. Vanessa seemed like she really wanted to forgive her and Ashley was committed to doing anything she could to earn that forgiveness.

“Mmmmm mmmmmm ohhhhhh yes! Oooooh lick me Ashley! Mmm fuckkk you make me so fucking wet all the time!” Vanessa cooed while she was licked. “Mmmmmm more Ashley! Ooooooh yes! Fucking eat me you naughty girl! Mmmm fuckk you were so bad but I was bad too! Now show me what bad girls do to each other Ashley! Lick that pussy! Ooooh make me so juicy and make me come right in your mouth! Ughhh fuckkkk ohhh goddamn mmmm baby you always make it feel so fucking good Ashley! More! Yessssss ooooooh just like that!”

Vanessa’s pleas for more and her moans of ecstasy were having the desired effect too because it made Ashley want to please her even more. The encouragement sounded so good to Ashley because she had longed to hear Vanessa moan her name and urge her to pleasure her. The sounds coming from Vanessa were the sweetest ones Ashley could have heard. Sleigh bells were nothing compared to Vanessa’s coos and groans of sexual delight and Ashley wanted to hear so many more of them.

Hearing Vanessa say she loved her and that she wanted her was magic to Ashley. But deep down she also feared this was temporary. Ashley was worried that once Vanessa sobered up she’d be angry with her again and never want to see her again. Ashley didn’t know if she would have been able to handle all her built up hopes being dashed like that so she wanted to make Vanessa feel so good that she would never want to let her go.

If even a little part of Vanessa was still mad at her, Ashley wanted to lick that out of her. She wanted Vanessa to know how committed she was to making her feel good. She wanted her to know the only thing she desired was to make her happy and be a perfect girlfriend for her.

Ashley channeled all those feelings into licking and fingering Vanessa as she slid two of her fingers into her lover while she licked her, making Vanessa gasp and writhe and keep on caressing her head and playing with her hair.

“Mmmm you’re so wet and yummy for me!” Ashley moaned with her mouth full of her girlfriend’s vagina. “Mmmmm come for me Nessa! I want to make you feel so fucking good! I want to eat your pussy better than any other girl can! I want to make you come for me so much!”

Ashley was proving that with every lick and Vanessa was letting her know it. Ashley’s tongue, just like it always did, had Vanessa squirming in absolute delight. Vanessa had a huge smile on her face as she seductively ground her bare ass into the comforter on top of the guest room sheets and rubbed herself into Ashley’s happy faace. Vanessa moaned out with every lick too, loving everything Ashley was doing to her with her tongue and those fingers.

Vanessa always felt so comfortable with Ashley, like she didn’t have to hold anything back and she could be naughty and hot and let herself go and not be judged. It had been amazing to fuck those other girls but it hadn’t been like what Ashley did to her and now that Vanessa was feeling it again she never wanted it to stop. Ashley always knew her hot spots and always made her feel so incredibly happy and sexy.

“Yessssssssss mmmm fuckkkk don’t stop! I’ll come! I’ll come so good for you!” Vanessa groaned in bliss. “Mmmmm yessss Ashleyyyyy! Oooooh yeahhhh get those hot little fingers inside me too! Mmmm fuck yeah slide them in while your mouth is right on my pussy! Do it baby! Fuck me! Make me come! Make me feel so fucking good I’ll never want you to stop!”

Vanessa hadn’t forgotten, of course, what Ashley and Stella had done and how much it had hurt her. But at the same time, it didn’t seem to matter nearly as much as it once had. Vanessa’s mind had been messed up by the punch and then Stella finger fucking her and making her come like she had had taken that mess in her head and sent it through a blender.

She had a million different emotions inside all at once. But even with all of that, she knew she wanted this. Vanessa wanted Ashley and she wanted her to make her feel good like only she could.

Vanessa kept on moaning and Ashley kept on licking and they got naughty with each other on the bed. They were focused only on the other and neither of them were paying any attention to Stella and the younger girl decided that needed to change. And she knew just how to change it too.

As much fun as it was to cuddle a big, soft stuffed animal to her naked body, Stella knew of a better thing she could be doing. After all she had watched Ashley and Vanessa make love before and she couldn’t just be a bystander any longer. Now she needed to join in.

She had already done wicked things to both Ashley and Vanessa. So for Stella, making this a threesome seemed like the natural next step. And with Ashley bent over and on her knees to eat Vanessa out it gave her the perfect opportunity. Ashley’s perfect bubble butt was sticking out and the panties she had on were the only piece of clothing that any of them were still wearing. So Stella put the bear aside and repositioned herself.

Stella got down right behind Ashley and pulled down the girl’s panties. And with Ashley focused only on Vanessa, she had no idea what Stella was doing to her until it was too late.

Stella rolled Ashley’s panties down off of her ass, exposing both of those beautiful round cheeks in full and, before Ashley could say a word, Stella buried her face in between those sexy buns and started licking away at Ashley’s waiting slit, tasting just how wet she had gotten from being able to have Vanessa again.

Just like she had when she had deviously gone after Ashley while she had been sleeping, Stella didn’t offer any warning. She just claimed Ashley’s pussy for herself, lapping away at her juicy lips and tasting the flavor that deliciously coated them. There was no hesitation, just wicked licking as Stella showed off once again what she lacked in experience, she more than made up for in enthusiasm.

Stella was so hungry for this. While everyone had been fucking downstairs, Stella had barely gotten any taste of pussy and now she was going to make up for lost time by fucking her sister’s girlfriend and making Ashley love it.

Stella spread Ashley’s firm, round butt cheeks open, pressing her hands to them and loving how she could see the faint outline of a still-present tan line from the last time Ashley had worn a swimsuit a few weeks back while on vacation. And she feasted on Ashley’s pussy, lapping away at her like she was starving for the taste of another girl.

Ashley couldn’t help but react to such an energetic tongue lashing. She had only wanted to focus on Vanessa and had tried so hard to forget that Stella was even there. But it was impossible to ignore the younger girl when Stella’s tongue was licking her slit and bathing it with horny, eager lashes that made her moan with lust despite knowing who was doing it to her.

It made Ashley quiver with pleasure and she felt her pussy get even wetter. Ashley even had to pause her licking of Vanessa because of what Stella was doing to her and it felt so amazing to have the girl behind her spreading open her ass cheeks and going wild on her pussy. It made Ashley remember just why she had found it so impossible to make Stella stop the first time she had gone down on her.

But that also brought Ashley’s mind back to reality. No! She couldn’t let this happen again! She couldn’t give into temptation! Only Vanessa mattered to her and she wasn’t about to let this little vixen ruin things again.

“No! Stop ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk stopppppp!” Ashley panted and moaned even when she was trying to get Stella to go away. “Don’t do that Stella! No! Stop it! I…I don’t want this! No! Stop!”

It was so hard for her to sound like she meant it, though, with all of the moans in her voice. Stella was making it feel so good, just like she had before and it was almost impossible to resist her. But Ashley knew she had to.

Despite her moans, she meant what she said. Ashley didn’t want Vanessa to doubt her devotion or think she could ever hurt her again, especially by sleeping with her sister. She knew she had to make Stella stop. As amazing as it felt, Ashley knew it wasn’t worth it. Vanessa was all that mattered to her.

But Stella didn’t stop. She completely ignored Ashley’s pleas and just kept on licking. Ashley’s mouth said “no” but Stella’s tongue kept acting as if she had said “yes” and she licked her even harder, making Ashley gasp in delight and anger over the younger girl’s complete lack of decency.

Ashley knew she was going to need more direct action. Words weren’t going to be enough. She had to make Stella behave. So Ashley didn’t just tell Stella to stop. She also pulled her body away from the girl, yanking her ass out of Stella’s face and repositioning herself.

Ashley closed her legs and turned around so she could get face to face with Stella so there could be no mistaking her seriousness. That meant moving her mouth away from Vanessa, but Ashley knew she had to. She couldn’t send mixed messages when this was too important. She had to make sure Stella got the message.

“I said stop it Stella!” Ashley said firmly and this time with no moaning so there could be no doubt that she was serious. “I don’t want that! Stop it right now!”

Stella didn’t seem to understand why Ashley didn’t want it though and she just frowned and sulked like she was being denied a present she badly desired.

“Why? Wasn’t it good? I know you liked it!” Stella insisted, making a show of licking Ashley’s essence off her lips. “Mmmmm I can taste how wet you are for me Ashley! I know you want me to eat your pussy! I know you want me to fuck you!”

“I don’t!” Ashley insisted, looking Stella right in the eye. “I want Vanessa! Not you!”

But as clear as Ashley was being, Stella didn’t want to hear it. She couldn’t understand why Ashley was acting this way after all she had done to bring her and Vanessa back together. Why didn’t Ashley want to have fun and fuck? Stella didn’t get it and Ashley might as well have been speaking Martian to her.

“But…but…you can have both of us,” Stella claimed. “It’s totally cool now! I fucked you and I fucked Vanessa! She can’t be mad at you for doing what she did too! We can just have fun with each other and not worry about any of that other shit! Don’t you want me? Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

Ashley felt a twinge of surprise over Stella’s response and even some guilt too. Her logic was all twisted and didn’t make any sense but, at the same time, it seemed like Stella’s feelings were really hurt.

Ashley could see that she’d had more of an impact on the girl than she’d intended. She had only wanted her to leave her and Vanessa alone, not make Stella think she wasn’t attractive or make it seem like she hadn’t liked it. In fact that was the whole problem. Stella was too attractive and too good at it. Ashley didn’t want any temptation from her.

“Of course you’re pretty! You’re beautiful Stella!” Ashley said, trying to be clear in what was a very awkward situation where all three of them were naked and aroused and yet couldn’t go any further. “You can make any girl or any boy very happy! But I’m in love with your sister! Don’t do this! Don’t ruin things for us! Stop trying to fuck me! Vanessa is the one I want and you can’t have me! You can find someone else, Stella, and they’d be so lucky to have you! It just can’t be me!”

Stella’s face showed she liked the compliment but at the same time she also felt legitimately hurt. She didn’t want Vanessa or Ashley to hate her or think she was some kind of a monster or a bitch or even that she was mean. Stella just wanted them to feel good…all three of them!

Stella felt like Ashley didn’t get what she was trying to do at all. So now it was her turn to try and explain herself. Stella was sure if she could just get Ashley around to her way of thinking she could make everything better. After all, Stella’s fingers were still messy with the evidence of how convincing she had been with her own sister.

“I’m not ruining things! I’m making them better!” Stella insisted. “I know you want me! You both do! I don’t want to break you up or steal you away Ashley! I just want what you guys have and I want to be a part of your fun! Mmmmm I can make things so much hotter and naughtier for both of you if you just let me!”

Ashley didn’t know how to react to such an offer. She found herself instantly tempted by it, which was the problem. She liked the sound of Stella’s plan and Ashley felt so guilty that she would even consider something so wrong.

She and Vanessa had done threesomes and group stuff before and it had always been so much fun and so sexy. But nothing would have been as hot and as wicked as being able to make love to her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s sister at the same time.

Wasn’t that like every guy’s hottest fantasy? Ashley could certainly see why. Vanessa and Stella were both so beautiful and they both had incredible bodies. Ashley knew they could all have amazing fun together but it was too risky.

Ashley didn’t want to do anything that could risk her losing Vanessa again. Nothing was worth that, not even great sex. Not even the taboo fantasy of having two beautiful and sexy sisters in bed with her. Ashley never wanted to hurt Vanessa again so she couldn’t give Stella what she wanted.

“We can’t! It’s too much Stella!” Ashley said. “This isn’t right and we…”

But Ashley didn’t have the chance to say anything more before she was interrupted. And she was shocked when then the interruption didn’t come from Stella.

“No! It’s okay! Really!” Vanessa declared. “Let her do it Ash! Let her fuck you!”

Ashley couldn’t believe what she had just heard and she turned back to Vanessa with a look of complete shock on her face.

“What? Are you serious?” Ashley asked in complete disbelief, wondering at first if she had misheard her girlfriend.

But when she turned toward Vanessa and saw her nude on the bed and touching herself, Ashley knew there had been no miscommunication.

“Mmmmhmmmm! Let her eat your pussy! I want to see you two fuck!” Vanessa moaned, her arousal controlling her brain and making her think and say things she never ordinarily would have. “Give it to her Stella! Fuck my girlfriend! Show me how good you are! Show me how you made her cheat on me and break my heart! Fuck her while she fucks me!”

Part of Vanessa’s brain, the little part that was still trying to operate normally, couldn’t believe the words out of her own mouth either. But even that still rational part of herself found it so difficult to resist something so hot and kinky. Vanessa didn’t feel heartbroken anymore. She didn’t feel mad or even sad. She just felt so fucking horny that she had no way of controlling herself.

She wanted to see how Stella had done it. Vanessa wanted to see how Stella had seduced Ashley and made her come like she had. She wanted to see how her own sister had turned her loyal, adoring girlfriend into a cheater.

Before it had filled Vanessa with pain to think about that but now it only made her wet and her pussy was squishing as she finger fucked it, picking up speed with her digits as she got more and more aroused at the thought of Stella and Ashley putting on a show in front of her.

After all, Vanessa knew just how hot her own sister was now. She was embarrassed by how much she had come from Stella finger fucking her but she didn’t regret it. Vanessa wanted more. She didn’t want them to fight with each other. Vanessa wanted all of them to fuck. She wanted her and Ashley to both have Stella and Vanessa’s mind was whirling with forbidden, dirty taboo thoughts about what she and Ashley could do to Stella to teach her all about being a sexy lesbian slut.

“Do it Ashley!” Vanessa pleaded as she rubbed her own pussy, using both hands on herself now so she could play with her soaking wet lips and finger fuck herself at the same time. “Let Stella fuck you! Let her lick your pussy like did before! Let her taste your cum! I want to see you two fuck! Fuck her while you fuck me, baby! Let’s all get so fucking kinky!”

Ashley didn’t know how to react. She couldn’t believe what Vanessa was saying. She had never been this dirty before and Ashley knew that Vanessa wasn’t in her right mind. But at the same time, what she was saying turned her on so much.

It was so hot to hear Vanessa talk like that and want something so naughty. Hearing about how Stella had fingered Vanessa and made her come hadn’t just shocked Ashley. It also made her so fucking wet and she wanted to see that for herself.

It was all so tempting. It was all making her so aroused. Ashley didn’t know what to do. She wanted to do anything Vanessa asked to show she was worth a second chance and that she would never hurt her again. But Vanessa was asking her to do exactly what had started this in the first place and Ashley was scared that if she gave into this wicked temptation that things would go bad once again and she’d lose Vanessa forever.

But in the end, Ashley didn’t have any real chance of saying no. Because she wasn’t just dealing with one horny Hudgens. She was dealing with two and Stella was absolutely not taking no for an answer.

“Mmmmm you heard her! Let’s do it!” Stella excitedly declared as she pushed the reluctant Ashley down onto her back on the bed and took advantage of her naked state by getting between her legs. “We’re going to have so much fucking fun now! Mmmmm all three of us!”

Ashley knew how dangerous this situation was and how rife with minefields a threesome like this could be. She knew she was supposed to resist it and make Stella stop. But it was so impossible to.

Her girlfriend’s sister looked so beautiful and sexy and Ashley had to admit she was turned on by Stella’s round tits and the way those naughty metal bars through her nipples made her look like some kind of porn star. And Ashley already had experienced just how well Stella could eat pussy.

This was so wrong but both Vanessa and Stella wanted it so much and Ashley couldn’t resist them or the taboo thrill of being able to be with both sisters. Her heart told her to only be with Vanessa. But Ashley’s pussy told her to indulge in this wicked threesome for everything it was worth and it was so hard not to listen to her raging libido.

Even though she was the only sober one in the bed, Ashley felt so horny too. She wanted to be bad just like Vanessa and Stella were.

Ashley didn’t fight Stella off as she was made to lie on her back so the younger girl could get between her thighs and she couldn’t resist when Stella pushed her legs open to splay her pussy and expose her drooling pink wetness. This position left Ashley completely vulnerable to Stella’s illicit intentions and right beside Vanessa as she lay back and fingered herself.

Seeing her girlfriend masturbate over this turned Ashley on immensely but she also felt like she needed to assure her that she only loved her and what Stella was doing to her was only about sex. Ashley didn’t want Vanessa to doubt her or ever think she could want Stella more than she wanted her. Ashley would have done anything to get Vanessa back but she never thought she would have to do this.

Ashley turned toward Vanessa and opened her mouth to assure her of her love and devotion even as Stella spread open her legs and started to go down on her again. But Ashley didn’t even get the chance to make a sound before Vanessa leaned in and kissed her right on the lips.

And Ashley definitely didn’t resist the kiss. She kissed Vanessa right back and moaned out in utter joy and desire as Vanessa’s tongue pushed into her mouth almost at the same moment Stella’s started licking her pussy. It created a tremendous surge of energy and pleasure inside her and Ashley gasped and writhed while was kissed and licked at the same time by the beautiful sisters.

“Is she good? Mmmmm is she licking your pussy all nice and hot?” Vanessa moaned, saliva dribbling out of her mouth and down her chin when she pulled away from her kiss with Ashley. “Is she making you feel good?”

Ashley was nervous to reply though. It was such a hot question and Ashley got a naughty thrill out of hearing Vanessa’s sexy, sweet voice asking it. But she didn’t want to get in trouble or do anything to start a fight.

“You make me feel good!” Ashley replied to Vanessa, dodging the question which made Vanessa laugh in response.

“Be honest! You can tell me! I won’t be mad!” Vanessa replied, breathing heavily as she felt more turned on than she ever had in her life from being able to look down and see her gorgeous sister’s face between Ashley’s legs, Stella’s tongue greedily attacking Ashly’s vagina like it was the sweetest, tastiest treat in the world. “Do you like my little sister eating your pussy Ash? Does it feel good? Does she make you wet and happy like I do?”

And Ashley couldn’t hold back in her answer this time, not with Vanessa’s words sounding so seductive and not with Stella’s tongue lapping at her tender, spread labia lips and pushing inside to lick the juice drooling out of her hole. Ashley knew the risks but she was too turned on now to do anything but answer honestly.

“Yesssssssssss! She’s so fucking good!” Ashley admitted, groaning out from Stella’s tongue licking her pussy as the eager younger girl moaned and giggled excitedly between her legs. “She makes me so wet Nessa! Your sister is eating my pussy and I fucking love it! Ooooooh she’s so good! Mmmmm fuck it must run in your family because she does it just like you do! Mmmm she’s making me so wet!”

Ashley reflexively blushed as she said all that, feeling a wave of embarrassment over saying it even though it was totally true. She just didn’t want to make Vanessa mad or do anything to stop her girlfriend from loving and forgiving her. Even as she was moaning out again and again from Stella’s tongue lashing at her pussy, Ashley felt so nervous about admitting how good it felt.

But she didn’t have to be. Vanessa was beyond jealousy and inhibition now. She had already gone so far beyond the simple boundaries of right and wrong and Vanessa wanted more. She wanted Ashley. She wanted Stella. She wanted them both in her life and in her bed.

Vanessa wanted to forgive them both for their crime of passion in the most erotic of ways. She wasn’t mad that Ashley was getting off on her sister’s tongue. It was only making Vanessa wetter to see it happen and hear Ashley’s moans and gasps of pleasure.

Vanessa kept on rubbing herself as she watched the show. She was so fucking wet and she only wished she hadn’t gotten mad in the first place. How could she have been mad at such beautiful women wanting to feel good? Vanessa knew she was just as dirty as Stella and Ashley and she wanted to get even dirtier.

“Come for her!” Vanessa urged her lover as she reached over to kiss Ashley’s lips again and caress her bare tits, loving the feel of her girlfriend’s soft, creamy skin and how those firm little boobs on Ashley’s perfect chest were giggling from Ashley writhing over Stella’s tongue. “Let her fuck you baby! Mmmm I want to see my sister fuck you Ashley! I want to see her make your pussy come all over her pretty face! Do it Ash! Come all over Stella! Make my sister messy with your cream so I can lick if off her and kiss her so she can taste it off my lips!”

Vanessa would never have ever said anything like that before tonight but she was too far gone now to turn back. Too many things had changed and Vanessa didn’t want to change them back. She just wanted to go further and further down this rabbit hole of illicit pleasure and do the things she never even would have considered before.

And the sound of the happy gasp and aroused moan from Ashley’s mouth when she said it further convinced Vanessa that this was right and that she had to follow her newfound wicked impulses. She didn’t know if it was because she was drunk or drugged or just horny or even if it was some seriously fucked up Christmas magic. But Vanessa knew she had to do this and she loved that it turned Ashley on too.

“Oooooh do you like the sound of that? Does it turn naughty Ashley on to think of me and Stella kissing?” Vanessa erotically moaned into her girlfriend’s ear, pressing her mouth to it and confessing her newfound desires for her own flesh and blood. “Oh Ash! I wish you’d seen us before! Mmmm gawd Stella finger fucked me so hard! Ughhh fuckk she wouldn’t stop even when I told her to! It was like she was fucking violating me with her naughty fingers but I fucking loved it! I was dripping all over my own sister’s hand and I came so fucking hard for her! I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop getting wet over it! I wanted to get on my knees right there in the hallway where anyone could see me and eat Stella’s pussy! I wanted to fuck my own sister and I still do! Oooooh I want it more than ever? Do you think that’s dirty Ashley? Does that make me sick and fucked up? I want to eat her out and lick Stella’s sweet cunt and taste her juices all over my tongue before I swallow her cum! I want to fuck her like she fucked you!”

There were a lot of words Ashley never, ever would have used to describe Vanessa and “sick” and “fucked up” were definitely some of them. Ashley couldn’t believe the things that were coming out of her girlfriend’s mouth but she loved hearing them. They sounded so filthy but also so hot and Ashley didn’t think it was fucked up or sick at all to know Vanessa wanted to have sex with Stella.

Sure it was messed up in theory. Incest was wrong…in theory. But this wasn’t some kind of abuse or some messed up clan of inbreeding weirdos. This was Vanessa and nothing her girlfriend wanted could ever be sick or wrong. Ashley was sure of it. And she was so turned on by what Vanessa was telling her, especially because Stella kept on licking her and making her whole naked body tingle with wonderful sexual pleasure.

“Mmmmm yeahhh fuck her! Fuck Stella! I want that! I want to see you fuck your own sister!” Ashley gasped out, words she never thought she was capable of saying flowing so naturally off her tongue as she was driven wild by both of these beautiful sisters. “I wish I’d been there when she finger fucked you! I would have licked your cum right off her fingers, V! I’d have sucked her fingers clean and then let her finger fuck me while I ate you out! Ohhhh my fucking God this is so fucking hot! I can’t believe we’re doing this but I’m so wet for it! I want to see you tongue fuck Stella like she’s tongue fucking me Vanessa! I want to see you eat her pussy and I’ll get right behind you and eat you out and lick your asshole and fuck you so good while you’re doing it to her!”

And there was definitely a third party in the bed who very much liked where this was going and she showed it when she pulled up from Ashley’s pussy with juice coated lips and a big, wicked smile on her young face.

“Yeahhh both of you are getting so fucking nasty for me!” Stella cheered on. “Mmmm we’re going to be fucking all the time now! The three of us making each other feel good! No one’s going to be cheating on anyone because we’re all going to be together! Mmmmm all three of us naked and in bed and fucking. And not just in bed but in the shower and in your hot tub V and even in the kitchen! Mmmm we can all be eating each other’s pussies for breakfast every fucking morning from now on!”

Vanessa was so turned on by the view of her sister between Ashley’s legs. She thought that Stella had never looked more beautiful than she did right then with her lips so shiny from Ashley’s naughty juices.

Her sister looked so sexy and so tempting and Vanessa gave right into that temptation, pulling away from Ashley so she could instead move down the bed to kiss Stella. And she went right for it, not showing any shyness or doubt over the illicitness of it as Vanessa kissed Stella right on the lips and tasted Ashley all over her.

The two nude sisters kissed right in front of Ashley and it was a bit shy at first since incest was something new to them both. But it quickly became more than just Vanessa and Stella pressing their lips together.

The forbidden kiss and the taste of Ashley’s juices turned them both on and they kissed again and again. Soon they were both making out with their eyes closed. Both of the sisters indulged in their taboo desire for one another and Vanessa delighted in being able to taste Ashley all over Stella’s lips.

The desire between them had completely replaced any anger and betrayal they both had felt and the feelings the sisters had even went beyond lust. It was also something far tenderer and Vanessa wasn’t afraid to show it.

“Mmmmm I’m so sorry I said all those horrible things to you Stella,” Vanessa told her sister as she softly ran her hand over Stella’s face and through the blonde streaks of her dark hair. “I didn’t mean what I said! I don’t hate you! I love you Stella! I’m so sorry I said I never wanted to see you again! You’re my sister! You’re my friend! You mean so much to me Stella! I love you and Ashley more than anything in the world!”

Stella’s lip quivered when she heard that and her smile grew, not just to one of carnal wickedness but of genuine joy and love. It meant so much for her to hear that from Vanessa and she immediately returned the sentiment.

“I love you too V! I love you so much! I’m so sorry I was such a bitch! I was such a horrible sister and I’ll never be that way again! I promise!” Stella sincerely pledged. “I never wanted to ruin things or make you sad! I’m so sorry for everything I did but I’m gonna make it all so much better now! I’m going to be the best sister ever from now on and I’m going to make you and Ashley both feel so fucking good all the time!”

Stella kissed Vanessa again, this time not just showing her desire for her older sister but also her love. They sensually kissed each other as both sisters and lovers and let their new found passion for each other flow. The two girls rubbed their tongues together in each other’s mouths as the intensity of their kiss grew and their hands boldly roamed all over each other’s bodies as both Vanessa and Stella took delight in touching a body they definitely weren’t supposed to.

Soft sisterly hands caressed bare tits and asses and slid over stomachs and legs and between each other’s thighs. Both Hudgens girls moaned over the taboo pleasure of touching each other so intimately. They were both so wet for this and it thrilled them both to feel how the other’s pussy was juicy and hot for this new naughty fun between them.

And it wasn’t only arousing them as Vanessa and Stella both heard sounds of pleasure coming from Ashley too.

“Don’t stop! Mmmmm that’s so hot! So naughty!” Ashley moaned, playing with her own stiff nipples while her other hand was between her legs. “You two are so sexy! I can’t believe this is happening but you’re both so hot like this!”

“Mmmmm so are you,” Vanessa replied while eye-fucking her masturbating girlfriend. “I’m so sorry I was mean to you too Ashley! I love you so much! I know you love me too and you didn’t want to hurt me! I know you didn’t mean to cheat! I get it now! I know how irresistible Stella is now! Mmmm I shouldn’t have gotten mad when I caught you two! I should have taken off my clothes and joined in!”

“Oh yeah! You totally should have! Oooooh we should all have been fucking instead of fighting!” Stella enthusiastically replied.  “So let’s get back to it! I’m going to make your girlfriend come, V! I’m going to eat Ashley’s pussy and make her come in my mouth again! Mmmm and this time we can all have fun with it and make each other feel good because no one’s cheating and everyone just wants to fuck each other!”

Stella’s logic was still twisted but it was so hard to argue with it, especially when she got her face back between Ashley’s legs and resumed licking her. Her tongue didn’t miss a beat as it got back to lapping at Ashley’s soft, dripping folds and Ashley began writhing on the bed again in pleasure, unable to keep herself from rubbing her pussy into Stella’s face as the girl’s tongue tantalized and teased her clitoris.

“Oh Stella! Oh My God! Ughhh I can’t believe we’re doing this again!” Ashley moaned in pleasure, her head spinning from how all of this had played out in such an unexpected direction. “Mmmmm fuck me Stella! You nasty girl! Oooooh you’re so fucking bad! Mmmm but you make me feel so good! Lick my pussy just like your sister does! Ooooh she’s gonna teach you to be just as good at it as she is!”

Vanessa liked hearing that. She truly wanted Stella to pleasure Ashley. But she also wanted to hear that she was better. After all that had happened between them these last few days, Vanessa felt now like she really could trust Ashley again. She knew Ashley loved her and that she wasn’t about to run off with Stella. But she also liked being confident in knowing she was better at fucking than her little sister was.

And Vanessa got extra turned on from the idea of teaching Stella how to eat pussy and fuck girls the right way. That was so fucking naughty and that kind of hands on tutoring was going to involve lots more of her and Stella being naked with each other and doing very unsisterly things.

Before that would have appalled her but now it made her wet. She wanted to teach Stella everything she knew. She wanted to be a good big sister and make sure Stella knew how to pleasure another woman. And most of all Vanessa always wanted Ashley to like her best.

So, with that in mind, Vanessa did something she knew Ashley loved. Her girlfriend had been doing such an amazing job licking her, just like Ashley always did, and Vanessa needed more. Being able to watch Stella go down on Ashley was making her so wet and made Vanessa feel even more of a need to come. So she repositioned herself and, as Ashley lay back on the bed, Vanessa planted herself right on her girlfriend’s face.

It was far from the first time they had done this position and Ashley didn’t even need a second to get into it. Having Vanessa’s pussy hovering above her face was exactly what Ashley wanted most as a present and she didn’t hesitate to claim it as her prize. Ashley’s tongue darted right out and resumed doing what it loved to do most in the world, lick Vanessa’s pussy.

“Oh Ashley! Yeahhhh ohhhh yes baby yessssssss! Mmmm tongue fuck my hot, wet pussy while Stella eats you out at the same time!” Vanessa lustfully urged. “Fuck me just like you always do! I want to come while she makes you come! Mmmm fuckkkk oh Ashleyyyyyy! Yesssssss oooooh you naughty girl! Show me how much it turns you on to have my sister tongue fucking you! Show me that you loved hearing about her fingering me and how I fucked my own sister! Fuckkkk I feel so nasty and I love it!”

Ashley did love it. God, she knew it was totally perverted of her and that as the sober one here she should have been thinking rationally and telling Vanessa and Stella they could never do it again. But she couldn’t make herself think that way.

The idea of Vanessa and Stella committing incest was so hot and Ashley wanted to see it happen right in front of her. She wanted a slutty sister show and she wanted to see all the dirty things the Hudgens girls could do to each other.

It made her feel so dirty and Ashley loved feeling those wicked, naughty tingles inside herself. She was doing something bad and it was making her feel so good. After feeling so guilty and miserable these last few days, it was like the cloud had been completely lifted off of her and she could enjoy her own dirty desires now.

Ashley channeled those feelings into pleasuring Vanessa. As good as it felt to have Stella eating her out, what Ashley most wanted was to make Vanessa come. She wanted to always be pleasuring the woman she loved and Ashley used all her wicked energy to lick Vanessa’s pussy as the brunette sat on her face reverse cowgirl style.

That left Vanessa’s gorgeous ass cheeks pressed right to her face blocking her field of view. But that was just fine with Ashley because she didn’t want to see anything right then more than her own girlfriend’s bare ass and she caressed those sexy buns with one hand while the other softly rested on Vanessa’s hip.

Vanessa had tasted so good before when she had been reunited with her girlfriend’s precious pussy. But now it was like Vanessa’s flavor was even better to Ashley.

She loved when Vanessa would sit on her face. Ashley loved how it was like she was being smothered by Vanessa’s pussy. She felt so wonderfully helpless on her back with that pussy in her face grinding against her mouth and Ashley licked her girlfriend with everything she had, showing off how much she had missed her with every naughty lash of her tongue.

Vanessa cried out in rapture from it all. Ashley had been getting her close before but now she was getting even closer and at top speed too. Ashley’s tongue always drove her wild and it was so much hotter for Vanessa to fuck her girlfriend’s face while looking at Stella kneeling between Ashley’s legs.

This position allowed Vanessa to stare right down at Stella as she lapped away at Ashley’s cunt and it was so fucking hot to see her naked sister being so slutty. A few days ago this had infuriated Vanessa but now it just made her want to come.

“Oh Ashley! Baby! Fuckkkkk ohhhh fuck me! Yessssssss yesssssssssssss lick me while she licks you! Ohhhh this is so fucking good!” Vanessa squealed in sexually perverse pleasure while riding Ashley’s face and smearing her wet juices all over the girl’s soft, lovely skin. “I love seeing her tongue fuck you! Do me while she’s licking you! Show me you love me! Fuck me Ashley! Ohhh yessss make it so fucking good and make me come all over your face! Oh baby yesssssss yesssss right there Ashley! Ooooooh fuckkk you know all my spots! Make me come baby! I’m getting close!”

Vanessa’s head was spinning. It had been that way ever since she had drank that cup of punch but it was so much more now. The entire night had been a blur of licking and fucking and coming but this was the wildest part of it. It was so dirty and felt so fucking good to be sharing Ashley with Stella.

Vanessa was so turned on. She was dripping right into Ashley’s mouth and she felt Ashley get her closer and closer to orgasm with every loving, sexy lick. Ashley’s tongue was making her pant and breathlessly gasp in pleasure just like it always did.

The girl knew her pussy so well and Ashley always treated her right when they fucked. She knew just where to lick and when to do it fast and when to slow it down. Ashley always fucked her so well but this time it was extra hot because Stella was there too and Vanessa loved indulging in this wickedness.

“Kiss me Stella! Lemme taste more of her juice on your naughty lips!” Vanessa moaned bending over so easily in this position to bring her face level with Stella’s.

And as soon as the sisters were close enough they shared an Ashley-filled kiss. Vanessa greedily sucked the taste of her girlfriend off her own sister’s lips and then took Stella’s tongue right into her mouth again so she could get more of Ashley’s delicious flavor. It was so hot and naughty and forbidden and Vanessa loved the feel of kissing Stella.

“Oooooh fuckkk Stella you’re such a fucking hot slut and I love you so much!” Vanessa giggled in almost delirious pleasure after another taboo kiss with her sister. “Mmmm I wish you’d finger fucked me earlier! Ooooh you fucked the meanness right out of me! I was such a bitch to my sexy sister and I’ll never be that way again! I love you baby sis and I’m going to fuck you so good after you fuck Ashley!”

“Yessssss fuck me! Fuck your own sister! We can all be so nasty with each other now and we can always make each other feel good!” Stella moaned before getting back down to Ashley’s pussy. “Mmmmm I love licking Ashley’s pussy in front of you, Nessa! I love tasting your girlfriend’s yummy cunt and I can’t wait to lick yours too and taste more of you! Mmmm I got so hot tasting your pussy off my fingers and I can’t wait to taste it right from your pussy!”

Vanessa let out a little excited squeal over her beautifully perverted little sister saying something so filthy. Oh God, what was happening to the both of them? Vanessa couldn’t understand how she could want something as sick and twisted as incest with Stella but it was totally turning her on and Stella was making her so hot for it.

Vanessa could still feel the pleasure from when Stella had forced those fingers into her and banged her pussy into submission. She had come so hard from it and now Vanessa wanted to feel her sister’s tongue too. But, even with that wild, sinful pleasure in mind, Vanessa wanted Ashley’s tongue the most. She had missed Ashley so much and none of the other women she had fucked, even Stella, had been able to replace her girlfriend.

“Ooooooh Ashley yesssss just a little bit more baby and you’re going to make me come!” Vanessa urged her. “Fuck me baby! Don’t stop! Ughhh no matter what Stella does to you, never stop fucking me! Ohhh God! Yeah Ashley baby! Eat that pussy! Ooooh you lick me so good and I want Stella to see how hard you make me come! Mmm she’s going to be in our fun a lot from now on and I want her to see what she has to live up to! Make me come in front of her so she can see how good it can get! FUCKKK OHHH ASHLEYYYY YESSSS YESSS RIGHT THERE! OOOOH FUCK YESSS GIVE ME MORE BABY!”

Ashley had both of her hands on Vanessa’s ass cheeks now, fondling them lovingly while Vanessa fucked her face. She couldn’t have been happier as her tongue licked away at Vanessa’s honeypot. Vanessa had never tasted yummier to her and Ashley was insatiable. She loved what Stella was doing to her, but nothing, absolutely nothing, was going to distract Ashley from getting Vanessa off.

She clasped her hands to Vanessa’s ass, like she never wanted to let go of her, and spread her girlfriend open more. Those firm but so sexually soft butt cheeks always felt so good in her hands but Ashley wanted them more than ever as she used her grasp on Vanessa’s body to spread her open more and bury her tongue into her while Vanessa eagerly humped her face.

It was heaven for Ashley and she licked and sucked away, doing everything she knew Vanessa liked.

“Ohhhhh my God! That tongue! OHHH FUCKKKK I LOVE YOUR TONGUE SO MUCH ASHLEY! OOOOH I LOVE HOW YOU FUCK ME!” Vanessa cried out, her voice getting more intense as Ashley’s tongue lashed at her clitoris just how she loved her to do. “OOOOH YESSS YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE ME COME BABY! FUCKKK OHHH FUCKKKK YESSSSS SHOW STELLA HOW TO DO IT RIGHT! SHOW HER HOW A WOMAN MAKES ME COME! FUCK ME ASHLEY! FUCKKKK YESSSSS!!!”

Stella was definitely taking notes. She wanted to be so fucking good at this that no woman would ever be able to resist her. She had never thought of herself as gay or as a lesbian or anything. She just wanted what she wanted. It just happened that she had exclusively had crushes on girls lately. It hadn’t meant she was gay though. Did it?

Stella didn’t know and she reminded herself she didn’t care. She just wanted sex and she wanted to be as good at it as Vanessa and Ashley were. It had always been so hot to see them go at it, peering through the open bedroom door or hiding in the closet whenever she could. But now she didn’t have to be a sneaky voyeur. Now Stella could see it all happening right in front of her and it was amazing.

She loved seeing her sister ride Ashley’s face. She loved seeing Ashley’s tongue working Vanessa over as her face was covered up by Vanessa’s sexy body. Stella had a wonderfully nasty view of Ashley’s tongue attacking her sister’s pussy, lapping away at it and making her so juicy. Vanessa was dripping wet with her thighs all shiny and sticky from sex and her dark little curls in her bush all matted up in her neat landing strip.

And it wasn’t just Vanessa’s body that turned Stella on. Not only was Ashley’s pussy so snug and warm and not only did it taste amazing, but Stella got to look up and see Ashley’s flat tummy and her sexy boobs while she writhed and fucked on the bed. Ashley and Vanessa were both so beautiful and Stella wanted to be just like them.

So she was making sure to pay very close attention to what Ashley was doing to Vanessa and how good it made her sister feel. Vanessa was cooing and moaning out again and again, tossing her head back and closing her eyes as the pleasure flowed through her.

Vanessa looked so good like this, her body sweaty and covered in sex and her nipples all swollen and her makeup runny and her hair mussed up. She looked like such a hot mess to Stella, a very hot and very sexy mess, and Stella wanted to see her sister come. She had sneakily watched it so many times before and now she was going to get her best view ever of it.

Vanessa was breathing so rapidly and so heavily. She looked like she was going to come huge thanks to the combination of being able to see her naked sister eat her girlfriend’s pussy and how Ashley was working her over so thoroughly. It felt like Ashley was only concentrating on her and Vanessa loved it. Her girlfriend was so good to her.

Ashley had her face shoved into Vanessa’s ass crack as her cheeks ground thrust back into her while she rubbed her pussy up against her lips and tongue. Ashley’s nose was almost pushed right into Vanessa’s asshole as she licked away at her and she never wanted to stop. All she wanted to do was give and give to the woman she loved and Vanessa couldn’t hold back from such generosity.

Ashley was giving her the Christmas present of her exquisite mouth and Vanessa gave one right back to her by doing just as she had promised and coming all over Ashley’s face.


Vanessa’s overcooked brain and sexually ravaged body still had enough left to give her girlfriend the orgasm they both had wanted. Sex with Jamie Chung and Ashley Benson and all of these other woman had been incredible but Vanessa knew nothing beat this.

It was sex with someone she was connected to beyond lust and it made it so special and pleasurable. Vanessa cried in release over and over again as she came all over Ashley and when she finally could take no more stimulation to her tender pussy and overworked clit, Vanessa rolled off and began licking herself off Ashley’s happy face.

“Oooooh you’re so fucking good to me baby,” Vanessa moaned as she gave Ashley a tongue bath, licking her moaning girlfriend’s face to taste her own cum. “Let’s never fight again! I missed you so much! Mmmm it was days but it felt like fucking years!”

Ashley had longed to hear those very words from Vanessa and she just hoped that once the girl sobered up she would still feel the same way. But Ashley tried not to worry about that and simply enjoy the moment as she moaned from Vanessa’s tongue on her face and Stella’s licking her pussy.

“We’ll never fight again!” Ashley promised, hoping it was true. “I love you Vanessa! I’m always going to be good to you!”

“Yeah? Well now it’s your turn to feel good,” Vanessa grinned as she savored her own flavor on her taste buds after cleaning off Ashley’s face. “I think my little sis needs a few lessons and I want to give them to her and give you something special too!”

But instead of moving down the bed to where Stella was kneeling between Ashley’s opened legs, Vanessa instead hopped off the bed and began walking naked around the bedroom looking for something. Because even though this was a guest bedroom in the mansion and no one stayed in there all the time, Vanessa knew there were always certain items that were in every bedroom. She and Ashley had stayed overnight in this room a couple of times before and Vanessa was sure there was treasure somewhere in it.

While she looked around, Vanessa let the sound of Ashley’s pleasure and Stella’s hungry slurps and licks of her wet pussy fill her ears. Those sounds and the whole atmosphere in the room were intoxicating to Vanessa, even more than the punch had been. Just hearing her girlfriend and her sister go at it made Vanessa wet even after having just come and she picked up the pace of her search, not wanting to have to wait a moment more than she had to.

And finally, just when she felt like she was about to get frustrated, Vanessa found what she was looking for. She had looked in the drawers of the dresser and by the nightstand by the bed and finally had found it in the closet, right next to the spare bed sheets. Vanessa grinned as she thought about all the times guests in the mansion had soaked the sheets from all the fun they’d been having so these spare sheets were very necessary.

That was exactly what she was intending to do now too as she came back to the bed with items in her hand. One was a bottle of lube and another was a toy that she intended to put to very good use. She knew this toy very well. She had used it on Ashley before when they’d stayed over at the mansion and Vanessa was going to use it again so she could make sure Stella saw how good she was at making Ashley come and just what she could make her girlfriend do.

As Ashley grunted and groaned in pleasure on the bed, Vanessa moved toward her with lewd intent and she crawled back into the bed, putting herself right beside Stella.

“Mmmm move over sis,” Vanessa said with a sexy and excited smile covering her face. “I’m going to show you how naughty Ashley can really be! Mmmm if you fuck her good enough then she doesn’t just come for you! She squirts! And I’m going to make her do it so you can learn to be as hot as me!”

Ashley’s eyes lit up when she heard that. She had not been expecting any of this and it was all like an incredible gift to her. And when she saw the thick blue vibrator in Vanessa’s hand she knew exactly what her girlfriend was going to do and she welcomed it.

“Yesssssssssss! Please yes!” Ashley begged. “Make me squirt Vanessa! Fuck me up the ass and make me fucking squirt like a dirty whore in front of Stella! Let her see how you can make me squirt! Pleaaaaaaaase!”

“Oh wow! You can squirt?” Stella marveled, pulling her face up from Ashley’s crotch with a fresh glaze of her fuck juices on it. “That’s fucking wild! I thought that was all made up shit for like pornos and stuff.”

“Oh no, she can really do it,” Vanessa confirmed. “It’s all real and I know how to make her do it. So stand aside Stella and let the grownups show you how it’s done. Mmmm you can make Ashley come but I know how to make her REALLY come.”

Vanessa might have forgiven her sister but she couldn’t help but lord her experience over her a little. After all, she didn’t want Stella getting too full of herself or anything. And Vanessa also wanted to give Ashley a little reminder that as good as Stella could be, she was still better.

“Hey! I was doing a great job before you butted in so don’t act like…” Stella began to defensively claim but she didn’t get very far before Vanessa silenced her with a kiss.

It was a fully erotic kiss, one that took Stella’s breath away as she was sexually kissed by her sister. Vanessa was such an amazing kisser and it left Stella smiling happily and having completely forgotten what she was annoyed ever. Vanessa grinned too as she saw that she had shut her sister up. Stella had done so much to have control in their newfound dynamic and Vanessa wanted to remind her who the older sister was.

With Stella freshly silenced, Vanessa turned her attention back toward Ashley as the girl lay back and helpfully opened her legs up even more, bending them at the knee and slinging them wide in a way that not only showed off the slick, juicy folds of her ultra-aroused pussy but also exposed an even more intimate hole to Vanessa.

“Mmmmmm you naughty girl, you love being fucked up the ass, don’t you?” Vanessa playfully teased as she took in the lewd and lovely sight before her in the bed.

“Yessssssss ooooh I love when you fuck my ass,” Ashley moaned, so happy that things had turned out this way and so willing to give her body to Vanessa in any way the horny brunette wanted. “I love when you get toys and fuck me hard and make me take it hard and deep up my ass! No one makes me come like you do! No one else can really make me squirt!”

It was true. Ashley had never even known that she could even have the kind of orgasms that seemed only like a porno movie kind of fantasy. She had never squirted before until one time Vanessa had fucked her ass so well with a toy right in the middle of an intense threesome with Aly Michalka. Vanessa had been the first one to make her feel so good and so lost in the moment that she could have an orgasm that incredible and Vanessa had made sure and do it many times after.

Ashley couldn’t always come that hard and while other women had been able to do it to her too on a little bit of a lesser scale, no one could do it like Vanessa could. At first Ashley had been embarrassed by it, finding it uncomfortable that she could lose control so much that she would squirt out her cum but Vanessa had been so into it and made her feel so sexy that Ashley had relaxed about it. Now she welcomed the idea of being able to squirt, especially now.

“Do it Vanessa! Fuck me hard like only you can!” Ashley hornily begged as she reached down between her legs while lying back on the bed and opened her asshole even more, grabbing onto her body to spread herself, making sure Vanessa could see how much she wanted it. “Mmmm fuck me right up the ass! Make me your squirting slut! I’ll do anything you want V! I’ll be your fucking whore and let you do me any way you want!”

Vanessa loved the sound of that. Hearing a sweet girl like Ashley Tisdale offer herself up in such a filthy fashion always thrilled Vanessa, especially tonight. And she was going to take her girlfriend up on that offer as she took the blue vibrator and poured the lube on it, letting it drip down the shaft of the toy to make sure it could fit right into the snug passage she intended to put it into.

“I wish we had some of our toys here,” Vanessa said with a giggle, referencing the growing collection of sex toys she and Ashley shared. “But we’ll play with those later. Mmmm I know the girls here have plenty for us to play with too!”

And Vanessa was right about that. All the bedrooms at the mansion, even the guest ones, had naughty toys hidden somewhere. It was like staying at a hotel and knowing you would always find a bible in some drawer. Here it was like you were sure of always finding a dildo or a vibrator or some beads or another kind of toy and Vanessa was going to make very good use of the one she had in her hand.

Vanessa got the lube all over the toy, making it slick and messy. But she didn’t stop there. Not when she had a more natural way of getting her girlfriend ready to be assfucked. Pausing only to brush her own wild, frazzled dark hair out of her face, Vanessa got down on her belly on the bed and took advantage of how Ashley was splaying herself open by flicking her tongue against the girl’s exposed asshole.

“Ooooooooooooooh! Ohhhh V! Yesssssssssss mmmmmm fuck you know how much I love that!” Ashley squealed happily as she felt Vanessa lick her asshole. “Mmmmm gawd you can make me come just from that! Lick my asshole baby! Mmmmm get me all wet and ready to fuck!”

Ashley tossed her head back and groaned in the kind of pleasure that could only come from a female tongue against her tight, sensitive pucker, especially this tongue. Ever since she and Vanessa had felt their first lesbian experience with Love and Hayden, Ashley had loved having her asshole licked and Vanessa always made it feel incredible.

Vanessa’s tongue always made her tingle when it was on her naughtiest hole and Ashley groaned out from how good it felt while still keeping her hands on her own ass cheeks, reaching under herself while she lay back to make sure she was as open as possible.

“Mmmmm you’re such a naughty butt slut, Ashley!” Vanessa giggled in between licks. “Mmmmm fuckkk I love your ass baby! I love how much you want it! I love how I was the first to fuck your ass! I’m going to make you feel so fucking good!”

Ashley had no doubt of that. Guys had always wanted to fuck her ass and Ashley hadn’t blamed them. She was proud of her butt and she worked hard to keep it nice and round and firm and tight. But she had never wanted any of her boyfriends to do that to her. She had always kept her ass off limits to them. For Vanessa, though, nothing was off limits.

Her first lesbian experience had also been her first anal experience and Ashley had soon after let Vanessa take her virgin hole with a toy for the first time. That had also been the first time Ashley had ever squirted too and it had been no coincidence. Being fucked up the ass always made Ashley want to explode with her essence and no one did it better than Vanessa, not even Rose when she had made sure to “initiate” her and Vanessa by taking them both up the ass with Mr. Snappy on their first trip to the mansion.

“Yesssss lick it! Oooooh Nessa! Mmmmm lick my butt! Oooooh fuck I love when you do that! You can do anything you want to me!” Ashley insisted. “Find the biggest, hardest toy you can and shove it up my ass! Make me your bitch! I’ll do anything you want!”

Vanessa’s sexually soaked and overheated mind contemplated the idea of making Ashley Tisdale her bitch. God, that sounded so fucking nasty. She could make Ashley crawl naked and beg to be buttfucked. She would make her beg to be fucked hard and deep all the way up her ass and make her into her lesbian slut whore.

Vanessa felt her own pussy quiver at the idea of fucking the deepest parts of Ashley’s ass with a huge strap-on and then violating her mouth by making her suck it clean. She’d make Ashley her dyke slave and fuck her little spoiled Disney princess asshole and be all nasty about it, spanking her and calling her mean names and telling her to take it deep up her lesbian bitch shithole.

But while the idea was arousing, Vanessa knew she didn’t want to go all the way there, except maybe every now and then. She didn’t want a slave. She wanted a girlfriend. She needed Ashley in her life and she didn’t want to hurt her or humiliate her or make her feel bad. Vanessa just wanted to get things to where they were before, with one little enhancement.

“Mmmm now it’s your turn,” Vanessa said, pulling up from Ashley’s asshole to turn toward her sister as Stella had looked on lustfully, enjoying the close up view of the lesbian couple’s playtime. “I want you to lick her asshole Stella! Get Ashley’s naughty hole all nice and wet! You’ve gotta learn how to do it if you’re going to fuck my friends!”

“Really? I can fuck all your naughty, sexy friends?” Stella asked, clearly thrilled by the idea of getting with all those hot girls in the orgy.

“Well I don’t think there’d be much I could do to stop you,” Vanessa replied with a laugh, remembering the things she had heard Stella say earlier in the night and knowing full well that her sister clearly was not someone who easily took “no” for an answer. “So I might as well get you ready to do it. After all, I don’t want you ruining my reputation around here.”

Both Vanessa and Stella laughed over that and Vanessa moved toward her sister like she was going to kiss her again. Stella even pursed her lips in anticipation. But instead of kissing her, Vanessa moved closed to Stella so she could get her hand on the back of her head and pushed her down into Ashley, pressing her face right to Ashley’s waiting asshole.

Stella was surprised at first but only briefly. She knew what she had to do and she happily did it, flicking her tongue out and starting to lick an asshole for the first time. Ashley had been the first pussy she had ever tasted so Stella knew it was only appropriate for hers to be the first salad she ever tossed too. And Stella got into it right away, relishing that she was doing something as naughty as licking another girl’s asshole and sliding her tongue all over the pretty puckered ring while Ashley moaned for her.

Stella felt such a naughty rush from being able to do something so filthy as lick an asshole. She had never done it before. When she had been with Ashley before she had only focused on her pussy and when she had been with guys they had only wanted her to suck their cocks. Licking ass had always been the furthest thing from Stella’s mind when she’d had sex before.

But now she was feeling almost giddy as she started to rim Ashley. Ashley’s asshole was so tight and tasty and she loved knowing she was licking Vanessa’s saliva off it. It made it extra hot to have Vanessa pushing her head down too and making her eat Ashley’s ass. It made it so fucking naughty and increased the pleasure of it as Stella licked Ashley more thoroughly, circling her wet tongue over her little hole and then pushing inside her starfish, penetrating Ashley.

It felt so good to be this dirty and Stella’s enthusiasm showed in her exploration of Ashley’s asshole. She enjoyed it more with each moment she was tasting it and Stella’s naughty tongue had Ashley unable to hold back.

“Mmmm oh Stella! Ooooooh you nasty girl! Lick my ass just like your sister does!” Ashley groaned. “Mmmmm fucking eat my ass you dirty little slut! You’re so bad Stella! Mmmm yessssss get in there and lick! Oooooh taste your own sister’s saliva in my asshole and get me even wetter!”

Ashley still couldn’t believe something this kinky was happening but she wasn’t about to question it. Getting Vanessa back was all she had wanted. Having Stella too was like finding out she had gotten two presents left for her by Santa and not just one. Ashley wanted to enjoy it all and she moaned and writhed naked on the bed as Stella started tongue punching her asshole, fucking her with her tongue like she had fucked her pussy, while Vanessa leaned in and kissed her passionately right on the lips.

Ashley moaned right into her kiss with Vanessa, relishing the sensual pleasure of her beautiful lover’s lips against hers while Stella’s tongue did wicked things to her asshole. She was writhing in pleasure once more and she eagerly kissed Vanessa back, caressing her girlfriend’s face with her hand and loving the sensation of being able to touch that soft skin. Ashley knew how close she had been to losing that forever and she never was going to take it for granted again.

The two lovers kissed passionately several times, rubbing their tongues against each other’s and moaning as their soft lips caressed the other’s. Vanessa gently caressed Ashley’s face just like the girl had done to her and both of them were smiling as they broke apart their wet kiss, the other’s saliva each dripping from both of their lips.

“Is she licking your ass good Ash? Mmmm is she getting you good and ready to be fucked?” Vanessa carnally asked, her eyes full of lust and excitement.

“Mmmmmmhmmm,” Ashley confirmed before adding a very important caveat. “But not as well as you do! Mmmmm no one licks me better than you do V! No one fucks my ass better either! Do it baby! Fuck me! Make Stella see how much I like it! Make her see how you can make me come better than anyone else can!”

Vanessa was very eager to do just that and she gave Ashley one more kiss before slithering back down her girlfriend’s body. Stella was still there licking away at Ashley’s butthole with a giddy eagerness that showed just how much she was enjoying her first time performing analingus.

It was so sexy for Vanessa to see her sister licking Ashley’s asshole but Vanessa didn’t let that stop her from breaking up Stella’s fun. After all, she had something even better for Ashley’s ass.

“Watch and learn Stella,” Vanessa confidently boasted as she grabbed the lubed up vibrator in her hand, the blue cock-shaped plastic covered in a sexy sheen. “Let me show you how Ashley likes it! Mmmm you have a lot to learn about how to fuck girls and I’m going to teach you everything I know!”

The sound of that lewd promise thrilled all of the girls but most of all Ashley because she was the one to receive the benefits of Stella’s first lesson. With her asshole well-licked and the toy slick and ready, Vanessa didn’t hesitate to push it inside her, which made Ashley gasp and groan as she felt herself blissfully surrender to anal submission to her girlfriend.

Even though she had done this many times before now, Ashley always got reflexively nervous when she was about to be penetrated up the ass. And that was especially true in this case because Ashley partially feared that Vanessa was still mad and was going to pay her back for cheating by ramming that thing up her ass. But that fear was for naught as Vanessa slowly eased the toy in, focusing on Ashley’s pleasure.

Vanessa let Ashley take it at a pace that was comfortable to her, just the way she always did whenever they did anal play in bed. Vanessa let Ashley adjust to the plastic pushing inside her tightest hole, not giving her too much and going at the pace she knew Ashley really enjoyed. Vanessa knew Ashley’s body so well by now and she knew just when to take it slowly and just when to speed it up and give it to her harder.

“Fuck yesssssssss! Oh V! Mmmm gawd Vanessa baby! Fuck my ass! Mmmm yessssss push that big dick right up my ass! Ohhhh fuck me like that!” Ashley groaned, rolling her head on the pillow underneath it and closing her eyes from the intensity of the growing pleasure. “Mmmm yesssss go deeper V! Fuckkk don’t be shy! You know what I like! Let Stella see! Let her see how good you are at fucking me up the ass and let her know that she’s next!”

The words had just slipped out of Ashley’s mouth without her even thinking about them and at first Ashley worried she had taken things too far. But both sisters very much liked the idea Ashley had just suggested and they didn’t hide it.

“Fuck yeah! Bang my ass next Vanessa! Fuck your own sister’s slutty ass!” Stella moaned, clearly excited over the idea of something so taboo. “I never got fucked like that before and I want it from you!”

“Oh really?” Vanessa asked slyly, arching her eyebrow and smiling as she turned her attention toward her horny little sister even as she continued to sensually fuck Ashley with the toy, the plastic penis pushing up her willing hole and stretching it open as the bright blue color contrasted with the creamy tone of her skin. “Mmmmm is that true Stella? Never had any of those loser boyfriends of yours bend you over and fuck that cute ass of yours? Never gave up the booty to a boy?”

“No! Boys are gross!” Stella giggled, lesbian lust now completely in control of her thought process. “They always wanted to fuck my ass but I never let them! I barely let any of them fuck my cunt even. I’d just suck their dicks and they’d love that because I love to swallow cum! But I never got fucked up the ass before, Nessa! I want you to do it! Fucking pop my cherry sis! Fuck your girlfriend and then fuck me!”

The words coming out of her sister’s mouth made Vanessa’s head spin more. She couldn’t believe that she was hearing her sister talking about swallowing cum and getting ass fucked. But she liked it. Stella had always been a bit of a wild child but Vanessa had never known just how much until now and it turned her on.

This was all so dirty and wrong and yet she wanted it so much. Vanessa willingly wanted to have sex with her sister. She wanted to fuck Stella’s virgin ass and have a threesome with her and Ashley every night and every morning even during lunchtime too. It was all making Vanessa so wet and she showed that by pushing into Ashley deeper and with an increased pace, taking her with more force as she slid the toy in and out of her girlfriend’s asshole, just like she knew Ashley liked it.

“Fuckkkkk! Ohhhhh we’re all so fucking dirty now!” Ashley cried, still scarcely believing this was all happening but never wanting this ride to end. “That’s so hot V! Fuck me and then fuck your sister! Take this cock right out my ass after I come and shove it in hers! Make Stella into an ass fucked slut like you make me!”

Ashley moaned wildly just at the thought of such a hot incestuous show between her beloved girlfriend and Vanessa’s vixen of a sister. Stella definitely deserved to be fucked up the ass for what she had done and Ashley knew she did too. This was the kind of punishment she loved and it felt so incredible to just lie back and let herself be fucked by a woman she knew cared about her and loved her.

It made it so special and sexy and Ashley writhed and moaned on the bed, opening her eyes to watch Stella and Vanessa making out and rubbing their naked bodies together while Vanessa pumped the toy in and out of her ass.

And Ashley giggled when she saw that the bed was still also occupied by the large stuffed animal Love had given her for comfort. The adorable Hugamal looked like it was staring at her as she got fucked and Ashley felt a wave of deviant pleasure knowing something so cute and wholesome as a big, fluffy stuffed animal was staring at her being so dirty and bad. It was like the big, soft friendly bear was judging her and Ashley hoped he didn’t think she was too much of a deviant for how much she was getting off on this.

Ashley averted her gaze from the innocence of the stuffed bear to the lewdness of a far naughtier toy. Even though Vanessa was occupied with kissing Stella and moaning when her sister’s larger tits and her pierced nipples rubbed right into her chest, she hadn’t let up a bit with her fun with the toy. The blue vibrator was going in and out of Ashley’s asshole with a growing intensity and she loved every bit of that plastic pushing up her dirtiest and tightest fuckhole.

Vanessa hadn’t even turned on the vibrator yet and it still felt incredible as Ashley experienced the amazing and erotic sensations of her ass being sexually sodomized by her lover. Anal sex was always such a rush for her, especially when it was Vanessa doing it, and Ashley’s cries were all in ecstasy as the cock pushed in deeper and harder. Vanessa always knew how to make it so good and Ashley could feel her pussy dripping hot, horny juice past her slit and down her thigh from how incredible this was.

Ashley was so focused on the feel of that cock pushing deeper up her ass and the view of Vanessa and Stella illicitly making out and playing with each other’s tits that she didn’t even realize at first that she was touching herself. She had just reached down on her own body without thinking and started playing with her pussy, rubbing her swollen labia and smearing her sticky juices all over her own creamy skin. She was making such a mess of her own pussy and Ashley began rubbing herself more frantically, the awareness of what she was doing to herself making her want it more.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! I love how you fuck me Vanessa! Ughhh yessss deeper baby! You know I can fucking take it!” Ashley groaned in need. “Fuck me like a slut! I can take that deep fucking! Mmmmm shove that thing up my ass! You know I like it! Fuckkkkk ohhhhh yesssssssss I love being nasty for you Nessa! Fuck me!”

“Mmmmm gawd you’re so fucking sexy Ash,” Vanessa moaned, breaking her kiss with Stella to turn back to her lover while she kept sliding the toy in and out of her tight, clinging hole. “I love when you’re naughty for me baby! You’re my girlfriend and you’re my fucking whore too!”

“Yessssssssssss your whore! Make me your fucking whore! Fuck me right up the ass and make me take it all!” Ashley gasped happily, a big smile covering her face while she continued rubbing her own pussy and making her fingers so creamy from the dripping wetness of her desire. “I’m your girlfriend and your slut baby! I fucking love this and I fucking love you!”

“Mmmmm I love you too!” Vanessa immediately assured Ashley. “And I’m your slut too Ash! I’m the fucking slut who’s going to fuck her own sister right in front of you and I’m the fucking slut that’s going to do this!”

With so much of the toy shoved into Ashley’s ass while the girl lay on her back naked and writhing on the bed, Vanessa knew the time was now to really set Ashley off.  So she turned the vibrator on and made it buzz and twitch while shoved inside her girlfriend’s ass. Vanessa smiled devilishly as she activated the toy and Ashley’s reaction to the surge of intense stimulation was instantaneous.

“FUCKKKKKKKKK! YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOH MY GOD YES! FUCK ME VANESSA! OOOOOOH FUCK MEEE!” Ashley screamed joyfully as the vibrator buzzed inside her, twitching and driving her wild with stimulation as her asshole reflexively clamped down around the penetrating toy. “OHHHH FUCK YES! DO IT VANESSA! FUCKING MAKE ME COME!”

“Mmmmm yesssss come all hot and nasty like you always do for me,” Vanessa lustfully urged. “Come from me fucking your sweet ass Ashley! I love your fucking butt so much baby and I love how hard you come when I fuck you! Remember last time we were here? Remember how I fucked you with this toy right up your ass while I was licking your pussy and you were bent over and eating Britney out? Ooooooh that was soooo fucking hot mmmm fuck we made such a mess in this bed that night with Britney and Christina! Christina was licking and fingering me as I was licking and fucking you and it felt so good! Remember Ash?”

“Yessssssssss! Ooooooh how could I forget?” Ashley moaned, her smile growing as her brain was stimulated by the erotic memory. “Mmmmm I came so fucking hard when you were fucking me with this toy and I was eating Britney’s yummy pussy! Oooooh fuckkk I came all over your face!”

“Mmmmmhmmm and now you’re going to do that to Stella,” Vanessa said with wicked glee in her voice and in her smile before she pushed down on the back of her younger sister’s head again and shoved her back into Ashley’s crotch. “Lick her Stella! Lick that tasty pussy while I’m fucking Ashley’s ass! You wanted her cum so much before? Well now you’re going to get all of it! Mmmm come for me Ash! Come in Stella’s mouth! Come from me fucking your ass!”

And Stella responded with eagerness. She loved having Ashley’s wet cunt in her face. She loved the feel of Vanessa’s hand on the back of her head. She loved everything that was happening and she touched herself while Vanessa pushed her into Ashley’s pussy and she lapped away at it, tasting all that delicious juice that her sister’s girlfriend was dripping out for her.

Stella licked Ashley harder than before, really giving it to her with her tongue as she licked all over her soaking wet slit and onto her swollen clit. And she was being instructed the whole way by Vanessa, who was paying very close attention to Stella’s raw technique while she continued to fuck Ashley’s ass with the now buzzing blue vibrator.

“That’s it Stella! Lick her pussy like that!” Vanessa urged while using one hand to fuck Ashley with the toy and the other to gently caress her sister’s hair while making sure she stayed down at the pussy in her face. “Mmmmm I know what Ashley likes and you’d better listen to me Stella if you’re going to keep on fucking us! I know you think you know everything already, little girl, but you’re going to have to learn from big sister.”

“Yesssssssssss teach me how to fuck girls!” Stella moaned with a mouth full of Ashley’s pussy as she showed just how much she liked that idea. “Mmmm teach me everything you two know so I can be as hot and fun and slutty as you two!”

“Oh you’re going to be a total slut by the time I’m done with you,” Vanessa giggled sexily, still unable to believe she was saying these things to her sister but getting such a thrill from every single word. “If you want to fuck me and Ashley you’d better be ready to learn! If you’re a good slut, Stella, and learn your lessons then we’ll let you fuck all our hot friends. Mmmm and I’ll bet you have some dirty thoughts about your own friends too, don’t you?”

Stella didn’t say anything in response. But to Vanessa’s ears, the soft, hungry moan that Stella made while she was licking Ashley’s pussy was very telling indeed. Vanessa smiled even more when she picked up that Stella had some secrets that went beyond a simple desire for pussy but she didn’t immediately explore that further. She wanted to concentrate on making Ashley come first.

“Good girl! Suck on her pussy! Suck the juice right out of her! Mmmm make sure and suck on her clit! Get it between your lips and make sure she feels it!” Vanessa instructed, enjoying the sound of every happy gasp and sexy scream that flowed from Ashley’s mouth as she was pleasured. “That’s it Stella! Make my girlfriend come! You don’t have to sneak around and fuck her anymore you naughty girl! You can fuck her right in front of me! Make sure and do it right! Lick her clit and make sure you pay lots of attention to it! That’s how you get a girl off! I’ll bet no boy you ever fucked knew that!”

Stella was sure she didn’t need these lessons. After all she knew her own pussy pretty fucking well by now and she was sure the formula for getting Ashley off wasn’t much different than how she got herself off. And, besides, Stella had made Ashley come so hard before. So she knew she could do it again, this time without sneaking around and hiding it. But, all the same, Stella liked the sexy lessons she was getting from her older sister and Ashley sure liked them too considering how much she was screaming out her pleasure.

“YESSSSSSSSSS! MORE! PLEASE MORE! OOOOOOOH YESSSS!” Ashley panted on the bed, her body writhing as she bucked it up against the toy pushing into her ass and the tongue sliding all over her vagina.

“Mmmmm you like that? Like how I fuck your naughty ass, Ashley?” Vanessa teased, asking questions she definitely already knew the answer to. “Like how that feels to have this big fake cock buzzing and twitching up your tight ass? Mmmmm is Stella licking you good? Is she going to make you come? Are you going to come for the dirty fucking sisters?”


“You’re so sexy Ashley,” Vanessa moaned to her girlfriend as she licked Ashley’s firm, bouncing tits, tasting the sex sweat off her chest and flicking her tongue against Ashley’s puffy, pink nipples, which was something she always loved to do. “You look so good fucking my sister’s pretty face! Mmmmm get your juices all over her baby! Make her face messy like you always make mine when I go down on you! Get your juice in her mouth and on her face and even in her fucking hair so she can wear your cum like I do after I get you off! You can fuck both of us from now on Ash! Me and Stella! We’re going to be your whore sisters! I want you to fuck both our faces from now on and make us drink down your cum! Mmmmm would you like that Ashley? For me and Stella to go to Christmas dinner at our mom’s with your cum still on our faces too and her not having any idea that her little girls are fucking the same hot woman and that they’re even fucking each other?”

Ashley just tossed her head back and moaned out wantonly at the thought of such a taboo scenario. She had no idea if this extra-kinky side of Vanessa was temporary or not but Ashley just went with it. She told herself not to worry about the future because the present was so awesome.

Ashley almost felt like she didn’t deserve to feel this good after what she had done. She had it all now. She had the illicit naughty sensations that she was getting from Stella eating her pussy and she had Vanessa as her hot, slutty girlfriend making her feel so sexy and loved at the same time. She had it all and Ashley wondered if this was all just some kind of sexy dream. But she didn’t question it because even if it was a dream, it was sure a lot better than crying and being heartbroken.

Everything that was happening to her felt amazing. She and Vanessa had done some kinky, fun things together but never anything like this and the pleasure Ashley felt from it was addictive. She felt so hot and happy and every lick from Stella and every buzz from that vibrator that Vanessa had wedged up her ass were both making Ashley feel even better. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer from such intense double stimulation.

“Fuck me Vanessa! Fuck me Stella! I’m gonna come! FUCKKKK OOOOOOH YESSSS AHHH IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD I’M GOING TO COMMMMMMME!” Ashley cried out in urgency as Vanessa gave her extra stimulation by going back and forth between her puffy, swollen nipples and licking and sucking the perky pink buds. “OOOOOH! OOOOOH FUCKKKK OHHHHH FUCKKKK THAT COCK FEELS SO BIG UP MY ASS! OH MY GOD! YESSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME MORE!  MAKE ME COME ALL OVER!”

Vanessa was so eager to make her girlfriend come. She had loved being naughty with all of those other girls but it still felt so extra special to be able to do this to Ashley Tisdale. She wanted to make Ashley feel so good. Vanessa wanted to make up for how angry she’d been and all the hurtful things she’d said to Ashley and Stella, two people she cared most for in the world. She wanted to show them both how much she loved them and how much she wanted to pleasure them in the hottest, naughtiest ways.

So Vanessa went for it, turning up the intensity of the vibrator up Ashley’s ass. She’d had it on the low setting and while she didn’t dare turn it all the way up, Vanessa took it to the next level by turning up the speed and intensity of the twitching toy and making it buzz harder and faster inside of Ashley.


And while she made the vibrator more powerful while she pushed it in and slid it out of her girlfriend’s asshole, Vanessa also made sure Stella got to it too. She pulled up from Ashley’s tits to straighten herself up and make sure she had a strong grip on the back of her sister’s head. And Vanessa made sure Stella knew just what she was doing too as she pushed the younger girl into Ashley’s cunt.

“Suck her clit! That’s it Stella! Get those pretty little lips on my girlfriend’s clit! Suck her! Lick her! Swallow her fucking cum!” Vanessa demanded, her voice full of lust as she pushed down on the back of Stella’s head and made sure she didn’t move an inch while Ashley’s body bucked on the bed and she fucked Stella’s young face. “Good girl! Good fucking girl! Show me what a slut you are Stella! Show me you’re good at eating pussy and I’ll let you lick mine! I know you want that you dirty thing! You want to suck and lick and eat my cunt and you’re going to get it all if you make Ashley come!”

Stella had never seen Vanessa act like this before. She had always been the “bad girl” in their family even though she’d been the one to keep her clothes on online. Stella had always relished being the naughty girl who flouted the rules and did what she wanted. But now Vanessa was being so bad and naughty and it was so much fun for Stella. She loved this wicked side of her sister and it made her new incestuous desire for her grow.

Hearing Vanessa talk like that made Stella want Ashley even more too. This wasn’t really anything Stella had planned out. It was just happening and she had no control over any of it. She loved that though. It made her want to fuck her sister and her sister’s girlfriend all the time and make them both come. Right then, Stella craved the taste of Ashley’s cream even more than she had the first time when she had sneakily crawled into bed with her and set all of this in motion.

Now Stella felt so liberated and turned on by not having to sneak around and watch Vanessa and Ashley in secret. Now she could do whatever she wanted to both of them and no one had to hide anything and no one would be mad. It was all so naughty and it made Ashley taste even better to her as Stella lapped at her creamy pink folds, letting that yummy flavor soak her tongue. Stella licked Ashley fast but also steady, letting Vanessa’s hand on the back of her head and all her naughty words guide her in how to do it right.

Stella did everything Vanessa told her. She sucked and licked and kissed and paid all of her attention to Ashley’s clit while Vanessa fucked her girlfriend’s ass and both sisters teamed up perfectly to take Ashley right over the edge. Her pussy quivered with release and her asshole reflexively squeezed down on the toy inside her, making it twitch in an even tighter hole and making Ashley gasp in rapture over how good it felt to clench down on the pulsating plastic cock shoved inside her.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH YESSSS I’M COMINGGGGG OHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Ashley screamed, giving Stella and Vanessa a warning as she felt it was going to be a huge one.

“Ooooooh yes baby! Come for me!” Vanessa cooed. “Open your mouth Stella! Open wide! Swallow it all! You wanted Ashley’s cum? Now you’re really going to fucking get it!”

Stella loved licking Ashley and the last thing she wanted to do was stop. But the girl’s pussy was clamping down on her tongue and it was obvious that Ashley was not screaming out empty words. She was coming and Stella did as her sister instructed her to, stopping her licking and opening her mouth wide and even sticking out her tongue to provide Ashley with an enticing target.

And true to Vanessa’s promise, Stella most definitely did get it. Because Ashley didn’t hold back. Being licked and fucked up the ass at the same time always got her off so huge and Vanessa knew it. And just like Vanessa had wanted, Ashley’s orgasm was intense and she gasped and cried in ecstasy as her body bucked on the bed and her cum squirted right out of her into Stella’s waiting, open mouth.

“FUCKKKK! OHHHHH MY GODDDDD COMING SOO HARRRD OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDD!” Ashley squealed, her voice loud and high pitched as she gasped and grunted and released her orgasm, the squirt bursting out of her in two blasts, the first of which went right into Stella’s mouth for her to greedily swallow down and the other arching higher to soak her face and even make Stella’s dark, blonde streaked hair wet. “OHHH MY GODDDD DON’T STOPP OHHH FUCKKK DON’T STOPPPPPPP!”

Vanessa didn’t want to stop either and she devilishly flicked the speed of the vibrator stuffed up Ashley’s ass even higher. She didn’t go to the highest setting but got to the second higher and made it buzz inside Ashley’s ass with more intensity as Ashley gasped and squirmed and bucked from the pleasure.

And Vanessa increased the pleasure even more by rubbing her fingers against Ashley’s swollen clit. She rubbed it forcefully and rapidly and with the buzzing vibrator driving her wild up her ass it was just what Ashley needed for her orgasm to become a multiple orgasm.


Ashley was just about left babbling and drooling as she released again with a second explosion of squirt shooting out of her all over Stella’s face. Vanessa was stimulating her so well with the vibrator up her ass and her wild clit play and Ashley couldn’t stop herself. She was left writhing and gasping for air as she squirted wildly onto Stella, soaking her face and her hair and all over her tongue. And Stella wanted it all. She held out her tongue for it while she was on her knees like a dog, wanting to be drenched in Ashley’s girly jizz.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssss mmmmmm fuckkkkk gimmie more! Squirt all over my fucking face some more!” Stella begged, laughing in delight as it dripped from her and got in her mouth and messed up her hair. “Mmmmm fuckkkk more Ashley! Make me fucking drown in it! That’s so fucking hot! I want it!”

But Ashley had no more squirt to give to Stella as she collapsed back on the bed, her juices forming a growing wet spot on the comforter covering it. She was left groaning and barely able to form a thought as the vibrator still kept on twitching in her ass, making Ashley feel like she could actually just convulse and die happy right on her back from all the pleasure. However, while Stella didn’t get any more from Ashley, she got plenty from Vanessa.

Vanessa grabbed Stella by the face with both hands and pulled her right to her, planting a passionate kiss right on her sister’s cum covered lips. She frantically kissed her, sucking Ashley’s squirt off her lips and then forcing her tongue into Stella’s mouth to taste even more of it. And when Vanessa broke the kiss with her gasping, ecstatic little sister, she also reached over to finally get the vibrator out of Ashley.

It took a little bit of fumbling to get it out of her girlfriend without pulling herself away from Stella, but Vanessa managed to do it. She flicked the toy off and gently eased it out of Ashley’s sensitive hole, taking it out nice and slowly so it didn’t hurt her. But Vanessa was far from done with the toy and she brought it right to Stella and boldly pushed it into her sister’s mouth.

“Taste it,” Vanessa moaned to the younger girl as she admired just how messy and sticky Stella’s face now was after a soaking from Ashley. “Suck my girlfriend’s ass right after I fucked her! Mmmmm I know you love sucking cock Stella but this is the best kind of cock because you can use it again and again and it just stays hard and ready to fuck! Now suck it you naughty girl! I love seeing what a slut my sister’s been this whole time!”

“Mmmmmhmm I’m a bad girl and you love me anyway!” Stella excitedly declared, pulling her lips off the blue cock-shaped plastic to talk before willingly diving back down to get more of the hot, filthy taste of Ashley’s yummy freshly fucked ass. “I love being bad but I’ll be good for you Vanessa! I’ll be big sister’s little slut anytime you want! I want it and I need it!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh such a bad girl,” Vanessa moaned as she caressed her sister’s streaked hair that had gotten so messy thanks to Ashley’s squirt, her fingers rubbing in the squirt even deeper into the silky soft strands of hair. “I love you so much Stella! I was so mean to you but I didn’t really mean it! I’m going to be a good slutty sister for you too! Suck it baby! Suck my girlfriend’s ass taste right off that toy! I love that taste but I’m going to share it with you from now on Stella! Ooooh you naughty girl! You really do love sucking dick don’t you?”

Vanessa couldn’t help but react to how eagerly Stella was going ass to mouth on the toy she had just pulled out of Ashley. Stella hadn’t needed any coaxing at all. She had just started slurping on it as if it was second nature for her to have a dick in her mouth.

Stella hadn’t cared where it had just been and what it had been used for. She had just wanted to suck on it as quickly as possible and she went wild on the toy, wetly coating it with her saliva and sucking the ass and the lube and even her own drool off it as she closed her eyes and bobbed her lips up and down it without a bit of hesitation.

“Yessssss I love the taste of dick! I love swallowing cum!” Stella moaned, saliva dribbling down her chin as she pulled off and smiled at her sexy sister. “But this is the best dick I ever tasted and girl cum is the best kind of cum! It’s so yummy! Mmmm I can’t believe I ever wasted my time sucking and fucking boys when I should have been fucking girls instead! I should have gotten in with you and Ashley a long time ago!”

“Oooooh my sister is so fucking sexy and slutty,” Vanessa giggled in response, caressing Stella’s face. “Mmmm you’re such a brat but I love you Stella! You drive me so crazy when you think you can do whatever you want but now you really can! You can walk around naked in my house all the time now! You never have to put any clothes on when you’re with me! And you can do whatever you want with me and Ashley! But you have to let me do something to you first.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Stella asked even though she had a pretty good idea what her sister was thinking.

“Mmmmm you have to let me fuck you of course, silly,” Vanessa said with another sexy giggle. “Mmmm and not just fuck your pussy. I want to fuck your ass Stella! I want to take that little cherry of yours! That’s your punishment for being such a brat and a sneak and making Ashley cheat on me! Your ass is mine!”

Stella’s eyes widened when she heard that but her smile widened too. It was more than she had expected Vanessa to ask of her but it was a price that Stella was more than willing to pay.

“Ooooh my ass? Mmmmm naughty, naughty big sis,” Stella giggled back. “Is that supposed to be a punishment? Because it sounds like so much fun! That’s so fucking hot and nasty! Mmmmm do it, sis! Take me and fuck me right up my virgin ass and make me a fucking whore for it like Ashley is! Oooh we’re gonna do it all, aren’t we? I love what a fucking perv you really are Vanessa! You can totally do that! I always wanted to try getting fucked up the ass but I didn’t like any of my boyfriends enough to let them be the one! You can do it Vanessa! I want my big sister to buttfuck me and take my cherry!”

Vanessa kissed Stella again, this time more tenderly. She sensually rubbed her lips against Stella’s, loving how she could still taste Ashley all over them, and then broke away with a big smile on her face as she imposed herself on her little sister, pushing the girl who had caused her so much grief over so Stella was on all fours, her tits, so round and full, dangling sexily and her ass perfectly perched in the air.

“I’ll show you who the fucking perv is,” Vanessa teased, loving how her sister tensed up in anticipation as she crawled nakedly behind her and spread open Stella’s butt cheeks to expose her untouched puckered hole. “Mmmm because you’re the one who’s about to get fucked up her precious little bratty ass!”

Vanessa added the exclamation point to what she was saying by spanking her sister hard and making her yelp out from the sting and the tingle of pleasure it brought her. And as Stella moaned from how much she had liked that smack to her bare bottom, Vanessa then dove into Stella’s ass crack, shoving her face into her from behind, and started licking, showing Stella what an experienced tongue that knew just how to give a rim job felt like.

“Oh my gawwwwwwwd!” Stella panted as her asshole was licked for the first time. “Mmmmm that’s sooooo hot! Oooooh you’re fucking nasty! Mmmm sticking your dirty tongue up your sister’s butt! Oooooh fuck that feels so good! Do it Nessa! Mmmm fuckkk I saw all you nasty sluts fucking downstairs and I wanted to be just like all of you! I want to do it like you and Ashley do! Fuck yessss! Lick my ass big sister! Oooooh get my little hole ready for you to fuck!”

Stella was really relishing the taboo of what they were doing and made Vanessa get even more into it. Ever since that first night when Hayden and Love had helped show her and Ashley the way, Vanessa had been getting more and more into anal play. She loved it when her ass received naughty attention and she loved giving it out too. But now she wasn’t doing it to just any girl. She was doing it to Stella and it was so fucking wrong. Vanessa knew it and she didn’t care.

If Stella could be a bad girl and do whatever she wanted and get away with it then she could be one too. And she badly wanted to do dirty, wicked things to her little sister. Stella had defiled her with her fingers before and now Vanessa knew it was her turn to do it with her tongue. She loved doing this to Ashley and all the other hot girls they played with and now she was doing it to her own blood and it felt so fucking good to be this bad.

“Mmmmm I’m going to fuck you so good little sister,” Vanessa promised, saliva drooling off her tongue right into Stella’s puckered ring for her to spread around with her tongue while she kept her hands on Stella’s young buns and kept them spread open. “I used to be scared of getting fucked up the ass. I always wanted to try it but never could get over how nervous it made me. Mmmm but when I got into girls they made everything feel so good and me and Ashley fucked each other’s asses so nice! It turned me into a total slut for it and if you want to be just like me and Ashley then you’re going to have to be a good girl and take it up the ass too!”

And Vanessa emphasized that point by taking one of her slim fingers and slowly easing it into Stella’s saliva coated asshole. She penetrated her sister gently and only used one finger but for an area that Stella had never let get touched before, even when she masturbated and it was just her own fingers, it was still an intense moment.

“Fuckkkkkkkkk!” Stella groaned, her voice coming out like the hiss of steam escaping a tea kettle that was boiling over. “Oh my gawd! Oh fuck! Vanessa! Your finger…it…it…”

“Mmmmm where is it Stella? Tell me where my fucking finger is?” Vanessa teased, remembering in her blur of the night’s activities how she had heard Olivia Munn teasing Emmy Rossum like this and how much she had liked it.

“Ohhhhh it’s in my ass! Oh God I can’t believe you’re fingering my ass!” Stella gasped, her demeanor crumbling and the confident brat turning into an inexperienced but excited girl who was feeling something new and finding out she really liked it. “Oooooh you’re so fucking naughty! Mmmm fuckk it feels funny but I like it Vanessa! Oooooh fuck yesssss! Get your fingers up my butt! Do it like you do to Ashley!”

“Mmmmmm I’m going to do a lot more than just finger fuck your hot ass,” Vanessa promised her sister before rimming her some more. “And I’m going to make you like it just as much as Ashley does! It’s time I took you to school Stella and made sure you learned just how big girls do it and how good it feels to get fucked up the ass! And you’d better pay attention too because I think I’m going to give this lesson to you a lot from now on!”

That sounded just fine to Stella and she moaned out her response in a plea for Vanessa to do more. Stella had never been much of one for school. The truth was she had been born smart and she knew it and her teachers knew it too. Their discipline and structure had never been her kind of a thing and it had always been easier and more fun for her to go off and learn on her own. But this was a lesson she was paying very close attention to because she was enjoying having her sexy sister for a teacher.

Stella moaned out again and again from how much she loved the wonderful tingly feeling she had inside herself from having her asshole licked. She had never felt anything like this before and having it be Vanessa who was doing it to her made it feel extra special and good. But deep down what Stella loved most was knowing that this was only the start and that Vanessa had a whole lot more planned for her.

Meanwhile, Ashley began to stir back from the dreamland she had been fucked into. Now it was her turn to have her head spin and a fog descend over her brain. But this wasn’t from the punch. This was all from great sex and Ashley felt incredible as she stirred and blushed when she realized what a huge wet spot she had left on the comforter from how much she had come.

Vanessa was always good at making her squirt. While it only happened when she was stimulated in just the right way, Vanessa was definitely an expert in that. But Ashley had never come as hard as she just had and she had never come as much.

Her asshole felt so tender and Ashley was sure if she checked herself out in a mirror she would be all raw and loose back there from what Vanessa had done to her. But she liked that. It felt super naughty. And her pussy felt like a geyser had gone off too, which Ashley also really liked. She had been so afraid that she and Vanessa would never be together again and for them to not only have fucked like that, but have it be so erotic and passionate and kinky, made everything feel more wonderful.

Having Stella there too only made things extra fun and Ashley’s holes might have been sore and her brain might have been Christmas pudding after what she had just gone through but she felt fresh arousal when she sat up and saw the Hudgens sisters. Vanessa’s body had always turned Ashley on, even from before they had become lovers, and she looked even sexier than she usually did on her knees behind Stella and leaning in to drool into the girl’s asshole while she finger fucked her.

Ashley had been in that position many times before, on all fours and naked so Vanessa could play with her, so she knew how good it felt and she envied Stella. And from what she could see, it was clear that Vanessa was really into it. So Ashley was sure it felt extra hot for Stella because it was sure as hell hot for her. Ashley never would have ever thought she would see her girlfriend committing incest but as shocking as it was, it was even more arousing.

“Mmmmm ready for another finger?” Vanessa asked seductively and when Stella moaned her assent, Vanessa gave it to her, pushing a second finger up her asshole and starting to move them in and out of her at a faster pace while letting saliva drool off her tongue into Stella’s exposed butt crack and her horny hole. “Mmmmm your ass is so fucking tight Stella! You weren’t lying about being a virgin back here! How’s it feel sis? You jammed your fingers right into my cunt and made me fucking come even when I told you not to and now it’s my fingers up your ass. Feel good? Turnabout fair play? Mmmmm you like feeling your sister finger your naughty ass after you’ve been such a spoiled brat?”

“OH FUCK OHHHH FUCK!” Stella cried when she felt her virgin ass being stretched by two of Vanessa’s fingers, looking over her shoulder so she could stare at Vanessa with lustful eyes while she penetrated her. “Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkk! Ohhh my God Nessa! Don’t stopppp! Mmmm fuck up my ass with your fingers! Make me ready to take a big fucking toy up my ass like you just did to Ashley! Ohhhh fuckkk finger fuck my ass like I fingered your cunt! It was so fucking hot when you came all over my fingers like that! Now you get to finger me and I love it! Ooooooh fuckkkk I can feel you stretching me open! Ughhh fuckkk ohhh fuckkkk I’m so sorry I was such a brat and I messed everything up for you and Ashley! I promise I’ll be a good sister now and let you shove your fingers up my butt whenever you want, Vanessa!”

Vanessa cooed when she heard Stella respond to her filthy talk with some more of her own. She never would have done this if Stella hadn’t been into it but the fact that her little sister was really into it made Vanessa’s mind whirl with devious ideas of just how she could fuck the brat out of Stella and make her feel really good at the same time.

Vanessa could feel her own pussy starting to trickle fresh, hot juice down her thigh from how much this was arousing her and she was about to remind Stella she was going to put a lot more than fingers up her ass.

But before Vanessa could say anything, she lost her words and instead moaned when she felt Ashley press herself into her bare back. Vanessa felt nothing but pleasure from Ashley’s perfect, firm tits rubbing into her and her swollen nipples touching her bare skin and the pleasure grew when Ashley moaned in her ear.

“You fucked me so good Nessa! Now it’s Stella’s turn! Fuck her like a dirty little bitch!” Ashley moaned, payback on her mind too. “She tried to break us up! She tried to steal me away! But I’d never let anyone fuck me like you fuck me baby! I want to help you teach her a lesson! I want to help you fuck her and make Stella learn how to be nice and not be a little brat!”

Ashley’s brains had been scrambled by her double orgasm so she was babbling more than a little. But Ashley’s words turned Vanessa on so she just let her girlfriend babble on.

“It’s making me so wet to see you finger fucking her tight little butthole,” Ashley groaned, her sweaty, satisfied body pressed right up to Vanessa’s. “She’s your own sister Nessa! This is so fucking wrong but it’s making my pussy so fucking hot! I could come again just from watching you fuck her! Mmmm gawd I feel so pervy and I love it! Let me help you baby! Let me help you fuck your sister!”

Hearing all of that had Vanessa’s mind whirling even more. She knew she needed to do something big, something Stella would never forget. And with Ashley offering to help her, Vanessa seized on an impetuous idea in her head, one she was sure was brilliant.

“Mmmm I love that it makes you wet to watch me finger fuck her little cherry asshole,” Vanessa replied, rubbing herself back into Ashley so she could really feel her sweaty flesh against hers while she slid her fingers in and out of Stella’s hole, loving the vise-like grip of her previously untouched ass around her digits. “Do you really want to help me Ash?”

“Yes! More than anything!” Ashley replied immediately, wanting to do anything to please her lover.

“Good! Then lick her little ass for me until I get back!” Vanessa said, pulling her fingers out of Stella and bringing them right up to her own mouth so she could suck on them and savor the forbidden taste. “Mmm make sure you get her nice and wet.”

A short time ago, Ashley would have thought Vanessa asking her to lick Stella’s asshole was proof the world had gone insane. And maybe it had. After all Ashley couldn’t explain anything that was happening. None of this was normal or proper. But it all felt so incredible and Ashley wasn’t going to do anything to stop it.

“Gladly!” Ashley said as she eyed Stella’s sexy body, the girl on all fours with her beautiful, bare ass up in the air and her naughty hole already very wet with Vanessa’s saliva.

Vanessa and Ashley shared another sexy kiss before Vanessa hopped her body off the bed and ran back into the guest room’s closet. Ashley took a moment to admire Vanessa’s ass as she scampered off, loving how she looked naked, and then she turned to Stella. The girl looked so sexy on all fours and very vulnerable and Ashley was eager to take advantage.

“What are you going to do to me?” Stella asked, her voice a little nervous as she half expected Ashley to start spanking her hard for all the trouble she’d caused.

“Oh you’ll see,” Ashley replied, looking over at Stella’s anxious face and feeling kinky energy rush through her body from seeing the mess all over Stella’s face and in her hair and knowing she was the one who had made that mess. “You’re going to get what you deserve Stella.”

And truthfully, Ashley did consider giving Stella’s bare ass a smack or two or maybe three. After all, no one here probably deserved slaps to their bottom quite like Stella did. But Ashley ignored that impulse. Vanessa had told her what she wanted and Ashley was going to make sure she did what she was told. Besides, Ashley didn’t want to linger on past mistakes, not when the future was so much fun.

So Ashley didn’t spank Stella. Instead she got right behind her and spread her ass open so she could attack her hole with her tongue. Vanessa had left Stella’s virgin pucker wet with her own saliva and Ashley furthered it, teasing Stella’s asshole with the tip of her tongue and, as the girl gasped and moaned in pleasure, starting to lick.

And as Ashley started to rim Stella and have her saliva slide off her tongue into her hole, she also started to rub Stella’s slit, stimulating her lips and making sure to rub her fingers right up against Stella’s clitoris.

“Oooooooooooooh! Oh gawwwwwd mmmm yeahhhh Ashleyyyyyyy ooooooh yessssssssss!” Stella excitedly gasped. “Mmmmm lick my ass you naughty girl! Show me how you and my sister do it! Show me how you fuck all those hot friends of yours! Oooooh lick my naughty little butthole so you can fuck it and make me slutty like you! Oh my God ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss!”

Stella had definitely expected Ashley to be mean to her, so having her only be nice and provide her with such naughty pleasure was a wonderful surprise. Stella closed her eyes and just let the amazing sensations flow inside her. Ashley’s tongue felt so good licking at her asshole and feeling her skillful fingers made it even better.

Stella could feel her pussy dripping all over Ashley’s fingers while she rubbed her. She’d never been this wet in her whole life and she was so excited because Stella knew whatever Vanessa was planning was going to be good. Stella was ready to give it all up to her sister and her sister’s hot girlfriend and Ashley’s wet, sensual rim job made Stella feel like she could come before Vanessa even got back.

“Oooooh Ashley! That feels so fucking naughty! Mmmmmmmm yessssss lick that naughty hole ooooh fuckkkk yesssssss ughhh fuckkk you and Vanessa are so hot! Mmmm I see why you love fucking girls so much!” Stella groaned, her pussy getting wetter and wetter.

Ashley wasn’t just making Stella’s virgin asshole wet. She was giving it a tongue bath, licking up Vanessa’s saliva from Stella’s hole and spreading her own drool around while making sure to stimulate the little nerves she knew were there.

Ashley loved having her own asshole licked by a girl and she made sure to do to Stella what she enjoyed. She spread her own saliva all over Stella’s hole and made sure to relax her as she licked her thoroughly and pushed inside with the tip of her tongue to give her even more stimulation.

“Mmmmm I’ll bet a boy would never eat your ass like I can,” Ashley moaned in between licks. “You’ve got a tasty ass Stella! Mmmm if you’re a good girl I’ll eat it all the time from now on! Your sister’s ass tastes so yummy! I love eating Vanessa’s ass and now I’m eating yours! Ooooh I can’t wait to have you both bent over for me like this so I can eat you both and then kiss you and have all of us tasting it!”

Ashley was thinking and feeling such perverted impulses that she never would have before. But it was like she was just going with the flow. Vanessa and Stella were both being so naughty. Why couldn’t she? And Stella loved what she was hearing, especially when Ashley followed up those words by slipping back into Stella and starting to tongue fuck her asshole.

“Oh yes! That would be so fucking hot!” Stella gasped, her pulse racing and her body tingling from how good it felt to have Ashley’s tongue push back into her asshole. “You can bend us both over and eat our asses and go from ass to ass and lick us both and make us come from having our asses eaten and you can kiss us and make us taste it and kiss each other! Mmmmm fuckkk we’d all be soooo fucking naughty with each other!”

Stella’s words dissolved into moans and grunts after that as Ashley kept on probing her asshole with her tongue, making her feel so dirty and happy. And while Ashley’s tongue fucked her ass, Ashley’s fingers kept stimulating her pussy, making Stella coo and squeal and make nothing but sounds of ecstasy on the bed. Her pussy was dripping all over Ashley’s fingers and the juices were trickling down to coat her hand too and it was all making Stella feel s fucking good.

That was just what Vanessa walked back into, just like she had hoped she would. The girl’s brief sojourn into the closet had ended and she strode out not nearly as naked as she had strode in. This time she didn’t have a toy in her hand but rather had one attached around her waist as she emerged with a bright red strap-on now on her otherwise bare body.

The last time she had walked in on Stella and Ashley like this, Vanessa had freaked out, and justifiably so. But so much had changed since then and now the sight of her girlfriend and her sister naked and together only turned Vanessa on. But as much as Vanessa enjoyed the sights and sounds of Ashley rimming and rubbing Stella, Vanessa wanted to make sure their attention was on her so she made her presence known.

“What do you think Stella? I never thought red was my color before but I think this suits me nicely,” Vanessa declared and when Stella turned to her, the girl groaned in lust.

Vanessa looked so sexy with the fake dong jutting out of her otherwise totally feminine body. The red cock and red harness contrasted so nicely with Vanessa’s skin tone. It was so bright and festive and the red was even seasonally appropriate. All Vanessa needed was some green on it and it would have been totally Christmas colored.

But color wasn’t what Stella was most focused on. She couldn’t stop staring at the hanging plastic cock. It looked like it was about seven inches and Stella immediately started to imagine how big it would feel up her ass. She had seen the girls downstairs use even bigger toys on each other and the truth was Stella had been with guys who were bigger too. But nothing had ever looked sexier to Stella than how Vanesa looked with that toy strapped around her waist.

“Oh God, Vanessa! Are you going to fuck me with that?” Stella gasped as Vanessa sauntered back toward the bed, her nipples so hard as her tits jiggled enticingly with every sexy step.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Vanessa said, giving Stella just the answer she wanted to hear. “Your ass is mine now, lil’ sis! I’m going to take that cherry of yours and show you how to be a good slut. Good sluts love to take it up the ass, don’t they Ashley?”

“Oh fuck yes they do,” Ashley replied, so turned on by the sight of Vanessa wearing the strap-on while her own asshole felt so raw and opened up by what her girlfriend had done to it. “Mmmmm make Stella into a slut like us! Fuck your sister’s ass Vanessa! I can’t believe we’re doing this but it makes me so fucking hot!”

“Me too!” Vanessa said, her voice a naughty giggle as she couldn’t believe she was taking this so far and how good it felt to do it. “Mmmm I want it so much! I want to fuck you Stella! I want to stuff this toy up your ass and show you how good your big sister is at fucking!”

And Stella had no hesitation either. She wanted it just as much as Vanessa did and she wasn’t afraid to show it as she.

“Yessssssssss fuck me! Fuck your sister and take my fucking cherry!” Stella urged. “Mmmmm make me into your slut, Nessa! Fuck me right up the ass so I can take it like a hot slut! I wanna get fucked up the ass like you and Ashley do! Fuck me Vanessa! Please! Shove it right up my bratty butt and make me fucking love it!”

Vanessa didn’t hesitate to give Stella what they both so badly wanted. She had been so excited for this that she’d had to steady her own hands when she’d put the strap-on around her waist and clenched the harness tight. Vanessa wanted this to be so good and so memorable and for her and Stella to have lots of dirty, slutty fun with each other. She wanted to make sure she did it right as she got on the bed and slid the cock between Stella’s waiting butt cheeks, sawing it up and down her sister’s crack.

“Lube it up for me Ashley,” Vanessa requested. “Make her ass all shiny as you pour that lube all over my cock!”

And Ashley was very glad to help. She grabbed the lube from where Vanessa had dropped it on the bed earlier and poured it onto Stella without any delay. The liquid dripped down over Stella’s ass crack and instantly created a slick passageway for Vanessa to slide the strap-on through. And as Vanessa moved the toy up and down between her sister’s butt cheeks it got all over the red plastic too, making it shine.

“C’monnnnnn! Do it!” Stella insisted, knowing full well the more she acted like a brat the more likely it was that Vanessa was going to fuck her hard. “I want it Nessa! I want it right up my ass! Show me how to get fucked! I want it soooooo much! Mmmmm gimmie! I want my fucking Christmas present from you!”

“I actually got you a really awesome gift this year,” Vanessa replied, sliding her toy in between Stella’s slick, lubed up buns and teasing her little hole with the head of her fake cock. “I shopped so hard to find the perfect gift for you Stella. But I should have just given a big, fat cock to my little sister because it’s all little sluts like you want, Stella! Hold her open Ashley! Stella’s going to find out what bad girls get from Santa!”

Ashley was just as eager to see Stella get that kind of gift from her sister. As she felt her asshole still tingle from what Vanessa had done to it, Ashley knew that was definitely the kind of gift bad girls got and it was what Stella deserved. So she brought her hands right to Stella’s lubed up ass cheeks and grabbed onto them, spreading them open and easing Vanessa’s passage into her own sister.

And, as Stella moaned in anticipation, Vanessa didn’t wait another second. She pushed the head of the red plastic cock into Stella, penetrating her virginal anus and sliding on inside her ass. It was an intensity that Stella had never felt before and she gasped in reaction, closing her eyes as they reflexively teared up, and welcomed the new sensations her sister was giving her.

“Shitttttt! Oh fuckkkk that feels so big up my butt!” Stella gasped, but her sounds were ones of pleasure and she didn’t do anything to make Vanessa stop. Instead she thrust herself back, pushing her shiny bare ass coated in lube against her sister and trying to coax more into her hole. “Mmmmm fuckkk I fucking love big cocks! Ohhhhhh yesssss give it to me Vanessa! Right up my ass! Make it a slut hole for you to fuck whenever you want! This is my gift to you! You get to have my ass whenever you want it!”

“Ooooooh and to think I would have been happy just getting a nice sweater from you this year,” Vanessa giggled, giddy with the thrill of being able to sodomize her own sister as they both indulged in wickedly incestuous longings they had never felt before today. “But this is so much better! You have such a cute ass Stella! I always thought you were so sexy but I never dreamed I’d ever fuck you! Mmmm back that pretty round butt of yours back onto my cock baby sis! Fuck yourself on it and I’ll push it in deeper! Show me how much you want me to bang this sexy butt of yours!”

Stella was having trouble focusing on anything but the way that plastic cock felt sliding up her ass. She had never experienced anything like this before. It felt so big and it made her ass feel so full but Stella was still aware that Vanessa had only pushed a few inches inside her. She had no idea how it was going to feel when she had more of that plastic fuckstick up her ass and she desperately wanted to find out. Every second she felt that thing up her ass made Stella want more of it.

“Yeahhhhh I want it soooo fucking bad!” Stella cried as she thrust herself back even more, impaling her ass on Vanessa’s strap-on and letting it slide in deeper. “Ohhhh fuck yesssss! I’d have gotten fucked up the ass a long time ago if I knew it felt this fucking good! Give it to me V! Fuck me good and make me love it! Ughhh fuckkk I can feel you stretching me open oooooh fuckkkkk make me a dirty slut like you and Ashley! Fuck your dirty bitch sister!”

“Yes! Take it up the ass just like I do!” Vanessa urged as she pushed a little bit more into Stella. Her mind and self-control were definitely dosed in too much excitement and arousal to be of any good right then but Vanessa wasn’t too far gone and she pushed into Stella’s no longer virginal hole with the required care. “Your ass looks so good like this Stella! Mmmm I’m going to fuck you like this all the time from now on! Oooooh mom will want to know why you’re always spending the night at my place and it’ll be because I’m bending you over and fucking the shit out of my slutty little sister whenever I can!”

And that sounded incredible to Stella. She hadn’t really ever been that curious about being fucked up the ass but she had also figured eventually she’d do it. She’d had no idea it would ever feel like this though and she wanted Vanessa to do her harder and faster. Her ass was adjusting to the feel of the plastic pushing inside her and it made her want so much more.

“Ooooooh yeah V! Fuck the shit out of me! Mmmm fuck me for being such a brat!” Stella cried, her hands grabbing onto the squirt soaked comforter as more slipped inside her hole, stretching her ring out and pushing in deeper, which felt incredible to her. “Ooooooh I should have just let both of you fuck me that first time! I should have crawled into bed with both of you and bent over and told you both to do whatever you wanted to me! Mmmm yesssss deeper V! Harder! Make me fucking take it like a whore! Oooooh gawd give it to me up the ass big sis!”

Vanessa would have responded to her sister’s horny pleas, but she was occupied kissing Ashley once again. Vanessa slid more into Stella and started to more forcefully move her hips, creating a steady pace as she would pull out a little from Stella and then push in deeper before she pulled out just enough again and then gave Stella even more. Each thrust made Stella cry happily even more and Vanessa, confident she was pleasuring her sister, treated herself to Ashley’s lips.

While Vanessa thrust into her and Ashley kept a tight grip with both hands on Stella’s ass cheeks to keep her spread open, the two of them made out. Their tongues rubbed together and they happily fused their lips in kiss after wet kiss. They were so happy to be reunited like this and both of them wanted to make sure Stella got off on what was happening to her.

But it was Vanessa who had the plan she wanted to put in action and when she broke off one of their kisses, she whispered it right into Ashley’s ear.

“Oooooooh! Really? Mmmmmm that’s so fucking naughty!” Ashley said in amazement when Vanessa revealed her plan. “Are you sure?”

“Mmmmmhmmm it’s what she deserves,” Vanessa said with a little bit of an evil glint in her eyes as she showed that her sister might have been forgiven, but things had not quite been forgotten. “Gonna help me Ash? Mmmm gonna prove how much you love me?”

Ashley was very vulnerable to a plea like that and Vanessa knew it. Ashley would have done anything to prove her devotion to her girlfriend, especially this. Because while Ashley was a bit concerned about whether Stella was going to be able to handle what Vanessa had planned, the older sister was right about one thing. Stella definitely deserved this and Ashley was very eager to prove her loyalty.

So Ashley shared Vanessa’s evil smile and set about following her girlfriend’s instructions. Vanessa kept thrusting into Stella, going after her sister with hard pushes into her newly defiled ass that had them both grunting and moaning. And Ashley joined in the fun too. Not by licking but by fucking Stella too as she picked up the discarded vibrator that had just been up her ass and turning it to the low setting. It buzzed in Ashley’s hand and she brought it right up to Stella’s asshole, pressing it to her anus while her hole was already being filled by Vanessa’s strap on.

The younger girl was caught very unaware of what the girlfriends had been planning so she’d had no idea of the plan until she felt the tip of the blue cock-shaped toy pressing to her butthole along with the burrowed in strap-on. And even in her drunken and horny state, Stella knew immediately what was happening and gasped in reflexive nervousness.

“Hey! Whoa! What are you…..OHHHH FUCKKKKK!” Stella cried out, unable to even finish her sentence before Ashley, acting on Vanessa’s instructions, upped the level of the depravity and pushed the pulsing vibrator into Stella’s asshole to give her a double penetration.

“What’s the matter Stella? I thought you were such a bad ass who could take on anything,” Vanessa teased. “Mmmmm this is how they do it here at the mansion! They make it hot and nasty and you’d better be able to handle me and Ashley if you think you’re going to be able to handle them!”

“But…but… but…it’s soooo fucking bigggggg!” Stella cried, the sensations getting even more intense as the buzzing toy was pushed in deeper along with the strap-on, filling her up and stretching her out and making every bit of her body feel like she could explode. “OHHH FUCKKKK IT’S SOOOOO MUCH UP MY ASS! OHHHHHHH MY GODDDDD OOOOOOH FUCKKKKK OHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK IT’S ALL FUCKING INSIDE ME!”

Vanessa snickered when she heard that. Her sister’s inexperience was showing and she loved seeing that beneath all of Stella’s boastful talk and cocky demeanor, the girl wasn’t nearly as much of a vixen as she thought she was. Vanessa and Ashley barely had much of the toys inside her ass. They were stretching her hole for sure and making her feel things she had never experienced before. But there was so much more they could do to her. They were both holding back and Stella still thought they were all the way inside her.

“Ooooh Stella you’re gonna need a lot more practice if you’re going to keep up with us and our friends,” Vanessa giggled, enjoying being able to turn the tables on Stella since her sister thought she was such a seductress that she could handle anything. “Mmmmm I’m going to have to give you lots more training and get you ready to handle this and that means a lot more fucking! But I think you’ll like that, won’t you Stella? Mmmm being trained to get fucked up the ass by your big sister?”

And Stella most definitely liked that idea. Because while this was more than she had expected to take on tonight she hadn’t exactly told Vanessa to stop. And she wanted to be able to take what was being given to her. It was an intense and wild feeling to have two toys pushing inside her previously virgin ass at the same time and while it hurt a little, it also felt really fucking good and Stella wanted it. She wanted to prove she could handle it. She wanted to show Vanessa she could be as hot as she was.

“Yesssssssssssssss!” Stella groaned, trying to maintain some sense of self-control as she was stretched out and pushed into deep depravity. “Fuck me Nessa! Fuck my ass! Make me take it! Train your slutty sister! Show me how to get fucked good like an ass fucked whore!”

Stella felt so overwhelmed and she was shocked by how much she liked it. Usually she loved being the one in control and making everyone do what she wanted. That had been just how she had liked it when she had first crawled into bed with Ashley and when she had used her fingers to make Vanessa her slut in the hallway just before. But now she was the slut. Now she was the one who had lost control and it thrilled her like she never thought it could.

Her little asshole was being forced to take on two big toys at once and she felt like her brain was going to melt from it. She could barely form a sentence or do anything but grunt and moan like a whore as Vanessa and Ashley both fucked her at the same time, sliding those toys up her ass and making her hole stretch to try and accommodate them both. It had Stella sweating and swaying on all fours with wild, depraved lust as she closed her eyes and let it overwhelm her.

“You’re so fucking sexy Stella!” Vanessa lewdly moaned to her sister, slowing up her pace to make sure Ashley could push more of the vibrator up Stella’s ass while giving Stella’s bare ass a sexy smack, spanking the bratty girl and making her moan in depraved pleasure from it. “Ooooooh fuckkkk I love that we’re doing this! I love that you’re giving me your ass! Mmmm you have to get double fucked because you were such a brat and a mean little bitch to me and Ashley! But I love you so much Stella! I want you to feel good! Do you like it baby sis? Do you like it up your sweet young ass?”

All of Vanessa’s words had an edge to them, but they were how she felt deep down. Stella definitely needed some punishment but Vanessa didn’t want to hurt her. If she had truly felt that Stella didn’t want this or it was really causing her serious pain to take this much up her ass, then Vanessa would have stopped right away. She wanted to make Stella feel good and she felt like her sister really was getting off on this, something that Stella didn’t hesitate to confirm.

“Yeahhhhh more! Mmmm fuckkkk ohhhh my Godddd it’s so fucking big up my ass but I like it! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!” Stella cried, the pleasure and the pain intoxicating her even more than the wine and all the vodka shots she’d done before she’d even gotten to the party. “Fuck me like a bitch! Oooooh fuckkkkk yeahhhhhh get me on all fours and do me doggie style like a lesbo slut! Do me like you do Ashley! Fuck me hard and make me like it! Ughhhh fuckkkkk ohhhhh gawwwwwwwwd it’s ripping my ass up but I fucking love it!”

Of course it helped Stella that she was also getting her clitoris stimulated as her no longer virginal hole was being defiled by two women at once. Ashley, just like Vanessa had told her to do, had reached underneath Stella’s body while she had fucked her with the toy and had started rubbing her pussy. Ashley had toyed with Stella’s tight young cunt lips, playing with them in just the right way to get her precious little flower to open up, and it made it so easy for Ashley to get at Stella’s clit.

Her clitoris was so swollen from the pleasure and Ashley was able to give Stella just what she needed to focus only on the ecstasy she was receiving. Ashley expertly rubbed Stella’s clit while she pushed the buzzing toy up her ass and it made Stella feel really fucking good. Her pussy was dripping all over Ashley’s fingers and she was gasping and moaning wantonly in intense pleasure and emotion with every push of the two toys up her butt.

Ashley had never felt anything like Stella was going through. She’d only had one toy in her ass. She’d felt one in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time before but never two in one hole and she couldn’t imagine what it felt like. But Stella seemed to really like it and her pussy was so fucking wet. Stella’s juices were coating her fingers and dripping down her hand and Ashley rubbed the girl harder, getting more and more into defiling her girlfriend’s sister as both Vanessa and Stella moaned from it.

“You’re such a bad girl Stella! Mmmmm you’re such a sexy little brat!” Ashley moaned, feeling herself get wetter as her asshole still gaped and tingled in raw sensation from what had happened to her. “Now you’re going to be a dirty slut like me and your sister! We fuck all the time and if you’re a good girl you can join in too! You should have just asked nicely before! Mmmm you’re so sexy Stella and clearly neither of us can resist you! We’d have let you join in the fun if you’d just asked us!”

Ashley was definitely exaggerating. She had no idea what would have happened if Stella had suddenly out of the blue asked to join them in bed but Ashley had a feeling it wouldn’t have been a positive response. But she was caught up in the moment and she wanted to keep this kinky, taboo mood going since Stella was clearly so close to coming.

Besides, it was hot to think about Stella getting into bed with her and Vanessa or joining them in the shower and offering herself to the both of them and making it impossible for either her or Vanessa to say no to her delicious body. Ashley could fully admit to herself now just how sexy Stella was and, while she never was going to do anything ever again to put what she and Vanessa had at risk, Ashley knew she wanted to have more fun with the girl. Her pussy was so tight and wet and Ashley couldn’t resist moving in for a taste.

She kept her hands on the girl, pushing the vibrator up Stella’s ass while rubbing her clit, and she also started to lick. Ashley had never tasted Stella right from the source before and she instantly loved the naughty flavor of her girlfriend’s little sister. Stella tasted so good and she was dripping wet from how well she was being fucked.


“Mmmmmm we always make it good,” Vanessa laughed, loving how her sister was being reduced to wild screams and getting so turned on from seeing Ashley lap at Stella’s young cunt. “Now come for us baby sis! Come for me and Ashley! You’ve been such a bad girl Stella! But we’re going to make you good! You’re going to be a good little whore and come for us and then you get to fuck all our friends! Mmmmm and I know you’re going to love it so much you’ll be fucking your sexy girl friends too!”

That got an unexpectedly intense moan of desire from Stella, like the idea of turning a platonic female friend into a lover really appealed to her. And as far gone as she was, Vanessa was still more than with it enough to pick up on how Stella reacted.

“Ooooooh does Stella have a naughty girl crush on one of her cute friends?” Vanessa teased while thrusting a bit harder up her sister’s ass, pushing in the toy and making her hole stretch to accommodate it and the vibrator at the same time. “Mmmmm I’ll bet I know which one too. It’s Sammi isn’t it?”

Stella lacked the words to be able to deny Vanessa’s assertion that she wanted to be more than just BFFs with Sammi Hanratty. The intensity of having her ass double penetrated while Ashley was licking and playing with her clit left Stella unable to form a coherent anything other than groaning and cooing in pleasure. She did manage to shake her head in an emphatic “no” but Vanessa didn’t buy it.

“I know you’ve got a thing for her Stella! And she’s really sexy too! Ooooh I’ll bet you want to get her naked so much and lick her tight, young pussy!” Vanessa said, delighting in Stella trying to deny it when it was so obvious that she had a crush on her friend. “Do you lie in bed at night and imagine what she tastes like? Do you have naughty wet dreams about licking and fucking your best friend Sammi? Is that why you wanted to be like me and Ashley so much? So you could be a dirty little slut and fuck your friend?”

“Nooooooo! I…I….stop itttttt!” Stella managed to be able to protest in between gasps and groans from being fucked. But her denials were pathetic and Vanessa knew she had her.

“You DO have a girl crush!” Vanessa laughed, taunting her younger sister while she fucked her harder, getting Stella so close to coming like she had never come before. “Mmmmm Sammi and Stella sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Ooooooh you bad girl! Wanting to fuck your friend just like me and Ashley wanted to fuck all those years before we actually did it! You’re so bad Stella! You can totally seduce her now though lil’ sis! You can fuck her and lick her and make her yours! Mmmmm unless me and Ashley seduce her first! Wouldn’t that be fun Ash? A little payback on Stella!”

Ashley didn’t know where Vanessa was going with this but she definitely wanted to jump on board with it. She had first met Sammi years ago when they had both been on Disney Channel and she had seen her blossom into a beautiful young woman. And Ashley knew just how close Sammi and Stella were.

“Yes! That’s a great idea!” Ashley enthused, stopping her licking but still rubbing Stella’s swollen clitty while fucking her ass with the vibrator and leaving the girl moaning uncontrollably. “We can seduce her first and make Stella watch as we fuck her and not let her join in! Oooooh we can all do a spa day together and get sexy Sammi in the sauna and take our towels off so she’ll be naked with us and we’ll make Stella watch as we taste her pussy before she can! We can gang up on Sammi and fuck her so good she’ll be like our little love slave and only want us and not Stella!”

And that got just the reaction Vanessa and Ashley were hoping for.

“Noooooo! Ughhhh fuckkkk no! You mean, selfish bitches!” Stella groaned in lust and frustration as she felt her body tensing up from all the stimulation and the huge, unfulfilled fantasy inside her. “Don’t you fucking touch her! She’s mine! Sammi’s my best friend! I’m going to fuck her first! You can’t have her!”

The words had flown right out of Stella’s mouth without her thinking about them first and she gasped when she realized what she said. Stella’s face turned bright red in embarrassment over revealing her secret crush, on that she hated having because it made her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable and totally awkward, three emotions she detested.

But how could she not feel that way when all this time she had been secretly in love with her best friend? She had been nursing a lesbian crush on Sammi for what felt like forever and she’d tried to repress it and only think about guys. And when that hadn’t worked she had focused on Ashley instead. Now that had all blown up too and everyone knew what she had been trying to hide.

She was so embarrassed by her own feelings but Vanessa stopped teasing. She turned in a moment from mean to kind and understanding and she offered her little sister just what she’d been wanting to hear deep down for so long.

“Awwww Stella we won’t steal her from you! We’ll help you get her!” Vanessa promised. “We’ll make sure you get her like she’s a beautiful Christmas present! Mmmm she’ll be your girlfriend like Ashley’s mine and we’ll all be so fucking happy together!”

Stella had no idea how or even if Vanessa could make good on that pledge. But she sure loved hearing it. And she loved what Vanessa said next even more.

“Now, come for me baby! Come for Vanessa! Be a good girl for big sister and come for me!” Vanessa urged, pushing deeper and harder into Stella’s ass with the strap on. “Do it Stella! You know you want to! Come from your sweet ass being fucked! Do it baby girl! I want you to feel so fucking good!”

Stella relaxed back into the amazing pleasure she was feeling. She didn’t want to think about Sammi and how much she had wanted her and how not knowing how to deal with the depth of her feelings had pushed her to such wicked acts. She just wanted to think about how good it felt to be fucked so completely.

Stella had never thought anything could feel this good. She was on all fours with Vanessa’s strap-on up her ass and Ashley’s vibrator pushing into her now stretched and wrecked ass. It felt so good to have her previously virginal hole stuffed and to have Ashley lick her pussy again while rubbing her clit made it all even better. It was so incredible and Stella knew not only that she had a new favorite position but that she was going to be craving raw anal pleasure from now on.


She had barely been able to hold out this long with all the licking and fucking and stuffing. And now Stella couldn’t help but think of Sammi and how much she loved her body and how she loved every playful kiss and soft, friendly hug and how much she wanted to taste Sammi’s pussy and fuck the ever living hell out of her gorgeous best friend.

That helped push Stella over and she came with a wild scream of release, her voice filling the otherwise empty upstairs of the mansion. Stella howled in rapture as she came. Her pussy clenched down on Ashley’s fingers and tongue, feeding her the hot, young cunt cream that her tongue had been craving while Stella’s ass squeezed tightly, wrapping around the two shafts of plastic pushed inside her.

Since she was in doggie style position, Stella’s big tits bounced without any restraint. She could feel her toes curl and her nipples tingle extra wonderfully with the silver bars through them. Stella dug her hands into the comforter and ground her pussy into Ashley’s face as she came with scream after scream until she finally slumped down in an exhausted heap on the bed, her ass still in the air and drool trickling out of her mouth as she moaned in utter bliss.

Vanessa slowly eased the strap-on out of Stella, showing mercy on her well-fucked sister by taking it out very gently. And Ashley did the same to the vibrator, pulling it out of Stella with the utmost of care. She and Vanessa both giggled when they saw what they had done to her. They had left Stella’s previously untouched ass open and gaping lewdly from both of the toys and the reunited girlfriend’s kissed each other mindlessly as Stella moaned and drooled in fucked out afterglow.

“I love you so much Vanessa,” Ashley sighed after they broke their happy kiss. “I’m so in love with you and I’ll never do anything to hurt you again! I’m going to be the perfect girlfriend now!”

“You already are,” Vanessa smiled back, gently caressing Ashley’s face before kissing her lips again. “I’m in love with you too Ashley! I’m sorry I was so mad and so mean! I’ll make it up to you, Ash! I promise!”

“You don’t have to be sorry for anything,” Ashley assured Vanessa. “I’m just so happy we’re together!”

“Well since we’re girlfriends again, you have to do something for me,” Vanessa declared while she unfastened the strap-on from around her waist and pulled it off, leaving her body completely bare again.

“What? Name it! I’ll do anything!” Ashley promised.

“You have to snuggle with me,” Vanessa said with a laugh, lying back naked on the bed right next to a barely conscious Stella. She was exhausted after a long night of fucking and it showed. “Mmmm I wanna cuddle!”

And that was the easiest thing Ashley could have done. She didn’t hesitate a moment before spooning Vanessa from behind, their nude bodies pressing together while Ashley wrapped her arms around Vanessa in a soft, loving hug and kissed the side of her neck. Ashley always loved to cuddle and, even as the large Hugamal sat nearby without any reaction at all to what had just happened, Ashley knew there was no one better to cuddle with than Vanessa.

“Mmmmmmm best Christmas ever,” Ashley sighed contently, kissing Vanessa’s neck again and smiling happily when she realized that Vanessa was already asleep.


But while there was cuddling upstairs, there was nothing but raw and wild fucking downstairs as the party was still on fire. With the opulent Christmas decorations and all the innocent, magical signs of the season as a backdrop, everyone was still going at it as dripping wet pussies and tight, willing asses were fucked raw and everyone was caught up in naked, giddy depravity.

Bodies were getting sore and messy and it was getting harder and harder for the hostesses and their guests from succumbing to exhaustion after all their fucking, but they just kept on going. All their instincts were to fuck and lick and suck until there wasn’t a drop of cum left in each other and they all continued to go at each other as the hunger for sex drove everyone at the party to run wild.

Everyone kept touching and kissing and fingering and licking and sucking and moaning and coming. There were naked bodies everywhere. Tits and ass and delicious, soaking wet pussies went as far as the eye could see and despite everyone being tired and having come multiple times, they kept going and going. Nymphomania was raging like an outbreak of wanton desire and Rose McGowan badly wanted in.

Of course she had been in. She’d been a pretty big part of it all night long if she didn’t say so herself. Rose had no idea what had turned what was supposed to be a wholesome Christmas party into a lewd bacchanalia but she sure wasn’t going to question it when it was way more fun to just grab on and enjoy the ride.

Rose had come inside the party and found everyone going at each other like wild animals and as soon as she’d picked her jaw up off the floor, Rose had done what came so naturally to her. She’d gotten out of her clothes and joined in without a second thought. With Mr. Snappy firmly in place, Rose had added some lovely new notches to her bedpost, having taken Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande’s tight little virgin asses and made them into depraved anal whores begging to be fucked.

That was always so much fun and Rose was sure after they sobered up from whatever had caused them to succumb to lesbian desire, they’d still be so eager and ready to have her fuck their tight asses again. Both of those girls had taken to it so naturally and Rose was certain she’d be fucking them again just like she was absolutely positive that Olivia Holt would be coming by the mansion constantly now.

That cute little blonde teen star had been so nervous but so horny and Rose had loved every bit of taking Olivia’s tight young cunt and filling it up with her favorite toy. She had fucked the good girl right out of the Disney star and made Olivia into a happy, squealing slut as she had come all over Mr. Snappy, soaking it with teen pussy juice and gasping for more. Olivia had been such a hot fuck and Rose couldn’t wait for another chance with her so she could properly initiate her and take the girl’s perfect ass all for herself.

And those beautiful and voracious young women had just been the tip of the iceberg for Rose. She’d had herself a busy night but she was far from done and she had herself a very particular fantasy that she didn’t just want to indulge. She needed to indulge it. Rose knew she would never have a better chance and if she didn’t do it now, she never would.

She might not have known how or why, but Rose could clearly see that no one was in their right mind. She felt like the only sober one in a sea of horny drunk girls and Rose wanted to take advantage of that, not by getting anyone to do something they wouldn’t have done before, but by indulging her own hidden desire. No one knew she wanted this and she was going to keep it that way while still getting what she craved.

Because Rose knew that after all of this, no one was going to remember a thing in the morning. It would be the perfect crime and no one would know any better because she was the one in control of all her faculties and everyone else was rutting like horny little fucks. They’d all lost their minds but Rose had kept hers and that meant she could indulge herself and tomorrow no one would be the wiser. Anything they did remember would easily be denied and no one would ever know what she had done.

It was simply too good an opportunity to pass up and Rose knew she needed this. She needed to be bad. She needed to take a risk. She needed to be a dirty girl and just let go. What she had been doing all night long had been fun and it had felt amazing to fuck all of those girls and turn them into eager sluts who had begged for more. But what Rose was after was something so much more.

It was so wild and so unlike everything else she had done from the day Sarah and Love had broken into her trailer and had first rocked her world that something like this could only be done in the haze of the wild orgy that was happening. Any other time would have led to too much judgement and questions and that was the last thing Rose wanted.

So, eager to move quickly before everyone sobered up, Rose strode toward her target, stripping off Mr. Snappy along the way. She wasn’t going to need him now and Rose moaned when she finally left herself completely naked.

Rose felt kind of liberated without him on for once. Her favorite toy was such a part of her identity that she felt most naked without him on. She of course had been naked for most of the night but now with Mr. Snappy off and her vagina fully exposed, Rose felt more naked than ever and she liked it a lot.

This wasn’t just a chance to be kinky. It was also a chance for her to step out of herself for a little bit. She wasn’t just taking off Mr. Snappy, she was slipping out of her skin for a bit and Rose loved that feeling.

Rose ran her fingers over her labia and through the soft, dark fur of her bush to feel how wet they both were. Feeling her sodden lips all sensitive from the toy fucking she had been dealing out all night long and the way her wetness had made her little black curls matted with her desire got Rose to moan even more. She loved taking Mr. Snappy off after a hard night’s work and feeling how wet her pussy had gotten and she hadn’t worked as hard as she had tonight in a long time.

Stepping over rutting, nude bodies as she did it, Rose placed Mr. Snappy down on the table, giving the head of her strap-on a little kiss goodbye first. She knew they’d be reunited soon but it was so thrilling to do something so forbidden and naughty without him. After all, everyone else here was being bad, why shouldn’t she?

All around her Rose saw levels of debauchery even she was impressed by. Everyone had gone crazy and it was so hot to see it all as she scanned around the room and saw new girls with their hot naked bodies on blatant display as they indulged in raunchy lesbian lust they hadn’t felt before walking through the mansion’s doors. That happened all the time, of course, but never to this degree and Rose felt a happy rush of energy over all the fresh meat here and how much fun she was going to have fucking each and every one of these girls in the future.

The new girls had fit right into the fun and Rose even saw her friends stretching their boundaries and being dirtier than they ever had before. She saw how Alyssa had succumbed to seduction and now had Chloe Moretz on the floor, the teenager’s legs spread and Alyssa’s face buried in her surely delicious young muffin. Rose was honestly surprised that Alyssa had gone for it and given into the temptation and it was so hot to see her housemate feasting on that young pussy, clearly not for the first time.

“Oooooooh mmmmmmm Alyssaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhh my Goddddddd you’re so good! Oooooh I wanted this for so long and it’s so much better than I dreamed!” Chloe moaned, playing with her firm tits and indulging in her fantasy come true. “Lick my pussy! Please don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! Mmmmm ohhhh yessssss I want to do this with you every night!”

“You’re going to get it every night,” Alyssa promised the elated, naked teenager, pulling up from Chloe with the girl’s juices all over her lips before diving back down into her soaked fuckbox. “You’re such a little tease Chloe! Mmmm making me want you so much even though it’s fucking wrong! I had to find you again in this crowd! I had to fuck you again! I had to taste this sweet little cunt again and drink more of your cum baby! Mmmm Chloe you’ve fucked me up so much and now I have to have you every fucking night!”

“Yessssssssssssss take me! You can have me whenever and however you want ohhhhhh yessssssssssss!” Chloe moaned, visibly love and lust struck as Alyssa went down on her again, having sought her out and found her with lustful intentions on her mind. “Mmmmm yesssssss fuck me Alyssa! Never stop fucking me! This is a dream come true ohhhhhh yesss you’re so good! Mmmmmm fuck you’re the best to ever eat my pussy!”

Rose couldn’t help but smile over seeing Chloe lost in lesbian delight. She was so glad the girl had gotten what she wanted and Alyssa looked pretty happy herself as she was down on her knees and elbows in front of Chloe lapping at her dripping young pussy. Rose had never understood why Alyssa was denying herself such a beautiful, willing body and it made her happy to see her friend indulge in the pleasure of Chloe’s tasty teen lesbian pussy.

Rose wanted a taste of that girl herself and she knew she’d get one soon enough. Usually a sight like Alyssa going down on Chloe would have been something she would have joined right in on, especially since Chloe’s moaning lips were quieted in a kiss from Anna Kendrick as the two mansion newbies made out without any inhibition, Chloe closing her eyes in dreamy pleasure over Anna’s soft, sensual kiss.

And Alyssa was getting some too as a beautiful young redhead was behind her ass, spreading her open and burying her face into her pussy. Rose couldn’t see who the girl was but she loved seeing her naked, young body. There were so many sexy teens eager to play at this party and under normal circumstances Rose would have been very eager to introduce herself to Bella Thorne and meet the girl for the first time by showing her how to properly lick Alyssa’s pussy while helping herself to a taste of the teen girl’s nude body too.

Rose didn’t know that girl and she badly wanted to, just like she wanted to know the girl who was next to Chloe on all fours on the floor with her ass up in the air and Heather Locklear’s face buried between her firm buns. The blonde teenager was so beautiful and so eager to be fucked as she indulged in supremely wicked, taboo pleasure that aroused Rose immensely.

Had she met the girl before, Rose would have recognized Ava Sambora right away. But she’d never had the pleasure of meeting her. Even without the introduction, though, Rose knew who she was because Ava and Heather were making no attempt to hide the taboo desire they now shared.

“Ohhhhh mommyyyyyyyyyyy ooooooh yesssssssssss mmmm fuckkkkk lick my ass! Tongue fuck my tight little butthole mommy!” Ava cried out, illicitly committing incest out in the open and not even caring for a second who saw her. “Mmmmmmm oh my God you’re such a dirty little dyke mommy! Eating your little girl’s ass! Ooooooh fuckkkk my mommy is eating my butt and it feels so fucking good! Do it mommy! Show everyone what a nasty ass licking slut you are and how you love to lick girl butt! Especially mine! Ooooooh fuck my mommy is such a dirty lesbo slut! Show everyone how you love eating my ass! Let your friends all see you! Let my friends see you! I want everyone to know what a filthy fucking mommy I have! Ohhhh mom! Yeahhhhh don’t stop! Ooooooh fuckkk make me come again! Never stop making me come!”

Rose nearly swallowed her tongue when she saw Heather committing incest. She had seen taboo family play before, mostly with sisters but she also definitely remembered that fun night she and Love had spent on the road with a beautiful farmer and her vivacious daughter. So she had witnessed the taboo connection of a mother and daughter before. But she had never thought Heather would be the type to do it. And yet there she was tongue fucking her own daughter’s asshole and making Rose so wet in the process.

Rose had never met Ava before but she could see how impossible it would be to resist her. Her firm, young body was absolutely breathtaking with those perfect firm tits, that tight peach of an ass with those gorgeous cheeks and angelic blonde hair that practically glowed with beauty. Rose could only imagine how good her pussy tasted and she was sure that there was no way Heather could have resisted breaking the ultimate taboo with a daughter like that.

“Mommy loves you so much baby!” Heather breathlessly moaned, squeezing and kissing her teenage daughter’s bare ass while coming up for breath. “I can’t help being nasty with you Ava! You drive me so crazy! You’re such a beautiful girl and I want you so bad even though I know it’s fucking wrong! I love your ass Ava! I love every bit of you!”

“Don’t stop licking me mommy slut!” Ava barked back, not in the mood for a caring mommy when all she wanted was her mother’s tongue back in her asshole. “Fuck me and eat my ass or else I’ll find another girl to do it! Chloe will totally eat my ass and so will Ariel and Bella and all my friends! Mmmmm gawwd I’m gonna be such a naughty dyke now! Just like you mommy! I’m going to fuck all my friends and make you watch and beg to join in! Mmmmm yesssss mommy yesssssss lick me! Lick your little girl’s lesbo ass! Mmmmm lick it good mommy and treat me nice and maybe I’ll let you fuck me like there like I fucked you! Mmmmm maybe I’ll let you get a big toy and fuck my virgin ass so you can pop your little girl’s cherry! I’ll bet mommy slut wants that so bad, doesn’t she?”

With Heather’s face buried back in her daughter’s pert, perfect ass, Rose couldn’t hear the actress’ muffled response in fully. But it sure sounded like an emphatic “yes” and Rose licked her lips and thought about how fun it would be to be for her to be the one to pop that cherry instead and take that teenage ass for herself and let Heather watch all the filthy things she could do to her beautiful daughter.

Any other night, Rose might have gone right for it too. Mr. Snappy was right there for her to slip back onto her body and Rose found her head filled with the wickedly erotic vision of fucking both mother and daughter with her toy and making them both into eager, slutty ass to mouth whores for her. That was something she had never done and Rose liked that idea very much.

But she resisted it because she had bigger game on her mind and because she was sure that, even after they sobered up, Heather and her daughter would be back here for more. Both of them had tasted forbidden fruit tonight and Rose knew one bite was never enough. She’d have her chance at them for sure.

It was so arousing to see not only these new girls getting into the carnal spirit of the mansion but also see her friends succumbing to new pleasures. Before tonight, Rose never could have pictured Alyssa fucking a teenager or Heather committing incest and they weren’t the only friends of hers who had gone wild. Because right nearby, Hayden Panettiere was into something Rose could never have imagined for the girl.

Hayden had always been so willing to push herself and indulge in illicit fun. She had always wanted more and been so eager to be guided and corrupted and embrace debauchery. But Rose had never thought Hayden capable of what she was seeing and it shocked her. After all Hayden had done with her and Alyssa and all the other hot girls at the mansion, Rose couldn’t believe that Hayden was messing around with a man. To Rose this was proof that everything had gone crazy.

Rose saw Hayden laying on her back, her head turned so she could open wide and suck a cock into her mouth. Rose could see just how into it the girl was. Hayden’s moans were so commonly heard around the mansion and Rose knew them almost as well as she knew her own. So she could tell just how turned on Hayden was and how much she wanted that cock. She was moving her mouth on it like she was starving for meat and while Hayden was lying back with another girl between her legs, proving she hadn’t completely lost her damn mind, Rose still couldn’t believe it.

On closer examination, Rose saw it was AnnaSophia Robb who was eating Hayden’s pussy and she silently nodded in respect over that. AnnaSophia was a gorgeous young woman and Rose had already cast an admiring glance her way. She’d had no idea she was even at the party and to find her salivating into Hayden’s delicious pink pussy showed Rose that AnnaSophia had acquainted herself nicely with the place.

And with AnnaSophia on her stomach as she lay between Hayden’s legs on the floor and ate her pussy, Rose got a chance to admire the beautiful girl’s most attention grabbing feature. AnnaSophia’s round, impossibly juicy ass was fully on display and Rose felt herself doing some serious salivating of her own as she gawked at it. Rose had lusted after her young ass before when she’d seen it dressed and seeing it naked took her breath away.

AnnaSophia Robb’s backside was thick, meaty perfection and Rose wanted those cakes to be her Christmas feast. She unconsciously reached down to stroke Mr. Snappy as she thought about how good it would feel to take AnnaSophia’s ass and make it hers and Rose laughed at herself when she remembered it wasn’t there and she had put her favorite toy down on the table.

She did manage to change course though and get her hand on her pussy, rubbing her slit and even running her fingers through the curls of her dark bush while she watched AnnaSophia eat out Hayden.

But as arousing as it was to see Hayden be licked like that, Rose couldn’t get over the vision of Hayden with a real honest to God penis in her mouth. It was so shocking to Rose that she knew she had to tease Hayden a bit about it so she moved closer to them as they naked and unabashedly orally pleasuring each other on the floor.

Rose knew she was a hypocrite for doing this and that Hayden was probably as zonked out of her mind as everyone else was around there. But she wasn’t going to do it to make a serious point. She was going to do it for fun.

However, before she could open her mouth Rose was stopped cold over what she heard.

“Oh yeahhhh do it Hayden! Keep sucking his cock! Ohhhh fuck yessss fuck her face Jan! Fuck your slutty sister’s face!” AnnaSophia urged in between licks. “Mmmmmm she’s so fucking wet Jan! I can taste how juicy your sister’s pussy is! She wants it so bad! She wants your cock! She wants to suck her own brother’s cock! Oooooooh fuckkkkk this is making me so wet and I love how filthy it is!”

Rose had been shocked to see Hayden sucking dick. But to find out that this was no mere man, but Hayden’s own brother made Rose feel like she could have been knocked over with a feather. Rose prided herself on never truly being surprised but this one knocked her for a loop.

This was some seriously fucked up shit right here, Rose told herself. Lesbian incest was practically common practice around the mansion. But hetero incest? They had definitely all gone down the rabbit hole on this one.

At first Rose wondered if this was some kind of a roleplay Hayden and that guy were doing. But she couldn’t deny what was so obvious. It was no play for fun. It was real fucking brother and sister incest right in front of her. The resemblance between the two of them was undeniable and Rose was legitimately flabbergasted by what she was seeing.

And as she found herself truly stunned and not just playfully surprised by it, Rose couldn’t help but think back to a Law and Order: SVU episode she had done where, true to insanely weird twisty form for the show, her character ended up being not only a seductive and manipulative vixen, but one who openly and consensually was having a long-term sexual relationship with her twin brother. Rose had mostly used that guest spot to fuck Mariska Hargitay as often as possible but she never phoned in a performance and had wanted to crack that character.

As kinky as she was in real life and as open as she was to….well just about anything…Rose had endured a little bit of difficulty getting into that character’s mindset. To let your own brother put his cock inside you and not have it be abuse but be something that brought her character joy and fulfillment? That had been a bridge too far and now that she was seeing something like that for real as Hayden swallowed her brother’s cock, Rose just wished she could have used this for the character because she could finally understand it. Hayden was giving her brother a blowjob and she looked so joyous and content as she did it.

Rose had seen Hayden like this before. They had all taught her so well to let go of her inhibitions and get lost in the moment when it came to sex. Rose had seen that same blissful expression on Hayden’s face the first time she had gotten her ass fucked and the first time she had been in an orgy. It was the look of being completely, happily overwhelmed by sex and Rose could see it all over Hayden’s face as she gave a blowjob to pretty much the last man she ever should have been giving one too.

Hayden was completely into the incestuous act and she showed that off in full when she pulled off her brother’s cock and turned her attention to Rose. Rose hadn’t even realized Hayden had noticed she was standing there completely naked and utterly agog at what she was seeing but Hayden had and she wasn’t embarrassed to have had her illicit fun seen by someone she considered a friend and a mentor. She had gone too far by now to feel any shame at all over her actions.

“Mmmmm come join us Rose,” Hayden offered up, acting as tempting as Eve while pulling her mouth of Jansen and showing off his throbbing, spit-coated cock as if his meat were the apple. “Isn’t he cute? Don’t I have the hottest fucking brother in the world? And look, his dick is still fucking hard! He’s come in my mouth and in my ass and in AnnaSophia’s ass and even Miley’s slutty little cunt and he’s still fucking hard as a rock for more! Oooooh I finally found a cock I love more than Mr. Snappy! Come get a taste! Lemme show you what a little freak I really am Rose! Mmmmm I always acted like a freak but now I really am one! I’m a fucking slutty whore freak for my brother’s cock!”

Ordinarily Rose was never at a loss for words. But this was anything but ordinary. She had seen Hayden be wild before. Rose had pushed her and guided her to be that way. But she had never seen Hayden like this before and Rose was so much in shock that she didn’t even realize she was touching herself until Hayden called her on it.

“I can see how wet it’s making your pussy to watch me be such a fucking slut!” Hayden lustfully giggled, stroking Jansen’s wet cock and moaning from AnnaSophia’s tongue lapping at her, the girl getting better and eating pussy with each lick.  “You wanna taste too Rose? Mmmm wanna suck my brother’s dick? He had no idea what a slut his sister was until he saw me eating his girlfriend’s pussy but now he loves having such a freaky little sister! C’mere Rose! Suck his cock with me! I want you to see me suck and fuck Jansen! I want Lyssa to see! I want Scarlett and Eliza and Kirsten to see! I want all of you who made me into such a horny fucking lesbian see that I still like cock too! Mmmmm especially one cock in particular!”

Hayden then turned back to her brother and resumed sucking him off. Hayden didn’t use her hands. She let her mouth do all the work as she glided her lips up and down Jansen’s slick shaft. Her saliva was all the lube she needed to take him down her throat and look up at him with anything but sisterly eyes as Jansen grabbed Hayden by the hair and pushed her down deeper to his dick.

“Fuck yeah Hayden! Show them all how much you love sucking my cock!” Jansen grunted, lost in lust too as he fucked his famous sister’s face and did things he never would have dreamed himself capable of before. “You tried to steal my fucking girlfriend and now you’re paying for it! You’re going to be our little bitch from now on! You’re going to be your own brother’s whore!”

Hayden groaned in deep, depraved pleasure as Jansen threw the words back at her she’d been saying before. She salivated all over his cock and pulled off him, wiggling out of his grasp as she eagerly put on a show for Rose.

“Ooooooh yeahhhh I’m my brother’s fucking whore! I’m your slutty slave now Jansen!” Hayden cooed in desire. “You own all of my fucking holes little brother! Mmmmm come watch me Rose! Come watch me fuck and you can see I’m so much more of a freak than Miley is! Get over here and join in!”

And Rose was shocked not only by Hayden’s actions but by her own. Because she seriously considered the offer. If she hadn’t had her own illicit desires that badly needed to be fulfilled, Rose might well have actually done it. This was making her so fucking wet and she rubbed her own pussy without a second thought, openly masturbating over the incestuous show she was getting.

It was so dirty and hot to watch this and it only got dirtier from what Hayden did next. She pulled away from both Jansen and AnnaSophia, changing positions and whispering into AnnaSophia’s ear, telling the girl something that clearly excited her given that Rose could see her eyes light up while she nodded her head in assent.

“Suck his dick AnnaSophia mmmm let your boyfriend fuck your mouth while I show Jansen what a fucking little freak I really am,” Hayden said, wanting to put on a show not only for Rose and anyone else who might have been watching but also for her brother and his girlfriend.

Jansen could only moan as he stood up and presented his engorged cock, tender and almost raw from fucking and coming so much but harder than ever. AnnaSophia didn’t hesitate to take him in her mouth again, sucking off her boyfriend and doing such a good job of it that he didn’t even notice that Hayden had crawled in back of him.

But Rose sure noticed and she silently cheered Hayden on, hoping she was going to do what she thought she was going to do. And Hayden did not disappoint. As Jansen moaned from AnnaSophia’s skilled lips and warm, wet mouth enveloping his cock, Hayden crossed another line with her brother by spreading open his butt cheeks and dragging her tongue up his crack.

She had done this to so many of the girls at the mansion and now she was doing it to a man for the first time. And of course it wasn’t any random man. It was her own brother and that only made her want it more as she zeroed in on his assshole and started to rim him, tickling his puckered ring with the tip of her tongue at first and then wetly licking all around it, sliding her tongue over a place she never, ever dreamed it would go.

“Oh Hayden! What the fuckkkkk! Ohhhh fuck! Wha…what are you doing?” Jansen gasped in surprise as he felt his asshole get played with for the first time.

“Mmmm I’m eating your ass lil’ bro,” Hayden giggled in intoxicated delight. “I love eating ass! It’s like my fucking favorite thing to do! And now it’s your tight little ass that I’m eating! Time for you to see what a little freak your big sister really is! Just relax Jansen! I promise you’re going to like it!”

Jansen didn’t argue with her because he instantly knew he was right. It was the wildest thing he had ever felt and he was instantly overcome with taboo pleasure thanks to Hayden’s tongue bathing his asshole with skilled, tender licks. He had never in a million years thought any girl would ever do something like this, something he had only seen in pornos, and yet it was his own sister doing it and it made the filthiness of the act even hotter.

Hayden pushed on Jansen’s back a little and he instantly got the idea, bending over slightly and pushing his ass more into her face. And Hayden acted with wanton delight, licking and probing his asshole like she had done to so many girls while she squeezed and spread his ass cheeks and kept him open for her.

Rose was even more of an agog bystander as she watched Jansen Panettiere be sandwiched by two incredible girls. He had AnnaSophia Robb slurping his cock as she kneeled in front of him and Hayden tonguing his ass from behind.

Rose had never, ever seen anything like this before and she really did want in on it. Rose loved eating ass. She loved doing it to hot women and she loved when men were open enough to let her do it to them. And Jansen seemed very, very open right then as he let his sister’s tongue probe his virgin asshole.

Rose continued to touch herself while she watched Hayden attack her brother’s asshole like she had rimmed so many women before. Rose always loved to feel Hayden’s tongue attack her crack so she knew how good he had to be feeling. Hayden looked so good with her face buried between her brother’s smooth, firm ass cheeks, licking all over his hole and making him grunt with illicit ecstasy when she started to slide her tongue inside him.

It really was so tempting to just join in, but Rose, as one of the few people there in complete control of her own body, had the strength to resist it. As hot as it was, Rose didn’t succumb to the allure of Hayden’s incest. And she even managed to resist what was happening right next to them too as Bella Thorne had pulled away from Alyssa with cum all over her lips and crawled over to AnnaSophia holding a flexible double-ended dong and a bottle of lube in her hands,

Rose was immediately certain that the ends of that double dildo were soon going to be up AnnaSophia and Bella’s incredible asses. And she was also certain that it would be an epic show to have those two going ass to ass. She badly wanted to be a part of that too. But yet, she persisted. Rose knew there would be other times to get at Bella and AnnaSophia’s perfect backsides and, given what she had just witnessed, she was pretty sure this would not be the only time she would ever have the chance to join in with Hayden and her brother.

There would never be a more perfect chance at this though and she didn’t let herself be distracted from her mission. Because it wasn’t Jansen’s cock that was the tempting piece of meat she was so hungry to taste. It was someone else’s. Someone who was even more forbidden than her protégé’s brother. And Rose made her way over to where he was.

Rose walked with a purpose, not wanting to lose her resolve. There was so much there that was calling out to her as she strode by all the beautiful nude, insatiable bodies of her friends and their guests. Everyone was coupling and uncoupling and then coupling with someone new. It was a mass of writhing, horny female bodies and ordinarily it would have been all Rose would have wanted.

But tonight she wanted more and, as she got closer, she saw she wasn’t the only one as two other women seemed to have their eyes on the same present she wanted for herself.

“Mmmmm look how fucking big he is Hil,” Lindsay Lohan moaned, pressing herself right into her girlfriend’s body. “He’s even bigger than Justin and his huge porno cock! You wanna play with him? You still want to feel some cock inside you baby?”

“Ooooooh he is so fucking big!” Hilary Duff said with lustful admiration. “Do you think Britney and Christina fuck him? Do you think he gives it to them with that monster dick and makes them his sluts? Mmmmm do you think they share it and suck him off and let him fuck all of their slutty holes?”

Hilary was giddy and giggly and totally out of her mind with intoxication and desire. Lindsay, for once, was the sober and centered one. But they both loved what they saw and both of them were thinking wonderfully filthy thoughts.

“They have to be! I mean, how could you not?” Lindsay insisted. “I mean I’d be giving to them every day and every night if I could! Christina and Britney are so fucking hot and so is he! Oooooh that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Mmmm even though I’m a lez, Hil, I’d be all over that any chance I could get! I’m sure sluts like Britney and Christina are too! Do you want some baby? Mmmmm wanna share another cock? Wanna get even more fucked than before?”

Lindsay was totally naked and freshly fucked from having just been with Haylie Duff. But now she had reconnected with her girlfriend and Lindsay had every freckled inch of her nude body on display, unlike Hilary who had a towel wrapped around her as she dried off from her fun in the hot tub with Britney Spears and Olivia Holt. The towel didn’t stay on much longer, though, especially after what Hilary said next.

“Oooooh he’s sooooo big! But I want you most Lindsay!” Hilary replied with loving desire for her girlfriend. “Mmmm playing with Justin was fun and all but I love pussy! Mmmmm and I love your pussy the most baby!”

“Mmmmmm you sweet talker you,” Lindsay giggled before reaching for Hilary’s towel and yanking it off her body, exposing the blonde’s luscious nudity. “Get this damn thing off! Get naked for me and you can have all of my pussy!”

That sounded really good to Hilary as Lindsay threw the towel on the floor along with other scattered clothes and other mess from the way the orgy had trashed the party. There was food and plates and even some of the decorations on the floor now along with all the dresses and shoes and pants and bras and panties that had once covered the naked bodies now going at each other.

Rose stepped over all of the mess and brushed past Hilary and Lindsay. She wasn’t about to wait in line behind them for what she wanted and even though she knew they were no competition for her, Rose showed no hesitation to impose her favorite house rule. She got to do what she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

“Step aside ladies,” Rose said with a sultry voice. “I see something that’s perfect for me.”

The distractions were all out of her sight. Now the moment of truth had arrived and Rose actually felt a bit nervous. It had been so long since she had done something like this.

But she liked those nerves. It made her feel alive. It made her feel like someone who still took risks and wasn’t too comfortable in merely being what everyone thought she was supposed to be. She could do this and prove a point, even if she was going to be the only one who would know it.

Walking right up to the action, Rose pushed all of those nerves away and went for it without any hesitation. She boldly displayed herself naked without any toy to hide her femininity or her arousal and she spoke the words she’d been dying to say for so long to the crush she had kept secret.

“Hello Fluffy,” Rose said seductively, her voice and her horny gaze making it clear to the bodyguard that she was going to get what she wanted tonight no matter what.

And her unexpected presence was more than enough to get Fluffy to stop what he was doing even though what he was doing definitely didn’t want him to stop.

“Mmmmmm nooo don’t pay attention to her! Fuck me instead!” Avril Lavigne whined from underneath Fluffy as the muscular, naked bodyguard had her on her back on the table with his cock buried inside her snug, happy folds. “Don’t stop fucking me Fluffy! Give it good to my little pussy! Pleaaaaaaase!”

But the presence of Rose alone was enough to make everyone else stop what they were doing because this was the last place any of them expected her to be. Not only did Fluffy stop thrusting into Avril and not only did Lindsay and Hilary have their mouths agape with shock over Rose boldly sauntering over with clear lust in her eyes and nothing on her body. But everyone else in the immediate area of the table stopped what they were doing to gawk in amazement.

Before she had strode over, there had been a hot daisy chain going on the floor. Gwen Stefani had been on her hand and knees with her face buried in Miley Cyrus’s tight little ass to tongue fuck her creamy pussy. While Gwen had been licking Miley, Miley’s tongue had been attacking Michelle Branch’s tight pink slit, bathing it with vigorous licks that had made Michelle moan endlessly while she had been eating Mariah Carey out. And the superstar singer’s tongue had been hard at work too as Mariah had been licking Gwen’s tangy flavor, helping herself to another feast of a tasty pussy she was quickly growing hooked onto.

But having Rose walk over made everyone freeze. It was like the scene in the old Westerns where all the rambunctious action at the saloon would suddenly stop cold when the sinister cowboy in the black hat would walk in through the swinging doors. Usually when Rose came over with a look like she had in her eyes she was only thinking about pussy and girl ass and which hot slut she was going to wreck next.

This time it was definitely not the case, though, as Rose walked right up to Fluffy and slid her hand over his body seductively, caressing his dark skin with her pale fingers and leaving no doubt that he was the one she had her eye on.

Rose couldn’t help but smirk and enjoy the reaction of her friends. The shocked look on their faces further convinced her that she was doing the right thing. Pulling the rug out from everyone every now and then was a good thing and she relished their surprise, especially after having her own mind blown by Hayden.

“Awwww don’t stop for lil’ ol’ me,” Rose teased. “Keep on fucking each other. I’ll just help myself…”

Rose let her words trail off as she ran her hand down the side of Fluffy’s body, fondling his muscles and feeling how tight and toned and sweaty he was after all the fucking he had been doing. That turned Rose on even more. She wanted him sweaty and hard and hot for her. She wanted his gorgeous dark skin glistening with exertion and she didn’t shy away from going right for the prize, sliding her hand right between his legs and grabbing his massive erection as Fluffy reflexively slid out of Avril’s gooey, wet hole.

“What the fuck?” Gwen gasped when Rose made her move for Fluffy’s cock, which was the last thing she had ever expected to see and was enough of a shock that it made her stand up and remove herself from the daisy chain, pulling her pussy away from Mariah and her mouth away from Miley.

And Fluffy had a similarly shocked reaction too.

“Yeah what the hell?” Fluffy demanded. “You’re the last one I ever expected to want this. You’re the biggest hardcore lesbian I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Rose had to stifle a snort when she heard Fluffy say that. Not only were those the most words she had ever heard him say to her but it showed how little he really knew about her.

Before Love and Sarah had altered her way of thinking with a more than a few mind-blowing orgasms, Rose had been all about men. She had loved men of all sizes, backgrounds, ages and, definitely, colors. She knew her way around a man’s body just as well as she knew her way around a woman’s.

Rose’s smirk grew as she thought about how soon Fluffy was going to learn about that and because he was as clearly fucked up as the rest of them, the normally stoic bodyguard wasn’t going to remember any of it in the morning.

“Well you know what happens during the holidays. People tend to…indulge,” Rose replied seductively as she began stroking Fluffy’s cock, wrapping her pale hand around his dark meat and moaning when she felt that girth and hardness in her hand.

Avril’s juices all over his shaft made it nice and slippery for her hand and it was so easy for Rose to jack him off slowly, not nearly enough to make him come but more than enough to show off how serious she was. And her actions stunned everyone, even Avril who ceased her whining over the view of something so wild.

“Whoa!” Avril gasped, forgetting all about her own needs for once and instead feeling like her eyes were going to bug right out of her head like she was a cartoon from watching Rose touch a guy. “All of you are acting crazy tonight and I fucking love it!”

“Mmmmmhmmm everyone’s going wild so why not me too?” Rose purred as she used her free hand to caress Fluffy’s muscular chest and teasingly touch his stiff nipples while he stood before her silent and stunned. “I’ve got needs too. I’ve got fantasies I want to fulfill. A girl can want to try something she never has before. And I know Gwen isn’t going to be greedy and selfish at Christmas, are you Gwenny?”

Rose looked right at her friend devilishly as she said it, loving the double shock she got on the gorgeous singer’s face. Rose knew all about Gwen and Fluffy. Jennifer Aniston had spilled the beans to her the night after Lauren Graham’s Christmas party, the night Jen and Fluffy had hooked up along with Gwen and Cameron Diaz. Rose had kept it secret ever since and she never would have said it if she knew everyone was sober and functioning. But if there ever was a right time and a right place to do it, Rose knew it was now.

And Gwen was shocked by Rose not only showing desire for Fluffy but by revealing she knew the secret that Gwen had been doing an increasingly poor job of hiding. Plus Rose had used the pet name for her only Britney Spears used, the one that Gwen hated hearing from anyone else, and Gwen was left sputtering and trying to decide what, if anything, she should do.

Normally Gwen loved seeing her friends get with Fluffy. She loved sharing him and joining in threesomes with her secret lover and the gorgeous women she had so much fun playing with. But this felt so different. This was nothing she could ever have envisioned. This was Rose!

“No…I…wait…Rose? What…what’s going on?” Gwen managed to stammer out as what was so plainly obvious about Rose’s intentions seemed completely confusing.

To Gwen, Rose putting the moves on Fluffy was like the world turning upside down and the incredulous look on Fluffy’s face showed he felt the same way.

“Relax Gwen, I’m not trying to steal your man,” Rose smirked, loving how flustered the normally unflappable singer was. “I just want to borrow him for a little while. Mmmm I’ve wanted to do this for so long and I never told anyone. How about it Fluffy? Want to have a little fun? C’mon big boy. Don’t you like me?”

Rose stopped talking after saying that and started kissing. She wrapped her arms around the back of the bodyguard’s neck and pulled herself up as she kissed him sensually and seductively, rubbing herself into his naked body and making both of them moan as his erection rubbed up against her thigh. Rose loved feeling that hard-on against her bare skin and she kissed Fluffy harder, enjoying the taste of a man’s lips on hers for the first time in years.

This was all so out of character for her and that was what Rose enjoyed the most. She was surprising everyone, including herself and it felt so good. Fluffy’s body felt so big and strong and as she kissed him again he began kissing her back. He succumbed to the feel of her sexy nude body against his as Rose began to press herself more earnestly, backing him up against the edge of the table while making sure he could feel her large breasts rubbing into him.

“Mmmmm yeahhh you like me.” Rose laughed softly when she pulled her lips off his. “You like me a lot.”

“We’ve never spoken to each other before,” Fluffy pointed out, the ready for anything bodyguard totally knocked off his axis by this unexpected advance.

“Well, let’s just say I’ve been admiring you from afar,” Rose said, caressing his muscular chest with her hands again and enjoying the feel of pecs and abs while she wondered what a strong body like his could do to her. “I see what a good job you do, always being on guard with Christina and Britney and never letting your guard down. But you’re being a bad boy tonight Fluffy. You lost your edge…and all your clothes. What if someone had kidnapped Christina while you were over here fucking Gwen’s brains out all night? Naughty, naughty Fluffy but I think you deserve a pass for being bad tonight as long as you let me be bad too! I want you Fluffy! I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to fuck a man who’s seen us all at our dirtiest! You watch us all fuck and it’s time you and I had some fun too!”

Fluffy felt an enormous rush of guilt. How could he have been so sloppy tonight? He didn’t even know where Christina was. A true guard was never off the clock. It was central to the bodyguard’s code. And yet he had been distracted all night, by Gwen, by Mariah and by everyone.

Now it was Rose’s turn to distract him and she was doing an amazing job of it as he found himself looking at her with new regard as that guilt faded and was replaced by a growing desire for the bold, pale raven haired goddess before him.

“Mmmmm don’t you want to have fun Fluffy?” Rose said, her arousal and urgency growing while she felt their bare skin rub together. Both of them had been fucking all night and they were both sweaty and tingly from it, which made Rose want it even more.

“I’ve been keeping my eye on you all night!” Rose said, practically purring as she seduced Fluffy into wanting her like she wanted him, feeling up his muscles and stroking his steel-like rod in her hands. “I saw you fucking Gwen! I saw you fucking Mariah! Do you want to fuck me too? You can if you want it! I’ll give you my body for Christmas if you want it Fluffy! Mmmm you can have me any way you want it! You can slide that big fucking monster dick between my soft, round white titties. Would you like that Fluffy? Mmmm feeling my big, pale tits wrapped around your fucking cock? Do you want my cunt Fluffy? Mmmm you can fucking have it! It’s so fucking tight because I never fuck guys anymore! That’s how much I want you Fluffy! I’ll let you take that big man cock and stuff it in where I only let girls go now! You can even have my ass if you want it Fluffy! Mmmm does that fucking turn you on, stud? Bending me over and filling my big white ass with that fat black cock and seeing these white cheeks jiggle for you?”

Rose took her hand off his chest so she could reach around and grab her own ass, squeezing the roundness of her bottom and even spanking herself, which made Fluffy’s eyes light up with desire. He couldn’t believe this was happening but now that it was, he felt himself be completely drawn in by Rose’s sexual power.

Of course he had seen how beautiful and sexual Rose was. He had never seen a more confident woman in his life. He might never have had a conversation with her before today but he had sure seen her in action.

And even though he’d been focused on his job when he had it had been impossible for him to ignore just how beautiful and sexual Rose was. He had seen her seduce and fuck other women while he had been made to stand there stoically and now she was doing it to him and he couldn’t help but react.

Fluffy had been invited as a guest to the party. He wasn’t supposed to be working. But he still felt responsible for keeping an eye on Christina and Britney. Yet he couldn’t keep that in his head when he instead could stare at Rose’s amazing body.

He had seen her nude before but never like this and while he had trained himself to accept the nudity of the women he always encountered doing such illicit things to each other as no big deal, tonight all he could do was stare at Rose’s big tits and her visibly aroused pussy.

Even though he had already come multiple times thanks to Gwen and Mariah, Fluffy’s cock was harder than ever. He had been giving it good to Avril before they had been interrupted and now he found himself staring at Rose and finding it impossible to resist her. He had never shared any kind of connection with her before but he couldn’t resist her and Fluffy hungrily kissed her lips, this time taking the lead with her.

Fluffy kissed Rose and she happily kissed back, pushing herself into him and moaning when his hands went to her breasts and started to play with them. She felt such a wicked thrill run up her spine when the bodyguard succumbed to her advances. She was really doing this! It was really happening! It was so fucking crazy and Rose wanted it so much. Fluffy’s strong hands felt so good on her tits and she wanted to feel him all over her body.

But while Fluffy found it impossible to resist Rose as she threw herself at him, Gwen still was confused and flustered by all of this. Usually any time one of her friends hooked up with Fluffy it was because of her doing. But this time Rose had just walked over and claimed Fluffy for herself and Gwen didn’t know how to take it.

For the first time she felt jealousy and insecurity when she saw Fluffy kissing another woman, especially when she saw his dark hands move around to Rose’s backside and grab onto her thick, pale ass cheeks, squeezing them with a growing urgency and pulling her closer to him.

Gwen felt the sudden impulse like she had to break this up and she acted on it, putting her hand on Rose’s shoulder and pulling him away from her man.

“No Rose!” Gwen insisted, not quite sure why she was acting this way but feeling like she had to. “He’s mine!”

“But I thought you liked to share,” Rose teased. “Mmmmm don’t worry Gwen! I’ll give him back when I’m done! And you know I still want you too! This is just some fun for me tonight. Tomorrow morning I’m only going to want you again and not your hot boyfriend!”

Gwen opened her mouth to protest again but as soon as she did, Rose kissed her. And it was no little peck either. It was a full kiss on the lips with passion and lascivious intent and Gwen felt her protest instantly quelled.

Rose had kissed her like this so many times before and she always melted from it. Not only was this time no different, but it was extra intense to Gwen because Fluffy was there and could see how Rose always took her breath away.

“Ohhhhhh…” Gwen was left sighing in tingly happiness when Rose pulled her lips away. “Mmmmm Rose!”

“See? I’m still into girls,” Rose grinned, stating the obvious. “I just want to do something a little naughty. Mmmmm make that a LOT naughty!”

Rose laughed as she said that, her hand wrapped around Fluffy’s length as she stroked his cock and made him throb for her. She was not about to be denied and everyone knew it. Even Avril had given up her whining and had simply moved over to the daisy chain on the floor as it reconfigured itself without Gwen so Avril could eat out Mariah while Mariah ate out Michelle and Michelle licked Miley’s pussy and Miley started eagerly licking away at Avril.

“I see why you’re so crazy about him Gwen,” Rose declared as she stroked his meat and brought her other hand between her friend’s legs so she could caress the sodden lips of Gwen’s labia and feel how tender and sensitive she was from being fucked repeatedly throughout the night. “Mmmmm you two make for such a cute couple. I was watching you two fuck before and I loved seeing how much you could take Gwen! I saw you take this monster cock right up your pussy and your ass and I knew I had to do it too!  I couldn’t wait any longer! I had to fuck you too Fluffy!”

Fluffy and Gwen were still stunned by this but there wasn’t much they could do when they were all naked and horny and Rose was eagerly stimulating their genitals. She had a hand on Gwen’s pussy and one on Fluffy’s cock and she could feel how they had been fucking each other silly all night long.

That made her so hot for them both but especially for Fluffy and she lowered her hand down his throbbing shaft until she was caressing his balls with a delicate, erotic touch that allowed her to fondle his heavy, dark cum filled sacs in her white hand and feel how full and heavy they were.

“I want this cock!” Rose moaned lustfully before kissing Fluffy again. “I want all of this cum! I want it so fucking bad! Everyone else is being so fucking dirty and I want to be that way too!”

“I never thought you’d be into it,” Fluffy moaned back in between kisses with the actress. “I thought you were a lesbian.”

“I’m whatever I want to be,” Rose smirked in response. “I love fucking women! I never want to stop! But I want this too! I want to be a REALLY bad girl tonight before I go back to only fucking women tomorrow! Mmmm I’ve wanted this ever since we were in Jamaica! Oooooh I remember how I left that party to go get Snappy so I could fuck those hot sluts and I saw you standing there Fluffy! I saw you having to be dressed when everyone else was naked! Everyone was fucking but you had to be there and watch it all and not join in! I felt so bad for you and I knew it had to be making your cock want to explode in your pants! I started wondering how big you were and how much you were going to have to jerk off to relieve all that pressure from watching us all go at each other! You’ve been my secret fantasy since then Fluffy and I need to do this tonight before you all sober up! I need to fucking do this now so no one else will remember in the morning! Give it to me Fluffy! Give me this big fucking black cock of yours!”

Rose’s words showed how significant this was to her. She had held this fantasy inside her for years and had never acted on it. It hadn’t been anything all-consuming or anything or even anything she had seriously pursued until now. It had just been an idle notion every now and then of “Wouldn’t it be hot if…” as Rose had thought about acting on her own carnal lust and giving Fluffy some relief after having to watch all of these famous bodies lez out.

She hadn’t even ever thought she would actually do it. But Rose knew this was the perfect chance and she’d never have one like it again.

But while Rose’s words showed how much this meant to her, Fluffy and Gwen barely registered them. She might as well have been talking into a vortex because they just stared at each other and smiled. Jamaica may have been where Rose’s fantasy was born but it was also where they had first hooked up. And they had been doing it ever since, getting more and more into each other. Rose recalling that trip made them remember that first night and everything that had happened after.

It didn’t escape Rose’s attention that the two were not reacting to what she was saying because they were too busy making goo-goo eyes at each other. But that was just fine with her. She wasn’t here for complications or emotional entanglements. She was just here for one thing and the sooner she got it, the better.

So Rose took this moment to act. With Fluffy backed up against the table it was so easy for her to sink right down to her knees and get herself lined up perfectly with Fluffy’s huge, jutting cock.

He was throbbing with desire and had precum already dripping from the swollen head of his dick. Rose knew she didn’t need to say anything more so she put her mouth to another use by sticking her tongue out and licking Fluffy’s cockhead. She tasted that precum and Avril’s yummy juices and it was everything Rose had wanted.

“Mmmmm fuckkk I haven’t had cock in so long!” Rose groaned in desire while bathing the head of Fluffy’s ebony cock with her pink tongue. “You’re so fucking big baby! Mmmmm I always knew you’d be huge and you don’t fucking disappoint, Fluffy!”

Rose had always been very giving when it came to oral sex. She loved to eat pussy and before she had gotten into that, she had loved sucking dick. To her there was just something so hot about giving head and hearing your lover moan for you. Whether it was a woman or a man doing it, Rose loved hearing that moan because it meant you were doing a good job and creating pleasure. Rose loved to give pleasure and she began to finger herself when she heard that moan from Fluffy while she started going down on him.

Rose knew her technique for head couldn’t be beat and even years of only eating pussy hadn’t changed that she fucking knew how to suck a dick. While Fluffy moaned for her, she wrapped her lips around his swollen head and then pulled off with a little wet pop so she could lick it again, circling her tongue all over Fluffy’s dark cockhead to thoroughly taste him before she started to feed herself. Rose’s hand wrapped around his shaft again and she took him into her mouth, swallowing down several of his thick inches with ease.

“Ohhhhhh yeahhhh I never thought you’d ever want this!” Fluffy groaned, his ass pressed into the hard table and this devilish woman on her knees sucking his cock down her throat. “Ohhh fuckkkk! I thought you were only into pussy! I’d see you fuck all those girls! I’ve watched you fuck Christina and Britney so many times! You’d make them come like no one else could! I’ve fucking watched you fuck Gwen with that toy of yours! I’d see her take it and think about what a whore she is for black cock as she took those plastic inches up her ass and her pussy! But I never thought you’d be into it Rose!”

“Well I’m just full of surprises, aren’t I?” Rose chuckled, pulling off Fluffy’s cock so she could tease his head with her tongue and even lick the little slit where she hoped soon she’d have his cum shooting out for her. “Mmmm yeahhh everyone here fucking loves Mr. Snappy! They love my big black toy on my hot pale body! They love being fucked by my dick! But I want it too! Ooooh a few lucky girls here have used Snappy on me! But I want the real thing now!”

Rose then brought her mouth down onto Fluffy again, swallowing more of his inches down and letting his length start to slide down her throat. She knew just what she was doing and Gwen couldn’t help but be impressed over how effortlessly sexy Rose was at it.

Gwen had sucked off Fluffy so many times. She loved gagging on his meat. She loved feeling him pushed down her throat as she tried to swallow all of him. And it was such a turn on to see Rose do it now.

Gwen was still shocked by everything that had happened but she was so horny for it now too. This was so arousing and she stared with lusty eyes at the show as the last woman in the world she had expected to want a piece of her secret lover, gorged herself on Fluffy’s cock and sucked him off with ease. She was a natural at it and Gwen found herself studying Rose, trying to find ways to suck off Fluffy even better in the future.

Rose’s lips were gliding up and down Fluffy’s shaft as she tasted all the girls he had fucked tonight. The dirty mix of used pussies and asses was all over his meat and Rose loved it. It made her want him even more because he had been fucking other women all night just like she had. And even as Rose began to gag on Fluffy’s cock she sucked him down further while stroking the base of his shaft and playing with his swollen nuts.

“Ahhhhh goddamn Rose! Mmmmm fuck yeah you know how to suck cock!” Fluffy groaned in praise. “Suck it down you slut! Swallow that fucking meat!”

Rose fingered herself harder as Fluffy got over his shock and became more and more of an active participant. He began to thrust into her mouth, feeding him more of his thick, long cock and she greedily swallowed it.

She hadn’t done this in a long time but all her old habits came back to her so quickly, just like Rose was sure they would. He tasted so good and felt so fucking big as he pushed his length into her mouth and down her throat and the more she gagged on him, the more Rose fingered herself and the more she felt and even heard her pussy squish with desire.

Gwen was getting more and more into it too. She couldn’t help but feel jealous still. She had seen Rose reduce so many women to quivering masses of happy, fucked girl flesh. Hell, she had been one of those women many times. And she didn’t want Fluffy to want Rose more than he wanted her. Gwen didn’t want Rose stealing him away from her. So she made sure and remind Fluffy that she deserved his attention the most.

After kissing him on the lips and sliding her tongue into her lover’s mouth to make it hotter, Gwen got aggressive by lowering herself down too. She got one hand on the top of Rose’s head, holding her by her dark hair and brought the other one underneath her chin. She had a hold of Rose’s head and began moving it up and down, making Rose bob her mouth at an even quicker pace.

“Fuck her Fluffy! Fuck her mouth like it’s a cunt!” Gwen hissed in lust. “Make her a fucking whore for your cock! Oooooh she’s so hot isn’t she? Mmmmm Rose eats my pussy so well and now she’s sucking your cock! But she’s not as big a whore for you as I am! I’m your girl Fluffy! Not her! Fuck her like she’s a fucking cocksuckng slut and not like she’s special like me!”

Rose moaned with joy over Gwen getting so aggressive. She had never truly appreciated how much Gwen was into Fluffy before now and Rose liked making the singer jealous. But Rose had no intention of making Fluffy hers. This was a one-time thing and that was that. Rose did like Gwen grabbing her like that though. She liked seeing her aggressive side and Rose took more of Fluffy down her throat as he was forced to swallow him deeper.

Rose started to gag more and she loved how it made her feel. She wanted to be filthy and slutty and do things she never would ordinarily do. Sucking down Fluffy’s huge black cock was definitely not part of her normal day and she wanted to break taboos and stretch her boundaries like so many of the other’s at this Christmas party gone mad were doing.

Between Fluffy’s thrusts into her mouth and Gwen forcing her head down, Rose was being fed more and more cock. She began making lewd sucking noises as he went down her throat and it felt so fucking good to her. Rose masturbated blissfully as she had her face fucked and Fluffy picked up the pace too, taking Gwen’s filthy advice and fucking Rose’s mouth like a cunt, forcing another inch down her willing throat.

“No one’s more special than you baby!” Fluffy assured Gwen while Rose swallowed his dick. “You’re like the best girlfriend ever!”

The sound of him saying that made Gwen light up like a Christmas tree full of sparkles and magic. What he said was so obvious to both of them but it was the first time he had ever said it out loud and it sounded so good to her.

“Oooooooh! Girlfriend? Yessssssssssss! I’m your fucking girlfriend!” Gwen squealed in happiness. “Mmmmm fuck yes baby! I’m your slutty girlfriend! I love sharing other girls with you and making them feel how fucking incredible you are! Fuck Rose’s mouth Fluffy! Make her suck down your cock like I do to you! But she’s not your girlfriend! I fucking am!”

Rose knew they regarded her as the third wheel in this situation but she didn’t care. Because Fluffy was just a big, juicy cock to her. She wanted his meat and she wanted it in all her holes. She wasn’t looking to be anyone’s girlfriend. Gwen and Fluffy could be whatever they wanted to each other. She just wanted to get fucked and she loved what Fluffy was doing to her.

Wiggling herself free of Gwen’s hands, Rose took over. She knew she didn’t need any help in how to swallow cock. She bobbed her lips up and down deeper on Fluffy’s shaft, letting him fuck her white face while she played with his balls. They were so big and full in her hands and Rose couldn’t wait to find out how much cum Fluffy had stored up in those nuts for her.

Rose went deeper and deeper as saliva flowed out of her mouth onto Fluffy’s shaft. It was coming out so gooey and stringy from her sucking him deep and it was making both of them messy. Rose loved it though. She was so thrilled with herself for doing something naughty and she dreamed of totally deep throating Fluffy and having him all the way down her throat so she could choke him down and feel those big black balls smacking into her chin.

Truthfully Rose didn’t know if she could. But she knew she wanted to try and the trying was the fun part. She swallowed more of him, showing off for Gwen as she suppressed her gag reflex and let him slide down her throat even deeper. Rose’s eyes were tearing up and she felt so giddy and happy. She hadn’t been dirty like this in so fucking long and Rose was so thrilled she could still surprise everyone and be even dirtier than they had ever dreamed she could be.

Rose had to pull off several times to breathe as she took Fluffy deep. But every time she had to yank her mouth off she was smiling with excitement over her own sluttiness and each time she had to do it, she would push herself back down right away, swallowing Fluffy’s cock and moving down further his shaft. His cock was getting wetter and sloppier with her saliva as Rose gagged and swallowed. Tears were starting to run down her face and she just kept trying, sucking more and more of the bodyguard’s massive cock down her throat.

“Oh fuck yeahhhh gag on it like that! Suck it down! Fucking swallow it!” Fluffy urged, lost in lust and intoxication as he leaned back against the table and had a hand in Rose’s hair, guiding her head even though she didn’t need it. “Choke on that cock you little slut! All this time I saw you fucking girls but deep you down you wanted this cock! You’ve got it now you pale skinned slut! All your pretty white holes are mine now!”

That was just what Rose wanted to hear and it thrilled Gwen to. All of her holes already had been taken by Fluffy and she liked knowing Rose was going where she had already been. Rose was taking after her this time and she got a horny thrill from thinking about Rose getting her sloppy seconds. She was kneeling next to Rose on the floor and she could feel her friend’s horny, sweaty body as their skin touched. Gwen wasn’t jealous anymore now that she knew Fluffy was her boyfriend. All she felt was horniness.

“Suck his cock Rose! Suck it down that mouth that always eats my fucking pussy so nice!” Gwen moaned into Rose’s ear, babbling dirty talk as she showed how out of her mind with lust and punch she was. “I love that big fucking black cock so much! I love fucking all of you girls but I love fucking him so much! Fluffy fucks my mouth and my lily white pussy and my tight fucking ass with that huge black beauty and it makes me come like nothing else can! I love him so much and I can’t stop fucking him! I need him all the time! You’re going to be addicted to his fucking cock as much as I am! Once you feel him inside you you’re never going to be able to go without!”

Rose very much doubted that but she didn’t say anything. This was everything she had wanted and more. Fluffy was a fucking god of sexiness and his cock was huge and thick and felt so good going down her throat, just like she had fantasized it would. Rose couldn’t wait to feel him inside all of her holes. She wanted him to fuck her silly. But she wasn’t about to be addicted to anyone’s cock. This was a one-time thing.

She was having too much fun to say that, though. And she also didn’t say anything in response to what else Gwen had just moaned out. It had kind of been slipped in there with all of the filthy things the singer had been saying but she had definitely just confessed she loved Fluffy and Rose smiled while sucking him off. That was so cute! She had no idea of Gwen even knew what she was saying, but this seemed like one of those times where that “en vino veritas” saying came into play.

Rose was happy Gwen was in love. But that didn’t change the fact that she wanted Fluffy solely for sex and she pulled off him with a wet gasp, saliva dripping from her mouth and from Fluffy’s shaft as she used both hands to jack him off, loving that she needed to in order to accommodate his size.

“You’re so fucking sexy!” Rose moaned breathlessly before sucking his head back into her mouth and tasting her own gooey drool all over Fluffy while stroking him with both hands, smearing her own pussy juice onto his shaft. “I knew you would be! I’ve wanted this for so long! Mmmm fuck I can’t wait any longer! I want to fuck you Fluffy! Do you want me? You want to fuck this white slut?”

Rose knew she could have kept on trying to deep throat Fluffy. It would have been quite an accomplishment for her and if she had set her mind and her body to it she was sure she could have done it. She’d never deep throated someone as big as Fluffy before but she’d been with guys in the ballpark of his size so she was sure she could have.

But she knew she didn’t need to. As much fun as it would have been to swallow him down and feel those balls resting against her face it would only have been for bragging purposes in her own mind and wouldn’t have gotten her any closer to her real goal, which was to come like a fucking freight train from being fucked.

She couldn’t wait for that and Rose didn’t want to mess around even though deep throating would have been fun. She needed this cock in more than her mouth and she wanted Fluffy to know it as she jacked him off with both of her pale hands wrapped around his thick, black inches and leaned down lower so she could press her nose to his balls and start sucking on those swollen nuts.

Rose moaned wantonly as she slurped on Fluffy’s balls, opening her mouth wide and swallowing one before releasing it and then sucking on the other. His huge, cum filled nuts felt so good in her mouth and Rose wondered if she could try and fit both of them into her mouth at once. Her friends always teased her for having a big mouth, maybe now she could prove it.

But Rose also knew time was of the essence. The more time passed, the better chance someone would sober up enough to remember what she was doing and this was something Rose wanted to keep nice and secret. So instead of showing off, Rose kept on stroking Fluffy with both hands and moaned in dirty delight as she slid her tongue all over his balls and tasted the sweat and the sex from all of his previous fun that night.

Rose devilishly grinned and laughed as she licked his balls and stroked Fluffy’s cock, making him moan over and over again for her. She loved having this powerful man at her control. She loved giving him pleasure just because she could and she wanted to. She didn’t need any other reason other than he had a cock and she wanted it. Rose licked all over his balls while she stroked him, using quick, naughty flicks of her tongue as she breathed in his musk.

“You like that Fluffy? Like feeling me licking these big fucking balls of yours?” Rose moaned. “Mmmmm they must be filled with sooooo much cum and I want it all!”

“Ohhhhh yeahhh lick those balls you pretty fucking whore!” Fluffy moaned, his hand still in Rose’s hair as he said things to her he never would have before. “Get your fucking tongue on those nuts! Use that tongue you lick my girl’s pussy with! Lick my fucking balls instead! Ohhh fuck yes I love when Gwen does that to me! Don’t stop Rose! You’ll get all of that hot fucking cum!”

And Gwen felt compelled to act when she heard that. She wanted Fluffy so bad and she wanted him to always be like this, loose and uninhibited and happy.  She wanted him to be naughty and not afraid of his own desires. So she pushed him again.

“That’s not all he likes!” Gwen giggled. “He loves it when I lick and suck on his balls but he also loves it when I lick his ass! Mmmm he gets so into it!”

“Fuckkkkk! Gwen!!!! C’monnnnn!” Fluffy groaned, not wanting her to spread his secret all around but also wanting Rose to do it too. Her tongue felt so good on his nuts and he wanted her to lick lower. But since he wouldn’t say it, Gwen did it for him and it both embarrassed him and aroused him to have her tell all to Rose.

“Ooooooooh! Naughty boy! Is that true? Mmmm does Fluffy like having his ass eaten?” Rose teased, remembering how hot she’d gotten when she’d seen Hayden just do it to her brother and how much she had enjoyed doing it to past guys. “Because baby, I fucking LOVE to eat ass! Mmmmmm wanna feel my tongue in your tight hole? Want this dirty white girl to tongue that hot black ass?”

Gwen hadn’t known Rose would be so enthused about the idea but she supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised. After all, Rose had licked her ass a lot of times and it always felt fucking amazing. Rose badly wanted to do it to Fluffy too and before he could even give her any kind of response to her offer, she was dragging her tongue over his taint and heading right for his asshole.

“Wait…no…don’t…fuckkkkkkkk!” Fluffy groaned, his reluctance over this new pleasure Gwen had introduced him to disappearing when he felt Rose hit paydirt and start to rim him.

Her tongue teased his hole at first, wiggling against his anus and making him moan for it. And then Rose got more wicked and licked him in earnest, sliding her wet tongue all over his ring and making it glisten with her saliva. But while Rose wanted to do this, it wasn’t too comfortable position for her under his body like that and she wanted to change it so she could really work him over.

“Get down here with me,” Rose said, patting the floor. “Lie back and spread your legs Fluffy and I’m going to rock your world.”

“Do it baby,” Gwen chimed in. “I want to see her lick your ass! I want her to know how much you like it and what a kinky stud you are! Lie back and let her play with you while I watch! Mmmm your cock is so fucking hard so don’t act like you don’t want it!”

Fluffy knew this was his chance to back out. He was still so uncomfortable with how much he liked it but he couldn’t pretend that it didn’t bring him immense pleasure. Gwen had done it so well to him while he’d been fucking Mariah and she’d made him admit how much he enjoyed it. So what could he do? It was embarrassing to him but his cock was rock hard and leaking precum from how good it felt and he knew he wanted more.

So Fluffy didn’t back out. He let it happen by getting down on the floor. He lay down inches away from where Mariah, Michelle, Miley and Avril were having their daisy chain, their tongues all buried in each other’s tasty muffins. And as soon as he was on his back, Rose got to work. Gwen helpfully spread Fluffy’s legs open and she dove down, this time in much more comfortable fashion.

Eager and happy to show Fluffy what a dirty girl she could be, Rose let out a horny and excited giggle while she pressed her nose to Fluffy’s taint and darted her tongue out to resume licking his asshole. She had his balls right up against her forehead and Rose felt so wonderfully dirty as her tongue bathed Fluffy’s forbidden hole and she made him moan and grunt in illicit pleasure from it while Gwen stroked his cock.

“Ooooooh you naughty fucking boy!” Rose laughed as she watched precum ooze from the swollen head of Fluffy’s cock. “Mmmmm you fucking really do like it! You like having this white girl tongue lick this hot black ass of yours! I love tossing salad and I never thought you’d loosen up enough to let a girl do it! Oooooooh fuck yeah it’s so nice and tight too! Mmmmm Gwenny you’d better give it to this boy every day when he is at work with Britney and Christina! They’ll get him so fucking hard and you’ll need to give him some relief at the record label by sucking his cock and eating his ass and making this sexy stud feel good!”

Gwen loved the sound of that so much that she forgave Rose for calling her “Gwenny” again. She loved seeing Rose’s gorgeous creamy skinned face buried between Fluffy’s strong, ebony thighs so she could tongue his asshole. It was so naughty and dirty and Fluffy loved it. Not only was he moaning in bliss from her tongue working over his hole but Gwen could feel his throbbing erection in her hand as she stroked him.

Fluffy had to be at that label all the time and Christina and Britney ran their business like a non-stop lesbian orgy. Not only were all the famous female talents in on the fun but the duo had a strict, and likely illegal, “hot girl only” policy when it came to hiring. That meant female receptionists and assistants and production staff and interns and even sexy female janitors. And they all fucked. Gwen knew that first hand from going over to the label every chance she could and she knew Fluffy had to watch it all happen.

“Mmmmm would you like that Fluffy? Would you like me on my knees every day in front of you at the office?” Gwen asked lustfully while jacking her lover off as he got rimmed by another woman. “Would you like to be a good little white slut girlfriend and suck your huge fucking black cock into my hot mouth after you’ve been watching all those girls fuck all day? Mmmm I’d fucking yank down your pants and get that cock right in my mouth to suck that huge hard-on you always have when you’re there and I’d drain your balls! And you know I’d get right behind you too baby and spread that hot, yummy ass of yours open and bury my face in those tight cheeks and eat your ass out like a voracious little whore!”

Gwen had first flicked her tongue against Fluffy’s asshole as an impulse. She hadn’t even known why she had done it, just that she hadn’t been able to help it. But now that she knew how much he liked it, even if he wasn’t fully ready to come to terms with it yet, Gwen wanted to give to him all the time. She wanted to have filthy fun with her man and have him as eager to be kinky and naughty as she was.

“Fuckkkkk oh yeahhhhh fucking do that! Every goddamn day!” Fluffy groaned out, the punch making him say things he’d normally never admit. “Those fucking whores at work make me so goddamn hard every day! I have to watch them fuck and it drives me crazy! I need you Gwen! I need you on your knees like a dirty fucking white whore every damn day sucking my cock and eating my ass! I want you on your knees at that damn label begging to get my cum all over your face!”

Gwen reacted to that by exulting in uninhibited joy and she immediately kissed Fluffy passionately. She excitedly slid her tongue into his mouth and the couple French kissed openly as Gwen jacked his cock even harder and making him throb more for her.

Rose was having the time of her life lying on her belly with her big tits pressed to the floor as she had her face in between Fluffy’s spread legs. She was licking his asshole wetly and even spreading her saliva around to his taint and under his smooth, swollen balls with her long licks. But as much as she enjoyed what she was doing, she didn’t like seeing Gwen jacking Fluffy off like a teenage cheerleader doling out a handjob to her quarterback boyfriend after the big game.

“Ohhhh no you don’t Gwen! That cock is mine so don’t you dare make him fucking come!” Rose demanded. “You can have him back when I’m finished with him but you’d better get your hand off that cock right now because if he spills one drop of cum then…well you’re both going to get it and I don’t have to be so nice when I play with asses, do I Gwen?”

Gwen didn’t fear much. But she definitely was instantly nervous about what Rose meant by that. Rose had used Mr. Snappy to teach a few lessons over the years and while Gwen had never experienced anything like that, she had heard some stories and was in no rush to find out personally. So she gulped in anxiety and pulled her hand off Fluffy as a smirking Rose indulged herself in a few more licks of Fluffy’s asshole.

Rose slid her tongue over his drool coated ring a few more times, teasing and tantalizing his dark anus before poking inside, giving him the first taste of what she could really do with her tongue. But she didn’t give him too much of that. She didn’t want him blowing his load from her tongue fucking him. She had come over here to get fucked and in the spirit of Christmas, now that she had done a lot of giving, Rose was ready to do some serious receiving too.

“Mmmmm this cock is mine!” Rose declared emphatically as she pulled up from Fluffy’s asshole and instead brought her mouth down around his dick again, sensually sucking it to taste the fresh batch of precum that had dripped out of his head. “And I want a fucking present now! Fuck me Fluffy! You can have Gwen any other time but now! For now I’m your dirty white whore! Fuck me even harder than you fuck her baby! I’m not your girlfriend! I’m your horny white bitch and I want this cock all the way up my cunt!”

The sound of Rose’s filthy words got both Gwen and Fluffy’s attentions. The lovers had resumed kissing after Gwen had heeded Rose’s warning but her saying that made them break their sensual liplocks and instead looked over at a cock hungry Rose as she bobbed her lips up and down the top of his cock again, slurping off her own saliva. This was all a hazy, erotic dream to them both and Fluffy wanted to indulge in something he would never feel.

“If you want it then crawl up here and get it,” Fluffy ordered Rose while she stared up at him with soft, seductive eyes and his dick in her mouth. “Climb up and ride it!”

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah that’s just what I want to do!” Rose groaned, not wasting any more time after popping her lips off of Fluffy’s cock, leaving it freshly wet with her drool while it pointed straight up, as hard as steel.

Rose moved her body over, crawling the little bit she needed to just like Fluffy wanted her to, and climbed right on top of him. No one had to tell her what to do next and she lowered herself down on his jutting erection, sliding her soaking wet pussy down onto it and letting it penetrate her. Rose didn’t go slow because she didn’t want to. She was in no mood for Fluffy to make love to her. Rose needed to be fucked and she needed it now.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkk!” Rose grunted, her voice drawing her reaction out in a groan as she pushed herself down deep, forcing her pussy to take on Fluffy’s length and girth. “Ohhhh fuckkkkkk yeahhhhh! Ohhh shit that is a big fucking cock!”

“Too big for you? Maybe you can’t handle as much as you think you can?” Fluffy teased which got an immediate reaction from Rose.

“Fuck no! I can handle any fucking thing you’ve got for me!” Rose snarled back.  “Give it to me Fluffy! I can fucking destroy you and make you like it! Gimmie that cock! Gimmie every fucking inch up my tight fucking pussy!”

Rose’s pussy hadn’t been penetrated in so long. She had no problem taking it and her friends had so many hot toys to use. She’d even felt Mr. Snappy fuck her. But it had been weeks since she had been fucked. In all that times she’d just been doing the fucking and having her pussy be eaten a lot by her friends had done nothing to loosen her folds up. But that was just how Rose liked it. She didn’t want just a little bit of penetration. She wanted the whole fucking thing.

“Yeah is this what you fucking want? You ready for all this dick? Is this what you fucking wanted?” Fluffy challenged as he started thrusting up into Rose with her body on top of his.

“Ohhhh fuck yeah! This is what I fucking wanted! I wanted this big fucking cock right in my little white pussy!” Rose cried in delight as she started to ride Fluffy’s pole and felt her pink, slippery folds wrap around his girth and stretch. “Ohhhhhh fuck you’re so fucking big and I want it to bad! Give it to me Fluffy! I always knew you had to be packing a monster under your pants! Chrissy wouldn’t have hired you if you hadn’t! Did she make you whip it out before she hired you? I’ll bet she did! I’ll bet Chrissy fucking measured it first! Didn’t she? Ohhhh fuck that little slut loves black cock! And so do I!”

“Nahhhh that bitch is too focused on getting pussy to ever make a move for this!” Fluffy shot back, his tongue so loosened by the punch and the haze of sex that he used that word for a boss he would have put his life on the line for. “She’s too busy fucking every girl in sight to want what you’re getting Rose! Guess you’re a bigger slut than she could ever be!”

“Ooooooh goddamn right and don’t you fucking forget it!” Rose laughed happily, thrilled by the idea of outdoing her horny protégé. “She learned everything from me but I’m still top fucking slut around here! Ooooooh fuck yeah Fluffy! Gimmie that cock! Mmmmm my little white cunt is so hungry for that black cock! I heard you and Gwen love giving it out to other girls but you’ve never had one like me before Fluffy! Ohhhh yessssssss fuck I see why Gwen can’t get enough of this cock! I can’t believe Chrissy isn’t all over this dick! Mmmm she and Britney are fucking fools if they’re not fucking you every day like Gwen is!”

Gwen meanwhile couldn’t help but masturbate over the show. She had seen Fluffy fuck other women in front of her so many times and it always thrilled her. But this was the hottest one she could remember. Because Rose was right. She and Fluffy had never shared a woman like her and Gwen was transfixed at Rose’s snug, soaked pussy bouncing up and down on her man’s cock while Rose grabbed onto Fluffy’s strong shoulders to balance herself.

It didn’t take long for Rose to work herself into a good rhythm while riding Fluffy. She didn’t shy away from lowering herself down deep on his shaft and then rising back so she could push herself down again and feel him go even deeper inside her. And while she steadied herself on his shoulders, it made Rose’s large breasts bounce up and down in time with her motion. It was quite a sight and neither Gwen nor Fluffy could take their eyes off those perfectly round, full pale mounds jiggling so naturally on her chest.

And while Gwen just watched and masturbated, Fluffy took action, getting his hands into action by pulling them off of Rose’s hips and onto her swaying breasts. He groped and massaged them, feeling the warm flesh in his hands and making her hiss with pleasure as her chest was erotically fondled, not too timidly and not too roughly, but just how Gwen liked. And the same touch Fluffy always gave to her worked magic on Rose too.

“Oooooh yeahhh naughty boy you like those tits huh? Mmmm fuck yesssss grab those big titties of mine! Mmmm you love big white titties don’t you? That must be why you work with Britney and Chrissy all those years!” Rose groaned, the feel of those strong hands on her breasts going along perfectly with the feel of that big cock inside her and how amazing it was to impale herself on something so thick and sexy. “Ooooooh Chrissy might not be letting you get between her legs but you sure get to see those big titties of hers don’t you Fluffy? Mmmmm I’ll bet she and Britney are always naked around the office, letting those big white tits of theirs bounce! That must be driving you crazy! Play with my tits Fluffy! Do what you wish you were doing to your slutty boss!”

Fluffy didn’t want to think about Britney or Christina like that, though. They were his responsibility. Being with Gwen was bad enough but being with Britney or Christina? That wouldn’t have just been crossing a line. It would have been like taking a machine gun to the bodyguard’s code and Fluffy knew he could never do that, no matter how good they both looked naked and how much they loved to show their bare bodies and no matter how good he knew he could make them feel. Wait…fuck!

Fluffy definitely like where his mind was heading on that and he knew it was all Rose’s fault for making him ever think about something so wrong. So he took action to make sure it stopped.

“She talks too much.” Fluffy said to Gwen. “Shut her up for me!”

“Mmmmm gladly baby,” Gwen said as she took Rose’s face in her hands and passionately kissed her, sliding her tongue into Rose’s mouth and immediately rubbing it into the brunette’s.

That certainly quieted Rose and she kissed Gwen back with just as much desire as she was being given by the blonde. The two made out while Rose held tight to Fluffy and Gwen joined her lover in playing with Rose’s tits. They both fondled her chest and stimulated her nipples while she rode Fluffy’s cock and it made the pleasure grow inside her. This was so much better than she even had hoped and Rose moaned in bliss into Gwen’s mouth, their hot kisses silencing her lips and quieting her dirty talk.

Rose couldn’t tell how much of him was inside her and she didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to be bothered with details. She just wanted to be lost in the moment and feel those thick inches fill her up. She rode him aggressively, letting her slippery folds coat him with her pussy juice and make it easier for her to pick up speed and force with each bounce up and down his cock. The more they fucked, the more her dripping juices naturally lubed up his cock and the more she could take on.

And Rose’s pleasure only increased when Fluffy moved his hands off of her chest, leaving it all to Gwen, and picked himself up off the floor enough that he could easily reach around to her backside. He grabbed onto Rose’s thick, round butt cheeks and squeezed the pale mounds, digging his fingers into them and making her gasp in ecstasy from him. While Gwen played with her tits, Fluffy gripped her ass and Rose adored having those hands all over her naked body.

“Oh yeahhhhh fuck yeahhhhhh get it in there! Get it in deep! Ohhh fuckkkk!” Rose moaned, breaking away from her kisses with Gwen so she could toss her head back in rapture. “Mmmm so fucking big! Ohhh my God I haven’t felt something this fucking big in so long! Give it to me Fluffy! Fill me up Fluffy! Fucking stretch that hole! Ooooooh baby yesssss put that big fucking cock in deep up in my slutty wet cunt!”

Rose and Fluffy had themselves worked into a nice rhythm of thrusting up and lowering down. It had taken a little bit to get the timing right but they ended up clicking very well as they timed their motions and pushed their bodies together. It was driving both of them wild as Rose’s tight folds wrapped around Fluffy’s cock and he filled her up.

“Yeahhh yeahhh ohhhh baby yeahhhhh ohhhh fuckkkk ohhh yessss put it in deeper ohhhhh my fucking God that thing is so fucking big!” Rose said with happy, eager gasps, her big tits bouncing even more and her hands reaching down to Fluffy’s chest, feeling up his muscles while he was inside her. “Ooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhh yes baby! Fucking do me deep! Stuff my white fuckhole with black meat! Ooooooh I want it so bad! I’ve wanted it for so fucking long and none of you drunk fuckers are going to even remember in the morning that I did this!”

Rose was silenced again by another wet kiss by Gwen. Their mouths fused together and Rose happily wrestled her tongue with Gwen’s, the two of them eagerly Frenching as she got pushed closer and closer to ecstasy by Fluffy’s huge cock.

But while Rose was silenced, others were not. Because while she wanted to be as incognito as possible about this, she was hardly in a private bedroom with Fluffy and there were people fucking right nearby who could see everything. And they loved the show.

“Yeahhhh do it Rose! Fucking ride that fat cock! Ooooooh take it all the way in your yummy pussy!” Lindsay cheered on, not even caring that Rose had cut her off before she could make a move because the view of Rose’s naked body in all its pale, curvy glory riding Fluffy’s thick black cock was too awesome for her to resist.

“Mmmm gawd he’s even bigger than Mr. Snappy is! Like WAY fucking bigger!” Hilary gawked in amazement that Rose was doing this. “Oooooh you look so good riding his cock Rose! Mmmmm bounce on it! Ride it up and down like you make us do to your big cock when you have Mr. Snappy on! Mmmm it’s your turn to be a slut for a huge fucking cock and you look so sexy! I love seeing your big boobs bouncing ooooooh!”

Hilary drunkenly giggled over all her alliteration as she thought to herself it would be fun to try and say “big boobs bouncing” 10 times fast. But it was even more fun to watch Rose and Fluffy go at it. Hilary might have liked riding Justin’s big porno cock before but even he couldn’t compare to Fluffy and she would have honestly been scared if anyone had ever tried to fuck her with something the size of what Fluffy was packing.

But what intimidated her aroused Rose and Hilary could see she was having no trouble taking on Fluffy. Her body looked so good bouncing on top of his, her pale skin contrasting so sexily to his dark skin and their bodies moving in time to give each other lots of pleasure. It was so hot to watch and Hilary gawked at it as much as she could.

Of course Hilary also had something else distracting her. She and Lindsay hadn’t wanted to just stand around and watch. They had wanted to join in the fun and the quartet of singers in a lickfest right near where Rose and Fluffy were going at it had called out to them. They had both joined in and turned the daisy chain into a pile of hot girls going wild with each other.

Now Hilary was riding Mariah’s tongue, giggling and moaning in delight as the gorgeous superstar had her sitting on her face. Hilary was eagerly rubbing her pussy into Mariah’s mouth, feeding her the sweetness of her cunt while Mariah squeezed her ass cheeks, making Hilary so happy. And Mariah’s legs were slung open now for Lindsay to bury her face into her perfect thighs, her red hair contrasting so nicely with Mariah’s caramel skin.

While Lindsay was eating out Mariah and keeping an eye on how Rose and Fluffy were going at each other, Miley was behind Lindsay and the notorious blonde had her face pressed between those freckled ass cheeks and was salivating into the notorious redhead’s asshole as she rimmed her greedily, swirling her wet tongue all over that tight, tasty hole. Miley was on her knees as she buried her face in Lindsay’s ass and that gave Michelle a great chance to taste Miley again while Avril was on her back with Michelle riding her face, a position they both loved to be in.

The girls in that messy tangle of naked bodies were all very much focused on each other but Rose and Fluffy were such a distraction and they couldn’t help but be drawn it. Each grunt and moan and smack of flesh to flesh was an enticing one and Miley cheered them on too.

“Ooooooh yeah get it girl! Ride that cock Rose! Mmmmm c’mon ride it like a fucking stallion!” the country girl laughed and goaded. “Mmmmm fuck yeahhhh Fluffy! Give it to her good! She always fucks us so hard and makes us fucking cream for her because of how good it is! Give it to her just like that! Damn Fluffy! Ooooooh fuck I’m gonna hang out with you a lot fucking more when I’m over at the record label! That is some fucking cock!  Oooooh I wanna ride it someday just like Rose! Mmmmm you can make my horny little dyke pussy all nice and straight again I’ll bet!”

Miley’s lesbianism always only seemed to last as long as the next time the saw a big cock and her pussy was still sore from Jansen fucking it. But she still insisted she was totally and only into girls, something she was able to demonstrate by probing Lindsay’s asshole with her tongue. And she burrowed it into the redhead, tongue fucking the freckled slut’s ass and pushing inside with a purpose to make Lindsay gasp and moan in bliss while Lindsay got her first taste of Mariah.

And though the cheering was fun and Rose liked hearing it, she didn’t really focus on it. Fluffy was what she wanted and Fluffy was what she was getting. Everything else was just a distraction and she didn’t have time for it.

Not only did she not want to accidently create any lasting memories here for anyone but herself but her pussy was demanding satisfaction and nothing else would do. Rose needed to fucking come and she rode Fluffy harder, taking Miley’s advice and bounced on him like he was a wild stallion.

“Give it to me Fluffy! Give me all of that fucking dick!” Rose implored. “Fuck me hard! Fill me up with it! Oooooh you’re stretching my pussy so nice with that cock but I need more! Make me come Fluffy! Make me your nasty fucking whore and make me cream all over your cock! Ooooh I’ll even let Gwen clean it off when I’m done!”

That got Rose another hot kiss from Gwen, but this time not to shut her up. Gwen kissed Rose because she loved that idea. It was one of her favorite things to do actually. She loved licking and sucking another woman’s cum off Fluffy’s cock. It was always such a yummy, sexy treat for her and Gwen wanted that taste. She knew full well just how tasty Rose’s pussy was and she wanted to lick every bit of that flavor off of Fluffy after she had come all over him.

Needing Fluffy more than ever, Rose picked up her own pace, forcing herself to handle more of his bulging cock. He felt so big inside her. Rose could really feel him stretching her out and filling her up. But she wanted more. This was her one shot as this and she wanted to take everything she could and not have any regrets or chicken out of anything.

Rose lowered herself down deeper and groaned out when she felt herself stretching out more. It hurt to take this much cock but it was the kind of hurt that Rose really liked. She had always enjoyed taking herself beyond her limits and that was what she was doing now as she let a man fuck her for the first time in ages. Every inch of Fluffy’s thick cock felt so good inside her and as Rose lowered herself even deeper on it she could feel her body grazing his balls.

Rose gasped in shock over how much she was taking. She had wanted to try and take it all but she also hadn’t assumed she would be able to. She was confident in her own abilities but she also knew Fluffy was seriously bigger and thicker than the men she had been with before and it had been a long time since she had taken on a man.

She hadn’t wanted to focus on just how much she was taking as a result, so she didn’t get discouraged or try and do too much. Rose had been far more focused on how good it felt rather than how much was inside her.

Now she could feel that she had taken on more than had thought and that elated her. She loved what she was doing here and knowing she had that much of that huge cock inside her body made her feel like a fucking sex superstar. Rose had never lacked for confidence over her ability in bed but even this surprised her in the best way as she kept on riding him and taking him deeper and deeper, willing herself go to all the way.


Rose didn’t kiss Gwen this time. She kissed Fluffy again, celebrating her being able to accommodate every meaty inch of him by leaning down and pressing her lips to his. It was a triumphant kiss for her as she held his face in her hands and laughed in giddy pleasure, gasping and moaning as she took him all inside her and made her fantasy come true.


Of course Rose wasn’t the only one who was having a fantasy come true at the party. The wild, rutting orgy of female bodies was full of women who were living out their dirtiest dreams and indulging in their sexiest desires. Olivia Holt was one of those women but the main difference between her and Rose was that Rose’s fantasy had been inside her for years, just waiting to be unleashed, and Olivia was living out a fantasy she had never even known she’d wanted.

But that just made her love it more. Olivia never could have dreamed she would ever do these things and be as naughty and dirty as she’d been all night. She had never been with a girl before tonight. She had never thought she would ever want that. But she wanted it now. There were so many beautiful naked girls all around her and Olivia wanted all of them more than she had ever wanted any boy.

Her head was spinning and she was short of breath and she was tingling in every nerve in her body. Olivia had never been more excited and she was so wet. Oh gawd, she had never been this fucking wet before because everything she did just made her want more of it and every orgasm left her wanting to feel that way again and again. It was like she was addicted to fucking and Olivia never knew she could feel that way.

All she wanted was more pussy. She wanted everyone there to lick her and fuck her and use their tongues and their fingers and even their big fucking toys like Rose and Mr. Snappy to make her come over and over until she passed out from it. And Olivia wanted to taste every girl in sight too. She wanted to eat their pussies and taste their delicious girl juices and compare flavors in her mouth like she was eating different kinds of candy.

Olivia didn’t want to stop there, though. Outside in the hot tub with Britney and Hilary, Olivia had gotten her first naughty experience with ass licking and she shivered in delight when she thought about how she’d not only gotten her butt licked for the first time she had licked ass too. Her tongue had been in such naughty places and she wanted to do it again and fuck every hot girl in sight.

She had never known she could feel this way. She had been totally straight when she had come here…hadn’t she? Maybe this had been inside her the whole time, this secret lesbian side of her just waiting for the right time to emerge.

Olivia had been around hot girls her whole life, whether it was at Disney Channel or when she had been doing competitive cheerleading or even the hot girls she was friends with. She’d never noticed just how beautiful and sexy girls could be until now though and she loved it.

Every girl she had played with at this party had teased her about how she was becoming a lesbian now and that she was totally turning into a slut. And Olivia found herself wanting it. She wanted to be a lesbo. She wanted to fuck hot girls all the time. She wanted to kiss them and touch their bodies and be naked with girls and have them touch her and lick her all over. Olivia wanted to eat pussy and lick girl ass. She wanted to be a total slut and she had never felt more liberated and happier and hornier in her life.

She might not have known she could ever have a fantasy like this but Olivia was living it and it felt fucking amazing. She felt transformed and unleashed and she never wanted it to stop. Olivia couldn’t help but laugh and over the fact that the only reason she was here was because her date had been such a sleaze and had tried to pressure her into sex she hadn’t wanted to have.

If only he could see her now, she thought to herself as she reveled in what a horny lesbian slut she’d turned into. But Olivia was glad he couldn’t see her. She didn’t want some sleazy, gross guy now. She only wanted beautiful girls and Olivia had two of the most beautiful ones she had ever met making her feel amazing right then.

“OHHHH MY GODDDDD OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOH FUCKKK OHHHHHH!” Olivia panted and loudly squealed as two tongues lapping at her pussy at the same time made her feel so wild and ecstatic. “FUCK ME! OOOOH YESSSSS OOOOOH BRITNEY! OOH CHRISTINA! FUCK ME! BOTH OF YOU FUCK ME AND MAKE ME COME! PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAAAASE!”

Olivia still couldn’t fully believe this was happening but she was so glad that it was. This was the best feeling she had ever had and it kept getting better with every lick. Olivia was bent over on all fours, a position she had always wanted to try with boys but had been too shy to do, and had her ass in the air so Britney and Christina could both be behind sharing her pussy and licking her into a frenzy.

Olivia had idolized them both so much. She had wanted to be a superstar like they were. She had wanted to be beautiful and famous and make music like they did. And now she was actually having sex with them…no wait…she was FUCKING them.

They were fucking her and making her into a total slut. It was blowing her mind to have two women she admired and wanted to emulate both licking her vagina. She would have been thrilled to even meet them before tonight and she was actually having sex with them!

Olivia had never thought anything could feel this good. Both of them were so good at licking her pussy. Just one alone would have been enough to make her come so hard and so good but she had both of them and it was making her feel like she was going to explode in joy. Both of their tongues felt so awesome. Olivia didn’t even know which one of the pop superstars was licking her where and she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to feel it.

“Mmmmmmm should we make this naughty little slut come for us again Brit?” Christina giggled, loving her first taste of Olivia’s pussy after Britney had raved to her about how sweet and tight and yummy it was. “Mmmmm should we make her cream all over our tongues? She’s been such a dirty girl all night taking Mr. Snappy deep in her pretty little young cunt and then getting in the hot tub with you and Hil and eating ass like a naughty girl whore! Do you think she deserves to come?”

“Oh yes! Definitely!” Britney emphatically declared after giving Olivia’s dripping folds another sexy lick from behind. “She’s such a pretty little girl and she’s going to be such a good slut for us, aren’t you Liv?”

“Ohhhh my God yes! Definitely yes!” Olivia agreed with a second thought. “I’ll do anything you want! I’ll be so slutty and be a dirty girl for you and all of your friends! You’re making me feel so good! Please fuck me! Please make me come!”

“You know, if we make you come it’s like you’re agreeing to a binding deal with us,” Christina teased, rubbing her fingers over the teenager’s tight slit as it glistened with pussy juice and saliva. “It’s like signing a contract with Desire Records! It means you have to come and work with us and you’d better be ready to really work for it! After all there’s a lot of hot pussy at the office that’s going to need to be licked by the new girl!”

“Oooooooh so naughty! Yesssss mmmm gawd I’ll do anything! I’ll sign with you and let you do whatever you want to me!” Olivia immediately assented, Christina’s offer sounding too good to be true. “Please don’t stop! Lick me! I need it! It feels so good!”

Before today, Olivia would have done anything to record music with Britney and Christina. She wanted to be just like them and be a pop superstar. But now the offer was even sweeter thanks to all the fucking she was going to have to do there. Olivia had heard the dirty rumors about their record label and she hadn’t wanted to believe it. It had sounded too crazy and filthy to be true. But now she was so ecstatic to find out the truth.

If Britney and Christina’s label really was like some kind of lesbian sex dream then Olivia wanted in more than ever. What she was feeling now was so incredible and to be able to feel it every day while the two pop superstars mentored her musically and sexually was all Olivia wanted. She was even more desperate to be a part of this now that she knew how good the sex was and how amazing it was to fuck women.

“Mmmm goody! Then you get to come for us!” Christina smiled, teasingly dragging her tongue up from Olivia’s young slit to her tight asshole and making the girl gasp and shiver with desire. “Mmmmm and once you come you get to be a part of all of this and we expect you there on Monday ready to work! Don’t bother wearing any panties when you come into the office though. You won’t be needing them!”

Olivia liked the sound of that very much especially when Christina followed her naughty words up by starting to lick her asshole. Christina got her hands on her soft, firm ass cheeks and spread Olivia’s young buns open to better expose her naughtiest hole before she started to lick it, teasing it with her tongue before licking all over her puckered ring and giving the horny teen another intense surge of pleasure from analingus.

“Ohhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwd!” Olivia gasped with a sharp intake of breath and release when Christina began rimming her. “Oooooh fuckkkk ohhhhh yessss you’re going to be the best boss ever Christina! Mmmmm gawwd lick my butt! Ooooh eat my pussy Britney! Please make me come! I’ll do anything you want to always feel this! I’ll be there Monday like bright and early! 9 a.m.! Or earlier! Like crack of dawn! Whenever you want me!”

“I dunno about crack of dawn or bright and early,” Britney giggled before tonguing Olivia’s pussy again. “We’re more like get into work around noon kind of girls. Mmmmm just as long as you’re there and ready to have fun with us it’s going to be the best time ever! Ooooh Olivia I’m so glad you’re going to join the label! We’re going to have so much fun!”

Olivia had no doubt about that and she was giddy with happiness. Not only were here musical dreams going to come true but she was going to indulge in all her newfound sexual desires too. She was going to be able to be such a naughty slut and be a total lesbian and fuck hot girls and have them make her come. Olivia wanted that so much and she wanted to come all over right now thanks to the two superstar women who were going to be her bosses.

“Yessssssssssss mmmmm I want all that fun! I’ll be such a good slut for you! I can’t wait to show you the songs I’ve been working on mmmm gawd you can listen to my demos while I eat your pussies and suck on your boobs and do anything you want!” Olivia gasped and moaned from the two tongues pleasuring her again, one at her pussy and the other at her tender butthole. “Fuckkkkkk ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk it’s so good! OOOOOH MY GOD IT’S SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOOD! OOOOOOH PLEAAAAAAAAAASE MAKE ME COME AGAIN OOOH I WANT IT SO MUCH!”

“Mmmmm yeahhhh we know you want it,” Christina moaned, drooling a long strand of her saliva into Olivia’s asshole before she rubbed it in with her tongue and pushed inside the girl’s tight hole. “Mmmmm you’re going to be a good little slut for us now! You’re going to fuck us and everyone at the label! You’re going to fuck all your little friends from now on and bring them to us so we can fuck them too! It’s going to be so much fucking fun!”

Olivia’s pussy purred at the sound of that. It sounded so naughty and Christina was right, it sounded so much fun too. Olivia knew she had such sexy friends. So many of them were here with her tonight. She’d been so busy playing with new friends like Britney that Olivia had lost track of Bella and Ariel and Ava and Chloe and everyone but she couldn’t to reconnect with them. Olivia had seen them all getting into the fun and she couldn’t wait to show them how good she looked naked and how much she wanted to play with them.

And there were so many others she could play with too. Olivia didn’t have to be a lesbian to know how good looking her friends Zendaya Coleman or Piper Curda was. And there were so many other hot friends of hers like Paris Bereic and Kelli Berglund and Dove Cameron. Olivia started thinking about how hot it would be to be sneaky and dirty and lure them to Britney and Christina’s label and not tell them what was waiting for them so she could shock them all when the pop stars turned all of her sexy friends into lesbians like her.

Just the thought of that made Olivia extra hot. She wanted her friends to all be turned into sluts like she was so they could all fuck and lick each other. She wanted all of her friends to be lovers and she found herself dreaming about how good they’d look naked and how they’d taste. And she also thought about not even letting her new bosses get first crack at them. Olivia wondered if she could seduce all her friends herself.

She could invite them over for a special little Christmas party and have her own fun orgy with her friends after she surprised them all by stripping her cute Christmas sweater off and showing them her boobs as a present for them all. She could strip naked in front of them and show them how good it felt to be a lesbian as she kissed and touched and licked them all and got plenty of practice before starting at the record label.

As Christina and Britney licked her, Olivia fantasized it was Kelli licking her pussy and Zendaya tongue fucking her ass while she had Paris’ pretty pussy in her face so she could lick it while Dove and Piper sucked on her boobs and kissed her nipples.

Thinking of all her friends naked and doing the kinds of naughty things that were happening here and how much fun it would be when Chloe and Bella and everyone else arrived too and made it a big naughty naked pile of girls had Olivia losing it. It was all so fucking hot and as she was bent over on all fours with her butt sticking out for Christina and Britney, Olivia got to look out at all these hot girls fucking each other around her.

Olivia wanted her own friends like that. She wanted to fuck and lick and be fucked and licked and she wanted nothing but hot, naked girls around her all the time. Just thinking about that made her so hot and it made each lick Britney and Christina took of her young, horny body feel better and better until she couldn’t hold back anymore and came with a happy scream of joy.


Britney and Christina fed off Olivia as she came for them. Christina pulled her tongue out of the teenager’s snug asshole and rejoined Britney in licking her pussy. She tongued Olivia’s creamy young snatch along with her girlfriend and Christina made sure their tongues touched repeatedly while they both licked the cum out of her.

Olivia was so tasty and neither of them could get enough of her flavor. But the two of them were very good at sharing by now and they savored the creamy, gooey delicious treat of Olivia’s pussy like it was a dessert for two.

When Olivia collapsed down onto her tummy on the floor, giggling in giddy orgasmic delight, Christina kept on kissing Britney. It was a passionate but tender kiss as they shared the taste of Olivia’s cum with each other and rubbed their cream coated tongues together.

And when they broke their flavor-filled tongue kiss, Christina gave Britney another kiss, this one softer and briefer and then one more after that before looking at her girlfriend with loving eyes. Britney could see something was on Christina’s mind and she didn’t shy away from inquiring.

“Chrissy, what’s wrong?” Britney asked, feeling so energized and happy as she and Christina held their faces close and couldn’t help but rub their noses together.

“Oh nothing’s wrong,” Christina smiled back. “Mmmmm it’s all good things. I’ve been thinking about you so much today Britney! I didn’t think I was going to get back here to see you and I didn’t want you to be without me on Christmas and I…I…this plane…we…”

Christina had never told Britney all that had happened in her journey to get here and how she and Katy Perry and Rihanna had felt like they had been about to meet their doom. She hadn’t wanted to scare Britney and Christina had been so happy to see her girlfriend again that she hadn’t cared about any of the details about how she had gotten there. She was just so glad she was there and that she was with Britney and the family could be together for Christmas.

Christina wanted to say so much and she was never good at this. She was always so much better when it came to wild hedonism than genuine emotions so she was having trouble getting the words out in the right way. So Christina stammered and tripped over her own words, not getting out what she was trying to say.

“What’s wrong?” Britney asked. “Are you okay?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Christina confirmed. “I’ve just something to tell you babe and I…”

But before Christina could reveal what it was she was trying to tell Britney, she was interrupted by her girlfriend. Normally, Britney would have let Christina talk, especially because the singer had a way of steamrolling everything in her path, especially when she was trying to make a point. But out of the corner of her eye, Britney saw something that grabbed her attention in such a way that she couldn’t help but react.

“Oh my God! Chrissy! Do you see what I see?” Britney gasped, so caught up in the shock of what she was seeing that she didn’t even mean to ask the very seasonally appropriate question.

Britney was sure she was seeing things. There was no way something like that could really be happening. She was the sober one here but she was still pretty sure that what she was looking at had to be some kind of crazy illusion or maybe even a flashback to her wilder days.

“See what? I…” Christina began before she turned her head to look in the same direction Britney was looking in. And when she did, Christina saw what had so stunned her girlfriend and she immediately felt the same way.

Both of them looked at what they saw with open mouth shock. Their jaws were left hanging and it was like they couldn’t believe their own eyes. What they were seeing was simply too crazy. And their slack jawed expressions couldn’t help but get Olivia’s attention too.

“What’s going on? What are you looking at?” Olivia asked, shaking off enough of her orgasmic afterglow to refocus on something besides how good her pussy felt after coming and how much she wanted to feel it again. “Is something wrong?”

But neither Christina nor Britney answered at first. They were too busy gawking in stunned disbelief as they stared over near the table where, just like everywhere else in the party, people were fucking like wild animals. But this was not like any other coupling at the party and the sex they were seeing demanded their attention.

Finally, Christina croaked out a response.

“It’s…Fluffy…” Christina gasped in complete and utter shock.

“Who’s Fluffy?” Olivia asked, turning around to try and see what could get such a reaction.

“C’mon Britney,” Christina said, getting over her shock enough to grab her girlfriend by the hand as she pulled herself up to her feet off the floor, taking Britney along with her. “We’ve got to see this up close! This can’t be happening for real!”


Rose was so close to orgasm that she had gone beyond merely riding Fluffy like he was a stallion and was going right for the bucking bronco. She might not have been much of a cowgirl in real life, but she sure knew how to hold on for a wild ride and Fluffy was giving her everything she wanted and a lot more.

He was buried all the way inside her and Rose couldn’t get enough of it. She was riding him as hard as she could while he gripped onto her ass, squeezing her fleshy cheeks, and Rose kept making out feverishly with Gwen while the singer continued to help herself to two handfuls of Rose’s heaving breasts. Her bouncing up and down on Fluffy was making those big pale tits shake so sexily and Gwen loved feeling them jiggle in her hands while her tongue was in Rose’s mouth and they kissed so wantonly.

But the ecstasy she was feeling made it impossible for Rose to keep her lips on Gwen’s. Even though she told herself it was best if she kept as quiet as possible, Rose couldn’t help herself. The feel of that huge cock inside her made her want to scream in joy. Fluffy was buried all the way inside her and Rose was having so much fun. She had never thought her fantasy would turn out this well and it was making her want to be wild.


Fluffy thrust himself harder into Rose, giving her just what he was looking for as he stuffed and stretched her and filled her up with the cock she had been secretly craving. Rose not only could feel Fluffy’s balls smacking into her while she rode him and clenched her strong, pale thighs to make herself as tight as possible, she could hear it too. And that sound turned her on so much.

Rose loved what she was doing. She knew this was a one-time thing she had to get out of her system so she was going to make the absolute most of it. She was going to get everything she needed out of Fluffy and then some and she bounced with everything she had to get herself off from his cock filling her up.


Fluffy was totally overwhelmed by Rose. She was insatiable as she rode his cock, bouncing so hard and moving her body in perfect time with his thrusts. Her pussy was so fucking tight around his cock and she was like a waterfall of lust dripping down his inches. Her juices made his shaft so slick and he used that to fuck her harder, pushing up into her at a faster pace while he smacked her bare ass, leaving a handprint on her pristine alabaster ass cheek.

“You want it so fucking bad? Then take it! Take this whole fucking cock up your slutty white cunt!” Fluffy grunted in pleasure while slapping Rose’s ass again, making her cry out in pleasure from the hard sting against her bottom.


Rose was reduced to panting and gasping as she rode Fluffy’s pole. Everyone kept egging her on too, especially Lindsay and Miley as they cheered her and told her to take that dick and come all over Fluffy. And Gwen was being plenty encouraging too, moaning dirty talk into Rose’s ear while she squeezed Rose’s tits.

“Yessssssssss make his cock so creamy that he can slide right up into your ass!” Gwen moaned. “Fucking coat him with your cum and take him up that juicy ass of yours Rose! I wanna see him fuck your ass! I love when he fucks my ass but I can barely take him there! I wanna see you try! I wanna see you feel that fat cock deep inside your pale bitch ass!”

Rose had to close her eyes from the intensity of the pleasure rolling inside her. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure of feeling Fluffy inside her. It was also the mental stimulation of knowing she was putting on a show and that she was doing something she wasn’t supposed to. It was so hot and so much fun and Rose lost it as she rode Fluffy hard, her pussy creaming as she came all over him.


Rose kept on riding Fluffy as she came, trying to get every bit of enjoyment out of this. But even she needed a little break to catch her breath and she pulled herself off of Fluffy, her wet pussy squishing as his cum coated prick slipped out of her.

She was sweaty and elated as she rolled off him, but far from finished and everyone knew it. And Gwen got right behind Rose as she bent over in bliss and spread open her ass cheeks so she could start to tongue fuck Rose’s asshole.

“Oooooooh yeahhhh Gwen you fucking slut! Mmmmm eat that fucking ass of mine! Ooooooh get it wet for your man’s big fat cock to slide inside it!” Rose groaned dreamily from Gwen’s sensual licks. “Your boyfriend is going to fuck my ass and I want you to get me nice and ready for it!”

Having Gwen toss her salad while her pussy quivered and dripped out her cum put Rose right into a sexy haze and she let it fill her head like it was a drug. It felt so fucking good to have Gwen’s soft hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks wide so she could tongue her, especially after Fluffy had spanked her so hard, making her alabaster pale skin flushed and red. And Gwen’s tongue did the rest, licking at her and probing her hole so she could make her wet.

But Gwen’s gorgeous face pressed in Rose’s ass crack didn’t just feel good, it also looked good. And it aroused someone that Gwen longed to pleasure even more than Rose.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah baby you look so fucking sexy eating ass,” Fluffy groaned, stroking his slick, cum covered cock. “No wonder you like doing it so much to me! You’re so fucking hot when you do it! Get over here!”

And that was all Gwen needed to hear before she pulled up from Rose’s backside and scooted over to Fluffy. She immediately draped her slim, toned body on top of his muscular form and they kissed sensually and romantically. Gwen fed Fluffy the taste of Rose’s ass all over her lips and tongue and he caressed her bare back and reached down to cup her ass while their bodies were pressed together.

That deprived Rose of being rimmed but she didn’t want to do anything to stand in the way of love. Besides, it wasn’t like there weren’t plenty of eager tongues nearby and Rose saw one she knew would be more than up to the task.

“Miley! Get over here and eat my ass! Get that slutty tongue of yours to work!” Rose ordered while Miley’s famous tongue was already busy licking Hilary’s puckered ring.

And while Miley loved tasting Hilary, she was not about to turn down this opportunity.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Miley enthusiastically replied. “Y’all don’t have to ask me twice!”

Miley pulled away from Hilary, her place immediately taken by Mariah as the horny diva squeezed Hilary’s thick ass cheeks and pulled them open to get her first taste of the blonde’s drooling pussy, and she scampered over to Rose. She got right where Gwen was and didn’t hesitate a second before shoving her face into Rose’s ass crack and starting to lick. Miley was always eager to get her tongue going and eating Rose’s ass was one of her favorite things to do.

“Oooooooh fuck yeah you little slut! Fucking lick that hole!” Rose groaned in pleasure. “Just like the other day at the gym! Mmmm fuck I love when you eat my ass Miley! Get that hole nice and wet and maybe I’ll let you have a turn with Fluffy when I’m done!”

That turned on Miley even more and she licked faster and drooled more into Rose’s asshole, giving her friend a sloppy rim job to make sure she was nice and relaxed and wet to take on Fluffy’s mega cock. Miley wasn’t neat but she sure was effective and Rose moaned again and again from the pleasure of the slutty singer slobbering into her ass crack.

It felt so good that Rose again closed her eyes as the pleasure flowed through her and when she opened them she saw a surprise waiting for her as two very shocked pop stars stood over her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Christina demanded as she stared down at her mentor. “Fluffy’s mine! You can’t play with him!”

“Mmmmm that’s not how it works Chrissy,” Rose moaned, too happy from just having her orgasm and too aroused by Miley’s tongue lapping at her asshole to argue with Christina. “You’re not fucking him so he’s fair game! And he’s been going wild all night too! I wanted to get my fuck on and that’s just what I’m going to do! Stick around you two! He’s going to be fucking my ass in a second! That’s going to be a hell of a show!”

“But…but…no…Fluffy…you can’t fuck my friends! I…no!” Christina sputtered, angry and upset and shocked and a lot more as she looked down upon Fluffy’s naked body for the first time and noticed that, just how she had always assumed he would be, he was huge. “Rose! What are you thinking? You like girls!”

“And so do you!” Rose shot back. “And I know you still fuck guys Chrissy so don’t be high and mighty about this! I’m just having some fun! You want some too? You can have him when I’m done! I know you must have always wanted to fuck Fluffy! I know what a whore you are for black cock, Chrissy!”

Christina couldn’t believe what she was hearing and neither could Britney. They were agog that Fluffy was doing this and that of all women it was Rose who was having her way with him. They were both completely shocked and it got even stranger for them when Britney looked over and saw Fluffy and Gwen making out like lovestruck teens. The couple was oblivious to anything but their kissing but Britney changed that when she spoke up.

“Gwenny? Wha…what are you doing?” Britney gasped, so shocked to see Gwen and Fluffy kissing, almost more so than she had been from seeing Rose and Fluffy fucking. Sex was sex but kissing was like…intimate.

And Gwen wasn’t so far gone thanks to the punch’s effects that she didn’t know this was bad. She leapt off of Fluffy like a startled cat and tried to play it off.

“Nothing! Nothing at all!” Gwen lied frantically.

“It didn’t look like nothing,” Britney replied skeptically.

“No! Really! We were just playing….yeah just playing,” Gwen lamely offered, desperate to do anything she could to avoid Fluffy being in trouble.

“Playing?” Britney repeated. It sure hadn’t looked like playing but she supposed she could understand that. After all, it had been her idea for Gwen to bring Fluffy to the party as her “date” and if they had drank the punch that was making everyone, including Christina, act so crazy then maybe they’d just lost control or something.

But Britney didn’t have the chance to think too much more about it because she was distracted by Christina. Her girlfriend looked like she was about to lose it on Rose and Britney wanted to play peacemaker.

“It’s okay Chrissy! It’s just Fluffy and Rose, she’s our friend,” Britney said.

“Yeah well Rose is supposed to only want to fuck me! Not Fluffy!” Christina insisted, her temper flaring and her logic flawed thanks to the punch. “Fluffy’s supposed to be guarding us not joining in! It’s not fair! If Fluffy is fucking why isn’t he fucking me?”

“Ahhhh yeahhh there it is! You’re fucking jealous! I knew it!” Rose laughed while Gwen looked on like she was desperate to say something but scared of what might come out of her mouth if she did. “You want Fluffy all to yourself!”

“Well….yeah!” Christina said as if this was a completely understandable and defensible view to take. “I brought him here first! If he was going to fuck any of you sluts then he should have fucked me first!”

Fluffy meanwhile stayed silent, knowing full well that Christina and illogic sometimes went hand in hand. She could be so emotional and he knew it was best to just step back and let her rage when that happened. He wasn’t messed up enough from the punch to have forgotten that.

But Fluffy also knew he wasn’t feeling himself either. He could feel a war between his brain, which knew it was wisest to end all of this, and his cock, which really, REALLY wanted to give it to Rose’s ass. And his cock was winning by a lot.

It was usually the other way around. Fluffy was always able to control himself even around the most arousing of environments. But tonight none of that self-control existed at all and he found it impossible to show restraint, especially with his balls swollen and his cock throbbing with the need to come again.

And Rose certainly didn’t want to stop either. This whole time Christina had been lashing out, Miley had still been going to town on Rose’s ass and she had the brunette actress aching to be fucked. Miley’s tongue always got Rose worked up and now she really fucking needed to feel Fluffy’s cock inside her again.

“Tell you what Chrissy, if there’s anything left of him when I’m done, you can have my sloppy seconds,” Rose declared, making it clear she was not going to accept anything argument to that as she repositioned herself, pulling away from Miley and getting on her hands and knees so she could jut her ass out toward Fluffy. “Now get over here stud! I want that cock back inside me! Come fuck my ass!”

“Don’t you dare Fluffy! Don’t you do it!” Christina warned even though she knew very much from experience just how fuckable Rose McGowan was and how enticing her bare ass could be.

“Oh he’s going to do it!” Rose said with confidence, giving her bare bottom a sexy sway in his direction. “He knows this is a limited time offer and after tonight this ass isn’t available anymore! C’mon Fluffy! I know you want it! You can’t resist this big, juicy white ass of mine!”

Normally Fluffy would have listened to Christina. It was, after all, his job. But he was off the clock right then and as Rose presented herself to him on all fours with her round ass fully on display, there was no way he could resist it.

“That ass is mine!” Fluffy declared with a lusty growl as he grabbed Rose’s pale cheeks right where he had slapped them before, the red marks on her white skin only now fading away. “You’ve been begging for it you slut and now you’re going to fucking get it!”

“Yesssssss fucking give it to me!” Rose groaned, loving how it felt to have those strong hands grabbing her ass cheeks and that throbbing cock sliding into her crack. “Mmmmm I know you want this ass! Take it Fluffy! Fucking stuff it full of cock like you just did to my pussy! I want it inside me again! Take it hard!”

And Rose got just what she wanted because Fluffy wasn’t gentle. He grabbed onto his own cock and pushed the swollen head into Rose’s anus, sliding into her well-licked hole and pushing inside, thrusting several inches into her right away.

“FUCK! OHHHHHH YEAHHH THAT’S THE FUCKING WAY!” Rose cried out in ecstasy as the initial surge of intense energy from having her tight hole penetrated surged through her.

Her cry was on entirely of pleasure and Rose made sure Fluffy knew that. She didn’t want him to get shy or be worried he was hurting her. She wanted it rough and hard and deep. He could save the gentle shit for the next time he was with Gwen.

“Ooooooh yeahhhhh fucking give it to me Fluffy! Bang my fat white ass!” Rose grunted happily as she backed herself onto Fluffy to let more his shaft slide up her asshole while he began to thrust into her doggie style in front of everyone. “Fuckkkkk ohhhh yeahhhh fuckkkkkk that cock is so fucking big up my ass Fluffy! Oooooh I want it! I want it so fucking deep up that ass! Take it Fluffy! Own my white ass right in front of Chrissy! Oooooooh let Gwen see it too! Fuckkkk you’re all so fucking drunk right now you probably think you’re just dreaming this!”

And to Christina it definitely felt like a dream. None of this seemed real. She had never seen Rose even make an eye toward a man much less let one fuck her. She couldn’t believe the woman who had gotten her totally hooked on pussy would ever want a man and Christina especially couldn’t believe that man was Fluffy. It was so crazy that she was seeing her loyal bodyguard naked and that he was fucking one of her best friends right up the ass.

It was so fucking hot though. Christina couldn’t deny that. It was making her freshly soaking wet to see Rose get fucked. Christina loved her friend’s body. She had been obsessed with Rose’s big tits and pale ass and delicious pussy ever since Rose had cornered her in that bathroom and blown her fucking mind with how hot women could be. And Fluffy looked so good naked too. Christina could not take her eyes off that huge cock sliding back and forth in Rose’s ass.

It wasn’t like Christina had never thought about Fluffy in a sexual way before. She fantasized about fucking everyone from the guy who brought the water to the office to her Uber drivers to the waitress at every restaurant she went to. So she’d definitely wondered what Fluffy looked like butt ass naked. She’d wondered how huge his cock was and if he was suffering from blue balls from all the times she’d fucked openly in front of him and made him guard over her in the middle of orgies.

Now she could see and she was so fucking impressed. So Christina couldn’t help but touch herself over the show, forgetting about her anger and instead reaching down her body to play with her wet pussy. And that was something Britney was happy to encourage.

“Mmmmmm see, isn’t that better than being mad,” Britney said, coming up behind her girlfriend and wrapping her arms around her body as she acted as the official “Xtina whisperer.” “Let them have their fun. They probably just had too much of that punch you spiked! Just like you did baby! Now what did you want to tell me before?”

But Christina had forgotten all about that and instead kept staring at Fluffy giving it to Rose. Gwen was watching intently too, breathing hard and moaning from how Miley had eagerly crawled between her legs to lap at her pussy but Christina only had eyes for Fluffy and Rose’s dirty fun. Christina could feel Britney’s big tits and hard nipples against her back and it made her even hornier as she focused only on her horniness.

“His cock is sooooo fucking big!” Christina said in lustful admiration. “Oooooh he’s fucking Rose so good! Mmmmm gawd Brit I always wondered what his cock looked like! Mmmm he has to watch us fuck all the time and he never gets to have any fun!”

“Well he’s having fun now,” Britney giggled as she watched Fluffy plow Rose from behind, her big tits swaying with every smack of their bare bodies together. “Mmmmm he really is fucking big! It’s like the biggest one I’ve ever seen! Rose looks like she loves it!”

And Britney could see that Rose wasn’t the only one who was loving it. Gwen was staring intently at Fluffy as his cock sunk deeper into Rose’s ass, his black body smacking into her pale white cheeks as she took on more and more of his length. Gwen was moaning lewdly and loudly and Britney could see in her friend’s eyes that it wasn’t just because of what Miley was doing to her with her tongue.

But it was Rose who was obviously having the most fun, especially as Fluffy pushed into her harder and again slapped her bare ass, making sure he smacked each one of her pale cheeks. That made Rose cry out from the sting but it was entirely a cry of pleasure once again.

“Oooooooh you motherfucker!” Rose laughed in delight from the hot flash of pain from Fluffy’s hand slapping her bare ass. “Spank that ass Fluffy! Spank it as you fuck it! You like it baby? Like seeing those fat white cheeks jiggle for your big black cock? Mmmmm fuckkkk I love feeling you up my ass!”

“Yeahhh you’re fucking tight back here!” Fluffy groaned in response. “You’re spending too much time fucking those other girls and not getting fucked! Reach back and spread that ass open for me! Lemme get deeper in there!”

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah! Go deep Fluffy! Shove that fuck stick all the way up my ass!” Rose groaned in such blissful submission to how it felt to take something so big and thick up her ass.

Rose might have had the reputation as someone who was always dishing it out. But the truth was she loved to take it too. She had a confidence and a sexual ferocity that made it so natural for her to strap on Mr. Snappy and give it to the slut of her choice. But she also loved being fucked.

She loved having her pussy pounded into submission. She loved having her ass fucked. She loved anything that made her come and she knew Fluffy was giving it to her so good that she’d be coming again in no time.

She wanted to feel every thick inch of that cock up her ass just like she’d felt with her pussy. So Rose did exactly like Fluffy said. She repositioned herself so she was bent over on her knees, freeing up her hands so she could reach back and grab onto her own jiggling buns. Rose gripped her own ass and spread herself open, giving Fluffy more room to play as it exposed her hole and how the pale ring was being obscenely stretched by the massive cock going into it.

“Is that what you want to see Fluffy? Mmmmm my big pale ass cheeks spread open for some thick black dick?” Rose teased while moaning from how good it felt to have her ass stretched out even more as Fluffy reacted by pushing in even deeper. “Mmmmmm yeahhhh give it to me like a whore Fluffy! Make it so I fucking can feel every goddamn inch! Ohhhhh fuckkkkk yesssss that is such a big fucking dick! Give it to me Fluffy! I want it so fucking bad!”

Rose could feel saliva dripping out of her mouth from how turned on she was. This was just what she had fucking wanted. She might not have done whatever it did that turned everyone else here into sex-crazed party animals but she badly wanted to lose control. She wanted to be fucked so good her body turned into Jell-O. Rose wanted to be fucked so hard she’d never forget this night even if everyone else did.

She was still tingling from her last orgasm and she wanted so much more. She was still raw from having her pussy fucked so hard and Rose could feel how sensitive her clit was just from the motion of hers and Fluffy’s bodies banging together. She was losing all control and she couldn’t help herself because the need to come again was just too great for her.

“Ooooooh Gwen get over here and play with my fucking clitty!” Rose cried out. “Mmmmm help me fucking come while your boyfriend bangs me up the ass! Ooooooh fuckkkkkk his cock feels so fucking huge inside me! It’s so fucking good! I don’t know how you take it Gwen! Ooooooh you’re like a fucking twig!”

Gwen was elated to have the chance to help. She couldn’t just sit on the sidelines when this was so hot for her and when she wanted Fluffy so badly. She needed to be close to him. She needed to be there to fuck Rose with him. And she was too lost in her own horniness and the intoxication of the punch to care who was there to see her.

“I take it with lots of practice!” Gwen laughed as she moved over and reached under Rose to rub at her clitoris, her soft, skilled fingers giving Rose exactly what she needed. “I love getting Fluffy’s cock up my ass! No one ever fucks me better! Not even you Rose!”


Rose was too lost to know what she was saying and Gwen was too lost to be worried about it. And Christina was far too distracted with her own dripping desire to think about anything but how much she needed to be fucked. But Britney was tuned in and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Girlfriend? Gwen? Britney didn’t need any extra help to see what 1 + 1 equaled here. Not only were Rose’s words a pretty damn big clue but Gwen’s behavior was all the confirmation Britney needed. She could see how Gwen was staring at Fluffy with a mix of adoration and outright lust. Even though Gwen was stimulating Rose, she only had eyes for Fluffy and Britney knew that look all too well. It was the same one she always gave Christina.

This was blowing Britney’s mind but she didn’t know what to say. Should she even say anything at all? Britney didn’t know and it made her nervous but also excited too.

Gwen and Fluffy were together? She had been joking when she had suggested they go to the party together. Now she could see what had been silly to her had been very serious to Gwen and Britney’s brain was buzzing over what this meant.

No one else had really registered what had been said though and maybe no one else cared. Because Rose was certainly entirely focused on her own pleasure.

She was right on the edge of orgasm thanks to Fluffy pushing deep up her ass from behind and Gwen rubbing her clit. Rose was being overstimulated in both holes and it was driving her straight to ecstasy as she met every thrust Fluffy pushed into her with a push back to make her ass cheeks smack into him and shove more of that cock up her insatiable hole.


And Rose’s cry not only coaxed Fluffy into fucking her harder, but it got a reaction out of his boss too.

“Awwwwwww gawwwwd I want it toooooo!” Christina whined, focusing only on her jealous longing and her dripping pussy as she touched herself and rubbed her ass into Britney. “Mmmmm fuckkkk I wanna be fucked like that! I wanna bend over and feel Fluffy fuck my fat ass so good that I walk funny for a week! Oooooh Brit Brit I haven’t had black cock in soooo long!”

Despite how she was still doing brain flips over what she now knew about Gwen, Britney couldn’t help but giggle over Christina pouting and whining like a spoiled brat. She had to admit that cock did look incredible going deep up Rose’s ass while those thick pale cheeks bounced from the hard fucking. Britney found herself wanting to feel it too. She hadn’t been with a man since her divorce but Fluffy was more than a man and Britney liked what she saw.


Britney wasn’t sure what Rose meant by that at first but she quickly grasped it. Oh God! That was why Rose was doing this! She was sure no one else was going to remember anything because they’d all had the punch! But Rose had no idea that she was completely sober and would definitely not forget a single thing she was seeing here.

Britney had to stifle a giggle over that. She didn’t want Rose to know she knew…at least not yet. Britney’s mind was suddenly full of secrets that no one was supposed to know and she liked it a lot. She loved the powerful rush of being in the know when others weren’t.

So Britney didn’t say a word. She just kept watching Rose and Fluffy go as he stretched her asshole open and filled her up with cock while she was bent over and holding open her thick ass cheeks. Rose’s pale skin was flushed and sweaty from sex and if Britney had any doubts about Gwen and Fluffy they were quelled by what Rose cried out next.


With a sharp gasp and ecstatic cry, Rose was set off once again. Gwen was playing with her clit just right and Fluffy’s cock felt wonderfully massive inside her as Rose was stretched and filled. Rose snapped her had back as the lightning bolt hit her inside and she cried out in utter euphoria.


This was better than any drug she had ever done and Rose was left gasping and whimpering as she slumped down onto the floor, her face pressed down into the carpet as drool trickled out of her very happy mouth. Rose shivered in bliss as Fluffy slowly pulled his cock out of her ass. She could feel how she was gaping from it and how raw her previously tight hole now was after being stretched so well.

“Did you fucking get what you needed, slut?” Fluffy asked mockingly but not meanly.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah baby yessssssssssss!” Rose whimpered, her mind feeling like it was taking a long vacation from her body. “Mmmmmm so fucking good! Ooooh fuck ooooooh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Rose was left moaning and drooling and so very, very satisfied. But Fluffy was still in need of some relief. Before Gwen could volunteer, though, Christina showed she would not be denied.

“My turn!” Christina declared, not willing to hold herself back another second. “C’mon Fluffy! If you’re going to fuck Rose then you have to fuck me too! Fuck me! Now! Do it!”

Christina showed how serious she was by doing what Rose had just done. She got down on the floor in all fours and shoved her bare ass out, showing off her dripping wet slit from behind. And while it was an extremely tempting view, Fluffy still had enough of the rock he always clung to in his grasp.

“I can’t!” Fluffy insisted. “The bodyguard’s code!”

“Fuck your stupid code! Get over here and fuck me now Fluffy!” Christina demanded. “Do not deny me Fluffy! I know you like this! You did it to Rose and you’d better do it to me! Look at this big fucking ass just waiting for you Fluffy! I fucking need it! My cunt is starving for black cock! I fucking need it and I am ordering you to give it to me! What’s your code say about that? Your boss is ORDERING you to ram that huge fuck stick right up my fucking hole! Give it to me you fucker!”

Christina had never acted like this before. But she felt insane with lust. It felt like little gust of air over her clit would make her explode and she knew she fucking needed this. So she made sure she got it and when Fluffy continued to protest and say it wasn’t right for him to fuck the woman he was assigned to protect, Christina did not hesitate to go for the nuclear option.

“Do it or you’re fucking fired Fluffy!” Christina snarled in sexual ferocity. “Get over here and give me that fucking cock right fucking now!”

Everyone was stunned by how Christina was acting. She had completely lost her mind. Even Britney was shocked and she thought she had seen her girlfriend at her most demanding. Everyone in the immediate area stopped their licking and fucking to stare at this to see how it was going to play out and Fluffy relented because for him, Christina’s threat was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“You fucking whore! Don’t you threaten me!” Fluffy spat out as he got behind Christina in a rage and shoved his cock right into her waiting hole, pushing right into his boss’ willing, wet pussy. “You order me around every fucking day! You make me stand guard in that fuck fest you call an office while you fuck every girl in sight! You make me watch as you get your pussy licked and fucked and you make me watch those fucking fake tits of yours bounce and that big ass shake! You never fucking think about what that does to me and now you order me to fuck you? Fuck you Christina! Now you’re going to get it you whore! You’re going to get this fucking cock all the way up your slutty twat!”

And that was just what Christina wanted. She was desperate and out of her mind with horniness. She loved Fluffy. She didn’t know what she would do without him. But watching him fuck Rose and not her made her feel like she’d gone insane. She needed this and would have done anything to get it.


Everything she was seeing and hearing made Britney think that the world had to have tilted off its axis or something. Nothing made sense anymore. Not only was their bodyguard fucking her girlfriend but Fluffy and Gwen had apparently been together this whole time. Britney had no idea what to make of it but at least it was really sexy. Because while this was all surreal it was also extremely hot.

Rose had been fucked into dreamland by Fluffy just like she had fucked so many women over the years and Britney loved seeing Rose’s naked body lying almost flat on the floor like a happy, used up husk. Now Christina was taking on Fluffy and Britney had to admit her lover looked amazing on all fours as Fluffy’s giant cock drilled her from behind. Fluffy’s forceful thrusts had Christina’s large tits swaying and her meaty ass cheeks jiggling.

Christina was in ecstasy from it and Britney loved the show. Not only did Christina look so good to her but Fluffy did too. Britney couldn’t help but admire his ripped body. His muscles were glistening with sex sweat and Britney, even in her totally sober state, still felt the impulse to go over to him and lick that perspiration off his dark skin with her pink tongue before helping herself to something tastier by sucking his cock clean right out of Christina’s sopping wet pussy.

And Gwen was watching it all while once again spreading open her legs for Miley to feast on her pussy. Gwen was visibly enjoying Miley’s licking but she was mostly focused on Fluffy as his dark cock slammed into Christina’s pink pussy and Britney saw it. It was like a light had been shed on everything and now, looking back, Britney thought of all those times she had seen Gwen and Fluffy together and wondered how long they had been keeping this secret.

As fun as it was to think about how long Gwen and Fluffy had been together, though, Britney’s attention was mostly drawn to Fluffy fucking Christina. She had seen her girlfriend get fucked hard before but never like this and it made Britney wet to see Christina take it deep from Fluffy while she was on all fours. Her delicious curves were jiggling in all the right places and Britney couldn’t help but touch herself while she watched the show, using both hands on her pussy to spread open her slippery lips and slide her fingers inside.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh Fluffyyyyyyy oooooh fuckkkkkk give it to me like you’ve always dreamed of doing! Pound your slutty boss and make me fucking come!” Christina begged. “Ooooooh yesssss oooooooh fuck I love big black cocks in my hot mommy hole! Give it to me Fluffy! Make me take it all in my slutty hole! Fuckkkkk ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkk make that fat ass of mine bounce for you! I saw you giving it like that to Rose and it made me want you so bad!”

Fluffy couldn’t believe he was doing this. After all he had witnessed over the years of Christina’s wild and lewd behavior he had never thought he would cross this line. He had been turned on, of course, but he had never thought he would act on any desire he had felt. His job as a bodyguard was sacred to him. It was a solemn obligation and he had never wanted to risk it all for something as fleeting as carnal pleasure.

But with all these women around him he had slowly weakened. First it had been Gwen and Reese and Michelle. Then it had been Jennifer. Then it had been Cameron. Then Avril. Then JoJo. He’d had Mariah tonight and had fucked openly in front of everyone, including the women he was sworn to protect. Now Rose had come and fucked things up further and it had led him to where he was now, fucking the woman he was honor bound to guard and never break his vow to. And he was breaking that vow with every push into Christina’s tight, soaked pussy.

Her hole was so warm and welcoming for his cock. It felt so good to fuck Christina and release all that pent up tension. But he knew it was wrong and Fluffy blamed himself for succumbing and shattering the bodyguard’s code though. It just felt so good though.

Christina’s folds were the sexiest kind of velvet as they wrapped around his cock and her body was incredible. He loved seeing Christina’s round, thick ass cheeks shaking as he fucked her doggie style and each cry of joy and pleasure that came out of her big mouth made him want it more.

The fact that Gwen was staring at him, not in judgment, but in encouragement made him even hotter for it. Gwen hadn’t said a word about what was happening. They both knew they shouldn’t but it was so hard to maintain any kind of discipline or self-control in this atmosphere with their brains intoxicated. Gwen was certainly egging him on with her gaze and he could practically hear her voice in his head telling him to fuck Christina harder and make her pay for being such a slut.

Fluffy reacted to that by listening to Gwen’s voice in his head and ignoring his own guilt and doubts. He fucked Christina harder, shoving himself in deeper while spanking her bare ass and making her shriek in delight.


Britney moaned over what she saw and heard and even giggled over how eager Christina was to whore her out to their bodyguard without even so much as a nod from her. But that was just Christina’s way. Britney knew it all too well and she loved it because she loved her and it was so hot to see Christina taking it like a whore from Fluffy. Britney’s fingers were drenched in her juices and she brought them up to her mouth to lick them clean before bringing them back down to her pussy.

“OHHHH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD! OOOOOOOH SO FUCKING GOOD! OH ROSE! MMMMM FUCKKKK YEAHHH THIS IS WHY YOU WANTED THIS COCK ISN’T IT? BECAUSE WE ALL NEED TO GET FUCKED!” Christina loudly babbled, her words coming out as obscene grunts and groans as her body shook and Fluffy and her sweaty bodies slapped together. “OOOOOH FUCK WE’RE ALL BLACK COCK SLUTS DEEP INSIDE!”

“Mmmm fucking right we are,” Rose laughed, crawling over to Christina and kissing her protégé right on the lips as she recovered enough from her exhausting orgasm to be able to move again. “You love it don’t you Chrissy? Mmmm all those times you bossed poor Fluffy around and now he’s taking it out on you just like you always wanted deep down!”

“Yesssssssssssssss!” Christina groaned in overwhelming desire, her words taking on a frantic desperation as she heard and felt Fluffy’s cock slamming into her drenched pussy and it all overwhelmed her with pleasure. “Ooooh fuckkk yeah I wanted it this whole time! I wanted him to fuck me like a bitch boss! Ohhhh my God Rose it’s so fucking good! Watch me Brit Brit! Watch your girlfriend get fucked by big black cock! Ooooh Fluffy! Please make me come! Oh please! Oh please! Oh please! I wanna come so fucking much! Oh please Fluffy please! Make your boss come! I’ll give you a raise! I’ll give you more time off! I’ll give you anything you want! Just please make me come!”

The dynamic of power in the coupling had dramatically shifted from when Christina had threatened Fluffy with his job if he didn’t fuck her. Now she was begging for it and loving every second of it as his hips thrust and he smacked his powerful thighs into Christina’s jiggling ass cheeks. She was grunting and gasping with every push of his cock and Fluffy, his own guilt and doubt fighting a losing war, was relishing it.

“Mmmmm yeah beg for it…boss!” Fluffy said with a smirk as he pushed harder into Christina and slapped her bare ass, leaving another mark on her flesh as an exclamation point to his last word. “Maybe I’ll make you suffer now! Yeah it’ll be your turn to watch! I won’t make you come! I’ll make you watch instead like you always made me watch! I’ll make you watch me fuck Rose again! And Gwen! And Miley! And Avril! And Michelle! I’ll even fuck Britney in front of you! I’ll make you have to watch and suffer without coming!”

“Nooooooo pleaaaaaase not that! Nooooo! Fuck me Fluffy! Don’t be mean! Don’t make me suffer!” Christina cried out desperately, not wanting to be denied. “I need your cock! I need it so fucking bad! Give it to me Fluffy!”

“No! You need to suffer and learn not to be such a little brat!” Fluffy insisted, pulling back from Christina’s pussy, not all the way out but just enough to let her know that he could. “You always order everyone around! You’re always so selfish! You only think about yourself! You’re even selfish to Britney! I see how you treat her! So I’m going to make you watch! I’m going to make you watch as everyone else gets to come except for you! You get to see all your friends feel good while you have to wait and suffer!”

That sounded horrific to Christina. She was gaga with lust over the feel of having Fluffy’s cock inside her. She had never thought it could feel this good. Her insatiable pussy craved it. She couldn’t go without it. Watching everyone else have an orgasm from Fluffy’s huge fucking cock while she was left wanting would have been like getting nothing but coal in her stocking and Christina couldn’t bear it.

Having him pull even a bit of that amazing cock of his out of her made her feel practically empty. Christina needed to feel him back inside her. She needed to be filled and stretched some more. She needed to be fucked by every inch of her bodyguard’s massive cock.

“No! Please Fluffy! Please!” Christina begged. “I’ll be good! I promise! I’ll be a good boss from now on! I won’t be a selfish brat anymore! I’ll be nicer! Just please fuck me Fluffy! Please gimmie that huge cock! I need it so bad! Oh please! Oh please! Oh please!”

Each word out of Christina’s mouth was filled with desperate need. She was so horny for it and she needed it so much. She looked over her shoulder to stare at Fluffy and let him see her big, pleading eyes. It was a trick that always worked so well when she wanted something. But it didn’t cut the ice here.

Fluffy resisted Christina’s pleas and pulled out of her pussy, making her wail as he did it. But he didn’t go away. Instead he took his cock, all slick and shiny from Christina and Rose’s sloppy wet juices, and rubbed the head against her drooling slit from behind. He teased her with renewed penetration but didn’t give it to her and instead smacked her bare ass with his cock.

He slapped his throbbing erection against Christina’s thick, round ass cheeks, smacking her bottom and making her coo when she felt her own fuck juices fly off his cock and hit her bare skin. And Fluffy then took his slippery cock and slid it into her ass crack, teasing her some more and making Christina wail in need.

“Fluffyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Pleaaaaaaaaase! I need it! I need that cock inside meeeee!” Christina whined, even as she moaned from the pleasure of having that big, rock-hard cock smacking against her ass cheeks and tantalizingly sliding into her crack. “Please Fluffy! I’ll do anything to have you fuck me! I’ll be so much nicer to everyone! I won’t order people around anymore! I won’t make you carry me places when my legs get tired! I won’t be a brat to anyone anymore! I’ll be the best boss ever now! Just please fuck me Fluffy! Ohhhhh fuck your cock feels soooooo big and I need it inside me! Mmmm gawd I love feeling you beat my butt with that big fucking cock! You can do it in front of everyone and I’ll totally let you! I’ll let you do it in front of all my friends and everyone at the label! Make me bend over and spank my big fat ass cheeks with your monster cock Fluffy! Humiliate me and show everyone what a slut I am for black cock! Just please fuck me!”

“Oh I don’t know,” Fluffy laughed, teasing her some more as he enjoyed the shift in their dynamic. “I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet Christina! You don’t always get what you want! I think I’ll go fuck Gwen instead and make you watch!”

And the sound of that lewd threat made Gwen light up even more than Miley’s tongue lapping at her creamy pussy already had. This was such dangerous ground for the both of them but Gwen wanted it so bad. She hadn’t said a word but she wanted it even more than Christina did. She wanted Fluffy to take her and fuck her in front of everyone.

Gwen was too out of it to be thinking rationally now. She wanted people to know how into him she was. She wanted people to see the things Fluffy did to her and how much she loved it. She wanted people to see how good he made her feel and how she loved to be his slut. But she was more than that and she knew it. She was his girlfriend and she didn’t want to hide it even though, in all of her intoxication, she knew she had to.

Christina had freaked out when she had seen Fluffy fucking Rose and had gotten so jealous over it that now she was bent over on all fours and begging to be fucked too. And that was for one of her best friends! Gwen didn’t even want to imagine what Christina would do if she found out about her and Fluffy. So she tried her best to stifle the full extent of her feelings and only focus on lust instead.

“Yessss fuck me Fluffy! Fuck me in front of Christina and make her see me take it! Ummmmm I’ve…uhhh…always wanted to know how it felt to fuck you!” Gwen said, trying to make it seem as though it would be the first time she had Fluffy inside her. “You’re so fucking sexy Fluffy!”

Fluffy looked like he was about to say something back to Gwen but before he could, Christina interrupted him with more desperate whining.

“Noooooo! Not Gwen! Fuck me instead! Don’t make me wait Fluffy! Fuck me!” Christina begged, trying to entice Fluffy by sliding her ass back to rub it against her cock, shaking her buns and clenching them around his inches. “Ughhhhh fuckkkkk feeling that fat cock sliding right between my cheeks is making me want you even more! Please don’t tease me Fluffy! Mmmmm I know want me! I know you love this fat ass rubbing into your beautiful black cock! Mmmm look at those cheeks try and swallow that meat while you rub it into my crack! Mmmm fuck I’m such a big ass whore and I love your cock Fluffy! Don’t fuck anyone else! Fuck me! Gawwwwd I need to come so fucking bad!”

But, despite Christina’s desperate and filthy begging, when Fluffy looked inclined to keep on teasing and denying her, that spurred Britney to action. She couldn’t just stand by and watch Christina suffer like this. She knew she needed to do something so she stopped masturbating to the show and instead became an active participant.

With Christina on all fours and Fluffy behind her, it was so easy for Britney to do it too. She crawled right over to her girlfriend and paused only to kiss Christina tenderly on her whining lips and caress her large, hanging breasts as they swayed in the doggie style position.

“Mmmmm don’t worry baby, your Britney will take care of you!” she purred before getting underneath Christina and lining her mouth up with her girlfriend’s pussy. And as soon as she was close enough, Britney started to lick Christina, getting an instant squeal of delight from the horny singer.

Britney had already licked Christina several times during the party but she knew she needed to do it more now than ever. And Christina was so fucking juicy for her. She was wetter than she’d been all night as Britney lapped at Christina’s labia lips, tasting the sticky, cummy glaze on them and sliding inside to give Christina just what she wanted.

There was so much juice for Britney to lick up too. With Christina’s vagina hovering right over her face, she was literally dripping into Britney’s mouth and she swallowed every bit of that ambrosia.

Britney hadn’t been able to just watch for a second longer. Christina had needed her and Britney hated to see her suffer, even if she had deserved it. After all, Christina was a brat and she was spoiled and she could be selfish. But Britney loved her. Christina was her selfish, spoiled brat and she was never going to deny her when she needed to be pleasured.

And Christina was more than grateful for the desperately desired stimulation.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH BRITNEY YEAHHHHHH!” Christina cried in joy when her girlfriend’s tongue attacked her drippy pussy. “Oooooooh babyyyyyyy! Yesssssss you’re the best girlfriend ever! Mmmmmm lick my pussy Brit Brit! Lick it just like that! Ooooooh yesssss I love you so much baby! You always give me what I need! You always make me into such a hot, happy slut for you! Mmmmm lick me baby!”

But as much as Christina loved the feel of Britney’s tongue, she couldn’t keep from wanting more. She was so desperate for it and her pussy felt so fucking empty without Fluffy’s huge cock inside it.

“Please! Please! Please! Fuck me Fluffy! Fuck me while Britney licks me!” Christina begged while humping herself against Britney’s mouth and rubbing her ass against Fluffy’s cock. “Oooooooh please Fluffy! See! I can be nice! Look how nice I am to Britney! Be nice to me too! Don’t be mean! Don’t you like me Fluffy? I know you like my tight pussy and how it wraps around your giant cock! I know you like my fat ass and how it bounces for you when you fuck me! Please Fluffy! Please be nice!”

Fluffy did like Christina. He loved her body. How could he not? Her ass looked incredible like this with her sexy body bent over ready to take him deep. But, more importantly, he liked her. He liked who Christina Aguilera was even when she was selfish and even when she was mad and even when she ordered everyone around. Even beyond the bodyguard’s code, he never would have stayed in this job if he didn’t like Christina and Britney. He guarded them but he also cared for them.

That was what made this such a crazy situation for him. How could he be doing this to Christina? He knew it was wrong but it felt so good and he wanted her. He couldn’t deny it. This whole situation was tuning him on and Fluffy knew it was turning Gwen on too. He could see her wild eyes full of lust as she stared at him while Miley tongue fucked her.

So Fluffy stopped teasing Christina and started fucking her again. He took his cock and rammed it back into her pussy from behind, just how she knew she would have wanted. And the result was instant ecstasy from Christina. She loved being taken like this and wasn’t afraid to show it.


And Fluffy did indeed feel pretty nice as he not only had Christina’s snug pussy wrapped around his cock again but he also had Britney’s tongue stimulating him too. She hadn’t stopped licking Christina when he resumed fucking her and he could feel Britney’s naughty licks sliding over the underside of his cock while he thrust into Christina.

Britney hadn’t planned to do it. But suddenly this huge cock was slamming into Christina while she was licking her and Britney had instinctively started to lick it too while also tonguing Christina. It had just come naturally to her. Despite all this time she had just been fucking girls since her divorce, Britney still knew what to do with a cock and she didn’t shy away from it.

It felt a bit weird to do it and Britney couldn’t help but giggle when she thought about this big penis flying into her face and how her first instinct was to play with it and lick it like a little slut. But she wanted to do it. This wasn’t just any man. This was Fluffy. He was her friend and Britney wanted him to feel good while she was making Christina feel good too.

So she went for it and didn’t think twice about it. While Fluffy thrust hard and deep into Christina, Britney kept licking her girlfriend and tasting his cock as it slid in and out of her. Britney licked the underside of his cock, lapping Christina’s juices right off it and she naughtily fondled Fluffy’s balls too. She didn’t question it. Britney just did it. She wanted to make them both feel good.

Britney giggled again as she felt Fluffy’s hot, full nuts in her hand. She softly played with them, rubbing them erotically with her gentle hand. She could feel the cum practically boiling in his balls and Britney felt so naughty as she played with a man for the first time in ages. She couldn’t help but wonder if Rose was right and no one would remember any of this in the morning. But she sure would because Britney loved being so naughty.

“Yeahhh go for it Britney,” Rose suddenly piped up, loving the view she suddenly had of Britney fondling Fluffy’s nuts and licking his long, dark shaft. “Chrissy’s not the only whore for black cock here, is she? Mmmmmm we all fucking are! Get it girl! Make Chrissy come! Make Fluffy come! Make them all fucking come!”

And, having recovered from her own intense orgasms, Rose wanted to help too. She was definitely getting tired but she was still feeling frisky as she got up off her back. Rose was getting freshly aroused from seeing Christina and Fluffy go at it and having Britney involved now made it extra hot.

Rose loved hearing Christina scream out in pleasure and she definitely loved seeing her friend’s big tits bouncing as she gripped her hands into the carpet and thrust her ass back to feel more of Fluffy inside her while he pounded her from behind. Rose was so glad Christina felt good. But she wanted Fluffy to feel good too.

“Mmmmmm Fluffy needs to come,” Rose said wickedly as she nakedly crawled toward him. “And I know what Fluffy likes now, right Gwen?”

Rose gave Gwen a wicked wink as she said it and she moved around to his backside to resume doing something she had quite enjoyed before. Fluffy’s muscular ass was undulating as he thrust hard into Christina and it was way too tempting a target for Rose to pass up, especially now that she knew how much he liked it. She grabbed right onto Fluffy’s ebony ass cheeks and spread them open so she could bury pale face right in between them and once again go after his asshole.

Rose didn’t show any hesitation about pressing her face into Fluffy’s ass. She was too horny to have any inhibition and she squeezed his black buns tight so she could keep him nice and spread open for her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkk! Ohhhhh you nasty fucking slut!” Fluffy groaned when he suddenly felt Rose hungrily lapping at his asshole. “Fuck yeah! You’re a fucking nasty girl!”

“Mmmmhmmm, what gave me away?” Rose laughed, her words pretty muffled by Fluffy’s ass in her face. “Mmmm I may be nasty but you’ve got a hot fucking ass, Fluffy!”

And Rose made sure she showed how much she loved it as she didn’t just lick Fluffy’s asshole, she pushed her tongue into it. She lewdly tongue fucked Fluffy’s ass while he moaned in taboo bliss from it and Fluffy used the pleasure and energy now flowing through him on Christina. While Rose ate his ass, he picked up the pace of his thrusts into Christina, fucking her harder and faster, which made the singer very, very happy indeed.


Britney’s mind whirled at the thought of something like that. That would have made for a very crowded bed for sure and Britney didn’t think she liked the idea of sharing Christina that much, not even with Fluffy. Besides, she didn’t want to interfere with whatever Gwen and Fluffy had. So she didn’t encourage Christina’s naughty idea and instead kept her tongue focused on pleasure.

Britney hadn’t been able to resist paying a little bit more attention to Fluffy. She’d moved her tongue from Christina’s pussy to Fluffy’s balls and had started licking her bodyguard’s nuts while he fucked Christina. His hard thrusts were making his balls swing and Britney licked at them, giggling as they smacked into her face. She could taste his sweat and breathe in his musk and she loved it. Britney felt so naughty and she licked all over Fluffy’s balls, enjoying how she could make him moan in pleasure for her, especially when she playfully kissed them and even sucked on them a little.

But mostly Britney wanted to pay attention to her girlfriend and when Christina declared how close she was, Britney got back to her. She’d been rubbing Christina’s clit while she had licked Fluffy’s balls but now she brought her tongue back to the delicious pussy she always loved to eat. Britney licked Christina faster now, focusing on her clit and trying not to be distracted by Fluffy’s hard cock driving in and out while she tongued her girlfriend.

Rose’s tongue sliding into Fluffy’s asshole so she could lewdly rim him created a chain reaction. She kept voraciously eating his ass which made him fuck Christina harder with extra vigor which made her scream for Britney. And Britney was happy to oblige Christina, tonguing her clit and pulling her right over the edge.


Britney made sure her mouth was in just the right place for Christina’s orgasm. She always loved to swallow her girlfriend’s cream and with everyone acting so crazy and being so naughty, Britney wanted it more than ever. She sucked on Christina’s pussy as she came, slurping the cum right out of her drenched hole while Christina cried in ecstasy and humped herself against Britney’s face.

Christina came so happily, Fluffy’s cock so big and so deep inside her pussy and Britney’s mouth so good on her clitty. And since Rose kept tongue fucking his ass, Fluffy kept thrusting into Christina, which only made it more incredible for her as she came. She was left breathless and creaming as she gasped for air from how intense it was to come like this and it finally became too much for her.

Christina had to pull off of Fluffy. She couldn’t take any more and she moved her body off his cock with a naughty squish, cum dripping from her pussy lips and his cock. And it was all over Britney’s face too. Her lips were glistening with Christina’s orgasmic cream and she let it stay there as Britney impulsively sucked Fluffy right into her mouth and started giving him a blow job.

It had been so long since she had sucked a real cock but Britney had kept up her skills by sucking a lot of strap-ons. So she knew just what to do and Fluffy groaned in amazement as Britney hungrily sucked his cock while Rose was still behind him with her own hungry tongue buried in his asshole and her hands squeezing and spreading his muscular buns.

Britney hadn’t planned on doing it. She had thought she would get her cummy lips right on Christina and kiss her girlfriend so she could share the taste with her. But when she had pulled her mouth off of Christina’s pussy, Fluffy’s cock had been there so big and so hard. He had been throbbing with the need to come and Britney hadn’t been able to resist. She had just started sucking and now she was so glad she had.

Fluffy’s cock tasted amazing while coated in Christina’s cum and Britney loved how naughty she was being. Fluffy’s cock was huge and she couldn’t believe she was actually sucking it. It was so dirty to be doing this and Britney loved feeling Fluffy throb in her mouth like he was about to unleash a huge load for her. Britney resumed touching herself and sucked Fluffy off with even more energy, jacking him off with her free hand and drooling onto his cock, her saliva trickling down his shaft.

And through it all, Rose kept her face buried between Fluffy’s ass cheeks, licking at his hole and even wickedly spitting into his ass before diving back in with her tongue. Rose acted like she was famished for his ass and she ate it like a wild woman, fucking him with her tongue and making Fluffy grunt and moan while he fucked Britney’s mouth.

“You girls are so fucking nasty! I see you all fucking each other like this but I never thought you’d be doing it to me! Awwwww fuckkkkk!” Fluffy groaned from the dual pleasure of being rimmed and sucked off simultaneously by two of the last women he ever expected would do it to him. “Fuckkkkk don’t stop! Keep it up! I need to fucking come!”

That declaration was met by a lot of enthusiasm.

“Yessssssssss do it Fluffy! Come in my mouth!” Britney moaned, her sweet honey voice dripping out of her mouth when she pulled off his cock and jacked him off furiously. “I want your load Fluffy! Feed it to me! Make me fucking taste it! Give it to me Fluffy! Chrissy can be so mean but I’m always nice!”

Fluffy was not about to argue that point, especially as Britney took him back into her mouth and bobbed her lips up and down his cock. She didn’t try to go too deep or take too much down her throat. Britney just concentrated on slurping wetly on his meat while she jacked him off and let Rose stimulate his asshole with her amazing tongue.

“Oh yeah! Just like that! Just like that!” Fluffy grunted as he suddenly had Gwen at his side, kissing him and running her hands all over his chest.

“Come baby! Fill her mouth up! Give Britney that hot, yummy load you give to me all the time!” Gwen urged, her voice full of giddy desire and excitement as she showered kisses on his lips and face. “I want you to feel so good Fluffy! You always make me feel so fucking good and I want you to come so hard in Britney’s mouth! I don’t care who knows anymore Fluffy! I want them all to see! I fucking love you Fluffy!”

Gwen hadn’t thought a bit about saying any of it. It was all spilling out of her mouth from her overheating brain. Watching him fuck like this had driven her so crazy with desire for him. She wanted Fluffy to feel so good. She wanted him to know how she really felt. She hadn’t even admitted it to herself but she easily said it now and didn’t even think how he’d react to it.

But far from freaking him out, Gwen’s admission spurred him on. Fluffy had been trained to lock his emotions up inside but he couldn’t do it anymore.

“Ohhhhhhh Gwen! Fuck yes! I love you too! You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life!” Fluffy groaned in pleasure and joy as Gwen threw her arms around him and kissed his lips passionately.

Britney couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was so incredible and wonderful and she had absolutely no more time to think about it before Fluffy groaned in release and his cock spurted in her mouth. Britney’s eyes went wide in reflexive shock when her bodyguard came while she was sucking him off but it was what she wanted and that shock immediately faded into pleasure as she let jet after jet of his hot load fill her mouth.

Fluffy’s cock twitched and shot so much cum for her, his balls emptying out into Britney’s mouth while she kept jacking him off to try and get more. Her first instinct was to swallow it all. She had always been good at that. But Britney suddenly had an even better idea and she let it all pool up in her mouth instead.

And when he finally finished coming, Britney pulled off Fluffy’s cock and immediately brought her lips to Gwen’s. Gwen hadn’t expected it but as soon as Britney kissed her, Gwen knew what she was doing and she eagerly assented. She wanted it too and Gwen opened her mouth so Britney could snowball Fluffy’s cum right into it.

Gwen and Britney kissed passionately while swapping Fluffy’s cum. They passed it back and forth in their kisses and finally they both swallowed it and Britney pulled away, looking at Gwen and Fluffy both with new eyes now that she knew their wonderful secret.

Right next to them, Rose, Christina and Miley were all kissing, sharing all the flavors on their lips in a three-way battle of tongues and lips and Britney slumped back down and leaned against the wall with a big smile on her face. This had been one hell of a night and Britney found herself wondering just what she was going to do with everyone’s sexy secrets.


Meanwhile the party continued to be powered by a seemingly unending supply of undulating and writhing female bodies. The few men there were certainly doing their part, but the fun was largely being fueled by girl power and so many of those bodies found themselves fighting a war inside themselves after hours of non-stop sex. Natural exhaustion was fighting against heart pounding and pulse quickening horniness and for the most part horniness was winning in a rout.

Everyone just went at each other, not caring how well they knew each other or how loyal they were supposed to be to their significant others or even if they were related. Only one thing mattered and it was lust, lust for delicious, wet pussies and firm, sensually female asses and tits of all shapes and sizes and colors. Even as their bodies pleaded internally to stop and rest, the guests and the hosts just kept going at each other in insatiable lust for more orgasms.

Friends fucked friends. Strangers fucked strangers. Wives and girlfriends openly and happily cheated and swung. Sisters fucked sisters and daughters fucked mothers. It was a writhing mass of nude women all of whom were craving sex like a contagious and incurable case of raging nymphomania had broken out at what was supposed to be a wholesome Christmas party. And everyone was having too much fun to care.

Bodies connected and disconnected only to connect with someone else moments later. Couples became threesomes and threesomes became groups and it all came together in a wild orgy as everyone drew closer and closer together the more they fucked. Slowly and surely the party that had been stretched out over two rooms contracted into one as the mass of naked, horny bodies ended up in what was essentially a pile of fucking.

And for one of the hostesses, she couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t just lust for sex that was bringing all those disparate bodies together in a big mix of cum craving women. It was something more. For Jennifer Love Hewitt, her mind lost in a fog of sex and spiked punch, could see that the more people came closer together and forgot about their individual fun to join the party, closer they got to the huge Christmas tree set up in the mansion’s living room.

It was so festively decorated, adorned with ornaments and carefully placed tinsel and sparkling lights of all colors. And to Love, the tree was what was drawing people near because she believed it wasn’t just a need for fucking that was bringing everyone into the pile of nude, rutting bodies, but the magic of Christmas.

All around her Love saw hot girls fucking and to her they didn’t just look caught up in lust but in the season itself. Christmas had made all of their naughty fun even sexier as Love watched everyone licking and kissing and fingering and frolicking around the tree and by the fireplace decorated with everyone’s stockings. Bodies were writhing around the presents and underneath all the twinkling Christmas lights. It looked so cozy and sexy at the same time and Love thought it was beautiful.

Love giggled as she saw how Jennifer Lawrence had ripped some bows with the sticky tape on the back off the presents on the tree and stuck them on her tits. The bright red bows made Jennifer’s boobs look even sexier than they normally did to Love and they were bouncing so enticingly as Love watched Jennifer riding a strap-on around Dianna Agron’s waist, taking it right up her ass while Emma Watson was down at Jennifer’s crotch, lapping away at her pussy.


“Oh yeahhhh mmmmm you’ve got such a hot ass Jennifer!” Dianna lustfully moaned, all the bisexual desire she’d had dormant inside herself for so long raging so wild that she felt like she was turning into a full-blown lesbian. “I love fucking you! Mmmmm we need to become friends now so we can fuck all the time!”

And when Dianna said that, all Jennifer did was laugh while still bouncing up and down on the dildo up her thick ass while humping against Emma Watson’s beautiful face.

“Ohhhh sweetie we already ARE friends now,” Jennifer laughed. “Mmmmm you think I’d let anyone who isn’t my friend nail my ass? Mmmm we’re like best friends now Dianna and me and Hermione here are best friends too, right my little English muffin? Mmmm I only let my very best friends eat my cunt! Now kiss me Emma! Mmmmm lemme taste my juice on your lips!”

Jennifer was so greedy for as much sex as she could get and she didn’t hesitate to yank Emma up to her and kiss her lustfully on the lips. Jennifer had been wanting to play like this for so long and all her naughty lesbo fantasies had come true which left her eager to come up with a lot more and make those come true too.

Love moaned as she looked at Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence making out and sharing the taste of pussy. It was so hot to see, especially because while they were kissing, Mandy Moore had her tongue up Emma’s round, yummy ass and was tongue fucking her while Beyoncé was pushing a toy up Mandy’s ass, just how the insatiable singer wanted it. And Beyoncé was being licked too as she had her legs spread wide for Katy Perry and her horny tongue to lick away at her dripping wetness.

Love was sure Katy was being licked too but it was so hard to tell since there was such a big pile of horny girls going at each other. Love had never had a chance to play with Katy and she definitely loved seeing her bury her face in Beyoncé’s gorgeous dark thighs and feverishly eat her pussy while the superstar pressed down on the back of Katy’s head and used her other hand to pump the toy in and out of Mandy’s ass.

Love found herself wanting badly to taste that toy out of Mandy’s ass and to taste Beyoncé’s delicious pussy, both tastes she already knew extremely well. And she wanted to taste Katy’s big tits for the first time and kiss her and feel their boobs rubbing together. She wanted to taste Emma again and get her first licks on Jennifer and Dianna too.

There were so many girls Love wanted to taste and she was feeling pretty sex-crazed about the whole thing. As she watched it all and felt such intense desire for everyone, it was like part of Love’s brain was trying to tell her something…that this wasn’t right and that this wasn’t what she had wanted and none of this was how it was supposed to have gone. But that part just couldn’t be heard over the screaming horniness inside her that made her want to fuck everyone in sight.

How could this be wrong when everyone was having so much fun and everyone was so caught up in Christmas? Love saw that Jennifer Lawrence hadn’t been the only one who stole off of one of their presents by the tree as there was a bow on Ariana Grande’s sweet little booty, stuck right above her tight little pucker as the pop star was bent over and sticking her ass in the air for Reese Witherspoon to lick her from behind.

And Ariana wasn’t the only one who had sticky fingers, literally. Because Bella Thorne had snatched the candy canes Love had set out for her friends. She was going to put them in their stockings but now Bella had them and she’d torn off the plastic wrappers on them to use them in a very seasonally inappropriate way. Bella had a Santa hat on her head but nothing else on her tight young body as she sat back on an ottoman by the fireplace with her legs spread so she could take the candy canes and slide them right into her sopping wet pussy.

Bella was so fucking wet. Her little ginger fur was matted with desire and she was dripping not only onto the furniture but all over the candy canes as she slid them in one by one, using the straight part to hold onto them and the curved part to push inside her pussy. But Bella wasn’t just doing it for self-gratification as she made a mess all over her fingers. She was also handing them out to anyone hungry for a taste of her fresh young cunt.

Love was transfixed as she watched Bella rub the candy against her pussy, gliding the curved end of it against her tight, glistening slit and then pushing inside. Bella groaned in naughty pleasure over pushing the hard Christmas candy deep into her vagina and then pulling it out coated in her juices.

She did it over and over again with several candy canes, handing them out to anyone who wanted a taste. Love could see Olivia Munn hungrily licking the flavor of teenage pussy off the candy stick and Ashley Benson had one too. The two horny women slurped the candy clean of Bella’s taste and then passionately kissed each other, their tongues covered in pussy and sugar. And they weren’t the only ones as Bella handed the candy fresh out of her pussy so Natalie Portman too and Love moaned in delight when she saw her normally composed friend slurp the taste of Bella right off and then dive down for more straight from the source.

Natalie pushed her face into Bella’s firecrotch, nestling her nose into those tiny red curls as she lapped away and Bella sucked on another candy cane that had her juices coating the striped peppermint candy. Bella moaned wantonly when she sucked her own flavor off, Natalie’s tongue making her shiver erotically.

“Oooooooh mmmmm yeah! Lick my peppermint pussy Natalie! Ooooooh fuckkk ohhhhh I never knew it would feel so good to have my pussy licked by a girl!” Bella gasped, quivering in pleasure as she spread her legs open wider and found herself suddenly being kissed by her friend Chloe Moretz.

Chloe had been another recipient of a girl juice covered Christmas treat and she had gotten such a rush from tasting her friend’s juices. She’d always thought Bella was so cute and Chloe had been blown away by how good Bella looked naked except for her Santa hat with her legs spread wide and the candy sliding in and out of her wet hole. Chloe had wanted a taste and she’d gotten one by grabbing one of the candy canes.

It had been so hot to lick Bella’s juice off of the sticky, supposedly wholesome candy and Chloe had wanted more. But since Natalie had dove in quicker to taste the horny teen’s pussy, Chloe had settled for her first kiss with her friend. And when she pulled away, leaving Bella’s lips tingling, Chloe smiled at her, loving how cute and flustered Bella looked as she experienced the pleasure of a woman’s tongue again.

“Mmmmm you have a lot to learn Bella! Girls are so good at licking pussy!” Chloe smiled, very eager to get as intimate with Bella as she already had with Ava and Ariel. “That’s why I love girls so much! Mmm they’re so sexy and they’re so good at going down on you! I’m going to teach you everything! You and Ava and Ariel and Olivia and all our friends! Mmmm I’m going to make you all hot lesbians like me!”

Chloe never would have said anything like that before. She never would have acted on any attraction she might have had for one of her friends. She never would have done any of the things she had done tonight. But even though she hadn’t had a sip of punch, Chloe had let all of her self-control go too.

This was a place where fantasies came true. What she and Alyssa had done was living proof of that to Chloe. It was where the only thing that mattered was feeling good and bringing pleasure to your lover. Ariel and Ava hadn’t just asked her to have sex with them, they’d practically demanded it and Chloe had succumbed to them. She’d always known she had sexy friends but now that she knew just how sexy, Chloe didn’t want to stop with just Ava and Ariel. She wanted Bella to know too. She wanted all her hot female friends to be lesbians just like her.

“Oooooooh Chloe…I…I…mmmmm gawd I see why you like girls so much,” Bella moaned both from the kiss and how incredible it felt to have Natalie Portman of all people eating her pussy. “Mmmmm I never knew it would be this good! Ooooooh I’m turning into such a slut and I love it! Show me how to be a hot lesbo like you Chloe! I wanna learn everything!”

Chloe tenderly kissed Bella again and grabbed one of the remaining candy canes from her redheaded friend. When she broke the kiss, Chloe took the candy cane and brought it to her own pussy, rubbing it against her labia to get it wet and then pushing inside herself with it. Chloe gasped a little when she felt the curved end of the candy slide into her tight pussy but it also felt really good and when Chloe pulled it out and held it up to Bella’s lips, the redhead knew just what to do.

Bella slid her tongue out and licked the candy cane, moaning over the naughty taste of her friend’s sex juices all over them. She couldn’t believe she was being this naughty and Bella loved it. What had started out as a little girl crush on AnnaSophia had turned into a full blown lust for women and how they kissed and touched and, most importantly, how they tasted. Now she knew how Chloe tasted and Bella enjoyed the flavor of her lesbian friend a lot.

“Mmmmm so sweet,” Bella moaned, enjoying every lick she was getting from Natalie while and Chloe also shared a special moment.

“I’m glad you like it,” Chloe said with a smile. “Because if you want, you can have that taste whenever you…whoaaaaa!”

Chloe would have said more but before she could get the words out of her mouth she was pushed over onto the floor right near the fireplace as a woman who’d had a big taste of the punch that night and was really feeling it’s effects made an aggressive move for her. Chloe was pushed right onto all fours and gasped in surprise but also pleasure when she felt soft hands squeezing her ass and a sexy, famous voice revealing who it was.

“Ooooooh gimmie one of those! I love candy canes!” Carrie Underwood declared as she snatched the last one from Bella’s hand and used it to slide right into Chloe as she also started to lick the young actress from behind.

Chloe was sputtering but also moaning from the surprise and erotic thrill of suddenly being licked by the American Idol. They had never met before tonight and Carrie hadn’t even said hi to her. She had just gone for it and Chloe was shocked by what was happening and also very, very turned on as she felt a candy cane slide into her pussy again while Carrie started to hungrily lick at her, showing both inexperience and a lot of enthusiasm.

“Mmmmm my hubby loves those Kick Ass movies you did!” Carrie giggled in between excited licks. “Just wait’ll I tell him that I fucked Hit Girl behind his back! Mmmmm fuckkk he is gonna nut so hard for his slutty cheating wife when I tell him I went lesbo on him!”

Chloe was soon moaning right along with Bella as both of them were licked by unexpected but so very hot women. Neither of them had ever thought this could happen to them, but they both were in visible rapture all over their young faces and were making nothing but happy sex sounds.

“Oooooooh fuck me Carrie! Oooooooh yesssssssssss oooooh mmmm your tongue feels soooo good!” Chloe gasped, so excited over feeling this unexpected pleasure. “Mmmmm I had no idea you liked girls! I always thought you were so sexy! Ohhhhh yessssss eat my pussy!”

“Oh gawwwwwd fuck me Natalie! Mmmm I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” Bella squealed in pleasure while reflexively holding Natalie down with a hand on the back of her famous head so she couldn’t stop. “Ooooooh lick my little tight pussy Natalie! Make me into such a fucking slut! Oh my God! Mmmm girls fuck so good! Yessssssssss lick my pussy Natalie! Lick all the candy cane taste out of it and make me come!”

But what was happening to Chloe and Bella wasn’t happening in isolation. They were all part of the big pile of horny women going at each other and there were so many more bodies eager to join in. And just like Natalie hadn’t given Bella a warning before starting to lick her, Rihanna didn’t give any warning when she came up behind the bent over Oscar winner with a strap-on still firmly around her waist.

Rihanna didn’t say a word to Natalie. All she was to her at that point was hot, wet hole for her to fuck. Natalie’s slit had been unoccupied and had been visibly glistening so Rihanna hadn’t cared about anything else. She had just come up behind Natalie while she tongued Bella and shoved her fake cock right into her award winning cunt from behind. Rihanna had started fucking without delay and Natalie showed her very willing assent by reaching around to her own backside and spreading her ass cheeks open so Rihanna would have easier access to her soft, dripping pussy folds with her hard, thick fake cock.

And Natalie didn’t miss a beat when she did it either. She kept on lapping at Bella’s pussy without skipping a lick. She didn’t even look up from the teen’s crotch to see who it was that was fucking her. All Natalie cared about that she was being fucked and that it felt good. She was too far gone to care about who was doing it.

It was like that way with Chloe and Carrie too. With so many horny women there, it was impossible for them to not make new friends, ones who were too feverishly aroused to care about niceties. While Carrie took her first eager licks of Chloe’s tight teen cunt from behind, Emmy Rossum came up behind Carrie and literally began kissing her ass. She peppered soft, sexy kisses over the bare backside of a singer she had only barely been introduced to before tonight and then, after Carrie had moaned from the erotic lips kissing her butt, Emmy spread open Carrie’s cheeks and started licking her tight hole, rimming her asshole without any kind of a “hello” first.

Carrie loved it though and squealed in punch and pussy fueled dreamy delight. Carrie even started licking Chloe harder as Emmy boldly and lewdly licked her butthole and Chloe would have moaned louder from it but she suddenly was being kissed too and all Chloe could do was smile and sigh in erotic adoration from Eliza Dushku’s lips on hers.

Eliza and Kirsten had been role models for Chloe when she had been trying to come to terms with her sexuality. They had shown her it was okay to admit she was a lesbian and that she didn’t have to be afraid or live her life by anyone else’s expectations. Chloe had admired them so much and now not only was she thrilled to be kissing Eliza but she quickly found out she was starting to gain a reputation.

“Lyssa told me you were quite the naughty little girl,” Eliza grinned wolfishly at the delicious blonde piece of prey before her. “I had to see it for myself. How about it Chloe? Want to show me what a hot little lesbian you are?”

Chloe was amazed at what she was hearing. This place was incredible. It was more than she ever could have dreamed it would be and she didn’t hesitate to give Eliza and immediate answer.

“More than anything!” Chloe lustfully replied as Eliza kept grinning and slung open her legs, giving the young lesbian a delicious view of out and proud gay married cunt that was dripping wet and utterly irresistible.

Chloe didn’t say another word. She just dove down and started licking one of her role models. She didn’t question how Eliza could be cheating on her wife like this. Chloe didn’t stop to consider if this was wrong. She just started to lick as best she could, wanting desperately to please Eliza while she was being pleased by Carrie, and Chloe was immediately treated to not just the wonderful taste of Eliza’s pussy juice as she kissed and licked her sensitive folds, but praise from the older woman too.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssss! Oooooooh you naughty little thing! Mmmm Lyssa told me you were good at eating pussy!” Eliza groaned out while keeping an eye in the pile of naked, happy bodies where she could still see her wife on her back with Minka Kelly riding her face and Beth Behrs between her legs, making sure Kirsten was licking and being licked at the same time. “Mmmmm show me what you’ve got Chloe! Ohhhhhh fuck yeah that feels good little girl! Lick that pussy! Taste that fucking juice! Show me that Lyssa was telling the truth! Oooooh fuck yeah Chloe! Just like that! Mmm lick me more just like that and I’ll make sure you’re coming over to dinner at me and Kiki’s house so we can turn your pretty body into dessert!”

There was so much licking and kissing and fucking and moaning going on in the living room. It was impossible to count how many bodies were there and who was doing what to who because it all kept switching up as women swapped partners again and again. The only thing that mattered to all of them was keeping all the pleasure going as long as possible.

Love saw it all and she was so eager to chalk it up to the magic of Christmas. She could see so many women deep in sexual pleasure while surrounded by bright, twinkling Christmas lights, fresh pine tree smell, beautiful decorations, wrapped presents and so many other signs of the season. Love knew all of this was happening because of Christmas and, even with that little voice still trying to be heard in the back of her head, she felt so giddy and happy and totally caught up in the moment.

“Mmmmm didn’t I tell you Christmas was the best?” Love giggled as she reached over and softly caressed the perfect pair of tits that were right next to her as she sat back on the couch with two of her housemates, watching it all and indulging in the party’s pleasures too. “Bet you’ve got that Christmas spirit now, don’t you Jen?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm ohhhhhhh fuckkkk lots and LOTS of Christmas spirit, Love!” Jennifer moaned before reacting to her friend’s soft, sexy touch on her bare chest by turning her head and meeting Love’s lips in a sensuous kiss, the two pressing their mouths together and quickly falling into a tongue kiss. “Ooooh fuck yesssss Christmas is the best! You were so right!”

“Yeahhhh no Grinches allowed! Mmmmmm only happy Christmas feelings!” Love gasped happily, not just from how Jennifer had returned the favor by reaching over to play with her tits, but from what the eager girl between her legs was doing. “Ohhhhh fuckkkkk OHHHH FUCKKK OHHHHH YESSSSS EAT MY PUSSY OOOOOOH MMMM YESSSS! Ohhhhhhh my Godddd ohhhhhh yeahhh that feels so fucking good! I had no idea you’d ever be this good! Ooooooh I didn’t even know you were coming but I’m soooooo glad you did!’

“Mmmmmhmmmm I’m always the life of the party wherever I go,” Kim Kardashian grinned from between Love’s legs as the notorious reality star kneeled on the floor and licked Love’s wet pussy. “And speaking of coming I want yours sooooo bad Love! Mmmm your party is even more fun than I thought it would be! I’d heard you girls got wild but I didn’t know it would be THIS wild! Mmmmm when I make you come you have to promise to invite me back all the time to all your parties! Me and my sisters too! We all fucking love to get dirty and you’re just the kind of girls we want to get dirty with!”

Love didn’t even know how Kim had gotten invited to the party. Her brain remembered something about Sarah messing up the guest list or something like that but it was all so hazy and Love was having trouble keeping any thought in her head beyond just how much she wanted Kim to eat her out and make her come.

Kim was definitely not the kind of girl Love would have invited to her little Christmas party but all of this was so much more than she had wanted it to be. And she was just rolling with it because it all felt so good. Kim might not have been on the guest list she had envisioned but Love couldn’t deny that the tabloid sensation was amazing at eating pussy and she was more than happy to get that feeling again and again while also finding out just what all the Kardashians could do.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhhh! Come over whenever you want and party with us!” Love moaned out without thinking as Kim resumed licking her pussy like a goddess, sucking the hot juice right out of her folds and working over her clit like she was an artist at eating women out. “Bring your sisters too! Ooooooh especially Kendall! Mmmmm your sister is soooo cute! Mmmm I wanna fuck her too! I wanna fuck your little slutty sister like I’m fucking you Kim!”

“Ooooooh just Kendall? Mmmmm baby you’re getting all the Kardashians and all the Jenners and you’re going to fucking love it,” Kim lewdly promised. “Mmmmm all my sisters know how to eat pussy so fucking good! I trained Kendall and Kylie myself and you’re going to love how we party!”

Love moaned and writhed on the couch over what Kim had just told her. She didn’t spell out just how she had “trained” her gorgeous younger half-sisters but Love could certainly understand the implications of what Kim had said. And Love got so turned on by it. Her head whirled with taboo Kardashian fantasies and she groaned out loud while pressing her pussy back to Kim’s face and letting the curvaceous sex bomb eat her out.

But while Love resisted the temptation to respond to the provocative words that had just come out of Kim’s mouth, not everyone could pass up after hearing something so depraved. Kim’s dirty implications were too much for the woman who was between Jennifer’s legs, tasting her pussy for the first time.

“Wait…did you just say that you and your sisters are….ohhhhh my God! Who…who does that? Your own sisters? But…but…” Amy Adams sputtered out, still trying to get used to all these wild new feelings inside her and totally disbelieving what she had just heard out of Kim’s mouth. “You’re joking, right?”

Kim coyly ignored Amy’s shock and indignation and just kept on eating out Love. And Jennifer tried to get Amy to do the same. It was crazy to all of them that Amy was even involved in all of this and Jennifer didn’t want to waste the chance to get pleasure from the beautiful redhead. They’d all thought Amy was too straight laced for something like this and, just like Love and Sarah had before, Jennifer was so happy to find out Amy had a dirty side and a newfound thirst for pussy.

“Shhhhh don’t worry about it! Just ignore her!” Jennifer advised Amy. “Mmmmm don’t think about Kim. Think about me! You’re making me feel so fucking good Amy! Don’t stop! I want you to make me come! Show me how naughty you can be!”

And Amy was very eager to do that. This night had been full of so many shocks and thrills and Amy’s head had spun when she had heard Kim say that. Was that how wild things got around here? Would her friends actually be okay if Kim brought her own sisters here to have sex with them? Amy couldn’t believe that anyone would be okay with that but she took Jennifer’s advice and tried to focus only on bringing pleasure to her friend.

Amy didn’t get back to licking Jennifer’s pussy right away though. First she got up and kissed her friend right on the lips, feeding Jennifer the yummy taste of her own vagina. And Jennifer eagerly accepted that gift from her friend, kissing Amy back and reaching down to squeeze the wonderfully sexy cheeks of Amy’s round, bare ass. Jennifer groped Amy’s ass and held her close as they kissed, their bare breasts rubbing together in a way that brought pleasure to them both.

But it wasn’t just Love and Jennifer who were having fun on the crowded couch right by the Christmas tree. In the shadow of all of those sparkling Christmas lights, Jessica Alba was also there and very naked and very happy. Her main fantasy for the night had already come true when she’d fucked Maryse and she’d even gotten some cock out of it too. But Jessica had invited more than one guest and now she was enjoying just how grateful she was to have gotten an invitation.

“Mmmmmm you guys throw the best fucking parties,” Anna Kendrick moaned from her knees between Jessica’s legs, meaning it quite literally. “Are they always this good?”

“Welllll maybe not THIS wild,” Jessica giggled and cooed in pleasure from Anna’s licking of her drippy pussy. Even under the effects of the punch, Jessica could still recognize that this party had gone off the trail of the original plan. “Mmmmm but they’re always fun! You having a good time Anna?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Anna enthusiastically and profanely declared from her knees, her tongue and lips coated in pussy juice and her tummy growling for more. “This is like the best night of my fucking life! Please tell me you’re going to invite me over to the next party! I want to be on the guest list for Easter or Valentine’s Day or even like, I dunno, Flag Day! Just please keep inviting me!”

“Oooooh baby you’re already on the list,” Jessica assured her new friend. “But just to seal the deal, get back down there and lick me some more! Tongue fuck my pussy Anna! Mmmm fucking make me come and you get to come back whenever you want!”

That was the kind of a deal that Anna was very eager to agree too and she buried her face back between Jessica’s amazing, toned Latina thighs. Anna hadn’t eaten pussy in so long before getting here tonight and now she couldn’t get enough of it. She’d always had a bi side, but it was more like a fun, hey let’s get naked and see what happens side and not something that was anything serious.

Anna had always been happy to go with the flow and if the mood had felt right she’d be with a guy and if the mood was right she’d be with a girl. And though she’d had a few girl crushes, one that had been particularly strong and she had regretted never acting on, Anna had always been way more into guys than interested in girls. That was changing though and it was changing fast. Anna liked that and she really liked Jessica’s pussy as she lapped at the sweet cream coming out of her glistening, completely smooth and hairless quim.

And Anna’s enthusiasm for licking had Jessica writhing on the couch. Anna’s technique needed some practice for sure but Jessica knew she would have been very happy to make sure she got that practice first hand with her. The feel of Anna’s tongue licking her pussy made Jessica quiver with pleasure and she not only played with her own tits but Love’s as well, getting handsy with her housemate as she sat next to her on the couch, both of them with their legs open to accommodate their lovers.

“Mmmmm Love ooooooh this is our best party ever,” Jessica said with a happy, sexy sigh. “Mmmm it’s definitely the best Christmas we’ve ever had here! You were so right! Throwing a party was the best idea ever! Mmmm it’s like all of these hot girls are our presents and Santa brought them all to us so we could play with them! Oooooh they’re all brand new toys to play with!”

Jessica was babbling in pleasure and intoxication but Love was absolutely on the same wavelength with her housemate. Love couldn’t have been more into what Jessica was saying and she kissed her friend excitedly on the lips, so happy to have the special women in her life get as into Christmas as she was.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh! That’s the spirit Jess!” Love giggled and moaned as Kim licked her so sweetly and Jessica and Jennifer’s hands both gripped her soft, full tits. “Mmmmm this is why Christmas is the best! Oooooh good little girls like us getting lots of toys to play with! Mmmmm Santa’s been realllllllly good to us this year! We must have been extra nice to get all of these fun toys!”

Love turned to her left to kiss Jessica sensually and then immediately turned to the right to do that to Jennifer. All three of them were in total bliss as they were all being licked on their couch right by the Christmas tree. It felt so good for them to just sit back and have a beautiful woman go down on them and it got extra hot when the pile of bodies reached out to play with the girls that were licking them too.

They all moaned and smiled in delight when that big, writhing mass of bodies got a little bit closer to them. While Anna was kneeling down licking Jessica, she began to moan too, crying out in pleasure in between licks as Jamie Chung suddenly scooted under her and started licking. Anna hadn’t expected to suddenly feel a tongue on her pussy and it showed in the surprised look on her face but she also liked it a lot and she moaned out in pleasure while she kept on tongue fucking Jessica.

“Oh fuckkkkkkkk ohhhh yeahhhh ooooooh you naughty thing! Who said you could just eat my pussy like this?” Anna asked in a moan. “Mmmmm your tongue feels so fucking good though! Oooooh yeah Jamie! Get in there and lick it! Taste my juice! Ohhhhh wow! This really is the best party ever! Oh fuck! Oh Jamie! Ohhhhhhh!”

“I always thought you were so hot!” Jamie said with a smile and a moan, pulling her tongue off of Anna’s pussy for a second so she could move around and kiss each one of Anna’s pale, pert ass cheeks, rubbing her fingers against her new friend’s slit while she did it so she could feel just how dripping wet Anna was. “I’ve never been to an orgy before but this is the best night of my life and I had to have you Anna! You were so hot kneeling down all sexy and naked and eating pussy and I couldn’t resist! Mmmm I’m sorry I was such a bad girl and didn’t ask before I licked!”

“Ohhhh ohhhh you’re…ohhhhh…you’re forgiven…” Anna breathlessly moaned from feeling those delicate fingers penetrate her hole and rub up against her clit as Jamie moved back down under her to lie on her back and resume licking. “Ohhhhh fuckkkkk! Ohhhh you bad girl! Mmmm you’re the best kind of bad girl! Oooooh eat that pussy! Mmmm fuckkkk this really is the best fucking party I’ve ever been to!”

Anna was overcome with pleasure from this sudden feel of Jamie Chung going down on her but she didn’t ignore what she had been doing before and got back to licking Jessica, pushing her face into Jessica’s impossibly fit and toned body. Jessica’s amazing thighs clamped down on her and that deliciously creamy, hairless pussy was right against her mouth and all Anna wanted to do was eat up every bit of it while a beautiful Korean girl she barely knew turned her own pussy into a dripping waterfall of girl lust.

Anna had never dreamed that when she had practically lurched into Starbucks as a sleep-deprived zombie and randomly found Jessica there, it would lead to all of this. But Anna was so glad now because with a mouth on her pussy and another pussy in her face she felt like her whole sexuality was being rewritten on the fly. She never wanted this amazing pleasure to stop and Anna began to think if she stayed at this magical mansion forever, it never would.

But it wasn’t just Anna who was being licked. Amy was feeling it too. She’d gone back down onto her hands and knees on the floor in front of the couch so she could sensually kiss all over Jennifer’s incredible legs and drag her tongue over Jennifer’s thighs and get right back to that completely smooth and totally delicious pussy. All Amy had wanted to do was pleasure her friend but suddenly she was feeling a lot more.

Amy had unexpectedly felt her bare ass be touched and not just by one pair of hands, but by two. She had hands all over herself suddenly and it felt amazing. She had no idea who it was but she felt those hands everywhere, grabbing at her bottom and fondling her curves and sliding over her thighs and her legs. She even felt soft lips kissing the small of her back and down over her backside, kissing her cheeks and making her moan and sigh in pleasure while she licked at Jennifer.

Amy knew she should have been resisting this but she just couldn’t make herself do it. She knew this was cheating on Darren and it was wrong and a complete betrayal of him and her family. But she couldn’t make it stop because she didn’t want it to stop. All Amy wanted was for it to continue. She wanted to be bad. She wanted to be dirty. She wanted to be filthy cheating slut and get fucked and come and be a whore with other woman while her boyfriend and their daughter were waiting at home for her.

This was so wrong. This wasn’t how she always was. But she loved it. Amy didn’t want it to stop. She wanted to lick more pussy and get more and more experienced in pleasuring another woman. Amy wanted to lick Jennifer’s pussy dry and make her friend come for her. She wanted those hands to touch and grope and even defile her in ways she was never supposed to let another woman do. She needed this and it felt so fucking good.

Amy didn’t know who was touching her but she knew it was two women. She could feel their soft hand and lips all over her. They were caressing her naked butt while she was bent over and so vulnerable to them and Amy gasped and groaned in ecstasy when she felt fingers start to rub her sensitive slit, feeling how puffy and swollen her labia was from all the times she’d gotten fucked and had come that night as she had cheated like a wanton whore and turned into an insatiable lesbian just like her friends.

Amy’s moans and little sexy gasps continued while she licked Jennifer and felt those fingers toy with her pussy lips and grope the cheeks of her bare ass and even tickle her virgin asshole. Amy wanted Jennifer to come all over her face. She had come from so many girls she had considered nothing but platonic friends all over her face and on her tongue. She even had the mess of squirt from Kirsten and Eliza in her hair making her all messy and dirty and she reveled in it.

Amy didn’t want to be kind or sweet or nice or anything people always thought she was. She wanted to be a slut. She wanted to be a dirty fucking slut craving pussy and needing to get fucked over and over again by hot women. She had never felt this way in her life before and it thrilled her so much. She knew she could have felt guilty over Darren and their daughter waiting for mommy to come home for Christmas with no idea where she was or when she’d ever be back. But she didn’t feel guilt. She felt nothing but depraved pleasure from it.

The two women behind her were making her tingle all over and part of Amy didn’t want to know who it was. It was such a sexy mystery to not know who was touching her. It made her feel like a piece of meat being manhandled…or woman handled, which was much more preferable to her now. But she was fighting against her own curiosity and while Amy tried to distract herself and keep the mystery alive by focusing only on Jennifer’s glorious pussy and how much she wanted to lick up every drop of it, she couldn’t do it.

Amy suddenly felt two tongues working her over, one in her pussy licking at her slit from behind and tasting how wet and tender she was and the other wetly working over her asshole and she gasped aloud with an intense hiss over how good it felt. The tongue on her pussy alone would have been enough for Amy to succumb to her curiosity but it was the tongue licking her asshole and sliding all over a hole that had been untouched before tonight that really did it to her.

“Ohhhhh my God! Oooooooh so fucking naughty!” Amy cried out as she pulled up from Jennifer and looked over her shoulder with her friend’s juices all over her lips to see that it was Liz Gillies eating her pussy, her hot tongue sliding over her slit like the skilled pussy licker she was and Elisha Cuthbert rimming her asshole with hungry, wet licks. “Oooooooh yesssss! Don’t stop! Mmmmmm pleaaaaaaaaase don’t stop!”

They had emerged from the pile of happy fucking women without any warning and just gone for her like she was a prize or some kind of present with the wrapping paper already torn off. Amy didn’t know them at all. They were essentially strangers to her and yet all she wanted was to fuck them. She stared lustfully at Liz’s big, beautiful tits and imagined herself sucking on them and kissing the younger woman’s lips to taste her own pussy, just like she would eagerly do to Elisha to taste her own ass before she bent them both over to spank them both for being so dirty to mommy.

Elisha and Liz looked so sexy to her all naked and naughty as they worked her over with their tongues and Amy moaned for them some more before she focused herself and got back to licking Jennifer. She wanted it all so much. She wanted to pleasure women and be pleasured and Amy never wanted it to stop.

And it wasn’t just her and Anna who had suddenly been fondled and licked by other women without any warning. As Kim had worked over Love’s pussy and had her mind whirling with taboo Kardashian sister fantasies, her huge ass had been too tempting a target. It had been jutting up in the air completely on display like a glorious full moon on a crystal clear night and no one could resist it, least of all Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa might not have been a fan of Kim and all her family stood for and how they had worsened the culture around them. But she was a big fan of ass and Kim had one of the most spectacular ones she had ever seen. Alyssa was too out of control with horniness to even think about denying herself a booty that big and thick. She’d always admired Kim’s ass, how could she not when it was even more famous than her face, but she’d never seen it like this arched up in the air while Kim munched on Love’s pussy.

And since she had already spent so much of her night doing the things Alyssa knew she wasn’t supposed to, she knew there was no harm in adding another Christmastime indulgence to the insure her name was definitely on the naughty list. So Alyssa went for it without hesitation. Kim’s ass was there for the taking and, after she pulled up from Kate Upton’s freshly orgasmed pussy with the supermodel’s cum all over her face, Alyssa went right for it, burying herself in that backside and going wild with her tongue.

Alyssa pried apart Kim’s famous ass cheeks and didn’t shy away from doing what the depraved thoughts in her head almost compelled her to do. Alyssa aggressively thrust her tongue into Kim’s already fucked asshole and slid it in deep, letting herself salivate into Kim’s crack as she felt those cheeks smother her in the best way.

For Alyssa it was just another hot taboo. After all the dirty things she had done with Chloe and how she had sought her out at the party and gone and done them again and after all she had witnessed between Heather and Ava, Alyssa was beyond thinking rationally. She was too far gone and it felt so good to act on her filthy impulses, especially as Kim encouraged her in a condescending but so sexy way that totally turned Alyssa on even more.

“Ooooooooooooh fuckkkk yeahhhhhh that’s how you do it! Fucking get in there and eat that fucking ass!” Kim groaned out in deep satisfaction, peering over her shoulder and loving the view of Alyssa’s gorgeous face pressed into her ass crack. “Mmmmmm you bitches can’t get enough of me and you know it! Oooooooh yesssss I’m going to be coming over all the time now because all of you know that my ass is fucking worth it! Mmmmm yesss all you supposedly classy ladies can’t wait to bury those famous faces in my fucking butthole! Mmmmm fuck it Alyssa! Fuck it with your slutty tongue! Taste how loose and raw it is after your cute friend Natalie lost her fucking shit and fisted it! Oooooh she stretched it out god but I need more! Eat my fucking big fat ass you dirty whore! Mmmmm you’re already fucking addicted to me and you know it!’

Love didn’t know if Alyssa was addicted to Kim from eating her ass but she sure felt like she was addicted to the reality star thanks to how good Kim was at eating pussy. Love wasn’t sure if she actually liked Kim, but she sure loved how she fucked and she was definitely addicted to having that hot tongue and big mouth fucking her. So she didn’t wait a second more before aggressively pushing down on Kim’s head and forcing her back down to her pussy, coaxing that Kim barely needed because of how much she was enjoying Love’s sweet taste.

“Gawwwwwwwd ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss yesssss you’re going to make me come Kim! You’re going to make me fucking come for Christmas and that’s the best gift you could ever give me!” Love happily squealed, feeling so good as Jessica and Jennifer both leaned in to kiss and lick her nipples, each one her friends at one of her tits as they shared her body. “Mmmm fuckkk I love Christmas soooo much mmmm fuckkk fucking at Christmastime makes me feel so naughty and so nice all at once!”

Love’s brain was definitely on board the Polar Express and it had clearly left the station as evident by the big, giddy smile and the wild eyes on her face. Kim’s expert tongue fucking was driving Love wild as she watched all of her friends and all of the sexy guests at the party act totally sex-crazed in her meticulously decorated living room. The more Kim licked at her, the more Love cried out for it, her boobs jiggling on her chest as she humped against Kim’s tongue and felt her own fleshy mounds smack against Jessica and Jennifer.

Not being a drinker at all, save for champagne at festive occasions, Love’s tolerance for the spiked punch was lower than everyone else’s and it showed as she giggled almost manically with delight over the energy and pleasure running through her body.

“Ooooooh Jess…mmmm gawwwwd Jess…mmmm lemme tell you a secret…you too Jen…mmm I gotta…gotta secret,” Love said, almost hiccupping as she said it, as more than Christmas magic made her dizzy. “C’mere, lemme whisper it to you!”

Jennifer and Jessica both pulled up from Love’s chest to move closer to her mouth and she whispered to them what she was so eager to say.

“Mmmmm if he was here, I’d totally fuck Santa! Like for real!” Love giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. “Mmmmm I’d be such a whore for him! I’d get him out of his Santa suit and kiss all over his big jelly belly and I’d suck his cock so good!”

“Mmmmm such a Christmas slut,” Jessica laughed before kissing Love’s babbling lips. “You’ve got such a naughty fetish Love.”

“It’s not a fetish!” Love insisted after the kiss, her voice all excited as she described her fantasy in vivid detail. “It’s true! I’d totally fuck Santa! I’d let him come down my chimney and come down my throat with his big Christmas cock! I’d show him no one can make Christmas more special than me when I suck on his big, holly jolly balls and get them all wet as he holds them over my mouth and dips them in like he’s supposed to be dipping cookies into milk! Mmmm I’d swallow his balls and slurp on them so good and I’d get his cock nice and wet like a good girl for Santa before I let him fuck my big tits! Ooooooh I wanna feel Santa tit fuck me and blast all over my boobs! Mmmm fuckkkk I want Santa to get his sticky cum all over my slutty face and have it drip down and then I wanna get him hard again so he can REALLY fuck me!”

Jessica and Jennifer weren’t nearly as susceptible to the punch as Love was and they looked at each other with bemused but also aroused smiles on their faces. All three of them were enjoying being tongue fucked by their party guests and Love’s sexy babbling was turning them on even more.

“Mmmm I totally want all of you to watch me too,” Love enthused. “I want you to see me let Santa get his big Christmas cock in my wet pussy! He’ll tell me what an extra good girl I’ve been this year and I’ll get lots of presents if I let him fuck me! Oooooh I want you all to see me show off how much I love Christmas as he gets on top of me and fucks me with my big tits and his big belly bouncing as he fucks me so good I come all over his cock! But I won’t fucking stop there! Ooooh what I want is for Santa to fuck my ass! Mmmmm fuckkk I want him to bend me over and he can make me show him my big butt and show him I have to be on the nice list because I’ll let him fuck my ass! Mmmm fuckkk it’s sooo hot and I want you to see me!”

“Sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought into it Love,” Jennifer said with a smile, an assertion that Love immediately confirmed.

“Oh fuck yeah I have!” Love confessed. “Mmmmm I’ve been thinking about it for so long! Mmmmm gawwd since I started having dirty fantasies! My mom would always make such a big deal about Christmas and make it so special for me and my brother! It was just us because my dad was gone and she always decorated the house so nice and made Christmas so magical mmmm and I couldn’t help it! I’ve always been a slut and I’ve always loved thinking about fucking and being naughty when everyone else is being nice! I’ve always had dirty Christmas fantasies!”

Love was barely taking a breath as she talked. It was all spilling out of her mouth at top speed and the only thing that interrupted her words were the moans and sighs and other pleasure sounds from what Kim was doing to her. And since Jennifer and Jessica were letting her just go with it, Love confessed her dirty thoughts without delay.

“Mmmmm I used to dream about fucking Santa and being such a good girl for him and waiting naked by the tree for him to find me,” Love laughed. “But I also would think other dirty thoughts. Mmmmm I’d fantasize I was Mrs. Claus except not old! I’d be all young and hot and with big tits and a yummy, juicy butt! And I’d dream about what I’d do when Santa would be out all night delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls! Mmmm I’d have been such a fucking slutty Mrs. Claus! I’d have let the elves gangbang me!”

Love had never told anyone this fantasy but in her current state it just jumped out of her. And telling it made her even wetter for Kim as she tongue fucked her. Having Kim eat her out as voraciously as she was made her more eager to tell her story and telling her story made what Kim was doing to her extra pleasurable, especially when Kim pushed two fingers up her pussy and began stimulating her clit while she licked her.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkk ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk fuckkk mmmmmm!” Love groaned. “Ooooh fuck yes Kim! Eat my slutty pussy! You’re going to make me come from how much I love Christmas! Mmmmm fuck yessss oooooh I’d be Mrs. Claus and I’d be in a big fuzzy red outfit with white fur lining all around it but I wouldn’t have any panties and I’d pull up my skirt to show all the elves my wet pussy and my ass and tell them to come get me and fuck me while Santa is delivering presents! He’d be bringing toys and I’d let the elves make me their toy! I’d let all of them fuck me and I’d yank down the top of my outfit and let them see my big titties so they could fuck me in all my holes and slide their cocks in between my tits! Mmmm I’d be sucking and licking and fucking them and letting them fill up my pussy and my ass and stuff my mouth mmmm fuckkkk I’d have cocks all around me and I’d be jerking and sucking them and letting them fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time! Oooooh there’d be like 10…no…20…no 30! Yessssssss all of the elves would fuck me and they’d all get their cum on my face and in my hair and on my big fucking tits and make Mrs. Claus sooooo nasty while Santa is out! Mmmmm they could come inside me too! Oooooh fuckkkk it’d be soooo hot! The elves would fuck Mrs. Claus so good and I’d have cum dripping out of my hot cunt and my ass! Mmmmm Santa would get back to the North Pole and find me passed out with cum on my face and all over my tits and just fucking leaking out my pussy and my butt and he’d see what a dirty cum whore his wife is and put my on the naughty list by fucking me harder and harder and harder and squishing his big Santa cock up my ass and getting the sloppy used whore his elves had been fucking all night long!”

Love was so enthusiastic about her fantasy that Jennifer and Jessica couldn’t help but hang on every dirty word of it. All the other girls near her were listening in too to Love’s depraved holiday dream and it turned everyone one, especially Kim who loved to see just how dirty all her new friends could be.

“Oh wow! You’re even bigger sluts than I heard you were!” Kim laughed while also moaning from Alyssa licking her asshole with such naughty tongue thrusts into her already loosened hole. “Mmmm I’d always heard you girls were crazy fucking whores and that this was where all the fun action was but I had no idea! Mmmmm you gonna come for me Love? Gonna come from being such a fucking Christmas slut?”

And the answer to that question was obvious.

“Yessssssssssssssss ooooooooh fuck yessss make me come! Ooooh I want to fucking come so much!” Love cried. “Mmmmmm fuckkkk ohhhhh yessss fuck me with your tongue and fingers! Fuck me like the slut I am! Ohhhhhh fuckkkk fuckkkk FUCKKKKKKK!”

Kim had always known how to fuck. Her mother had made sure she’d known that it was how you got ahead and Kim had taken those lessons to heart. Fucking was something she was good at and something she loved to do. And she loved fucking these hot famous bitches. Love tasted so good and her pussy was so tight and sexy and Kim have loved hearing her perverted Christmas fantasy. So she made sure she gave it to her good.

Kim pushed her tongue into Love’s gooey pussy and used her fingers to work over her clit. Love was so worked up and so fucking wet for her that it was easy. Getting her off barely took any work at all and Kim expertly did it with her tongue and fingers and had Love gasping in joy in no time. She was like putty for her after getting so charged up with that sexy story and Kim knew just where to touch her to get Love to erupt.

“FUCKKKK! YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSS! FUCK I’M COMING! OHHHH HOLY SHIT YES I’M FUCKING COMING FOR KIM KARDASHIAN FUCKKKKK!” Love cried out in orgasm, her hair flying over her face as she flung her head back and forth, the intoxication she felt unable to keep Love from recognizing what a surreal moment this was. “FUCKKKK OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSS!”

And seeing Love come as hard as she did got Jennifer off too. Heating Love’s dirty fantasy had Jennifer so charged up and Amy’s tongue gave her just what she needed. Amy might not have had a lot of experience but she was always good with her tongue and once she set her mind to something, she made damn sure she did it right. So she licked with everything she had, remembering how she had been so successful at getting other women off earlier in the night and focusing a lot on Jennifer’s clit.

That made Jennifer feel so good and watching Love come right in front of her like that after telling such a dirty story made Jennifer extra excited. She always loved watching her friends come and in this situation she was extra susceptible to it. And with Amy working over her clit with such enthusiasm, there was no way for Jennifer to hold back.


Love passionately kissed Jennifer as she came, drawing her screams right into her mouth and giving her friend extra pleasure as Amy kept on licking and happily swallowed down Jennifer’s cum. She never swallowed with Darren. It had always seemed so gross but Amy wanted all the girl cum she could get. She wanted that cream and Jennifer fed it to her, soaking her tongue and going right down to her hungry stomach.

And when Love broke off from her kiss, Jennifer immediately got one from Amy as the giddy naked redhead kissed her right on the lips and fed her the cum fresh from her own pussy. Jennifer loved feeling her and Amy’s sweaty nude bodies pressed together and she excitedly kissed the sexy MILF back, rubbing their bare tits into each other as they made out.

But as much as Jennifer loved kissing Amy, she knew there was something else she could do and give Love a present in the process. Because while she couldn’t make Love’s full tawdry fantasy come true, she could at least give her a huge part of it. So Jennifer pulled away slowly and tenderly from her kiss with Amy and grabbed Love by the hand, pulling her right off the couch with you.

“Oooooh where are we going?” Love drunkenly asked, so giggly and happy even as she noticed the way the room was slowly but surely being trashed by all the fucking going on in it.

“Mmmmm to see Santa of course,” Jennifer replied with a smile as she watched Jessica playfully scream in excitement as Anna, Amy and Kim all ganged up on her, yanking her off the couch and onto the floor so she could join them in the mass of hot girl bodies.

Jessica quickly disappeared into the pile but she sure looked happy as it happened with Anna’s tongue still in her pussy and Amy’s ginger cunt in her face as Kim started finger fucking Jessica and Kate Upton and Kat Dennings both started sucking on Jessica’s exposed nipples. There were so many hot women ganging up on Jessica at once so Jennifer knew her friend was in very good hands as she led Love away.

“Santa?” Love asked quizzically, not nearly drunk enough to have forgotten about the inconvenient fact that Santa wasn’t actually about to slide down anyone’s chimney any time soon. But Love quickly grasped what Jennifer was talking about and she immediately flipped for the idea. “Ooooooooh Santa! Mmmmm Jen you naughty girl! You’ve got the Christmas spirit now!”

“That’s for sure,” Jennifer smiled back as she pulled Love toward where she knew “Thrustin” Justin Thoreau was. The festively dressed male porn star had been quite a hit at the party with so many of the guests eager to tell him what they wanted for Christmas and a whole lot more. He’d been receiving steady attention throughout the night and that had certainly not changed as the party got wilder and lewder.

In fact as Love and Jennifer approached him, walking hand in hand and completely naked, they saw that “Santa” was quite busy. Someone was on her knees in front of him sucking off his famous cock, the one all the women in the adult industry were eager to work with. The girl was really going to town on him too, sucking him off enthusiastically and without a hint of inhibition when it came to doing something she hadn’t done in a long time.

And Love and Jennifer were in smiling shock over what they saw. They couldn’t believe it. Of all the insane things they had seen at this party, this might have been the craziest one to them and at first they were struck silent as they watched the woman bob her lips up and down while her hand was wrapped around the impressive girth of the male porn star’s cock. This was nothing they had ever expected to see and even though it was wildly entertaining, not to mention arousing, to see it happen, they couldn’t help but react.

“SARAH?” Jennifer and Love gasped out together, wondering if this was kind of a Christmas mirage or something.

But it was all real and when she heard their voices, Sarah Michelle Gellar pulled off of Justin’s cock and smiled at her friends.

“Oh hey girls,” Sarah giggled. “I was just telling Santa what I wanted for Christmas this year and mmmm I had to show him that hot Jewish girls like me deserve presents too! Wanna come help me?”

And since it was an entire reason they had come over in the first place, Jennifer and Love didn’t need to answer with words. They just scurried their nude bodies over to Sarah and joined her on the floor on their knees as Justin sat in a chair, still wearing his Santa suit, except without pant as his cock, glistening with Sarah’s saliva, jutted out.

“Well ho ho ho,” Justin grinned, going for the obvious joke. “Have you been good girls this year?”

“Oh no Santa! We’ve been bad, we’ve been VERY bad!” Love giggled, her heart pounding as she came as close as she ever would to living out her fantasy. “Mmmmm now we’re gonna show you just how bad we can be!”

Ignoring everything but their own illicit desires, the three intoxicated girls all lunged toward Justin’s cock as it stiffly waved in the air. And Love was the greediest of the three as she got it in her grasp first, stroking it and spreading Sarah’s saliva all around it.

“Ohhhh Santa, what a big cock you have,” Love marveled with a big smile. “Mmmm I always knew Santa had a big cock! Now I finally get to taste it!”

As she continued to stroke Justin’s erection, Love leaned in and took it into her mouth effortlessly. It had been a while since she had sucked a real cock but the skill had not left her and she immediately showed Justin what she could do as she slurped it down and began to wetly and erotically bob her soft lips up and down. She tasted Sarah’s drool on it and happily sucked it off as Love lived out her fantasy and began giving “Santa” a blowjob.

And while they were neither as horny nor as crazed as their housemate was, Sarah and Jennifer weren’t going to be let out of the action. They were both pretty high on the punch’s effects too and they couldn’t resist. While Love sucked Justin’s cock, Jennifer ran her tongue over the base of it and licked the underside, meeting her tongue with her friend’s lips. And Sarah kept herself well occupied too by going lower and sucking on Justin’s balls, wrapping her lips around his nuts and wantonly slurping on them.

It was all a huge rush for Justin. As one of the top male names in porno and one of the few who could always be trusted to get and maintain an erection for often strenuous and demanding shoots, Justin had pretty much done it all. There hadn’t been any hole he hadn’t taken or fetish he hadn’t indulged and no porno girl in good standing hadn’t had his dick. But he had never experienced anything like this before.

He had enjoyed himself quite a bit throughout the night as several women had been eager to offer themselves up to him. But to Justin nothing could compare to the three women all sharing his cock at the same time. It was every man’s fantasy to have two women and he had three. Plus these were no ordinary women, all were gorgeous and all were horny and all had helped usher many a boy into manhood. Jennifer Aniston alone would have been incredible but Justin also had Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt too, all at the same time and all starving for his meat.

No porno shoot could rival this and he made sure and let them know it.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkk yeahhhh you girls are all so crazy,” Justin moaned from the triple blowjob. “I’ve practically had to beat you off with a stick! You’re all the sluttiest girls I’ve ever met and I do this for a living! Ohhhhh yeahhhh ohhhhh that feels good! You’re all crazy sluts but you’re the hottest ones I’ve ever had!”

“Mmmmm I think Santa gets around. Who knew he was such a man whore up at the North Pole?” Jennifer giggled, ignoring the reality of who Justin was and indulging in the fantasy. “I can taste all the girls he’s been fucking tonight! This cock has gotten a real workout! Mmmmm I can taste all those sluts that dripped all over this fucking sexy dick!”

But Love playfully objected.

“Ooooooh no Santa is nice!” Love corrected with a smile as she popped off Justin’s cock and slid her tongue all over his swollen head and made him toss his head back and groan. “Mmmmm he’s here to give presents to the bad girls like us because he’s soooo giving and generous! C’mon Santa show us what naughty girls get!”

“Mmmmm lemme have a taste too,” Sarah said, pulling up from Justin’s balls to give his cock head a lick too before Love slid him back into her mouth. “I had him first Love! Share with us! We all want Santa’s cock! Mmmmm I want to be a bad girl for Chanukah and feel Santa’s big cock in my slutty Jewish cunt!”

Sarah followed that up by sucking Justin back into her mouth. She’d been really into what she’d been doing before even if she couldn’t believe she had done it. She had been the one to invite Justin to the party, thinking it would make Love laugh and even give her a little thrill if she wanted one. But she had ended up wanting that thrill and it wasn’t a little one. Justin was so big and Sarah had found herself wanting to feel a cock that had been so well seen and used from years in porno.

Sarah couldn’t remember the last time she had actually craved cock. It had been so fucking long and she certainly hadn’t thought it would change this night. But she had been so horny and Justin had looked so sexy in his Santa suit fucking other women. Sarah hadn’t been able to help herself. She’d gotten so wet and while she’d been shocked by her own desires it hadn’t deterred her.

She had made her move on him and he had tasted so good in her mouth. Sarah wanted so much more too. His cock was so big and she had loved taking it down her throat and showing off that she still knew how to suck a dick. Sarah had wanted to feel him in her pussy too and she’d just been about to hop onto his lap and take a ride before her friends had interrupted.

Sarah didn’t mind though. After all this was supposed to be a time of giving and sharing and Sarah always loved to share with her friends. So she wasn’t selfish. She sucked on Justin’s cock, sliding her mouth up and down his impressive length before passing the cock to Jennifer and watching her friend sexily suck it into her mouth before passing it to Love. And it was Love who was the hungriest of all of them.

When she had Justin’s cock back in her grasp, Love stroked it off while feeding it into her mouth, taking it deeper and deeper with every pass of her lips. She moaned every time she went down further on his shaft and she even said a few muffled words. It was impossible to know exactly what Love said with Justin’s cock in her mouth but to Jennifer and Sarah it sure sounded like their housemate was saying “Oh Santa,” with every wet slurp of his cock into her Christmas-loving mouth.

Saliva was dripping out of Love’s mouth as she sucked Justin off and when Sarah and Jennifer both moved down to suck and lick at his balls it even trickled off his dick and onto their faces. They liked it though and while Love wetly sucked on Justin’s cock, Sarah and Jennifer playfully licked her drool off each other’s faces and then kissed, swirling their tongues together as Love lived out her naughtiest fantasy.

“Oh Santa! Mmmmm your cock is soooo big and yummy! It’s just what I wanted for Christmas!” Love teasingly giggled. “Mmmm thank you for giving it to me even though I’ve been such a bad girl!”

“Yeahhhh tell me how you’ve been bad,” Justin moaned, really seeing the advantages now of dressing up as Santa for this party. “Tell Santa and maybe he’ll give you a present anyway!”

Love was more than eager to play and she didn’t hold back.

“I know it’s supposed to get me on the naughty list Santa, but I’ve fucked so many other girls!” Love confessed while looking up at Santa with as innocent a pair of eyes as she could muster while kneeling naked in front of a man with pussy juice all over her face from all the girls she’d tasted at the party. “I’ve been licking so many pussies all year long! I try so hard to be on the nice list Santa but I can’t help it! I can’t resist hot girls! I have to fuck them! I’m such a slut and I need to be fucked all the time!”

Love proved this by kissing Jennifer and then kissing Sarah and then pulling both of them in for a kiss together with her. Her housemates went right along with it too, tasting each other’s lips and tongues and all of them sharing their kisses in front of Justin as he moaned and stroked his cock. Love felt so good kissing her gorgeous friends. She always loved kissing them but it felt especially sexy tonight. But she still couldn’t help but focus on the man before her and his half –off Santa suit.

His cock was jutting out and begging for attention and Love wanted to give it to him so badly. She wanted Santa and she was so willing to let him have her body in any way he wanted as she turned her attention back to him.

“I’ll do anything to get off the naughty list Santa,” Love offered carnally. “Mmmmm I’ll give you anything you want Santa? Do you like my tits? Does Santa want to fuck my big, soft tits? Mmmm they’re like nice pillows for a big cock like yours Santa? You can have them if you want them! You can fuck these titties!”

That was not an offer that Justin was going to think twice about, especially with three hands now stroking his cock and playing with his balls. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s tits were famously epic and Justin was not about to look away from probably his only chance to get at them. Sarah, Love and Jennifer were all playing with his cock and balls with their soft hands but his attention was particularly focused on Love’s large tits as they swayed with each move of her hand to jack him off.

“If you want a present little girl then you had better give Santa those tits!” Justin said, playing along with everyone. “Slide them up and down my cock! Santa’s going to tit fuck you!”

Love let out a little whoop of desire over “Santa” saying that to her and she went right for it with the help of her housemates. Sarah and Jennifer both wanted to make sure Love felt good too and they offered the most useful thing they could…lube.

As Love held her heavy tits out, hefting them up with her hands, Sarah drooled a long strand of her saliva out of her mouth. Hovering over Love’s chest, Sarah made sure her spit went right into Love’s cleavage and Jennifer did the same. They were on each side of Love and that made it so easy for them to let drool drip out of their mouths and between their friend’s breasts, making it slick and wet.

Love gratefully kissed Sarah and Jennifer for their help, her very special and welcome way of saying thank you, and then wrapped her big tits around Justin’s jutting prick. She squeezed his large erection between her soft fleshy pillows and moaned when Justin started to slide his cock in and out, fucking her tits just like she had fantasized about.

“Ooooh Santa yessss! Mmmm fuck my big soft tits! They’re my present to you!” Love moaned. “Mmmmm guys always have loved my big tits! Mmmm girls love them too! They all want to see them and taste them and fuck them but now my tits are yours Santa! Fuck them! I want you between my tits! Mmmm I love Christmas so much and I always wanted Santa to fuck me!”

“Awwwwww yeahhhh those big tits are so fucking good!” Justin moaned his beard pulled down enough to show most of his face as he reacted in pleasure to the feel of those natural breasts wrapping around his cock. “I’ve always wanted these tits! You’re so hot Jennifer!”

“Mmmm thank you Santa! I love my big tits! I love when girls suck on them and when they kiss them and lick them and I love when they bounce when I’m getting fucked like a slut! And I lovvvvvvvve your big cock sliding between them Santa!” Love cooed in reply. “But you can call me Love, Santa! All my friends do and I always wanted Santa to be my very special friend! Fuck me Santa! Fuck my big, slutty titties!”

Jennifer and Sarah were happy that Love was happy and they made sure she had plenty of wetness so Justin wasn’t humping dry tits. They drooled into her cleavage with several more strands of saliva dripping out of their mouths and they also tended to Justin’s cock. As his dick slid up and down through her tits, Sarah and Jennifer positioned their mouths right above Love’s chest so they could both wetly lick at his cock head and the first few inches of his shaft to make sure he had plenty of lubrication.

And Justin certainly appreciated it. All that saliva was making Love’s tits messy but it was also making it so much easier for him to tit fuck her. That made his cock throb between her big, soft breasts as she kept on moaning for him and begging Santa to fuck her chest. And as much as Justin loved the tits he had definitely fantasized about for years, he wanted more from her and he was sure she would give it to him.

“Oh yeah Love! We’re friends now,” Justin said with a smile as those soft, fleshy tits stimulated his cock so well. “Mmmm Santa knows you’re a good girl even if you’re naughty! He can get you on the nice list if you do what Santa wants!”

“Ooooooh yes Santa! Anything!” Love immediately agreed while she squeezed her tits around his cock.

“Santa wants to fuck you!” Justin declared and Love pretty much melted at the words coming out of his mouth since they were just what she wanted to hear.

“Oh my God! Santa! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me like the Christmas slut I am!” Love urged, so happy to admit it now as she released his cock from between her tits and instead leaned back so she could open her legs and show off her dripping pussy, revealing not only how turned on she was but that she had shaved herself bare that morning, giving her tingling, glistening girl flesh and extra smooth and slutty look. “Mmmmm is this what you want Santa? Do you want my pussy? Do you want to fuck my dirty little cunt and see how naughty I am? Mmmm you can do it Santa! Shove that big jolly cock into my pussy and fuck me onto the nice list!”

But it wasn’t all Love had to offer and she made sure Justin knew it as she turned herself over. She got on her knees and pushed out her bare ass, swaying it back and forth to make sure there could be no doubt about her sincerity.

“Or is this what you want Santa?” Love teased, so eager to be fucked even after just coming all over Kim Kardashian’s face. “Do you want my ass? It’s yours Santa! Mmmmm I want that so much! I want you to fuck my big ass! Mmmm doesn’t it look good Santa? Don’t you like seeing me like this? Mmmmm fuck me Santa! Make me your ho ho ho who lets Santa fuck her right up the ass!”

Justin truthfully hadn’t expected Love to go that far, at least not right away. But she surprised him by going top speed and he wasn’t going to tell her to put the brakes on now. The view of her round, thick ass cheeks swaying back and forth like they could hypnotize him into taking her backside was the perfect enticement to go along with her dirty words. And it helped that now Justin had extra encouragement too.

While Love made a show of waving her ass back and forth and showing off how much she wanted to be fucked, Sarah and Jennifer had kept the cum boiling in his balls. They kneeled on each side of his erection and dragged their tongues along it. They licked upward, each of them taking a side of his penis and wetly dragged their tongues up to the swollen head.

Once they were both at the tip, Sarah and Jennifer both flicked their tongues against it, causing the swollen head to squirt out some precious precum they both eagerly cleaned off his rod and then they kissed, trapping his thick cock head between their lips as the two friends sexily smooched around his cock, getting it even harder with their lips and tongues.

That left Justin at a loss for words and he could only manage to grunt out two of them.

“That ass…” Justin declared in lust which gave everyone all the answer they needed.

“Mmmmm sounds like Santa is a booty man,” Sarah giggled. “But I think he should get your pussy first Love. Jump on his lap Love. Mmmm get that cock of his wet with that pretty pussy of yours first, baby. Jen and I will do the rest!”

Love didn’t have to be told twice and, pausing only to let Sarah and Jennifer each give a naughty kiss to Justin’s cock head, she repositioned herself quickly. She practically jumped into Santa’s lap and passionately kissed Justin while throwing her arms around him and drawing “Santa” closer to her.

“Oooof!” Justin grunted when Love bounced onto his lap before he was ready. But he quickly recovered. “And what do you want for Christmas little girl?”

“The same thing I want every year, Santa,” Love sweetly replied. “I want peace on Earth and good will toward men…and women! Oh and I also want sex! Mmmmm I always want sex! My friends all call me a slut and it’s so true! I am a slut! I want to get fucked for Christmas and this year I want something special too! I want dick!”

Love followed that up by grabbing a hold of Justin’s cock by the shaft and expertly sliding it into herself as she lowered herself down onto it. Love shivered in delight and excitement when that thick cock, one she had seen in action in so many porno movies, glided right into her soaked folds. She was more than ready for him after a night of action and having had this intense fantasy inside her for so long and she took his cock with ease, moaning as his thick inches filled her up and made it so pleasurable for her to impale herself on Justin’s cock and start to ride.

“Ughhhhh fuckkkk that is a wet fucking pussy! Oooooh tight too!” Justin groaned as he felt the soft folds of Love’s pussy swallow his cock and squeeze around it while she showed him just how much she could handle. “If you want this cock then you’re going to get it good for Christmas, little girl!”

“Yesssssss I want it! It’s what I want more than anything!” Love cried, her brain completely shut off and only her lust and her instincts guiding her now. “Mmmm I haven’t had real dick in so long and I need this cock Santa! Mmmmm I need to make it all nice and wet so Santa can fuck my ass and put me on the nice list!”

Now that Justin was inside her, Love began to ride him, quickly getting into a steady rhythm of bouncing up and down his engorged cock and feeing it slid in deeper and deeper with each motion of her body. The native Texan girl was riding Justin cowgirl style which put her tits right in his face and he was eager to take advantage of that.

In riding Justin’s cock up and down, Love planted her hands on his shoulders for support. She loved the way the red fur of his Santa suit felt against her palms and she grabbed onto it for the thrill of it. That brought her jiggling tits right into his face and they bumped into him over and over again. Love giggled over her bouncing boobs but Justin reacted with pure desire, roughly squeezing them and burying his face in her rack so he could motorboat them.

The aggressive touch was just what Love wanted. Many times she loved to have her tits kissed and caressed and have her nipples worshipped with tender love. But when she was charged up she loved it when her tits were pawed at and slapped and groped. This was one of those times for sure and Justin’s scruffy face, complete with the yanked down Santa beard shoved between her tits as he groped them sent a wave of pleasure through Love’s body.

“Ooooooooh! Mmmmm yeahhhh oooooh Santa mmmm fuckkk grope my tits! Squeeze those fucking boobs!” Love squealed, completely lost in her deviant fantasy. “Mmmmm yessss I know Mrs. Claus doesn’t have big fat jugs like I do! Ooooh you must want big titties every year but no one gives Santa any presents! But I will! Grab those big tits! Stuff your cock up my pussy! Get it nice and creamy with my fuck juice and get it ready to nail my ass! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa!”

While Love was doing her best Lauren Graham impression, Sarah and Jennifer shared a smile. They had seen Love talk and be dirty before, but this was a new standard for her. They didn’t want to make fun of her though. They wanted her to feel good and be happy and, besides, they knew they’d be saying it too as Justin’s big cock filled up Love’s pussy. He thrust up into her while she rode it and every time he pulled out even a little, his cock was slicker and creamier with his juices.

It was clear this was turning Love on like crazy and her friends were glad her fantasy was coming true. But they wanted to do more than watch the show and their position gave them a great chance to actually help. Because in cowgirl position, Love’s ass was facing them and it was mighty enticing indeed to see her bouncing butt cheeks jiggle up and down while she rode Justin hard like a rodeo queen.

Both of them knew what they had to do and without a word they went and did it. Sarah spread open Love’s ass cheeks from behind and Jennifer unleashed her tongue on her friend. While Love rode Justin with a greater and greater urgency, Jennifer started licking her housemate’s asshole, letting the saliva drip off her tongue so she could spread it around and loosen her tight little rosebud up.

“OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS! MMMMM!” Love cried ecstatically as she looked over her shoulder to see which of her friends was rimming her. “Ooooooh Jen! Yesssss do it baby! Lick my ass! Mmmm get it all wet and sloppy so Santa can ram his dick up there and fuck me like the Christmas slut I am! Ahhhh yessss lick me like that! I love your tongue Jen! Mmmmm fucking lick me like you always do!”

It wasn’t just Jennifer’s tongue that Love got, though. It was also Sarah’s and the two of them started licking Love’s asshole together to get her extra wet. While Sarah kept Love’s butt cheeks spread open they both worked her ass over, saliva being swapped from tongue to tongue and being smeared all over her hole.

Sarah was the first to actually push her tongue inside Love’s asshole, thrusting into her puckered ring and probing it with deep licks she knew her friend liked. And Sarah was getting pleasure out of it too. Love’s ass tasted so good and Sarah loved eating it but she was also doing it because she wanted to make sure she was loose enough to take all that cock up her butt. She knew Love always relaxed her asshole after a good licking and so did Jennifer, who wasn’t shy about pushing her tongue into Love’s hole too.

“OH FUCK OHHHHH! YESSSSSS SO GOOD! OOOOOOH GAWD YOU TWO KNOW WHAT I FUCKING LIKE!” Love laughed and panted loudly, her tits mashed in Justin’s face and her ass sticking out so her friends could tongue fuck it while she rode that big cock inside her. “OOOOOOH! MMMM FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! GET MY ASS READY! I WANT SANTA TO FUCK ME IN THE ASS! OOOOOH FUCKKK YOU ALWAYS LICK MY ASS SO WELL! OOOOOH FUCKKK I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH OHHHHHH!”

That feeling was more than mutual for Sarah and Jennifer and they focused entirely on pleasuring their beloved friend. They knew how hard Love had worked to make everything perfect for Christmas and since this was the gift she so clearly wanted, they wanted to make sure she got it. But also, in the back of their minds, Sarah and Jennifer also felt for some reason they owed Love and that everything that was happening was because of them.

They couldn’t quite remember why they felt that way and they pushed it out of their minds. But it was still there and though neither Jennifer nor Sarah knew what the other was thinking, they both felt the same way. And they both felt like they had to focus entirely on Love’s pleasure as they both tongue fucked her ass and felt her ass cheeks smack into their faces as she vigorously rode Justin, getting speed with every bounce of her body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh my! Fuckkk oooooooh Santaaaaaa yeah fuck me! Ooooooh you’re fucking my slutty pussy so good!” Love declared blissfully before pulling her tits out of Justin’s face and letting him breathe before she smothered his lips in a kiss and rubbed her tongue into his. “Mmmmm fuckkkk you’re making me so dripping wet Santa! Ohhhhhhh! Yesssss so goddamn wet for your cock! Ohhhhh!”

Jennifer and Sarah had seen the slutty side of their friend many times and they knew she was reaching her insatiable peak from the way she moved and the way she moaned and the dreamy sound of her voice. They had fucked Love so many times they knew every sexual aspect of her. So they knew she was close and they wanted to make sure Love got what she wanted. So they both got her extra wet by spitting into her asshole and letting their saliva fill and lube her splayed open ring.

And then they both pulled away and Jennifer gave Love’s ass a playful smack to let her know that her friends considered her ready.

“Ride his cock Love!” Jennifer said. “Take it right up your beautiful ass! Show Santa what a naughty girl you are! Show him how much you love it up the ass!”

“Oooooooh yeahhhh I love it up my ass sooooo fucking much!” Love immediately agreed, her voice one long, urgent moan. “Mmmm you want it Santa? Want to assfuck this Christmas slut? Want to stuff my ass like you usually stuff my stocking? Want to take my big, juicy butt right in front of my Christmas tree? Ooooooh I always wanted to lay out naked under my tree for you to find me that way! I always had such dirty thoughts of you fucking my ass and making me into Santa’s whore!”

Justin could barely keep up with Love’s ribald enthusiasm. But he knew he had to fuck her ass. He wasn’t about to come this far with a gorgeous, slutty woman like her only to veer off right before the finish line. In porno there wasn’t an ass he couldn’t conquer and Justin didn’t think he had ever worked with anyone who could compete with Love’s desire for it.

“Yeah that ass is mine now! Give it to Santa!” Justin demanded along with a smack to Love’s ass, much harder than Jennifer’s but very welcomed nevertheless. “Time to get your present Love! Time to get Santa’s big cock right up your ass!”

Ever since her teenage brain and libido had discovered just how fun sexual fantasies could be, and the sluttier the better, Love had longed to hear those words. And she reacted with unrestrained glee, squeaking in horny expectation as she pulled her squishy pussy right off of Justin’s cream covered cock and turned herself around so she could be in reverse cowgirl positon, pushing her ass toward Justin and her face and tits toward her housemates.

Love reached around to her own backside and spread herself open while lowering down onto Justin’s cock, giving him as tempting a target as possible. Her puckered ring and round, thick ass cheeks looked so good to him and Justin did the rest, grabbing his own erection and guiding it into her hole. When Love lowered herself down, Justin’s cock was waiting for her and he pushed it into her ass, penetrating her ring and slipping inside.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my God! Ohhhhh Santa yesssss! Fuck yessssss!” Love groaned rapturously when she felt his big porno cock pushing up her ass. “Ohhhhh! Mmmm fuckkk that’s so big! So big and so fucking good!”

Love closed her eyes from the intensity of the penetration but she had a big smile on her face too. She hadn’t felt a real cock up her ass in so long but plenty of strap-ons, especially Mr. Snappy, had kept her tight hole ready and trained to be taken. And Love had plenty of lube too. Between her slippery pussy juices all over Justin’s cock and all the saliva coating her asshole, Love was able to take him in with no problem and the pleasure was immense for both of them.

“Ohhhhh what a great ass! Tight and so fucking curvy!” Justin grunted as Love lowered herself down on his pole, slowly at first to get used to it and then with a quicker pace to follow. Her full, thick cheeks rubbed right into him as he sat up in the chair to have better leverage to push up inside her and her hole wrapped snugly around his throbbing cock, giving him so much stimulation.

But Love felt it even more intensely and she couldn’t have been happier. Those thick inches of cock felt amazing inside her. Love had taken on bigger cocks before, both real and plastic, but this one was really thick to and Justin knew just how to use it. She loved how he felt inside her and she loved feeling stretched out, especially because she could lean back and feel her bare back and even the cheeks of her ass rub up against the red and white fur of his Santa suit.

That turned her on in such a perverse way and Love wanted more. She cried out when more and more of Justin’s cock pushed inside her, going deep inside her butt and making her feel like her dirty fantasy was really coming true. Love began to ride him more vigorously, bouncing on his cock and letting it fill her up. Each inch of dick that slipped inside her hole made her smile and moan and she wanted to feel every inch of her lover from the North Pole.

“Oh yes! Mmmmmm gawwwwwd fuck yessss! Give it to me Santa! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Give it to my slutty ass!” Love demanded with raw enthusiasm as she started to ride him faster, letting his cock slip deeper up her ass with every bounce up and down. “Ooooooh fuckkkkk this is what I fucking want for Christmas! Deep dick my ass Santa! Fuck me hard! Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss mmmm fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa! Fuck me Santa!”

Love was giddy as she called out for Santa and the faster she rode the cock that was now deep up her ass the more she smiled and squealed and cried in pleasure. This felt incredible to her and she gasped out in joy when she shoved herself lower on Justin’s cock, forcing herself to take all of it and feel his balls pressing into her while every inch was buried up her butt.


Naturally it wasn’t just Justin’s cock up her ass that was turning Love on, not when she had such good friends there to help her. In reverse cowgirl position, Love’s front was to her housemates and to the party at large and as she bounced up and down on his cock, her pussy was splayed open in a raw, dripping display. She was bouncing so hard that her soft, natural tits were jiggling incredibly on her chest, but it was her spread pink pussy, so open with her legs spread and so wet and so in need of being licked that most tempted her friends.

Love was practically offering up her pussy to her friends and it would almost have been rude for them to not help themselves. Sarah and Jennifer wouldn’t have been able to resist Love’s aroused pussy under normal circumstances and what was happening now was anything but normal. And the two of them eagerly took Love up on her offer, pressing their faces to her crotch and licking her together, two tongues attacking Love’s cunt and tasting her dripping juices.

And the extra stimulation had quite an effect on Love, just like her friends hoped it would.


Sarah and Jennifer couldn’t keep themselves from playing with Justin too since his cock was in such easy access. They swiped their tongues from time to time over the base of his cock and licked upward as he fucked Love, tasting her ass on his cock. And both of them fondled his balls with their soft hands, stimulating him and even licking and sucking on his cum-filled nuts a few times. But they mostly concentrated on Love, licking her flared open pussy lips and kissing and sucking on her clit and doing everything they knew their friend enjoyed.

They even rubbed her pussy lips while kissing each other, Sarah and Jennifer sharing the taste of Love’s juices and Justin’s cock as they tongue kissed. Hearing Love cry out again and again in pleasure as she implored “Santa” to fuck her harder was such a turn on for them both and they kissed passionately while rubbing Love’s tender lips and checking out her beautiful body while she rode Justin’s cock, her big tits so enticing as they jiggled on Love’s all-natural and very happy body.

Love had her head tossed back in ecstasy as she rode her lover and her instinct was to close her eyes and just let the bliss overwhelm her. But she fought against that and not only kept her eyes open and her hair out of her face but also wiped the excited, happy tears out of her eyes too. Because Love got so turned on not just looking down to see Sarah and Jennifer naked and making out before they started going down on her again, licking her pussy with both of their tongues, but also from her view of the party.

Love had always loved looking over the living room with the big tree and the stockings up and all the decorations she had worked so hard to get perfect. But now the room was filled up with naked women and they were all licking and fucking and kissing and fingering and coming all over each other. The pile of naked, wildly fucking women seemed to have grown even more to Love and she loved seeing it.

Even though she still couldn’t help but hear that little voice inside her head that this was wrong and shouldn’t have been happening, Love did her best to ignore it. What could be wrong with all those beautiful bodies fucking like wild animals? They were all sluts for Christmas, just like her. Love was sure Christmas magic had made them all so horny and insatiable as the pile of girls lewdly rutted in her living room, dozens of bodies coming together in untamed lust.

Being on Justin’s lap and riding his cock gave Love such an amazing view of everything that was happening and while so much of it was a blur to her, she drank in everything she could with her eyes. She watched all of her friends and all of their guests go at it frantically, with everyone going at it and jumping from one hot body to the next to the next as women would couple and then uncouple and everyone seemed to be in one writhing mass of naked bodies, all of them kissing and groping and licking and coming and making a mess of each other with their sweaty flesh and dripping cunts.

Love could see sweet young Lucy Hale bent over with her amazing bubble butt in the air while Jewel was behind the actress with her tongue buried in Lucy’s asshole and her fingers jamming roughly in and out of the girl’s drooling twat. But it wasn’t just Jewel’s fingers inside Lucy as Rosario Dawson was also finger fucking the Pretty Little Liar. Love watched Jewel pull her tongue out of Lucy’s ass and then jam it right into Rosario’s mouth as they began feverishly making out, mashing their big tits together as dark skin rubbed into white and they shared the taste of Lucy’s delicious asshole.

While they were making out, Jewel had Sarah Hyland underneath her and lapping at her pussy while riding her face. The horny actress was squeezing Jewel’s ass and tongue fucking her vigorously while Sarah had her own legs spread for Maria Menounos to get in there and eat her pussy. And Rosario was being licked too. Love strained her head and moaned in excitement when she saw it was pretty blonde Olivia Holt behind Rosario, spreading open her dark, juicy buns and burying her white girl face in her pussy.

Love hadn’t even known Olivia was invited and there were so many others Love was shocked to see here. The guest list had gone out of control and so had the party. Everyone was licking and being licked. Love could see someone was also licking and fingering Olivia while she tongue fucked Rosario but she couldn’t quite make out who. There were just so many bodies.

Love could see so much though and she loved it all. She could see those sexy girl wrestlers that Stacy had brought over….oooh what were their names? They were so hot and Love had thought they were so hot and had entertained a few naughty thoughts about what those strong girls could “force” her to do to them. Oh yes! Kaitlyn and AJ! Love could see them now and just how much they had gotten into the fun.

Kaitlyn was on her back with her legs spread wide and was squeezing her own big tits as Emma Stone went down on her. The naked redhead looked so good with her slim body between Kaitlyn’s muscular thighs and Love moaned in desire when she imagined those thighs clamping down on her. Love’s moans of voyeuristic delight got even louder when she saw Beyoncé just casually plant her pussy down on Kaitlyn’s face, smothering her with her dripping wetness and not caring that she didn’t know her. Kaitlyn was just a hot tongue for her to fuck and Kaitlyn fucked away, grabbing onto Beyoncé’s famous ass and letting the superstar hump her face.

And while that was happening, Hilary Duff got behind Emma and licked away at the pale redhead’s pussy. Hilary lapped at Emma’s muffin while Ashley Benson shoved her face and fingers into Hilary’s incredible booty, burrowing into her juicy backside and looking like she loved it. Love wanted to see so much more but the pile of girls became too much and she had her view obscured, but not before she could catch a glimpse of Kaitlyn’s friend AJ shoving her tongue into Ava Sambora’s young cunt and licking away at the teenager’s soaked pink hole.

Everyone was just going at it like all they cared about was coming again and again and Love could understand completely. She felt the same way as she rode Justin’s cock in her ass and ground her pussy into Jennifer and Sarah’s faces. She was just as insatiable as everyone else and she loved being able to look out at them all.

Love could see Ariel Winter’s voluptuous body on all fours, her big tits hanging so erotically as her big ass was being spanked and then kissed by Mariah Carey. And Ariel would have been yelping and moaning from it too if she didn’t have Victoria Justice holding her down by her hair, shoving the teenager right into her crotch so she could eat her pussy while Victoria lay back on the floor, out of her mind with lesbian lust and her legs in the air wide open in a V to give Ariel plenty of access to her cunt.

And while Mariah moved her mouth over to start tongue fucking Ariel’s newly slutty holes, she was being fucked hard from behind by Stacy Keibler who had a strap-on around her waist and was indulging deeply in the pleasure of being able to fuck another woman up the ass instead of just having her own fucked. Love had never seen Stacy like that before and she thought her leggy housemate looked so good wearing a toy and fucking Mariah’s juicy ass. Love knew she knew she was going to have to ask Stacy to wear that for her later and fuck her too.

So much was happening right in front of her. Love could see Olivia Munn wetly sucking all over Liz Gillies’ big tits before she pushed Liz onto her back and dove down between her legs, lapping at Liz’s hot pussy while Olivia was being licked at the same time by Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay was being licked by Minka Kelly. And Love caught such hot glimpses of Mandy Moore bent over to get fucked by a toy right up her ass, just how Love knew Mandy most loved it, by Holly Marie Combs.

Love knew Holly would soon be feeding Mandy that toy right out of her ass like the good MILF that she was Mandy wasn’t the only one being fucked hard as Love caught an arousing glimpse of Kelly Clarkson on all fours too, her big booty up in the air and a big plastic pink toy being rammed up her ass by a giggling, naked Ariana Grande at the same time Jennifer Lawrence was making out with Ariana and shoving another toy, this one thick and black into Kelly’s cunt, double penetrating her as the American Idol howled in ecstasy and thrust herself back onto the two toys, making her thick ass cheeks shake as she did it.

Love was losing track of who was doing what to who but she was so sure she saw Beth Behrs and Katy Perry sucking on Reese Witherspoon’s big milky mommy tits while Emma Watson licked at Reese’s pregnant pussy at the same time Rihanna had a toy up Emma’s insatiable cunt and her tongue in the British star’s asshole. And she was sure she could see in that pile and find JoJo Levesque getting her own thick ass cheeks spread so Shanelle Grey could tongue her hole while JoJo sucked and licked at Miley Cyrus’ pussy and Miley lapped at Avril Lavigne and Avril tongued Kirsten Dunst.

It was all a blur…a big, sexy, slutty Christmasy blur to Love as she gasped and squealed from the cock up her ass and the tongues on her cunt and the view of Kate Upton and Kat Dennings sharing a double ended dildo with both ends buried inside them so they could go ass to ass and smack their juicy buns together while their tits bounced and Kat ate out Bella Thorne and Kate found herself craving pussy like she never dreamed she could by eating out Emmy Rossum while Michelle Branch pushed her own pussy to Emmy’s face and cooed in delight when the actress started licking her with her new thirst for girl cum.

And there were even more women in the pile with all of them doing such slutty, dirty things to each other. Love knew it wasn’t supposed to be like this. None of this was supposed to be happening but she couldn’t care about that, not when everyone looked so sexy and everything felt so good. How could anything be wrong when she was being fucked by Santa?

Love could feel how close she was getting to coming and she rode Justin’s cock harder and faster. He was buried all the way up her ass now and she could feel every inch of him stretching her hole and filling her up. And with Jennifer and Sarah doing such a good job licking her pussy and sliding their fingers into her drenched hole while she looked out into the wild, raging orgy, Love felt sensory overload. It was so much all at once for her and she couldn’t hold back.


As Justin fucked away, thrusting himself up into Love, Sarah and Jennifer licked and fucked her harder. Both of them had their fingers inside her now too, giving her so much and making sure Love was completely stimulated. And that more than did the trick as Love let go in ecstasy.


Love’s fuck cream went all over Sarah and Jennifer’s tongues as she came, just like they all wanted. As their friend came from being fucked up the ass, Sarah and Jennifer licked up every drop of her essence they could, letting it soak their taste buds before they pulled away and kissed each other.

Bur they only did that briefly before Jennifer and Sarah both rose up and kissed Love too, feeding her the creamy taste of her own cum. Love happily accepted as she slid her tongue into both of their mouths, tasting how much she came and how messy it was in their mouths and all over their faces. The three girls licked each other to get all of the cum off and they slowly pulled Love off of Justin’s cock, revealing there was still something that very much still needed to be taken care of.

Justin’s erection was throbbing with the need to be set off and the three girls responded to their new friend’s condition.

“Mmmm I think Santa needs a present too,” Sarah smiled and moaned. “Jolly ol St. Nick needs to come, doesn’t he?”

“Fuck yes!” Justin groaned so eager to have these three take care of him that he kept indulging the game they were playing. “Make Santa come!”

Love was woozy and tired after coming so hard but she wasn’t about to deny Santa what she needed and she had the help of her two friends too.

“Mmmmm come for me Santa,” Love urged, her voice weak but happy. “I want your cum so bad! I wanna make Santa happy! I wanna be such a good girl for Christmas!”

Love didn’t just use her words to get Justin off though. She also used her mouth and started sucking his cock, enjoying the taste of her own ass all over his thick, raging boner. Love moaned at the taboo thrill of going ass to mouth with Santa and she slurped him right into her warm, wet mouth.

But she wasn’t the only one who wanted a taste and when Love pulled off, Jennifer slid her mouth down Justin’s pole, sucking him off and tasting her friend’s fresh fucked ass. Jennifer sucked him into her mouth, bobbing up and down while Sarah and Love sucked and licked his sweaty balls and flicked their tongues together.

Then it was Sarah’s turn and she moaned as she sucked Justin down her throat, gulping his dick down and wetly slurping on it so she could taste the last bit of Love’s ass and also clean off her friend’s saliva. And while she did that, Love and Jennifer licked all over Justin’s balls, tonguing his sensitive sacs and making him moan until it was clear he couldn’t take any more.

Sarah took his groans as a warning and pulled off Justin’s cock so she, Love and Jennifer could all present their pretty faces for them. They all kneeled before him and stuck out their tongues playfully, making it clear where they wanted Santa’s load.

“Awwwww fuckkkkk ohhhhh yeahhhh!” Justin groaned, unable to resist the three famous faces eagerly waiting for his load as he jacked himself off the rest of the way.

And it only took a few quick strokes for him to lose it and for cum to spurt out of his cock. It wasn’t his first load of the night but it was the hottest as he nutted all over Jennifer, Sarah and Love’s faces. Cum squirted onto Sarah’s nose and over her lips and onto Jennifer’s chin and tongue but Justin deliberately saved most of it for Love and she got the brunt of his load on her face.

All three of them moaned as he came with hot blasts against their skin and Love moaned the happiest and the loudest from her perverted fantasy coming true.

“Mmmmmm come all over my face Santa! Mmmm frost all over my Christmas slut face!” Love sighed in deviant bliss as Justin’s cum coated her tongue and he let out his last few blasts onto her face, soaking her nose and over her lips.

“Oooooh thank you Santa,” Jennifer laughed as she looked over at how sticky Sarah and Love’s faces were and knew she had to look the same.

The three women immediately fell right into a passionate three-way kiss. Sarah, Love and Jennifer all kissed and shared the cum on each other’s lips and tongues. They had never shared a man’s load all together and they all were so eager for it as they licked each other clean, dragging their tongues all over each other’s faces and sharing it in messy, cummy kisses.

Sarah and Jennifer paid particular close attention to Love’s face since she had most of the cum. They licked her clean and made her laugh and moan from their tongue swipes against her face and the sexy kisses they gave her lips. And when Love finally pulled away it was so she could lie down on the floor, exhausted but satisfied.

“So sleepy…” Love mumbled, the intense high of adrenaline she had experienced in her fantasy leaving her crashing down. “Gonna close my eyes…just for a minute…need to rest…wake me in a sec…”

Before she could finish that, Love was out like a light and Jennifer and Sarah both bent down to give her forehead a kiss.

“Merry Christmas Love,” Sarah said with a smile as she slumped back against the wall and saw the writhing mass of bodies still going at it. She was feeling pretty sleepy herself and Sarah could tell Jennifer was too. But at the same time it was like her pussy was compelling her to keep going.

She was so sore and so tired and yet Sarah felt like she needed more. She couldn’t stop wanting to fuck and before she knew what she was doing, Sarah found herself on all fours and crawling naked to the mass of horny, fucking bodies. The sounds of their moans and grunts and licks and screams drew her in and Sarah could hear Jennifer behind her, following her right into the pile and what seemed like a never ending party.



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