Melissa Benoist Titty Fuck

Title: Melissa Benoist Titty Fuck

Author: LogicKinng

Celebs: Melissa Benoist

Codes: MF, cons, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


The entire day that I spent in isolation from the world on birthday, I had only one thought that got me through the loneliness and the pressure of impending exam. Melissa Benoist Titty Fuck. Ever since I saw a pic of her online wearing a low-cut dress, showing her heavy cleavage, my non-studies thoughts were pretty much limited to the 3 pics. Wanking off to it thrice certainly didn’t help.

Fast forward to the day of my last exam, I finished it. Later that evening, or as time would tell, late night, my friends organized a belated birthday party for me. It was in some exclusive pub. I had been there exactly once before, after trying to get in over 6 times. It was one hell of a party.

After 2 hours or so, my friend dragged me to the bar. I couldn’t help but notice a new drink. Supergirl. I laughed like a maniac and pointed it out to my friend. “You gotta have one hell of pussy of steel to get a drink like that.” “Dude, let’s try it. Let’s see how much steel we have,” he replied me. We got ourselves one each. I couldn’t make it through half the drink. My friend finished it and came to an almost passing out stage. We were in “Dude. WTF?!” mode. “So, do you like It?” asked a voice. It seemed familiar, but impossible. It just cannot be. To our left, a sexy brunette lady. Her hair covered half an eye, while flowing freely over the contours of her body. White, nearly thin low-cut dress and a brown belt of some sort. “Melissa Benoist!” my friend gasped. “Damn this one materializes our thoughts. Wait. Something’s missing. Ah! Yes! TITTY FUCK!” I blurted. Next thing I think I know, was a hand flying at me, and “PHAT!” I nearly fell back, only to end up, knocking my friend unconscious. It felt like a revelation of some sort. A painful one though. But it turns out that the lady I thought that I imagined was an actual Melissa Benoist. Standing. Glaring at me. At that point it seemed that her heat vision was going to be very painful. She stormed off to an empty seat the corner of the bar and drank her Supergirl. She was raging. It seemed as if she hated herself for making a bad choice. I carried my friend to his girlfriend’s car and sent him home. Then, I washed face in the washroom, looked into the mirror and said to myself, “You fucking genius.”

I gingerly walked up to Melissa. “I’m sorry.” I whispered to her. She looked at me with so much anger. Before I could do anything, she pulled me to her and kissed me. It was long, deep and tongue-heavy kiss. Once she broke it, she ordered another Supergirl. MB: “So, care to tell me what the heck was that about? Or do you need an invitation?” Me: “My birthday came during my exams. I spent th whole day between the pages of my books. Only thing that kept me sane was seeing your pics the day before, wearing this exact same dress. Fast forward to today, I’m having a delayed party. Drank a Supergirl too much. Thought I was imagining you. Turns out no.” MB: “I see…” Me: “And I’m guessing you’ve have a rough or long day. You came here looking for company, only to find creeps?” MB: “You know, for a guy who spent his birthday between pages of books instead of between legs of girl, you sure did make one hell of a guess. I won’t call you creep though. You look good. Kind of.” MB calling me good looking?! Then I probably am. The weight of self-doubt and self-esteem related issues was lifted off my shoulders. Most of it anyway. MB: ” What of your friend? He hurt?” Me: ” Not much. Supergirl hit him harder than Reign hit her. No offence.” MB: “Nah…” Me: “Hey, um, you want to come with me to the back?” MB: “The back?” Me: “You know. The back. Never mind.” So, I offered her my hand. Surprisingly, she took it.

I led Melissa to the store room. Me: “This is a secret I discovered the last time I was here.” MB: “You were here with another woman and dare to bring me here? Ew!” Me: ” No. No. No. No. No. The last time I was here. In this place. Myself. Well, technically with my friends. But here myself. Not wanking off! Lost my way and ended up here.” MB, rolling her eyes: “Fine. Whatever. Get on with it.” Me: “I promise, the next time you roll your eyes, you’ll be enjoying it.” MB: “It? Ag- AHH!!!” I spun her around and squeezed her boobs from back. I kissed her on the nape of neck, making her gasp. I made her bend over to ensure her ass was in contact with my dick. The moment I felt her ass with my groin, I rubbed it. Her knees gave way, and she held onto me. Her breathing became a thousand times heavier. Her moans and breathing were well audible.

I turned Melissa around and nailed her against the wall. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and then, we kissed each other. While I was trying to undress her, she was trying to rip my clothes off me. We raced our hands, touching each other, in the most private areas. Within the next 3 minutes, we were completely undressed, hugging and kissing passionately. Every part of her body felt soft. I grabbed her sexy little ass. She wrapped her legs around me. I broke the kiss and whispered, “I wanna Titty Fuck you so badly.” She gave me wicked smile and said, “As you wish. Belated birthday boy.” and got down on her knees. I placed my dick in her cleavage and squeezed her boobs. Melissa looked at me hornily as she covered my dick with her boobs. She then started to rub her boobs up and down the length of my shaft. It felt so good. After some time, I took my turn to hold her boobs in place, then fucked her tits. When I felt that I was going to cum, I stopped Titty Fucking her, and wedged my cock between her sweet lips. The horny girl took the entire length of dick in. I held her hair and fucked her mouth. Within half a minute, I shot my entire load in Melissa’s mouth. Despite trying to swallow all of it, some leaked from the side of her lips. I wiped it off with my middle finger. Once she swallowed, I offered the finger to her. Obediently, she took it and sucked it. She then proceeded to suck my dick. She licked my dick clean. Not a drop of cum visible!

Melissa stood up, grabbed my dick, and said, “Now, it’s your turn. Make sure I cum.” To be honest, I don’t look like the type of guys to whom girls masturbate. So, I had to take the long way. Holding the titty-fucking gorgeous girl against the wall, I took her pretty face in my hand kissed her. Then, I kissed her cheek, ear and neck, while hugging her. I slowly made my way down to her cleavage. I took a bomb I’m my mouth and toyed it with my tongue while doing the same for the other with one hand and Hold in her sexy waist with the other hand. Melissa’s breathing became steadily heavier. After having enough fun, I switched sides. Her heaving made it more fun and enjoyable for me. She grabbed my hair in a desperate attempt to control herself. But it only forced me on her more. Finishing the second boob, I moved over to her cleavage. I kissed Melissa gently and slowly, moving down her cleavage. This made her play with her boobs and moan. As I moved down further to her belly, her moaning became hornier. I wasn’t sure how to play with this. So, I went with my feelings. I held Melissa by her waist and continued kissing it. Slowly, I started to rub her lower back. “Hmm… Ahh…” she moaned. Going down south further, I reached her pussy.

I licked and kissed all around Melissa’s cunt, while grabbed her soft ass for toying and support. I could feel it become wetter and wetter. Her moans became louder and breathing, heavier. I then proceeded to attending to her soft inner thighs. I licked then slowly from above her knee to the edge of her pussy. Still playing with her boobs, she grabbed onto my hair again. Squeezing her hoy was as hard as I can, I ended it with one kiss directly on her wet and tight little cunt. Melissa arched her back, pulled me to her cunt, and she screamed at the top of her voice as she fell for my seduction. Her mind lost control of her body as she came all over me. She came, and she came, and she came, like a dirty little whore who hadn’t had any in a while. It took some time before she stopped squirting.

Slowly, Melissa loosened her grip on me, then sat on the floor, with her legs spread open. I sat beside her. Two of us, naked, in a sizable pool of her cum. For a long time, neither of us spoke. We contemplated the session that we had. She leaned on my shoulder, and finally broke the silence. MB: “Where did you learn to seduce like that?” Me: “I had a good teacher.” MB: “Amber Heard?” Me: “Wha- how did you know that?!” MB: “i went to her for a little therapy. She told me to find you.” Me: “Oh my shi-” MB: “If it’s any consolation, you were better than I expected. Way better.” Me: “Why would she send someone to me with expectations?! Is she watching me? How did you know where I am? Was Amber tracking me?” MB: “Hey. Hey. Hey. Look here. She isn’t following you. Or stalking you or shit. She just told me that this is one of the places I may find you. So, I dropped by a few times.” Me: “And ended up dropping your pants today. Tonight.” MB: “Shut up nerd.” We got our cloths back on and silently slipped out of the store room. Most of my friends had left the party. MB: “Hey listen, if you ever feel horny, give me a ring. Call.” Me: “Sure thing. Nerd.” We smiled at each other as she handed over her number to me. Melissa left the place. I joined back with my remaining friends for my party.


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