New York Whore, Chapter 8

Title: New York Whore, Chapter 8

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lea Michelle, Isabela Moner, Rachel Bilson

Codes: FF, f, cons, exh, voy, fDom, fist

Disclaimer:  This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading.





By Noopster

Despite her best efforts on stage, Lea Michele was sold for less than the year before and a lot less than what Paris Berelc, thirteen years younger, had gotten. While her buyer secured her collar and leash, she noticed Selena and Taylor waiting in line. The pretty latina in the blue dress smiled at her with apprehension and Lea waved goodbye at her with a resigned look of disappointment; following obediently in the direction of the same corner of the backstage area where the other sold girls had been taken to.


“That’s tough. Items over 30 don’t get big offers anymore. This will probably be her last auction,” Madison Beer noted with the relaxed tone of an 18-year-old that knows she’s got at least a decade of being prime quality meat.


“Not that different from Hollywood…” Taylor cynically added. She’d been around both industries long enough to know that there wasn’t much difference in how age was regarded, whether it was about acting or fucking.


Selena felt really bad for her friend Lea, but there was nothing she could do. She was still trying to make sense of everything around her, still trying to process the magnitude of the event and the considerable number of famous girls up for auction. She never could have imagined there to be so many successful and talented women being forced to fuck strangers for money just like her; and some of them even doing it of their own will like Rachel Bilson and her friend Taylor.


“Where do they take them?” she asked.


“Oh, there’s a hallway back there with a row of bedrooms,” Madison explained, “Buyers take the items there to try them out before signing the check. To make sure they’re in mint condition.”


“Or if they just can’t wait to fuck them,” Chimed in Taylor.


“Yeah, that too,” continued Madison, “It’s more of a custom than anything else since items are almost never “returned”.


“Really? Girls don’t try to resist or escape at all?”


“Here’s the thing, Sel, Masters don’t bring their girls here unless they’re 100% sure they’re ready to serve. An unwilling or disobedient item can ruin their reputation.”


“Yeah, last year there was a whole thing with Bella Thorne. They had to ban her from returning because she kept fucking people before the auction. I swear I’ve never seen anyone love cock more than that slut. I heard her master sold her to some brutal mexican drug lord as punishment.”


“By the way, who’s your master, Selena?”


“…Manuel Estrada,” The embarrassed singer replied softly.


“Oh honey, I’m so sorry!” Madison apologized, realizing it was the same man, “I didn’t know…”


The awkward moment was interrupted by the bid caller announcing the next item in the auction:


“Our next item is a 5’0″ Canadian singer-songwriter. She’s 31 years old, weighs aprox. 110 pounds and her breast-waist-hips measurements are 34, 24 and 34 inches. She’s been out of the music business for a while now but her whoring career is alive and well. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome item #38, Avril Lavigne!”




“Isn’t she married?” Selena asked, watching the petite canadian walk up the steps in a tight leather mini skirt.




“…right, dumb question. It’s just that some of the women here… I would have never expected them to do something like this.”


Madison and Taylor looked at each other, then turned to Selena at the same time.


“…I’m calling the kettle black, aren’t I?”


“Yep,” said Taylor, wrapping her arm around her shorter friend’s shoulders again.




Avril went through the tests like the pro she was, amazing the crowd with the gracious way her petite little body could still perform after more than a decade of whoring.




“You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you, Sel?” Taylor asked her friend after noticing just how focused she’d been on every single item on stage.




“You’re gonna be such a great whore, honey, I can already tell.”


“Don’t say that, Tay! I’m just doing this until I can go back to acting and singing. I don’t want to–”


“Oh no, here she comes…” the blonde singer announced with an annoyed grimace and Selena watched a smiling Ariana Grande climb up on stage in a very tight-fitting bodysuit that accentuated her small but enticing curves.




The moment she stepped on the stage the crowd went crazy for  her and she happily waved and blew kisses at them just like in any of her concerts. The cute fuzzy cat ears on her head matched the black tail coming out of her backside and emphasized her already barely-legal appearance.


“The next item, ladies and gentleman, is one you surely know by now. This petite diva from Boca Raton, Florida is 24 years old– but you would never know it by her looks– and was the highest priced item we had in last year’s auction. She’s 5 feet tall and weighs only 104 pounds. Her measurements are 32-24-32 inches and, as you’ve probably heard from any of her satisfied customers,  she is the perfect combination of exquisite, nubile beauty and insatiable wickedness in the bedroom. Here she is, the young but already legendary… ARIANAAAAA GRRRRANDEEEE!!!”




When Ariana began performing for the trials, Selena understood why the tiny singer was such a valuable item. The small but gorgeous girl swallowed the dildo with ease and grace and even managed something akin to a smile with the toy filling her small mouth and invading her throat.


“Wow! Did they give her a smaller one or something?” Selena exclaimed, amazed by Ariana’s oral skills.


“Nope, she’s just an incredible cocksucker,” Madison said, “She’s even better at sucking cock than singing, and you’ve heard her sing.”


“Wow…” Selena repeated while Taylor clenched her jaw. The tall beauty had been all over Selena’s eager body just a couple of minutes before but the moment Ariana walked on stage she had lost the mood for anything other than revenge.




Ariana stood up and slipped out of her bodysuit, making a point of turning around several times to show off the butt plug firmly inserted in her cute little hole and wiggling her small ass to make the cat tail attached to the plug move and dance with her. The crowd was going crazy and the bid caller had to remind them that they had to wait until Ariana’s tests were over to start throwing her money offers at her.


“C’mon, let’s go,” Taylor said suddenly, walking away from the stage and back into the backstage hallway, dragging her best friend behind her.


“What? But wait, I want to see what she does!” Selena argued, unable to take her eyes away from the testing dildo that was starting to stretch Ariana’s little pussy while she smiled and giggled like it was nothing.


“Who cares?!” Taylor replied, exasperated and doubling her speed.


“I care, Taylor! I know you hate her but I don’t!”


“Shut up and listen to me!” the long legged blonde yelled at her friend. Selena froze for a moment and Taylor pushed her into a musty room with nothing but a bed and a small lamp in the corner.


“What are we doing here?” she asked, realizing they were inside one of the rooms were the buyers “tested” the items before taking them home.


“Shut up and listen, this is really important,” Taylor yelled again, locking the door. “That man you’re with, he’s really, really dangerous.”


“Oh, the tall man? No, he’s actually been really nice to me–”


“No, Sel, I’m not talking about whatever lackey he sent you here with. I mean Estrada, the one who actually owns you right now.”


“Oh, him.”


“You have no idea how dangerous he is! Even among all of these rich perverts and sadists, he stands out.”


“Stand out how?”


“Look, all I know is that his whores are never the same after he’s finished with them.”


“What do you mean?”


“Britney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Rose McGowan, even… Demi. They all had mental breakdowns due to the way Estrada treated them.”


“What the fuck, Tay? Demi was never a prostitute! I would’ve known!”


“No, you wouldn’t, just like I didn’t know you were one. But the women I mentioned, they were the lucky ones, there are a lot of other girls you don’t know about, because they were never seen again.”


“Oh God, oh God, what am I gonna do?! There’s no way I can beat Ariana, I’m doomed!””


“No, you’re not. Because I have a plan to win the auction, ok?”


“What plan?”


“Well, the only way Estrada is going to let you go is if someone offers an amount so big for you that he just can’t say no. That way you get another, less dangerous, master and that stupid midget Ariana gets a good fucking blow to her gigantic ego.”


“Ok… But I thought the point of the auction was to sell us for one night. Who’s gonna pay an absurd amount of money to buy me when they can just pay way less and fuck me all night?”


“I know someone who will, but you’re not gonna like it.”


“What? Who?”


“I’ll tell you later, ok? What is important right now is that we focus on getting ready.”




“Listen to me, Sel, anyone is better than Estrada. Trust me on this. But this will only work if…”


“If what?”


“If we can put a show good enough to get his attention. Or rather, the attention of his assistant. He never comes personally, he just watches from home whenever his lackey tells him there’s something interesting going on.”


Confused and anxious, Selena had about a hundred more questions for her friend but before she could ask anything else, the skinny pop star opened the door and stepped outside. “C’mon, Sel, I’m gonna show you something that will get you in the right mind for the performance of your life.”


Taylor walked away from the room quickly, knowing Selena would be close behind, fueled by her natural curiosity and new-found sluttiness. “What is this, Tay?” the latina asked, standing outside one of the many dark green doors marked with small numbers.


“This… is the best part of the auction,” Swift replied, looking through one of the numerous peepholes conveniently installed on every door. Selena leaned into another one just below Taylor and her jaw dropped immediately. Inside that room was Lea Michelle, crying her eyes out, sinking her nails into the back of one of the two black men violently fucking her cunt and asshole. Taylor smiled to herself when she heard Selena’s breath becoming heavier. Lea kept crying and screaming but never asked the men to stop pounding her, not even once. Her buyer was sitting in the corner of the room, smoking a big cigar while he enjoyed the abuse of his new purchase.


“Oh my God, Tay, is she ok?” Selena asked, genuinely concerned about Lea’s well-being but conflicted in the realization that the brutal spectacle was turning her on.


“It’s just a D.P.. She’ll live, but she’ll be sore tomorrow. Trust me.”


“You mean you’ve–?”


“Oh look!” Taylor said, hopping to door number 7. Through the peeping hole the girls watched Rachel Bilson handcuffed to the head of the bed. There was a pink ball-gag in her mouth and a clamp on each one of her small, light brown nipples with thin chains connecting them to her slave collar. The natural light brown of her rock hard nubs had turned to an intense red under the pressure of the metal and even with the ball-gag on her pretty mouth, her cries and moans were very loud thanks to the way her customer was teasing her clit with a big white hitachi toy. Bilson’ tight little anatomy squirmed and jumped on the bed every time the man pressed the round, vibrating tip set to the fastest setting against her sensitive, swollen clit. With her petite body covered in sweat and showing signs of exhaustion, a muffled plea kept coming from her aching mouth.




“Look at her go!” Taylor exclaimed while the O.C. actress orgasmed in front of their eyes, uselessly pleading under her ball-gag to finally be fucked. “By the looks of it… she’s probably on her fourth or fifth cum by now. Some guys are into that kinda torture.”


“You mean he’s not going to fuck her?”


“He might, eventually.”


“Men are so weird.”


“Yeah, but you’ll learn to like their kinks.”


“Oh no, I don’t plan on doing this for much longer, Tay. I’m done with all of this. I just want to go back to my old life.”


“You say that and yet…”




“C’mon, Sel, I know you’re so wet right now.”


“I’m not!”


Taylor stepped up to her and whispered, “I bet if I put one finger down there it would slip right in, I wouldn’t even have to push.”




“Ugh, you’re so fucking cute when you blush, you know that?! I can’t wait for you to bury that pretty face of yours right here!” she said, biting her lower lip with lustful impatience. She moved her hand to her crotch thanks to the front cut of her unorthodox outfit and rubbed her clit through her panties, looking straight at her bashful friend.


“Taylor, stop it!”


“You’re right, you’re right. I should save it for the stage. C’mon, let’s make one last stop.”


Taylor continued moving along the long hallway with a coy smirk on her lips. Selena promptly followed, completely hooked on the lewdness of spying on other celebrities being debased and dominated for money, just like she’d been doing for the last few months.


“Ah, yes!” Taylor exclaimed when she reached the end of the hallway, “There she is!”.


Selena couldn’t wait to find out what was behind that door and when she did, she was not disappointed. Inside that room was young Isabella Moner, sucking the ugliest cock she had ever been. Her face and perky tits were already dripping with cum but what really surprised the mexican-american actress was the plastic speculum dilating her perfectly smooth 16-year-old pussy as far as it could go. From the looks of it, the fat man standing over her had already shot his load once, before she and Taylor arrived, but Isabela had kept sucking and licking him until he had inevitably gotten hard again.


“Her technique is really good for sixteen… She’s gonna be a great whore someday,” Taylor noted, “Maybe as good as me.”


Selena wanted to say something but she was too enthralled by the spectacle of Isabela’s cunt stretched wide open. Everything she had seen, heard and felt that day was starting to become overwhelming. She’d been feeling scared and anxious from the moment she stepped on that boat, yes, but she was also incredibly horny. Selena had been walking around that lecherous place for hours, surrounded by dozens of gorgeous girls exposing and disgracing themselves for money and popularity and now, after spying on Lea, Rachel and Isabela, she felt like she could not take it anymore. Her palms were sweating, her mouth-watering, her heart beating out of her chest and down between her legs… it felt like all the blood in her body was gathering around her burning, aching, hungry sex.


“So, are you horny yet or what?” Swift asked her, right when Isabela’s buyer started emptying the remaining sperm in his wrinkly old balls right into her widened, gaping vagina.


“Oh my God, Taylor… I can’t take it anymore, I need to get out of this dress…”


“Miss Swift! Miss Gomez!” the voice of one of the staffers shouted from the hallway.


“Just in time,” Taylor smiled.


“It’s your turn. The bidders are waiting.”


“You heard her. Ready, honey?”


“But, Taylor, I don’t know what I’m supposed to–”


“Shh, just relax,” Taylor told her with the tip of her finger lightly grazing the latina’s world famous lips. “Do you trust me?”


“Yes…” the brunette replied, goose bumps taking over her golden skin as her friend’s finger traveled down her neck and unto the warm space between her breasts.


“Then let’s go. Just go out there and follow my lead. And don’t worry, I’m sure they’re gonna love that cute baby face of yours.”


The tall blonde kissed her on the lips very softly and Selena blushed and smiled, looking up with loving eyes at her confident friend she thought there might be a chance that her suffering would soon be over.



Selena’s hands were covered in sweat and her pussy was dripping with anticipation. Her whole body seemed to be shaking under the blindingly bright lights of the stage and the deafening noise from the rich and powerful gathered there to offer money for her. She looked at Taylor standing next to her, looking flawless and fierce, not a drop of sweat or a hair out of place on her gorgeous face and supermodel body.




She seemed as confident as ever and that made her feel a little less terrified. “I’m so lucky to have Taylor here with me,” she thought, “there’s no way I could face all of this without her.”


“Ladies and gentleman!” The bid caller bellowed, bringing Selena back into reality.




“Now comes the last item of this year’s auction. And what a surprise it is! This is her first time being sold at the Whore Auction and even though she has one of the most recognizable faces in the world, she’s basically a rookie in the art of prostitution. But don’t worry, I’m told that what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in enthusiasm and depravedness!” The introduction made Selena blush and there was an excited roar from the audience as the bid caller continued hyping her up. “This baby-faced slut is a 5ft 5 mexican-american girl next door, weighing 121 lbs. with 35-26-35 as her measures, she comes to us from the small town of Grand Prairie, Texas. Even though she’s 24 now and has only been whoring for a couple of months, she already has a long and illustrious career of teasing her fans with her public displays of shameless cock-teasing. Now please welcome, item #49… SELENAAAAAAA GOOOOMEEEEEZZZZ!!!”




“Ooh, he called you a baby-faced slut, Sel. You gotta love that,” Taylor whispered in her friend’s ear while the excited bidders clapped, shouted and whistled, preparing their offers for the pretty newcomer. Selena waved at them bashfully, looking down at her feet while her cheeks became even redder than before.


“And accompanying her today is a slutty legend by her own right. She has chosen to withdraw her name from the auction and instead has offered herself as a free bonus to join Selena and one of you lucky bidders in any way you desire. No introduction needed for the great… TAYLOOOOOR SWIIIIFFFT!!!”




The blonde smiled and blew kisses at the audience cheering for her, then with a quick move, she reached behind her back and unhooked the small top of her outfit, letting it drop with a sexy move that she had used countless times.


“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked her dark-haired friend, who was shaking in her spot with her mind going blank. Swift let out a quick sigh of frustration and stepped behind the pretty brunette. She hooked her thumbs under the thin straps of her shiny blue dress and winked at the bidders who immediately made their demands to see Selena naked loud and clear. The blonde whore smiled and pulled the dress down. Selena gasped when the cold air hit her sweaty breasts and the excited reaction from the crowd surprised her. She felt Taylor’s hard nipples pressed against her naked back and her hands reaching around to fondle and jiggle her boobs, much to the amusement of the public. Taylor continued helping Selena’s dress come off and, as the mexican beauty stepped out of it, the cameraman zoomed in and panned over her shapely legs and her small but enticing little butt.


It was the first time Selena had been wearing so little in front of so many people.  She felt intimidated by the lustful, hungry eyes staring at her from every seat and felt the wetness between her thighs as she turned around in nothing but a minuscule thong and high heels, both the same shiny color as her now discarded dress.


“Fuck, you look so hot right now,” Taylor told her, pointing at the big screens where Selena’s delicious body was in full display. The mexican whore looked at herself and, as nervous as she still was, she had to agree. She knew she was beautiful and she was loving the attention and reaction her young body was causing, but that didn’t make her anxiety go away. It was eating her up inside and she could not make her knees stop shaking or her heart from trying to explode.


The bid caller announced the beginning of the trials and Selena kneeled in front of the fucking machine. With a shaky hand she grabbed the edges of the apparatus and wrapped her lips around the cold, slick surface of the trial dildo. The toy started moving inside her mouth and the way its girth pushed her tongue down and stretched her jaw reminded her of Luca, the first man she had fucked for money in what seemed like another life, back when she could never have imagined herself being auctioned like an expensive sex doll. She thought of Abel and the way he had tricked and pressured her into a life of prostitution. She wondered what he would say if he could see her right then, trying to prove her worth to a hall full of perverted millionaires. The speed of the toy’s in-and-outs increased suddenly, shocking Selena out of her wandering thoughts. She tried taking all of the toy in her mouth but it was too difficult, the plastic was too hard and too fast and it hurt the back of her throat. She could not figure out how Ariana and the other girls had done it and she started panicking, wishing it was a real cock instead.


Taylor pushed Selena’s face against the machine and the latina started choking and gagging, crying her eyes out as the plastic piece raped her throat. Just when she was about to pass out Taylor let go and she was able to gasp for air. The tears coming out of her big brown eyes mixing with the thick drool dripping from her chin.


“Don’t worry about it”, her blonde friend said, helping her up, “just keep going.”


Selena was in a state of shock and barely noticed when Taylor guided her to the appraiser table where one of the female judges quickly grabbed the edges of her little thong and pulled it down to her ankles. Then the rest of the judges began fondling her. Selena stood awkwardly in the middle of them with one pair of hands squeezing her breasts, pinching her nipples. Another pair of hands was spreading her ass cheeks apart and pushed her lightly so she’d bend over for her pussy and asshole close up. As the camera zoomed in on her most intimate parts the crowd cheered at how swollen and wet her cunt lips were. One of the judges inserted two fingers inside and an uncontrollable moan of pleasure escaped Selena’s lips. She felt ashamed of how incredibly horny she obviously was. Her yearning for someone’s touch was so intense that she almost came the moment those strange fingers penetrated her. All the judge was supposed to do was check her tightness and lubrication but Selena could not stop her body from reacting to those invading fingers. She found herself pushing against the judge’s hand and then back, effectively making him finger her aching pussy even as his arm and hand stayed in place. Another judge began exploring her asshole and Selena lost control of herself, she called for Taylor and, as soon as the blonde approached her, she grabbed her by the neck and kissed her on the mouth. Taylor reciprocated the kiss, of course, but the bid caller had to separate them. “Wait for the freestyle, girls,” he said, and the red glow of embarrassment took over Selena’s chipmunk face again.


When the time came for her to sit on the machine, Selena was so stimulated that the huge tip of the testing toy just slipped right in, but after 8 inches of dildo she felt like she was going to split in half. “GO! GO! GO!” the thunderous crowd chanted at her but her pussy was too strained, she could not take any more. “It’s ok, Sel, just ride it,” Taylor advised and the latina began slowly swaying her hips back and forth. The toy was hurting her and she had to keep both of her hands pressed against the base of the machine in front of her, supporting her weight so that it hurt a little less. Again she thought of Luca and the strange way that his monstrous penis had made her feel pain and pleasure in equal measures on her first night as a prostitute. The more she thought about being impaled on a strangers cock while people watched the more comfortable she became and suddenly the last two inches of plastic were inside and she was riding the machine like a pro. Then she felt something cold between her cheeks and quickly realized she’d forgotten about the anal test. “Just relax, baby,” Taylor said, kneeling besides her, stroking her hair and kissing her neck while the latina closed her eyes and leaned forward, allowing one of the appraisers full access to her pink butthole. The probe was lubricated but it still hurt as it was pushed inside her tight hole. “”Nnngh! OH GOD!” she cried when it made it all the way through her rectum. Memories of the night she met Santos flooded her head while the probe expanded, straining the walls of her asshole as her body tried in vain to resist the invading toy. She felt transported back to that moment and to the way he had pinned her down and fucked her virgin ass while all of his men watched, experiencing the fear and excitement of being completely helpless and at the mercy of a stranger all over again.


The apparatus started vibrating under her and she opened her eyes, screaming “OOOOHHH MY GOOOOOODD!!!” as the piston behind the 10 inch dildo buried deep in her cunt was activated. The toy pushed in and out of her with the ruthless precision of an uncaring tool and Selena’s petite body started to contort and shake while she continued to scream. The millionaires and billionaires watching got up from their seats and the gigantic screens around the stage were illuminated with a close up of her grimacing face, drowned in the tears coming out of her gorgeous eyes. The anal probe had not stopped expanding and Selena couldn’t take it anymore, “STOP! STOP! PLEEEEEASE, STOOOOP IIITT!!!” she pleaded while the dildo kept stabbing her pussy. The bid caller made a stop signal with his hand and the machine was shut off immediately. Out of breath and covered in sweat, Selena lifted her hips and the toy slid out of her. Her knees were weak and she was still shaking, so much that Taylor had to hold her up so she wouldn’t fall off the stage. The cameraman zoomed in on the latina’s pussy and the close up shot of her reddened, swollen lips got another ovation from the crowd.


“Taylor I…”


“It’s almost over, Sel.”


“No, I… I can’t! I want to go home! I can’t do this! I just can’t!”


“Yes, you can, honey. You’ve done your job, now let me do mine, ok?”


One of the appraisers grabbed Selena by the waist and turned her around, pushing her head down on the table while he pulled out the anal probe, completely oblivious to the mexican whore’s cries of pain. Right then, the bid caller announced the start of Selena’s auction: “The bidding for item #49: Selena Gomez, will begin at 100 thousand dollars.”






The price for Selena began to rise quickly while she and Taylor made out on stage. Truthfully, it was the blonde girl doing most of the work, fondling the brunette’s tits and ass while trying not to let her fall. The texan star was so exhausted and overwhelmed that even staying on her feet had become almost impossible. Taylor kept trying to work with her but Selena wasn’t doing much of anything. She was too scared, too tired and too ashamed to keep pretending she was ok with being offered to strangers. The fake smile on her lips was gone, and so was the will to keep fighting. She just wanted to close her eyes and wait for it to be over.


“C’mon, Sel, I need you to work with me!” Taylor kept saying to the unwilling whore who could not even lift her chin up to the crowd. She was a naked deer in the headlights of the rich and powerful and they were starting to notice. The bids for her services had stopped rising so Taylor, fearing that the auction might end at any second, decided to throw caution to the wind.


“AHHH!!!” Selena screamed when Taylor’s hand landed violently on her left breast. Before she could figure out what Taylor was doing, she felt another sharp lightning of pain across her other breast. “Taylor, what–”


“SHUT THE FUCK UP, SLUT!” the blonde pop star shouted right in her face before slapping her chest again, this time hitting both of her tender tits with one swift move.


Selena tried to complain, “WHAT THE FU–!” but Taylor’s unforgiving hand hit her left cheek so hard that it sent her to the floor. She tried getting up again and another cruel hit to the face sent her down again. Selena looked up at Taylor with tears in her eyes, looking for some kind of explanation but all she received was spit on her face.






“STAY DOWN, SLUT, OR I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT!” the blonde yelled after spitting on Selena again and the latina singer’s confusion and panic increased. She started crying and shaking, terrified that her friend, the last bastion of hope she had on that awful place had turned against her. In a state of shock, Selena tried to crawl away from Taylor, but she stepped on her back, freezing her in her place.






“Let me go! Please!” Selena cried under her foot but Taylor just stepped on her even harder. Then she crouched down, grabbed a handful of her dark hair and pulled it with all of her strength, as if she was trying to tear it off of her friend’s scalp.




Selena cried and pleaded while adopting the position. Taylor spat on the floor and it landed just a couple of inches from Selena’s face.




“Bu– but–”


Exasperated, Taylor pulled Selena’s hair again, setting up her blushed, puerile face for another ruthless strike with the back of her hand. “I SAID CLEAN IT, SLUT!” She let go and Selena rushed to the wet spot on the cold stage floor, lapping up her friend’s spit with her tongue.




As Selena cleaned the last remnants of Swift’s saliva from the floor she started hearing more clearly the things the audience was shouting at her between offers:








Those despicable people were seeing her at the most shameful, lowest point in her life and they loved it. It made them happy to see her down and beaten.  Made them horny, made them want even more.  And it made her so angry. Angry at the people there for using their wealth for sordid, awful pleasures instead of helping those in need, angry at Abel and Gilberto for setting her on that path, but especially furious at herself for allowing them to.


“NOW TELL THE AUDIENCE WHAT YOU ARE!” Taylor shouted, startling her out of her thoughts.


“What? I don’t–”


Taylor kicked her in the stomach so hard that Selena’s trembling body folded unto itself. Gasping for air and drowning in her own tears she heard the thunderous cacophony of the people watching. They had started fighting among themselves for the right to offer more money and Taylor’s mischievous smile as she stood over her let Selena know that she had planned to abuse her like that from the start.


Swift raised her hand and lunged at Selena, stopping just before hitting her. “TELL THEM, SLUT! OR I’LL KICK YOU SO HARD THEY’LL HAVE TO TAKE YOU HOME IN A BODY BAG!”




The frightened latina flinched and begged, “Stop! Don’t hit me again! Pleeeease!”




“Yes! Yes!” Selena sobbed, trying to cover her face from the next hit she was terrified of. She looked at the roaring crowd and hesitated, her lips quivering as she found herself unable to form a sentence. Taylor stood over her naked, beaten body and pulled her hair back again. Selena squealed with terror. Taylor’s spit landed right across her nose this time and that was the moment when Selena saw herself on the big screen across the hall. Her hair was a mess and so was her make up. She looked flushed and unclean with dirt and grease and Taylor’s saliva and her tears, all of it smeared across her completely red face, partially covered by sweaty strands of her now disheveled hair. “Oh my God,” she thought in that brief moment of clarity, “If my mom could see me now… if Abel could see me now… if Gilberto… I am so ashamed.”




She realized that all traces of her dignity had finally vanished. For the last few months she’d been trying to hang on to some of the pride and vanity of her old life but now, looking at her pitiful state, at the mercy of all of those hungry perverts that could not wait to abuse her even worse than anyone before; she had no option but to accept the truth of her circumstances. She was tired, scared and humiliated, yes, but now that the twisted, dark side of her had awoken again she wanted Taylor to fuck her right then and there. She wanted all of those strangers to watch her getting off, disgraced and exposed, and to pay for the chance to do the same to her. She needed it, she loved it. All purity had been erased from her and there was only corruption left. Once again her hidden deviant nature had overpowered the innocent and conservative Selena and she would not come back until the amoral thirst of the New York whore had been thoroughly quenched.


“Look at this!” Taylor laughed, staring at Selena’s swollen pussy. “THIS LITTLE BITCH IS DRIPPING RIGHT NOW. SHE’S PRACTICALLY BEGGING ME TO FUCK HER!”




She pulled her hair even harder than before, causing her to arch her back and cry in pain. Then she started teasing her labia with the tips of her fingers. Selena moaned and purred like a kitten, pleading, “Fuck me… please, fuck me…” A brutal spank aimed at her clit made her shriek for a moment, but then she started begging again to be fucked.








“LOUDER, SLUT!” the blonde commanded, spanking Selena’s plump ass time and time again with no reservations.


“I’M A WHORE!”  Selena finally announced to the crowd, “I’M A DIRTY WHORE!”




“WHAT ELSE?!” Taylor kept insisting while she spanked her friend’s bottom like she wanted to destroy it.


Selena flinched with every strike on her raw ass cheeks. She looked at the men and women watching her be punished and in their hungry, depraved eyes she found the thrill of being a spectacle. All of her life she had believed that her passion was to act, to sing and dance, to entertain people. Now she knew she had been wrong. She was an exhibitionist and a masochist, a sinful nympho that would sink to the lowest level to get off on being abused and mistreated.






“Good girl,” Taylor praised her, sliding her hand between her ass cheeks. Selena’s body reacted immediately and she lifted her ass, welcoming the blonde girl’s fingers as they played around her puckering asshole. “NOW KEEP CONFESSING, YOU SLUT. TELL THEM WHAT YOU REALLY ARE!”


“Abel knew it all along… that’s why he made me fuck Luca.” Selena kept thinking while Taylor kneeled behind her and plunged two fingers into her starving, dripping cunt.  “I could’ve said no, I could’ve broken up with him but no… He knew. He knew I would like it, even if I would never admit it. He knew me better than I knew myself. He always knew there was a whore in me waiting to be set free.”


“AHHH!!!” The latina whore moaned when her friend began to finger her. She was so wet that every time Taylor pulled her fingers out a few drops of her juices came flying out of her sopping little pussy, landing on the blonde’s perky tits and face. “I WANT TO BE HUMILIATED!” she kept confessing, all sense of control or decorum now completely lost. “TREATED LIKE SHIT! BECAUSE IT TURNS ME ON FEELING LIKE A DIRTY WHORE!”




Taylor slipped another finger in her, and then another. Selena felt the walls of her cunt tightening up against her friend’s hand, stretching them out as she continued pushing in. The feeling was incredible and she continued screaming, “I WANT TO BE FUCKED BY STRANGERS ALL DAY! I WANT OLD, DIRTY MEN TO CUM INSIDE ME, TO RAPE MY ASS AN MAKE ME HATE MYSELF FOR ENJOYING IT!”




Finally, Selena’s pussy stretched far enough to allow Taylor’s whole hand inside. The latina gasped at the sight of herself on the screen, on her hands and knees with her friend’s hand disappearing between her firm, tanned thighs. “FUCK ME, TAYLOR! MAKE IT HURT! FUCKING DESTROY ME!” she ordered suddenly, taking control of the show for the very first time. After all, those people watching were just the kind of fans she had always secretly wanted; she wasn’t going to let them down.


“8 MILL!”


Taylor closed her hand and made a fist inside Selena, who gasped again but then turned to moaning like an injured animal, lost in the amazing sensations coursing through her whole body. The fist pushed and pushed against her insides and Selena could not take her eyes off from the big screens where the close up shot of her reddened pussy clenching around Taylor’s skinny wrist was marveling the audience as well as herself.


“YOU WANT THIS, YOU FUCKING PERVERTS?” Selena yelled at the crowd between clenched teeth and gasps for air, “THEN COME AND GET IT!”




Taylor slapped her ass and told her to shut up. She decided to punish her by burying two fingers up her asshole, but that was just what Selena needed. The muscles of her tight little hole clenched around Taylor’s fingers and her hips began bucking up and down, begging for more. “NNNGHHH! FUUUUUCK!!!” she cried as her body was taken to its limit. She was feeling so many things at the same time and even though her cunt was on the verge of ripping apart she didn’t want anything to stop. Insatiable and unafraid, the beautiful slut kept pushing back, syncing the rhythm of her hips against Taylor’s savage, furious thrusts.




“You fucking love it, don’t you, slut?”




Selena slammed her twitching thighs around Swift’s arm as she came with the energy and explosiveness of a volcano. Taylor pulled out her hand and suddenly warm juices began gushing out of the latina’s stretched out pussy and drenching her in the process. The bidders leaped out of their seats with exhilaration and thrill, witnessing a kind of squirting none of them had ever seen before. With her face pressed against the cold floor, her tits dangling below her and her taunt ass high up in the air; Selena Gomez was lost in an agonizing wail that threatened to overpower the deafening noise surrounding her; so loud and piercing that it almost wasn’t human and as her petite body continued to jerk and twitch, powerful jets of her intimate fluids continued to shower her blonde abuser as if a fountain had been hidden deep inside her insatiable young cunt.




When her climax was over, Selena kept moaning and squirming in her own wetness while the audience gave her a standing ovation. The bid caller’s face had lit up when he heard that unprecedented amount. “15 million dollars for a night with Selena Gomez! Item #49 going once, going twice and–”


“FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS!” a tall figure shouted from the back of the hall, shocking every single person in that room.


“Wha– what? Did I hear that correctly, sir? Fifty million for one night with this girl?”


“Fifty million to own her.”


“But this wasn’t supposed to–”


“Call her master, I’m sure he will agree to sell for that price.”


“Yes, uh… I mean, uh… Sold! To the tall man in the back for the unparalleled amount of fifty million dollars!”


The roar of the crowd had died in a matter of seconds, all that was left was sound of confusion and incredulity as well as the tall man’s steps across the hall. He climbed on to the stage where Taylor was kneeling next to Selena’s exhausted figure. The poor girl was just laying there naked in her own filth, like an angel fallen from grace. Looking up at the ceiling with red eyes and blank expression on her chubby face she asked, “Is it over?” Her perfect breasts rising up and down with every tired draw of air. The topless blonde tenderly stroked one of her cheeks and said, “Yes, you did it, Sel,” her soft touch comforting Selena as her head stopped spinning and her thoughts began to clear again.


“You did good, girl,” The tall man said as he wrapped her limp, beaten figure in his coat. Lifting her from the stage floor, he carried the beautiful brunette in his arms backstage while Taylor walked besides them with her exposed titties out in the open, proudly displaying the gloss of Selena’s squirt over the upper half of her divine anatomy.


“Did you–? But how?” Selena asked, still out of breath with her arms around the tall man’s neck.


“No. I don’t have that kinda money, girl. But your friend Taylor here approached me with a crazy plan, and it seems it worked out somehow.”


“I told you, Sel, I know what I’m doing,” the blonde bragged, then she winked at her friend and got her to smile genuinely for the first time in days.




Selena slept for the rest of the afternoon and woke up in the same hotel room she had been in before the auction. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Taylor’s perfectly sculpted features resting on the pillow next to her.




Even without any makeup, the blonde songwriter was stunningly beautiful and Selena felt safe and comfortable resting in the same bed as her. Taylor was staring back at her. She gently moved a strand of dark hair clinging to her friend’s mouth and gave her a small peck on the lips. “Hey, sleeping beauty, how are you feeling?”


“Hmmph, much better, actually. How long was I asleep?” the cute latina asked as she tried to stretch away the laziness. Her pussy was still really sore and her ribs hurt from the beating Taylor had given her but she was fine with all of that now. The worst part was over.


“No idea. Just woke up a few minutes ago. I was pretty fucking tired after that show we put on. I don’t know how you did it, guess you’re tougher than I thought.”


“To be honest, I don’t know either. That just happens sometimes.”


“What does that mean?”


“It’s like, sometimes when I’m…”




“You know…”


“Wow, Sel, really? I just fisted you and fingered your ass in front of a couple hundred people and you’re still playing the shy girl?”


“I’m not! I mean, that’s just the thing, that wasn’t really me on that stage…”




“I can’t really explain it but it’s like there’s another person inside of me, and she only comes out when I’m… horny. It’s like a Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing. I lose control and then it’s like I see myself doing and saying things that–”


“Or maybe it’s that catholic upbringing fucking with your head because you feel guilty about being a whore. You’re just trying to find an excuse for how much you love getting fucked.”


“It’s not that simple, it really scares me sometimes.”


“Hey, listen, you can justify it however you want, honey. I just think that accepting your own slutiness is easier, that’s all.”


“I do accept it! Well, kinda… But it’s like, I didn’t even know I could squirt!”


“Yeah, tell me about it. That was one epic ending right there!”


Selena blushed and sheepishly covered her face with her hands, then she squealed and bursted out in laughter when Taylor began tickling her under the covers. The cute latina fought back by tickling the back of Taylor’s long thighs and soon the the two sexy singers found themselves aroused and teasing each others naked bodies. Room service knocking on the door interrupted their amorous moment and the two pop stars stopped fooling around to enjoy a big tray of thai food with cheesecake for dessert.


When night came, the tall man entered the room with a phone in his hand just as Selena was coming out of the shower. She gasped in surprise when she saw him come in, her chubby cheeks turning as red as two embers, and quickly covered her skinny but shapely form with a small white towel.


“I just got the call from Estrada. Congratulations, you’re no longer his property.”


“Oh thank God!” she exclaimed after a big sigh of relief, “Thank you so much for helping me!”


“I didn’t do much, honestly. Your friend here was the one who suggested this deal. I just put your new master in contact with Estrada to get it done.”


“So who is he?” Selena inquired, putting her hair up in a bun and wrapping it with another towel.


“That’s… a surprise,” Taylor responded, “But don’t worry, I promise you he’s not like Estrada.”


“Indeed, you were very lucky you weren’t in his possession for long. I’ve seen him do things that… well, you don’t need that stuff in your head, girl.”


“Right. And again, thank you so much to both of you. I guess my next step is figuring out how to get out of this business for good.”


“It won’t be easy,” the tall man started to explain, “but not all masters are like Santos or Estrada. Most of them let their girls go on with the normal lives while they do jobs on the side. He might agree to let you go back to singing and acting as long as you keep your schedule open for him and his clients.”


Selena stood in silence for a moment, imagining herself singing on a stage again, meeting fans and spending time with her family while hiding from them the darkest of secrets. It would not be easy, but what else could she do?


The tall man’s phone rang, “Yes? Ok. We’ll be there in a few minutes.”


Selena looked at him, “Time to go?” she asked, with a knot in her stomach.


“Yes, the car is here for you. I’ll be waiting outside to deliver you to you new handlers. Please, don’t take too long.”


The tall man stepped outside and waited in the hallway for the girls to get ready. He looked at his clock and dialed a number on his phone. A whiny voice a with wigger accent answered, “Is my bitch comin’ or what?”


“Yes, Mr. Bieber, she’ll be there soon.”


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