Mr. Disco Ch. 8

Title: Mr. Disco Ch. 8

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Michelle Marsh, Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Holly Peers

Codes: MF, MMF, MDom, voy, solo, oral, DP, tit fuck, facial, slut

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com




London, England


Bed sheets rustled while the frame rattled up against the wall. Pedals of red roses had fallen from the blue blankets of the bed, creating a mess on the floor below. A smacking sound was echoing through out the room, all along with the solid rhythm of the bed shaking and the chorus of their moans. Light shined from the windows behind the bed, as the afternoon hours had moved into the day. What had began as a small affair had quickly morphed into full passionate lust. Michelle Marsh had fallen in love with Luke and now she was spending every bit of time she could with him. She hoped that he would forget all about Lucy after a few busy nights of steaming hot sex together, knowing that she had the body to truly seduce and drive this man wild. It wasn’t an easy task when feelings of another woman were involved, but Michelle was as confident as ever that she would succeed in taking this man all for herself.


“Ohhhhh god, yes! YES!! YESSSSSSS!!”


Michelle raised her head up, her eyes remaining closed as she howled and cried out to him. Her nails raked against his chest as she was already close to reaching her orgasm. This is how hard she had been fucking him the past two days, but still unable to reveal her true love for him. She knew that she wouldn’t get her wish of Luke telling her those three little magical words without her having to try with him. For now, Michelle indulged on the pleasure she received from his long cock thrusting up into her tight moist clit.




From Luke’s point of view, he was starring up into the body of a blonde haired goddess. Those famous large natural tits were flapping up and down each time Michelle had thrust herself downward over his thick pole. A silver belly button ring was pierced through her navel and though he could not see her face, all he needed was the sight of that golden hair flying back and forth. Michelle had proven herself right away to be quite the goddess in the bedroom, but his heart still belonged to another woman. He had trouble growing feelings of her, as he seen her as just another friend with benefits. Her loud voice pierced through the bedroom when she reached her climax. Once Michelle had got what she wanted, it was time to switch positions and let Luke enjoy the one pleasure she knew he could never refuse, her giant milky white titties.


If only moans could come out as spoken words, they would’ve been talking up a storm just by breathing. Michelle got up and then kissed him passionately before it was time to make the last position she wanted. From the previous night they had fucked each other, she liked to go into multiple rooms with Luke. It was her idea to begin in the bedroom and some how end up in the living room where she preferred to save her tits to use on him last. Michelle liked her titty fucking skills to finish him and end the night with a creamy mess over her firm skin. Once he was seated on the couch, Michelle situated herself right between his legs and was gazing into his face with her big blue eyes while she tucked her gigantic breasts over his long cock.


“Fuck my titties, Luke! Mmmmmmm, pump that big disco stick between ’em, ohhhhh yeah! That’s it, fuck ’em good!!”


Not once did Michelle break eye contact, still gazing up into his brown hues as she pumped her large tits up and down over his large fat cock. Luke grunted, unable to hold himself back. Michelle’s skills with using her breasts as weapons were on par with Lucy, but he would never compare them in the back of his mind. All it took was for Michelle to use her big tits like this and it was just enough to send him over the edge, unable to constrain his orgasm from erupting.




“Mmmmmm, cum for me! Ohhhhh, yeah!! Just like that! There you go!!”


Michelle gleefully awaited his cock to explode and it came as she pumped her breasts down while the first string of his cum went flying from between her tits like silly string. It landed on the floor before the next spurts sprayed her upper chest, coating her down in a pearl necklace. Closing her eyes, Michelle embraced the warm feeling of his seed soaking her skin. Licking her lips, Michelle moaned to the sound of his voice groaning while his cock was giving her a sticky pearl necklace while it was still tucked between her large boobs. Once his cock was drained, she finally let go of her tits and wrapped the fingers of her right hand around it. Michelle resumed eye contact, only to stare him down while she kissed the head of what she had named his ‘disco stick’.


“God I love this cock, it’s all mine now. Mine!!”


Giving his rod a final kiss, Michelle got up from her knees while Luke remained laying there catching his breath. She had a mess to clean up over her tits while he was coming back down to earth and taking a hit of reality with the situation of today. Last night he had spent the evening fucking Michelle and had forgot about calling Keeley Hazell for the meeting. Now it was the afternoon and yet again, Luke wasn’t sure if Michelle had made that phone call or not. He didn’t even noticed her naked body moving from the living room as she walked back to the bathroom. The faucet to the sink could be heard running, as she was obviously washing the cum from her chest. Once he had caught his breath, it was time to call out to her and speak about something other than all the blazing hot sex they had been enjoying.




“One minute, baby!”


He was sitting naked on the couch, not even bothered by the slimy string of cum that was visible down on the floor below. When Michelle returned to the living room a few moments later, she had a mischievous grin over her face. She folded her arms under her tits, teasing him once she had his eye sight.


“Ready for another round, baby?”


“Another round, seriously?”


She giggled at him.


“Yes! That was the third, I’m ready for a fourth round! We ain’t stopping until I’ve drained every last drop of cum from those thick balls of yours.”


With words like that, it took everything in Luke not to find a new found erection. Michelle had proven to be quite the sex machine in the bedroom. Lucy had an remarkable drive, but Michelle was pushing him to his limits. He knew that if they ended up going further hours of fucking, she would have drained his strength for the rest of the day. It was difficult to turn down such an offer, but Luke knew he had work to do. Before he could react, she approached him and kissed his lips. As he looked back at her, he spoke up about another subject.


“I need to ask you something important. Did you call Keeley for me this morning?”


Suddenly, Michelle’s smile faded into a small frown.


“No, why?”


Luke sighed, shaking his head while she pushed her hands gently over his chest.


“You told me you would get in contact with her, remember?”


After a moment, Michelle nodded.


“Oh yeah, I remember now but I’ve changed my mind.”




Stepping away from him, Michelle glanced away and thought to herself while biting her lower lip. The time had come for her to reveal her true feelings to this man. He probably wasn’t going to like it, since she knew his mind must have still been revolving around Lucy. When she turned to look back at him, Michelle finally blurted out what she had been waiting to say since yesterday.


“I’m in love with you, Luke. I can’t hold it back anymore, I really am. I know you are concerned about Lucy and you want to try and win her back, but I’m in love with you and I’d rather have you all to myself.”


His lower lip dropped. Luke didn’t know what to say as Michelle’s revelation was almost like a nuclear bomb going off in his brain. She continued on.


“I was thinking if you gave me a chance, maybe you would move on from Lucy and settle down with me instead. Besides, you know as well as I do how unrealistic your chances are of some how getting her back. I mean, Nigel Taylor is a very powerful man, you’ve already been beat to a bloody pulp once and I don’t want to see you end up dying from chasing her. It isn’t worth losing your life.”


Moving back towards him, Michelle gently ran her right hand over his chest while looking into his eyes.


“We can be together, I’ll love you and we can see how far this relationship takes us. I know you’re a good man, Luke. That’s what I like about you. I wish we had met before you had met Lucy, cause then I wouldn’t be competing with a woman who isn’t even here right now.”


Even though he had a few minutes to digest everything she was telling him, Luke still didn’t know what to think. How the hell could she be in love with me? He asked himself this question repeatedly throughout his mind. He looked away from her face, glancing towards the ceiling as he let out a sigh. One thing that bothered him more than anything was to hear Michelle speak of Lucy like this, knowing that they had been best friends for a long time. When he looked back at her, he knew just what he was going to tell her in response.


“That’s your best friend right there. You don’t give a shit about her being stuck with some sleaze ball rich asshole like Nigel Taylor?”


Moving away from her, Luke sighed again as his eyes surveyed across the room. He placed his hands on his hips while speaking again.


“You want me, but I can’t believe you would just stop caring all together about Lucy like that.”


“Luke, I am in love with you! Please, listen to me…”


Michelle turned, moving towards him so she could look into his face. All he did was shake his head before replying back.


“But I’m not in love with you.”


His words were enough to hurt her deep down, but Michelle’s heart wasn’t broken yet. She knew that there was much time needed to make him truly love her. From hearing him still speak in worry about Lucy had given her concerns. Perhaps she couldn’t sway him away from her with her body alone, but whatever the case, she wasn’t about to let this man walk out of her life so easily.


“How can you love someone who isn’t even here? Lucy has probably changed since she went to Nigel. Have you even thought about that? You don’t know if she’s changed or not!”


Luke snapped back at her.


“And you don’t know either! Who’s to say she really wants to put up with him? We don’t know what is going on with Lucy. Your guess is as good as mine, but one way or another I want to try and see her again. If she don’t love me anymore, that’s fine. I can take it, but I want her to tell me. I’ve been heart broken before, I can take it and move on if she don’t want me anymore.”


Michelle didn’t speak back to him. She expected an argument but in his words, she felt that she still had a chance. If Lucy rejected him, then Michelle knew that he would be easy to fall for her as long as she stuck around. After a moment, he moved back to the bedroom where he put back on his underwear and a pair of white pants. When Luke returned to the living room, he spoke to Michelle.


“Give me your phone, please. I want Keeley’s number, I’ll call her myself since you didn’t want to.”


Her jaw suddenly fell. Michelle had just realized that he was taking control of this operation. What she originally thought could be a duo between them was now becoming his solo show where she would only be tagging along if necessary. She didn’t argue with him, as she didn’t want to screw up her chances in the future of building a stable relationship with him. Michelle went over to the coffee table in the living room and grabbed her cellphone, offering it to him. Luke smiled and nodded.


“Thanks, I’m going to call Keeley and see what’s up.”


“Alright, tell her I said hi please.”


“I will.”


From Michelle’s perspective, she couldn’t help but feel this was a blown opportunity if Luke was to go alone to meet with Keeley. Michelle wanted to be there, playing as his sidekick. Now she knew that he most likely would be going alone, if the meeting was to occur in the first place. It was only a minor set back for Michelle, but Luke did have a point in his words. Lucy was her best friend and deep down, she was worried about her. She didn’t want to let those concerns get in the way of Luke, as he was what she wanted more than anything. If it meant betraying her best friend, she was going to do it. Since he had brought it up, Michelle couldn’t help but think of Lucy and now begin to feel a bit of guilt inside of her. Whatever happened, Mr. Disco was ready to finally get out of Michelle’s apartment and back into the streets of London.




Miami, Florida


The sun remained behind a few clouds while the sky itself was the usual blue. There was no wind, even as the November cold fronts came sweeping over, southern Florida was still known for it’s heat. Nigel and Lucy had arrived by the afternoon hours. The private jet landed at the airport before being stationed into a private hangar. Back on the plane, Lucy had taken a long nap to make up for the flight’s time, but Nigel had spent most of his time sending text messages back and forth through his phone to his brother who was currently in Miami. Sebastian Taylor had been in the U.S. for a few weeks now, living up his lifestyle as a playboy down in South Beach. Despite talking to his brother, Nigel still had many tasks to complete since he was meeting with John Varga and waiting on Peter to call him once he had arrived in Miami. Peter would be working negotiations alongside of him with Varga since he was Lucy’s new agent.


After he and Lucy left the airport, they were escorted across town to a luxury condo hotel situated on Brickell Key. The hotel itself was a gift from Nigel’s brother, an offer that was made earlier during the flight when they were texting back and forth. During the trip to the hotel, Nigel didn’t tell Lucy anything about his brother. To him, she was his trophy whore property and that’s where it ended. He didn’t want to discuss anything with her except business and their personal relationship. To him, Lucy was his property as a treasured trophy whore and he didn’t want any other man potentially stealing her from him. He had told his brother about Lucy who appeared to be ecstatic about meeting her.


Back at the hotel, Lucy’s eyes were greeted with a luxury room similar to what she had seen back at the building in London next to the Perfect Kiss modelling offices. Nigel wanted nothing more than top class, the best of the best. The hotel room was on an upper floor with mirrored windows, grey marble stone and gold interior inside. According to his brother, it was the best hotel that money had to offer. Even better for Nigel, he wasn’t paying for any of it whatsoever, as this was all his brother’s kindness. Once they had been in the room for at least half an hour and the luggage brought in, Lucy sat on the large red couch and smiled to Nigel’s way.


“This place is gorgeous, I love it.”


“Yes, it is. I’m waiting on a few phone calls, for now we can relax now that we’re off that plane.”


Business seemed to be the main thing revolving through Nigel’s mind, at least from how Lucy observed his behavior. Since they had made it back to the hotel room, he had done nothing more than pace around the living room gripping his cellphone in his right hand. An odd knock was heard at the back of the door. It was three slow taps, but Nigel became annoyed almost instantly in an irate matter.


“Fucking seriously!? We just got here and they’re already sending room service? This better be something good.”


Lucy watched as he huffed a breath before moving to the door. When he turned the knob, Nigel’s angry demeanor completely changed as he was greeted to his brother standing before him. With wavy brown hair and a white shirt decorated in a floral pattern, Sebastian grinned to his brother, stepping in for a hug.


“Hey, it’s good to see you again.”


“You scared the shit out of me, I wasn’t expecting that to be you behind the door.”


“Hey, ease up and relax man. No need to be like that over here.”


In the distance, Lucy watched before she got up from the couch to go and see the guest for herself. When she stepped forward, Sebastian turned and looked towards Lucy’s way with a dumbfounded expression across his face.


“Hi there!”


She turned to look at Nigel and spoke again.


“Nigel, who’s this?”


“This is my brother, allow me to introduce the two of you. Lucy, this is Sebastian.”


Looking back at the other man, Lucy offered him a smile and her hand to shake. The expression painted over his face was as if he was starring at an angel before him.


“My god, you are Lucy Pinder…”


“Yes, it’s me. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sebastian.”


While Lucy and Sebastian shook hands face to face, Nigel stood there studying the looks across their faces. It was easy to see that his brother had been caught by surprise simply from Lucy’s presence alone. His brother looked towards him and spoke again.


“Wow, you didn’t tell me you were dating Lucy Pinder.”


Nigel gave him a smug grin.


“It’s true, Lucy belongs to me now. Isn’t that right, babe?”


Smiling back to him, Lucy nodded and spoke.


“Yes, dear.”


He leaned forward, planting a soft kiss over Lucy’s lips before they both looked back at Sebastian.The man was in complete shock. Over the years, Lucy had witnessed such reactions from her friends when they came face to face with her. For Nigel, he didn’t see himself as dating Lucy. She truly did belong to him, just as he had said aloud. There was a reason he had told his brother such a thing, letting him know that Lucy was off limits. When the two brothers looked back to one another, Nigel spoke to Lucy.


“Lucy, I’ll be right back. I need to speak with Sebastian in private for a moment.”


Lucy wasn’t a fool. She knew that they probably wanted to discuss her, given Nigel’s reaction to his brother standing there in disbelief over her presence. She watched both men step back outside the door, preventing her from listening in to their conversation.


“Holy fucking shit, man! I can’t believe you hooked up with Lucy Pinder, I’m just in shock right now.”


Nigel smirked before answering his brother back.


“It’s more than just a hook up. I’ve got her in the back of my pocket, we are bringing her back into the glamour modelling business. I’m going to make Lucy the face of Perfect Kiss after I’m done here in Florida.”


“Oh, I get it now. This is more about business than pleasure? She is one of the best, so I can see her career resurrecting thanks to you. When did you two begin dating?”


“We’re not dating, Sebastian. No, I’ve got something far greater than that.”


With a sinister grin, Nigel continued speaking as he looked back into his brother’s face.


“I own that bitch in there, I am her god. She does exactly what I say and she knows her place without me having to slap some sense into her. Lucy understands I can give her the best life she could’ve ever dreamed of just as quickly as I can take it away. I’ve never seen a more submissive whore, one who truly knows her place.”


Sebastian’s face dropped into an almost depressive gaze while Nigel returned his smug smile. He understood how his brother was towards women, treating them as fuck dolls at best. His words were a bit disturbing, as he spoke of himself as a god to her. Over the years they had major disagreements about this, as Sebastian could never stand Nigel’s attitude towards women, but the man was still his brother. He only hoped that Lucy didn’t have to deal with the same treatment other women in the past had been subjected to at the hands of his brother. His lust for Lucy was still not enough to make him fear Nigel with giving him an odd request.


“Yeah I see, but does she like threesomes?”


Chuckling lightly, Nigel replied.


“Are you asking me to share one of my trophy whores with you?”


“No, I’m asking if she enjoys a good threesome. Not you, her. Ask her for me, if you want to. If she doesn’t wanna play, that’s fine. Don’t force her on it, let her decide herself.”


Nigel waited a moment while listening to his brother’s words. They were the opposite kind of men when it came to handling a woman. He was amazed that Sebastian had respect for Lucy like this, but he wanted to tease him about it further. It was apparent that he had lust for the busty glamour model, as he could see from when his eyes first looked to her and the shock that went across his face.


“You know, I could always make Lucy have a threesome, but I don’t generally like to share my trophy whores. Lucy is my filthy fuck doll, as I like to remind her all the time.”


“No, I don’t want you to make her do anything she doesn’t want to. If she don’t want to, that’s fine with me. You don’t have to force her to do it, man.”


Again, Nigel chuckled to his brother.


“Alright, we’ll do it your way. I’ll talk to her about it soon. You mind getting room service to send us some wine and maybe lunch?”


“Sure, that’ll be no problem.”


The two men turned away to one another as Nigel reopened the door to join Lucy after this private conversation with his brother. While Sebastian walked away, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about what he had just witnessed. ‘How in the hell did Lucy Pinder end up with him?’, he spoke within his mind. He did not know Lucy but she seemed like a good woman from all the things he had heard over the years. They had never met before, but he heard stories of her in passing with social circles. Sebastian was a partying playboy, unlike his brother as his lifestyle was much more reckless. He managed hotels and real estate, carrying the torch of their billionaire father before them. Sebastian loved to party and keep his life in the fast lane while blowing money as if it grew on trees. Miami was a playground where he could accomplish just that with no consequences.


Sebastian was well aware that Nigel frowned upon his lifestyle, often plucking his nose towards him in arrogance. Despite his brother’s cold demeanor, he always ignored him and did not play into the role of a sibling rivalry. He didn’t believe that his brother had anything inside his heart resembling a soul. There may have been subtle moments of kindness and generosity, but it was all for show to create a plastic image of himself. Sebastian didn’t mention Holly Peers, though he knew that she was the main woman in his brother’s life who was always supportive and loyal at his side. He referred to her as a ‘trophy whore’, just as he had spoken of Lucy a few minutes earlier. Holly had been a friend of his through the years, as they occasionally talked on the phone and had drinks together any time they were at parties. Sebastian had the impression that Holly had a lot more freedom than Lucy was given. Whatever happened between them, he was disappointed to see a woman like her involved with his brother.






London, England


Rays of pink and blue colors flashed across the room as an assortment of people walked through the club. Luke stood alone, wearing his white blazer jacket with a green shirt beneath. His pants below were of a grey color, fitting the style of his persona as the one and only Mr. Disco. Earlier during the day he had called Keeley Hazell over the phone to request a date for a meeting. Keeley had known him from the past, so she insisted they meet a special club across town called Heaven 17. It wasn’t anything special, as a retro club where the DJ’s stuck to playing nothing out of their usual mix of Synth Pop and New Wave hits of the past. Luke had been to the club a number of times over the years, but had not stepped foot through the front doors since 2014 at least. Keeley had given him instructions to arrive around midnight, just when the club was packed and entering it’s most hectic hours.


Years had passed since Luke had laid his eyes over Keeley. They had a history together, going back to when both he and Peter were modelling agents. His former best friend had managed Keeley for a small period of time and Luke would forever have the memory engraved in the back of his mind of a one chance threesome they all shared together. He expected Keeley to bring that up when they met, as he took several guesses of what they were going to talk about. Over the phone, he had simply asked her if she could give him information on Nigel Taylor. Now he was at the club, standing around hoping that she would walk through the door at any moment. Luke continued watching as new faces moved through the front door, but he was suddenly alerted to someone tapping his shoulder from behind. He turned around to a smiling short woman in a black dress.


“Hey there, Mr. Disco! You don’t look any different from the last time I’ve seen you.”


When Luke turned to see, Keeley Hazell stood in front of him in a black dress with straps over each shoulder. Her long dirty blonde hair hung from her shoulders as Luke tried his best efforts not to glance below into her heavy busty cleavage. He smiled back at her lovely face and replied.


“You haven’t changed at all either, Keeley. Damn, you look better than ever if I must say.”


“Thanks, I’m glad you could make it. Come on, I wanna sit down some place private with you so we can talk.”


“That would be lovely, babe.”


Keeley gave a soft smile while raising her left hand and offering it for her to hold. As they held hands, she walked Luke across the club and to the private tables over on the left side away from the dance floor. The back of her dress was exposed, giving him a clear view of her skin as Luke also had also noticed she was wearing a pair of heels that made her feet and toes visible. Once they found a table, Keeley sat across from Luke as they found their privacy together. A waiter came by as they both ordered drinks together. Keeley wanted a light martini while Luke went on for something a bit harder with whiskey. After a minute, the waiter walked away and they were finally alone together face to face. Luke had spent most of the day thinking of how he would approach a conversation with Keeley. Without having Michelle next to him, he felt more confident about his chances.


“So, how’s things been for you lately?”


Luke spoke first as Keeley let out a sigh. She smiled back at him before responding.


“Not good, I suppose. I’m retired from modelling, I’m actually surprised to know that you’re still fighting this business. Do you still associate with Peter?”


Shaking his head, Luke replied.


“No, I haven’t seen him in a few weeks now. I do remember back when he managed you.”


“Yeah, me too. That’s the only reason way for me to remember you at all. You were so nice to me back then.”


He smiled.


“Well, I haven’t changed that much except that I’ve gotten older.”


Keeley bit her lower lip while nodding. After a moment, she spoke again.


“I know you didn’t call me up to hang out, so let’s waste our time going over meaningless things from the past. So, why did you want to meet with me over Nigel Taylor?”


She wasted no time getting right to the true reason of why they were meeting in the first place. Luke swallowed his breath before replying.


“I’m in a pretty bad situation right now with this guy. I figured you could help me since it’s been printed in gossip rags that you’ve had a feud with this asshole. After what I’ve went through recently, I figure he must be the reason you are retired now.”


“You’ve guessed correctly.”


Her voice replied in a stern tone. The lights of the club flashed across her face, giving a yellow light as Luke gazed back at her. After a few seconds of silence, the waiter had returned and delivered their drinks to them. Luke watched as Keeley sipped the straw of her martini. Since she didn’t speak back, he continued on.


“I was offered to join Perfect Kiss. They wanted me as an agent. Nigel sent one of his people to me and Peter, but I rejected their offer. I’m guessing Peter joined later on.”


“What made you tell them no?”


“Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t like the idea of working for some snotty rich brat who couldn’t even meet with me face to face. That fucking guy has never worked a day in his life and is just living off inheritance. It’s people like him why this world is going down the drain, absolutely no awareness of what goes on with normal people like us.”


Keeley giggled and smiled back to him.


“I can’t argue with that. If you’ve ever been around him, that’s about accurate for his behavior.”


Luke continued.


“Do you remember Lucy Pinder?”


She nodded to him.


“Of course, who could forget her?”


“I brought Lucy out of retirement as her agent. I don’t know how this all happened, but I’m guessing Nigel wanted her and I was in his way. I was kidnapped, beaten and tortured while Lucy gave herself up to him just so they wouldn’t finish me off.”


As his story rang through her ears, Keeley raised her eyebrow but she didn’t seem to be complete surprised with Luke’s tale. Taking another sip of her martini, Keeley waited a moment before answering him back.


“He tried to have you killed?”


“He was going to have me killed. I would be dead right now had it not been for Lucy giving herself up to him. I don’t know what to do to get her back.”


“I’m not shocked, Luke. Nigel had both of my bodyguards murdered under suspicious circumstances. I didn’t find out he was responsible until after the fact.”


Her words were a startling revelation that left Luke speechless for a moment.


“He had your bodyguards killed?”


“Yes, both of them. It was meant to look like a murder-suicide at the crime scene. They had been with me for over six years. The papers ran stories that they were jealous for me and got into a fight that ended with gunshots. No fingerprints were on the gun, but it was a closed case.”


Looking back into his eyes, Keeley spoke once more while Luke sipped on his glass of whiskey.


“You’re lucky to be alive and here now.”


Luke sat the glass down after swallowing up the alcohol, just so he could answer her back. His American accent was the opposite of her strong British voice.


“I wouldn’t be if Lucy had not given herself up to him.”


“Nigel and his people are very dangerous. I’m sorry that Lucy is involved with them now, it’s going to be next to impossible for her to get out.”


“So how did you get involved with him, Keeley? I’ve been curious since I started digging on him.”


With a sigh, Keeley licked her lower lip while Luke began to consume the whiskey from his glass. She began to speak.


“This all happened about five years ago. It was before he started Perfect Kiss, but he was in the process of getting it up and going. I tried to make a comeback into the industry and had an agent who was connected to Nigel. I was offered to join a company in his name called Strip Tease. So, I joined and quickly I was taken in by Nigel. He wanted me all for himself.”


Pausing momentarily, she took another drink from the straw in her glass. Licking her lips, Keeley looked back to Luke and continued speaking.


“From the outside, working with his company appears to be an amazing offer. I was paid the most I had seen in all of my years of glamour modelling. I still have most of that money too. Nigel was building a harem of models back then and I’m sure he still is. But if he really likes you, he wants you all to himself. I was what he liked to call his ‘trophy whore’, so to speak.”


“Trophy whore?”


“Yes, his trophy whore. He treats you like a slave while trying everything to break your spirits. Absolute obedience is what he wants more than anything. You know a girl is his trophy whore if she is seen in photos with him. Nigel always likes to parade himself around with his girls, it’s his way of telling other men that they belong solely to him and no one else.”


“So you’re basically a prisoner with him?”


Keeley shook her head.


“At first, yes. Once he believes he can trust you, he lets you go out but not without being watched at all times. Why do you think he had my bodyguards killed? Nigel isn’t like other men in the business who put on a nice guy act. He’s up front about the asshole he is. He didn’t bother giving them a reason to trust him. They were murdered so he could give me a new pair of bodyguards that wouldn’t be a problem to him.”


Luke sat back, his mind had almost become wrangled into a headache as he thought to himself before speaking.


“I’ve gotta figure out a way to get Lucy back. I don’t know how, but I’ve gotta do it.”


She glanced back at him surprised.


“You’re in love with her aren’t you, Luke?”


Nodding his head, he replied back.


“Yes, I am. I want to try and get her back from him.”


Keeley shook her head to him.


“Honey, that isn’t going to be easy at all. You’re lucky to still be breathing after what you went through. Even if you can some how get to her, I am sure Nigel isn’t letting Lucy walk away easily. I have no doubt in my mind he made her sign a contract like he did me.”


“Tell me about this contract.”


“It’s the reason I am officially retired now. Nigel makes you sign a contract where all control of your career is shifted to his private management. Even if you read the contract, it’s quite telling how screwed you are but he gives you no other choice but to sign it. I’ll never be able to return to modelling again because of that prick, but at least I got out with my life.”


“So you’re telling me that if Lucy were to leave, her career will be shattered?”


“Yes, that’s exactly what I am telling you. As long as she is with him, she gets to enjoy her career for what it is. The minute that she leaves, he will do everything he can to destroy her.”


Such brutal words, Luke was left to ponder for a few minutes. Beyond their table, the loud music and atmosphere of the club seemed so far away. He realized that at any costs, the consequences of his actions were going to outweigh anything good. There would not be a happy ending to this quest. Lucy would have to choose between a man in love with her or the stability of her career. It could potentially cost him his life, but what did he have to lose at this point? Luke felt the chances were worth it. With a nod, he replied back to Keeley.


“I just need to see her one last time. I can understand if you don’t want to help me, some how I need to find out about her.”


“You wanna play hero huh and save her?”


“Yes, I can’t stop myself. I know it’s stupid but I’m in love with the woman. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be bothering with something like this.”


Keeley softly smiled to him.


“I’ll help you, Luke.”


“You will? But why?”


Raising the glass again, she sucked the final remains of her martini through the straw. After the setting the glass back down, she gazed back into his eyes and replied.


“You’re in it because you love someone. I have nothing left at this point. My career is over because of that pig. I want to at least get some satisfaction in giving him headaches, I don’t care how small the damage is that I give him. It’s better than spending the rest of my life mourning over him destroying the one thing I loved to do. You wanna hit him where it hurts? I’m still friends with a few people in his company who can help. I can easily make a few phone calls and get some information for you.”


After speaking, Keeley slid her hand across the table offering him to shake it. Luke took a deep breath as he realized that they were about to create an alliance together. Keeley could help him far more than Michelle could at this point. He slid his hand across the table and laced his fingers with hers. They both smiled together as Luke replied to her.


“If you help me, I’ll make it worth your while Keeley.”


“I’m going to help you, Luke. We’ll find that bastard and make him hurt. Would you like to dance with me to celebrate our new friendship?”


“Oh yeah, I’d love to.”


Letting go of his hand, Keeley reached across the table and grabbed his glass of whiskey. She didn’t ask his permission at all, simply taking the glass as her own and downing what remained in the glass. Luke got up from the table while she slammed the glass down. Licking her lips, she smiled back at him and took his hand.


“Come on, I’ve always wanted to dance with Mr. Disco. We should’ve done this years ago.”


There was still much left to discuss between Keeley and Luke. He had not told her a thing about Michelle Marsh and didn’t plan to. The less she knew about the other woman, the better. Keeley felt she had a man now who could help deliver a strike right into Nigel’s heart and she was ready to help every step of the way. When they hit the dance floor, everything changed around them as a new beginning had dawned. Luke almost felt as if he had stepped back into 2009 with Keeley, as she still had that same beautiful smile. The lights above shifted into a dark purple color, fading over her skin as he glanced back at her face. From the distance, the DJ sitting at the work station overlooked the crowd below on the floor. Silence fell as a song was switched through the set list. The tempo of the drums began to set what was a pop hit from the eighties.


Synth keys played chords as the lights began to flash an array of colors right on cue with the music playing. Luke stood there, gazing back into Keeley’s face as he watched the colors change across her skin. From purple to blue and a change to yellow, Keeley smiled as she looked back at Luke and then took his hand ready to dance. The bass began to play with the song as Lionel Richie’s voice called out, singing an uptempo tune. Around Luke and Keeley, the dance floor shifted into the rhythm of the music but their forums remained on each other and nothing else. Keeley pulled him towards her, shoving her body up against his. When Luke’s eyes glanced down at her busty cleavage rubbing up against her chest, he heard her voice crackling into a giggle. Stepping away from her, Luke tugged at her hand and then Keeley began to spin around as she moved with him. Her hips worked in rotation, almost matching the beat of the music. Like moments before, the lights began to flash as the song moved to it’s chorus. Lionel Richie’s voice called out the title of the song from within it’s next verse.


“We were running with the night! Playing in the shadows! Just you and I, until the morning light. We were running! Running with the night!”


During the chorus, Keeley turned around and shoved her back to Luke. He wrapped his hands gently around her hips and she pushed her ass up against his crotch. Turning to look over her shoulder, she closed her eyes while the lights above were blinking in key with the chords of the song. When she reopened her eyes, she turned around to face them. Both of them tried to move their hips in sync with the song, but Luke was the only one experienced here. He wasn’t much of a dancer, as he was more of a man who liked to party instead. Keeley took both of his hands and moved a few steps backwards as she invited him to take the lead with the dance. Neither of them seemed to have any idea what they were doing, just grinding and moving on the dance floor among strangers. Luke moved one hand to her back and then Keeley got the idea to force him into a dip motion. She took hold of his other hand, arching her back during the second chorus of the song. As Luke learned her down, their faces were only an inch away and the temptation to lay a kiss over her lips had come over him.


Keeley starred back into his eyes as the guitar solo of the song began to play it’s opening notes. She flashed her upper teeth by grinning to him. Luke moved her back up as they continued to dance together. After the dip, Keeley began to move her body more aggressively to Luke. She turned around like before and began to grind up against him. He played along, running his hands over her dress only to tempt her into another devious act among the strangers on the dance floor. Keeley turned around to glare into Luke’s eyes while bringing her right hand down to push her palm down over his crotch. His cock was already hard from touching up against her body and now Keeley was looking him into the eyes while pushing her hand down to feel him. Luke smirked back at her, seeing that she no longer wanted to dance. Playing dirty was the only thing Keeley had on her mind now. She took his hand again and began to drag him off the dance floor.


“Come on, I wanna have some real fun now!”


From the grip of her hand, Luke was forced to walk with her, retreating from the dance floor as Keeley stomped her heels forward. She was ready to lay it down over him, hot and heavy. Luke walked with her as she went straight to the bathrooms. By now, his cock was sticking straight up in his pants, visible to anyone around. Keeley stopped as she looked to the doors leading to the bathrooms. The men’s room was to the left while the women’s room was to the right. Luke pointed with his left hand, motioning for them to go into the men’s room.


“Let’s go in there!”


She shook her head and snapped back at him.


“No way! I want you and I don’t want some other bloke walking in and wanting some.”


With her words spoken, Keeley pulled him towards the ladies room and they entered. The bright lights and white walls made a stark impression to his eyes from inside the club where it was darker. Luke knew that Keeley could be a pretty wild girl, but he did not expect her to drag him to a bathroom like this. Luckily, the room was completely empty as Keeley stomped her heels loudly through the room and looking over the stalls. With each step she made, her heels would echo through the white room. Turning to face her, Luke spoke up as they were standing in front of a sink and mirror.


“I didn’t think you were the type of woman who liked to get fucked in a bathroom.”


The expression across her face flashed, almost as if she had become offended. Keeley replied back to him quickly.


“I’m not! You’re not ready to fuck me yet, I’m hungry right now. I’m hungry for your cock and I hope you’re hungry for a bit of pussy.”


“Fuck yes, baby. Let’s do it!”


Regardless an answer, he wasn’t going to tell her no. Luke had experiences in bathrooms before with lovely ladies, but Keeley was in control of her game. Licking her lips, she pushed them to Luke’s for a passionate kiss. It was the first time in years that he tasted her tongue, moving his up against hers as the former glamour model moaned into his mouth. The scent of her perfume was almost overwhelming, but Keeley’s act of seduction had mostly come from the heat of the dance floor. While they continued kissing, she leaned back against the sink and ran her hands to the front of his pants to push over his crotch like before. Luke finally broke the kiss and Keeley looked into his eyes before falling down to her knees. She wasted no time unbuttoning the front of his pants and sliding the zipper down. He helped her, pulling his cock from his pants while Keeley moved her hands to his sides. Her eyes became enlarged and she took deep breath while looking at his long rod.


Luke expected her to say something, but she didn’t. Lost among their dirty act was the fear or a stranger walking in the bathroom to witness them. Keeley was still dressed while only Luke had his cock poking out the front of his pants. Without taking their clothes fully off, they could have some fun and then make a quick exit from the club. Keeley glanced up into his eyes while moving her pink lips to the head of his cock. She began by twirling her tongue around it and then kissing the head. After two kisses, she slid his thick pole between her lips and brought her tongue to press against the underside of it. ‘Mmmmmmm’, she let out a moan while sending vibrations into him. Luke stood there, taking a deep breath as he watched her begin to bob her lips up and down his long cock.


“Ohhhhhhh, fuck yes…”


She ignored his cries of pleasure. Keeley was focused entirely on tasting his meat, as she had been indeed hungry for his hard cock. She remembered him from their chance encounter years ago, even though it was more of his best friend involved. Closing her eyes, she continued to move her lips up and down his cock. Bringing her right hand to wrap around the base of his shaft, Keeley remained sucking until bringing her lips up to come off only momentarily with a pop sound as her eyes opened. She quickly wrapped her lips back around his dick, sucking on the head as she began to pump her hand up and down to give him the dual pleasure of a blow job and hand job simultaneously. As sounds of slobbering and drool became audible, they were both alerted to the bathroom door opening. The music from outside became louder for a moment.


“Oh, shit…”


He spoke just as Keeley’s eyes shot up at him while his cock dangled free from her mouth. They only had seconds to act fast as the sound of a woman stepping into the bathroom was heard. Luke quickly offered Keeley his hand, pulling her up from the floor and then hurrying backwards into an open stall. She took control by wrapping her right hand around his cock and then using her left hand to quickly close the stall door behind them. Keeley managed to lock the stall while Luke sat down on the toilet behind him. Once they were locked in subtle privacy within the bathroom, she began to lower herself back down to her knees while pushing his pants further down. Her right hand remained gripping his swollen rod, almost as if she were claiming ownership of it. Once her knees were touching the cold floor below, Keeley looked in his eyes and spoke in a low voice.


“Curl my hair up for a pony tail.”


Her low words were more of a direct order than anything else. A sound was heard from a female voice outside the bathroom stall, as the stranger seemed to hear audibly what Keeley had said. Luke did as he was told, using both hands to curl up a quick pony tail while she planted her lips down to the head of his cock. Her long brunette locks had been neatly fixed up for tonight, as Luke took notice as he curled them up. Keeley removed her right hand from his cock to bring both of her hands to the back of her head and quickly tie up a sloppy pony tail. She figured Luke wouldn’t know how to do it, as he moved his hands away and let her do it herself. Once she was finished, Keeley wrapped her left hand around Luke’s cock and continued to suck on the head.


Up and down, she began to pump her left hand. Up and down, her grip quickly glided over several inches of his cock with sudden speed. She stopped for a minute and brought both hands to his cock, pushing her fingers over it while slowly stroking it. Luke was amazed with the talent of her hands. Keeley wasn’t a nasty girl who liked to choke herself on a big dick. She went slow and sensual, working her hands so he could enjoy them along with the feeling of her mouth. She began to move her lips down his cock, sucking it in perfect sync with her left hand stroking the inches below that weren’t between her lips. Her eyes looked up into his, never once gazing away as Keeley worked to pleasure him. Her clit was dripping wet down below, creating a small pond wet mound in the front of her thong. As badly as she wanted to reach down and finger herself, Keeley didn’t. She worked to pleasure Luke, giving him what she hoped to be the most sensual and tender blowjob he had ever received from a woman.


When they heard steps approaching the door only to exit, that was Keeley’s sign that she could turn up the heat and truly work her mouth over Luke’s cock. Breaking eye contact with him, she closed them while pushing her left hand down to the base of his cock. Keeley began to take more of his cock into her mouth, still slowly sucking as her lips moved up and down. Since she believed they were alone in the bathroom, she wasn’t holding back from trying to remain quiet any longer. Noises of slobbering and sucking were audible from within the stall they occupied. When she heard Luke take a deep breath and almost cry out, Keeley gazed back up into his eyes and moved her lips back up to the pink head of his shaft. Her lips came off with a loud pop sound that echoed through the bathroom’s walls. A string of drool dangled from her lower lip back to his cock as Keeley began to pump it with her left hand.




Keeley spoke to him in a low and sensual voice. Glancing down to her, he replied.


“Yes, baby?”


She licked her lips before calling out to him this time.


“I wanna make you cum, but there’s just one thing you need to understand first. Do not cum on my face. If you pull my hair and then wank yourself to unload all over my face, then I’ll leave you here and you’ll be on your own to find Lucy.”


“Alright, baby. I promise I won’t cum on your face.”


“Just remember where we are. This isn’t the place to get nasty like that.”


She made a point with her words. Luke nodded his head as Keeley resumed sucking his thick meat pole. Both of them were still dressed for a night out and he understood that giving her a mess to the face would force her to clean up her makeup. She looked so classy in the black dress, the thought had never crossed his mind to splatter her beautiful face in his seed. Her words gave him the impression of men in the past who must not have respected her desires. Luke just sat there, enjoying every second of her lips moving up and down as she sucked his cock to a pulp. ‘Mmmmmmm’, Keeley moaned with her tongue pushed against his shaft. A trail of her saliva dripped down to his balls while she continued to move her lips up and down.


“Ohhhhhh, man…”


Luke’s crying voice was just enough to tell Keeley she was working wonders into his mind. He was amazed with how she sucked him, nice and slow. It almost felt as if she could suck him forever, if only he didn’t have to blow his load into her oral hole. Though neither of them seemed to want this pleasure to end, it was to come soon. The hourglass was beginning to run out as Luke could feel his cum bolting through his veins and ready to gush from his cock and into Keeley’s loving mouth. He was unable to control himself any longer, calling out to her loudly.




His voice echoed throughout the bathroom but only for Keeley to hear. She knew just how she wanted to finish him and taste his seed. Pumping her lips back to the head of his cock, she both hands to wrap all her fingers around his slobber-coated shaft. Keeley continued sucking the head as both her hands worked, stroking that dick as fast as she could.




As Luke’s crying voice echoed through the bathroom walls, Keeley tasted the steaming hot liquid substance that shot into her mouth. Squeezing her lips harder around the head of his shaft, she removed her hands and began to bob her head up and down as he shot wad after wad of his hot seed into her loving mouth. Luke arched his head back, almost losing his seating over the toilet.


“God, that is so fucking amazing. You are something else, Keeley.”


Still bobbing her head up and down, Keeley milked his cock of every last drop. Once she couldn’t suck anymore out, she pulled his rod free from her lips and leaned up to show him the puddle of cum mixed within her own spit over her tongue. She closed her lips and then loudly swallowed it down. Luke took a deep breath as he watched every second of her actions, but Keeley was ready to take charge.


“Hurry up, get down on the floor. I want you to lick me, make me cum fast so we can get outta here!”


Her words were almost like a reality check, waking him from his erotic daydreaming. Luke hurried to move off the toilet seat, brushing past Keeley as she squeezed herself over him inside the stall to take a seat. Once her ass hit the seat, she reached out with her right hand, helping him down to his knees. Luke didn’t get into position fast enough for Keeley, so she pushed her left leg over his shoulder, draping her dress over his head and back. Keeley yelled to him in her thick English accent.


“Get down there!”


Pressing his palms down to the cold floor beneath him, Luke couldn’t see anything from the darkness of her black dress. His head was buried between her thighs with his mouth touching the soft cotton fabric of her thong. Keeley soon felt it being pulled down as he gripped it through his teeth and shoved her thong down a bit. Luke brought his hands up to rub her thighs, feeling the wet drops that had leaked from her waiting pussy. Keeley lifted her dress just enough, glancing down trying to see him. There wasn’t any hairs above her clit, as Luke now had clear view. Wasting no time, he shoved his mouth to her pretty pink folds and then snaked his tongue into her with a hard thrust. Keeley gasped before screaming.


“Ohhhhhhhh, my god!!”


Gasping for her breath, the former glamour model threw her head back and let out a soft cry while shutting her eyes. Keeley sat there, taking in all the pleasure of feeling his tongue venture into her pussy and thrust forward. Since she had rushed him, Luke knew he couldn’t take his time and eat her as slowly as she had sucked his cock moments earlier. The fear of another unwanted stranger entering the bathroom was at the front of his thoughts.


“Mmmmmm, keep going! Eat me, EAT ME!!”


Keeley didn’t seem to care at all about anyone stepping through the door as she yelled loudly. Luke’s head remained buried between her thighs, his tongue still darting back and forth into her tight clit to lick her again and again. Pushing her hands down over the toilet seat, she opened her eyes and licked her lips. When she felt his tongue slow down, she let out a moan while biting down on her lower lip. Keeley didn’t hesitate to drop her left hand down under her dress and shove her fingers into the back of his hair.


“Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stop!! Make me cum, Luke! FASTER!!”


All doubts he previously had about her caring where they were at had now been answered. Luke began to snake his tongue as far as it could reach within her clit, shaking it all around from within while he felt her nails digging through his hair. Keeley almost lost her balance over the toilet seat as she spread her legs out, moving her leg that had previously been over his back.




Her loud voice called out with a single word, bouncing in echoes from within the small bathroom. Luke figured that she had to close to her orgasm by now, if she could scream with that much power to her voice. Thrusting his tongue into her clit faster and harder, the man waited for her to pussy to bust open to reward him with the taste of her love nectar.




Biting down on her lower lip, she closed her eyes and almost began to cry out.




As Keeley screamed once more, Luke tasted her juices that shot directly into his mouth. He almost gagged over the sweet rush spilling into his jaws. She began to pant, gasping for her breath all while Luke was swallowing her body fluids down as quickly as he could. After a few more seconds, Keeley was busy trying to catch her breath. Luke moved his head out from her thighs, pushing her thong back up before he crawled out from beneath her dress. Moving to stand back up, he pulled his pants back up while Keeley was still seated over the toilet. She watched him, pulling his zipper back up and pushing the buttons back together. After she had caught her breath, she stood up from the toilet, facing him again.


“Come on, let’s get outta here.”


“Not just yet, babe.”


Luke spoke up just before pressing his lips to hers for a soft kiss. Keeley giggled after the kiss and they opened the stall together. As they began to walk towards the door, it opened as two women stepped in and looked over them but Luke paid them no attention. The strangers probably were speculating that something dirty had went down between the two leaving, something that made Keeley smirk. Together she and Luke marched out the bathroom and back into the club, but it was time to leave and go home. After they stepped out of the front entrance  doors and into the cold London night, Luke stopped and thanked Keeley for seeing him. They exchanged phone numbers as she promised to call his cellphone tomorrow once she had found some information for him. Luke left feeling that he had just made a new valuable friendship, one that could potentially lead him directly to Lucy.






Miami, Florida


A hot afternoon had melted away what was previously a chilly morning. Hours had passed by rather quickly from Nigel’s perspective. With Peter in Miami for business, they scheduled a meeting with John Varga for the day. With Lucy at his side, Nigel went on to meet with Varga back at his mansion. The famed photographer had a habit of doing everything from the walls of his luxury home. it was how he handled most of his business meetings, rather than making the trip to South Beach where his small office resided. The day seemed to be moving through a quick speed until Nigel and Lucy had stepped foot into the door of Varga’s home. After a few hours, it felt like an eternity of waiting through a game of three men upstairs arguing business deals. Lucy found herself in the living room alone with nothing much to do but sit around and wait while drinking tea. She had no idea what was going on outside the mansion as Nigel and Peter stood their ground in a discussion with John Varga all by himself.


Aggravation had bled through Nigel’s mind as a slight annoyance was a complete understatement of the situation. He did not expect Varga to be a man who would shake his head and tell him no. Without Peter there to serve as the voice of debate, this negotiation would’ve ended much earlier with Nigel and Lucy on a plane heading back home to London. It was Nigel’s idea to have Lucy pose and do photo sessions for Varga, but that was shot down instantly as the man had his own agenda at mind. Not used to hearing someone tell him ‘no’, Nigel didn’t know what to think of the older photographer. It didn’t matter that he and Peter were dressed in top dollar suits while Varga stood in nothing more but a pair of swim trunks and purple robe over his body and a large pair of sunglasses shielding his eyes. They stood near the swimming pool, their reflections visible among the surface of the waters. Peter continued speaking for Nigel.


“This is simply a big misunderstanding. Mr. Taylor would like to work something out while he is in Miami, maybe we could reschedule something for later?”


Varga wasn’t intimidated by anyone, regardless how fat their banking accounts were.  His work as a photographer was long celebrated and just his name alone had weight in the fashion industry. This was his house and he refused to allow anyone to dictate business terms to him. None of this was new to the older man, not even Nigel Taylor’s sour attitude in front of him. Unlike this man, Varga didn’t need someone to do negotiating for him, as he found this to be amusing at best. He shook his head and replied back to Peter.


“Why would I re-schedule anything for you? I wanted to speak about a model within your company and it isn’t the one back inside. Rosie Jones is who I thought we were going to negotiate about today, not Lucy Pinder.”


“I’m afraid Miss. Jones is busy right now.”


He ignored Peter’s words, looking directly at Nigel instead. Varga wasn’t going to waste his time allowing the other man to negotiate for him. He figured that Nigel must have been used to running away from arguments, instead having someone else do it all for him.


“You want me to take pretty pictures of your trophy girlfriend, is that right?”


Nigel shoved his hands into his pockets, giving a stern look back at the older man as he silently was filled with anger after his snide comment. He remembered the discussion they had at the party only a few days ago removed from his mind. Rosie Jones was on contract with Perfect Kiss modelling, one of Nigel’s most valuable assets. Varga had briefly mentioned Rosie Jones and how he wanted to photograph her for his upcoming photography book. It appeared the older man didn’t forget any details from their meeting. He recognized Lucy, easily figuring out just what Nigel had in mind and referring to her as a ‘trophy’. Nigel had completely forgotten that he wanted Rosie, as he originally believed that Varga would roll over and accept an easy pay check with no argument. He had to think of a more business-friendly reply, though he wanted to tell the man straight up to go fuck himself.


“You’ve got the most popular glamour model that my country has to offer sitting in your house and you really want Rosie Jones over her?”


Not amused by the reply, Varga stood still. His expression was hard to read for Peter and Nigel since his eyes were shielded behind the large black sunglasses. He began to reply, but not without inserting a subtle insult within his words.


“When you brought Miss. Pinder’s name into this, I figured we were gonna work an exchange deal out. I would gladly shoot a session with her in trade of you bringing Rosie Jones here. You see, usually I’m too busy with better offers than getting paid by rich playboys to take photos of their gorgeous girlfriends.”


In an instance Nigel’s blank face moved to become a disappointed frown. Varga smirked as he could see the uneasiness across the other man’s face. Peter spoke up, arguing for Nigel.


“But Miss. Jones is busy back in London, that’s why I suggested that we maybe reschedule a meeting.”


Varga shook his head.


“No thanks. You traveled all the way to Miami without bringing her along. I should be surprised at such incompetence, but I’m not.”


Glancing towards Nigel, he continued speaking.


“We have no deal here. Your mouthpiece isn’t going to talk you out of this. You can offer me as much money as you want, but it won’t change my mind. If you wanna work with me, then bring Rosie Jones with you next time. Bring her and then we can talk about an exchange deal. I’ll gladly do a separate photo session with Pinder, but not until I can speak to Miss. Jones about my book.”


Taking in a deep breath, Nigel sighed in anger. As badly as he wanted to curse at the other man, he remained calm and just nodded his head.


“I’ll see what I can do.”


After speaking, he turned away and began to march back to the door with Peter following along. Varga smiled to himself as the men seemed to be leaving. Today had to come eventually. There had to be a moment where Nigel couldn’t throw money at someone and have them tell him ‘yes’ in response for whatever he wanted. He was surprised that Varga wasn’t intimidated by his sheer wealth. Originally he had figured that the man would forget about Rosie entirely when realizing the opportunity to photograph Lucy instead. When the hot air hit him inside the home, Nigel was ready to collect Lucy and get out of here. He remembered what his brother had spoke of yesterday, now figuring that a threesome would be nice to blow off steam from Varga’s insults. Lucy stepped out of the living room, joining Nigel and Peter in the foyer.


“Did your meeting go well?”


Nigel stopped walking and then nodded to her.


“Yeah, it was fine. I just wanna get outta here and back to the hotel.”


He lied and Lucy could see right through his hollow words, but she didn’t want to push him to open up for her. Peter went ahead of them, already out the front door as Lucy and Nigel began to walk together. Underneath a blue denim jacket, she had on a white shirt, covering her body completely with a pair of stonewashed blue jeans over her legs to match her jacket. As they began to head out the door and back into the bright sunlight of the day, Nigel changed the subject to Lucy.


“My brother wanted me to ask you something.”


“Oh, he did? Does he want an autograph?”


Nigel chuckled at her words before shaking his head. He stopped as they were walking back to the car, turning to glance towards Lucy as he replied.


“No, not an autograph. Sebastian wanted to know if I would share you in a threesome with him.”


Lucy smirked, raising her eyebrow. He continued speaking.


“Normally I don’t share my trophy whores with any other man, but he wanted to know how you felt about it. It’s up to you, babe. Do you wanna invite him over as a guest?”


As she stood there, Lucy thought to herself while gazing back into Nigel’s face. This almost felt like a gift to her, as she loved to be the center of attention between two men in the bedroom. It was strange hearing Nigel say such a thing, as she knew he was the type of authoritarian man who wouldn’t share her, but perhaps he was close with his brother. After thinking to herself, Lucy smiled and nodded her head.


“Sure, this could be a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I had two men together at the same time.”


“Very well, then. I’ll call him when we get back to the hotel and we can get ready.”


So the decision was settled from Lucy’s word. They walked back to the car, ready to take the drive back to the hotel alone. Apart from her own choice, Nigel had his own reasons to participate in a threesome. He wanted to witness how Lucy interacted with another man, to see if she really went the distance to please him. Nigel still wondered if she was thinking about Luke, as this test would at least tell him if she had desires for another man besides himself. From the initial response, he truly believed that she wanted this. The true winner after all would be Sebastian, as he would have his once in a lifetime chance at a woman he had fantasized over for several years. Nigel was just happy to wash this awful meeting away from his mind with a session of steamy lust with his trophy whore.




London, England


While the afternoon hours were proceeding in other parts of the globe, nightfall had come for the current 7 PM time back in London. Luke had spent the day with Michelle, discussing the meeting he had with Keeley from last night. Despite a their disagreement from the other day, Michelle didn’t seem to hold a grudge whatsoever at Luke. She remained at his side, eager to help at any moment. Luke had been waiting all day for Keeley to call him though he didn’t discuss the details that were described to him back to Michelle. Given her confession of falling in love with him, he didn’t want to fuel that flame by telling her of what all Keeley had described to him. All through the day, he couldn’t help but wonder in fear if Lucy had truly become a ‘trophy whore’ to Nigel as Keeley had described. The possibility of some how seeing her again seemed to be an even bigger long shot than before if she was kept around the man himself at all times.


Despite such hopeless feelings, he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. Keeley seemed to be the perfect key to unlocking any possible chance of a rescue or at least a meeting face to face with Lucy. Luke needed to see her one last time, just to know if their love was truly dead or if there was a chance to make things right again. On the flip side, he was curious as of Keeley’s motivations and why she would risk everything just for revenge. Maybe it was true that retribution was something that could never be ignored, Luke wondered in his thoughts. The last time he had been face to face with her was over eight years ago. Beyond the surface of changing times, she still seemed like the same girl. While sitting in the living room of Michelle’s apartment, Luke’s phone began to ring right at 7:56 on the clock. When he seen Keeley’s name flashing over the front of the screen, he smiled and quickly answered. Finally, he was ready to talk with her.




“Hey, Luke! Are you busy right now?”


“No, I’ve been hoping you would call me back all day.”


“I’ve spent all day talking to some old friends of mine that work in Perfect Kiss.”


“Did you find anything out about Lucy?”


“Yes, I sure did.”


Luke took a deep breath, unable to hold back his next question.


“Is she a trophy whore to him?”


A moment of silence moved through before Keeley could be heard breathing into the phone before her response.


“I’m afraid so.”


“Shit, it’s just as I feared.”


“Well, it’s definitely true. Nigel takes her everywhere with him, so I guess he doesn’t trust her enough to give her some freedoms yet. He just left for Miami a few days ago, she’s with him. Do you wanna go on a suicide mission to get her back? It’s up to you, hon.”


He didn’t have to ponder on her words for very long. Weather this was a suicide mission or not, Luke was ready to chase Nigel anywhere for his chance to win Lucy back.


“Yeah, I’m going.”


“Then I’m coming with you, Luke. I can get a flight booked tonight, go ahead and pack up your things. I’ll call you back in a few hours once I have everything ready. When we’re together again, I’ll explain everything I’ve heard.”


“Wow, you don’t have to do this, Keeley. I can go by myself.”


“No, I’m going with you. I’ll call you back once I get us a flight booked.”


She hung up the phone, leaving Luke there in amazement. From the distance, he could heard the shower waters running. Michelle was busy in the bathroom, though he would have to soon speak to her and inform her that he was leaving for the U.S. Still, he was taken back in complete shock at how willing Keeley was to help him. He had to question her motivations, as it seemed so strange someone like her would go out of their way to help him. Walking back to the bedroom of Michelle’s apartment, Luke went on and began to pack a suitcase with his clothes. He hoped Michelle would understand his sudden departure and hopefully not beg to tag along with him. Since he had not told Keeley a single word about her, the last thing he wanted was both former glamour models meeting face to face.






Miami, Florida


“Ohhhhhhh, god! Fuck yes, this is amazing!”


Sebastian took a deep breath as he groaned in pleasure. He and his brother stood tall, not wearing a single piece of clothing over their bodies. On the floor, Lucy sat completely naked with her hands both wrapped around Nigel and Sebastian’s hard cocks, licking her lips. Her right hand cradled Sebastian’s shaft while his brother Nigel’s hard rod was gripped within her left hand. Their lustful act had began several minutes ago and Lucy was already on the floor sucking and wanking their hard cocks. Below her face, her giant breasts hung as they were soaked in slobber. Nigel asked her to spit on her tits and lick them, all to tease himself and his brother with a full display of her glorious body shining from the lights above. Lucy moved to her left side and began to suck over Nigel’s rod like moments before. Drool strings were dripping from both corners of her mouth with a thick saliva rope that dangled from her chin. Lucy took turns alternating between their cocks to equally slobber all over them.


A pop sound was heard as Lucy moved her lips off Nigel’s rod and then turned right again to give Sebastian’s shiny pole equal attention. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as she began to slowly bob her head up and down, all while pumping Nigel’s dick in her left hand. She moved slowly, allowing both men to enjoy her hard work pleasuring them before the real fucking was to commence. To Sebastian this was a dream come true. To have one of the most beautiful women in all of the world down on the floor sucking him off. He didn’t even care that he had to beg his brother to share her, it was better than not taking a chance at all. It was music to his ears to hear Lucy’s lips make another pop sound as she came off his cock and returned those lips back to Nigel’s dripping rod. The sounds of her slobbering over their cocks was audible as more strings of drool had dripped from the corners of her mouth. Like before, her right hand pumped Sebastian’s cock back and forth while she was busy bobbing her lips up and down Nigel’s long pole.


“Those tits are so fucking beautiful down there. God, I can’t stop looking at ’em.”


Again, Sebastian spoke after gasping his breath. Beyond the pleasure he was receiving from his beloved filthy fuck doll, Nigel was studying his brother’s reactions. He must have wanked himself off a number of times while looking at photos of Lucy’s bare tits in magazines. To see them in person definitely was a breathtaking experience. Over Lucy’s neck was a sparkling diamond necklace. Nigel couldn’t put a collar over her neck in front of his brother, so he gave her some majestic jewelry that he had brought along with him. Matching the necklace was a pair of white gold, small hoop ear rings with diamonds encrusted through them. The jewelry gave her the right look, demonstrating how valuable she was to his business as an asset piece. Lucy’s hair was a bit of a mess since Nigel had already ran his hands through it when snatching her up. He waited until she popped her lips off his cock again before alerting her. Knowing that his brother wanted to feel her tits first, he was going to allow him the first shot at it.


“Lucy baby, I think Sebastian wants to fuck your tits.”


“Oh god, fuck yeah! I wanna fuck ’em so bad!!”


Her eyes turned, glancing up at both of them as Sebastian spoke with great excitement. Lucy gritted her teeth, mimicking one of her most well known slutty faces she used in various poses for her photo sessions. Her hands let go of their cocks and then she placed them over her drool covered breasts, holding them up and making them jiggle around as Sebastian planted his left hand down over her right shoulder. Since Lucy was seated on her buttocks, she lost her place and almost fell over as Sebastian pushed his his hand down on her shoulder. Behind her was a coffee table and plush foot stool. Nigel began to stroke his cock while moving the foot stool behind Lucy’s back to offer support for her to lean back. She let out a moan, her eyes never leaving Nigel as his large dick hovered above her face. Sebastian was stroking his cock, moving it towards her right boob before beginning to slap it up against her solid hard nipple. Letting out another moan, her eyes finally shifted to Sebastian as she called out to him.


“You like that!? You wanna shove that cock between my huge boobs!?”


Smack. Smack. Smack. The feeling of his rod beating up against her nipple had caused Lucy to cry out in pleasure. This was most slutty Nigel had ever witnessed her so far. Lucy was embracing all her inner dirty side, unleashing it upon both of them. Sebastian moved in front of her and then Lucy leaned back up, quickly setting herself down on her knees to form a proper position for titty fucking him. His fingers dug into her shoulder as Lucy held her breasts up for him to shove his saliva-covered shaft between them. Right when she felt Sebastian’s long pole between her tits, Lucy felt Nigel’s hand come down to grip her hair, forcing her head to turn.


“Suck on this fucking cock, baby…”


As Lucy turned her head, Nigel’s cock went directly to her lips. She wasted no time wrapping her lips around it as she could feel Sebastian make the first thrust between her giant breasts.


“Holy fuck!! These tits are so massive!”


Sebastian gasped after crying out. It was a common reaction that Lucy had grown used to from men who were experiencing the power of her tits for the first time. Every cock she ever had would disappear between her tits, demonstrating the dominant power she had with her busty chest. As she slobbered over Nigel’s rod, she squeezed her breasts tighter over Sebastian’s cock. He cried out, thrusting forward as the head of his shaft poked up between her tits. Lucy closed her eyes and began to moan over Nigel’s cock. Sebastian was gripping her right shoulder while his brother had a tight grip over the back of Lucy’s head within her hair.


“You enjoying her tits, man?”


Nigel taunted his brother while he began to thrust his cock between Lucy’s lips. Her right cheek bulged a bit with each thrust he sent between her lips.




He would’ve laughed at his brother’s reaction, if only he wasn’t focused on pumping his cock back and forth between Lucy’s lips. While Sebastian was thrusting his cock forward between her tits, Nigel was ready to turn up the heat and begin fucking Lucy’s mouth like he usually did. He called out to her, curling his fingers tighter into her long brunette hair.


“Look at me right now, I wanna see those eyes. Look at me, bitch!”


Lucy’s eyes opened and gazed up at Nigel’s face. He gave her his classic shit-eating grin as he began to thrust his cock harder and faster between her lips. Sebastian was bothered by hearing her referred to as ‘bitch’, but he couldn’t complain while moaning and still pumping his dick between her wonderful boobs. Lucy began to gag over Nigel’s cock.




As her mouth made various noises of choking and slobbering, Nigel spoke up to his brother.


“This is why I call her my filthy fuck doll. That body was made for fucking.”


Sebastian was still pumping his cock forward and back between her big tits. Lucy could feel his rod thrusting between them, but she was unable to move her head and watch. Nigel gripped her hair with both hands, pushing his cock all the way into her mouth until her pink lips met at the base. She gagged before loudly choking on it.


“Take it all, baby…Take it all…”


Her eyes became watery as Nigel remained still, all while his brother was having the time of his life titty fucking her. From her teary eyes, Lucy’s dark eyeliner began to smear. Nigel waited until he heard another gag and then he pulled his cock from her lips to let her breath. Several strings of saliva dripped down, falling over her tits. Lucy took a deep breath, looking up into his eyes. She ignored Sebastian completely, maintaining complete eye contact with Nigel. Like before, he flashed her his sinister smile with his perfect white teeth.


“You like choking on that cock, baby?”




She replied quickly, still gazing into his eyes. Nigel moved his hands to both sides of her head as he thrust his cock back between her lips. While he began to fuck her mouth again, Sebastian had slowed down from thrusting his cock between her boobs. He now witnessed Nigel beginning to aggressively fuck her mouth, slamming his cock back and forth down her throat. Lucy began to make several audible slobbering and gagging noises from her lips.




Nigel grunted, calling out to his brother.


“You see this!? This is how you show that bitch that you’re the fucking boss! Lucy knows her place as my filthy fuck doll, see?”


Spit began to fly from the corners of Lucy’s lips, landing over her neck and breasts below. She almost lost her grip entirely over her tits as Sebastian had stopped completely. The man stood as his brother roughly fucked Lucy’s mouth. He pulled his cock free from her breasts, taking a few steps back as he was forced to watch Nigel buck his hips and drive his cock into her mouth repeatedly. Her eyes were shut, unable to witness the smirk across Nigel’s lips. He knew that this kind of behavior disturbed his brother, as he went the extra mile to remind him that he had put Lucy ‘in her place’, so to speak. Since Sebastian had stepped back, Nigel was able to move in front of her to make a better position to fuck her mouth.




She was still making various slobbering and gagging noises from within her mouth. Sebastian watched as Nigel pushed her mouth all the way down his cock again. This time, Lucy didn’t choke at first. It took a matter of several seconds until she was heard gagging. Nigel held her there, spit dripped from her lips and over his balls before falling to the floor below. He turned to Sebastian and smiled at him, looking at the horrified expression over his brother’s face. Nigel wanted to call him a pussy so bad, but didn’t. The uneasiness over Sebastian’s face brought him enough joy. Lucy’s eyes watered up once more with a dark tear drop falling from the corner of her right eye. When Nigel finally pulled his cock free from her lips, she gasped and took in a deep breath while several strings of drool dripped from her mouth and dangled back to his cock. A flood of spit fell from Lucy’s lower lip, covering her neck and falling to her tits below. It only took her a few seconds to catch her breath, and then Lucy smiled. Nigel moved one hand to stroke his cock while gripping her hair in the other hand.


“You’re a nasty fucking bitch, Lucy. Is that right?”


He tugged her hair, forcing her to turn her head and gaze back at him from the angle of her left shoulder. With strings of drool dangling from her chin, Lucy gave him a smirk and replied back.


“I’m YOUR nasty fucking bitch!”


Nigel couldn’t have been more pleased with her words. Lucy was focusing all her attention to him, showing obvious favoritism as Sebastian was forced to stand there and jack himself off while watching his brother and his beloved trophy whore. Nigel spoke, ordering her to put those big tits to use for him now.


“Hold your tits up, you know what I want you to do with them.”


“Mmmmmm, yes sir.”


To be called ‘sir’ was the cherry atop the sundae for Nigel. His hand remained gripping her hair, reminding Lucy every second that she was under his control. Licking her lips, she held her big boobs up so Nigel could smash his cock between them. Lucy’s eyes looked down, spitting on his cock before she squeezed them together and looked back up into his eyes. She began to pump her tits up and down, fucking his cock while she bit her lower lip. Sebastian wanted to join in so badly, but he didn’t. Nigel wasn’t going to allow him to anyway. This was all for show, letting his brother know that Lucy was off limits. He removed his hands from her hair as she moved at a fast pace, pumping those big breasts up and down over his cock. Lucy broke eye contact, only to look down and watch the head of his cock poke up. She stopped momentarily, leaning her head down to lick over the head of his meat pole.


“Good girl…”


Lucy’s eyes shot back up to Nigel’s face as she began to pump her tits up and down again. He stood there like a king embracing the pleasure that his loyal obedient servant was giving him. Sebastian stepped over so he could watch Lucy tit-fuck his brother. To experience her tits the first time was amazing, but he couldn’t help himself but to watch as she gave pleasure to another man. Nigel caught his brother next to him. All Sebastian could do was stand there and wank his dick back and forth in his hand. Nigel knew he was waiting for the moment they both would be fucking her together, so he called out to Lucy down below.




“Yes sir?”


“Are you ready to get double-fucked?”


After he spoke, Lucy stopped moving her breasts up and down his cock. She glanced over at Sebastian for a moment before looking back at Nigel. Swallowing her breath, she nodded her head.


“Yes, I’m ready.”


She let go of her breasts and then Nigel offered both hands to pull her up from her knees. Lucy stood tall in a pair of basic black high heels. Across the floor were various articles of clothing from all three of them. Nigel wasn’t going to be fucking her ass, the one hole on a woman that he never liked to place his rod inside. Lucy pushed her lips to Nigel, offering a soft kiss as he took a few steps backwards until they moved to the large king size bed. Nigel let go of her hands to get atop the bed, laying down flat on his back. Lucy climbed onto the bed, moving over Nigel’s body as she hovered over him. Her hands pushed down over his chest while her knees were over the front blankets of the bed, spread out so Sebastian could climb up and take her in a doggy style position from behind. Nigel brushed her hair from her cheeks, leaning up to softly kiss her lips and speak.


“Are we all set, baby?”


Lucy glanced over her shoulder to see Sebastian climbing onto the bed. She took notice of the nervous expression painted over his face. He looked to her almost as if he was worried for her sake. Lucy gave him a soft smile and then turned her head, answering Nigel.


“Yes, my love. I’m ready to feel both of those hard cocks pounding into me.”


Licking her lips, she took in a deep breath as Nigel reached down below to grab his meat pole. Lucy felt it brushing against her soft wetness, just before he pushed in. She let out a soft cry and then she felt Sebastian’s hands over her ass, spreading her cheeks apart to venture his thick rod into her dark little hole from behind. Lucy knew how rough and dominating Nigel could be, but she didn’t know what to expect from his brother. Within seconds, she felt both of their cocks slowly thrusting into her. Gasping her breath, she cried out.




Nigel began to buck his hips forward, slamming his cock into Lucy while Sebastian took his time by moving slow. The busty glamour model remained, closing her eyes while her giant breasts began to shake, rubbing up against Nigel’s stomach. He had a new verbal order to give his favorite trophy whore.


“Scream, Lucy! Scream for me, my filthy fuck doll!! FUCKING SCREAM!!!”


“Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Ohhhhhhh!!”






In unison both men thrust their cocks into her simultaneously. Nigel wrapped his hands around Lucy’s waist, folding his fingers over the small of her back as he continued to thrust his hips forward and pound his cock into her pussy. Sebastian raised his left hand and lightly spanked over her ass while pumping his cock into her.








London, England


A cold winter night was visible through the window of the London taxi cab. Roughly two hours after her first phone call, Keeley returned a call back to Luke informing him that she had booked two tickets for a a midnight flight to Miami Florida. So far she had been true to her word, so he called for a taxi early before leaving Michelle’s apartment. With just one briefcase of clothes and other important belongings, Keeley had asked him to meet at a car park across town. The airport itself was still some distance away, but she wanted to make sure everything was packed in her vehicle. Before leaving, Luke had a long conversation with Michelle. He was surprised that she agreed to stay behind, as she had clearly told him that she would remain here whenever he needed her. ‘I’ll be waiting for you when you get back home’ was her final words with a loving smile before he walked out the door. Michelle had blew him a kiss, but Luke didn’t catch sight of her act.


From the back seat of the taxi cab, he watched the various lights move as the wheels turned down the streets. Luke knew this could possibly be the last time he saw London, but he didn’t care. He was going to find Lucy if it was the last thing he did in his life. During the quiet drive in the back of the cab van, Luke wondered about the things Keeley had told him. He had just learned a few hours ago that his worst fears were true for Lucy’s status within Nigel’s game. Weather she had become another man’s trophy or not, he didn’t care. Luke believed in the power of true love, regardless if most people thought it was just a fairy tale. He would trade any material belongings for the woman in his heart. When the taxi reached the car garage, Luke paid his fare and stepped out into the cold air clutching his briefcase.


The wind whistled from the distance, offering a subtle sound that faded into the ambiance of the dark night. Beyond the car garage, various sounds through the night could be heard. Luke was dressed in a pair of black pants, a black shirt and a gray jacket over his body. As he stepped through the first floor of the car park, he did not see a single person among his view. There were various cars parked around, though he guessed Keeley had to be waiting somewhere near one of them. As he made the walk towards the back of the garage and near the curve to drive up the next floor, a female voice called out to him.


“Hey, Luke! Over here, hon!”


When he turned to his right, Keeley Hazell stood next to a white BMW car. She was dressed in black pants and a black jacket to match. The buttons were undone at the front, teasing his eye with her heavy cleavage. Below, he could see a few gold necklaces dangling from her neck.


“Keeley, there you are.”


She approached him, her high heels clicking and clacking over the concrete pavement down below. Luke gazed into her eyes for a moment as she took his briefcase from his hand.


“I’ll take this for you.”


He stood there, watching as she stomped around to the back seat of the car and opened the door to place his suitecase among her own luggage. When she shutthe door, Keeley gazed back to him and spoke.


“You packed everything you needed?”




Keeley giggled to him, stepping back to face him more closer. She spoke in a low voice to him.


“Good, just making sure. When we get to Miami, I’ll book us a hotel. I know just the places Nigel likes to spend his time, so I’ll be able to help you when we get there. We’ve still got an hour and a half before the flight, so you wanna talk about anything before we go?”


Luke nodded.


“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this all day. Why are you wanting to help me so badly? You told me how dangerous this is and yet, you aren’t afraid of anything so far.”


She ran her hands to the front of his jacket, glancing down before gazing back into his eyes.


“I already told you why, Luke! Nigel destroyed me. I have nothing left to lose if I wanna get involved with someone who wants to fuck with him. Besides, I like you. I always have.”


“Well, I’m releived you think highly of me.”


Her voice crackled into a giggle as Luke smiled back to her. Something else was clearly on Keeley’s mind, apparent from the subtle grin she had given him.


“So, how did you like last night at the club?”


“Last night was great. You should know I’m always up for partying at a nice place.”


Shaking her head, Keeley rolled her eyes at him.


“No no no, hon. Don’t act stupid, you know what I mean. How did you like it back in the bathroom?”


This was a question Luke didn’t quite expect from her, nevertheless while they were standing in a car park during the cold evening hours. Raising his eyebrow, he looked back at her and replied.


“Oh, that was a lot of fun. I was just worried that someone was going to walk in and catch us.”


“Somebody did walk in.”


“Yeah, I know!”


Keeley giggled again.


“That’s what it made so much fun.”


After subtly speaking, she cupped his face in her cold hands and pushed her lips to his. Luke closed his eyes, kissing Keeley back tenderly. While their tongues played against one another, he already could feel his cock getting harder once more from the sensual ways of this lovely woman. Keeley pulled their lips apart, giving him another playful smirk as she moved her hands down to the front of his pants. Luke couldn’t help but wonder that she must have guessed that a passionate kiss would spark an erection to stick up in front of his pants. Her eyes shifted back to his and then she spoke.


“Looks like someone wants to have some fun right now.”


She wasn’t going to give the man a chance to say no. Keeley kissed him again while pulling the front button of his pants undone. When she broke the kiss, Luke’s voice was heard taking in a deep breath while Keeley fell down to her knees before him. It didn’t matter at all to her that they were in a public place or how cold the night was. She pushed his pants and underwear down, just far enough to cradle his warm cock into her cold hands. Luke shouted to her.


“Oh shit, are you sure about this!? What if someone comes out and sees us?”


Keeley simply laughed to him.


“What if someone does? We can tell them to piss off and mind their own bloody business.”


Luke was slowly beginning to realize this was a game to her and all he could do was play along. Keeley was teasing him with a sensual act in a public place, not caring whatsoever if it made him uncomfortable. It was the one sign he had that she was a genuine risk taker. She looked away from him as she began to wank his cock back and forth with both of her hands. Luke was looking around the car garage, in absolute fear that some random person would be walking in at any moment to collect their vehicle and drive off into the night. Keeley’s voice called out to grab his attention.


“You liked how I sucked your cock last night, didn’t you?”


He turned to look down at Keeley who was still stroking his cock with her cold hands.


“Yes, I did. You give the best blow jobs of any girl in the glamour industry.”


“Who told you that?”


“No one, I’m simply stating a fact.”


She didn’t quite believe his words but didn’t worry about it. Keeley looked up into his eyes, placing her chilly lips over the head of his warm cock. With a loud kiss, she pulled her lips back and then shoved his meat pole up against her right cheek. She began to lightly beat the head against her face while speaking to him.


“After the licking you gave me, I can’t wait to have you fuck me. But not until we’re in Miami and behind locked doors.”


“I’m fine with that, babe! Beats standing around worrying someone might catch us.”


A soft giggle came from her voice as Keeley stopped playing with his cock and shoved it back into her warm mouth. This time, she began to bob her head up and down his cock. Her hand moved to the base, maintaining a firm grip as she bobbed her lips up and down. ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm’ she moaned while moving her lips up and down. She broke eye contact, closing her eyes while Luke was busy gazing in all directions still in fear that a random stranger may step into the garage and catch them. Keeley was taking her time, just like last night when they were in the bathroom.


“Ohhhhhh, fuck! You know how to work me over.”


Luke couldn’t help himself but to brag aloud. Keeley was still slobbering all his cock with nothing in the outside world hindering her concentration. He got the impression that she must have had a history of doing dirty deeds such as this, risking random strangers from witnessing such an act from a famous glamour model. When she opened her eyes, Keeley gazed up at his face while slowly bringing her lips back to the head and releasing his cock with a loud popping noise. Keeley kissed the head of his cock and then spit on it. Her saliva fell to the concrete floor below as Luke’s rod was glistening in her drool. She had other ideas besides spending all her time sucking on his pole. She moved her hands down to her jacket, sliding the head of his cock back into her mouth while starring into his eyes. As Keeley snatched her buttons undone to her jacket, the top row of her teeth lightly grazed over the head of his cock.


“Oh my god, yeah!”


He groaned as he watched Keeley pop her big tits out. A designer brand pink colored bra covered her glorious breasts. Without uttering a word to him, Keeley kissed the head of his cock and then worked to pull her tits free from her bra. She had caught Luke’s eyes gazing down at them multiple times and now it was time to give him the treat of her breasts. He no longer seemed to care about the possibility of a stranger entering the garage. Luke’s hands had become cold outside, an obvious feeling when he grabbed his cock and worked to push it between Keeley’s exposed breasts.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I know you wanna fuck these titties. Do it Luke, fuck em good.”


Her voice called out to him in a lustful moan. Keeley’s breasts were warm, pushing over his cock as she squeezed them together. Her eyes never left his, only for a second to lean down and spit over the head. Luke began to buck his hips forward, driving his cock between her tits. Keeley moaned, looking up into his eyes.


“You like that, hon?”


“Oh, fuck yes!”


Looking up into his eyes, she gave him a soft grin and then spoke in a low voice.


“I think my tits were made for your cock.”


Her words served simply as a larger motivation for Luke to begin thrusting his dick faster between her tits. Keeley moaned, looking down to watch the head of his cock poke up between her breasts with each thrust he made. She parted her lips, using her tongue to flick the head each time it moved up. Luke placed his hands on her shoulders, holding her down in place as he continued to drive his cock up and down into her amazing tits. Keeley stopped licking the head, just to look back into his eyes and moan to him.


“You like fucking my titties, Luke?”


“Ohhhhh, god! Yes I fucking do!!”


“Mmmmmmmm!! I wanna make you cum, hon. I wanna swallow it like last night.”


Grunting and moaning, Luke couldn’t concentrate on her words for long. He began to breath heavily, knowing that he didn’t have much time before he blew his load. Over and over, his cock remained thrusting between her amazing tits. From the expressions over his face, Keeley knew he was about to blow for her.


“Are you gonna cum for me, hon!?”




She knew what to do to finish him off without creating a mess over her skin and staining her clothes. Keeley leaned her head down, still holding her tits among her cold hands. Waiting until Luke made one final thrust up, she locked her lips around the head of his pole, lightly using her teeth to get a firm grip. Luke began to groan louder, moaning as he shot his load into her warm, loving jaws.




His voice echoed throughout the car garage, fading in with the ambiance of the night outside. Luke cried out while his cock exploded between Keeley’s lips, sending waves of his hot seed into her jaws all for her to taste and swallow. Luke took in a deep breath as the cold night air was hitting him. Keeley took her time, milking his cock for every last drop and then swallowing it down. She refused to release his rod from between her lips until she had swallowed it all up. Once she was finished, a pop noise was heard as she let his cock go free from her lips.


“Mmmmmm, that tasted good. Now that we’ve had some fun are you ready to get moving to the airport?”


“Yeah, let’s get outta here. I’m just glad no one walked in and seen us.”


Keeley got up from her knees, giggling at Luke’s comments. She had to fix her bra and jacket while he had to do the same with his pants. Luke wondered why they couldn’t have just had fun in the car, but he understood just the reason why Keeley would do such a thing. This was her kind of fun, playing into risky business. It didn’t cross his mind at all that he now had back to back nights of lustful fun with her, all without even seeing her in the nude. Regardless such an event, Luke was at least confident that they were one step closer to finding Lucy. Hopefully things would continue to go their way once they reached the U.S.




Miami, Florida




Lucy screamed, her voice echoing all through the room as she remained sitting atop Sebastian with his cock thrusting into her pussy. Standing in front of her was Nigel, pumping his rod between her big juicy tits while Lucy held them up. The three of them had now been fucking for hours with Lucy managing to reach two orgasms while she had already forced Sebastian to bust his nut within her ass, but Nigel wouldn’t allow his brother to fill her pussy with his seed. When Lucy didn’t have both cocks stuffed in her holes, she had one between her tits instead. Despite all this wonderful pleasure, it had to eventually come to an end. Sebastian was slowly moving his cock into her pussy, but Nigel had not lost any strength at all from fatigue. He stood tall, thrusting his hips forward to pound his cock into her breasts. After all this time, he had yet to blow his load but it was coming soon. She knew where Nigel would be blowing his load, always over her face. Lucy still wasn’t sure about Sebastian’s choice as he was a different kind of man. Nigel came to a complete stop, calling out to his brother.


“Fuck, I’m ready to cum! Are you ready too?”


“Yes, yes!! I’m gonna cum again!”


“She’s my filthy fuck doll, so I’m gonna make her into a mess first!”


Hearing their words, Lucy had to quickly prepare herself to be made into a mess. It was a wonder that they went through all these hours and yet she didn’t receieve any cum to her face yet. Her makeup was ruined with her eyeliner smeared and runny. Lucy soon felt Nigel’s hands, pulling her hair to lift her up. Sebastian’s cock fell from her clit, flopping freely against his stomach. Nigel moved her a bit on the bed while Lucy yelled to him.


“Cum on my face, cum on my face, love!”


“You know that’s exactly what I’m gonna fucking do, you nasty bitch. You ready for it?”


“Yes, I’m always ready!”


Her knees pushed down into the bed sheets as Nigel kept one hand to the back of her hair, holding her in place while his other hand quickly stroked his cock. Lucy closed her eyes and parted her lips, shoving her tongue out to catch any excessive cum. Both of her hands held her giant breasts up, ready to catch any cum that may drip down below. Sebastian leaned up on the bed, watching every second as his brother was about to decorate her beautiful face.


“Ohhhhhh, yeah! OHHHHHHHH, FUCK YEAH!!”


Nigel gritted his teeth, growling his words while his cock began to erupt from the touch of his hand. A thick wave of cum splashed directly over Lucy’s forehead, followed by two strings that went flying into her hair. Sebastian groaned, watching as his brother unloaded his cum all over her beautiful face. The next thick wad went directly into her right eyelid, dripping down before another string trailed over her right cheek. Crawling up to his knees, Sebastian finally stood up on his feet, still watching Lucy receive all of his brother’s hot spunk. Only a few droplets landed over her tongue with most of it creating a mess over her face. With his orgasm becoming weaker, Nigel squeezed his cock to get the last remaining spurts to go over her breasts down below. Now that he was done, it was Sebastian’s turn.


“You’re next. Good luck making a bigger mess than that.”


Sebastian ignored his brother’s words as he moved in front of Lucy. She began to massage her tits in her hands, forcing them to bounce back and forth. Her eyes remained closed, knowing that she still had more cum to fill her skin. Since he had already blown his load once within her ass, Sebastian knew he wasn’t going to make a huge mess like his brother had accomplished. Her face was already a drenched and dripping canvas of art, so he aimed his cock down to her breasts and began to stroke it as fast as he could.


“Here it comes! Ohhhhhh, man! Yes, here it comes! FUCK!!”


Lucy moaned, dropping her lower lip as she felt Sebastian’s warm seed splashing over both of her big tits below. She moved her hands over her nipples, squeezing them as she felt a layer of cum splash over her right hand. String after string of cum went over Lucy’s breasts, giving them a proper decorating she had rightfully earned from a man who had many fantasies about those tits over the years. When he was done, Sebastian stepped aside and Lucy began to slowly open her eyes up. A smile went across her face before she called out to both men standing before her over the bed.


“You both made me into a mess, I think I need a shower now.”


“Did you have fun, Lucy?”


It was Sebstian who spoke up to her. Licking her lips, she gave him a grin and replied.


“Yes, this was a wonderful day!”






London, England


Lights filled the large windows of the penthouse with the city overlooking down below. Silence had filled the walls over the past few days as Nigel had left with Lucy. Holly Peers had found herself all alone in their little world. She had sent text messages to Nigel only for him not to send any reply, forcing her to sit around in the penthouse speculating the fears she had within her heart. Ever since he had claimed Lucy, Holly couldn’t prevent herself from feeling afraid that he was moving on from her with a new trophy whore. She didn’t like competition. Nigel was the love of her life and she knew that no other woman would accept his dominance with more pleasure than herself. Lucy wasn’t the first woman to bow to him in submission out of fear. Holly had witnessed many girls before her, though he had a habit of becoming attached to his new play toys over her.


As the morning went on, Holly had isolated herself in Nigel’s penthouse. She could’ve easily left and spent as much money as she desired, but she didn’t feel like shopping without him around. She was still insulted by the fact that he would bring Lucy out of the country with him, but leave her all by herself alone. Since she had not heard from Nigel in a few days, Holly began to dwell in her paranoid fears of being replaced by Lucy as his main woman. It didn’t matter to her if they both had the status of trophy whore. Nigel was growing more and more attached to Lucy, forcing Holly to feel threatened of her position within his heart. Without indulging in her fears any further, she decided to relax with a hot shower to soothe her mind.


Beyond the glass door of the shower, the water ran from above. Holly had pinned her long black hair back in a pony tail, standing there as she raised her head and allowed the water to sprinkle and trickle down over her soft skin. After a few minutes, steam began to rise and cover the glass doors. The sound of the shower faucet was relaxing to Holly’s mind, offering a solid rhythm. She began to breathe easier, taking in a few deep breaths and then letting it out. When she finally moved her feet in the shower, she pushed her back up against the wall and raised her neck. Various thoughts about Nigel began to flood through her mind. Despite the sudden fear she kept at the front of her mind at all times, she wasn’t thinking about it right now. When Lucy’s name came up, she was able to quickly block it out of her mind by thinking of him instead.


When her mind shifted to Nigel’s smile, Holly felt her nipples harden up. She began to move her hands over her body, running them over her stomach and up to her big breasts. With her nipples pressed against her palms, she leaned over. Her eyes remained closed as she gritted her teeth and let out a soft, purring moan. It was a shame he wasn’t here to join in on her fun, but Holly had no problem fantasizing and imagining Nigel stepping into the shower. Her imagination had taken the better part of her mind, blocking out her fearful thoughts. Down below, her clit became wet from the heat of her dirty thoughts. The hot water continued to trickle down, still relaxing her as Holly used her right hand to move down and shove her index finger into her clit.


‘Ohhhhhhhh, Nigel. Take me into your arms and let me love you’. She softly spoke, still imagining that he was going to step through the glass shower door. Holly had to imagine his strong and stern voice within her mind, all while beginning to venture her middle finger into her pussy. With two fingers, she began to thrust them forward. She let out a loud moan, squeezing her breast within her left hand as she still leaned against the wall. Reality would tell her that no one would be joining her, but she wanted to indulge in this fantasy out of her lonely isolation. As her fingers began to thrust further into her clit, she spread her legs and rubbed her ass up against the white wall of the shower. This was better than using a toy, at least she thought to herself. Over and over, she poked her fingers into her pussy.


“I need you…I want you…I need you, I need you so fucking bad…”


Biting her lower lip after speaking, Holly simply couldn’t take this any longer. She began panting, letting out soft moans as she let the urge take over with fingering herself. All it took was dirty thoughts of her man and she was soaking wet down below. The shower was still running, but with her eyes closed, Holly felt she was in another world. Letting out a soft moan, she began to work her fingers faster and harder.


“Ohhhhhh, god. Ohhhh, I wish you were here right now. I miss you so much…”


Holly whimpered after speaking. When she finally opened her eyes, steam had filled the shower and created a layer of fog over the glass. She paid it no attention, still thrusting her fingers into her pussy. She pumped them faster, reminiscing over a single moment when Nigel would pound his hard cock into her. As her orgasm drew closer, she began to breathe harder. Holly made one final thrust and then twisted her knuckles before belting out a loud scream.




Beyond the walls of the bathroom and through the master bedroom, her voice rang through the penthouse suite. There wasn’t a soul to hear her dirty act, not that she cared at all. After she had forced her juices to leak and trickle down her leg, Holly had a return to reality. Nigel wasn’t going to be stepping through the shower door to join her. Her face moved into a frown as she soon realized that yet again, she was here all by herself while he was gone with another woman at his side. While these thoughts clouded her mind once again, she picked up the soap and proceeded to wash her body trying not to think of it any longer. The least she could do was send him text messages, hoping he would eventually answer back and letting her know she didn’t have anything to worry about. Just a simple ‘I love you’ would be enough to ease Holly’s mind.


When Holly came out of the shower, she took her time drying her hair. Since there wasn’t anything else to do, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to paint her nails before getting dressed. The color she went for was black, always matching her hair. She eventually got dressed in a simple T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants to wear around the place. Her hair had been washed separately from the shower, as she wrapped it back up in a pony tail after it had completely dried. Holly went back to the living room, glancing over the lonely room and the windows that allowed the sun to come shining through. She stepped around to the kitchen when her cellphone began to rang. Holly raced to grab it off the counter, hoping that it would be Nigel calling. Disappointment came sudden as she realized the name on the screen belonged to Matthew and not Nigel. Pushing her finger over the screen, she accepted the call and brought the phone to her ear.




“Hey, Holly! How are you doing?”


“I’m fine…”


“You asked me yesterday if I had heard from Nigel. Well, I made some calls for you.”


She gasped when hearing his voice. Holly had completely forgotten until just now. Matthew was an office assistant who worked with Nigel, sometimes overseeing important meetings.


“You did? How is he doing.”


“He seems to be doing just lovely, dear. He went out partying yesterday with his brother Sebastian.”


“Was Lucy with them?”


“Of course! They went to Disco Fever last night and a yacht party. They’ve been having a hell of a time.”


Holly bit her lower lip after he spoke. The paranoid fears she had were now rushing at high speeds through her mind. ‘Oh my god, oh my god. He is out lollygagging with her, partying with his brother and didn’t bring me? I knew it, I fucking knew it’. She spoke in her mind while remaining silent with the phone up to her ear.


“Holly are you still there?”


Matthew’s voice caught her attention.


“I have to go. Thanks, I’ll make it up to you later.”


“No problem.”


After hanging up the phone, she gritted her teeth in rage and threw the phone across the room. Holly then grabbed a glass from the kitchen bar and slung it against the wall, causing the glass to shatter as she began breaking down.




Swiping her arm over the counter, Holly grabbed a large wine bottle and then slung it towards the refrigerator. The glass busted in several pieces with the dark juice splattering all over the place. She ran out of the kitchen, stepping over broken glass and then clutched a vase of flowers. Gritting her teeth, she slammed it into the wall forcing it to break and create a bigger mess. Her heart was slowly breaking into pieces, no different from everything she was destroying in the living room. Holly felt all of her fears of Lucy were coming true, one after another. ‘I’m being replaced, this can’t be happening. Oh my god. He’s replacing me with her’. Her eyes watered up with tears as she came stumbling, falling down to her knees over the carpet floor. As she began to cry, Holly determined that this was not going to end well at all. She was not going to allow Nigel to replace her with Lucy. ‘It’s either going to be me or her. ME! I’m not allowing this, no way in hell. She isn’t replacing me, I’m not going to allow any of this to happen’. Speaking in her mind, she clutched her hands into fists, building up her anger and rage at thoughts of being replaced by the man she loved.



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