I Feel Myself: Billie Piper

Title: I Feel Myself: Billie Piper

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Billie Piper

Codes: F, mas, anal, ws, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Also, if you like this story, email me at randypanthegoatboy@gmail.com


Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.


We fade in on Billie laying on a lounger by the pool, with only her bikini bottom on.  Billie reaches next to her, and picks up the tanning oil, then pops the top, and pours it liberally over her large breasts, and her soft, pudgy belly.  In our first close-ups, she rubs her fingers in circles around the rim of her areola, causing them to shrivel, and making her nipples hard and pointy, like pencil erasers, which she then starts to pinch and tweak.


“Uhm…” Billie moans, and grabs her tits hard, digging her nails in, while she starts to grind her hips.  She then runs her hands down her shimmering belly, and then grasps the waist of her bottoms, and pulls them down, sitting up to slide them off past her feet.  Laying back again, Billie spreads her legs, and, picking up the bottle again, pours some on her pussy, and then, in another close-up, starts to rub and finger it. “Uh…” she exhales audibly, and tilts her head back, brow furrowing, as her fingers start to diddle her already moist cunt.  Back in the close-up, she fingers herself with one hand, and rubs her clit with the other. “Oh, fuck…” Billie whispers, starting to fidget on the chair, and chewing her lower lip.  Again in the close-up, she fingers her now audibly wet twat faster and faster, while her middle finger works her clit.  Suddenly, Billie gasps audibly and arches her back.


Laying there, Billie continues to idly play with herself, then suddenly turns over on her hands and knees.  In another close-up, she pours more oil on her already moist, sweaty asshole, and then slides her middle finger in, getting it all the way to her second knuckle.  Her other hand, meanwhile, she moves under her, and starts to again rub and finger her now drooling pussy. “Oh…God…” she whimpers, as her mid digit pumps in and out of her tight butt.  Down below, she has three fingers fucking her pussy, making a rapid slapping noise. “Huh!  Uh!” Billie’s whines get louder and shriller, and she starts to tremble, until, finally, she cries out hoarsely, bowing her head.


Barely missing a beat, she then turns onto her back again, reaching next to her as she again continues playing with herself, her hand coming back holding a vibrating dildo, which she turns on, then moves under her, and, in another close-up, works it into her already oiled asshole. “Huh!” she grunts, then gasps, “Oh, God…” as she fucks her ass with the thick, buzzing toy, and once again finger-fucks her cunt. “Umf…Hm…” Billie bites down on her lip so hard, she almost cuts it, and her face starts to contort, as she fucks herself harder and harder. “Oh, God!” she suddenly cries out loudly, “I’m gonna pee!” She then, letting out a loud grunt, pulls her fingers out of her pussy, which immediately squirts, spurting for several seconds.


Sighing, Billie pulls the dildo from her ass with a wet pop, and drops on the ground.  She then dozes off, once again idly playing with herself, as the scene fades out.

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