Sapphic Erotica: Scene 77

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 77

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Naomie Harris, Penelope Cruz

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Naomie sitting on a plane, looking out the window, as we hear her narrate. “It’s a moment every mother both eagerly awaits and secretly dreads.  It was during my son’s second year at university that I got the call.”


We then cut to her son sitting in his dorm’s common area, on his phone. “Hello, Mum?  Guess what?  I met someone!” He chuckles gleefully, as we hear Naomie’s enthusiastic reaction to the news. “Yeah, I met her in physics class.  You’d absolutely love her, Mum.”


Cutting back, Naomie continues. “Michael and her girlfriend were dating almost a year when he popped the question to her.  No problem, I married his father at the same age.  Of course, we got divorced, and neither me nor our son have heard from him since then, but that’s beside the point.  So, inevitably, he wanted me to meet his girl, and her mum.  Apparently her husband died several years ago, so it would just be me and her.  The part I really wasn’t expecting, though, was when Michael told me where I’d be meeting them!”


We then see Naomie and Michael in the back of a cab. “So, Mum, you looking forward to meeting Lucy?”


“She sounds absolutely lovely, from what you’ve told me about her.  Although, I don’t remember you ever telling me she was from Spain.”


“Yeah, see her mum is quite wealthy, so she could  basically go to school wherever she wanted.”


“And she chose London?”


“Yeah.  Good thing for me, I never would’ve met her otherwise.” Naomie smiles, and again looks out the window.


Next, we see the taxi pull up to a Spanish villa, where Naomie and her son get out. “Gear…” Naomie whispers, looking up at the place.


“Ah, you’re here!” Penelope comes out, Lucy behind her.


“Oh, hey…” Naomie says, pulling herself away from the house. “And you must be Lucy’s mum.”


“Please, call me Penelope.” Penelope then takes Naomie’s hand, and, much to her surprise, kisses it.


“Um, Naomie…” Naomie says, taken aback somewhat.  Both then turn to their children, who are sharing a much more intimate kiss. “Blimey, remember being that age?”


“Being?” Penelope says, looking back at Naomie, “If I didn’t know otherwise, I’d say you’re still that age.”


Naomie laughs at this. “Well, uh, you too.”


“So, lunch is ready, so if you will all follow me…” Penelope gestures toward the house as she says this.


We now see the two talking next to a window, sipping from glasses of champagne. “Over the course of the day, I really got to know Penelope.  Unusual ways of introducing herself aside, she felt like a girlfriend I’d somehow never met.”


“Oh, I grew up in the slums of Barcelona.  I was waiting tables at a cafe when I met Lucy’s father.  Of course, his parents weren’t very happy that he’d go to places like that, and even less happy when he brought me home, but grudgingly accepted me.”


“I bet you really miss him.”


“Sometimes, but then I remember his last words to me; ‘Don’t mourn me for too long’.”


“I wish Michael’s father had given me a reason to miss him.” Penelope laughs at this, and Naomie laughs with her.


Penelope smiles at her, then, glancing at the young couple, as if to make sure they’re not looking, leans over, and whispers in Naomie’s ear, “Could you join me in my bedroom?  I, uh, have something I’d like to show you.”


A little apprehensively, Naomie answers, “Um, sure.  Alright.”


Moments later, Naomie enters Penelope’s room, the latter closing the door behind them. “Wow…I can’t imagine sleeping in a room like this.  Or in this bed!” Naomie jumps onto the big canopy bed, laughing.  Her laughter dies down, when she sees Penelope crawling onto the bed, toward her, wicked grin on her face. “Um…Hello?” she says, when Penelope’s on top of her.


“Hello…” Penelope whispers, then gives Naomie a sultry, open-mouthed kiss, the latter putting up no resistance.


“W-w-wait…” Naomie stammers breathily, when the kiss stops. “What are you…My son and your daughter are getting married…W-w-we can’t do this…”


“Why not?  It’s not like we’re getting married…We’re just…sharing a moment…”


“What if our kids find out?”


“What if they don’t?” Penelope exhales this into Naomie’s mouth, as she again kisses her, this time beginning to unbutton Naomie’s blouse. “Hm…” she hums, smiling as she opens the shirt, revealing Naomie’s large, ebony breasts, in her silky white bra. “Just like mine…” Penelope then begins to grope them, while kissing Naomie’s cleavage.


“Oh, God…” Naomie gasps, as, in our first close-up, Penelope pulls down one cup, and flicks her tongue Naomie’s hard nipple, before placing her lips around it, and sucking Naomie’s breast.  We then see Penelope’s other hand move down, and up Naomie’s skirt, where, in another close-up, she moves aside the latter’s white cotton panties, and inserts her middle finger in Naomie’s already dripping wet cunt. “Huh…” Naomie moans, brow furrowing.


Penelope then comes up, and whispers, “Do you want me to eat you?”


“Please…” Naomie breathes, and starts taking off her skirt, as Penelope kisses down her dark brown stomach.  Finally, back in the close-up, we see Penelope start licking Naomie’s drooling pink pussy in slow, broad strokes, while her first two fingers probe her hole. “Ohg!” Naomie groans, her body tensing up, as she’s fingered and licked.  Again in the close-up, Penelope’s turned sideways, and is flicking her tongue up and down over Naomie’s throbbing clit, while her fingers plunge in and out. “Oh, God!” Naomie cries out, starting to jerk her hips. “I’m cumming!” She then arches her back, and lets out a shrill, vocal gasp.


Now, Naomie’s naked, and on top of Penelope, who’s down to her black panties. “Huhm…” Penelope sighs, smiling, as Naomie kisses her neck, then down her chest, while squeezes the former’s breasts.  Naomie then moves down, and starts sucking Penelope’s puffy, brown nipple. “Finger me…” Penelope gasps, and Naomie moves her hand down her stomach, and into her panties. “Sssiii…”


“Wow, you are wet…” Naomie whispers, smiling.


“I know…” Penelope groans, beginning to grind her hips. “Taste me…” Naomie’s smile widens, as she moves down, taking her hand out of Penelope’s panties, and, in another close-up, pulling them aside, then sticking her tongue out, and burying it in Penelope’s practically gushing cunt. “Hm!” Penelope’s body spasms, and she digs her nails into her soft tit flesh, as Naomie starts to lick her out.  Back in the close-up, Naomie stuffs her fingers in Penelope’s oozing hole, while her tongue bares down on her clit. “Ahhh…siii…” Up above, Penelope kneads her breasts, and starts to buck her hips. “Oh, God, I’m almost there…” Again in the close-up, Naomie aggressively finger-fucks Penelope’s audibly wet pussy.  Suddenly, Penelope’s body seizes up, and she bites her wrist, to keep from screaming.


Some minutes later, the two lie face to face, feeling up each other’s sweaty, naked bodies, their tongues wrestling between their mouths.  When they stop to catch their breath, Naomie whispers, “You know, they’re probably wondering where we are right now.”


Penelope sighs. “You’re right.  I suppose we have to end this, don’t we?”


Naomie smiles. “It’s alright.  We still have the whole weekend ahead of us.”


Penelope now smiles. “Well, that’s a point.” The two giggle, and share one more kiss, as the scene fades out.

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