Scully Fantasy

Title: Scully Fantasy

Author: The Gert

Celebs: Gillian Anderson

Codes: MMMMF, rape, NC, anal, bukkake

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story involving a Hollywood actress. Do not take this seriously this is just a story to “fap” to.


Four guys (Mike, Brian, Paul & Craig) are watching television while drinking beer. They’re in a cabin in a secluded area in the woods. The guys are watching a news report about actress Gillian Anderson’s disappearance. The guys drink up, smile and walk towards another room. They enter the room and there, tied up is Gillian Anderson. The guys look at her with evil grins. Gillian, with fear on her face, looks at the four men. Craig takes some clothes out of a bag and threw it in front of her. “Put it on.” said Craig. Brian unties her and removes the gag out of her mouth. “Don’t bother yelling for help, it’ll be pointless.” Brian told her. “What do your want from me?” asked Gillian. “It’s pretty fucking obvious, isn’t it?” said Craig. He walks up to her and gets in her face. “We’re going to make are fantasies a reality.” added Craig. “Now put this on.” continued Craig. “We want are fantasies fulfilled tonight, so we want to have fun with Dana Scully.” said Mike.


Gillian is forced to put on her Dana Scully wardrobe. As soon as she’s got it on the guys smile. “Fucking right.” said Mike. “Get on your knees, Scully.” ordered Craig. Just before she can talk they tell her to shut up and to get on her knees. Gillian, scared, does what they tell her and gets on her knees. She looks at the guys, who have all taken their dicks out of the pants and started jerking off. She can’t believe that this is going to happen to her. The guys continue to masturbate at the sight of their dream woman for the taking. “Fuck this, I can’t take this anymore!” said Brian as he rushed over to Gillian. He grabbed a handful of her red hair and shoved his dick in her mouth. “Fuck yeah!” He added as he started to pump. “Get ready you F.B.I slut!” He said as he started to pound her mouth hard. The others jerked off harder at the sight of Brian face fucking Gillian Anderson. They all decided to join in. They made a circle around the X-Files starlet and jerked off near her fucked face. Craig grabbed her hair for his turn, causing Brian’s dick to come out of her mouth. Craig shoved it in and fucked her mouth. “Yeah!” yelled Craig as he continued pounding Gillian’s face hard. The guys took their turns in this manner, fucking her mouth as hard as they could. One after the other fucked her face and blasted their loads down her throat. When the guys were done cumming in her mouth they backed off and took in the sight. Gillian coughed as she struggled to swallow the four loads of semen shot in her mouth.


The men tied her to the bed. “Alright Scully, time for more.” Said Craig. They had Gillian on her back, her blouse open with her breasts exposed, her hands and feet tied to the bed. Craig was first, crawled on the bed, spread her legs open, and lined up his erect cock to Gillian’s pussy. Ignoring her muffled cries for help, he rammed his cock in her pussy. He bent down, squeezed her tits and started fucking her hard. The other guys jerked off as they watched Craig fuck Gillian Anderson hard. “You like that, Scully!?” Yelled Craig as pounded Gillian with quick hard thrusts in her pussy. He kept going harder and harder, while he squeezed her tits. The fact that he was fucking Dana Scully herself was making him fuck her as hard as he could. “Fuck yeah! You fucking F.B.I whore!” He pounded her hard as he yelled at her. He kept up the pressure until he pulled out, jerked off and shot his load all over her blouse and tits.


Next was Brian, he dove straight in. He lifted her legs up as high as he could because of the restraints. He was on his knees, holding her thighs and fucked her hard. Gillian’s eyes were wide open, she couldn’t believe these men were raping her like this. Brian was like a piston in her cunt. “I’m going to fuck your brains out, Scully!” He said as he fucked her harder and harder. He looked up and applied the pressure on his vicious fucking. Brian groaned loudly. He didn’t want to slow down until he was done. He went faster and faster, yelled, pulled out of her cunt and jerked off. Brian rubbed hard until he shot a good load of cum all over clothes, tits and chest. He finished cumming and stepped down.


Mike was next. He was close to blow so he wasted no time as well. He was almost lying on top of her as he was fucking her. He held her head close to his face and fucked her hard. He was close, moaned loudly as he continued fucking her like a piston. “Oh God! I’m gonna fucking cum!” He pushed himself up with his arms and gave Gillian another vicious pounding. He fucked her harder and harder until he pulled out. “Here it comes, Scully!” He shot more cum all over her clothes. He shook his dick as he made sure all the semen landed on her.


Paul was the last one. He was jerking off the whole time. Seeing Gillian Anderson get fucked hard like that got him close to shooting his load. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” said Paul. “Just do it! We got her as our sex toy.” Replied Craig. “Dana Scully, our personal fuck toy. I like that.” Added Brian. “Get out of the way!” Paul ran over to her. He jerked off and blasted a wad of jizz. It landed over her clothes and tits, mixing with the other four loads. “Shit! I’m going to fuck her first next time!” Paul said as he was pissed that he didn’t get to fuck her.


Brian went over to her and looked her in the eyes. “I can’t wait for the next round.” He said. “Her ass is mine!” Paul said.


A half hour later, Gillian was bent over with her arms and legs tied up. Gillian was still wearing her torn and cum covered Scully wardrobe. The men entered the room. Paul smiled as he quickly pulled down his pants and underwear. He was fully erect and ran over to her. He wasted no time shoving his cock up her ass. Gillian winced as her asshole was violated. Paul has been waiting for this for a while so he fucked Gillian’s ass as hard as he could. The others jerked off as Paul continued fucking her with vicious piston like thrusts. “You deserve to get fucked hard, Scully!” Paul yelled, widened his eyes and fucked her harder and harder. He tilted his head back as he was groaning loudly while pounding her ass as hard as he could. His hard pounding hit loudly against Gillian’s ass until he pulled out and shot his load all over her ass and clothes. “Fuck yeah!” He continued groaning loudly as he finished cumming on her.


“My turn! Get out of the fucking way!” Craig pushed Paul out of the way, rammed his dick in her ass and started drilling her hard. Craig had a good grip of her ass and fucked Gillian like a cheap sex toy. “You fucking slut!” Craig yelled out as he continued her anal assault with his dick. Craig didn’t let up once as he continued fucking Gillian like a mad man. At that speed Craig knew he wouldn’t last long but he didn’t care. In his mind fucking Gillian Anderson as hard as he could was good enough. He continued drilling her until he pulled his dick out quickly and came all over her backside. He kept rubbing his dick so every drop would fall on her clothes. Craig breathed heavily after cumming on Gillian’s back.


Brian was next. The action he saw from the other two was almost getting him ready to blow. He fucked Gillian’s ass with brutally quick thrusts. His fucking made loud smacking noises against Gillian’s ass. He was so close to the end as he didn’t slow down. He stopped as if he was getting ready for something. He licked his lips and continued his malicious hard fucking of her asshole. Brian yelled out loud with his final hard pounds in her ass. He pulled out and shot jizz all over her ass. “Did you like that Scully? You God damn whore!” Brian said as he slapped his dick on her ass.


All this time Mike was jerking off and he couldn’t take it anymore. He didn’t wait for Brian to leave as ran beside him. Brian was still slapping his cock on her ass as Mike blasted his load all over her back. “Fuck!” Mike yelled out as he rubbed out all the semen from his dick on Gillian’s back. He wiped what was left of it on her clothes.


The men looked at her. “How about we get to the real fun, guys.” Said Craig. The others smile. They untie her, rip her cum stained clothes off and throw her to the floor. “All right Scully, get ready for the main event!” Craig told her as he removed the gag from her mouth and replaced it with his dick. He grabbed her red hair and face fucked her. Paul went to the back and rammed his cock in her pussy. “I didn’t fuck this earlier.” He said as he proceeded to fuck her like crazy. Gillian’s mouth and pussy were being pounded like there’s no tomorrow. She gagged every time Craig’s dick hit the back of her throat. Paul had a grin on his face as he increased his pounding in Gillian’s pussy. “You like that, slut!” Yelled out Paul. Both guys rammed her viciously. Craig pounded her mouth several times before pulling out, Brian replaced him and fucked her mouth. Paul kept fucking her with powerful quick thrusts. Brian had a good chunk of Gillian’s red hair in both hands as he continued face fucking her hard. Paul fucked her insanely hard until he stopped and pulled out. Her ass was now penetrated by Mike. “Now I get to ass fuck Dana Scully.” He wasted no time pounding her ass hard. Brian kept fucking her face as Gillian’s ass was once again getting a hard ramming. Craig and Paul went over to her head and slapped their dicks on her rapidly bobbing head. Both, Brian and Mike groaned loud as they pulled out of her mouth and ass. The men were breathing heavily as Gillian fell to the floor. Paul flipped her on her back, stood over her face, grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in her mouth. He started thrusting in her mouth like he was fucking her pussy. Gillian’s eyes widened with tears flowing as Paul pounded her mouth with quick hard thrusts. Brian shoved his dick in her pussy, held her legs up and proceeded to fuck her cunt with rapid penetration. Once again her mouth and pussy are getting fucked hard. The men groaned loud, not caring if they’re hurting her or not. The urge to fuck Gillian Anderson as hard as they could overcame anything else. Paul and Brian were relentless as they continued fucking her mouth and pussy with all they had. They pulled out when they needed to take a breather. Craig and Mike took their turns. They forced Gillian on top of Craig so he could penetrate her pussy. Mike shoved his in her ass. Gillian had a dick in her pussy and ass. Craig held her waist, Mike grabbed one of her shoulders as the two of them decided to go all out and fuck her like crazy in both holes. Paul and Brian couldn’t just stand there and watch Gillian get a wild double fuck. So they took turns fucking her mouth. Her mouth, pussy and ass were drilled roughly. The men’s groans, the skin smacking and Gillian’s choking noises took over the room. Craig and Mike kept fucking her hard, Paul and Brian took turns face fucking her. The face fucking didn’t last long as the other guy wanted his dick in her mouth as well, so several quick pumps were administered to her mouth until the other guy grabbed her rapidly bobbing head, causing the cock in her mouth to come out, and fucked her mouth. The guys were relentless in her holes, thrusting like mad men until they stopped almost at the same time to catch their breath. Gillian and the guys’ breathing as now replaced the smacking and groaning from earlier. Brian and Paul took their places in Gillian’s pussy and asshole, while Craig and Mike made their way to the front for some face fucking action. Paul and Brian wasted no time, they shoved their cocks in her ass and pussy and resumed where the other two left off. They found their second wind and began drilling her hard. Mike and Craig took their turns in her mouth. Gillian was once again being fucked like crazy by these four men. “I’ll never get tired of fucking this F.B.I slut!” Brian yelled out as his dick was like a piston in her ass. The guys fucking her didn’t let up once, while Gillian’s mouth was getting a rough pounding courtesy of Craig and Mike. They kept going until they all started to feel it. They knew it was a matter of time, it was surprising it didn’t come sooner, especially for how hard and fast they were fucking her. The men kept up the pressure, groaning loudly as the time was near. Brian was first, he kept his cock in her ass and flooded it with semen. Gillian was still getting a hard pounding from the others as Brian yelled out in ecstasy and continued shooting all his cum in Gillian’s ass. Next was Craig to blow. He made her deep throat him as he shot his load down her throat. As this was happening Paul blasted a load of jizz up her cunt, he held her waist tight, groaned loudly as he filled her up with more cum. Craig pulled out of her mouth, Gillian didn’t have time to catch her breath before Mike shoved his dick in her mouth and proceeded face fuck her hard. Mike kept pounding her mouth as he yelled out “Here it comes you fucking whore!” He grabbed her red hair tightly and emptied his balls down her throat as well. Once he was done he pulled out, Gillian fell to the floor coughing and finally catching her breath. The men smiled as sweat covered their bodies. “Now that’s how you fuck a slut” said Mike.


A half hour later the men returned in the room. They were somewhat recovered, the urge to fuck Gillian Anderson some more overcame fatigue. All 4 of them wasted no time. They had Gillian on her back this time, 2 cocks in her pussy and ass, the other two took turns fucking her face. They were as rough and ruthless as before. They pounded her holes like this was the last time they would fuck a woman. They switched holes after a few minutes of this insane fucking. They kept destroying her used up pussy and ass as well as making her gag on their cocks. This went on until all four men fucked all her holes at least once. Her hair was mangled from all the pulling, her ass and thighs were bruised from all the rough smacking and grabbing, tears rolled down her face as her mouth was fucked furiously. This went on for a while until they reached their limits again. Instead of filling her insides with their semen, Craig grabbed her red hair and forced her on her knees. “I’ve been waiting to do this all night, Scully!” said Brian. He started to jerkoff next her face. “Oh yeah! This is going to be fucking epic!” Mike added as he too was jerking off next to her face. Paul was rubbing his dick fast and said “Ready for this, you fucking F.B.I whore!” Craig was also jerking off next to them and added a little something. “Take this, bitch!” He rubbed fast until a nice amount of cum shot across Gillian’s face. This set off a chain reaction, the guys all groaned in pleasure as they felt it coming. Paul exploded on her face, he kept rubbing as some of it fell on her chest. “Here it comes!” Brian yelled out as he pasted her face with more cum. Mike was not far behind, “This is going all over your fucking face!” He unloaded on her face as well. Once all the men blew their loads they stood back and smiled at their work again. Gillian’s face was covered in semen.


After that night they kept Gillian in that room as their personal sex toy, every day they would rape her viciously, filling her with their cum and ending the night with her face covered in jizz. This went on until they fulfilled their fantasies of fucking Dana Scully. 3 months have passed and the men dumped her on the side of the road a violated mess. She came to as a car stopped close by. She was relieved that the ordeal of over. When she looked up she saw 6 young men standing over her. “Please help me” She said. The guys helped her in the car and drove off. Gillian passed out, when she woke up she was still naked, on her knees on the floor in the middle of a room. “Alright brothers, you all recognize this woman do you? This is Gillian Anderson, she played Dana Scully on the X-Files. She’s been missing for several months and by the looks of it someone had fun with her. Now it’s our turn!” Gillian realized her ordeal was far from over as she was in a fraternity house and about to get viciously gang raped by 37 horny college students.

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