Taylor Swift’s Reputation Part 2

Title: Taylor Swift’s Reputation Part 2

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne

Codes: MFF, MF, FF, anal, oral, rim

Summary: Second part of Taylor Swift embracing her sexuality before her next album with Cara Delevingne visiting Taylor and progresses her.

Disclaimer:  This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Taylor Swift or Cara Delevingne. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.





Taylor Swift had been sitting alone in her hotel room, strumming idly on her guitar with a mostly blank page before her when her phone rang. It had been roughly a week into her writing retreat, a little trip to the warm South of France to work on her new album, but so far it wasn’t going well.


Under instruction from one of her best friends, Taylor had begun to experiment with her sexuality in a bid to gain dominance over it. While the initial assessment went well, namely writing a single song after letting a handsome writing partner sodomize her, Taylor had regained her writing block since. She’d tried to recapture the lightning in the bottle by having John, then another album producer do the feat, but it bared no fruit.




“You know, it’s rude not answering your phone,” a British voice announced once Taylor picked up her cell after the caller re-dialled her.


“Cara! Sorry, was distracted,” Taylor greeted her supermodel best friend.


“Well let’s hope you answer your door faster,” Cara Delevingne retorted.




“Oh my Gosh! Cara!” Taylor screamed upon seeing the leggy model standing on the other side of her hotel room’s door. “What are you doing here?”


“Good to see you too, you little butt slut,” the supermodel-turned actress replied, pinching Taylor’s ass to boot.




“What? I heard through the grapevine that you popped your last cherry,” Cara said with her patented wry smile.


“God, only you could make someone cramming their penis in my poop chute even grosser,” Taylor said, throwing a pillow at one of her best friends.


“See, that right there is your problem,” the supermodel highlighted. “You consider it gross. Not liberating or even naughty. You still have this taboo about sex, hence why you haven’t broken you’re writing funk.”


“Block. Writer’s block,” the singer corrected. “And technically I did write one new song that I like.”


“One single doesn’t make a new album,” Cara reminded, throwing her luggage bag to the ground in Taylor’s bedroom.


“And what is your suggestion?”


“We keep widening your sexual horizons,” Cara said matter-of-factly.


Though Taylor was a proud woman, she was self-aware enough to know when to accept advice from more knowledgeable individuals. When it came to sex, Cara definitely fit that bill. Though a few years her junior, the supermodel had a wealth of sexual experience. Though she trended towards the homosexual end of the sexual spectrum at present, Cara was someone who considered herself pansexual, or essentially she’d fuck anything and anyone provided they did the trick for her.


Taylor found that allowing her inner sexual being to come more to the surface to be liberating. The fact that it helped her temporarily break her writer’s block was a huge added bonus, but more so because she felt it was a needed personal evolution as well. She was 27 years old and though she considered herself to be a feminist and had a good amount of experience with men, she was still somewhat sexually stunted, which was something that Cara Delevingne was definitely not.


“Okay my sex-crazed, beautiful best friend, what do you propose?” Taylor asked, needing little arm-twisting thus far as she acknowledged she needed to be more like Cara.


One other little caveat when it came to giving herself over to Cara’s sexual suggestions is that the supermodel was the only woman that Taylor had ever been with. It had only happened once, and even that was when they were both nearly black-out drunk years ago. However, Taylor would commonly think back to those fragmented memories and masturbate to them when she was alone on the road touring.


“Thought you’d never ask!” Cara said, practically jumping up and down. “Strip and get this one, now!”


Taylor wasn’t wearing much in the first place, only a tanktop and small shorts given how beautiful the weather was in France currently. Having grown use to stripping in front of other people for costume changes, the leggy singer removed the modest clothing and slid into the one-piece bathing suit that Cara had tossed her. Cara was already wearing hers underneath her shawl and shorts, both of which she too slipped out of.


“A thong? Really Cara? You want me to wear this to the pool party,” Taylor asked in shock and awe, using the full length mirror to check herself out.


“Look Tay, you need my help with your sexually awakening for your album so let me do my thing,” the Brit responded.


Despite Taylor’s initial hesitation, the blonde really did like how her body looked in the thong one-piece suit. Though not something she would ever pick out for herself, the high cut meant her legs looked even longer and more erotic, while also highlighting how much her butt had grown in thickness  and shape, despite its slender size.


“Besides, that ass of yours needs to be seen. It’s rather nice,” Cara said, walking over to gently pat the porcelain-white booty playfully. “And it’ll make picking up a random that much easier.”


“And you’re certain about this? Like, this helped you,” Taylor asked uncertainly.


“Fuck a stranger with some guidance to help liberate me? A lot,” Cara answered before spinning Taylor around by her shoulders so that they were staring into each other’s eyes. “Which is why you are in great hands. You just need to relax.”


“I am relaxed. I’m just worried about news about this breaking free after this modelling party,” Taylor answered.


“No offense but good if it does. A story about you having sex or flirting at a pool party? The media already portrays you as this sex crazed whore. Why not embrace?” Cara retorted.


“Ah. If you can’t beat them then join them?” Taylor replied, feeling Cara gently stroking her arm.


“Doing whatever the fuck you want is totally freeing and exciting. Which is why we are teaching you to fuck to your heart’s content! Cumming all the while,” Cara explained, maintaining her intense eye-contact. “You’ll see. I’ll show you tonight.”


Taylor couldn’t help but pick up on some serious vibes that her friend and one-time lesbian lover was putting out. The way she was standing right in front of her, their faces no more than 6 inches apart all Cara held her eye contact with such intensity. The subtle fact that she was still holding her hand after rubbing her arm for a short while longer didn’t help to dispel that notion.


“So…how are we going to do this?”


*          *          *


To say that the party was wild and crazy would be an understatement, which was saying something considering Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne were accustomed to such gatherings. Whether after-show parties for a runway show or the wild get-togethers after a concert, Taylor and Cara had seen it all. However, this party on a 450 foot yacht belonging to a Russian billionaire but those to shame.


Once again it was a beautiful day despite being well into October now. Taylor guessed that the crowd numbered over 100 guests, each one drinking, dancing or chilling in one of several hot tubs. As per usual, these types of party were dominated by women, roughly in a 3 or sometimes 4 to 1 ratio to men.


“Remember, act like we own the damn place,” Cara whispered in her ear as they walked around the ship. “After all, we are the biggest singer in the world and one of the most sought after supermodels.”


“True,” Taylor agreed, walking that little bit taller and straighter, the blonde forgetting all about her newly thickened ass on display for any and all to see.


They pair didn’t take too much time to find one of the many bars atop the yacht, which was well prepared to be throwing the massive party. Everything they could have ever wanted to drink was available, but champagne seemed to be the most popular so Taylor and Cara indulged themselves in a glass…or two…or three.


“Come, let’s dance,” Cara beckoned.


In the brilliantly sunny light of the warm fall day, the talented singer and successful model danced as if no one was watching. Taylor could be a little awkward with her dance moves as illustrated in most music videos and concerts, however Cara made things easy. Following her lead, the sexy pair swayed to the fast music, letting their hips do the talking.


Taylor couldn’t feel almost every set of eyes in the party on her, but she could feel Cara’s hands all over her. It felt natural though and the blonde singer enjoyed the feel of Cara’s fingers running through her wavy hair before continuing down her back. The feel of her model friend’s touch along her spine sent shivers up it and before she knew it Taylor was grinding her pelvis right against Cara.


“Now I’m gonna grab you,” Cara said into her ear as both hands reached down and groped Taylor’s very exposed ass cheeks. “Before we kiss in front of everyone here.”


Taylor didn’t have time to process Cara’s last sentence before she felt the soft, wet touch of her friend’s lips against her own. The blonde singer was so engaged with the music and dancing that she went with the kiss, not caring for a moment who was watching. Instead, Taylor just returned the kiss, mingling her tongue with Cara’s for the first time since years ago during their first and only hook-up.


“Holy crap, is that Taylor Swift?” one partygoer asked loud enough for the singer to hear.


“Making out with Cara Delevingne! Nice,” another added before they slapped hands excitedly.


“Seriously Cara! Make out? In the middle of a party with this many people and cellphones around,” Taylor asked extremely skeptical.


“The bloke who owns the yacht and is throwing the party has a very strict ‘no posting to social media’ policy,” Cara answered, leaning in to suck on the leggy singer’s neck.


“Mhmm…good that’s good,” Taylor moaned. “But stories will leak.”


“Damn right they will, which will only help serve your budding sexual reputation even more,” the supermodel explained, switching sides to kiss the other side of her neck.


Taylor reared her neck back, looking straight across at her horny friend before a smile spread across her beautiful face. Cara returned the smile before the two embraced each other again. This time, their mouths didn’t wait to open until their lips touched, instead it was their tongues that met out in the open air.


The great thing was that it didn’t look forced or some faux-lesbian way of getting attention like teen girls would do at highschool parties. Instead, Taylor and Cara kissed and groped like two old lovers who couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off and do filthy, disgusting things to one another.


“Mmm…I’m all hot now. Let’s grab a drink and chill by the pool,” Taylor suggested.


“Good idea. It’ll give us a chance to scope out a hunk of meat for you,” Cara added.


With drinks back in hand, the two sexy women headed over to the large pool that was situated in the middle of the deck. The water was warm but still cool enough to cool them down as they soaked their legs in the pool. As they sipped their champagne they found time to engage in little kisses, laughing and talking all the while.


“You two look like you’re having fun,” a strapping middle-aged man commented, wading over from within the water.


“You could say that,” Cara replied in her lovely British accent.


The man looked to be roughly 35 years old with dark hair and the faint shadow of facial hair on his face. He was classically tall, dark and handsome, just the type that Taylor tended to fancy. He appeared to have the hint of an accent as well, but his sounded more Italian or Greek. Though not as muscular as Taylor’s last conquest, the Italian was no slouch in that department either.


“What do you think,” Cara asked softly, leaning in towards Taylor to do so.


“Oh yes,” Taylor replied, staring at the older man and licking her lips in hot anticipation.


“What are you two talking about,” the confident man asked.


“Do you really care about that? Because we’d rather talk less and fuck,” the British model retorted with a mischievous smile.


At least Cara had the discretion to pull the Italian man who was named Lorenzo into the bowels of the yacht before they started hooking up. Taylor would have preferred if her friend would have made it into a bedroom, which was no more then 10 feet away before she slammed the man against the wall and shoved her tongue down his throat.


Cara only gave him a brief kiss before she moved out of the way and pulled Taylor to take her spot, added by Lorenzo who was now standing chest-to-chest with the horny blonde. Taylor and the random man kissed deeply and passionately, the singer finding that her pussy was already an inferno, soaking her thong bathing suit right through.


Of course, her excitement only grew as Cara leaned into her side and kissed along her neck, up along her jaw. Within moments Taylor had 4 hands groping her body as Cara’s set rubbed her back and groped her modest breasts while the pair belong to Lorenzo rubbed overtop her very wet snatch and pawed her ass simultaneously.


“Oh God!” Taylor shrieked, feeling the man slip inside her swimsuit and begin playing with her bare pussy.


At this point Lorenzo had Taylor spun around with her surprisingly bubbly ass grinding against his raging boner while he kissed the supermodel over Taylor’s shoulder. It was a tight fit but his hand was still able to stay in her suit, his two fingers now gliding effortlessly into the wet snatch while Taylor took up the reins in kissing her best friend.


Still sensing some apprehension from her best friend, Cara sought to remedy that. Though she hated breaking kiss with the singing goddess, Cara smoothly broke away by descending to her knees with her hands ripping open the front of Lorenzo shorts as she settled on the floor.


Though cock wasn’t her preferred sex organ of choice lately, she was still well versed in pleasuring one, not to mention could still appreciate a great piece of meat. Lorenzo definitely checked that box as his girth meant Cara could barely close her fist around it and his length meant she had no chance to take any more than several inches inside her mouth at a time.


“Fuck me,” Lorenzo grunted into Taylor’s mouth as Cara put his cock under a heavy oral assault, using lips and fist in tandem to his obvious delight.


Just as Cara planned, Taylor had stopped thinking about the fact that they were starting a threeway in the middle of a hallway on a populated boat where anyone could come walking around the corner and see. While her best friend blew Lorenzo’s insanely large dick, Taylor found herself completely caught up in the occasion, making out passionately with the older man.


“God yes! Do that, do that!” Lorenzo encouraged.


The recent onset of grunts was due to the two girls working in rhythm with each other. As Cara energetically bobbed on his cock, Taylor Swift was reaching down to massage his very full balls as her mouth went about sucking his neck. He didn’t know how he got into such a circumstance that one of the foremost models in the world was blowing him while he kissed Taylor, but he was happy about it.


Taylor was unaware of the crowd that was starting to gather at the corner of the hallway, watching the threesome developing. By the time the gorgeous singer descended down to her knees to kneel decide her best friend, the crowd had grown from 2 people to a half dozen.


“About time you sampled this beautiful dick,” Cara cooed, passing the pole over.


Taylor just gave her friend a look out of the side of her eyes as she opened her mouth and instantly made half his 8-inch cock disappear in her mouth. Feeling like showing off somewhat, Taylor bobbed on increasingly more of his length, finally stopping with over 3-quarters of his wide cock filling her mouth and only not completely deep-throating him because he was thicker than her windpipe could allow.


As Taylor finished off with a few shorter strokes, she pulled off Lorenzo altogether and handed him back to Cara’s hungry mouth. Hearing a noise behind her, Taylor looked over her shoulder and found that over a dozen people had gathered, watching the two sexy women as they blew the random man.


“There’s like 15 people watching us,” Taylor commented, though it sounded more like excitement than nerves or fright.


“Then give them a good show,” Cara replied, holding Lorenzo’s cock so Taylor could wrap her lips around him again.


Cara smiled wicked as it appeared her best friend was finally growing out of being a good girl, only worried about her public opinion and instead was being driven more on her urges and desires. Seeing Taylor suck on a man’s cock with people watching them, who were sure to spread the story, and yet not fazing her made her job mostly done.


Cara waited a short time, watching Taylor’s golden mane bob like a blur until the singer slowed, allowing Cara to seize her chance. Lowering her head down lower, she licked the portion of Lorenzo’s cock not currently filling her best friend’s mouth. Cara kept moving up, catching Taylor’s lip from time to time until she’d forced Taylor off his cock so that she could get her mouth on his dick. Of course, the supermodel couldn’t help herself from giving her best friend a lengthy kiss as their tongues wagged against each other, as well as the tip of the man’s cock.


“Awhhh…I’ve died and gone to heaven,” the Italian groaned as the girls continued sharing him.


“Room?” Cara asked.


“Come.” Lorenzo beckoned, using a finger under each of their chins to ease them up off the ground.


It was a short walk to the bedroom but :Lorenzo led the horny girls across the hall and into the luxurious room by the hand. They were barely out of the view of the onlookers with the door closed when the strapping man crashed his lips back against Taylor’s, who was ready and waiting. The kissing pair backed up step-by-step with Taylor’s perky chest pressing against his strong muscles while the blonde continued to grip and stroke his exposed dick.


“We got ourselves a good one,” Cara cooed. “He’s gonna fuck you so good.”


“You’re so right,” Taylor agreed, extremely excited.


Knowing where he was in proximity of the objects in the room, Lorenzo decided to push the tryst along. With a shift of his hips backwards he playfully nudged Cara backwards, which caused the supermodel to go splaying onto the bed directly behind her. Showing off some agility, the Italian took Taylor by her hand and spun her around in a dance move until he deposited her onto the mattress as well, only she was on her hands and knees while Cara laid flat on her back.


“I figure fair is fair,” Lorenzo commented, using one hand each to help the horny women strip free of their tiny swimwear.


With those pesky clothing out of the way, Lorenzo got both girls so they were facing away from him on their hands and knees, their booties up in the air. As he immediately dove in and began licking Cara’s snatch, he used a hand to reach over to Taylor to rub her wet snatch.


The pair were similar in many ways, including their naked bodies. Cara had slightly larger breasts and wider hips, but only barely. They had many more similarities about them, including their impossibly long and shapely legs, narrow but ultimately bubbly butts, and flat tummies. They also both subscribed to the pubic hair trend, or lack thereof, as Cara and Taylor had shaved snatches which made the brilliantly pink lips of their pussy stand out even more starkly.


“Oh dear Lord,” Cara screamed in delight as his skilled tongue rummaged through her pink folds. “Yes! Eat my pussy just like that!”


Though men statistically tended to be poor multi-taskers, Lorenzo seemed to buck that trend completely. In fact, both women were thinking he must be a veteran of several dozen threesomes based on the way he was simultaneously using his tongue and two hands with precision. The Italian was deftly tonguing deep inside Cara’s snatch now, all while both his left and right hands were rubbing through Taylor and Cara’s folds, targeting their clits specifically.


Pulling his hand away from Cara’s pussy so that he could use it to stroke his own pole, Lorenzo continued wagging his tongue deep into Cara’s snatch. Her curvy ass cheeks pressed against his eye sockets as his right hand continued to push deep into Taylor’s snatch, using two fingers before adding a third.


“I didn’t forget about you, love,” the Italian stated as he shifted over.


“Mmm God! He does eat pussy really well,” Taylor complimented, loosing a mighty moan.


Lorenzo continued to do just that, lapping deep in Taylor’s cunt as his hands were now being used to pull her ass cheeks apart to allow him to do as deep as possible. Taylor was enjoying the oral assault she found herself undergoing, however she had no idea her best friend was on the move beside her until the singer felt Cara’s face rest on top of her booty.


“She’s got such a nice ass, right?” Cara asked before his tongue slid up from Taylor’s pussy and right into the model’s mouth. Taylor’s pussy juice coated Cara’s tongue now as the horny Italian kissed her deeply. “And a tasty pussy to boot.”


As the pair broke their sloppy make out session over top Taylor’s butt, the blonde singer was soon sought after with not one tongue, but two. There wasn’t a lot of space but Lorenzo and Cara managed to each worm their own tongues into each of Taylor’s holes with the Italian man resuming his pussy eating duties while Cara finally got to taste her best friend’s asshole.


“Such a naughty girl,” Lorenzo commented, replacing his tongue with two fingers to be buried in Taylor’s snatch so he could speak.


“Me the naughty one?” Cara asked with a sly grin. “My girl Taylor is the one who loves big cocks in her tushy. Isn’t that right, Tay?”


“Mhmm…yes…I do,” Taylor moaned, only half listening as waves of pleasure washed over her body from the two skilled tongues on her sensitive holes.


Taylor wasn’t comprehending what they were saying because her mind was in sensation overload. While both were extremely good at oral sex, Lorenzo and Cara working in tandem was like nothing Taylor had ever felt before. In the past week she had found her asshole could be the sense of pleasure from John, and that was now extending to cover Cara and her amazing rimjob.


“Ahhh! Oh my God!” Taylor screamed, tousling her hair as she came like a freight time in record time. “You need to fuck me, like, right now!”


“With pleasure,” the Italian retorted immediately.


“On your back, handsome,” Cara instructed.


Typically in a threesome one person ended up taking control and in this tryst, that was the supermodel. Cara had always been a type A personality so it leant itself perfectly to this. Once getting Lorenzo to lay facing up was accomplished, Cara got the momentarily weakened singer to prop herself up in the air, at which point the larger Italian grabbed Taylor’s hips and pulled her onto his lap, her little plump ass sitting on his stomach until she got her feet under herself. Lorenzo took advantage of the space created between their laps so that he could line up his slobbered on cock with her pink hole then pulled Taylor back down.


“Mhmm…yes,” the blonde singer cooed as she was entered, an action that was happening daily while on her writing retreat.


Taylor keep a constant stream of moans coming his way with each time her random hookup lifted his hips and drilled his cock into her waiting pussy. With Taylor still being a little woozy from her recent orgasm, Lorenzo provided the all the energy in the initial volley so all Taylor had to do was keep herself propped up and let the burly fuck her relentlessly.


After a few minutes, which surprised the experienced Cara that Lorenzo or any man could go so long at such speeds, the Italian slowed his thrusting down. They went a little slower now with Taylor taking some control, lowering her hips down to his lap and letting him feel her pussy as it molded it’s velvety folds to fit his veiny shaft as it slid all the way to his base, rolling her hips at the bottom to draw an extra grunt of pleasure from the man.


“Fuck I am so turned on,” Cara commented as her eyes remained glued on the fucking couple while her own hand rubbed her snatch.


Realizing that she could be multi-tasking, Cara stopped being just a viewer and got back into participating. Getting closer so that she was between the two sets of legs, Cara opened her mouth wide and took the lightly swaying balls into her mouth, sucking on one nut first between switching to the other.


“God damn,” Lorenzo swore, barely able to handle the extra stimulus without painting Taylor’s womb in his seed.


Not forgetting about her best friend either, Cara spat out the nuts and moved north. This time she stuck out her tongue, first licking the base of Lorenzo’s cock before Taylor came crashing down. The singer wasn’t expecting a tongue to lash out at her clit as she lowered herself to the bottom of Lorenzo’s cock, and the oral attack on her sensitive bean almost had her creaming herself again.


Taylor found herself slowing down from the faster speeds she was working with in order to accommodate Cara’s helping hand, rather helping tongue to be more accurate. Really putting on a show, Taylor slowly slid up his shaft until only an inch was left inside her. She groaned at the empty feeling she felt but that changed when Taylor relaxed her legs and started to fill up on his dick again until he was buried to the hilt once more, at which point Cara would latch her lips, create suction and tongue lash her clitoris.


“Shit! God…Lord…mhhmmmm,” Taylor spewed, nearly cumming with every ride to the base of his wide dick.


“How would you like to be able to tell your friends that you fucked Taylor Swift in the ass?” Cara asked with a wicked smile.


“Nothing would please me more,” Lorenzo replied immediately, trying to play cool at the same time.


“Yes! Get that perfect dick in my little booty,” Taylor shocked them both by adding.


“Yeah? Wanna feel that big cock in your ass?” Cara asked, holding Lorenzo’s cock straight up as Taylor rode him until he pulled out of her pussy.


“Yes. Please fuck my ass,” Taylor agreed, lowering until she felt his slick tip press against her asshole.


The feel of a cock pressing against her asshole used to fill Taylor with anxiety and fright. However, this was the new and sexually improved Taylor Swift, one who was now the veteran of several anal fuckings and each one got easier and felt better. Calming herself almost instantly, Taylor pressed her butt lower down until she felt the familiar bee sting sensation that signalled her asshole being widened to accept another cock.


“Oh my God!” Taylor screamed while Lorenzo’s deeper voice echoed much the same sentiment.


Lorenzo wasted no time as he resumed thrusting his hips skyward, albeit at a slower and smoother rate. Taylor Swift’s asshole was much tighter than her asshole and not nearly as slippery, however the oral attention earlier as well as Taylor’s own juices made the passage in and out of her butthole easy enough.


“Yes! Let me watch as you fuck her tight little arse,” the British model encouraged.


Cara wasn’t simply sitting back on her heels and viewing her best friend getting sodomized. She understood that anal could be a painful proposition, even though Taylor was showing no ill effects, not with the way she was moaning and screaming. However, Cara sought to help her even more by using her fingers to press and rub against clit, drawing louder screams yet from the songstress.


“Me rubbing your clit make that dick feel even better as it stretches your ass,” Cara asked while her hand twirled faster.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Taylor agreed before howling in another scream as Cara pressed two fingers deep in her snatch, doubling her pleasure as both holes were filled.


Cara began fucking her friend with not only her entire length of fingers but faster. She ended up being the pace bunny for Lorenzo, as he matched her thrusting so that he was pushing his dick with more speed as well. Taylor was loosened up by this point due to the stretching factor and also because she was distracted pleasure. In fact, she appreciated as Cara leant down and spat right onto Lorenzo’s pistoning cock, coating his shaft in more lubricating and aiding his passage into her backdoor.


“Pull out, my Italian stallion,” Taylor ordered. “I want Cara to taste me on you.”


“God, you turned so naughty,” Cara cooed.


Taylor swiftly felt two strong arms grab her butt before she was hoisted upwards. She instantly felt shockingly empty as Lorenzo’s cock popped free and thudded onto his lower abdomen while Taylor felt her asshole hanging wide open.


Cara sprang to motion, taking no time at all to pick up the throbbing member and hold it straight up as she lowered head. The model had to lean over Taylor, added her weight to the body already resting on Lorenzo so that she could engulf the first several inches in her mouth in a repeated bobbing motion.


“Your ass tastes so yummy,” Cara moaned being sure she transferred a lot of extra spit for Taylor’s benefit. “Now let’s get this cock back in your hungry ass.”


Once accustomed to the degrading and slightly offputting act of tasting her best friend’s asshole straight from the man’s cock, it was becoming a commonplace event. Every dozen or so thrusts upwards by Lorenzo would occur before Taylor propped herself higher so the dick plopped from her backdoor with a wet sucking noise. Cara would be ready and waiting, clutching the hard pole in her hand and devouring as much as she could fit in her mouth. For the portion that couldn’t get between her plump lips, Cara would extend her tongue and run it along the length of his cock, tasting Taylor’s filth all the while.


“Like tasting my ass on that big cock?” Taylor asked with a smile as she threw herself downward, her cheeks rippling with the contact.


“So much,” Cara cooed, licking his balls until Taylor lifted all the way up off him once more. “But I prefer eating from the source when possible.”


Since Lorenzo had only just left her asshole, Taylor’s sphincter was still wide open. Cara took advantage of the insanely large gape, especially given Taylor’s narrow butt and the fact she was still a sodomy rookie. Using her hands to pull apart Taylor’s cheeks as much as possible Cara dove forward with tongue out, burying the wet muscle a good inch inside her best friend’s ass, the dirtiness of the backdoor coating her taste buds while simultaneously causing Taylor to scream in pleasure.


For Lorenzo, he never would have imagined in a hundred years that attending this party would end with him fucking Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift. Not only that, but that the two girls would be such ravenous anal sluts. Though he was only really fucking Taylor, he was using both her holes while Cara was acting the bigger slut by constantly taking his dick right from the other girl’s ass into her mouth…and loving every second of it.


“Yes! God, yes! Keep fucking my ass! Keep rubbing my clit,” Taylor all but shrieked.


“Yeah? You gonna cum you big ass slut?” Cara asked rhetorically. “Cum on that big cock stretching your ass?”


“Gonna cum so hard,” Taylor agreed. “Just don’t stop!”


Up until this point Lorenzo was handling the threesome extremely well. Both girls were talented with their mouths and both of Taylor’s holes were tight and very pleasurable. As he began to sodomize the star, he reached into his bag of tricks to delay his orgasm as long as he could. He thought of his grandmother, the entire line-up of his favorite football team and every other unsexual thought possible. However, Taylor on the verge of cumming from his ass-fucking was a different circumstance altogether.


“Yes! Uhhh! Uhhh! YYEEESSSS!” Taylor screamed.


Shockwaves of pleasure shot up Taylor Swift’s spin as the waves rippled throughout her entire body. As if Cara and Lorenzo were unaware of of the singer cumming once more, her toes curling and body going coiled like a spring before relaxing without a hint of muscle tone were the visual signs.


And that was the final straw for Lorenzo as well. There was only so much he could take, and feeling Taylor’s asshole quivering and randomly spasming on his already-close cock was simply too much to handle.


“Need to cum! Immediately!”


“Fill her up,” Cara replied.


Getting the permission of one of the women seemed to be the trigger that Lorenzo needed. Feeling like the biggest cum blast of his life, the Italian man absolutely painted the inner walls of Taylor Swift’s bowels with his seed. Spurt after spurt of his semen left his cock, which was buried to the hilt inside Taylor until finally he ran dry.


“God damn!” Lorenzo swore, withdrawing.


However, an idea struck Taylor. At first she was going to ignore it, but if she learnt anything of late, it was to trust her new found sexual instincts. Knowing she only had seconds to act, Taylor pulled Cara down to the bed by her shoulders, keeping her pinned there as she threw her impossibly long leg over her head to straddle her face.


Cara was about to protest and demand what Taylor thought she was doing when the answer suddenly came to the supermodel. She was proud of Taylor for thinking of something so disgusting that she gladly went with it, opening her mouth when it became directly aligned underneath the singer’s still gaping hole. It only took a moment or two until Taylor squeezed the cum from her bowels, letting it leak out of her bum before being caught by Cara, who promptly swallowed down her reward. Men’s cum always tasted a little foul to the British supermodel and this load definitely had that little extra flavor, but in Cara’s opinion it made it taste better.


“Unbelievable ladies,” Lorenzo complemented, laying with his head in the pillow.


“So Tay, was I right? Did I deserve your trust?” Cara asked, kissing her closest girlfriend.


“Most definitely,” Taylor replied, tasting the cum and extra flavor on Cara’s tongue.


“Come, let’s shower,” the Brit suggested. “You earned it.”


“Actually, I need to find a pen, paper and a guitar ASAP,” Taylor replied, lyrics beginning to bubble in her mind.

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