Porn-Star Confidential: Sofia Boutella

Title: Porn-Star Confidential: Sofia Boutella

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Sofia Boutella

Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, ws, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Sofia sitting in a hotel room, wearing a colorful silk bathrobe, smoking a cigarette. “So, we’re here with one of my favorite performers, the sexy Sofia Boutella.”


“Bon jour.”


“So, apparently, you started as a dancer, then graduated to stripping.  How does one make that transition.”


“Well, something about the act of dancing…I don’t know, it excited me, and I often felt the urge to just take my clothes off…I just wanted to dance naked.”


“So, it was liberating when you started stripping?”


“Oh, in more ways than one.  I, uh…quickly became a favorite at the clubs I worked, because of, um…how excited I would get.”


“Now, by excited, um, did you ever climax on stage?”


“Oh, yes, a few times.”


“So, when did you get into doing porn?”


“Well, I kept getting patrons telling me I should do it, and I’d often thought about getting a guy and fucking him onstage as my routine, but none of the clubs would allow that.”


“Too pornographic?”


“In Paris?” Sofia laughs. “No, they were worried about the patrons getting hit with, uh…”


“Oh!” Both then laugh, and it fades to a bedroom, where we see Sofia straddling a young guy who she’s tied to her bed, and she does a little striptease on top of him, taking off her shirt, then her bra, followed by her skirt.  She then starts rubbing her black pantied area on his crotch, moaning.  After a bit of this, she leans down, and gives the guy a sultry tongue kiss, then starts kissing down his bare chest, as she moves down him, until she reaches his boxers, which she proceeds to pull down, gripping the waistband in her teeth, and the guy’s big, hard cock pops out.


“Hah…” she sighs vocally, smiling and extending her tongue, as she leans forward, and, in our first close-up, presses it on the underside of the guy’s cock, and wraps her full, luscious lips around the rigid shaft.


“Uhm…” the guy moans, as Sofia slides her lips up and down his stiff member, while she holds his balls in one hand. “Oh!  Fuck…” Sofia speeds up her sucking, while her hand tightens around the guy’s sack.  Back in the close-up, Sofia opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue, and strokes the guy vigorously, until he pops off, most of it landing in her mouth, which she then closes, and we hear her swallow.


Sofia then smiles at the guy, and crawls up his body, until she’s hovering over his face, and then lowers herself onto him.  In another close-up, the guy sticks his tongue into Sofia’s drooling pussy, and starts to tongue-fuck her. “Ooh!  Oui…” Sofia starts to grind her hips, while she holds on to the headboard. “Uh!” she groans, tilting her head back, “Oui!  Huh…Mon dieu…” Sofia starts to buck her hips faster, as her cries get louder and more shrill, before finally biting down on the headboard, and screaming into it.


Now, Sofia’s moved back, and, in a shot of her ass, we can see her pussy move up and down the guy’s throbbing dick. “Oh!  Huh!” As she rides the guy, her tits bounce and jiggle, her brown nipples hard and pointy.  Soon, Sofia starts to grind against the guy’s dick, and her moans again get louder, until, finally, her body twists, and she lets out a hoarse shriek.


Sofia’s now turned around, and, in another close-up, we see her pussy suck off the guy’s dick, as she rides him reverse cowgirl. “Ah!  Merde!” As she rides him faster, her tits now whip up and down, and we see her starting to sweat profusely. “Oui!  Oui!” Suddenly, Sofia’s body tenses up, and she cries out loudly, face contorting, as she once again climaxes.


Sofia’s again facing the guy, this time leaning back, one hand braced on his thigh, face screwed up and twitching, as, in yet another close-up, she rides the guy’s cock with her moist, sweaty asshole, grunting and whining as she moves up and down it, and, with her other hand, she diddles her practically gushing pussy. “Oui…Oui…Oui…” she chants under her breath, as her fingers glide quickly over her clit, until, with a loud, throaty groan, her pussy squirts, spraying all over the guy’s chest.


Seconds later, the guy starts grunting, and bucks his hips into her, before letting out a loud groan himself.  Gasping for breath, Sofia falls backward, and, in one more close-up, clenches, and squeezes out the guy’s load.


Smiling, and still catching her breath, Sofia gets up, then crawls back up him, and unties his wrists as she shoves her tongue in his mouth.  His hands free, the guy pulls her down to him, and the two make out passionately as the scene fades out.

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