Stealing and Having Sex

Title: Stealing and Having Sex

Author: lydal5

Celebs: Danielle Bradbery

Codes: MF

Disclaimer: This is fiction and has never happened.


Danielle Bradbery was at the mall and needed a little adrenaline kick so she felt like stealing something so she went to a clothing store and found some lingerie she liked and went to the changing room and took off her yoga pants and T-shirt.

She didn’t wear any panties or bra so she put the white almost see thru bra on and then the white see thru panties and took on the rest of the clothes then she walked out. When she was on the way out of the mall a security guard told her to come with him.

When they got to their office he told her “I saw what you did and that you’re going to the police so they can take care of this”. She said “I’m so sorry I’ve never stolen before and I don’t know what got to my head”

He asked for Id and looked her up on the internet, he said “I see that you are a singer” she said “yeah in country music, but I can pay for the clothes so we can be done here right?” He said “it’s too late for that now” she got sad and didn’t want anyone fans to know.

He said “I need to see if you have anything else that you have stolen on you so I need to search you”, Danielle said “ok” and he told her to stand up, he started to feel her back and wend down to her hips and down her legs, then he felt up and squeezed her ass. She walked backwards and told him to stop.

He said “if you don’t want me to call the cops you need to let me search you” She said “ok” and he stood behind her and felt her pussy then she moaned and he went up towards her tits and squeezed and felt them.

He then sat back on his office chair and said “I didn’t find anything but you need to strip so I can search and see what you have stolen”, Danielle said “ok” and started by taking off her t-shirt and then her pants, then she tried to cover her body from the see thru lingerie.

He told her to take away her arms and then he admired her body he said “if you don’t want the police to take you we can make a deal”

She said “what kind of deal?” With a confused face, he said “well you did do something illegal and I can’t just let you go, so what if you let me fuck you and then I’ll let you go without paying or theft on you’re record.

She said “Ok” he said “well lets get to this”. He told her to take off the rest off the clothes and while she took them off he pulled his 8 inch dick out of his pants.

She got on the floor and started to suck his dick, and then he held the back of her head and held it as far in on his dick as he could, she gaged and he let go, after some minutes of sucking he told her to bend over the office desk.

Then he took his dick and started to put it in her pussy, as he put it in her pussy Danielle moaned and he went faster and faster. After some time she cummed and he pulled his dick out and told her to lay on her back.
He then put his dick back in and grabbed her breast and squeezed hard while the other hand slapped her ass.

Then after some time he cummed without warning in her pussy and pulled out. She was so caught up in the moment that she was really enjoying it. That she got down on her knees and took his dick in her mouth again. It didn’t take him long
to get hard again. He told her how good she is at giving a blow job and how great she looked while doing it. It didn’t take long and he came in her mouth and she showed him the cum in her mouth before swallowing it all like a good girl.

Afterwards she gave him her phone number and promised to give him another great time when they got intouch again. Then he let her go without getting in trouble with the police.

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