The Family That Lays Together: Scene 253

Title: The Family That Lays Together: Scene 253

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Christina Hendricks

Codes: FM, oral, mas, anal, ws, inc, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on an event hall, where a young man sits, looking depressed, as other people dance. “Would you believe this is my eighteenth birthday?  My dad threw this big fucking deal of a party to celebrate me ‘becoming a man’, as he put it.  The worst part is, he knows I hate this shit.  I hate being the center of attention.  Just a little thing with me friends, that’s all I wanted.” As he’s wallowing, we see Christina enter. “My aunt Christina.  I should be glad she’s here; she’s one of the few people in my family who seems to understand me, but, well…when I was thirteen, I almost saw her naked, and, for two years, I couldn’t stop thinking about what her tits looked like.  It drove me mad wondering, and, at some point, I started…fapping to her.  So, seeing her again now, more than a little awkward.”


As his voiceover draws to a close, Christina approaches, big grin on her face. “Jason!  How’s my favorite nephew doing?”


“Um, hi, Aunt Christina.  Okay, I guess.”


Christina sits at the table with him. “Oh, I know.  My big brother has always made too big a deal of things.  He is proud of you, but he doesn’t get you.  He didn’t get me, either, when we were kids.  Seriously, Jason, you wouldn’t believe how much like you I was when I was your age.  So, have they given you your presents?”


“Unfortunately, yes.  Dad had them put a fucking spotlight on me while everybody watched me open them.”


“Ooh…Pretty sure that’s grounds for patricide.” Jason laughs, and Christina laughs with him. “Well, I’m glad I missed all that, cause, well…” She leans over and whispers in Jason’s ear, “My present I kind of have to give you in private.” She then stands. “First, though, I must dance with the birthday boy!” Christina grabs Jason’s hand, and drags him onto dance floor.


As they slow dance, Jason again narrates. “Oh, God, I want so badly to look down her blouse!” We see a shot of Christina’s subtle but noticeable cleavage as he says this.


Jason visibly struggles not to look down, until Christina whispers at him. “Jason, honey, if you wanna look, just look.” Jason looks surprised, then, hesitantly, directs his gaze at his aunt’s chest. “Yeah, I’ve seen you stare at them before.  It’s alright.” We then get a shot of their midsections, where she subtly rubs against him. “Hmm…” she smiles. “Okay, now I think it’s time to give you your present.”


Later, we see Jason sitting in the passenger seat of Christina’s car. “What is she doing?  I mean, this can’t be what it looks like.  Can it?”


Later still, we see the two enter a hotel room.  Christina leads her nephew to the foot of the bed, then turns around, and places her hands on his forearms. “Jason…I’ve wanted to give you this for so long.” She then gives him a long, sultry tongue kiss.  After several seconds, she stops, and whispers, “Why don’t you have a seat, young man?” Jason sits on the bed, and Christina starts unbuttoning her blouse.


“Um, what’s going on?”


“Remember I said I’ve seen you staring at my tits before?” Christina pulls her shirt off, then unbuttons her jeans, and pulls them down. “Well, and I’m totally aware of how pedophilic this is, when I saw you staring, I always got a little turned on by it.  I even thought a few times about letting you see them, but I knew it would be really bad if your parents found out.” As she says this, she pulls down her bra straps, then pulls the whole thing down, past her waist, and lets it hit the floor.  Finally, she does the same with her panties, and stands before her nephew completely naked. “Now…” she then whispers, leaning forward, and pressing on Jason’s shoulders, “Why don’t you lay back?” Once he’s on his back, Christina straddles him, while grabbing the bottom of his shirt, and pulling it off him, then, once she’s on top of him, gives him another tongue kiss, this time more passionate, as she gasps and moans into his mouth.


Christina then leans forward, so her breasts are in Jason’s face.  Jason immediately grabs and starts squeezing them, and sucking on her pink nipples. “Oh, Jason…You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve masturbated, thinking about you playing with my tits…” Down below, her foot rubs the front of Jason’s pants. “Hm…” she smiles, “What about you?” As she speaks, we see Christina massage the conspicuous bulge with her foot. “Did you ever think of me while you stroked your cock?”


Finally, she moves back down, and whispers, “Scoot up, baby…” Jason moves all the way up the bed, and Christina again follows him.  After again kissing him, Christina moves down, pausing to give one of Jason’s nipples a little lick and suck, before continuing.  Finally, arriving at his pants, Christina undoes them, looking up at him and licking her top lip.  Once they’re open, she pulls down the front of Jason’s briefs, and his hard cock pops out. “Oh, my…” she whispers, then leans down, and, in our first close-up, wraps her full lips around Jason’s rigid member, and starts to lick and suck his swollen head.


“Oh, fuck…” Jason gasps, then moans, “Uhm…” as his aunt wraps her hand around his throbbing shaft, and starts to slowly stroke it.


“Oh, God, Jason…” Christina whispers, as she pulls his cock out of her mouth, and wraps her tits around it. “I’m so hot…” In another close-up, we see the tip of Jason’s dick peak out from between his aunt’s tits, as she jerks him off with them.  She does this for a bit, then again starts sucking her nephew off, now going faster, intent on making him cum.  Soon, Jason starts to groan, so Christina points his cock at her tits, and jerks him off, until, grunting, he spurts all over them. “Oh, baby…” Christina sighs, smiling, as she rubs Jason’s spunk into her soft titty flesh.


Now, Christina’s on her back, smiling and feeling herself up, as she watches her nephew kiss down her soft, pudgy belly. “Ooh…Oh, Jason…” Christina moans, and starts to knead her tits, as, in another close-up, he starts to lick her drooling, ginger-haired quim. “Uhh…” Christina exhales vocally, brow furrowing, as, back in the close-up, Jason holds open her pussy, and licks around her clit. “Oh, God…Jason, put your fingers in me…” Again in the close-up, Jason inserts his first two fingers in his aunt’s cunt, and starts to fuck her with them, as he flicks his tongue on her pink, throbbing clitty. “Oh, God!” Christina starts to cry out, and buck her hips, as Jason licks and fingers her more vigorously.  Suddenly, she whines, “Jason, pull your fingers out!” He does so, and, with a deep, throaty moan, her pussy squirts all over his neck and chest.


“Oh, fuck…” Christina sighs raspily. “I want your cock inside me, Jason…Fuck me…” Jason gets to his knees, as Christina spreads her legs, and, in another close-up, rubs his cock up and down her pink cunt, before pushing it in. “Ooh…” Christina groans, again furrowing her brow, and starts rubbing her thighs, as her nephew begins thrusting in and out. “Oh, God…” she gasps, as her big tits start to jiggle up and down, her hard, pink nipples moving more than the rest of them. “Fuck!” she then yelps, as Jason grabs her hips and speeds up, causing her tits to fully bounce. “Oh, God…” Christina whimpers, face contorting, as, back in the close-up, Jason’s cock is dripping wet, pumping in and out of his aunt’s practically gushing cunt. “Oh, God!” Christina cries out loudly, and arches her back, as her tits come close to hitting her in the face.


Now, Christina’s on her hands and knees, as Jason fucks her doggy style.  In another close-up, we see his cock thrust in and out, his aunt’s pussy juice now dripping down his balls. “Fuck!” In a side shot, we see Christina’s huge tits swing back and forth, and hear a slapping noise, as Jason’s body collides with her voluptuous ass. “Oh, God!  Ooh!” Christina cries out again, as another orgasm hits her.


Both of them catching their breath, Christina gasps, “Jason?  Can you do something for me?”




“Can you put your cock in my ass?” Back in the close-up, Jason pulls his cock out, then, to her surprise, leans down, and gives his aunt’s moist, sweaty asshole a few licks. “Ooh…Oh, God, I think I’m in love with you, Jason…” Jason comes back up, then, again in the close-up, presses the tip of his cock against Christina’s butthole, then slowly pushes it in. “Hunh!” Christina groans, face twitching, as her nephew’s cock goes deep inside her, then laboredly moves in and out.


“Oh, fuck, Aunt Christina…” Jason groans.


“Feel good, baby?”




“Hm…Feels amazing on my end, too…” Back in the close-up, Jason’s dick moves a little faster in and out of his aunt’s slightly loosened asshole. “Fuck, baby…I can feel your cock all through my body…”


“Aunt Christina?  I’m gonna cum…”


“Huh?  Okay, can you cum on my asshole?”


“Yeah…” Again in the close-up, Jason pulls out, and immediately his cock spurts, covering his aunt’s pink, throbbing anus, and dripping down her pussy.


“Mmm…Come here, baby…” Jason leans over, and Christina pulls him down to her, and gives him one more lusty kiss, as the scene fades out.

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