Some Giant’s Blood in Him

Title: Some Giant’s Blood in Him

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, oral

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy.

FALL 2015


Olivia Holt was downstairs in her house waiting on her friends to pick her up.  She, Alexa, Veronica, and Courtney were planning on doing a girls day down at Disney today.  Liv looked very cute in her torn jeans, white halter top and Minnie Mouse hat. She’d gotten a text from Courtney that they were five minutes away.  When see saw Alexa’s black SUV pull into the driveway she grabbed her jacket and ran out the door.  She opened up the door to the backseat and that is when she got hit with a surprise.


“Hi” said a guy she did not know sitting in the seat she was about to take. He was big guy, fairly chunky guy with, glasses, a beard, and a curly fro.


“Liv this is Julian, we meet him at Austin’s party last week and decided to let him tag along” Alexa explained.


“Umm hi.” Olivia said not really sure why they invited him “Can you move over so I can get in?”


“Yeah, sure. No problem” Julian said as he slid to the middle seat to give Olivia a little bit of room to sit down in the car.


On the drive down to Disney and during the morning few hours at the part Oliva found out that Julian’s full name was Julian Sergi and he was a comedy actor, who had had a few small roles.  As it turned out his friends were friends with some of her friends and that’s how people knew each other.  She was a little surprised to find out that he was actually a few years older than her, because he reminded her a lot of her brother’s friends with the way he acted towards her.  He was usually walking next to her, the one trying to sit next to here when they went on rides, and offered to get get anything whenever the girls said they wanted a drink or a snack. She caught him checking her out several times when he thought she wasn’t looking, but men checking out Liv was something she was pretty used to at this point in her life.  Whenever they thought Julian couldn’t hear them, Olivia overheard heard friends making some jokes about Julian and each time they referred to him as “Hodor”.


While they were all sitting down at a table for lunch, Julian excused himself to go to the bathroom.  When he was far enough away her friend made another joke.


“I guess Hodor’s gotta go drain the python,” Alexa said and her Veronica & Courtney all giggled.


“Why do you all keep calling him Hodor?  I get that he is a big goofy guy, but he’s not dumb or anything.  It’s mean” Olivia chastised her friends.


“Liv, are you serious? That’s not why we call him that.”


“Then why?”


“Do you remember that scene from Game of Thrones last summer.  Bran, Ricken, Hodor & Osha had escaped Winterfell and they are out in the woods.  Osha is talking to Bran and all of a sudden a naked Hodor comes running up and Osha is like ‘he must have some giant’s blood in him’ because his penis is so big…” Courtney explained


“Yeah and?” Olivia said looking at her friend.  “…no. No way” Oliva said suddenly realizing what her friend was saying.


“Yes way, Alexa and Veronica walked in on him while he was changing at the party.”


“Swear to God, Liv” said Alexa


“It looked like he had my baby cousins arm dangling between his legs” said Veronica.  This made all the girls laugh.


“Wait, so, did either of you…”


“NO!” They both shouted.  “God no.  I mean he’s hung but he also just a total schlub” Veronica said.


“Yeah, I mean I’d have to be either drunk or pretty pent up to take that plunge.  I mean, if he he was built like Zac Efron I’d have jumped him them then and there, and I’d probably still screwing him right now.”  This set off another round of giggles from the girls.  They quickly hushed up and tried to act normal once they say Julian was walking back towards them.


“What are you all talking about,” Julian asked when he sat back down.


“Ohhhhh nothing” Alexa replied.


The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the park and riding different rides.  The girls also spent a lot of time taking photos of eachother, with Julian being the designated photographer.  After a while the girls felt bad and made an effort to include him in some of the pictures.  Olivia continued to catch Julian stealing glances at her, and still he tended to walk next to her as they made their way through the park.


At one point Olivia found herself posing for another picture with Julian.  Her friends kept telling her to get closer and closer, so that she was now pressed right up on him.  Olivia could feel something pressing up against her from the bottom of her stomach to the top of her thigh.  She almost let out a gasp when she realised what she was feeling might actually be that big dick her friends had described.  After the picture was taken her eyes looked down, but she couldn’t really see anything.  The remaining time she was at Disney, Olivia caught herself stealing glances at Julian’s crotch for any sign of what she thought she felt rub up against her.


The ride back from Anaheim to LA was a long one.  In actuality it was not that far, but the group had found themselves stuck in LA traffic so a drive that should have taken only an hour actually took three.  They were over an hour into the trip and stuck in bumber to bumber traffic when Olivia found herself sitting in the back middle seat and just zoned out.  She looked around at everyone the quiet car. Alexa sucking down a Red Bull as she drove, Emily in the passengers seat either looking out the window or asleep,  Courtney was to her right and was curled up against the door sound asleep, and Julian, to her left, was sleeping with his tilted all the way back.


Liv glanced down, and that is when she saw it.  In Julian’s shorts, Olivia could see a large lump going down the of his shorts.  “No fucking way” Olivia thought as she looked at his bulge.  She looked around again at the other girls in the car and all but Alexa, who was sitting directly in front of Julian, were sleeping.  Olivia then waved her hand in front of Julian’s face and nudged him so make sure he was asleep, once she was sure she let her hand creep onto his shorts. She ran her hand over his shorts and gasped when she felt it.  It was not hard, but there was no doubt to Olivia that is was huge.  Olivia kept her eyes facing forward as her hand slowly slid up and down his meat stick.  She could not believe it.  She had trouble finding where it began and where it ended.  Her rubbing caused him to begin to harden in hand. She quickly pulled her hand back when Julian began squirming in his seat.  When he didn’t wake up Liv slid her hand back over to the leg of his shorts.  She began stroking him again, and this time instead of looking forward her eyes occasionally did glance down to what she was doing.  She noticed how his cock seemed to extend to nearly the end of his storts.  Temptation and curiosity got the better of her.  Olivia hooked her fingers around the end of the leg of his shorts and slowly began sliding them up this thigh.


“Holy fuck” Olivia silently gasped as the large mushroom head of Julian’s cock appeared.  Liv licked her lips and began to reach out for the large head.


HONK!!! HONK!!!  “Come on asshole, let me over!”  Alexa yelled out in a fit of road rage.  Olivia immediately pulled her hand back to her lap as the honking woke everyone else in the car.


“Oh jeez” Julian whispered when he noticed how he was exposed.  He could not help but blush as he pushed the leg of his shorts back down to cover himself, hoping no one had seen him.


It took another hour to get back home.  Olivia’s was the first house was the first stop on the way back.  As they closed in on her house and idea popped into her mind.


“Hey Julian, would you mind coming inside.  I have some furniture in my room I’ve wanted to move and I need help.  I’ll pay for your cab ride home after”  Olivia asked.


“Ummm yeah. Sure. I guess.” Julian said totally oblivious to what Oliva actually wanted.  Two minutes later they pulled into Olivia’s driveway, Julian and Olivia got out.  She said goodbye to her girl friends and lead Julian into her empty house, taking him upstairs to her room.


“So I just have to use the bathroom, make yourself comfortable and I’ll be right back” she told him before heading down the hallway.  While using the bathroom she checked her phone and she had gotten several text from her friends who just drove off.  One jokingly calling her a slut, another saying that they new Liv was the size queen of the group.  When Olivia was done doing peeing she wiped herself, but before pulling her jeans back up she slipped them off along with her panites.  She put her jeans back on and stuffed her dirty panties into her pocket.  She then took her bras off and loosened the ties on her top. Once she was done with that, she made her way back to her room where Julian sat on her bed waiting for her.


The two spent an hour moving furniture around Olivia’s room.  Olivia was doing everything she could to try and get him to make a move.  Liv preferred to have the guy make the first move, and she was doing all she could to get him to act.  She would accidentally rub up against him, whenever she bent over she made sure to do it at the waist, keeping her legs straight so she could either show off her butt or try to give him a view down her top.  Her nipples had even become hard and could easily be seen poking out against her top.  Despite all that Julian seemed completely oblivious.  Ether he was totally clueless to what she was doing, or he had such low self esteem that he just didn’t have the nerve to act.  After an hour Liv was tired of playing games.


“Thank you so much Julian, I don’t know how to thank you for all your help,”  Olivia said giving him a big.


“Oh it was nothing” he said hugged her back.


Letting go of the hug, Oliva made her move.  “No, I really need to find someway to thank you.. properly.” With that she gave him a soft kiss on the lips and then slowly slipped down the floor.  Julian just stood there frozen.

“Olivia I…”


“Shhh… it’s alright, just let me thank you.” Olivia was now down to her knees.  Her hands went to his shorts, gripping them and his boxers, she gave one hard yank and they both went down to the floor.  As soon as they slipped passed his mid thigh however his had cock sprang up and smacked her underneath her chin, and then rubbed up against the side of her face as it came to its full upward extension.  Olivia’s eyes nearly bugged out her head and her jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw his cock.


“Wow, they really were not lying.  It’s…” Oliva could hardly find the words for what she was looking at.  Taking a hold of it she moved it around, looking at the big dick in front of her from all angles.  It was not that thick, Olvia could pretty much wrap her hand around it, but it had to be at least 11 inches long with a big mushroom like head.  Also dangling below were two large, hairy, almost egg sized balls.


“Jesus” Olivia had never seen anything like this, other than maybe in some interracial porn she watched online.  She was a little unsure of herself as she leaned in for the first time, giveing the cock head a lick, tasting some precum that was already leaking out.  After that initial lick, lust took over.  She took the cockhead into her mouth and began to suck on it while hands worked the shaft.  Olivia moaned as she began taking more and more of the large phallus into her mouth.  Julian attempted to put his hand on the back of her head, but she swatted it away.  Liv did not care what he wanted, she was doing this for her own enjoyment, his opinions and desires didn’t matter to her.  Olivia ducked underneath his long shaft, she kissed and licked his balls.  Unfortunately, he was not as man-scaped as Olivia preferrs so instead of playing with his large hairy balls, she went back to the shaft.


Olivia tickled under the shaft with her tongue before taking him back into her mouth.  She worked more and more of him into her mouth.  She got about halfway down his pole before she began to gag and had to pull back off of him.  Not to be deterred, Olivia went right back at it, getting about another inch or so then before down her throat before she gagged again.  Realizing she was not going to be able to swallow the whole thing, she just went back to using her normal technique, while using her hands to stroke the other half.


Julian could not believe that he had lasted this long.  Olivia was by a wide margin the hottest woman to ever kiss him, never mind blow him.  He had spent all day at the park checking her out.  He’d watched her on tv many times, and jerked out thinking about her even more, so to have this happen to him was completely unfathomable.  He was enjoying the blowjob from the young teen actress so much he could not speak, or in this case, warn her.


Olivia was sliding her mouth down his shaft when she felt something splash up against the back of her throat.  And then another.  Olivia pulled the large dick out of her mouth, swallowing the cum in her mouth, but Julian kept cumming.  Two shots of jizz hit Olivia in the face, the rest covered the shirt she was wearing.  When dick finally stopped firing off cum shots, Liv let it go and began undoing her shirt.


“Well, I might as well take this off now” she said as she took off her shirt, freeing her small perky tits.


“Liv, I’m sorry i didn’t…”


“Stop, I don’t care.  It doesn’t matter.” Liv wiped her face clean with one of the few dry spots on her shirt.  She then stood up and went over to her bed.  She sat down with her legs splayed the edge and began to shuck her jeans off.  Throwing them over her head after they were off.


“Get over here and eat my pussy.” She demanded.  Julian stepped out of his shorts & underwear and went over to the bed. Falling to his knees between her legs and he found himself looking right at her beautiful silky smooth vaginia.  Sticking out his tongue he gave her folds a long lick before closing his mouth and sucking on her clit.  Most of Olivia’s past boyfriends had been clean shaven so the feeling of Julian’s beard hairs rub up against her smooth crotch felt odd to her.


Julian was doing the best he could to eat out the girl, he wanted nothing more than than to give her pleasure. He didn’t have much technique and was just trying to make up for it was enthusiasm and effort.  Unfortunately he was not getting the job done.  Olivia had her hand on the back of his head and was trying to give him directions, but nothing seemed to work.  She was absolutely drenched, but was not close to cumming.


“Ugghhh… stop, just get on the bed and lay down” Olivia frustratedly told Julian.  Julian stood up and began taking off his shirt.  It was about halfway off, Olivia could see his chubby pale stomach.  “No! Keep your shirt on.  Just lay down, and be quiet.”

Julian laid down on the bed, taking a hold of his cock he pointed it straight up toward the ceiling.  Olivia stood up on the bed and moved to straddle him.  She slowly dropped down with her pussy hovering over his huge cock.  She took a deep breath and then sunk down on him she felt his mushroom head push past her tight opening and enter her.  She then began working more of his long pole into her.


“Jesus Olivia, you’re pussy is so tight” Julian commented as he could feel her pussy grabbing onto his dick like a vice as he slid into her.


“Shhh I know just be quiet.”  Olivia had her eyes closed tightly as she continued to sink down.  His cock felt incredible inside her, stretching her pussy.  Olivia raised up a bit and then sunk back down. Then she did it again,and again.  She got about 3/4th the way down when all of a sudden her body began to shake and her pussy gushed as she came.  Julian said something, but she was too lost in her own orgasm to here what he said.  After the initial shockwaves from her orgasm were over, she went back to riding his cock.  This time harder and faster than before.  Olivia had her eyes shut and in her head she was picturing her boyfriend, some of her male co-stars, her male friends, and a few celeb crushes. She was imagining it was them giving her this pleasure instead of the chunky doofus who was actually beneath her.  Unfortunately every time he spoke up, it ruined that fantasy.


“Oh my god, Oliva this is so amazing. You’re so hot” He panted while she rode him.


“For the last time, be shut up.”  Olivia opened her eyes and saw her jeans laying next to him.  She reached out to grab her jeans and then took her panties out of her pocket and shoved them into Julian’s mouth.  “There, maybe now you’ll stay quiet.”


Julian said something muffled but it didn’t matter.  Olivia went right back to grinding herself along his pole with her eyes shut envisioning some of the other men in her life in her mind.
“Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes” Olivia started yelling out as she started working herself faster and faster.  She was really starting to slam herself down on his cock.


“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!  FUUUUCCCCKKK!” She screamed as she once again came on his cock.  Her pussy squirting all over his crotch and soaking the bottom part of his shirt.  Olivia rolled off of him and caught her breath.  This also gave Julian a chance to calm down as he was on the precipice of cumming once again.  Olivia took some deep breaths, and once she regained her composure she got up on to her hands and knee.


“Alright, get up.  I need you to fuck me from behind,” She told him “And don’t cum inside me!”.  Julian slowly rose up out of bed and took the panties out of his mouth.  Getting behind her he grabbed her by the hips.  “Come on hurry up and fuuuu…” Was all Olivia got out before he force the full length of his shaft into the 5’2” starlett.


Julian was groping her ass and slid his hand up to cup her breast as he methodically moved his cock in and out of her.  He moved his other hand up to cup her other breast.  He played with her breast a tweeked her small nipples.  Olivia moaned as it felt good what he was doing to her breasts, but she was not interested in this tender slow pace he was working his cock with.  Olivia didn’t want to make love, she wanted to get fucked.


“Come on, faster! Go Faster”  Julian picked up the pace but it still wasn’t enough for her.


“Harder! Fuck me harder!” She yelled at him.  Julian did his best but he was still going at a controlled speed.


“Come on you fat fuck! If you ever want another shot at this pussy you need to fuck me harder!” Julian then stopped restraining himself.  He moved his hands back down to her hips, and taking a firm grasp, he slammed his cock into her.  Julian started slamming his cock as hard and as fast as he could into Olivia.  This new tempo set Olivia off and she was letting her pleasure be known.  She had never been this vocal during sex before.


“Oh God! Fuck Yeah!” Olivia cried out.  She’d already cum twice and now she was closing in on the hat trick.


“Liv I’m going to cum soon.” Julian warned her as he continued to pump in and out of her tight teen pussy.


“No.  Just hold out a little longer. I’m almost there.”


“Jesus Liv, I gotta pull out or…”


“Don’t you dare.  Don’t you fucking dare. Come on you big dick fucker, keep going.”  Olivia was now slamming her hips back to meet Julian’s thrust.  She was so close, she just needed a little something to push her over the edge.  “I’m so close, so close.”


“Liv I…”


“Just shut up and fuck me!” She was tired of listening to Julian talk.  She didn’t care about him or his opinions, or his thoughts.  All she cared about was getting off.  That’s when she both heard and felt it.


“Uggghhhhhhh….” Julian groaned as he could not hold back anymore unleashed a flood of jizz inside of her.  Liv could feel the jets of seamen being shot into her.  She wanted to yell something at the big dummy for cumming in her, but all that came out of her mouth was a high pitched scream as the surprise of him cumming in had her caused her to cum on last time.


When it was over Olivia turned over and laid on naked on her back.  The comforter she laid on was wet with sweat and her own wetness from the times she came and squirted.  Olivia had one finger in her pussy, she could feel the cum inside her sloshing around and some of it was leaking out of her.  She new she was going to have take care of it, and that was going to call Kelli so she could get a morning after pill, but for right now she was too tired and her mind was in too much of a haze to do anything.  She pulled the finger out from snatch and sucked it clean.


“Olivia, I’m sorry I…” Julian stood at the end of the bed, still naked, unsure of what to do now.


“My purse is on the desk, there should be a couple of twenties in there for your taxi ride.”  Olivia told him, as she just continued to look up at the ceiling.


“Oh, okay.” He understood that that Olivia’s way of telling him it was time to leave.  He collected his clothes and took $40 out of Olivia’s purse.  “So, should I call you? Do you want to have dinner some time this week?” He asked before making his way out of her bedroom.


“No.” Olivia said bluntly.  “I can get your number from one of the girls if I want to get together again,” She said coldly.  After that Julian left, and Olivia stayed lying on her bed occasionally rubbing her nipples or her sore pussy.  She just thought about how she’d never quite been fucked like that before, and either needed to find someone else, hopefully who’s better looking, who could fuck her like that, or she was going to have to find a way to secretly meet Julian every now and then so she could use that cock to fuck her brains out.

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