Fantasy Island staring Raquel Welch

Title: Fantasy Island staring Raquel Welch

Author: Photodude1162

Celebs: Raquel Welch

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Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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It is June 1979 Raquel Welch had just finishes filming yet another guest appearance on a TV show. She was sitting at home wondering what the hell had happened to her career when her phone rings. Hello Miss Welch I would like to talk to you about a business opportunity. Talk to my business manager he handles all my business matters. What if I told you would be paid over $250,000 in cash for a week’s work. Who is this? My name is Todd Abbott. Well Mr. Abbott you have to talk to my manager. Miss. Welch this is a very personal business matter. Please may I have just a few minutes of your time to explain? Fine go ahead. First I need your word that you will listen to everything I have to say without hanging up. Ok. Do I have your word? Yes. Thank you.

I represent an organization that owns and operates an tropical island dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh. Pleasure? Yes. An island were men and women can come and engage in any kind of sexual activities they want. Sexual activities? Yes. The entire island is clothing optional and everyone is free to explore their sexuality in any way that they see fit. Clothing optional? Yes anyone who wants to may walk around in the nude. We also screen all of our guests and our staff for any sexually transmitted diseases. When everyone arrives they are searched and any recording device or cameras are confiscated. We value our guest’s privacy above anything else. From time to time we approach certain celebrities to have them come to the island to have sex with our guests. Have SEX!!?? Remember you promised. Continue. Now our guests pay a flat fee just to come to the island. Once they are here they are free to partake in any sexual activity they choose with whomever they choose. Everything has to be completely consensual by both parties. We have a five star spa and restaurant available for their use. As well as sailing and a professional grade 18 hole golf course. You would not believe how many people want to fuck their brains out after hitting a great golf shot or sinking a long putt.

But what really brings them to the island and they are willing to pay anything to do is fuck the celebrity who is on the island at that time. How do you determine that fee? First it depends on the celebrity. Are they currently popular? Have they ever been nude in print or in a movie. Last but not least do we think people would pay allot of money to fuck them. You Miss Welch are the perfect candidate. You are the reigning sex symbol on the entire planet. You have NEVER been nude in anything and everyone would pay to fuck you. We than factor in the amount of time you are going to be on the island how much time they want to spend with you the number of people who will be involved and if they have anything special fantasias they want you to fulfill. Special? Yes, if they want to engage in bondage or discipline. What’s that? They would tie you up and punish you. Don’t worry we have safeguards in place to protect you from any harm. What if I don’t want to be tied up or punished? There is one rule on the island this is for everyone. You can’t say NO. The only thing that is not allowed is anything that would leave permanent scars. Could you give me an example of what the fees might be? Yes I guess I could? For a single man or woman for four hours for basic sex would be $15,000. Mr. Abbott, please call me Todd. What is your definition of basic sex? They would expect you to give them a blowjob or eat their pussy. Pussy! Yes we get allot of female guests. I have never been with a woman! Thank you for telling me that because we can charge that women extra to be your first. Of course they would get to fuck your pussy. Because of the cost the men would want to cum inside you are you on birth control? Yes. Good. Last but not least they would fuck your ass. Ass. I have never done that either. Excellent we can charge anything we want to the man who wants to be the first up your incredible ass and just because you are who you are I am sure they would all want to titty fuck you. Let’s say they wanted to add their husband or wife it would go to $25,000. Do I have a say about the prices? No because of your limited availably we do it on a (sorry about the pun) first cum first served basis. How much time is considered a half day? A half day is four hours a full day is eight hours. Anything past that is negotiated. Trust me with you as the celebrity we will be getting top dollar for your services.

I’m not agreeing but what would I be expected to do and for how long? Let me answer the how long first. We fly you to the island on a Sunday giving you that day to get settled into your penthouse suite. Most of the people you will be fucking will come to you. If there is any traveling involved you are taken there and brought back. Then from Monday starting at 8am until the Sunday at 6pm you would be available for our guests. We than fly you back on Monday. If you are not busy you are free to go and do as you please. But the one rule on the island is you can’t say no. So if someone or a group of people wanted to have sex with you would have to and you would not be paid. As far as what you would be expected to do that depends on the guest. Men lots of men one at a time and I’m sure in groups. How large a group? Maybe 5 to a maximum of 10. Ten! Yes 10 men because of the limited access most large groups like that book a 24 hour session. If you book a group for 24 hours we give you time off after to rest and if need be recuperate. Recuperate? Yes with that many men your body might be sore. So we have them pay a super premium to cover the recuperation time as well as your time with them. Ok I understand that I would get $250,000 for Monday till Sunday what is the plus that you mentioned? Tips. That its tips? You can charge a fortune to people to have sex with the number one sex symbol on the planet. You do realize I have NEVER been nude on screen and people would pay just to see that and did you know that EVERY year I turn down a huge offer to pose in a certain men’s magazine. What would you want? Since I am going to be doing all of the work 25% of their fees. I can see maybe 10%. If I agree to this do you tell your members? Yes. So you could raise you fee just because I was going to be on the island. Yes I suppose we could. Than 25% or we are done talking. I have to talk to the board. May I call you in a few days? Yes have a nice day goodbye.

A few days later Mr. Abbott calls back. I have talked it over with the board of directors and we agree to your terms. Now I have a question to ask you. Go ahead. Is your pussy shaved? No why? Most of our guests like it clean shaven pussy. We would be happy to send over our stylist to take care of that for you. They would come over twice the first time a week before you leave the second time the day before. This way your pussy will be smooth and ready to go. We will be also sending over our stylist with some cloths and lingerie for you to try on. One last question. Do you have tan lines? No since I always seem to be wearing a bikini I have an all over tan. Before we continue I have a few more questions. Go ahead. When and how do I get paid and when were you looking to do this. What we recommend is for you to open a Swiss bank account once that is done 3 days before you leave to our island we will transfer the $250.000 into your account. We suggest this because it might be hard to explain why much money appearing into your account plus this way you won’t have to pay taxes on it. As far as the 25% and your tips go we can either transfer that money into your account as well or give it to you in cash. Your choice. When would I get that money? If you want cash we would give it to you before you board the plane to go home. If you want it sent to your account we would sent it before you board the plane home. As far as when we would need at least a month to tell all of our clients and schedule your time with them. One last question how do I know that when they get back home they won’t tell all of their friend that they just fucked Raquel Welch. That’s easy first with no proof who would believe them and if we think that they talked they will never be allowed back on the island. There is one rule you have to obey. I have rules! Just one you can’t ask where are they from or there last name.

Ok let’s do this. How about the first week in June. That’s perfect that give us plenty of time to get everything set up. Todd when will I know what I will be doing and who I will be doing it to. Because things change you will not know who or what you will be doing until the last minute or if the client not at all.

The time flew buy and being the consummate professional Raquel worked on her tan and dieted so she would look her best. As promised their stylist came by with an incredible selection of lingerie and cloths that were to be tailored to her body for a perfect fit. When it was time to have her pussy shaved she was nervous when a man showed up at her door. He told her she was even more beautiful in person but no to worry she was not his type. They went up to her bathroom where he proceeds to lather up her pussy and shave it as smooth as a baby’s bottom. After he left she was so turned on she had to masturbate for over an hour.

A limo picked her up and drove her to a private airport. The flight lasted a little over 2 hours and when she landed Todd was waiting for her. How was your flight? Nice I have never flown on a private airplane before. Let’s get you settled into the hotel. Raquel steps off the elevator in the penthouse suite. WOW! I am glad you like it let me show you around. Here is the living room and through this door is the master bedroom with a king size bed. Here is you closet with all of your cloths and lingerie. Here is the bathroom with a Jacuzzi bath big enough for several people. In these draws are various toys, restraints and lubes.  Anything you want to eat or drink you just have to dial 7 and it will be brought to you. I will leave you to settle in you first guest will be here at 8am sharp.

Day 1.

Raquel is sitting on the couch in the living room wearing a flowing see through negligee when there is a knock on the door. Coming! Raquel opens the door and in steps a very distinguished looking gentleman. His eyes open wide when he sees my body through the negligee. Hello Miss Welch he stammers. Hello please call me Raquel or Rocky. Please call me Daniel or Dan if you prefer. What brings you here today Dan? Well Raquel many years ago my father brought me here on my sixteenth birthday to learn about pleasing a woman. Today I am bringing my son Dickey here on his sixteenth for that same purpose. Dickey is that his name? No its Richard but everyone calls him Dickey. Raquel the lessons that I learned that day have stayed with me my whole life. I want my son to have that same experience. I have paid for half of the day so you can slowly teach my son how to properly make love to a woman. While you are incredibly beautiful I think if Dickey saw you in that lingerie it might scare him. Plus one of the most important parts and fun parts of making love to a woman is to learn how to slowly undress them.

Give me a minute to change. I have been a fan of yours for a long time would you mind changing out here. Of course. In one move she drops the shear lingerie at her feet and is standing there in all of her naked glory. Besides her incredible breasts he notices that her pussy is completely hairless. She hears Daniel gasp when he sees her body. She starts by wiggling into the black lace panties. Just because she wants to tease him she points her ass at Daniel and wiggles a little more than she needs to while she pulls them up. Then she puts on the bra followed by the short skirt and silk blouse. Let me get my son. What I want you to do is bring him in introduce him to me and then quietly leave. Ok whatever you say.

He opens the door and in steps his son. At sixteen he is almost as tall as his father. She immediately notices that his shoulders slumped and his head is looking down. Dickey may I introduce you to Miss Raquel Welch. Upon hearing my name his head snaps up and has a look of sheer terror in his eyes. I walk over extend my hand and respond “Please to meet you please call me Raquel or Rocky”. He takes my hand and mumbles “Please to meet you” my name is Dickey. No a childs is named Dickey a man name is Richard and I am with a man. NEVER let anyone call you Dick or Dickey again. Yes Miss Welch. I told you call me Raquel or Rocky. Yes Raquel. Let’s sit down and talk. Did your father tell you why he brought you here? No. He brought you here to learn how to make love to a woman. WHAT!!! You and I are going to make love. NO! Why not? Your Raquel Welch a movie star. No   I’m Raquel Welch a women. Did you know that your father was brought here by your grandfather to get the same lesson that I am going to give you? Really? Yes I am going to ask you some questions please don’t be embarrassed.

Ok. Have you ever kissed a girl? Do you mean like on the cheek? No on the lips. No. Would you like to kiss me? Yes Please. When a man kisses a woman he brings his head to hers. Make sure you tilt you head so you don’t hit your nose. He comes in and gives her a soft kiss on the lips. Those were very good but apply just a little more pressure and this time gently holds the back of my head. Much better this is important if your kissing someone and they start to pull away let them you never want to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Ok now I am going to teach you how to french kiss. French kiss? Yes that is when you stick your tongue in my mouth. I am going to stick my tongue into your mouth for the first time. Ok? I guess so. Just relax it won’t hurt I promise you. Raquel leans and tilts her head just like she taught Richard. The kiss starts out just like the kisses they had been practicing than Raquel starts to put her tongue into his mouth. Startled he pulls away. I’m sorry I got scared. That oks as a matter of face it good that you got scared. When you are kissing a girl for the first time she might be scared so take it nice and slow. You want to take is slow for two reasons. First its better slow than fast. Second you want the young lady to feel safe. If she feels safe kissing you she feel safe with whatever comes next.

Let’s try again this time relax your lips and tongue. While were kissing don’t be afraid to gently run your hands over my body. This time as I am going in for the kiss I see him quickly wet his lips. Were kissing and it’s much better so I stop moving my tongue and without missing a beat he starts moving his tongue around once he was in command I feel his hands running up and down my back around my neck and in a real shocking move he reaches around and touches my breast. My nipples are so hard that when he brushes against them I moan into his mouth. This startles him and he pulls away. What wrong? You moaned I thought I was doing something wrong and hurting you. No silly that was a moan of pleasure. I was giving you pleasure. Yes you were I know men who have been kissing for years who don’t kiss as sensuous as you do. Do you know what you did without me even telling you to? No. When you started moving your hands around my body you went to the next level by touching my breast.

Here’s something we did not talk about you might hear guys talking about first base second base and so on. Yes my friend Paul was telling me he got to third base with Nancy. Let’s talk about that. First base is kissing that could be either regular of French kissing with the tongue. Second base is when you touch her breasts just like you did before. Third base is when you get either you fingers or hand into the girl’s vagina or pussy. Fourth base or the Home Run is when you have intercourse or fuck the girl.

Can we kiss some more and can I play with your breast? Yes of course we can kiss some more but you don’t have to ask if you touch my breasts if I like what you are doing when you are touching my breasts I won’t stop you. That is what is looking for the girl is letting you know its ok. Remember NEVER do anything that the girl objects to. Richard leans in and starts to kiss me just like before her is running his hands all over my back, neck, arms except this time both of his hands go to my breasts and without me telling him he has naturally gone to my nipples that he is pinching and rolling like he has been doing this for years. With passion in his voice he asks me to take off my blouse. No Stop. I’m sorry what did I do wrong? Nothing as the lessons progress sometimes I need to stop you to explain to you the proper way to do things. How did you know to play with my nipples? Well they felt so hard I just thought it would feel good to you to play with them. You are 100 percent correct while we have not got there yet by you playing with my nipples my pussy was getting wet. Wet? Yes I will explain when we get to that point as far as my blouse. Look at my nipples they are so hard you can see them sticking out. Nothing turns a woman on more than to be slowly and sensually undressed. Remember I or any girl wants you to stop the will tell you if not SLOWLY continue. Do you understand? Yes I was getting you excited? Yes very much. It was hard to stop to give you instructions.

Let’s continue. This time you do what you think is right and after a little while well stop and I will tell you what you did right and what you did wrong. Ok let’s take it from the top. They start kissing this time his hands start moving quicker toward my breasts not that it didn’t feel wonderful. Once both of his hands were on my breasts he started playing with my nipples except one hand started to unbutton my blouse. Once it was unbuttoned he gently pulled it from my skirt and pulled it off my arms. Now the bra I was wearing was a half cup most of my breast were accessible. He bent down and started to kiss and bite my nipple through the bra. Before I could stop him he reached around and unhooked my bra freeing my tits to his eyes hands and mouth. When the bra came away he did something that has NEVER happened to me before he STOPPED and pulled away. What wrong? Nothing I have seen pictures of naked woman in National Geographic but I have never seen anything thing so beautiful in my life.

Get me my robe off the chair. Please no I’m sorry please don’t stop!! Its ok remember what I said before I don’t want you looking at my breasts while I am talking well get back to them soon enough. As you get older you will meet different types on woman tall women short woman with large breasts woman with small breasts and all other types of woman in between. If you react like that it may make them think you find them unattractive. If a woman has let you get this far you don’t want them to think they made a mistake. Don’t get scared but why did you take off my bra? I thought if your nipples felt good through you blouse and bra they would feel even better naked. That is correct congratulations you went with your instinct and when it comes to pleasing a woman always follow your instinct. Before we continue I have a question. If your mouth is on one nipple what do you do with the other one? Use my hands? Correct. Now nipples are funny things sometimes they like to be licked and sucked sometimes pinched and bit. How do you know what to do? Keep switching between all of this way you get all different types of pleasure. Not that I am going to rush but I can’t wait until we get to latter lessons. What lessons? Just wait you will see. Now back to the current lesson. She stands up takes off the robe and sits back down. A look like a kid in a candy store comes over his face. Come here baby! He walks over and grabs her around her waist bringing her left breast into his mouth and starts to noisily suck and bite on it. Raquel moans in pleasure grabs his head and moves it to her other breast. While Richard is sucking on Raquel’s breasts his hands are on the other on pinching and pulling on the other one. “Eeeeeeeeeeee” Raquel squeals out with first ever orgasm she has ever had by someone just playing with her nipples. So Richard bites down on her nipple not only causing her to cum again but to cum so much as to stain the couch. While Richard is making love to Raquel tits his left hand drops down and starts to caress her right thigh. Feeling the hand on her thigh Raquel opens them up as an invitation for him to continue. When his hand finally reaches her panties he is surprised at how wet and hot they are.

Raquel spreads her legs wide “Cum and get me you stud!!” Richard reaches up unzips Raquel’s skirt and pulls the skirt and her panties off. For the first time in his life Richard is looking at a real live women’s pussy. Going on some unknown instinct he brings her panties up to his nose and takes a deep breath. He then puts the panties into his pocket. He reaches up and pulls Raquel to the edge of the couch so he has her pussy right where he wants it. Richard I am so proud of you the way you took of my skirt and panties was like you have been doing it for years and the way you positioned me on the edge of the couch was perfect. Now I should ask you for my panties back but I’m not. What I am going to ask is for your word of honor NEVER to show them to ANYBODY EVER!! Will you give me your word? Yes. Good Richard it’s time for me to teach you how to eat a women’s pussy. Eat her Pussy? There is one very important lesson you MUST learn every women’s pussy smells and tastes different you must NEVER hurt a woman’s feeling because it is different than anybodies else’s. Yes for this lesson I am going to be giving you instructions as you go. Ok? Honey the secret to eating pussy is to make sure you are using your tongue, teeth and hands. Tongue you start out licking the pussy from the bottom to the top with the flat part of your tongue like your are licking an ice cream cone. You also use your teeth to gently nibble on the pussy lips and clit. Now you may not believe this but your hands are the most important part. With them you pull apart the pussy lips, this give you the ability to fuck into the pussy with your tongue. Now this is VERY important if the clit has not popped out of its hood you can GENTLY play with it until it does. Also while you are eating her pussy you can shove one or more fingers up her ass and that should really get a woman hot. But remember you don’t want to shove your dry finger up her ass. Stick into her pussy to get it nice and wet first.

Ok Richard are you ready to use this valuable information that I have given you. OH YES! Now remember always be gentle when you are down there. Good what you are going to do is use each part one at a time until I tell that you have mastered it. Don’t be afraid if my body starts shaking that would be me having an orgasm. Do you remember when I told you if you really want to drive a woman crazy you should stick a finger up her ass? Yes if you want her orgasm to be really intense that is the best time to do it. As your eating me I might give you some additional instructions if you need them. Remember this is your first time so don’t be scared if I tell you you’re not doing it perfectly. Ok Rocky.

Ok let’s get started Richard get your head between my thighs. Richard since you have never seen a pussy before especially this close why don’t you start with your hands to get a feel for it so to speak. Ok Rocky. Let me spread my legs to give your some room. Richard do you see the little point on the top my pussy. Yes Raquel that my clit what does it look like. Well it’s sticking out about half way. Ok take it between your thumb and forefinger and GENTLY move it back and forth. Wow it coming the rest of the way out. Ok now take your hand and make it like it was a gun. Ok. Take the two fingers and push then into my pussy. WOW it’s so hot and wet. Good honey now move your fingers in and out as fast as you can and while you’re doing that twist your hand left and right. Every time you push in try to hit my clit with your thumb. OOOOOHH that’s it keep doing that. If you really want to drive a women crazy slow down and speed up your thrusts.

Stop Richard Raquel pants. Ok now I’m going teach you to use your tongue and teeth. Ok when you are licking a pussy you use the flat part of your tongue from the bottom to the top at the top you give the clit a few fast flicks and a gentle nip with the teeth. After you have done that a few times you want to spread the lips apart and fuck the pussy with your tongue. Now Richard let’s see if my instructions were any good. Richard puts his head back between Raquel’ highs and you can see his head going up and down. Raquel starts to move her hips up and down and since this is Richard’s first time she is surprised at well he is doing.

Good now it’s time for his final exam. Richard you are going to take everything I taught you about eating pussy and make me cum. Do you understand Richard? Yes. Richard gets back between her thighs and starts eating her pussy. Raquel immediately starts to respond to her pussy being eaten so well. You can see and hear her wet pussy slapping Richard in his face.  All of a sudden you see Raquel arch her back and scream Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii with her first orgasm. Richard does not stop so Raquel can give her a second orgasm. Raquel screams out MY ASS MY ASS STICK YOU FINGERS UP MY ASS!! When Richard does Raquel goes absolutely fucking crazy she is jerking around on the couch like she is having some sort of seizure. Last orgasms Richard make it a good one. Richard couldn’t reply because his mouth is full with Raquel’s pussy and his head is clamped between her thighs. He pulls out from between Raquel’s thighs with his face dripping from Raquel’s pussy juice. Raquel stands up on shaky legs licks Richard face clean takes him by the hand and leads him into the bedroom.

I’m sure you noticed that I am nude and your still dressed the proper thing is as your taking off the women’s cloths either she is undressing you or your undress yourself. There is nothing to be shy about Richard take off all of your cloths.  Richard starts unbuttoning his shirt. Stop Richard if your still fully dressed you want to go shoes, socks, shirt, pants and last but not least underwear. Oki start again. This time he does it just like Raquel told him to until her is standing there in his underwear. Raquel smiles because she can see he is as hard as a rock and with all the stimulation he has had he did not cum. He hesitates for a second and pulls down his underwear and out pops a very respectable 6 in penis. Now Richard I’m going to give you a blowjob that when the women takes your dick into her mouth and uses her mouth and tongue to get you to cum. This is the only part of making love to a woman that you get to tell her what feels good. So as I am giving you the blowjob its ok for you to tell me go slower faster stop or whatever you want ok. Yes. So you can experience everything I’m going to sit on the edge of the bed and you’re going to be standing.

She starts by licking the head, almost like a lollipop, savoring its taste. She uses her free hand to play with his balls, eliciting a groan of approval from Richard. She runs her tongue up and down his prick, making it shine with her spit. She slowly makes her way back to the tip of his dick, savoring every pulsing vein in his weapon. She takes him into her mouth, and deep throats her lover’s dick, enjoying every sensation it gives her. She keeps bobbing her head on his tool, having ever intention to taste his cum on her tongue. Then she took the head in her mouth and started to go down the shaft as she did you could hear her making these moaning sounds to make her vocal cords vibrate and to increase the pleasure to Richard. His face scrunches up, and she can feel his dick get bigger in her mouth as it gets ready to shoot its treat into her belly. Stop and Richard takes a step back pulling his dick out of Raquel’s mouth with an audible “PLOP.” I’m sorry my legs are getting weak can I lay down on the bed?

Of course what do you think about the blowjob so far? Everything you are teaching me feels better that what you taught me before. If you think a blowjob fees good wait until you fuck me. After crawling onto the bed Raquel resumed Richard’s first blowjob. Soon she was sucking and licking his cock like a pro. OK Baby she starts by licking the head like you would like an ice cream cone than start taking into your mouth. OOOOHHHH that’s it keep going more OOOOHHH. Raquel finally get the dick all the way down her throat you can see her throat trying to swallow it even thought it was as deep as it was going to get taking a huge cock all the way into her throat, obviously sucking it as her cheeks caved in and then returned to normal, The cock sliding down her throat to the point where you could make out the shape of the cock as it moved inside of her throat, but was also making her gag. When Richard heard Raquel gagging he got scared and pulled his dick out of her mouth and throat. Are you ok? Yes why did you pull out? I heard you gagging. I was gagging because I had your cock all the way down my throat. Did it feel good? Yes I could feel your throat squeezing my penis. When you’re with a woman you don’t use words like penis its dick or cock. Now back to why you pulled out in this case if the women is having trouble breathing she will stop if not let her continue. Now I can go back to sucking your dick or you can fuck me. I think I want to fuck you now.

As Richard crawls between Raquel thighs she asks have something particular in mind dear? Smiling at the obvious invitation he responds, “Ohh, you have no idea. On your back Raquel I’m going to fuck you until I cum in that hot pussy of yours.  Raquel spreads her legs wide, “Cum and get me stud!! Richard takes its cock in hand, and slowly sinks into her tight cunt. Come on you stud, bottom out in me. I want to feel your head at me womb. Richard leans down to kiss Raquel and his tongue snakes out, and massages her tongue, making her body shudder from the feeling. At last he is buried balls deep in her cunt. Being so stuffed full of cock she was unable to respond, her mouth gaping from the shear feeling alone. Feeling satisfied Richard starts to fuck her. He starts slowly at first; enjoying the vice its dick was in. Soon enough however, nature takes over, and it starts to ram it into her, like an engine piston. Raquel screams “FUCK ME YOU STUD!!!! OHH GOODDD! Her cries ring out as her entire body tenses up, and her back arches as her orgasm ripples through her entire being. Then with just instinct driving him he grabs Raquel’s legs throws them over his shoulders and really starts to pound her pussy. This really gets Raquel going and she is fucking back on him for all she’s worth. When you think you’re about to cum ram your dick all the way into my cunt and keep it there until you stop cuming. HARDER FUCK ME HARDER!!! Get your hands under my ass and lift me up so that you can get just a little more of your cock into my cunt and make sure that you’re buried as deep into me as you can possibly get. As you cum bend down and French kiss me until your cock shrink and falls out of my cunt. Simultaneously, a high pitched wail rings out, more animal than human, as Richard lets loose it’s pent up load into her willing, and eager cunt. When Richard’s cock finally shrank and fell out of Raquel’s cunt she wanted to lick his cock, balls and crotch clean of his cum and her cum. She knelt between his legs as he sat on the edge of her bed and look into his eyes while her mouth and tongue worked on his prick. Richard was looking into her eyes as she serviced he was playing with her nipples, pinching, twisting and pulling on them while she licked his cock clean.

Eagerly Richard dives into Raquel well-fucked cunt, savoring the flavor. Even though most men would be disgusted and not touch a cunt full of their cum Richard does not. Raquel was enjoying having him stick his tongue in her just fucked pussy. Her body was already giving her away his long rough tongue felt good as dug into her cunt and sucked out her juices especially since he managed to rub over her clit as it snaked in and then pulled out. Although she was tired she was able to move her hips and could rock back and forth in time with his tongue. As the he ate her out Raquel began whining and moaning in obvious pleasure. Her body was trembling and her hips seemed to have a mind of its own as they ground back onto his mouth while rotating in small circles. If there had been any question as to her enjoyment, her reactions to his tongue certainly removed that doubt.  Just before the he finished eating her out Raquel had one her biggest orgasms ever, a loud, squealing orgasm, that had her whole body shaking as if she were the epicenter of an earthquake. Richard loved the taste of her cum and of course had to lap all of it up. Witch cause Raquel to cum again.

Richard pulls his tired body up and gives Raquel a deep and passionate kiss. Raquel can taste her own juices on his mouth making this kiss that much sexier. I have one last lesson for you. After you have made love to a woman don’t leave right away wrap your arms around them pull them in tight and just hold them. Just hold them. Most women me included find this as pleasurable as anything else. So Richard wraps his arms around Raquel and holds her tight.

I had a great time and that boy no he is not a boy he is a young man and he is going to be a great lover in time. The father left this for you. He hands her an envelope and inside is $10,000.00. He also told me to tell you that when Richard meet him at the plane he was walking taller with his head up and with a confidence that he has NEVER seen before and he wanted me to tell you thank you. Can I tell you a secret? Of course I would love to meet him in two years from now and fuck him once he is legal.

What do I have for tomorrow? You have one man His name is Frank. He wants to live out one of his fantasies. He wants you to be dressed in a fur bikini like in your movie and he wants to take you? Take me? Yeah in his mind at that point of time you took a woman they didn’t give themselves up willingly. So it’s going to be a little bit rough. When he found out that you have never had anal sex he paid for the privilege of being the first. Before you go to the jungle you need to be cleaned out. Cleaned out? Yes we will be giving you an enema to clean your ass out. Also we will get you lose and lubed so he doesn’t cause any damage. Damage? If you are dry there is a SMALL chance of tearing your sphincter muscle. I see ok. What about going to the jungle? Don’t worry we have parts of the island fenced off for people who don’t want other people to join them. Again we will make sure that you are not hurt. We will have someone at your room at 6am and once you are ready we will take you to the jungle.

Day 2

Raquel is in a car being driven to her next encounter. At first she though getting an enema would be nasty but she found it quite enjoyable. When the woman first stuck her fingers in her butt she found it stimulating her nipples got hard and her pussy started to get wet. Raquel would never admit this to anyone but she was enjoying herself so far. Richard was a kind and gentle lover who had made her cum harder and more often than most of the men she had been with. Raquel there is a few things that you have to remember. His fantasy is to take you so remember to struggle and more importantly NO speaking. Ready? Yes. Just relax and go with it.

Raquel gets out of the car and a start walking all of a sudden someone jump out of the bush and grabs her. He suddenly struck out, sending his balled up fist into her gut as hard as he could, knocking the air out of her. Raquel would have keeled over, but he held her in place, she couldn’t even double over to relieve some of the pain. Just as she was beginning to get her breath back, he smashed her again in the gut, knocking the wind out of her again. He then spun her around and tied her hands behind her back with some vines. Throwing her over his shoulder he went deeper into the jungle. Remembering what she had been told Raquel struggled just enough to make look good but not enough for him to drop her. They got to a cave where once inside he threw her onto a pile of animal skins turned her over and untied her hands. He pulled off his animal skins exposing his gigantic horse-sized 11-inch cock. He grabs her head and tried to force his prick it into her mouth.  Raquel was fighting him off for real because she had NEVER seen a cock that big before and was scared that if he managed to get it down her throat she would not be able to breathe. He got her to cooperate after slapping her face so hard that he left big red hand prints on each side of her face. Raquel vainly clamped her jaws shut, but when he grabbed her nose she had to open her mouth to get a gasp of air. After taking several hard slaps to each side of her face, she was sucking and licking his cock like a pro.

Before he came he pulls out of her mouth Raquel is sitting there gasping for breath. He reaches down and rips off her top pushes her back on the furs and proceeds to rip off her bottoms as well. He is hungrily looking at the naked body that he had been fantasizing about for all these years moving back and forth between her incredible tits and her shaved cunt. He had a look on his face that he was ready to jump her bones any second. Raquel looked up at his face and saw a look of pure lust as his eyes roamed back and forth between her boobs and her pussy. Frank closed his eyes not believing that he was about to fuck the women of his fantasies. He wanted to see the look of pain and shock as he roughly rammed his entire cock into her cunt. He took a breath and shoved with all of his might, putting his weight into it as he quickly impaled his entire length into her cunt. Without giving her time to catch her breath nor get used to having something so big inside of her, he immediately began fucking her as rapidly and viciously as he would some two bit whore.

Raquel was dying because there was no foreplay her pussy for all intents and purpose was dry. It felt like she was getting fucked by a telephone pole his prick was so long and so thick. As he got more and more excited he picked up speed, slamming into her harder and harder. In spite of the pain of having such a huge prick fucking her, she was also getting more and more turned on, making her moan and groan in obvious pleasure, while she was fucked. He pulled back, making her think that it was going to turn her inside out, and then began fucking her until eventually all eleven very thick inches were inside of her cunt. She welcomes this as it caused her pussy to start stretching to accommodate the immense cock fucking her as well as starting to producing lubrication. She came after only being fucked for two minutes and then went multi-orgasmic, cuming continuously as he plowed her tight snatch. She was squealing like a stuck pig as she humped back on the gigantic cock fucking her, her whole body shuddering under the intensity of her own orgasms. In spite of his enormous prick inside of her tight hole their fucking was making lewd wet squishing noises. He pulled back making Raquel think that it was going to turn her inside out and then really began fucking her until eventually almost all of his eleven inch very thick cock was inside of her cunt. He had done this many times before and as soon as he felt the woman’s hot, wet heat on its prick head he groaned and slammed the other half of his cock into Raquel’s snatch  stretching her out grotesquely and making her scream in pain. Then he really began fucking her like there was no tomorrow. After dumping a full load into her pussy he pulled out with an audible “PLOP.” He then walked around in front of her and shoved is now deflated and scummy cock into her mouth for her to clean and get ready to take in her virginal ass.

Once she was done he pulled her up onto her knees with her ass sticking almost straight up. She wanted to tell him no but couldn’t for a couple of reasons. First she was a professional and would not speak to spoil his fantasy. Second she gave her word to do whatever was asked of her. The last one was the one she couldn’t even explain to herself she wanted to feel his dick in her ass. With all the new things she had done and were being done to her she wanted to experience everything her body was capable of.

Raquel was glad that her ass hole well lubricated before he began. Not that he was worried about damaging her virgin passage. He takes its hands and spreads her cheeks exposing her asshole shiny from her juices running down there. He takes his dick well lubed from all the juices and slowly pushes into Raquel’s asshole. Through gritted teeth he slowly pushes past the sphincter muscle into her virgin asshole. Her hands are twisting and turning the furs in agony as her once normal asshole is stretched beyond capacity. When he finally bottoms out, even Raquel is surprised at how good it feels to be so full of dick. Seeing her settle down and accept the fucking the he gives her ass a good slap. He pulls out of Raquel’s ass and pumps it back in getting a groan from Raquel the person the ass is attached to. He slowly gets a rhythm going fucking the hell out of Raquel’s ass. Her mouth is hanging open, drool dripping out of her mouth, unable to scream for the feeling coming from her no longer virginal ass. She’s gripping her breasts, and tweaking her nipples, but that’s all she can do right now it seems. He picks up his pace, trying to pump his load into her ass. Raquel feels the dick in her ass get larger and she knows what’s coming. His animal like screams can be heard as it pumps it’s cum deep into her ass. Causing her to orgasm making her asshole tighten creating a tighter vice around his cock encouraging him to cum more. After he has finished cumming inside of Raquel’s ass he collapses on all fours, unable to move for some time. Once he has caught his breath he picks up one of the furs wraps it around his waist and leaves the cave.

Day 3

Raquel I know that yesterday was not very pleasant. Today will be very easy. There is a woman that wants to make love to you. She has been here several times and every time the women that she chooses has had a wonderful time. Make sure you tell her that she is a great teacher. She has requested that you be on the balcony sunning yourself in a bikini. You have hurt you leg playing tennis and she is the masseuse sent to help you. She has this whole lesbian seduction thing that she likes to do. So just play along OK. OK is there anything else I should know? No just enjoy yourself.

It’s later in the day and Raquel is lying on the balcony wearing a bikini. Off in the distance you here HELLO anybody home. I’m on the balcony. As she walks onto the balcony she stops in disbelief when she realizes that she is going to be massaging Raquel Welch. Hello Miss Welch. Please call me Raquel or Rocky if you prefer. Ok Rocky. My name is Tracey how can I be of service. I can’t believe I pulled my calf muscle playing tennis today and I can’t thank you enough for getting over here at such short notice. I have a party that I have to go to and my friend told me that you helped out when she hurt her back. I am so glad that you where able to fit me in today on such short notice. Let me help you turn over on your stomach. Tracey helps Raquel  stand up sets the lounge chair flat puts a big towel down and helps her lay face down. Once she is comfortable Tracey goes over to her bag and gets her massage oils out. Raquel looks over and is surprised at how sexy Tracey is. She stands over six feet tall with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her breasts are straining against her t shirt and you can tell she is not wearing a bra and with the short shorts that she is wearing you can tell she has an ass you would die for and legs that go on forever.

Now Rocky the oil that I use goes from cool to warm the heat helps loosen up the muscles. Ok let’s get started. She pours the oil onto her hands and starts to rub it into her calf muscle. When Tracey makes contact with her calf you can see Raquel twitch but once that has pasted she relaxes and lets Tracey work on her leg. As the cramp in her leg starts to go away you can almost hear Raquel’s contented purr. Tracey takes this as a sign for her to become bolder so she starts to massage both legs. Raquel raises her head but since it feels so good and relaxing she puts her head down and lets the message continue. Feeling bolder Tracey moves her hands up to the back of Raquel’s thighs. She was encouraged to see that Raquel’s hips seemed to have a mind of its own as they rotated in small circles. Almost asking to be touched and Tracey was not going to let this opportunity to pass her by. With shaking hands she reached up and grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed. This brought a moan from Raquel’s lips as she pushed her ass up against Tracey’s hands.

Tracey decides to go for it and reaches up and unties Raquel’s bikini top. Once that obstacle has been cleared Tracey starts to massage Raquel from her ass to her neck. That feels wonderful please don’t stop. I could show you something that you might enjoy more. Do you want me to show you? The way Raquel’s body was trembling if there had been any question as to her enjoyment her reaction to Tracey’s touch certainly removed that doubt. Sure if it feels this good I’m game for ANYTHING. Take off your top and turn over. Once Raquel is on her back Tracey gasps her breasts are magnificent. Large and firm and standing high on her chest. Her nipples are erect just begging to licked and sucked. So she pulls off her t shirt and shorts. She has perfect 38DD breasts an all over tan and a body that belongs in a men’s magazine. That’s when Tracey leans down and brushes her lips with mine. That was the first time I had ever kissed a woman in a sexual way. It was feather soft. I was paralyzed I did not know what to do but luckily she did. She sprang at me with her mouth her lips parted her tongue pushing into my willing mouth and once it was inside I could feel it probing looking for my tongue. I like the way it felt. I wanted more. As I pulled her to me her kiss became demanding. I was kissing her back now I was sticking my tongue into her mouth while she sucked on it. All this time Tracey’s hands were holding my head and running her fingers through my hair. Now her hands moved slowly toward my breasts. I arched up to meet her fingers as they came into contact with my erect nipples. She rolled them between her fingertips softly as not to hurt me. Her lips touched mine again before her head moved down to my breasts. I could not wait to feel her lips on my nipples sucking them biting them making love to them. She was going slowly tormenting me making me ache with desire. When she finally got there and she and started to lick suck blow on my nipple. I began to moan and beg for more. She pulled back my nipples were harder than they have ever been before and my pussy was dripping with desire.

Now you do me. I looked at her tits not as I had looked at other tits in the past but as a lover would. I couldn’t wait to feel her tits taste her tits. Make love to her tits.  I could feel her nipples stiffen under my touch. It was exciting that I was able to bring her pleasure. Harder she demanded as I pinched and pulled her nipples. I finally bent down and put my mouth on her nipple and gave it a tentative lick than a bite. She groaned twisting her body pushing her nipple harder into my mouth. I was anxious to feel her pussy for the first time but I wanted her to take the initiative and teach me.

Moving her mouth to my ear she whispered “I am going to lick your sweet cunt baby. I’m going to make you cum harder than you ever have before I was ready. Not only was I ready but I wanted this more than I ever wanted anything in my whole life. Her hand moved down my belly her fingers pulling off my bikini bottoms that were so wet that you could see and smell my desire. Moving down her hand pressed against my pussy. I felt her fingers make contact with my clit. She rolled it pulled it lightly and flicked it back and forth. Just like she had done with my nipples. The only difference was the results. “Eeeeeeeeeeee” I squealed out in joy as I had my first ever orgasm from a woman washed over me. She slipped a finger into me once she saw how wet and ready I was she followed it with two more. My hips bucked and shimmered along to her rhythm. Spread your legs Tracey demanded I want to see your cunt! I was more than happy to respond to her command. Spread you pussy lips. I reached down and spread my lips are far as I thought they could go. Wider! So I reached down took a set of lips in each hand and spread them so wide I thought I was going to tear my flesh. Good! You want me to eat your pussy don’t you? Yes has any women ever had their tongue in your pussy before? No! You are the first woman I have ever been with. After I am done with you will eat my pussy. Yes. She puts a towel under my head so I could watch her slid her hand up my thighs and put one leg over each arm of the lounge chair spreading my legs even more. Her fingers explored my cunt moving in and out with amazing speed causing me to cum again. “Oh thank you!” I squealed, “That felt so gooood! Please make me cum again!” I pleaded.

As I watched as her mouth got closer and closer to my pussy. Then I felt it her hot breath on my cunt. Her tongue so soft moved around my pussy teasing me by flicking just the tip around my pussy. Reaching down I took her head in my hands I guided her to my pussy to give me the release that I so desperately needed. Finally after what seemed like an eternity she began to lap and slurps my pussy. She flicked my clit back and forth like she had done with my nipples. She seemed to sense my need to cum she let me grind my pussy against her face. Her tongue increased its speed and pressures she than slid her finger into my pussy and found my g spot. The results were much more dramatic. “Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Raquel squealed out in glee as her orgasm washed over her. I needed a couple of minutes to catch my breath. She slid one of her finger into me and started to move it in out. I started to move my hips in time to her trusts and she added a second then a third finger. Once she hit my special spot I came all over her hand. When she pulled it out she did something so sexy I almost came again. She licked her hand clean. Then she leaned down and gave me a deep kiss that I never wanted to end. Why would I? I could taste myself on her lips.

Are you ready to return the pleasure my love? Yes!! Tracey got out from between my legs and climbed on top of me. She turned around and knelt over me giving me an eyeful of her pussy. I reached up and ran my finger from the bottom to the top of her sweet pussy. I could not believe how wet it was. Just to see what would happen I pushed my finger into her asshole. Owe she squealed in surprise and a little bit of pain! If you’re going to play with my asshole you need to make sure that your finger is wet. I pushed my finger in and out of her wet pussy getting it good and wet so I could play with her asshole.When I got to the top of her pussy I rolled her clit between my fingers just like she had done to me. OOOOHHHHH You are a fast learner. Now I put my finger against her asshole and pushed. Enough for now I want you to eat my pussy. Slowly lowering her pussy towards my eager mouth. Just as it was about to make contact with my tongue she pulled up. Hey don’t tease me. Sorry I could not help myself. That does ok don’t do it again. To make a better point Raquel gave her a little love bite on inside of her thigh.

Finally she lowered herself onto my eager tongue. I wanted to taste her lick her and make her come. I slipped my tongue out to lick her as she ground her pussy against my month and tongue. Reaching up I grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter against my tongue. How do you like your first taste of pussy? Tracey asked! “Hmm hmmmn Hmmm!” Raquel tried to reply but couldn’t. “Well I’m sorry, I forgot, you’ve got a mouthful of my sweet pussy at the moment, making it impossible for you to say anything. I started to tenderly lick her pussy savoring the taste. Her leg began to tense up and I instinctively knew that she was getting ready to come. I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. Tracey’s body now began to shimmer and shake. Tracey couldn’t get enough of her cunt getting eaten. Her mouth is hanging open drool dripping down her mouth unable to scream for the feeling coming from her pussy being eaten so well. She’s gripping her breasts and tweaking her nipples but that’s all she can do right now it seems. Both our bodies were starting to glisten with sweat. Her pussy began jack hammering against my mouth her juices were running down my chin when it happened. Tracey had her biggest orgasms yet a loud, squealing orgasm that had her whole body shaking as if she were the epicenter of an earthquake. Baby you were wonderful. I have never cum like that with someone who was with a woman for the first time. Thank you I had a great teacher. Raquel I want to 69 you. What is a 69? We lay on top of each other my pussy in your face and your pussy in my face. That sound like fun. There is not enough room on this chair so let’s lay the towel on the grass. Tracey notices that Raquel’s ass is getting a little red from the sun. Let’s move under that tree it look like you ass is getting sunburned. It wasn’t long before the women were moaning and groaning in delight. So with Raquel’s face in Tracey’s pussy they start to go at it Tracey’s head is bobbing like a piston in a racing engine and Raquel has her arms around Tracey’s waist so she can keep her mouth locked on Tracey’s pussy. All of a sudden Raquel comes first and you can see her cum spraying from her pussy all over Tracey’s face and chest. You could see the Raquel’s mouth working on Tracey’s pussy as her hips wiggled and humped in delight. Since this is Raquel’s first time with a woman it takes her a little longer to get Tracey off but she finally gets her to cum. As they lay there in each other arms Tracey asks me what I thought about making love to a woman. Your softer than a man but when I cum with a man it’s an inner orgasm where with you it’s more an outer orgasm. Tracey agrees and tells me the next time she’ll bring some toys to play with I couldn’t wait for her to teach me. Tracey gets up gets dressed packs up her oils and lotions and quietly leaves.

What did you think of Tracey? I never realized how soft woman were. Not just their skin but their touch. When Tracey made me cum it was more intense orgasm and it seemed longer. Do you think you will be with a woman after your week here is over? I don’t know. There is one question that I forgot to ask. What is it? Can I meet with any of these people away from the island? We would rather you not. We like to think what happens on the island stays on the island. I understand. Could I come back to the island as a guest? You could but I don’t think you would survive. Not survive? Yes EVERYONE would want to get together with you and I don’t think you could survive that much pleasure. I see. What do you have for me tomorrow? There is a nice couple Ted and Alice Summers that are here to celebrate their 20th anniversary Ted has a fantasy about seeing his wife with another woman and she has a fantasy of seeing her husband with another woman. When they heard you were going to be here and since they are big fans they decided to fulfill both of their fantasies with you. Sounds like fun. Is there anything special they want me to wear? They didn’t specify anything. They sound allot like me before I came to the island. Can I use anything I have learned here on the island on them? That is entirely up to them. Before they arrive we will bring you some toys. Have fun. Thank you I think I will.

Day 4

Raquel is sitting in the living room waiting for the Summers’s. She decided to wear a red see thru dressing gown with nothing underneath. Her body is coated with scented oil. There is a knock and Raquel goes and opens the door. Mr. & Mrs. Summers are stunned at the site of Raquel’s nearly nude body. Please come in. Let’s sit in the living room and tell me about your selves. Well my name is Ted and this is my wife Alice. First let us say how big a fan we are we have seen everything you have done. You are most kind. I understand you here to celebrate you 20th wedding anniversary and live out some of your fantasies. Yes that’s correct in talking with my wife I don’t know what’s making us more nervous fulfilling our fantasies or that fact we are going to be fulfilling them with you. If you don’t mind I have a bottle of Champagne for us to toast your anniversary. No that is very kind. Raquel gets up walks to the bar and gets the chilled bottle of champagne. What she doesn’t see is Ted nudging his wife and pointing at Raquel’s ass. She pours them each a glass and makes the toast” May you always be as happy as you are right now.” If I may ask Alice how old are you? I am 38 years old. Ted what about you? I am 39 years old. Do you have any children? Yes we have three children. Dale is our son and he is 15 years old Tracey and Yvette are our daughters and they have just turned 13. Twins? Yes. Are they identical twins? No they are fraternal twins. Alice you look incredible for having three children. Thank you Miss Welch. Considering what we are here for I think you should call me Raquel or Rocky.

If I may ask a personal question. Please Rocky ask what ever questions you want. Why did you come to the island? Well Rocky I love my wife but our sex life is pardon me for saying boring. What do you mean? Well it always the same things every Saturday night we go out with our friends come home makes love and then go to sleep. Let me guess missionary position with the lights off. Yes Ted replies. The only thing I know about you is your here to celebrate your 20th anniversary but if I was to guess you were high school sweethearts who got married after you graduated from college. You both probably lost your virginity to each other on your wedding night. That’s amazing you are 100% correct. So your here to put a spark back in your sex life. Yes that’s it exactly. Now I know Ted you want to see Alice with a woman and Alice I know you want to see Ted with me. But what are you not telling each other. Take a piece of paper and write down what you REALLY want. The both write something down and hand the papers to Raquel. Before I read them I want you both to make me and each other a promise. You promise whatever is on the paper we will do it. Agreed? Yes the both reply Yes. Ok here goes. Alice wrote she wants to be tied down and fucked in the ass. What do you write first and then cross out. Alice is blushing a very deep red when she goes over to Raquel and whispers something in her ear. Tell your husband. No comment. Ok I hate to do this but you leave me no choice. If you both don’t listen to me we are done. You will leave and get a refund. Do I make myself perfectly clear? Yes Ted I want you to rape my ass. When I was growing up and I did something wrong my dad would spank me and every time he did I would get super horny. What else? If he spanked me long enough I would have an orgasm. Ted You want to try other sex positions. What positions Ted? I don’t know we have been doing it the same way for 20 years I want something different. Will you let me show you first than you can try them on your wife? Yes! Ok I promise both of you that we will do both of those things and more.

Now let’s go in the bedroom. Ok both of you strip. They both start to take off their clothes. Alice pulls off her sundress and since she wasn’t wearing anything under it she is nude before her husband. He looked a little surprised that she was not wearing any underwear. Her blonde hair was covering her tits but you can still see her hard nipples sitting on some nice full C-Cup breasts. Even after 3 children she still has a great body. Ted finishes taking in his clothes off and other than he could lose 10 pounds he has a very handsome man. He’s roughly 6 ft, and stands taller than his wife’s 5 ft-3 in frame. He’s got brown hair. The surprising thing about Ted is his dick it is only about 7 inches long but it looks a thick as a soda can. Understandable he is fully erect and he starts to reach for it. I would rather you not touch yourself just yet.

Ted come sit in this chair. Now put your arms on the arms of the chair. Alice come help me tie Ted to the chair. Why do you have to tie me to the chair? For a couple of reasons I don’t want you touching yourself while I make love to your wife. Second I don’t want you to try to join in until I say so. Also I just feel like tying you up. Are you going to tie me up? Alice asks. No not yet. Alice get on the bed and lay on your back. Raquel stands up and drops her dressing gown and now is standing there in all of her naked glory.

Alice feels Raquel’s hands running all over her up body. She keeps her eyes shut as she feels Raquel’s hands slowly move up to her tits and starts to tease her nipples. After only a few minutes she lets out a moan of pleasure unable to resist the urge. Almost instantly Raquel moves up her body and clamps her mouth over hers in a deeply passionate kiss. Alice returns the kiss with fervor and opens her mouth to let Raquel’s tongue in. The contact alone is enough to sent electricity through both lovers. She grabs the back of Raquel’s head, and urges her to continue the kiss. Enjoying the kiss she reaches for Alice’s breast and starts play with her erect nipple. Raquel continues to maul Alice’s tits with one hand while at the same time her other hand is moving down to Alice’s pussy. Raquel is thrilled to find Alice’s pussy dripping with juice. With her first contact with her pussy Alice screams out “Eeeeeeeeeeee” with her orgasm washing over her. So Raquel bites down on her nipple not only causing her to cum again but she cums so hard that it sprays’ out like she is taking a piss. Raquel I want you pussy in my mouth Please let me taste your pussy!! Are you enjoying the show? Yes I am I don’t know what’s sexier Alice making love to a women or her being so vocal. I can see that you are enjoying the show now for the next act Alice is going to make love to me. Are you ready Alice? Yes I have been dreaming about being with a woman for years now that dream is not only going to cum true but it’s going to cum true with the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Raquel gets off of Alice and gets on her back. In a flash Alice has her head between Raquel legs and Alice is getting ready to make love to a woman for the first time. That’s when Alice leans down and brushes her lips with mine. That was the first time that Alice had ever kissed a woman as a lover. She sprang at me with her mouth her lips parted her tongue pushing into my willing mouth and once it was inside I could feel it probing looking for my tongue. I like the way it felt. I wanted more. As I pulled her to me her kiss became demanding. I was kissing her back now I was sticking my tongue into her mouth while she sucked on it. All this time Lisa’s hands were holding my head and running her fingers through my hair. Now her hands moved slowly toward my breasts. I arched up to meet her fingers as they came into contact with my erect nipples. She rolled them between her fingertips softly as not to hurt me. Her lips touched mine again before her head moved down to my breasts. I could not wait to feel her lips on my nipples sucking them biting them making love to them. She was going slowly tormenting me making me ache with desire. I began to moan and beg for more my pussy was dripping with desire. Alice finally bent down and put my nipple in her mouth and gave it a tentative lick. I groaned twisting my body pushing my nipple harder her my mouth. She was anxious to feel and taste my pussy for the first time.

I’m making you cum harder than you ever have before” I was ready. Not only was I ready but I wanted this more than I ever wanted anything in my whole life. Her hand moved down my belly her fingers playing with my stomach causing my muscles to twitch. Moving down her hand pressed against my pussy for the first time. I felt her fingers make contact with my clit. She rolled it pulled it lightly and flicked it back and forth. Just like she had done with my nipples. The only difference was the results. “Eeeeeeeeeeee” I squealed out in joy as Alice gave me an orgasm. She slipped a finger into me once she saw how wet I was she followed it with two more. My hips bucked to the rhythm of her hand. Spread your legs she demanded and I was only too happy to obey. As Alice starts to eat her out Raquel began whining and moaning in obvious pleasure. Her body was trembling and her hips seemed to have a mind of its own as they ground onto Alice’s mouth. She bucked and humped back against Alice’s mouth. Raquel was whining and groaning as her orgasm approached leaving no doubt that she was certainly enjoying having her pussy eaten. Raquel was really squirming now as Alice’s tongue rapidly fucked her love tunnel. Just before Alice finished eating out of her cunt Raquel had one her biggest orgasms ever a loud, squealing orgasm that had her whole body shaking as if she were the epicenter of an earthquake. Since her arousal level was already at a very high point, by the time she caught her breath, she was on the verge of yet another orgasm. She bucked and humped back against Alice’s tongue wanting to no needing to cum again. Raquel is lying on her back she is covered in sweat from all the orgasms that Alice gave her with her tongue. She is so out of it that it looks like she doesn’t have a bone in her body. Her eyes are glazed and her mouth is hanging open. Raquel was sexually exhausted from the warming up but her cunt was totally prepared for anything. Raquel lifts her head off the pillow and looks a Ted. How that was it everything you thought it was going to be. He look over to his wife she is licking her hands and face clean from all of Raquel’s cum.

Ok on to the next stage help me untie Ted. Once that was done she turns to Alice who is finger fucking herself on the bed. None of that sit down in the chair Ted tie her down just like we tied you up. One question before we start what do you all think of the show so far. I have never seen my wife like this before it’s very sexy. Now Ted you are going to fuck me. But you are not to cum I am saving that for when you fuck you wife in the ass. Do you understand? I can’t promise but I will try my dick feels like it’s going to explode as soon as I feel you pussy wrapped around it. So Ted gets between Raquel’s thighs and starts to sink his cock into her wet pussy. Ted tell me what you are feeling.  OOOOHHH it’s so wet and tight it feels like your pussy keeps squeezing my dick it is the most incredible thing I have ever felt. By now he is balls deep and you can almost see his dick going in and out on Raquel’s smooth stomach. Once he was balls deep in Raquel pussy looks like a cowboy trying to stay on a bucking bronco. Good now pound my pussy but stop before you cum. With just passion driving him he grabs Raquel’s legs and throws them over his shoulders and really starts to pound her pussy. This really gets Raquel going and she is fucking back on Ted for all she’s worth. HARDER FUCK ME HARDER!!! The hard Ted pounds her pussy the more wildly her hips slammed back at the cock impaling it and the more intensely her cunt milks his cock. Ted has turned Raquel into little more than a fuck toy. Her body was wracked with so much pleasure she couldn’t think about anything other than how soon her next orgasm would wash over her. Raquel pulls her legs down and wraps then around Teds waist in a death lock. Ted screams let go your legs if not I’m coming to cum!! Raquel managers to release Ted before he cum.

Ok Raquel pants now for the main event. Have you ever spanked Alice? No I have NEVER hit a woman in my life. This is NOT hitting this is spanking. You are going to spank her ass getting it nice and red than your going to fuck it. First you’re going to untie your wife you’re going to sit on the edge of the bed and she’s going to crawl over to you. Don’t let her touch herself she must be going out of her mind after watching you fuck me and I don’t want her to cum just yet. Then you’re going to put her over your knee and spank her until I tell you to stop.

Raquel steps into the closet as Ted steps over to Alice he reaches down and pinches and twists her erect nipples. Raquel walks in carrying wrist and ankle restraints as well as four pieces of rope. Untie her Alice get on the bed lay face down and don’t touch yourself. Here Ted secure these fur lined restraints to her wrists and ankles. Why are they fur lined? Ted asks. So if she struggles it will not leave any marks.

Now it’s time for Ted to fuck you up your ass. He is not going to be making love to you he is going to fulfill your greatest fantasy. He is going to be pulling your hair and slapping you around.

Ted I want you to tie Alice face down on the bed I want the ropes pulled as tight as humanly possible. When they were done Alice was tied spread eagle face down on the bed. The ropes were so tight that you could see her tendons and muscles were sticking out under the strain. Ted pick up your belt and let’s get this show on the road. So Ted takes the belt swings it over his head and brings it down across Alice’s ass. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed out, her entire body jerking and spamming from involuntary muscle movements caused by the slap of the belt on her tender flesh. Again harder screamed Alice. So Ted did as his wife demanded several blows later her back and ass were covered welts. Spank me Daddy make my ass red!!! So Ted being the loving husband starts to spank his submissive wife until her ass was as red as an apple. Ted looks up and sees the burning candles that Raquel set up walks over takes one in each and proceeds to pour the hot wax all over Alice’s back and ass. This time when Alice starts screaming and thrashing around it is not from pain but from pleasure. So much so that she actually had an orgasm. Ted I think she is ready. Yes Raquel. Ted climbs up on the bed spreads her ass cheeks put his cockhead against her virgin asshole and shoves with all of his might.

“Aaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh!” screamed Alice HARDER BABY HARDER it hurts so good. More! So Ted starts to fuck his wife like she was some cheap two bit whore. Get your ass in gear you somehow Ted doubles his speed and the power behind his thrusts. Alice is pushing her ass back and in circles as best as her strict bondage will allow. They are both sweating so much that their sweat is pouring off their bodies. The sweat is going into the welts on Alice’s back and the stinging pain it is causing just adds to her pleasure. Ted is final able to cum and as he is cuming into his wife’s no longer virginal ass causing her to cum again. This time with her husband. Ted collapses on Alice’s back both are breathing like they just finished a marathon. That was incredible I have never seen anything like that. Are you two ok? Ted and Alice don’t answer because Ted had untied Alice and Ted was gently kissing the welts on her back. So Raquel gets up and quietly leaves the room

Day 5

Todd do you want to know the best part of being with Ted and Alice? After Ted was done basically rapping his wife he gently unties her while kisses the welts on her back. He then proceeds to make soft gentle love to her. What have you thought of your first four days on the island? I have experienced things that I never knew existed. I have a much broader definition of sexual pleasure. What is going on for tomorrow? This is a little strange and sad at the same time. You will be meeting Paul & Howard they have been friends since they meet when they were just 3 years old. They have shared everything in their life the good or bad. But they have never found a woman that was willing to be shared. One of them is dying he has maybe 6 months to live the other one doesn’t know. We have check out his story and it’s true. Can I waive my fee? Yes you can but I think it would bring up to many questions. Just give them a time to remember. Which one is dying? I gave my word that I would never reveal that piece of information. So please don’t try to find out. Ok I will be ready.

The next morning Raquel is waiting but this time she was actually nervous. The idea of giving a dying man his last memory so to speak was very scary. It took her over two hours to pick out her cloths. There was a knock on the door Raquel goes and opens the door. Standing there are two men they look to be in their late 30’s early 40’s. Please come in. Would you like a drink? No thank you they reply. Well I am going to have some champagne. You’re not going to make me drink alone. No of course not. My name is Raquel Welch you can call me Raquel or like my friends call me Rocky. Hello Miss Welch. What did I tell you to call me? Sorry Raquel. My name is Paul and this is my best friend Howard. Please to meet you. Let’s sit down and talk. So I know what you’re here for but what is it you want to do me exactly? Well Rocky as you can see by looking at us we are not exactly a hit with the ladies. Please don’t try to tell us otherwise. Well let me tell you what you can do to me. I love to give blowjobs I love to deep throat and swallow cum or have you cum on my face. You can tit fuck me or fuck me up the ass. You both can fuck me at the same time. Or anything you want as long as it doesn’t leave marks. After her little speech both men were blushing. Guys you paid allot of money to be here what do you want?!! Rocky my biggest fantasy is to make slow passionate love to a beautiful woman. Is that what you want from me Paul? Yes with all my heart. What about you Howard? I do have one fantasy. Good what is it? I want to sleep in the arms of a beautiful woman. You mean after we make love you want to fall asleep in my arms. No I just want to sleep in your arms. You and your friend spent all this money and all you want to do is go to sleep with me? Yes I am on some medication and one of the side effects is no sex drive. If that’s what you want after I have made love to Paul I will take a shower Paul will leave and we will go to sleep. Ok Yes Rocky that will be perfect. You two have fun while you’re in the bedroom I will wait out here. You don’t want to watch? No I’ll be fine. Go have fun. Ok Paul stands up and offers me his hand and we walk into the bedroom.

Ok Paul it’s your show what do you want me to do? I have seen you dance on TV how about we start with a sexy striptease? Great when you’re in a strip club I understand you can’t touch the girls here you can. As a mater a fact I would prefer you do. Raquel walks over to the stereo and puts on some music. As the music starts to play Raquel starts to sway her body to and fro. She moved over to where Paul is sitting and grinds her ass into his lap. He reaches around and feels her breast through her blouse. That feels good Raquel purrs. She stands up and with her back to Paul she takes off her blouse and drops it to the floor. She turns around to reveal a half cup lacey black bra. Because only half of her incredible breasts are covers her breasts shimmy and shake seductively. She goes back to Paul who reaches up and pulls Raquel down and starts to kiss the tops of her breasts. While he is kissing her breasts Raquel reaches back and unhooks her bra baring her breasts to Paul. Seeing Raquel Raquel’s erect nipples Paul starts to lick and bite one while he starts to pinch and pull on the other nipple. MMMMMM that feels even better Paul take off my skirt. Turn around so I can get at the zipper. Raquel turns around but she is still moving her hips. Stop I can’t get at the zipper! Stop me! Paul throws his arms around Raquel’s waist to stop her hips from moving. Now that he got her hips to stop his hands are full and he can’t unzip her. Ok you stopped my hips but your hands are full Raquel playfully teases. Paul pulls Raquel closer and with his teeth pulls down the zipper. Oh you are such a smart and sexy man. He gives a kiss on her back and lets her go. She starts to dance again this time she is slowly lowering her skirt. Once it’s past her hips she lets it drop to the floor.

She hears Paul gasp which makes her smile. Paul can’t believe what’s in front of him. Raquel is wearing a pair of black lacy panties that barely cover her incredible ass as well as shear black stocking and garters. Raquel reaches out her hand “Dance with me” he didn’t need to be asked twice. As they are dancing Raquel head is on his shoulder with a look of happiness on her face. Paul is dancing with her as a friend not as a soon to be lover. Raquel takes his right hand and puts it on her right ass cheek. Then she does the same thing with the other hand. Once Paul realizes what is happening he pulls her tightly against him and she seductively grinds against him. She lets out a moan, unable to resist the urge. He clamps his mouth over hers in a deeply passionate kiss. Raquel returns the kiss, with fervor, and opens her mouth to let in his tongue. Eagerly, he sticks his tongue in her mouth, and makes contact with her tongue. The contact alone is enough to sent electricity through both lovers. Paul breaks their kiss, kisses her cheek, and then takes her ear into his mouth, tonguing it in the process. She grabs the back of his head, and urges him to continue. Enjoying the slow torture going on with her ear, she reaches down for his rock hard dick, and starts to stoke it through his pants. Raquel lets go of Paul’s pants and brings her hands up to his face, and brings him in for another deep, passionate kiss. As they tongue wrestle, spit dribbling out the side of their mouths. I think it’s time to go to the bedroom Raquel says breathlessly. After you Rocky and as she a start to walk to the bedroom Paul smacks her ass. Ouch! I’m sorry did I hurt you? No you need to learn the difference between owe that hurts and owe that feels good. Which one do you think it was Paul? Feels good. Correct so what did you learn? It’s ok for me to smack you ass. Close enough.

The get into the bedroom and Raquel gets on her back and spreads her legs. Paul is stunned seeing Raquel’s shaved pussy dripping with juice. Ok let’s get started baby get your head between my legs. Do you see the little pointy thing on the top my pussy. Yes that’s my clit what does it look like. Well it’s sticking out about half way. Ok take it between your thumb and forefinger and GENTLY move it back and forth. Wow it coming the rest of the way out. Ok now take your hand and make it like it was a gun. Ok Rocky. Take the two fingers and push then into my pussy. WOW it’s so hot and wet. Good honey now move your fingers in and out as fast as you can and while you’re doing that twist your hand left and right. Every time you push in try to hit my clit with your thumb. OOOOOHH that’s it keep doing that. If you really want to drive a women crazy slow down and speed up your thrusts.

Ok when you are licking a woman’s pussy you use the flat part of your tongue you go from the bottom to the top at the top you give the clit a few fast flicks and a gentle nip with the teeth. After you have done that a few times you want to spread the lips apart and fuck the pussy with your tongue. Now Paul puts his head back between Raquel’s thighs and you can see his head going up and down. Raquel starts to move her hips up and down she is moaning and groaning. Raquel can’t get enough of her cunt being eaten. It’s already one of her weaknesses as it is. Her mouth is hanging open, drool dripping down her mouth, unable to scream for the feeling coming from her well eaten cunt. She’s gripping her breasts, and tweaking her nipples, but that’s all she can do right now it seems.

Paul gets back between her thighs and starts eating her pussy. Raquel immediately starts to respond to her pussy being eaten so well. You can see and hear her wet pussy slapping Paul in his face.  All of a sudden you see Raquel arch her back and scream Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii with her first orgasm. Paul doesn’t stop until her gets Raquel to her second orgasm. Raquel then screams out MY ASS MY ASS STICK YOU FINGERS UP MY ASS!! When Paul does Raquel goes absolutely fucking crazy she is jerking around on the bed like she is having some sort of seizure. Last orgasm Paul I need you to fuck me. Yes Rocky except this time his words are muffled because his mouth is full her pussy and his head is clamped between her thighs. He pulls out with his face dripping from Raquel’s cum. Rocky I please try the 69 position?  Paul that is an excellent idea get on top of me. Raquel get on top of me. This time when you cums I’m going to swallow it. So with Paul’s dick in Raquel’s mouth and Paul’s face in Raquel’s pussy they start to go at it Raquel’s head is bobbing like a piston in a racing engine and Paul has his arms around her waist so he can keep his mouth locked on her pussy. All of a sudden Raquel comes again you can see her cum spraying from her pussy all over Franks face and chest. Raquel reaches down and sticks her finger up Dale’s ass making him cum the break the 69 and is trying to catch their breath. Paul starts to wipe his face of Raquel’s cum. Stop come here and Raquel starts to like her cum off of Paul’s face. This ends up in another passionate kiss. Baby I need you to fuck me now!!

So Paul gets between Raquel’s thighs and starts to sink his cock into her hot wet pussy. Paul tell me what you are feeling. OOOOHHH it’s so wet and tight it feels like your pussy is a hand that keeps squeezing my dick it is the most incredible thing I have ever felt. By now he is balls deep and you can almost see his dick going in and out on Raquel’s smooth stomach. Good now pound my pussy when you are ready to cum I want you to pull out and tit fuck me.

He climbs between Raquel’s legs and slowly sinks his rock hard cock into her hot and wet pussy. “Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgghhh!” she moans. Are you ok? Oh yes you feel so so good inside of me. Please??? Please what? Fuck me make me cum! Please make me cum. He grabs her leg throws them over his shoulders and really starts to pound her pussy. This really gets Raquel going and she is fucking back on him for all she’s worth. Oh baby your fucking me. “FUCK ME HARDER BABY! STICK IT IN DEEPER! OH BABYMAKE ME CUM!!! Raquel pulls her legs off Paul’s shoulders down and wraps then around his waist in a death lock. Paul screams I coming Rocky let go your legs I need to tit fuck you. She lets go Paul jumps on her chest Raquel grabs her tits and wraps them around Paul’s dick. Every time Paul’s dick is near her mouth Raquel’s tongue give it a lick. In just a few strokes Paul cums so hard that not only did he cum all over her face but some shot so far as to land in her hair.

Can I get on top? Baby you don’t have to ask just do it. Really! Yes if there’s something I don’t want to do I will tell you to stop. Sure Rocky let me get you a towel to clean you face. That ok I got it as she wipes her face then licks her fingers clean. Paul turns over so he is on his back. As Raquel is climbing on top of Paul you can see her pussy dripping like a leaky faucet. This time Paul I want you to cum inside my pussy. I can’t wait any longer. Raquel crawls on top of Paul. Take my cock and guide it into your cunt. Raquel takes Paul cock and puts the head into her pussy. She took a breath and she shoved down with all of her might, putting her weight into it as she quickly impaled the entire length of his cock into her cunt. Without giving him time to catch his breath she immediately began fucking Paul as rapidly and as she could. Raquel told him to fuck her pulling away as she pulled out and smashing her cunt down on him as he fucked into her. As Raquel pounded Paul’s prick into her hot, tight cunt he looked into her eyes tears running down her checks as she began encouraging her lover to pick up his already face pace to an even greater level which he did.

“Eeeeeeeeeeee” Raquel squealed in joy as her cunt milked Paul’s cock attempting to make him cum as he continued pounding her pussy as hard and as fast as he could. Raquel was shaking all over from the force of her orgasm. Paul was thrilled that he was able give her such an intense orgasm on the end of his prick but he kept the pace up hoping to give her anther. “Oh thank you!” she squealed, “That felt so gooood! Please make me cum again!” she begged. Just as she said that she felt him blasting his goo into her belly, which sent her off on another orgasm. With him shooting his sperm into Raquel’s pussy her cuming, her cunt milking his cock for every drop it could get, he pulled her down on top of him shot his tongue into her mouth in a deep passionate kiss. Soon her tongue was now dueling with his, going back and forth from her mouth to his.

You think you’re done yet Raquel asks breathlessly. Yes Rocky I don’t think I have and cum left in me. Well you’re wrong we are going to rest for awhile then you’re going to fuck me in the ass. Your ass! Yes do you have a problem with that? No just the thought of fucking that perfect ass is making my dick get hard. Good!!

Ok Raquel up on all fours and get your sweet little ass up in the air. Paul gets behind Raquel and is staring in awe at the world’s most perfect ass. Rocky reachs back and spreads her ass cheeks apart. You must have cum allot I see your asshole is all wet from the cum that came out of her pussy. Good put your dick on my asshole and push it all the way in don’t stop until you’re all the way in. If I try to pull away you are to grab my hips and keep going. Are you sure? Don’t you remember what I told you before? Yes but I don’t want to hurt you. That’s sweet but this is what I want. Before I fuck your ass I want to lube it up un your pussy. Ok thanks for caring. Paul shoves his dick into Raquel’s wet pussy pulls it out and puts it’s against Raquel’s asshole and gives a mighty shove. Stop it your killing me take it out!!!! Please stop Please Stop your tearing me in two. But Paul was not listing he was half way in her ass and was not going to stop until he was all the way in. Raquel was trying to stop him but in the position she was in there was little she could do except take it. I can’t believe that her ass is even tighter that her pussy. I am going to cum in your ass. Yes thank you baby I can’t wait to feel your cum there. Paul tightens he grip on Raquel’s hips and really starts to slam her ass. Raquel is screaming and yelling for him to stop but he is only interested in fucking her in her ass. Paul can’t believe that he is being so rough on Raquel and not only is she taking it but it seems that she loves it. Then there is a scream from Paul he’s coming in Raquel’s ass. The more he came the more wildly her hips slammed back at the cock impaling it and the more intensely her ass. milked at the cock fucking it. Her body was wracked with so much pleasure, she couldn’t think about anything other than how soon her next orgasm would wash over her. Finally both stop cuming. Paul pulls out of her ass and collapses next to her on the bed. Baby we need to get up. I need to take a shower and get ready for Howard. Get up I can’t even move me neither but we have to. The go into the shower and they are both so spent they just stand there and let the water run over them. Raquel know she has to be clean so with all of her muscles screaming in protest she grabs some soap and washes her body. When she steps into the bedroom Paul is dressed. Rocky that was the greatest experience in my life I can’t thank you enough. You’re welcome. Give me 20 minutes to finish getting ready and then send Howard in.

Rocky I know you are wondering about my strange request. Let me explain. I am dying I have inoperable brain cancer I have maybe 6 month to live. The last few months are going to be painful. I don’t want to die that way. I am a very rich man and when I found about you being on this island I decided this is how I want to end my life. I did not tell Paul and I don’t want you to I have talked to the people who own the island and they will say I died from a heart attack. I have a pill that I want to take and die in your arms. Will you do it? Let me think about this. I need to call downstairs. Ok I talked to them they have confirmed everything you told me. So ok. How will this work? Once I take the pill it will take about an hour to work so I will take the pill we’ll get into bed and go to sleep. Once I am gone you report it and then all my other arrangements will be carried out. Can we talk a little? Yes would like that. Let me change into something to sleep in. Promise me you won’t talk the pill until later. Ok I promise. She comes out wearing clingy white lingerie and looks incredible. Rocky I took the pill I didn’t want you to try and stop me. Let’s go to sleep. There was no way that she would be able to fall asleep so she just held him until she felt his body go limp. She went outside and told Paul that his friend was dead and she was so sorry. Paul broke down into tears. After the left Raquel did something she had not done in a long time she cried herself to sleep.

Day 6

How could you NOT tell me! Raquel listen PLEASE. When Howard came to us with his request we turned him down. He begged us to reconsider. So we made a deal with him. We sent him to our doctors and they confirmed everything the time frame the pain everything. In the report they sent to us one of the last lines stated “I would not want my worst enemy to die this way” so we agreed. Why didn’t you at least ask me? Howard thought you would say no but if he asked you and you might say yes. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. If it makes you feel any better I thing that was the greatest act of love and kindness that I have ever seen. Thank you.

Now about tomorrow. A group of men have rented the dungeon for 24 hours. The “dungeon” yes it’s our bondage and discipline room. I don’t understand. They want to tie you up and gang bang you. Tie me up? No. When you agreed to do this you understood that you could not say no to anything. Now there are rules that they have to obey. They can’t hurt you in a way that would leave any permanent scars on your body. This is the only room that we have people to monitor and if they break the rules they will come in and get you out. Before you go in you will be given cloths to wear. Can you tell me how many men? No. Can you tell me what they are going to do to me? No. All I can tell you is don’t fight them just give in. The last celebrity that did something like this told me once she surrendered that she really enjoyed it. There is one piece of good news. They originally wanted you for two days but we figure you will need one day to recuperate so you only have to be with them for 24 hours. That’s good news I am going to be fucked so hard and so long that I am going to need 24 hours to recover. You better get some sleep we will be coming to get you at midnight.

Raquel was given clothes to wear. She blanched when she saw what they wanted her to wear and more importantly not wear. She wouldn’t be wearing either panties or a bra. There was a red transparent button up blouse that missing that top four buttons. Even wearing it would leave nothing to the imagination. The skirt was even worse; it was a white stretch skirt that fit her so tightly it was like a second skin. It was so short that the very bottoms of her butt cheeks peeked out below the hem and so thin that he butt crack showed easily through the material. A pair of red thigh high stocking with a built in garter, and a pair of red 6″ pencil thin high heeled shoes, finished off the look. Of course with the skirt being so short, there was quite a bit of exposed thigh between the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her skirt.
At the very least, she looked like a slut, especially with the “Fuck Me” red lipstick she was forced to cake on her lips and the matching nail polish. She looked like quite a slut.

She was then let into a room that looked just like an S&M dungeon, with all sorts of nasty devices, whips, paddles, canes, etc. Her guide took her to each piece of equipment and explained how it was used to torture the person secured to it. He then showed the collection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and clamps for the women’s nipples and clits. Of course Raquel would find out how they worked and felt over the next 24 hours.

Suddenly she heard voices in the distance but she could neither make out what they were saying nor could she see who was speaking. She was now scared shitless and feel her heart racing with the fear. “Hey Bitch!” a man’s voice said and then the lights rose as she looked around to see that she was circled by ten men.

Hey, she’s a fine looking piece of cunt meat. Look at her cheeks sticking out in back here. Another man said, as he ran his hand over her expose butt. Hey, she’s not wearing either panties or a bra!””Bitch!” the first man said, “I think you came looking for cock. Bitch you can do it easy or you can do it hard, but you’re going to let all of us fuck you, any way that we want.” Just then Raquel lurched, in a vain attempt to get away from them which was impossible between the ultra high heels strapped to her feet and the fact that the men completely circled her. As she ran, one man simply stuck out his foot between her running legs and she tumbled face first onto a bed. In addition, her skirt slid up almost to her waist now, fully exposing her recently shaved cunt and ass. “Whoa! This Bitch got a shaved cunt. She must really like getting fucked!” A voice called out.

Before she could get back up, hands grasped her arms and legs and they carried over to one of the torture devices. Raquel was struggling the entire time to get away but with absolutely no affect on the four, much larger than her, men. As soon as they were ready her blouse and skirt were ripped to shreds, right off of her body, leaving Raquel standing there naked, save for her stockings, which were also torn and her high heeled shoes.  As she looked around from man to man, she noticed that they all looked mean and cruel, not because they were about to fuck her, but in fact looked like they did this sort of thing regularly. Again she made a run for it, but this time seemed to be getting away. At lease she had no men in front of her and didn’t hear anyone chasing her. Then she got to the door and found that it was pad locked. As she resigned her fate, the men all laughed at her futile effort. “Get your ass back here, CUNT! You ain’t paid homage to our cocks yet!” The biggest man in the group commanded. “No please, you don’t understand. I didn’t want to be here, I was forced to dress like this and come here.” she pleaded. “I don’t care if Jesus sent you here, if you don’t get your ass over here right now, you’re going to be really sorry.” he advised her.

This cunt needs a lesson in courtesy, go get her and bring her back here.” the leader told his men. Three men ran after the fleeing, naked woman, easily catching her and dragged her back to their leader. While two men held her firmly between them, the leader sudden struck out, sending his balled up fist into her gut as hard as he could, knocking the air out of her. Raquel would have keeled over, but the man on either side of her held her in place, she couldn’t even double over to relieve some of the pain. Just as she was beginning to get her breath back, he smashed her again in the gut, knocking the wind out of her again.

This time she was allowed to catch her breath and the man said, “Listen BITCH! You are little fucking toy for as long as we want to use you. So when one of us tells you to do something, you don’t plead for us not to make you do it! You don’t whine about it! You just do it! Understand?” I’m not a whore or a trollop! You can’t do this to me!” she said defiantly.

I don’t care if you’re President’s wife, BITCH; for now you are our little fuck toy and we plan on having a lot of fun with you.” Gag the bitch; I don’t want to hear her anymore.” The leader said and suddenly a man appeared with a bright red ball gag.

Raquel vainly clamped her jaws shut, but when another man pinched her nostrils closed, she had to open her mouth to get a gasp of air, and just as she did, the ball gag was forced deep into her mouth, then quickly buckled behind her head as well as another strap which ran from over her head to under her chin. The gag was not only forced and held deep in her mouth, but her jaws were forced to clamp down on it.

Meanwhile, Raquel was being tied spread eagled and face down to rectangular bed frame that sat as it normally would on the floor. Her huge breasts crushed cruelly into the metal lattice of the frame. One man got under the frame and started pulling her nipples, getting as much of her tits through the small squares as he possibly could. He then took out a vicious looking pair of alligator clips, triple sprung and with razor sharp serrated edges. He opened the jaws over her erect nipples and let the brutal devices snap shut rapidly onto her sensitive nubbins, biting into them agonizingly. Raquel was screaming in pain and thrashing around, but only the slightest mewling noise came out of her gagged mouth. He then pulled on the chain, attached to the clamp as far out as he could, clipping it to the frame. He repeated this on her other nipple and then on her clit.

Meanwhile another man was forcing a metal dildo into her cunt. When the entire ten inches was inside of her, he took the electric wire, attached to the base of the dildo and tied the stripped ends to the metal frame. Since they suspected that she was an anal virgin, he then slipped six inches of solid copper wire into her ass hole and twisted the other end to the frame. Soldered to one of the legs was one end of a long electrical plug. The men showed her the plug end and took it over to a transformer, which was already plugged into the wall, and plugged the plug from the frame into it. “Before we start shock therapy, are you ready to submit to us yet?”

Raquel shook her head and the leader said with an evil smirk on his face, “I didn’t think so, but I’ll give you one last chance, before you get the full treatment.” He then twisted the dial on the transformer about a fifth of the way up. Raquel could feel the electricity tingling everywhere her body touched the frame, plus her nipples and clit, and inside of her cunt and ass. He had turned it up to just the right level to raise her arousal level to a fevered pitch. Then he twisted it half way up and instead of pleasure, she now felt pain everywhere her body was being jolted by about sixty watts of electricity. He didn’t leave it at that level very long, just long enough to get her to scream out in pain and then turned it back to zero.

I’ve just given you an idea of what will happen if you don’t cooperate. Are you ready to cooperate and let us have our way with you yet BITCH?” he asked. NO! Have it your way, slut. He responded and twisted the dial to its maximum setting holding it there for five seconds before reducing it back to the setting he knew would bring her pleasure. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhh! She screamed out in pain, her entire body jerking and spamming from involuntary muscle movements caused by the electrical shock. The front of her body plus her nipples, clit, pussy and ass hole felt as if it were on fire. For the next hour Raquel suffered as the leader bounced her between five seconds of hell followed by twenty seconds of bliss. The men got a kick out of her jerking and spamming while she was being shocked with a full hundred and twenty volts of electricity. It had several side effects on her. First was that her nipples and clit were now harder and longer than they had ever gotten in her entire life. Of course with each jolt she received, she also screamed out agonizingly in pain, until she had no voice any more at the end.

About half way through, in spite of all her pain, she also started to cum and the worst part was, that she began cuming each and every time she received a painful jolt, leaving her torn between the extreme pain of the shock and the extreme pleasure of her orgasm. The leader didn’t ask if she was ready at this point, knowing that all the fight was taken out of her by the past hour’s torture. Even if she wanted to fight them, her energy was so greatly sapped; she would only be able to put up a feeble fight at best. One man crawled underneath to undo the clamps on her nipples and clit, the mere removing of them bringing her needles and pins of pain after having the blood cut off for so long. Another removed the dildo from her cunt and the wire from her ass. Six others slid bars into the corners and the middle of the frame in holes designed to hold them there firmly.

Raquel was then untied from the frame and lifted out of the bed, while at thin mattress was moved into place. The gag was removed, but was quickly replaced with another one. This one consisted of a big metal ring shaped like an “O.” It was forced behind her front teeth, forcing her jaws open as far as they could go and strapped so tightly behind her head that the straps were cutting at the corners of her mouth. Then she was placed back onto the bed, this time on her back. Again her arms were secured to the corners above her head. A strap was drawn tightly over her belly and buckled to the opposite side. Her legs were spread and raised, with her ankles secured to cuffs in the bars on either side of the bed, slightly lifting her ass off of the mattress and completely exposing both her cunt and ass. She now lay there open and vulnerable. We hear this is the first time you have ever been tortured you aint seen nothing yet. He advised her as he climbed onto the bed aiming his 14-inch cock at her still gaping pussy. “No! No! You can’t do this! “That’s the whole idea whore! He tormented her and then laughed as he lunged his huge, thick cock into her barely lubricated hole, fully impaling Raquel in one vicious stroke. “Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgghhh!” she screamed out in pain as the cock stretched her out further than any cock had ever stretched her out before. It felt like giving birth in reverse to Raquel as the cock filled her fuck tube, then pushed through her cervix and stretched her even tighter uterus.

The man didn’t care if she enjoyed this ride or not, it was his pleasure that counted and he immediately began fucking the her as fast and as hard as he could, sliding his cock in until their pubic bones smashed together and pulling out until just the huge head of his massive prick was still inside of her. But he had to keep up his tormenting of her, tearing away at her dignity, self-worth and future happiness. You’re one lucky bitch. Since we’ve all got huge cocks, much bigger than any man that you been with you’re going to cum like you’ve never cum before. Of course, that’s going to ruin you for any men you fuck in the future because you’ll never be able to cum from their tiny dick fucking you again. You’ll have to seek out big men like us if you want to ever have another orgasm again. And to him, it’ll feel to him like he’s fucking the Holland tunnel, you’ll be so stretched out, he’ll barely be able to feel the sides of your cunt.” The leader said and continued making similar comments the whole time that he fucked her. Raquel was grunting with each inward slam of the man’s hips. The stretching pain subsided as her cunt got used to the girth and length of the enormous prick that was impaling her. Through the entire first fucking, she did not receive any pleasure from getting screwed as she remained relatively dry; her normal lubricating system the tender skin of her cunt was pushed and pulled harshly by the man’s gigantic cock. Her second fucking was a little easier, as her fuck hole was now at least lubricated somewhat by the first man’s cum and by the time the third man began to fuck her, she was not only lubricated by the first two men’s cum, but her natural lubricating system finally kicked in.

It was a good thing too, because the third man had the biggest cock that she would have to handle. His cock was so immense that it looked more like it belonged to a large animal, rather than a human being, at nineteen inches long and six inches across. It was so big that the head rammed into the back wall of her womb with each inward plunge and felt like she was giving birth, each time he pulled it out of her.

After each man came inside of her cunt, they would pull out and quickly get out of the way so the next man could quickly mount her. The man who just pulled out would move up her body, sit on her tits and fuck her mouth with the cock that had just been in her cunt. It wasn’t enough for them to just shove their cocks in and out of her mouth; however, they wanted her sucking and licking their organs, cleaning it off of their combined spunk. Raquel still being stubborn refused at first to cooperate and suck and lick their cocks with her tongue while they forced their huge cocks into her mouth and down her throat. The leader got her cooperating after slapping her face so hard that he left big red hand prints on each side of her face. After taking ten hard slaps to each side of her face, she was sucking and licking their cocks like a pro, inwardly grimacing as she tasted their cum and her pussy juices.

The third man was really pumping her good and had established a steady rhythm when he began to feel two things. First he could feel her hips slightly pulling away as he pulled out and then smashing back down as he pressed into her and secondly he could also feel her cunt muscles opening up as he slammed in and clamping down on his dick as he pulled out. Hey dudes! The bitch is getting into it! She’s fucking me back.” he exclaimed. The men all looked and sure enough, she was humping her hips back and forth over his cock. Raquel heard the comment as she sucked and licked the cock fucking her pried open mouth. She concentrated for a moment and sure enough she could feel her hips moving in time with the cock fucking and could feel her cunt muscles grasping and releasing its hold on the prick impaling it. “Oh god!” she thought to herself. “What kind of whore are they turning me into?”

While continuing to lick and suck the cock viciously fucking her mouth and throat Raquel concentrated on stopping her hips from fucking back and to stop her pussy muscles from milking his prick. This only worked for short periods of time as her hips and cunt seemed to have a mind of their own. Of course Rodney was well known for his ability to pleasure women. He always angled his dick in such a way that it rubbed over her clit as he pressed in and pulled out, keeping her love button in such a high state of arousal that most women came easily a dozen times before he blew his seed into them. Because his prick was so gargantuan, it also massaged her g-spot as it sawed in and out of her, without him doing anything special and then, because his cock was so long, it touched places inside of her, that very, very few cock could ever touch, also setting off her arousal/response system.

Raquel was no different than any other woman, and Rodney soon had her cuming on the end of his cock while she sucked someone else’s cock. The more she came, the more voraciously she sucked on the cock inside of her mouth and the more wildly her hips slammed back at the cock impaling it and the more intensely her cunt milked at the cock fucking it. Rodney had turned Raquel into little more than a fuck toy for the gang. Although she didn’t want to cooperate with them, her body was wracked with so much pleasure, she couldn’t think about anything other than how soon her next orgasm would wash over her. When this became obvious, the men untied her ankles, which quickly wrapped around Rodney’s waist as she was now able to participate more as she could move her hips further and move them she did, fucking back at him for all she was worth as she came and came and came.

Her sudden change in attitude did not go unnoticed as several members of the gang, including their leader, began making lewd comments on how wild Raquel was getting. It also didn’t go that Raquel was getting fucked at both ends and was apparently enjoying it as she was no longer tethered to the bed and had begun to respond back as well as she got. Raquel was taking a huge cock all the way into her throat, obviously sucking it as her cheeks caved in and then returned to normal, while taking a cock into her cunt that easily looked as big a horse’s cock into her cunt as she fucked the man back as fast and as hard as he was fucking her. He blew his wad into Raquel’s pussy as he viciously pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples.

She couldn’t believe that she could so easily handle such humongous cocks, both in her mouth and in her cunt. Although taking Don in her hot, tight recently virgin ass had been really painful in the beginning, once she became accustomed to first having something in her ass and then something as big as a cock, the pain had slowly subsided into a dull throbbing and then she felt her own pleasure begin to sneak in. His playing with her nipples and quickly spread a tingling through her chest and then went straight down to her clit and womb. The longer he played with her nipples the better it felt and combined with the pleasure that was building from Don fucking her butt Raquel was soon in the throes of a big orgasm herself. Although there were some sharp jolts of pain as Don began pinching and twisting her nipples more cruelly, they merged with the pleasures to keep her on the constant edge of orgasmic bliss, sending her over the edge many times. She had her biggest orgasm however, when she felt Don cum deep inside of her ass. There was no question in anyone’s mind, how much she was enjoying the attentions she was receiving from Don’s hands and cock, as each time that she came, she would squeal out in delight as her body shook hard from the pleasure she was experiencing.

Not only were these men well endowed, but most were able to hold off cuming for a long time, Rodney took a full forty minutes before dumping his seed into Raquel’s womb, his cock almost fully impaled at the time. It took four and a half hours for each of the men to dump their first load into her cunt. By then Raquel was in such bad shape, that they decided she needed to be cleaned up, fed and rested before they continued with their fun.

They cleaned her off and out with a high pressure water hose, with ice cold water. First they sprayed her down, spending a longer time on her tits, cunt and ass than the rest of her body, constantly keeping the hose moving its stinging blows all over her. Then gave her a turkey sandwich and a coke to drink and then let her lay down on the cum covered mattress for a couple of hours. When it was time to begin the festivities again, Raquel was still worn out. While each man had fucked her long and hard, they had only fucked her once and been sucked off by her once, but she had fucked and sucked all them over a four and a half hour period. They got her out of bed and Vincent made out with her, forcing her to jerk him off while they French kissed and he played with her huge tits. As soon as he was hard, he lay down on the mattress, his head right at the railing. Raquel was forced to squat down over him on her hands and knees. She was then forced to grasp his hard cock and guide it into her cunt as she lowered herself onto him until she was fully impaled on his manhood. Unlike the first time, she didn’t have to begin fucking him rapidly right away, but, unfortunately for her, she was going to first have to take a cock in her mouth and another in her ass before the real fucking began.

This time they intended to make her do it on her own, as they had removed the ring gag. She opened her mouth to take the cock into her mouth, but as the man started to shove more and more of his meat into her oral cavity, she began backing off. Just as she started backing off, Rodney, put his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide. He pressed his cock up to her tiny, anal eye and as Raquel continued trying to back up, in a vain attempt to not have to swallow the huge cock being forced into her mouth, Rodney pressed his well lubricated ass splitter into her butt. Raquel had her ass hole well lubricated before they began, not out of their concern for damaging her anal passage, but rather out of concern for what her dry passage would do to their cocks as they buggered the woman. Especially since each man would fuck her three times, get sucked off four or five times and fuck the bitch’s ass two or three times. Their huge cocks would have been rubbed raw, without greasing her up first.

Even with her ass slightly stretched from their lubing it up and Rodney’s gigantic horse-sized 11-inch cock also being well greased; it was still a very painful entry through Raquel’s sphincter. As his head popped in, she screamed in excruciating pain from the six plus inch wide head stretching her tight, tiny sphincter to its very limits. Her screams were barely heard, as the cock in her mouth was already sliding down her throat. The man inside of her mouth was the beneficiary of her scream, as it vibrated his cock within her mouth. Raquel was receiving pain from both ends. The cock sliding down her throat was not only stretching her throat out dramatically to the point where you could make out the shape of the cock as it moved inside of her throat, but was also making her gag. The gagging in turn was making her stomach turn and she heaved but everything that went up, hit the cock and bounced right back into her stomach. Upon hitting her stomach, she’d retch again, and the cycle went on, up to the cock, back to the stomach only to head back up again, over and over and over.

Then in her ass, Rodney’s horse sized cock was stretching her super tight ass hole as he quickly got up to a rapid fucking rhythm, pushing in until his balls slapped her cunt, then pulling out until only the head of his prick was still trapped inside of her. Not only was his cock stretching the ultra-tight passage, but as he pushed and pulled Raquel felt like he was pushing and pulling her guts along with his cock, especially on the out strokes where she felt like he was pulling her inside out. When Raquel calmed down and stopped retching and her ass had stretched enough so that Rodney had picked up so speed Don whose cock that her cunt was impaled on, began hammering his prick into her now tighter fuck hole. The two men in her crotch started out in unison making Raquel almost feel as if she were being fucked in both holes, somehow by a single cock or at least a two dicked man they were so matched in speed and direction. Just as she got used to them both pounding her cunt and ass simultaneously, they switched styles, so that as one prick was fully impaled inside of her, her other hole was virtually empty, only holding the prick head in its grasp. Those made her feel like she was getting fucked by only long prick that went into her cunt and out of her ass as again the two men worked their timing perfectly. As one cock bottomed out, the other was almost out of her and they always began reversing their direction at exactly the same instant.

The men fucked her for a solid hour, making Raquel cum so many times she couldn’t keep track of how many exactly. Her jaw ached from being forced to stay so wide open and they were rubbing her throat raw as they fucked her mouth deep throat style. In keeping up her humiliation, the men kept taunting Raquel they told her that many of the women that they had fucked came back looking for them because their husbands’ pencil dicks seemed so puny after their cunts were so stretched out of shape that all except the largest of dildos no longer did anything for them. That try as they would, they never could duplicate the orgasms that they gave them while they were being fucked and since the women wanted that feeling again, they actually came back and begged the gang to fuck them again and again and again. This really scared Raquel. Although she wasn’t enjoying deep throating and getting buggered yet, she had to admit, that she really had gotten off when they used her cunt, even if it did hurt at first. And from what they had just told her, she really be getting off on having their big dicks shoved up her ass and down her throat. “How could two such painful and disgusting acts bring any woman pleasure?” she thought to herself while lewdly slurping on the cock in her mouth, while the two cocks fucking her between her legs were also making loud, lewd, slurping noises as they fucked in and out of her orifices.

The men’s cajoling didn’t stop there. They also constantly pointed out how turned on she was because “nipples don’t lie” and hers were fully erect. She also was wearing a flush over her face and upper chest, which they made her look at in a mirror while she continued sucking on the cock and even told her that her expression indicated that she was enjoying herself. She was virtually broken at this point. Even she was beginning to believe what the men were telling her as they gave her a good three way fucking. But that didn’t change the way things appeared, that she was actually beginning to enjoy the way they were fucking her.
For twelve straight hours, with minor breaks to shower to revive her somewhat and have something to eat and drink to give her the strength to continue the men three way fucked her. At the end of the twelve hour marathon Raquel was dog tired and sore and she felt sick to her stomach from swallowing so much cum. She was so tired that she couldn’t even stand, much less walk. The men too were tired, as they had been at her for almost a day, an hour torturing her, another four and a half hours fucking her cunt only, an hour break and then the twelve hour marathon triple fuck session.

Although the fucking would end so everyone could get some sleep Raquel’s would neither be restful or sound. First they tied her arms painfully behind her back in a reverse prayer position, tying her elbows firmly together, with her hands up between her shoulder blades, her forearms also lashed tightly together. The position, in addition to being extremely painful on her shoulders, also forced her to thrust her huge tits way out in front of her. A noose was then forced around the base of her left tit and pulled tightly, bulging the mound of flesh out even further into a tight ball as more of the rope was wound around the base. Another length of rope was produced and her right breast suffered the same fate. Vicious clamps, like the ones used to shock her, were then allowed to clamp shut on her erect nipples, only these clamps had a chain connecting them. Raquel screamed loudly in pain as each of the evil devices was applied to her sensitive buds. She was then forced to bend over while a two foot length of large, vibrating beads was forced deeply into her ass making her moan in discomfort and then a thick; twelve inch vibrating dildo was forced into her cunt.

She was led over to what looked like a saw horse to her. She was lifted up and set down, with a leg on either side of the cross beam. She saw that the top of the cross beam was very bumpy and seemed to be coated with some sort of jell. Her high heeled shoes were just high enough for her to sit comfortably on the cross beam and were, by design, ready to be attached to other devices. In this case, a short chain was attached from the d-ring on the outside of each ankle to a ring concreted to the floor. This caused her to spread her legs a little wider, making her press harder against the cross beam. A hook was lowered from the ceiling, attached to the ropes circling her wrists and pulled up tight, forcing her to stand straight. While two men plugged in her vibrators to electrical outlets under the saw horse, the leader began hanging weights from the chain between her nipples until he had five pounds of weight, pulling down on her sore nipples, stretching both her nipples and tits and making the cruel clamps bite down even harder on her already abused nipples. She gasped each time an additional weight was added to her chain, pulling even more on her sore nipple and tits.

A few minutes later, Raquel noticed that her slit was getting hotter, and before long a fire like pain burned through her crotch. The gel that she had noticed as she was placed down over the cross bar was a mint green liniment whose very instructions warned against coming into contact with bare skin and was now irritating the sensitive inner flesh of her cunt lips. This irritation forced her to hump her hips back and forth, slowly at first, then faster as the pain grew between her wide spread thighs. She had been bound tight enough to force her to stand straight, yet loose enough so that she could really throw her hips forward and backwards. Of course when she did so, she rubbed her clit over the bumps and irritant on the top of the cross beam. The faster she humped, the more she stimulated her clit, the more liniment she rubbed into her slit and the wilder the weights swung and bounced that were attached to her nipple rings. The pain was so great from the liniment, that she could just stand there, but by humping herself she was both getting herself off, as her clit rubbed over the hard bumps and she was rubbing more and more of the liniment into her slit, not to mention the bouncing swaying weights yanking on her nipples and tits.

As Raquel kept hollering in pain from both the liniment and the weights pulling on her nipples and begging them to get her off of the contraption, the men all laughed and made of fun of her. Their “joke” was not funny to her; the pain in her crotch, shoulders and breasts was very real to her. Their juvenile behavior worried her. How far would they take their tortures? Maybe they’d even kill her, or make her really wish that she was dead, she’d be in so much pain. This was exactly the feelings her captors wanted her feeling, extreme pain, degradation, and humiliation, in addition to the knowledge that she wouldn’t get out of this, until the full 24 hours had passed. But those things were so far in the future Raquel couldn’t even think about that. All she could think of right now, was ridding herself of the pain in her slit, nipples and shoulders, as she was forced to make things even worse on herself by rapidly humping her hips back and forth along the top of the cross beam.

It wasn’t all pain however. The vibrating beads in her ass, the vibrating dildo in her cunt, the feeling she received as she savagely dragged her clit over the bumps on the tops of the cross beam and even the diabolical way that her nipples were being tugged, creating both pleasure and pain at the same time, were driving her towards yet another immense orgasm as she stood naked in front of these strangers humping her hips as if fucking some invisible cock, thus humiliating herself. Every half hour, over the next four hours, someone applied additional liniment over the bumps on the cross beam, keeping the bound woman’s hips in rapid motion. She was simultaneously in tremendous pain and unbelievable delight. Her bliss was so great, that it even took her mind off of her pain almost, but not quite fully.

After the last application of the liniment Raquel like the men, was allowed to rest, although fitfully in her painful standing position with two vibrators buzzing away inside of her. Her arms by now were numb but every so often she would feel an orgasm strike her and shake her to her very core as the small touch of pleasure swept over her.

Sometime later that day, when they awoke the miserable woman, she was still groggy, having gotten virtually no sleep. Without moving her, from her position, the hook pulled up on her arms, forcing her to bend forward. The leader stuck his fingers in her ass, and slowly pulled several of the beads out of her ass. Then getting a better grip on the beads, he pulled with all of his might, yanking them from her rectal grasp and causing her to have several more intense orgasms as her sphincter was forced to open wide as the widest part of each bead passed through it, and then it clamped down almost fully closing again around the narrowest part of each bead. Raquel yelped both in pain and in pleasure, as each bead passed out of her ass working her already sore sphincter very hard and further getting it used to be forced wide open. The worse part of the whole thing was that she was beginning to enjoy the feel of a cock inside all three of her orifices. Since the day had started her holes had been stretched enough so that there was no pain in having sex anymore only pleasure. Although she convinced herself that she was doing it to protect herself deep down she knew that she was not only beginning to enjoy it, but that she was actually looking forward to it, as she was cuming quickly and frequently when they fucked her.

Raquel was brought into the center of the room and told to kneel down on her hands and knees over a padded bar. Her thighs were strapped to the posts holding the bar, forcing her legs wide apart. Her ankles were then shackled to eyelets in the floor even wider apart than her knees. Her wrists were then secured in fur lined cuffs to posts in front of her and even wider apart than her ankle cuffs. This left her with her head slightly lower than her ass in a kneeling spread eagle position. We have a deal for you fuck this last dick and suck him off so he can fuck you again and we will let you go. “Bastard! I’ll do it!” she replied through clenched teeth.

She heard a dog panting and looked over to see a huge dog, as tall as a Great Dane and as wide as a Saint Bernard but the animal looked nothing like either breed, more like a mixed breed mutt. No not a dog you said if I fuck and suck this last dick you would let me go! You never said anything about it being a dog. I said that if you fucked and sucked this last dick we would let you go. You never said it was a dog. King was bred to fuck human woman. He has a nice, long, thick cock between nine and twelve inches in length and maybe an inch and a half to two inches across. When dogs cum, a sperm sack, so to speak, travels up from their balls through their cocks and blasts out all at once. As this sperm sack travels through their cocks, it makes their cock even thicker, possibly another inch or inch and a half across, which will really give your tight little pussy a good stretching. In addition, they fuck much faster and last much longer than their human counterpart, so you’ll get quite a work out this afternoon. Well you have a choice you can either spend six hours with us or maybe one or two hours with King. Make your choice now! Raquel drops her head and replies King. Look at me and in a clear loud voice answer me! God help me King. What do you want with King? I want him to FUCK ME and when he is done I want to suck his cock so he can fuck me again. Good! Once we get you hooked on fucking a dog you may never want to fuck a man again. Even the small pain that they may inflict on your tits with their sharp nails and the huge knot when they get ready to cum, will be a very small price to pay for the pleasure that only they can give you. I was promised that nothing that is done to me will leave any scares. That right that why we put little cloth boots on his front paws. King got behind her and stuck his nose right into her cunt, sending his long, broad tongue into her just abused channel, licking and slurping all of her sex juice out and forcing her pussy to get nice and wet. In spite of the humiliating position she was in and how sore her pussy was from the over use and abuse it had received the dogs nose and tongue quickly had her hot and ready to go for more. Even if she tried to deny it, everyone could see her hips pushing back onto the animal’s tongue as it ate her out and her ass was wriggling frantically, as is looking for a cock to fill it.

Suddenly King stopped eating her, backed up slightly and jumped up on her, his paws landing on her back. He rutted around for a minute before his cock finally sank home, impaling her in one quick lunge. He wasted no time on niceties and immediately began fucking her at a pace much faster than any of the men had used, even for a short period of time and he kept that rapid pace up the entire time that her fucked her Raquel was really embarrassed over being forced to have sex with an animal, especially in front of all of these strangers who had just fucked her. But embarrassed or not, this animal was fucking her better than any man ever had, which made her respond in the most humiliating ways. She was moaning and groaning and grunting, as if she were a bitch in heat as the dog slammed his huge cock in and out of her cunt. As the animal pounded her cunt at a remarkably rapid pace, she attempted to keep up with it humping her own cunt as fast as she could back at the beast, much to the amusement of her audience.

The men laughed at her, telling her that she was no more than a bitch in heat, a slutty whore and many other derogatory names. She was told only the sluttiest of whores get off on getting fucked by animals. And on and on the tearing away of her pride and self-esteem went. She was blushing, knowing that what she was doing was wrong but they were making her do this and it wasn’t her fault that it felt so damned good. It didn’t take the animal long to get her off the first time and then it seemed that she just stayed in on perpetual orgasm. Even before one orgasm would die down she’d be hit with another and then another. Raquel had gone multi-orgasmic, cuming almost every twenty seconds. She felt the dog’s cum knot press up against her cunt and then felt it entering her. He was right; it was much thicker than any cock that had ever penetrated her. As it pushed through her pussy, the pain became unbearable and she screamed out in pain, although her hips kept pounding back onto the impaling doggie prick that was pounding her so well, as if her hips had a mind of their own. Raquel was whining and groaning as her orgasm approached leaving no doubts that she was certainly enjoying the fucking she was getting by the animal.
Aaaarrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh!” she screamed out in pain as the knot entered her cunt, stretching her pussy to its limit.

Now the animal was not only fucking her like a piston at 5,500 r.p.m., he was also stretching her pussy to new limits with his huge knot as it moved closer and closer to her womb. It was almost an hour after he had mounted her that the animal finally howled as he dumped his huge, watery load into her pussy. When Harvey pulled out, with a lewd, audible “PLOP,” Raquel fell as far as her bondage would allow totally exhausted from the great fuck she had just been given. Uh, uh, uh! Back up on your knees bitch! He wants to fuck you again! Right now! Clean him up and get him ready to fuck you again!” the leader advised.

Raquel didn’t see how she’d have enough energy to participate in another fucking like the one she just had, but she didn’t want to bear their wrath either, so she got back up on her knees, legs spread wide as the dog walked around in front of her. When she lifted her head, the dog jumped up, placing it’s paws on her shoulders as she attended to its cock. She licked all of his and her sex juices from its crotch and prick. She then began sucking the animal’s prick, to get it hard again so that the dog could screw her again. She blushed a deep red covering her face, neck and upper chest, the entire time her mouth ministered to the animal’s cock. This highly embarrassed her. She also realized that even though she knew this to be wrong, morally and otherwise, she was enjoying it. She couldn’t remember ever cuming so hard, so often and for such a long period of time. Even sucking this dirty animal’s cock was better than sucking the men’s cocks.

When King was hard again, as he was trained to do, he pulled out of her mouth, trotted around behind her and mounted her again. This time he missed the mark and fucked her ass instead After finding his target, he picked up where he had left off, pounding away as if his cock were a piston in a motor, fucking her silly. Even though she had felt totally drained after his first fucking, as the animal fucked her she responded just as enthusiastically as she had the first go around, humping back as well as she was receiving. “Aaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” Raquel squealed in glee as her next orgasm from the animal washed over her.

Her body shook, she froze for a moment and then she fucked back onto its cock as fast as she could. She may have never wanted to fuck a dog, but she was definitely enjoying being fucked by a dog. It took the animal ten minutes before the cum knot began moving up from its balls and during that time Raquel had five orgasms, not counting the two she had on the end of its tongue. When the knot began moving into her cunt, however, she froze for a minute and began begging. Oh no! Please it’s too big! Take it out! You’re ripping me in half!” the terrified women screamed out, knowing that the animal couldn’t possibly understand what she was saying. The dog and Raquel put on an equally impressive show for their second coupling. Raquel quickly goes multi-orgasmic again as she squealed and moaned in obvious pleasure. Just like the first time, the animal’s knot was extremely painful, both when it entered her already sore pussy and as it traveled towards her womb. After the animal came again, it pulled out and again came around in front of her to be cleaned off. After Raquel performed this nasty, disgusting task a second time, the animal was led away.

The men release her from the bondage and she collapses too weak to move. The dog handlers snapped a leash onto the dog while the other two men released Raquel from her bonds and helped her to her feet. Raquel was so out of it that she didn’t know which end was up much less where the exit was. Raquel was helped from the room and handed over to a nurse to help her back to her room. The nurse took her into the shower and gently washed her up and took her and put her to bed where she collapsed into a deep sleep.

Day 7

Raquel slept for 18 hours after she left the dungeon. While she was sleeping there was a nurse watching over her the entire time. When Raquel finally woke up the first thing she did was look around the room expecting to see the men from the dungeon. Seeing that she was back in her room she relaxes in bed. She is relieved and a little bit sad that her ordeal was over. Raquel tries sit up. She grimaces as stabbing pains shoot from all over her body. I have a medicine to help you feel better. Who are you? My name is Beth I am your nurse and if you’d like I am also a trained masseuse. How do you feel? My pussy and ass feel like I got fucked by an army. My mouth and throat feel like I swallowed sandpaper. Miss Welch are you hungry? Yes I’m famished. What would you like to eat something light my jaw and my throat are a little tender? I understand but before you eat you need to soak in a hot bath to help your muscles loosen up. First I am going to get your bath ready then I am going to call an orderly to carry you to the tub. That’s not necessary I can walk. Please Miss Welch stay in bed. It is important that you don’t strain yourself. Your body has been put under tremendous strain over a long period of time. Raquel tries to get out of bed again her whole body erupts in pain. Please Miss Welch let me make you feel better. Ok. Do you know where I was? Yes whenever the dungeon is in use someone is always watching just in case of a medical emergency. Were you the one that was watching me? Yes I was. What did you think? It’s not my place to say. I am asking you.

Miss Welch the bath is ready and I have called an orderly. Now I need to tell you when you are placed into the tub it will sting for a moment but it is normal. Please just relax and let the medicine relieve your pain. I forgot what is your name? My name is Beth. Beth you can call me Raquel or Rocky if you prefer. No Miss Welch I cannot when you were working for the organization that’s one thing but now you are a guest and you are Miss Welch. The door to the bedroom opens and a large muscular man walks in gently picks up off the bed and carries her into the bathroom. Since he knew that he was putting Raquel into the tub his pants have been rolled up and he was not wearing shoes. He slowly lowers her into the water and as soon as it touches her abused pussy and ass she screams out in pain. NO STOP it hurts! I know just for a moment then it will make you feel better I promise. All the time he has slowly been lowering her in the water until she is in and starts to relax.

Soon the hot water and the medicine starts to make Raquel drowsy. Before Raquel starts to sink into the bath Beth removes her uniform and gets into the bath. She gets behind Raquel and wraps her legs around her so she doesn’t slide into he water. About an hour later Raquel wakes up when she feels the nude body against her she panics and tries to get away. Your ok Miss Welch its Beth I was just making sure you didn’t go too far down in the water. Relieved Raquel leans back against Beth who starts rubbing her neck. MMMMMMM that feels good. As I told you I am a certified masseuse would you like me to give you a massage? Yes I think that would help. Raquel stands up and gets out of the tub. How do you feel now? I am still a little stiff but I feel much better. Beth takes a large towel and slowly and carefully dries Raquel’s body. They walk back into the bedroom please Miss Welch lay down on your stomach. Beth takes some heated scented oil and starting at Raquel’s feet starts to rub it in. Oh that tickles but is sure feels good. Just relax Miss Welch all the time Beth is adding more oil and moving further and further up Raquel’s body. Miss Welch this oil is a concentrated version of what I put in the bath. If you want I can apply some to your asshole it will help with the healing. I promise to be very gentle. Ok PLEASE be careful. I will I promise I will. With one hand Beth gently spreads Raquel’s ass cheeks and pours a little of the oil directly on her asshole. MMMMMM. I need to massage it in I will also have to put my finger into your asshole to get the oil inside. Hearing this Beth can feel Raquel tense up. So to relax her she starts massaging the oil into her lower back. Once she feels her relaxing with one hand still massaging her back the slides down her body until it at her asshole where she gently pushes in inside Raquel’s asshole. OOOOOHHHHH that feels so good more please! Beth starts to slowly move her finger in and out of Raquel’s ass. MMMMMOOOOORRRREEEE!!!! Do you want it faster? No more fingers!! So she adds a second and then a third finger. Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgghhh Raquel explodes in an orgasm. My pussy play with my pussy. Beth rolls Raquel over and as soon as she is on her back she spreads her legs wide. Beth pours the oil over her hand and eases inside Raquel’s pussy. Raquel explodes into another orgasm and then falls into a deep and satisfied sleep.

When Raquel wakes up again she is looking into Beth’s smiling face. This time Raquel is stretching like a jungle cat waking up. How long was I asleep for? A little over an hour. Here is some soup you need to eat.

Miss Welch there is something I have to tell you. I am not a nurse I am a trained phcolcologist besides relieving your bodies pain I am here to make sure there are no emotional problems. Really was it your job to make me cum? In a way yes I needed to be sure you had not suffered and physical damage as well as making sure you had not suffered any emotional ones. Can we talk about your week here? Sure why not. Do you know about all of my encounters? Yes. Well on Monday I was introduced to a sixteen year old virgin and it was my responsibility to teach him how to make love to a women. Let me tell you something I have NEVER had a more caring gentle or giving lover in my entire life. The orgasms he gave me were different that any orgasms I had before. Different how? I can’t explain it they just felt better I guess it was because he really wanted to please me. I tell you a secret I would love to meet him in two years he is going to be an exceptional lover. Is that more because of you teaching him than anything else? Maybe I never thought about it like that.

The next one is one that I have mixed feeling about. Why? On one side it was the first time I ever had anal sex. But because it wasn’t making love but almost like rape the orgasms were more like my body protecting me that giving me pure pleasure. What do you think about anal sex? When it is done with love and passion it is the most unbelievable feeling I have had. What about Tracey? Oh yes Tracey. She was the first women I have ever made love to she was soft and caring and it was beautiful. Because a woman has the same equipment as I do they just know how to operate it better? That goes for you to by the way. Thank you. What about Ted and Alice? That is a strange one when I was making love to each of them it was fun. But? When Ted tied Alice up and basically raped her ass it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I wanted to join in but I knew that that moment was just for those two. So if a dominatrix was disciplining a submissive you would want to join in? Yes absolutely. Maybe the next time I cone to the island I could do that. You want to come back to the island? Yes I do!

What about? No I don’t want to talk about that EVER! I understand. What about your time in the dungeon? That is the one that is most confusing. How so? The pain was beyond anything that I thought the human body could survive. But I have never cum so hard and so many times in my life. I can’t believe how sheltered my sex life has been. Was there one thing from this week that surprised you the most? Yes Raquel replied blushing with her head down. What is it? I can’t say? It was the dog fucking you wasn’t it? Yes how did you know? I am a submissive I spend most of my time in the dungeon I have taken on dogs and horses so I know what you have been through. Horses? Yes I did it once I was paid a lot of money it hurt so bad I could not walk for a week and that’s when I decided NEVER again. Tell me what you liked about the dog. He fucks faster and longer and harder than any men I’ve seen and when the knot stretches you the pain is wonderful. I see that your plane is going to be here is a few hours so I will leave you to get ready. Goodbye Miss Welch. Good bye Beth.

Just before she leaves Todd comes to see her. Hello Miss Welch I have your tips for you. I already gave you the $10,000 from Richard’s father here is the rest. He hands her a large envelope. You have set a record for celebrity tips not just set but shattered the old one. The record in tips for 1 week was $78,000 dollars your total is $227,000 in cash. There is one more money matter that we have to take care of as per our agreement we owe you 25% of what we charged for your services. Again you set a new record the previous record was $368,000 we were able to collect $643,000 so we owe you an additional $161,000 would you like that is cash or would you like us to wire it to your account? Could you please wire it along with this $100,000 to my account? Of course it will be done immediately. Do you realize that you have made almost $400,000 in one week? It’s not like I did not work hard for that money. Has any of the other celebrity ever asks to come back? Yes. What do you say? We’ll see. Have a safe trip home Miss Welch.

It has been three weeks since Raquel had been back from the island. Some of the memories like Richard and Tracey she would cherish for the rest of her life. Some of the other memories she hoped would soon be forgotten. Just then she heard a knock on the door. Coming! Opening the door she found a 2 delivery men with a large crate addressed to her. At first she was confused then she saw a note attached. After the men brought it inside and were given a very generous tip they left her alone. On the outside of the crate is a note addressed to her. She opened the note and reads it. ENJOY!! SEE YOU BACK HERE SOON!! Raquel opens the crate and out bounds a large dog. He jumps up onto her and starts licking her face. Stunned for a minute she grabs his collar to get him down and sees the name KING!!!! She then realizes he is the dog from the island. Hey King you want food you hungry?  Come on boy. She reaches into the refrigerator pulls out a steak and throws it on the floor. Once King has finished the steak Raquel calls him over are you ready to have some fun boy? King is licking her face and wagging his tale as if he knows what’s cumming next. Cum King! As they go up the stairs to Raquel’s bedroom to begin their new life together.

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