The Father Daughter Talk

Title: The Father Daughter Talk

Author: Tori

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, NC, oral, anal, rough, rape, incest

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


“Shit…..stupid, stupid, stupid.”  Olivia Holt drunkenly bent down to pick up her keys after dropping them on the porch.  As she stumbled to find the keyhole, she wobbled on one shoe, not remembering where she’d lost the other one.  “Focus” she said to herself.  “You can do this.”  She started to laugh and then held her finger to her lips and said, “Shhhhhh.  Don’t wake up Mom and Dad.”  She finally found her mark and turned the key, dropping her purse as she pushed the door open.  “Fuck it.”  She walked into the house, leaving the door wide open and made her way to the couch where she plopped down and immediately passed out.


Upstairs, her Father sat up, startled at the noise coming from downstairs and quickly got out of bed.  Luckily, his wife didn’t wake up.  He made his way down to the living room where he found his daughter.  Shaking his head, he picked up her purse, took the key out of the lock and shut the door.  As he walked over to Olivia, he could smell the alcohol and nudged her.  “Livvy, wake up.  Livvy!”  The 20 year old blonde beauty moaned something and then lay still.  Her Father pulled her coat off and then saw that her red dress had ridden up over her perfect ass.  The next thing he noticed was that she wasn’t wearing any panties.  He looked closer and could see something wet in her hair and when he touched it, he knew exactly what the substance was.  “Oh Livvy.  I can’t believe it.  You let some guy cum in your hair?”  When you wake up, we are going to have to have one serious talk young lady.”  Olivia moaned and then a smile came on her face and he heard her say, “Thank you Daddy.  I love you.”


Mark Hold sat down in the chair next to his daughter and tried to remember back to when she was just a young teenager, before Disney.  He tried to remember how she used to cuddle with him on that very same couch and watch late night movies before falling asleep against him.  Unfortunately, all he could think of now was the passed out drunk lying on the couch with cum in her hair.  The other thing he thought about was her sucking some guys cock and probably doing much more.  As he thought about that, his cock started getting hard.  He quickly put that thought out of his mind and just sat there.  Eventually, he drifted off to sleep.  He was awoken to the sounds of Olivia moaning next to him on the couch.  When he looked over, he saw his daughter with her legs spread and her eyes closed, finger banging her bald pussy.  “Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my pussy baby.  Fuck my sweet little cunt with that hard cock.”  Mark was flabbergasted.  Never in all his years had he ever seen such a sight let alone from his own daughter.  He sat and watched as she shoved two fingers deep into her young wet snatch.  Suddenly, she started to shake and as she came, he saw her squirt all over her fingers.  When she finally stopped shaking, she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them dry.


A few seconds later, her arm fell limp off the couch and he heard her softly snoring, obviously passing out again.  Mark stood up and gently picked Olivia up off the couch and carried her to her room.  He laid her on her bed and pulled a blanket over her and then leaned down, kissed her forehead and whispered, “Sweet dreams little girl.”  He quietly walked out of her room and climbed into bed with his wife and thought about what had just happened downstairs.


Mark tossed and turned for several hours before finally getting up and going downstairs.  While the coffee brewed, he went outside to retrieve the morning paper.  When he bent down to pick it up, he noticed Olivia’s shoe lying on the sidewalk.  After picking it up, he saw her panties lying in the grass, next to the sidewalk.  He picked them up and then instinctively sniffed them.  Smelling the sweet aroma of his daughter’s pussy, his cock started to get hard so he quickly put the panties in the pocket of his robe and went back inside.  He was just about to go upstairs to Olivia’s room when his wife came downstairs.  “Morning honey.  You’re up early.”  She kissed his cheek and made her way out to the kitchen.  “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep.  Livvy came home drunk again last night.”  His wife poured them both a cup of coffee and said, “You know, I’m taking Cade down to Pasadena to see my sister today.  Maybe you should have a good old fashioned Father Daughter talk with her.”  Mark thought about telling her what else Olivia did but decided against it and said, “That’s a good idea.  I think it’s time she got her act together.”


A little over an hour later, Mark watched his wife and son drive down the road.  As soon as they were out of sight, he went upstairs to Olivia’s room.  Standing next to her bed, he looked down at his daughter and thought about how he was going to convince her that what she was doing was wrong.  Suddenly, he knew what he needed to do.  “WAKE UP!!!” he screamed.  Olivia didn’t move so Mark grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up and screamed again, “WAKE UP!!!!!”  This time he slapped her hard and Olivia’s eyes popped wide open.  “DADDY!!”  Mark pulled her out of bed and dragged her into her bathroom.  “DADDY!!  WHAT THE FUCK?” she screamed.  Mark didn’t say a word.  He just pushed her down in front of the toilet and shoved her face into the cold water.  He held her there while she thrashed and struggled against his overwhelming strength.  When he finally pulled her head up, she gasped for air and said, “Daddy, why are you…….”  Before she could finish, he shoved her face back into the bowl and held her there for almost a minute.  By the time he pulled her head back up, she’d stopped struggling and only coughed and gasped, sucking in air once again.


Mark stood her up and with one hand, tore her ruined dress from her perfect body leaving her standing naked in front of the shower.  As he held her, he reached in and turned on the cold water and pushed her into the stall.  “FUCKKKKK!!!!!!” she screamed as the cold water washed over her body.  Olivia tried with all her strength to get out but Mark was just too strong for the tiny blonde.  He held her there for several minutes, getting soaked as well in the process.  As he held her there, he took in her nakedness and felt his cock getting hard.  Without loosening his grip on Olivia, he pulled his cock out and stroked it with his free hand as he forced Olivia to stand under the streaming cold water of the shower.


When he was ready, he pushed Olivia to her knees and said, “Open up princess.  It’s time to show Daddy how well you suck cock.”  Olivia shook her head, keeping her mouth shut tight but Mark pinched her nose closed, forcing her to part her lips, allowing him the opportunity he was waiting for.  With one push, he shoved his massive ten inches down his daughter’s throat, making her gag.  He quickly grabbed her head and started to skull fuck his little girl.  As he slammed his cock down her throat, Olivia started hitting him but to no avail.  Her Father was just too strong for the tiny actress and as he continued his assault, he said, “Look at me Livvy.  Look at me while I fuck your mouth like all those guys you’ve been dating lately.”  Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at her Father and could see anger and determination on his face.


After several minutes, Mark pulled his cock out of her mouth and let her catch her breath.  Olivia was coughing and spitting massive amounts of saliva from her mouth when Mark leaned down and picked her up.  He carried her wet body out to her bed and threw her down onto her stomach.  Olivia tried to crawl away but Mark grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed.  When he spread her legs wide open, Olivia started to beg him to stop.  “Please Daddy.  DON’T!!!  STOPPPPPPP!!!!!”  She kept screaming as her Father pushed his rock hard cock into her.  He had a hard time getting his fat cock into her pussy so he slapped her ass and said, “Relax Livvy.  Fighting this will only make it harder on you.”  Olivia continued to struggle but when he finally pushed his cock into her, she stopped.  All she could do was lay there and let her Father rape her.  Olivia started to cry and in a soft whimper said, “please stop Daddy…..please stop.  Whatever I did, I’m sorry.”  Mark didn’t respond, he simply got on top of his beautiful daughter and fucked her hard and deep.  Within minutes, Olivia started to grunt and then she came, hard.  Her pussy opened up and the only sounds in the room were the wet, squishing noises coming from her pussy as he fucked her fast and deep.  Mark felt his balls tighten up and then, before he knew it, he was pumping his cum into Olivia.  Olivia just lay there, taking the hot load.  Tears were streaming down her cheeks as the ultimate betrayal came to an end.


Mark finally got off Olivia and stood next to the bed.  He could see his semen pouring out of her.  She slowly lifted her head and said, crying, “Why Daddy?  Why did you do that to me?”  Mark pulled her off the bed and onto her knees and said, “Clean my cock Livvy.  Lick it like you do to all those boys you suck off.”  Olivia took his soft cock in her tiny hand and started to lick it.  As she did, Mark looked down at her and started to get hard again.  “Mmmmm, that’s it slut.  Make your Daddy hard again.”  Olivia started to stroke him as she licked the sticky cock back to like.  When he was hard again, he said, “Get up and bend over the end of the bed.”  Olivia slowly stood up and as she bent over, she said, “Please Daddy.  Don’t rape me again.  Please.”  Mark spread her ass cheeks apart and then leaned down and started to lick her pink asshole.  He stuck his tongue inside of her and he heard her gasp.  Mark spit a few times and then continued to lick her ass and said, “How many guys have been in this hole Livvy?”  Olivia started to moan and said, “Please Daddy.  Stop!”  Mark slapped her ass hard and screamed, “HOW MANY!”  Olivia tried to make sense of what was happening to her and said, “Three Daddy.  Three guys have fucked my ass.”


Mark stood up and pushed his cock into her tight little hole and said, “Make that four.”  Olivia winced and then bit her lip as her Father forced more and more of his cock inside of her.  When he was all the way in, he pulled her head back and looked her in the eye and said, “If you’re going to act like a whore, then I’m going to treat you like one.”  He pushed her back down on the bed and held her there as he started to sodomize her.  It didn’t take long for Olivia’s ass to open up for him and he was soon pounding his cock balls deep into her anal cavity.  His balls slapped against her pussy and after several minutes of hard fucking, Olivia started to cum.  Mark felt her body tense up in orgasm and he said, “You are a fucking whore.  Only whores cum from getting fucked in the ass.”  Mark continued his assault on his daughter for almost fifteen minutes and when he was ready to cum, he pulled her to her knees and made her suck his cock and swallow his load.  After he wiped his filthy cock off on her long blonde hair, he said, “Get cleaned up and then come downstairs.  Olivia watched her Father leave and then fell to the floor and cried.


Thirty minutes later, Olivia came downstairs and found her Father sitting on the couch watching a football game.  She slowly walked over to him and said, “I’m sorry Daddy.”  Mark didn’t look at her, he simply said, “Get me a beer.”  Olivia went into the kitchen and returned with the beer and handed it to him.  When he finally looked at her, Olivia quickly looked at the floor and said, “Please Daddy.  I’m so sorry.  I promise, I won’t be bad again.  I don’t want you to think I sleep with every guy I meet.”  Mark patted the cushion next to him and said, “Sit down Livvy.”  Olivia slowly sat down and when she did, Mark saw her wince a bit, the pain in her ass was obvious.  Olivia fumbled with her hands in her lap when Mark said, “Look Livvy.  I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.  I did what I did to make you realize that you can either be a whore that lets any guy out there fuck her or you can be the smart, beautiful girl your Mother and I raised.  It’s all about what you want.”  Olivia thought about it for a minute and then looked at him and said, “I want….”  Mark waited and said, “Well?”  She said, “I think I want to be a good girl but if I’m ever bad again, I hope you teach me another lesson.”  Mark smiled and said, “I promise.”


When her Mother and Brother finally got home, they found Olivia cuddling up against Mark as they watched a movie.  After the two kids went to bed, her Mother said, “So Mark.  Did you straighten our daughter out?”  Mark smiled and said, “I don’t think we have anything to worry about but she knows that if she ever does anything like that again, I’ll make sure to have another Father Daughter talk with her.”


The End

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