The Rebound

Title: The Rebound

Author: voodoojoe

Celebs: Olivia Holt

Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, toys

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The Rebound

By voodoojoe



“I was thinking of getting a tattoo,” Olivia Holt said, turning and pointing at the back of her shoulder. “Maybe a little fairy or something back here, what do you think?”

“You don’t need one,” I said, shaking my head even as I let my eyes dart down to sneak a peek at her ass.

“Aren’t you a tattoo artist?” Olivia asked, giving me an odd look.

“If you come down to my shop, I’ll give you any tattoo you want,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “But you’re asking me for my personal opinion, and you don’t need a tattoo. Some women actually look better without them, and it would be a shame to mar that perfect alabaster skin.”

“Oh, thanks,” Olivia said, blushing at my compliment.

“If you want to talk piercing though, I think you’d look great if you pierced your belly button,” I said, picking up her vibes and flirting back a little.

“You think?” Olivia asked, lifting up her shirt to show me her belly button.

“Oh yeah, even a simple bar would look sexy,” I said, nodding as she let me admire her flat stomach. “Get a jewel, or even something that dangles a bit and it would really accentuate it.”

“Huh, I hadn’t thought of that,” Olivia said, sticking her finger in her belly button and playing with it.

“And while you’re at it, nipple piercings are all the rage at the moment,” I said, grinning as her eyes went wide.

“Really? I hadn’t thought of that,” Olivia said, biting her lower lip.

“Maybe, or maybe I just want to see your boobs,” I said, giving her a little smirk.

“I bet you do,” Olivia said, returning my smirk as she got up. I resisted the urge to check out her ass as she walked away, which proved the right call when she glanced over her shoulder at me and our eyes locked rather than her catching me staring at her butt.

“You and Olivia seemed to share a moment there,” Kelli Berglund said, sliding into the seat Olivia had just vacated.

“Just a little harmless flirting,” I said, taking a sip of my beer.

I’d first met Kelli when she came into the shop to get a tattoo. She’d liked the work so much that she kept in touch and even bounced around some ideas for other tattoos. One I’d suggested was a personal phrase on her rib cage just below her breast, but she hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. But that had led to hanging out and meeting some of her friends. A couple of them had even let me ink them, leading to even more work.

“Uh huh,” Kelli said, giving me a skeptical look.

“She’s hot, but she’s got a boyfriend, and I don’t chase women in relationships,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “There are enough single women in the world that don’t come with the headache of angry boyfriends.”

“That’s a great way to handle things,” Kelli said, nodding her head. “Problem is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“Wait, what? When?” I asked, suddenly running through the exchange with Olivia with the new information.

“They broke up a couple months ago,” Kelli said, laughing at my reaction.

Even though I was on the outer orbit of a few celebrities, I really didn’t keep up with celebrity gossip. So it didn’t really surprise me that Olivia broke up with her boyfriend without me knowing about it. He hadn’t been around the last couple times I’d seen Olivia, but then he’d never really been the type to be around constantly even when I knew they were together.

“While it’s tempting, I’m probably a little old for her,” I sighed, figuring the odds of me getting into Olivia’s pants were way too long to even bother thinking about.

I was a few years older than Olivia, and had far less money, so any kind of relationship was pretty much a non-starter. Sex, just pure fucking, was more of a possibility, but even then a gorgeous blonde, who happened to be famous, could get pretty much any guy into bed she wanted. And her type generally didn’t wind up hooking up with a guy like me. While I wasn’t nearly the bad boy my profession would lead people to believe I was, I was still rough enough around the edges that sexy starlets barely out of their teens were generally out of my league.

“She’s been with the same guy for several years, maybe she’s looking for someone with a little more experience to show her a few things,” Kelli said, grinning as I weighed whether to take a chance.

+ * + * +

Ultimately, I chose not to take the chance, at least not right then. After I’d gone home, I texted Olivia to see if she was serious about the tattoo. Assuring her that I was serious about her not needing any, I told her that I was curious, and if she was going to get one, I wanted to be the one to do it.

That led to a few days worth of back and forth about possible designs and locations. She brought up the small of her back, but that always seemed a little cliché to me. Olivia even sent me a couple pictures, nothing explicit, but still hot, as she bounced ideas off me of places she could put it.

One was of her pulling her pants down to show me a spot just below her waist near her hip. While she didn’t show anything, she still pulled them down far enough to make it obvious that if she wasn’t shaved down there, then she had a narrow landing strip at most. Another was of her pulling up her shirt to show her side, with just enough side boob thrown in to leave me glad I didn’t have to worry about her spotting the tent in my pants.

In between we flirted a little. I asked about her now-ex and got the story, along with a little tidbit about how she hadn’t gotten laid since the breakup. She had the good grace to wonder why she told me that, and I playfully invited her over to look at some sketches I’d done for her, not actually expecting her to accept.

But she did, and so I found myself rushing around making sure everything was straightened up. I was normally a pretty clean person, especially compared to the stereotypical single male. But with a gorgeous girl coming over, and the possibility of fun times, no matter how remote, I wanted the place as spotless as I could possibly get it.

Hearing the knock on the door, I took a quick glance around to make sure everything looked in order. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I moved towards the door. Turning the knob, I pulled it open, and momentarily forgot to breathe when I saw Olivia. She wasn’t wearing anything particularly fancy, but the simplicity of her tight black shirt and jeans added to effect.

“Wow,” I said, moving out of the way  to let her enter.

“You look pretty good yourself,” Olivia said, giving me an approving look as she moved by me.

“Here, lemme get that for you,” I said, noticing the coat draped over her arm.

“Oh, thanks,” Olivia said, handing it to me.

“Can I get you anything?” I asked, hanging up her coat in the closet. “I have beer, water, Diet Coke. I think there’s even a little wine left over from when I had some friends over the other day.”

“You had a party and didn’t invite me?” Olivia teased.

“Just a few friends that I’ve had since high school, nothing you’d be into,” I said, moving into the kitchen.

“Fine, I’ll let you off the hook this time,” Olivia said, nodding as I held up a bottle of white wine.

“Good, because I’d hate to be on your bad side,” I said, pouring two glasses. “Though far as I can tell, I’m not sure you have a bad side.”

“Flatterer,” Olivia said, nonetheless blushing cutely as I handed her a glass.

“Anyway, I invited you over to look at sketches,” I said, indicating that she should sit on the couch.

“Oh yeah, sketches,” Olivia said, taking a seat, tucking her feet underneath her.

“Well, here’s my first idea,” I said, picking up my tablet.

“Ooh, that’s pretty,” Olivia said as I brought up my first sketch.

“This will give you some idea how it would look on you,” I said, laying it over the picture of her side.

“It’s very pretty, but it doesn’t really fit,” Olivia said, shaking her head.

“Well, if I shrink it a little, this is what it would look like on your hip,” I said, adding it to the picture of her hip.

“That looks better, but with it smaller like that, you don’t really get as much detail,” Olivia sighed.

“Okay, well here’s my second,” I said, bringing up another sketch.

“How did you get into this stuff to begin with?” Olivia asked as she studied the picture.

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as I refilled her wine glass. “My mom likes to joke that as soon as I could hold a pencil, I was doodling. When most kids were still scribbling lines, I was drawing actual figures. She saved quite a few, and I have no idea what I was actually trying to draw, but they were definitely something. With practice, I got better, and art classes in school helped refine things. As for the tattoo thing, in high school a friend saw one of my drawings and thought it was really cool. He’d been thinking of getting a tattoo, so he asked if he could get my drawing done. After he got it, a couple more of my friends wanted me to design ink for them. Somewhere along the way, someone suggested I learn to do them myself, cut out the middle man.”

“Makes sense,” Olivia said, nodding as she flipped through a couple more sketches.

“So I took a couple classes, learned how to do it, and found it really fun and interesting,” I said, watching her face as she pored over my sketches. Some she smiled at, for some her mouth formed a little O, and at a couple her brow furrowed and I made a note to get rid of those. “I must have had a knack if I’ve got a gorgeous woman like you looking at my work deciding whether she wants me do something for her.”

“Keep it up and my face might stay red all night,” Olivia said, smiling at my compliment.

“But you look so cute when you blush,” I said, grinning as she focused on the screen to keep from turning even redder.

“Wait, this is it,” Olivia said, excitedly. “This is exactly what I want!”

“Where?” I asked, wondering if she’d actually show me.

“Here,” Olivia said, raising up onto her knees and undoing the button on her pants so she could pull them down to show me the spot. She hadn’t even pulled them down as far as in the picture she’d sent me, but seeing it live was even hotter.

“If you’re not sending me signals, then I’m really sorry,” I said just before leaning in and kissing her.

Rather than push me away though, Olivia’s arms went around me and a low moan rose in her throat before it got lost in my mouth. And then, just in case I still had doubts, she kissed me back, pressing herself against me as she parted her lips and let my tongue slide into her mouth.

“Mmm, took you long enough,” Olivia said, finally breaking the kiss to catch her breath. “I’ve been trying to get your attention since the party at Kelli’s. When you finally invited me over to look at sketches, I was excited, but you actually meant looking at sketches.”

“I’m pretty dense at times,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Most times, in fact. But I have a couple ways I can hopefully make it up to you.”

“Oh?” Olivia asked, intrigued.

“Well, I could do your tattoo for half price,” I said, grinning as she nodded and thought it over. “Or I could take you into the bedroom and make you forget all about getting a tattoo.”

“Can’t you do both?” Olivia asked, giving me as much of an answer as I needed by reaching down and suddenly pulling her shirt over her head.

“I’ll let you decide when I’m done,” I growled, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her tight against me as I started to stand up.

When I lifted her off the couch, Olivia’s arms tightened their grip and her legs instinctively went around my waist. After it became apparent that I wasn’t going to drop her, Olivia loosened her grip a bit and seemed to enjoy the ride as I moved around the couch and made a beeline for my bedroom.

Using my foot to push open the door, I carried her across the threshold. Reaching the foot of the bed, I bent down to set her down on the edge of the bed. Before letting go though, I let my hands slide up her back until they found the strap of her bra. Unhooking it, I pulled it with me as I leaned back, groaning as the bra came away from her body and her tits came into view.

“Okay, what I said about piercing your nipples, forget it,” I said, licking my lips as I tried, and failed, not to stare at her chest. “Those are perfect, and you shouldn’t fuck with perfection.”

“Really? You don’t think they’re too small?” Olivia asked, arching her back and thrusting her chest out at me.

“Not even a little bit,” I said, putting a hand on her stomach and slowly sliding it up her body. “There is one thing they desperately need though.”

“And what is that?” Olivia asked, putting her hands on the bed behind her.

“My lips sucking on those cute little pink pencil erasers,” I grunted, leaning in to kiss her as my middle finger brushed the bottom of her breast before I pulled it away.

“Gonna go right for my boobs, huh?” Olivia asked, clearly amused.

“No, I’m going to start with a kiss here,” I said, lightly touching her collarbone with my finger. “And then I’m going to kiss my way down between your boobs all the way to your belly button.”

“And then?” Olivia asked, breathing heavy in excitement.

“Well, from there I’ve got a few options,” I said, tracing small circles around her belly button. “I could move back north and go for your tits.”

“You could do that,” Olivia said, playfully, as she leaned back to lie down on the bed.

“Or I could venture even further south, maybe yanking down those pants to clear the way,” I said, letting my fingers glide down over her lower stomach until they reached the waist of her jeans and found the button she’d already undone.

“That would get my vote,” Olivia said, holding her breath for a moment as I grabbed the zipper and toyed with it before letting it go.

“The third option would be to just stay put at your belly button,” I said, flattening my hand against her and sliding it back up her stomach until I reached her navel. When I dipped my finger into it, she gasped and squirmed a little. “It seems sensitive enough that I could probably have some fun playing with it.”

“That feels weird,” Olivia said, giggling as I ran my finger along the rim of her belly button.

“Weird can be good,” I said, grinning as I leaned in to kiss her collarbone.

True to my word, I trailed kisses down between her breasts, though it was incredibly tempting to swerve one way or the other and wrap my lips around a luscious pink nipple. But, the difference between teen me and mid-twenties me was that I’d learned that delaying my own gratification often meant increasing the reward many times over. So, rather than go right for a nipple, I stayed the course until I kissed my down her stomach to her belly button.

And then, just to tease her a bit, I hovered over the cute little divot of her belly button, even letting my tongue dart out to dip into the shallow hole. She giggled and squirmed cutely before I moved on, kissing my way back up her stomach.

As I neared her rib cage, Olivia put a hand on top of my head. The closer I got to her boob, the tighter the grip on my head got. When I got within a couple inches of her breast and suddenly turned right, the hand gripped my hair and tried to pull me where it wanted me.

“Not gonna work,” I muttered between kisses as I followed the curve of her tit, staying just an inch or two away as I worked my way to her side.

“Stop teasing me,” Olivia groaned.

“Who’s teasing?” I asked, putting my hands on her hips and turning her onto her side as I kissed my way around to her back.

“What am I, a rag doll?” Olivia asked, laughing as I reversed course and started kissing my way down her back.

“Maybe we can do that later,” I said, reaching a hand around to her front and finding the zipper of her jeans. Pulling it down, I slipped both hands into the waistband of her jeans and pulled them down to expose her ass with a black thong between her cheeks. “God, is there a part of you that isn’t spectacular?”

“You’ll just have to find out,” Olivia said, grinning over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass for me.

“I like a challenge,” I said, moving lower so I could take off her shoes and pull her jeans the rest of the way off.

Tossing her jeans aside, I let my eyes roam Olivia’s body as she rolled onto her back and scooted further up the bed. Crawling onto the bed on my knees, I reached forward and slipped my fingers in the waistband of her thong. Slowly pulling it down, I found that she indeed was shaved bare, and recently too, since there wasn’t even a hint of stubble.

“Well, I still haven’t found it,” I said, lifting her legs up in the air so I could pull the thong over her feet.

“If you look closely, I’m sure you’ll find something,” Olivia assured me, bending her knees and bringing her feet back down to the bed just below her butt.

“How closely? This close? Closer?” I asked, leaning down until I was about a foot away. When she shook her head and let her knees loll open, I halved the distance and inhaled the smell of her arousal. “Hmm, everything still looks pretty damn nice from here.”

“Closer,” Olivia hissed, lifting her head to look at me as I settled onto my stomach and moved closer still to her pussy.

Putting my hands on her thighs, I tilted my head so I could look up her body at her face while still keeping her pussy in view. Opening my mouth, I blew a stream of air onto her pussy, making her groan as the breath cooled her aroused pussy.

“Plea-ohhh,” Olivia moaned as I interrupted her plea by letting my dart out lick at her labia.

With my first taste of her out of the way, I went to work in earnest. Dragging my tongue between her labia, I collected some of her juices as I neared her clit. Before getting there though, I stopped just short, getting a groan of complaint from Olivia.

Deciding to give her what she wanted, I flicked my tongue, making contact with her little nub. The moan I got in return was definitely appreciative, as was the next one when I used the tip of my tongue to make more prolonged contact with her sensitive bud.

After a few moments of playing with her clit, I went back to her labia. This time I let my tongue dip lower, lapping at her opening and tasting the fresh juices dripping out of her. With her flavor coating my taste buds, I went back to her clit, this time clamping my lips around it and sucking.

“Ohhhhh,” Olivia moaned, a hand landing on the top of my head as she pulled it even tighter against her.

With her bringing a hand into the action, I decided to follow suit. Slipping it off her thigh, I extended my middle finger and ran it along the length of her slit. Gently pushing, I eased it inside, feeling her tight snatch clamp down on the invader, and making my dick throb at the thought of feeling something similar.

“Ohh, yeahh,” Olivia hissed, lifting her hips to meet my finger as I started slowly fucking her with it.

Massaging her clit with my lips, I added a second finger to her pussy. The grip on my hair tightened as I started working two fingers into her tight snatch. On the occasional stroke, I curled my fingers to rub her inner walls, getting an obvious reaction for my trouble.

“Ohh, fuck, ohhh, god,” Olivia panted, simultaneously making it hard to keep doing what I was doing, and impossible to stop, due to the bucking of her hips and the hand holding me in place.

Moving my other hand from her thigh, I slid it up her leg to her hip, and then over to her lower stomach. Applying a little pressure, I managed to control her hips just enough to allow me keep track of her clit without having to worry about getting a kink in my neck in the morning from all the rapid movement. Not that diving into Olivia’s muff wouldn’t be worth a sore neck, but it made my job a little easier, which allowed me to make Olivia howl in pleasure a little quicker.

“Oh, god, gonna, ohhhh, gonna come,” Olivia gasped, her back arching and her thighs slamming against the sides of my head as she exploded.

With nowhere to go, I kept going. Her pussy clenched tight around my fingers, so I couldn’t pull them out, but I was still able to move them around inside her enough to make her body spam each time my fingers brushed against her g-spot. On top of that, I alternated between sucking on her clit and letting my tongue bat it around like a cat with a ball of yarn.

“Oh, fuck, fuck,” Olivia hissed, the hand on my head suddenly pushing instead of pulling. At the same time, her body started moving up the bed, crawling away from me as it all became too much for her on the heels of her orgasm.

Pulling my fingers out of her, I sat up and grinned at the goofy smile on her face. Her eyes were still a little unfocused, and her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. All in all, it was an extremely arousing sight, especially considering that I was the reason for the sexy disarray she was in.

“So, did I make it up to you?” I asked, moving up the bed to lay beside her.

“Make it up to me?” Olivia asked, her brow wrinkling as she tried to figure out what I was talking about.

“For making you wait,” I said, smirking as I realized that I had, in fact, made her forget all about it by scrambling her brain, albeit momentarily.

“You just made up for stuff you haven’t even done wrong yet,” Olivia sighed, her silly grin returning.

“Ooh, I love having brownie points,” I said, giving her a devilish grin as I reached out and rested my hand on the boob closest to me. Tweaking the nipple with my finger, I let my thumb rub and caress the side of her breast. “So, how many points is this?”

“Two, but I’ll let you earn them back,” Olivia said, rolling onto her side to face me.

“And how do I go about that?” I asked, unable to stop myself as I scooted down to latch my mouth onto the tit I wasn’t already groping.

“Well, that’s one way,” Olivia groaned, instinctively pushing her chest out at me.

“Anything else?” I asked as I switched to licking around the nipple.

“Ohh, you can quit teasing me and fuck me,” Olivia finally hissed, her hands going for the waist of my pants.

“That one I’m pretty sure I can do,” I said, laughing as I reluctantly abandoned her nipple so I could do what she wanted.

Between the two of us we made short work of my pants. Watching her on her knees, naked, tugging my jeans off was quite possibly the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life. At least until I saw the look on her face as she pulled down my boxers and my cock sprang out at her. While I wasn’t the biggest guy around down there, I knew from previous girlfriends that I was still on the large side. I’d seen similar looks on the faces of enough women to know when I was biggest they’d seen.

“Lay down,” I told her as I rolled onto my side so I could open the drawer in the table next to the bed and grab a condom.

Rolling back to face her, I was pleased to see that not only was Olivia on her back, but she had her legs spread and her hand was between them idly rubbing her pussy. Check that, that was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

Raising up on my knees, I ripped open the wrapped and withdrew the condom. Quickly unrolling it down the shaft of my cock, I moved into place between her legs. Slipping my hands under the backs of her knees, I lifted her legs. Hooking one around my waist, I leaned the other one against my chest as I reached down to grab my cock.

Guiding my cock towards her pussy, I locked eyes with her. As I eased forward, feeling her stretch to accommodate me, I grinned as her eyes fluttered shut. Her mouth froze in an O and a moan came from deep in her throat.

Not wanting to take her too fast, I gently pushed until I was halfway inside her. She was every bit as tight as I had imagined while fingering her, and even though she was drenched from her orgasm, she still gripped me tightly as I worked my way into her.

Finally reaching bottom, I paused to luxuriate in the way she wrapped around me, squeezing me so wonderfully. Putting my hands on her hips, I slowly started sliding out of her, watching her labia cling to my cock as her inner walls gripped me, as if refusing to let me go.

With half of my cock outside of her, I paused for a beat before thrusting back into her. When our pelvises crashed together, a low guttural groan came out of Olivia’s mouth as she was filled again. The groan took on a plaintive note as I immediately started pulling back.

“Ohhh, shit,” Olivia grunted as I plunged back into her cunt.

“And I haven’t even really started to fuck you yet,” I said, grinning as I drove into her again, harder this time.

True to my word, I picked up the pace, watching her face as months of need got fucked out of her. Her pussy adjusted to me and loosened up enough to let me really give it to her. I still didn’t fuck her quite as hard as I might have with someone I was more familiar with, or I knew was more experienced, but I certainly didn’t hold much back as I slammed into her tight little twat.

“Ohhh, fuck, ohhhh,” Olivia gasped as I shifted my hips and hit a new spot inside her.

Grabbing her legs, I pushed them back, putting her flexibility to good use as I nearly pinned them to her shoulders. With her open and pliant, I drove into her with force and confidence, getting a nice stream of grunts and moans from Olivia each time I bottomed out and sent bursts of pleasure shooting through her.

“Ohhh, soo close,” Olivia whined, reaching out to grab my sides in an effort to pull me in deeper.

“I’m not quite ready, so should I make you come now, or make you wait?” I asked, smirking as she looked like she was going to strangle me with her legs. “Come now, got it.”

“Make me come,” Olivia demanded, bucking her hips to meet my thrusts.

“I’ll see what I can do,” I said, letting one leg drop to hook around my waist.

With my now free hand, I let it rest on her stomach for a moment before sliding it down over her waist and towards her crotch. Reaching down to where we were connected, I ran my thumb through her folds to collect some of her juices before bringing it back to her clit.

“Ohhhhh,” Olivia moaned, slamming her hips against mine as my thumb mashed her sensitive bud.

On top of the direct stimulation of her clit, I added a little grind against her at the end of each thrust. The combination of the two seemed to work, or at least just overwhelm her when she was already primed, because it wasn’t long before she exploded.

“OHHHHH,” Olivia squealed as she came, her back arching and her leg on my waist pulling me into her.

Feeling her clamp down on my cock, I kept moving inside her, though much slower. I was close, but not really close enough to get there while she was still riding her little wave. So I was stuck waiting for her to finish up, so I could finish up.

When she finally came down, I slowly withdrew completely. She groaned in complaint, but it quickly changed to a gasp of surprise as I grabbed her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. Tugging on her hips I lifted her ass into the air.

“Ohhh,” Olivia moaned as I plunged back into her pussy without warning.

Not even pausing once I was deep inside her tight snatch, I immediately pulled back until just the head was still in her pussy. Just as quickly I pulled on her hips as I drove forward, filling the room with the sound of our bodies smacking together.

Watching that perfect ass bounce off me each time I drove into her, I felt my orgasm start to build inside me. Getting over the surprise of the sudden position change, Olivia started to push back to meet my thrusts. Looking back over her shoulder, she gave me a look that damn near made me come right then and there.

My lip curling into a snarl as the cum started to boil in my balls, I slammed into her one last time. Pulling on her hips to hold myself deep within in, I let loose. Growling out my release, my cock pulsed, unleashing shot after shot of hot jizz into the latex barrier.

Finally letting go of her hips, I grabbed the base of my cock to keep the condom in place as I withdrew from Olivia. After taking a moment to watch her ass as she dropped to her stomach in front of me, I pulled the condom off my cock and disposed of it.

“I hope that met at least a few of your expectations,” I said, dropping to the bed next to her.

“Well, it definitely didn’t suck, that’s for sure,” Olivia said, laughing as she rolled over onto her back.

“That’s the best review I’ve gotten in months,” I said, chuckling as I sat up.

“Hmm, I should probably be getting home,” Olivia said, suddenly acting a little awkward.

“No, you don’t,” I said, shaking my head. Before she could open her mouth, I cut her off. “You had a couple glasses of wine out there, and while I’m sure we worked at least some of it off, you should probably stay here.”

“With you?” Olivia asked, looking like she was unsure whether she should be nervous or excited.

“Well, yeah, but I’ll be out there on the couch,” I said, pointing towards the door. “In the morning there will be cereal and coffee, if you decide to stick around to eat any before you leave.”

“Sounds good,” Olivia said as I let my eyes roam from her gorgeous face down to her shaved and aroused pussy before getting out of bed.

Feeling her eyes on my butt, I gave it a little wiggle as I crossed the room to my dresser. The giggle behind me let me know I was right and I dug into the dresser to grab a pair of boxers to pull on. Closing the drawer I opened the one below it and grabbed a t-shirt.

“In case you don’t feel like sleeping naked in a strange man’s bed,” I said, grinning as I tossed her the shirt.

“Thanks,” Olivia said, smiling as she slipped her arms into the sleeves of the shirt and then pulled it over her head.

“I generally take about twenty minutes to fall asleep, so you should probably wait at least that long to sneak out,” I said, moving to the closet to grab a blanket and pillow I kept up there in case a friend needed to crash on the couch.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Olivia said, laughing as I backed out of the room, closing the door behind me.

+ * + * +

Dipping the spoon into the soup, I brought a little of it to my mouth. Tasting it, I let it settle on my taste buds before adding a little salt. With that taken care of, I grabbed a knife and some lettuce and was ready to start cutting when my phone buzzed.

“Doing anything later?” Olivia texted.

“I was getting ready to eat dinner, if you want to join me,” I sent back. Putting my phone aside, I started cutting up lettuce until it buzzed again.

“What are you having?” Olivia asked.

“I made some soup, and right now I’m making a salad,” I responded.

“Sounds yummy, I’ll see if I can make it,” Olivia said.

Whistling to myself, I finished cutting up the lettuce. Digging through the fridge, I started picking out the stuff I’d grabbed at the store on the way home. Tossing everything together in a bowl, I drizzled it with a simple vinaigrette. And just as I was dishing myself up some dinner, there was a knock on the door.

“So, when were you going to tell me you could cook?” Olivia asked, smiling when I opened the door.

“Well, you should probably taste it first,” I said, laughing as I stepped aside to let her enter. “If you want an amazing meal, I can give you my friend’s number. He’ll probably want the same thing I do right now though. Nice dress, by the way.”

“Thanks,” Olivia said, giving me a little spin. The little floral print dress wasn’t tight, at least not the skirt, but it came down to mid-thigh and showed just enough cleavage to have me drooling.

Over coffee and cereal the other day, we had a nice discussion about expectations, namely that there were none. She was free to drop by whenever she wanted, even if just to watch a movie and hang out. At the same time, if one of us was busy, we couldn’t get mad about them being unavailable. I wasn’t sure just how long a setup like that would last, but I was certainly willing to be her rebound fling for the short term, because god, that body was to die for.

“It’s nothing fancy, I threw a few things together this morning and let it slowly cook all day,” I said, setting down a bowl of soup in front of her. “The salad I put a little more effort into it, but just don’t expect too much.”

“It’s actually really good,” Olivia said, stabbing some lettuce with a fork and bringing it to her mouth. “What kind dressing did you use?”

“It’s a vinaigrette that I whip up and keep around for when I need it,” I answered, shrugging my shoulders. “It’s cheaper, and often better, than the bottled stuff in stores.”

“So, what are you making me tomorrow?” Olivia asked with a smirk.

“That depends on what you’re offering,” I said, returning her smirk. “Watching a movie will get you frozen pizza.”

“I’ll pass on the movie,” Olivia said, giving me a look that said she might still be joining me for dinner.

“Suit yourself, but it’s the finest frozen pizza you can buy for a dollar,” I said, shaking my head.

“Tempting, but if I’m going to have to spend hours in the gym working it off, I want something good. Like chocolate cake,” Olivia said, licking her lips as she thought of cake.

“You really don’t want to tell me that, because my friend makes the best chocolate cake and I could have one here pretty quickly,” I said, only mildly bluffing.

“I’m going to be full enough as it is without adding cake,” Olivia said, eating her soup.

“Should I have him make one for tomorrow? It’ll cost you big though,” I warned, grinning to let her know I was joking.

“I’ll definitely think about it,” Olivia said, tilting her bowl to get the last of her soup to pool in the corner of the bowl so she could dip her spoon in it.

“Then, since you don’t want to be seen in public with me, want to watch some television?” I asked, sticking my tongue out at her.

“See, that’s why I don’t want to be seen in public with you,” Olivia said, laughing.

“Okay, so, how about I clean up and find something to watch on the television?” I asked, picking up the dishes.

“Any suggestions?” Olivia asked, getting up from the table.

“I’ll let you pick anything you want,” I said, setting the dishes on the counter. “Just remember that a person’s Netflix account is a very private thing and shouldn’t reflect on them.”

“You’ve got something really embarrassing in your queue, don’t you?” Olivia asked, narrowing her eyes as she studied me.

“I’m not sure how embarrassing it is, it’s not like I’ve got Fuller House in there or anything,” I said, transferring the leftover soup to a bowl and putting it in the fridge.

“This I gotta see,” Olivia said, laughing as she turned on the tv.

+ * + * +

I don’t really remember what she chose. It wasn’t bad. It really wasn’t good either. It just kinda was. And when something has to compete with the gorgeous blonde sitting next to you, plus the constant stream of thoughts about whether she might want to do more than just watch a middling tv show, then it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of what was happening onscreen.

Feeling her eyes on me, I turned and caught Olivia staring at me. When I smirked, she blushed but didn’t turn her head away. Instead, our eyes locked and a like in a movie, it felt like we were being pulled towards each other until suddenly our mouths were crashing together.

The moment our lips met we were all over each other. Putting my hand on her hip, I pulled her on top of me. Planting her knees in the couch on either side of me, she pressed herself against me and shoved her tongue into my mouth like she was trying to lick my tonsils.

“Bedroom?” I asked, finally breaking the kiss.

“No,” Olivia said, panting for air. “Here.”

“The condoms are in my room,” I said, not really wanting to argue, but wanting to make sure she had all the facts.

“I brought one, in my purse,” Olivia said, rubbing herself against me as she reached for her purse. Opening it up, she pulled out a condom and sat up on my lap.

“Someone came prepared,” I mused, grinning lasciviously at her.

“Just in case you were out,” Olivia said, biting her lip.

“I love it when a woman comes here looking to get laid,” I said, contemplating how to get my pants off, and the condom on, all without moving Olivia from her current perch.

“Then I’m sure you’ll love to know that I’m not wearing any underwear,” Olivia said, lowering her voice to a giggly whisper, which somehow made the news that much hotter.

“Yeah, I’m going to need to investigate that claim,” I said, putting my hands on the backs of her thighs.

Sliding my hands up her thighs, I felt the soft skin of her legs as they moved under her skirt. Reaching her butt, I let out a low groan as I felt her firm cheeks in my palms with nothing separating them. But she still could have been wearing a very skimpy thong, so I started sliding my hands down between her legs. Rather than finding fabric though, my fingers encountered wet, hot pussy.

“God, that is so hot,” I grunted, dragging my finger along her slit. “But the question now becomes, have you been walking around all day in a short skirt without undies? Or did you take them off just for me? And I’m not even sure which one is hotter.”

“I took them off in my car,” Olivia said, her eyes fluttering as I eased my finger into her. “I was downstairs when I texted you, so I just slipped them off and tucked them in my purse.”

“Bet you want to get fucked, huh?” I asked, slowly working my finger in and out of her.

“Yeah,” Olivia moaned, nodding her head.

With that, I pulled my finger out of her while her hands went for my pants. She was determined enough that she got my belt undone and was working on my zipper by the time my hands joined her. In a matter of seconds, we had my pants open and I managed to lift up enough to pull them and my boxers down to the middle of my thighs.

Grabbing the condom, Olivia ripped the wrapper open with her teeth and removed it from its casing. Scooting back to sit on my knees, she pressed the rubber against the head of my cock and quickly unrolled it down the shaft like a pro.

Moving forward, she grabbed hold of my cock. Putting her other hand on my shoulders, she raised up. Pointing the head of my cock at her pussy, she dragged the tip through her folds to tease both of us. Easing herself down on my cock, she moaned as she was slowly filled.

“You better be careful,” I growled, putting my hands on her hips as she sank down onto me.

“Why?” Olivia asked, finally coming to a stop with all of my cock inside her.

“Because a guy could really get hooked on that tight little pussy,” I grunted, letting my hands slide up her back to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress.

“A girl could get hooked on this dick,” Olivia moaned, lifting up and letting me slowly slide out of her.

Sliding my hands down to grab the hem of her dress, I started to lift it up her body. As she dropped back down onto my cock, she lifted her arms so I could pull it off over her head. Reaching out, I draped it across the arm of the couch as she started to rise again. Turning my attention back to her, I groaned as my eyes settled on her perfect tits, jiggling deliciously with each bounce Olivia made on my cock.

“No panties, and no bra? Double naughty,” I growled, my head bobbing as my eyes locked onto her chest.

“I’m a bad girl,” Olivia agreed, leaning forward to give me an even better look at her tits. Either that or she was giving me a hint on what she wanted.

Deciding to take that potential hint, I put my hands on her back and pulled her in until I could latch my mouth onto the closest nipple. When her hands went to the back of my head and a loud moan escaped her mouth, I knew I had made the right choice.

“Oh, yeah, suck on my boob,” Olivia hissed, pressing her chest against my face as she started to fuck me harder.

“What about your other perfect little boob?” I asked, switching over to kiss all around her other tit, without touching the nipple.

“I don’t care which, just suck on my boobs,” Olivia groaned, pulling my head back to her bosom.

Deciding to quit fighting her, I latched onto a nipple and sucked on it like I was looking for milk. Moving my left hand from her back, I moved it around to her front to cup her other breast. Her grip on my head tightened as I trapped her nipple between my fingers and gently squeezed it.

“Ohhh, mmm,” Olivia moaned, bouncing up and down on about three quarters of my cock.

With one hand still on her back, I decided to move it as well. But rather than move it up, I decided to slide it downwards until a firm butt cheek was solidly in my grasp. Giving it a nice squeeze, I used my grip to help lift her up.

“Ohhh,” Olivia moaned as I pulled her down onto my cock.

Letting go of the breast in my hand, I moved it down to join my other hand on her ass. With her boob free, I switched over and latched onto it, sucking on it and letting my tongue swirl around the nipple while it was in my mouth.

“Mmm,” Olivia murmured as I used my grip on her ass to pull her down onto my cock and then grind her crotch against mine before letting her lift up again.

Feeling her pace start to slacken, I figured her legs might be getting tired. So I reluctantly let her nipple slip from my mouth as I leaned back to press my shoulders into the couch. Planting my feet on the ground, I lifted my hips and drove my cock into her pussy.

“Ahhh,” Olivia gasped at the sudden maneuver.

Holding her in place, I drilled my cock into her over and over. Looking up at her face, her mouth hung open and her eyes were down to slits as she was overcome by my onslaught. Each thrust got me a sexy grunt from Olivia, which just drove me to fuck her even faster.

“Fuuuuckkkk,” Olivia hissed, her eyes closing as I drove her to the brink.

The burst of energy wasn’t to last though as I felt my legs and core start to tire. Gritting my teeth, I tried to keep up the pace but I just couldn’t do it. Before I could finish her off, I started to slow down and I kicked myself mentally as I watch the frustration mount on Olivia’s face when she started to back away from her orgasm.

Trying to get back to that peak, Olivia took over. A look of determination crossed her face and she started to bounce on my cock almost as hard as I’d just been fucking her. Her pussy clenched around my cock and tried to milk it each time it swallowed my manhood whole.

“Someone really wants to come,” I observed as she set out on her mission.

“Uh huh,” Olivia moaned, nodding her head.

“Then fuck my cock,” I snarled, squeezing her ass in my hands. “Fuck it until you come.”

“Mmm, yeah, make me come,” Olivia demanded, dropping down onto my cock and then grinding against me.

While she was grinding against my crotch, I loosened my grip on her butt. Rather than firmly grasp it, I started to rub and caress her cheeks as she rose up again. And then I let my middle wander into the cleft and trail down her crack until it passed over the tight pucker of her asshole.

The effect was obvious as Olivia gasped and her eyes opened wide. She didn’t tell me to stop or make any effort to remove from hand from her ass, which was very promising. I wasn’t going to push anything, but I was certainly hoping it meant that she’d be open to a little further exploration.

Dipping my hand down between her legs, I pressed it against where we were joined to collect some of the juices dripping out of her. Dragging the finger back across her perineum to settle over her asshole again, the extra lubrication let me softly rub along the surface of her starfish.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia groaned as I paired the touch to her tightest hole with a sharp thrust into her pussy.

Seeing her tits bouncing in my face, I licked my lips. Tracking those little pink nipples as Olivia bounced in my lap, I slid my other hand up her back. Pulling her back in close, I wrapped my lips around the first nipple that came near.

Holding my head tightly to her chest again, Olivia moaned and her pussy rhythmically squeezed my cock as the extra jolt of pleasure went through her. As I swirled my tongue around the nipple, I could feel Olivia’s bounces getting uneven and her breath started getting ragged.

“Are you getting close?” I asked, letting the nipple slip from lips.

“Uhhh huhh,” Olivia moaned, nodding her head.

Giving her nipple one last flick with my tongue, I gripped her ass with my middle finger right in her crack. Using my arm on her back, I pulled her tight against me. Planting my feet on the ground, I took over again, lifting my hips to slam my cock into her pussy with impunity.

“Ohhhh, fuckkkkk,” Olivia hissed, her body quivering as I pushed her back to the brink. Then I tightened my grip on her ass and my finger pushed against her asshole, penetrating her to the first knuckle, setting her off. “OHHHHHHH.”

Feeling her clamp down on me as she came, I felt the cum begging to be released from my balls. Continuing to thrust up into her vise-like snatch, I ground my teeth together until I finally reached my own release. Growling, I slammed my cock deep into Olivia and held it there as I pumped the condom full of my seed.

Coming down from our highs, I collapsed back onto the couch, Olivia crumpling on top of me. Sighing in pleasure, I gently lifted Olivia so I could her lay her down on her back on the couch. Meeting her goofy smile with one of my own, I reached down to grab the base of cock to make sure the condom didn’t fall off while I was removing it from Olivia’s snug pussy.

“Mmm,” Olivia moaned as I leaned down to kiss her.

“So, you like having your ass played with, huh?” I teased her, pulling down the blanket I kept draped across the back of the couch and spreading it over her naked body.

“No, I just, it, I mean,” Olivia stammered until I raised an eyebrow and grinned knowingly at her. “It was okay, kind of weird.”

“Well, if you ever feel like exploring it a bit more, you know where I am,” I said, laughing. “And that goes for pretty much anything, even things that don’t involve that cute little butt of yours. I’m not going to force you into anything, so if you feel uncomfortable with something, tell me and we’ll stop.”

“Okay,” Olivia said, nodding her head. “So, should I go home now, or are you going to make me stay over again?”

“You can do whatever your pretty little head wants,” I answered. “But if you choose to sleep in my bed, you won’t be alone this time.”

“That’s tempting, but I think I should go home,” Olivia said, clutching the blanket to her chest as she sat up.

“Well, here’s your dress,” I said, reaching over to grab it off the arm of the couch. “Can’t help with the panties or bra though.”

“Text you tomorrow?” Olivia asked, letting the blanket drop to her waist, giving me one last look at her tits as she pulled the dress on over her head. “Zip me up?”

“My natural instinct is always to unzip dresses, but if you promise to send me some pictures,” I said, pulling the zipper up.

“What kind do you want?” Olivia asked, sliding her hands under her butt to straighten out her dress as she stood up.

“Send me one of your smiling face,” I said, handing her her purse. “Though I certainly wouldn’t object to naughty pictures that leave my pants tented.”

“We’ll see,” Olivia said, enough mischief in her grin to make me wonder just how naughty she might get.

+ * + * +

“Are you home?” Olivia texted me.

“For you? Of course,” I sent back.

Olivia had made good on her promise to send me a picture of her smiling face. And then she’d sent me a couple other pictures that fell more into the semi-naughty category. They didn’t really show anything you wouldn’t see on the social media page of the typical teenage girl, but they still left my pants tighter than before I’d seen them.

The first one was after saying she was going to a friend’s to use the pool, and sent me a picture of her bikini. Except it was taken in the mirror, over her shoulder, of her ass, and made my knees turn to jelly. The second was later, when she was in bed, and even though she had the sheet pulled up to cover her chest, it was heavily implied that she was naked under it.

“Be there in ten,” Olivia said, giving me a pep in my step as I walked through the apartment making sure things were at least picked up.

+ * + * +

“Oh, fuck, I’m getting close,” I warned as Olivia tried to suck my prostate out through the end of my cock.

Not bothering to stop, and if anything sucked harder, Olivia stroked my shaft with her hand. Putting a hand on the back of her head, I groaned as the intensity of what she was inflicting on me approached uncomfortable levels. Finally, my grip tightened on her head and I unloaded, filling up Olivia’s mouth with my jizz as quickly as she could swallow it down.

“Damn, where the hell did that come from?” I hissed, letting go of her head and letting her off my cock.

I’d opened the door for her, and immediately found myself being dragged by my shirt towards my room. Once inside, she’d shoved me down on the bed and then started working on my pants. At first I thought she was just in a hurry to get laid, but then she’d settled between my thighs and started sucking my dick like a goddamn pro.

“Last night I realized that you’ve gone down on me, but I hadn’t sucked you yet,” Olivia said, blushing as she moved up the bed to lay down next to me. “And then when I decided I was going to push you down and suck your dick, it was the only thing I could think about. All day every time I had a moment of quiet, I thought about it. My panties have been soaked all day thinking about you, so when you opened the door, I lost control a bit.”

“You should lose control more often,” I said, laughing as I leaned in to kiss her, only for her to pull back. “What, am I no longer kissable? Do I have something on my face?”

“No, I just still have your stuff on my breath,” Olivia said, shaking her head.

“You just gave me the best head I’ve had in months, maybe even longer,” I said, putting a finger on the side of her chin to turn her head towards me. “I can handle tasting a little cum after that.”

To prove it, I leaned in to kiss her. Parting my lips, I pressed my tongue against hers until she opened her mouth and let it slide in. There definitely was still a little salty residue on the inside of her mouth, but it just reminded me that she had a load of my cum in her belly.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked, breaking the kiss. “Now, how about I return the favor?”

“Later,” Olivia said, shaking her head. “I’ve spent all day thinking about this dick, and I need it now.”

“Well, okay then,” I said, feeling my cock already starting to get hard again from the need in her voice.

It obviously didn’t avoid her notice either because she grinned as she glanced down at my crotch and then rolled away from me. Reaching for the table beside the bed, she opened the drawer where I kept the condoms, among other things. The other items in the drawer seemed to catch her attention though as she stopped with her hand halfway into the drawer.

“Whoa, dildo, vibrator, this thing?” Olivia asked, holding up a small glass butt plug.

“That’s a butt plug,” I said, sitting up so I could take off my shirt to leave me completely naked.

“Do you use them?” Olivia asked, blushing at the mention of anal play.

“Well, I use them, but they’re not really for me,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “Sometimes women like a little extra to spice things up. Like, one woman I dated for a bit that liked to greet me, naked in bed, when I came home from work, and the dildo was in case I was late. The vibrator is to add some extra stimulation during sex. The butt plug, well, some women like having their ass played with.”

“Oh,” Olivia said, blushing even redder as I reminded her of my offer to let her explore anal play. “But what about the handcuffs?”

“Maybe some day you’ll let me cuff you to the headboard and then tease you by kissing and licking you all over until you beg me to fuck you,” I said, grinning devilishly. “And then, because you’re handcuffed and can’t do anything about it, I’m going to keep teasing you until I can’t take it any more.”

“We can save that for when you come home to find me masturbating on your bed,” Olivia said, shaking her head as she pulled a condom out of the drawer.

“Tease,” I said, laughing as Olivia grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it off over her head.

Once again Olivia had skipped the bra, and I licked my lips as her tits came into view. I didn’t have much time to savor the view though because she quickly got on her knees so she could undo the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it drop to the bed.

My eyes immediately dropped to the crimson panties she had on, and then they followed as she started to peel them down over her ass. But before anything more than a little smooth skin could be exposed to my view, she closed her legs and sat down so she could pull everything down her legs.

“You really are a tease tonight,” I grunted as she kept everything below the waist visible enough to make me look, but concealed enough to drive me crazy.

“What, my boobs aren’t enough for you?” Olivia asked, reaching up to cover her chest. “I thought you said they perfect?”

“Oh, they are, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the rest of you,” I said, grinning as she moved her hands to show me her tits again.

Rolling her eyes at me, she shuffled closer to my waist. Picking up the condom, she ripped open the package. Taking hold of my cock, she rolled the condom down the shaft, giving it a nice stroke with her hand for good measure.

Straightening up on her knees, Olivia threw a leg over me to straddle my waist. Gripping my cock, she leaned forward and aimed it at her pussy. Pushing back, her eyes narrowed and lost focus as she eased her tight pussy onto my cock.

Reaching out, I rested my hands on her thighs. I softly stroked them as she took more of me into her. When she hit bottom, with her butt resting against my upper thighs, I moved my hands up to her hips. As she lifted up to sit up straight, I let my hands continue up her sides until they stopped on her rib cage, just short of her tits.

“Now who’s the tease?” Olivia asked, smirking at me as my thumbs tickled the skin just below her breasts.

“I’m teasing myself by making me wait to play with those boobies,” I said as she swiveled her hips and ground her crotch against mine.

“Well stop it,” Olivia grunted, grabbing my hands and moving them up to place them on her tits.

“I love it when a woman tells me what to do,” I said as she pressed herself against my hands and started to raise up until she halfway off my cock.

With my hands trapped against her tits, I softly squeezed and fondled them, loving the way they fit right in my palms. Lifting my hips, I met Olivia’s bounce as she dropped back down onto my cock. Lowering my hips to the bed, Olivia used my hands to brace her as she lifted up.

“Ohhh,” Olivia moaned as our pelvises met halfway, with a nice slapping sound, again.

“I love hearing you moan,” I said, shifting my hands on her tits just enough so I could pinch her nipples.

“Mmm,” Olivia murmured, setting a nice rhythm with her bounces. It was fast enough to gradually push her up the mountain, but slow enough to keep me hanging around base camp, so to speak.

Each time she came down, my hips met her, sometimes with more urgency than others, in order to keep her off balance a bit. I also alternated between flicking her nipples and pinching them between thumb and index finger, or rolling them between my fingers just enough to make her gasp as a twinge of pain shot through her mingled with the pleasure.

And while constant contact with Olivia’s magnificent tits was a nice energy boost, ultimately I was unable to hold them up forever. So as they started to tire, I covered by sliding them around to Olivia’s back. Pulling her down until her chest was pressed against mine, my hands then went in different directions. One slid up to the back of her head and pulled her down into a steamy kiss, the other slid down to grab her ass and help her slide up and down on my cock.

“Ooooohhh,” Olivia sighed into my mouth as I hunched my hips to drive into her snatch.

“Hope you don’t mind, but I just can’t seem to keep my hands off your ass,” I said, my other hand moving from the back of her head to stroke along her back and side, making sure to brush my fingers over the side of her boob as it crushed against me.

“No, I kind of like it,” Olivia admitted, sliding her body against mine to meet my thrusts into her pussy.

“Like my hands on your ass? Or on your asshole?” I asked, extending my index finger into her crack to just barely rub against her starfish. The way her eyelids fluttered momentarily and the tremor that went through her body at the touch to her rear entrance was all the answer I needed.

“Can’t it be both?” Olivia asked, putting her hands on my chest and pushing herself up until she was leaning over me.

With all sorts of sights fighting for my attention, I let my eyes rove from her newly re-exposed tits, jiggling sweetly with her movements, down over her taut tummy to her pussy as it was split by my cock. Then after a moment or two, my gaze traveled back, and up to Olivia’s pretty face, with her blonde hair hanging down and shaking each time our groins came together.

“Uhhh, do it, your finger,” Olivia grunted, her eyes taking on a look that was a combination of needy desperation and concentration.

“And what do you want me to do with my finger?” I asked, grinning. I knew full well what she wanted, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“My ass, stick it in my ahhhhh,” Olivia hissed, her demand turning to a squeal as I gave her what she wanted as pushed my middle finger against her anus. It resisted for a split second before yielding to the pressure and my finger sank into her tight ass.

“Ohh, fuck, that’s it,” Olivia gasped, pushing back against my cock and finger with as much force as she could muster.

“Want me to push it in further?” I asked, wiggling the tip of my finger in her butt.

“Uhh, yeah,” Olivia responded, nodding her head. Her mouth opened slightly as I pushed in deeper, stopping at the second knuckle.

Putting my other hand on her ass, I used it to help pull her onto my cock as I plunged it into her snug cunt. While I fucked her pussy, I slowly moved my finger inside her ass. I started with a little wiggle, but soon moved to start sliding it in and out of her gripping asshole.

“Ohhh, fuck me,” Olivia gasped, her eyes closed as she absorbed the new sensations coming from her ass and combining with the pleasure I was inflicting on her pussy.

“Does someone want to come?” I asked, shortening my strokes and increasing the speed with which I was fucking her.

“Ahhh, yeah, make me come,” Olivia said, nodding her head as her body started to quiver.

“You want to come with my finger in that tight little ass of yours?” I asked, pushing my finger into her butt and holding it there as she neared her orgasm. “You’re getting to be quite the little butt slut, aren’t you?”

“Uhh, yeah, I love it in my ass,” Olivia said, uttering a phrase that definitely would have made me come if she hadn’t already taken care of it.

And then she detonated, pressing herself against my chest as her orgasm ripped through her. Her asshole tightened around my finger and her pussy clamped down on my cock as she came. She buried her face into the crook of my neck to stifle her scream as I held her quaking body against me.

“You know, if you wanted to explore your ass a bit more, I’d be willing to help,” I said, slowly resuming my movements into her pussy even as I slid my finger from her ass when she’d stopped coming.

“I’m sure you would,” Olivia sighed, a dreamy smile on her face in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“I’m just saying, you clearly like it, maybe you’d want to try some more,” I said, caressing her back with my hands as she lay on top of me.

“You’re not fucking my ass,” Olivia said, shaking her head, though I’d certainly heard far more convincing refusals in my life.

“There’s a lot of room between my finger and my cock, and I was just thinking you might like to try a little bit of it,” I said. “Or I can just keep fucking this amazing pussy. I’m a happy camper either way.”

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Olivia asked, her nervousness obvious in her voice as she put her hands on the bed and lifted up enough that she could look me in the eye.

“You remember the butt plug?” I asked, nodding my head towards the bedside table.

That? Wasn’t it kinda, you know, big?” Olivia asked, her eyes going wide.

“It’s really not much bigger than my finger. I tell you what, I’ll let you decide,” I assured her, wrapping my arms around her as I sat up. Lifting up onto my knees with my cock still inside her, I turned and laid her down on the bed on her back and withdrew my cock from her. “If you want to try, get on your hands and knees. If you don’t, then stay on your back and spread your legs for me.”

I watched for a couple tense moments as she seemed to wrestle with the possibilities. Her knees started to loll open and for an instant I thought I was going to be getting seconds of Olivia’s pussy, hardly an unenviable option, until she took a deep breath and started to roll over.

“If that sight isn’t enough to make sure I’m hard for the next couple hours, I don’t know that anything will,” I groaned as she pushed herself up onto hands and knees and presented her ass to me.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I reached into the bedside table to pull out the small butt plug, as well as a small bottle of lube. Closing the drawer, I turned to find myself once again staring at the profile of Olivia Holt, while she was naked and on her hands and knees waiting for me to stick things in her butt. Short of finding Kate Beckinsale in a similar position, I was sure it was the hottest thing I could ever see.

Dripping some lube onto my finger, I reached out and dragged it over her little rosebud. She moaned at my touch, which turned to a low groan as I pushed against the center, easing my finger into her back door. And in this position I was able to push my finger all the way in rather than only being able to get in up to the second knuckle like when I was underneath her.

“Such a hot, tight ass,” I grunted, working my finger in and out a couple times before pulling it out completely. Picking up the plug, I drizzled some lube along the shaft and then smeared it around with my hand. “Ready?”

“I think so,” Olivia said, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Remember, if you tell me to stop, or say no at any time, it’s over,” I reminded her. “This is all about you, even though I desperately want to do this. But if you don’t, then we find something you do want to do.”

“Okay,” Olivia said, nodding her head as I brought the plug up to press against her asshole.

Olivia’s breath caught in her throat when I pushed forward and the toy started to stretch her out further than my finger had prepared her for. When the widest point had passed and her anus closed around it, pulling it the rest of the way into her ass, she finally started to exhale.

“See, that’s not so bad, is it?” I asked, tapping my finger against the base and making her groan audibly.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Olivia hissed, squirming a little as completely new sensations washed over her.

“This is going to be fun,” I said, pressing my thumb against the base of the plug and wiggling it. It wasn’t much, but with her inexperienced nerve endings pressed against it, it was more than enough to send a visible tremor through her body.

“Oh, god, fuck me,” Olivia hissed, her head hanging down in front of her.

“If you insist,” I said, grabbing my cock and moving in behind her.

“What? With the plu-uhhhhh,” Olivia asked, her question interrupted as I suddenly drove my cock into her sodden snatch. The extra lubrication from her orgasm was counteracted by the presence of the plug in her ass, making her normally tight pussy even tighter.

Gripping a butt cheek in each hand, I immediately pushed her forward, sliding half of my cock out of her pussy. Extending my thumb to press against the base of the plug, I thrust forward until my pelvis made contact with my thumb and the cheeks of her ass.

“Ohhh, ohhhh,” Olivia moaned as I gave her no respite before pulling back. Even though I’d thought I was a ways away from coming, watching her asshole open to take the plug, and her positive reaction towards it, had pushed me further along than I originally thought.

Fucking her hard and fast, I let my thumb fiddle with the base of the plug as I worked in and out of her pussy. The combination seemed to work for her as much as it did for me, because after just a handful of strokes she started to mew and then let out a loud cry as everything tightened up.

Feeling her pussy clamp down on my cock pushed me over the edge. Slamming deep inside her, I held myself there as my cock throbbed before erupting. Gritting my teeth, I growled as my cock tried to deposit cum into her womb, condom be damned.

Coming down from her peak, Olivia’s arms gave out and crashed to bed. Going with her, I somehow managed to put a hand on the bed to brace me before I crushed the petite blonde underneath me. Reaching between us with my other hand, I grabbed my cock and slowly pulled out of her.

“Want me to take this out, or do you want to take it home with you?” I asked, fiddling with the base of the butt plug, making her groan and lift her butt slightly.

“You can take it out,” Olivia sighed, spreading her legs.

“But it was at least okay, wasn’t it?” I asked, slipping my fingers under the base so I could pull it out.

“It, uhh, hurt at first,” Olivia groaned as I slowly removed the plug. “But then, oh my god, every time you moved it around, I can’t even describe it. And then when you fucked me with it still in…”

“So, do you want to take it home?” I asked, holding it up for her, all shiny with lube. “You can play with it on your own, then you can bring it back whenever.”

“Um, okay, sure,” Olivia said, rolling over her back. When her sore butt hit the mattress, she winced slightly, but it didn’t seem to make her think twice about what she’d just experienced.

Getting up, I headed for the bathroom to clean off the toy before I gave it to her. I could feel her watching me, so I added a little swagger to my walk for her benefit. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught her grinning at me before averting her gaze and  looking for her clothes.

“So, I’m busy tomorrow, but are you doing anything this weekend?” Olivia asked.

“Well, a couple of my friends are going skiing, so I volunteered to get their mail and feed the dog,” I said, sticking my head out the door in time to watch her pull up her panties. “You could come over there if you want. They have a pool if you wanted to take a swim. Or just fix some margaritas and lay by the pool.”

“That does sound tempting,” Olivia said, pulling on her shirt.

“I’ll text you the address, and make sure to bring a bikini,” I said, smirking as I soaped up the plug. “Unless you want to go skinny dipping.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Olivia said, zipping up her skirt.

“And if you want to send me any pictures or videos of you putting this to use, I wouldn’t object,” I said, drying off the plug before handing it to her.

“Not gonna happen, but I might let you use it on me again this weekend,” Olivia said, grinning as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left the room. A moment later I heard the front door shut and I was left with the image of Olivia with the plug nestled between her cheeks.

+ * + * +

“Wow, this place is amazing,” Olivia said when I opened the door. “You sure your friends don’t mind me being here?”

“When they left they said I could have people over, just to stay out of their room,” I said, closing the door behind her. “And on top of that, I even asked them if I could have someone over to have filthy sex with in their guest room this weekend, and they said that I might as well since the house is used to it.”

“You didn’t!?!” Olivia gasped, eyes going wide.

“Nah, I just asked if I could have a female friend over to use the pool,” I said, laughing at her reaction. “But I’m pretty sure they knew that the pool wasn’t the only thing we’d be using.”

“Oh, in that case, I have a surprise for you,” Olivia said, grinning devilishly.

“Ooh, what kind of surprise?” I asked, licking my lips.

Rather than answer, at least audibly, she grabbed my hand. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was doing. When she started to lift my hand her grin got even bigger and eviler as she placed it on her ass. At first I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, though I wasn’t complaining as I gave the cheek a nice squeeze. And then I felt it, the hard flat surface, in contrast to to the soft roundness all around it.

“Shit, are you trying to give me a heart attack, wearing that thing in here like that?” I groaned, tweaking the base of the butt plug through her skirt. “Not to mention the whole going commando thing. I’m afraid I’m going to catch on fire if I stand too close to you right now.”

“Too bad, because you might need to get really close for what I have in mind,” Olivia said, finally pulling away from my hand.

“Then I guess I’ll have to risk it,” I said, taking one more glance at her skirt, as if I could see through the blue material to the bare ass and butt plug beneath it. “But first, I have to introduce you the real owner of the house. I don’t want to alarm you, but she’s really mean too. I mean vicious. If you’re not careful, she’ll lay across your lap until you can’t move, and then lick you to death.”

“Sounds like I should beware of dog,” Olivia said as the large Labrador mix padded up to us.

“This is Belle, and no one gets past her without giving her a little scratch behind the ears,” I said, giving Belle a pat on the head. “If you try, she’ll bark, and then nudge you until you give her what she wants.”

“Good thing I like dogs,” Olivia said, bending over slightly and slowly reaching out with both hands so she could give Belle a little stroke on the chin in addition to the scratch behind the ear.

“Now if she could just get you to bend over a little more,” I said, leaning back so I could watch as Olivia’s skirt rode up a little as she bent forward.

“There’s time for that later,” Olivia said, playfully hitting me on the arm as she straightened up.

“Okay, well, I guess I’ll give you the grand tour,” I said, giving Belle another pat before leading Olivia through the house.

+ * + * +

“Shit, that’s Selena Gomez, isn’t it?” Olivia asked, looking at a picture on the wall. “This is her house?”

“I actually took that picture,” I said, looking at the picture of Selena laughing, her arms around Dan’s neck as he lifted her out of the pool.

On the tour, I’d shown her around the downstairs before heading upstairs. That was when she’d looked closer at the pictures that decorated the hall and stopped in her tracks. I was shocked that it took her that long since pictures of her and Dan were pretty much everywhere, including wedding pictures with her and her famous bridesmaids.

“So, not only do you do tattoos, but you do amazing drawings, and you also take great photographs? What’s next, sculpting?” Olivia asked, laughing.

“No, I never really got that talent,” I said, shaking my head. “And I wouldn’t say I’m a great photographer or anything. I just like to mess around with the camera. It also helps when you’ve got such photogenic subjects to work with like Dan and Selena.”

“I don’t know, it’s better than what they print in a lot of magazines,” Olivia said, studying the picture, though I was sure she was doing a healthy amount of staring at Dan’s muscular body.

“It’s okay, but I’m much better with paper,” I said, pointing a little further down the hall, where a charcoal drawing I did of Selena hung on the other side of the hall.

“You do great with Selena as a subject, but how do you do with other subjects?” Olivia asked, clearly offering to pose for me. I just wondered how far she’d let me go in picking the wardrobe.

“I’ll have to show you some of my other works sometime,” I said, smiling. “But first, I think I’ll leave you alone so you can change without me molesting you.”

+ * + * +

“Gotta love southern California,” Olivia said, stretching out on the lounge chair.

It really wasn’t ideal sunbathing weather, technically being winter and all, but it was still warm enough to do so without freezing one’s naughty bits off. And really, we weren’t really trying to get a tan by laying out, her in a little pink bikini that barely covered anything and me in a pair of swim trunks that thankfully managed to conceal the excitement she caused, so much as just teasing each other.

“Are you ready for lunch?” I asked, turning my head to the side to look at her, then letting my eyes wander down over her body as I waited for an answer.

“Not really, but what are we having?” Olivia asked, spreading her legs just enough to attract my attention to the fabric being stretched over her hot little mound.

“Keep doing that and you’ll be what I’m having for lunch,” I groaned, tearing my gaze away and taking a deep breath to return to something resembling calmness.

“I guess I better stop then,” Olivia said, smirking for a moment, and then turning over onto her stomach.

“I’m going to fix lunch,” I grunted as she reached behind herself to untie her top. It was either fix lunch or throw myself into the pool to cool down, and even the pool would have left me staring at her ass when I surfaced.

+ * + * +

“Smells good, what are we having?” Olivia asked, coming into the kitchen.

“Tortellini in alfredo sauce with cubes of chicken breast,” I said, glancing over my shoulder to see that she’d thankfully pulled on a shirt to cover up her bikini.

“Are you sure you’re not a chef?” Olivia asked, looking at me. “Because I was expecting a sandwich or something.”

“I bought the tortellini and the rest was pretty easy to put together,” I said, using tongs to plate some tortellini, and then gripping the handle on the pan to lift it and pour some of the sauce over the top of each plate. “If you want a chef, I’ll introduce you to my friend, Tom.”

“If he can cook better than this, I might just let you give him my number,” Olivia said, taking a bite of tortellini.

“I’ll give you his if you really want it,” I said, mildly bluffing. I knew she was destined to start a relationship with someone other than me, and probably soon, but I really didn’t want it to be with one of my best friends.

“That’s okay, he’s probably too old for anyway, if he’s your age,” Olivia said, grinning as I gave her a look for calling me old.

“You think I’m old? I’ll show you old,” I said, pulling her out of her chair.

She yelped in surprise as I spun her around and bent her over the table. Most importantly though, she didn’t tell me to stop. In fact, she looked over her shoulder with hunger as I pulled her shirt up to her waist so I could slip my fingers into sides of her bikini bottoms. Yanking them down, I resisted the urge to bury my face in her cheeks before straightening up.

Pushing down my swim trunks, I took hold of my cock. Guiding it towards her entrance, I dragged the head through her folds, making her moan and spread her legs wider. But before I could push forward, my conscience stopped me.

“Do it,” Olivia demanded, trying to push back against me.

“I don’t have a condom,” I grunted, pulling back.

“I don’t care, just fuck me,” Olivia hissed, looking back at me, desperation in her eyes.

“You want to get fucked?” I asked, pressing my cock against her again.

“Please,” Olivia whined, her demands turning to pleads as I teased her.

Unable to resist any longer, I drove forward into her fiery inferno. In one quick lunge I was buried to the hilt inside her, and for the first time I felt the extent of the heat and tightness surrounding me without a latex barrier blunting it.

“Fuck,” Olivia gasped as she got what she wanted, though maybe a little quicker than she wanted.

Giving her a moment to adjust, I slid my hands up her body. Pushing the bikini top out of the way, I cupped her tits as I started to slide out of her pussy. About halfway out, I paused a beat and then pushed back in, feeling her firm ass press against my pelvis when I bottomed out.

“Ohh, yeah, uhh, harder,” Olivia grunted, pushing back to meet my thrusts.

“Like this?” I asked, slamming into her hard enough to shake the table she was leaning over.

“Uhh, yeah, ohhh, just like that,” Olivia moaned, her head dipping as I drilled into her.

Fondling her tits in my hands, I let my eyes drift down to her butt. I watched as they compressed and rippled slightly each time my pelvis crashed into them. And just below that, I could see my cock splitting her tight little peach.

“Ohh, fuck, uhh, me,” Olivia hissed, her pussy milking me in a delicious way.

Unfortunately, it clued me into the fact that she was getting dangerously close, while I was still far enough away that if I kept going I would very likely get stuck in no man’s land. So despite loud screams from my groin, I yanked my cock free from her snatch.

“Nooooo,” Olivia whined, looking back at me with a look of wild desperation on her face.

Not wanting to leave her hanging, I dropped to my knees behind her. Grabbing a butt cheek in each hand, I pulled them apart, giving me a wonderful up close view of her aroused pussy. Before she could wonder what I was doing, I leaned in and took a long swipe at her pussy with my tongue.

“Ohhh,” Olivia moaned as I followed it up by flicking my tongue against her clit.

Dragging my tongue through her folds, I continued across her perineum and onto the winking pucker of her asshole. Gasping at the sensations, Olivia lifted her ass and pushed back against me. Originally I was just going to give her back door a quick lick and then focus on her clit, but that reaction was just too obvious to ignore.

Squeezing her butt cheeks in my hands, I let my tongue flit along the surface of her asshole. Olivia groaned and pushed her back against my tongue. Grinning to myself, I zeroed in on the tight pucker in the center and gently pressed my tongue against it.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia hissed, a little quiver going through her as I poked at her asshole with the tip of my tongue.

With Olivia clearly enjoying having her salad tossed, I wasn’t too worried about her telling me to stop, but I was still prepared to do so if needed. It would have taken a Herculean effort, but I would have done it. Luckily, the only sounds that passed her lips were moans and grunts as the new sensations of having her ass licked washed over her.

Extending my thumb to run between her labia, I felt the juices flowing freely from Olivia’s pussy. Reaching her opening, I pushed, sliding my thumb into the hot confines of her pussy, feeling it squeeze and clutch at my digit as it sank into her.

“Mmm,” Olivia moaned as I wiggled my thumb inside of her.

As if her moan was some sort of secret signal, I went for it. Sliding my thumb out of her pussy, I pressed my hand against her so it rubbed against her clit as I pushed it back into her. On top of that, my tongue got more insistent as it rimmed her asshole.

“Uhhh,” Olivia gasped, leaning forward to press her upper body against the table as I worked over both of her holes.

Burying my face between her cheeks, I let my tongue do whatever it wanted. And it wanted to force its way into her delectable derriere. So that’s what it did, poking against the center of her starfish and prodding until it started to surrender, opening up to let the tip of my tongue push into her.

“Fuckkkkk,” Olivia growled, the blush of orgasm starting to wash over her.

Feeling her pussy grip my thumb even harder, I pushed it in to the last knuckle and held it there. Not content to just letting that be it though, I wiggled the thumb inside her and rubbed her inner walls. Meanwhile, the webbing that connected my thumb to my index finger was pressed up against her clit and rubbing it in time with my movements inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” Olivia squealed, fully detonating, her body seizing up as ecstasy slammed her from all sides.

As she came, I relented a bit on the stimulation of her clit and pussy, but I kept up the pressure on her asshole. It had clamped down hard and my tongue wasn’t getting past it, but that just meant I had to stick to the outside, which was more than acceptable to me.

Alternating between light caresses and rough licks with my tongue, I worked my way along the rim of her forbidden hole. Even as her orgasm raged, it seemed like her moans got louder when my tongue was doing nasty stuff to her back door.

When Olivia finally came down from her peak, I took one last lick of her anus and pulled back. Extracting my thumb from her pussy, I brought it to my mouth to suck her juices from it. Grinning to myself as I looked at Olivia, upper body sprawled on the table while her ass pointed at me, I put my hand on the edge of the table next to her hip and pulled myself to my feet.

“Mmm,” Olivia murmured, propping herself up on her elbows, not quite trusting her knees yet.

“Sorry if I overstepped a few boundaries there,” I said, sitting back in my chair.

“Don’t be, I really needed that,” Olivia sighed, grinning. “Do you have any idea what I went through on the drive over here with that thing in my butt? God, every bump I hit had me gripping the wheel so hard I probably left permanent fingerprints. And then teasing you out by the pool, knowing that you were going to fuck me soon? I’ve been on edge all day.”

“Well, then, I don’t know about you, but I’m still hungry,” I said, making sure she knew I was letting my eyes roam the curve of her ass, still jutting out with nothing covering it.

“After that, you can eat my butt anytime,” Olivia said, finally pushing herself up, her shirt regretfully falling back into place.

“Don’t make an offer like that if you’re not going to follow through with it,” I said, grinning as Olivia bent down to pick her bikini bottoms up off the floor.

“Any time, any place,” Olivia said, blushing slightly as she offered me carte blanche over her posterior.

“Since I’m not sure how sanitary it is to eat food that was sitting out, uncovered, inches from sex, how about I just toss this and order a pizza for lunch instead?” I asked pointing at the tortellini.

“That would give us, what, half hour, forty-five minutes?” Olivia asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I choose the toppings, you choose how we kill the time?” I asked, picking up my phone.

+ * + * +

“Ohhh, fuck, eat my ass,” Olivia demanded, holding her own ass open as she bent over the arm of the couch.

After ordering the pizza, I’d noticed that she’d left the kitchen. Going looking, I had quickly found her, rapidly stripping off what little clothing she still had on. Then she’d given me a devilish grin and bent over the arm of the sofa, hiking her ass up in the air. As if that wasn’t invitation enough, she reached back and placed her hands on her ass, prying apart her firm cheeks.

Unable to resist a request like that, I moved as quickly as I could. Practically sliding across the hardwood floor on my knees, I put my hands over hers and promptly shoved my face into her ass. With her not only into it, but having instigated the encounter this time, I didn’t have to worry about her shutting me down, so I went right for her asshole and let my tongue dig right in.

Unfortunately, while Olivia wasn’t going to shut me down, the pizza man was a different story. While I was face deep in heaven, the doorbell rang. Both of us groaned as I pulled my face from between her butt cheeks.

“Is the plug in your purse?” I asked, getting a naughty idea.

“Yeah,” Olivia said, starting to straighten up before I put a hand on her back to hold her in place.

“Hope you don’t mind if I get it,” I said, reaching out to grab the purse from the coffee table. When she didn’t tell me to stop, I opened the purse, paying little attention to the actual contents as I grabbed the butt plug, along with the small bottle of lube I’d sent her home with the other day. “Someone came prepared.”

“Well, I thought I might want to put it back in to go home,” Olivia said, blushing.

“We can definitely do that, but first, I’m gonna mark my place,” I said, running the shaft of the plug along her slit to collect her juices. I didn’t want to answer the door with lube all over my hands, and between all the saliva I’d slathered on her asshole and the copious juices flowing from her pussy, I wasn’t worried about needing the extra help for a small plug.

“Ohhhhh,” Olivia moaned as I pushed the tip of the plug against her asshole. I smirked to myself as she showed that she was ready for something bigger when she quickly relaxed and the toy easily slid into her ass.

“You might want to put on some clothes, or find some place out of sight, or there’s a chance you’ll have the pizza guy jerking off in the driveway after seeing you,” I said, indicating her nudity.

I grinned when she scampered into the kitchen rather than pick up her shirt to pull on. After watching her ass, I grabbed my wallet and headed for the door. A moment later, I closed it, pizza in hand, and followed Olivia into the kitchen.

+ * + * +

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Olivia panted as I pounded her into the mattress.

After paying for the pizza, I’d taken it into the kitchen and found Olivia still buck naked, squirming in a chair. She’d been a little distracted, so after a slice each, I’d put the pizza in the fridge and took Olivia upstairs to the guest room.

Once there, I pushed her down onto her back, lifted her legs into the air, and drove my cock deep into her pussy. With the plug still in her ass, it was a tight fit, but after everything with the pizza, it had been long enough that I’d regained some of my stamina.

So, I started slow, letting her get used to having both holes filled. But after a couple minutes she was begging me to fuck her harder, and she was the boss. Before long I had her ankles pressed against my ears as I slammed deep into her over and over.

“Ohhh, fuck, ohhhhHHH,” Olivia screamed as she exploded, her pussy constricting around my cock and holding me deep within her as she came.

Gritting my teeth, I tried to hold out, but it was no use. The grip on my cock was too tight. And it wasn’t just a passive tightness either, her vaginal muscles rippled and squeezed, milking me, trying to draw my cum out.

Feeling the cum rise in my balls, I tried to decide whether I should stay where I was and blast her cervix with my seed, or pull out and paint her taut tummy with jizz. My cock, obviously, wanted to stay in the hot, tight, oh so welcoming environment of Olivia’s cunt. But my brain ultimately took over and defaulted to the least risk since I didn’t have any clear idea what Olivia wanted.

With as much strength as I could muster, I wrapped my hand around the base of my cock. Pulling my hips back, I yanked my cock from her burning vise. Giving my cock a couple quick strokes with my hand, a low rumble started in my throat as the first shot erupted from the end of my cock. Arcing over her stomach, it landed near her rib cage. The second one followed almost immediately, though with far less pressure behind it, hitting just above her belly button.

“Ohh, god, that was good,” Olivia moaned as I collapsed onto the bed next to her.

“Glad to be of service,” I said, reaching for the box of tissues next to the bed.

“Thanks,” Olivia said, pulling a couple tissues from the box as I held it out for her.

Setting the tissues down, I moved down her body. Lifting up her nearest leg, I reached under, taking hold of the base of the plug. She gasped and moaned as I jiggled it before sliding it out of her ass. Handing it to Olivia, I expected her to use the tissues to wipe it off, but she shocked me when she started licking it.

“Whoa,” I said, eyes going wide as I watched her. “Wasn’t expecting that.”

“I thought guys were into that,” Olivia said, pausing with the plug still inches in front of her face.

“As with anything, some are, some aren’t,” I said, though the fact that my cock started to reinflate kinda gave away which side I was on. “But, if it gets you off, then it gets me off.”

“I don’t know if it gets me off, but it is kinda naughty,” Olivia said, swirling her tongue around the toy. “When I got home from my date last night, I was practicing with the plug and I wanted to see how it tastes, and it really isn’t that bad.”

“Date? You had a date last night?” I asked, feeling something I couldn’t quite identify. I wasn’t upset, or jealous, but yet it still made my stomach sink a bit.

“Are you mad?” Olivia asked.

“No, actually I’m happy for you,” I said, mostly meaning it. “How was it?”

“It was a first date,” Olivia said, shrugging her shoulders. “We had dinner, we talked, at points it was awkwardly silent. I’m not even sure there will be a second date.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t be long before someone earns that second date,” I assured her.

“It doesn’t change this, does it?” Olivia asked, indicating the two of us.

“Technically not until you get serious enough about someone to call them your boyfriend, but yeah, probably,” I sighed. “The point was to help you get over your ex and get ready for the next relationship, and you’re obviously ready.”

“We can still be friends, though, right?” Olivia asked, looking somewhat down.

“Oh, of course,” I said, laughing. “My door is always open for you, even if you keep your clothes on.”

“So, does it start now, or can we wait a little while?” Olivia asked, looking like she wanted to request something.”

“I was going to take a shower, but I could be convinced to put it off if you wanted to try to sway me,” I said, wondering what she had in mind.

“Well, I was thinking that since I like the butt plug, and if this is our last time together,” Olivia said, pausing as if working up the nerve to finish her thought. “Maybe you could fuck my ass?”

“Shit, I think every drop of my blood just left my head and rushed to my crotch,” I grunted, the world spinning as Olivia actually asked me fuck her perfect ass. “But are you sure?”

“The plug got me curious, and I don’t know when, or even if, I’ll find another guy I trust enough to do it,” Olivia said, taking a deep breath.

“I would have accepted a simple ‘I think so’ but you really swayed me,” I said, grinning. “Now, do you want to do it now, or should we shower first? Or should I spend the next hour worshiping your ass before I fuck it?”

“Uh, I, um,” Olivia said, at a total loss for words.

“Lets get cleaned up, and then get dirty all over,” I suggested, slipping off the bed. Holding out my hand, she took it and I pulled her to her feet.

+ * + * +

“Ahhh,” Olivia gasped as I worked two lubed fingers up her tight ass.

After taking a nice shower, with lots of groping under the guise of cleaning each other up, I’d grabbed a towel and used it to dry off Olivia. The object was to relax her, hence the minor pampering. And to that extent, it seemed to work as I lubed her up.

With two fingers up her ass, I wiggled them around, opening her up a bit more. When she pushed back against my fingers, I took that as a sign that she was as ready as she was going to get. Pulling my fingers out of her, I grabbed the bottle of lube and smeared the length of my cock with the slippery stuff.

“Ready?” I asked, moving in behind that fantastic rump

“Yeah,” Olivia said, looking over her shoulder at me as I guided my cock towards the little hole between her perky cheeks.

“You know the deal, if it gets to be too much, just say the word,” I reminded her, hearing her suck in a breath as the head of my cock pressed against her back door.

“I know,” Olivia said, exhaling.

As the air left her, I felt her start to relax. Taking the opportunity, I pushed forward. I tried to be as gentle as possible, while still being firm enough to actually get through the tight ring of her sphincter. She resisted for a moment, but then it loosened up enough for the head of my cock to push through it.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia gasped, her muscles tightening up again as her asshole was stretched further than it ever had before.

Even my two fingers hadn’t quite prepared her for my thickness, but it didn’t seem to phase her too much as she quickly got herself back under control. Feeling her loosen up a little more around the head of my cock, I desperately wanted to drive forward, sinking every inch of my cock up her ass, but instead I forced myself to hold steady with just the head inside her anal canal until she told me to continue.

“Uhh, go ahead,” Olivia said, looking back at me.

Taking hold of her hips, I slowly pushed forward. When she tensed up again, I paused and pulled back until just the head was still seated in her asshole. Pushing forward again, I felt her open up a bit more and I worked four or five inches of my cock into her before stopping.

“How are you doing?” I asked as I pulled back a couple inches.

“Doing, uhh, fine,” Olivia grunted as I pushed another inch or so into her anal canal.

“Does it hurt?” I asked, sliding out  until half of my cock was out of her ass.

“A little, but not too-oooh,” Olivia gasped as I surged forward and didn’t stop until my hips bumped up against the cheeks of her ass.

“You’ve got every inch of my cock up your tight little ass,” I told her, grinding my pelvis against her butt to drive that fact home. “What should I do now? Maybe pull out?”

“Nooo,” Olivia hissed, shaking her head. “Fuck me.”

“You want me to fuck your pussy?” I asked, sliding most of my cock out of her ass.

“No, fuck my ahhhhh-ss,” Olivia squealed as I took the opportunity to pull on her hips and drove forward until our bodies crashed together.

“You like my cock in your ass?” I hissed, pulling half my cock out of her before thrusting back in.

“Yeah,” Olivia said, nodding her head, pushing back to meet my thrust into her ass.

“And to think, just a couple days you were adamant about not doing this,” I said, picking up some speed as I stroked half my cock in and out of her asshole.

“I was, uh, stupid,” Olivia groaned as I ended a thrust by swirling my hips and stirring my cock inside her ass.

“Definitely stupid,” I said, making her yelp, in a good way, as I slammed into her ass even harder.

Grinning as she really got into having her ass fucked, I leaned forward so I could slip my hand underneath her. Moving it over her stomach and heading past her waist towards her pussy, I felt her start to push back against me even harder when she realized where my hand was headed. When I came to her pussy, I located her clit with my middle finger.

“Ahhhh,” Olivia gasped as I thrust into her ass just as I made contact with her sensitive nub.

Making short, hard thrusts into her ass, I let my middle finger roll the little bud in circles underneath it. When she whinnied and pushed back against my thrusts even harder, I let my finger slide down further and dip into her pussy.

“Ohhh,” Olivia moaned as I filled both her holes.

Pressing my hand against her clit, I started fucking her pussy with my finger. The combination of stimulation to her clit, plus having objects sliding in and out of both of her holes, quickly had Olivia building up a head of steam.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Olivia chanted as I drove her towards her first orgasm from having a cock up her ass.

“You gonna come from getting butt fucked?” I asked, feeling her start to quiver under my ministrations.

“Oh, god, fuck my ass,” Olivia hissed, her muscles tightening as her orgasm struck her. “OHHHHHH.”

After having already come once, I would have thought I could last for days, but I was no match for the tightness of her asshole in the midst of an orgasm. Feeling her ass clamp down on me, her asshole clenching and unclenching as the tremors raced through her, was too much for me.

“Unnnggghhhhhh, I’m gonna come,” I warned her, continuing to make slow strokes into her gripping asshole. “Where do you want it?”

“Uhhh, my ass, come in my ass,” Olivia managed to answer.

“Naughty girl,” I grunted, feeling myself hit the point of no return.

Pulling my finger out of her pussy, I gripped her hips with both hands. Slamming my cock as deep into her ass I could get, my lips curled into a growl as the cum raced up from my balls before bursting out to freedom, or as much freedom as her rectum allowed.

“Mmmm,” Olivia moaned, feeling my hot cum splash against the inside of her anal canal.

Coming down from her peak, Olivia flopped down onto her stomach on the bed, yanking my cock free of her asshole in the process. Moving up the bed, I reached for the tissues on the table next to the bed. Before I could get there though, I felt a hand grab the base of my cock. Looking down, I groaned as Olivia stuck her tongue out to run along the underside of my cock.

“Fuck, your next boyfriend is going to be really lucky,” I groaned, watching as Olivia wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

Smiling around my dick, Olivia started to work her way down my cock until it bumped against the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue around the shaft as she pulled back, she moaned as she tasted herself on me. Letting the head slip from her mouth with an audible pop, Olivia tilted her head back to look up at me.

“Someone has taken a liking to ass-to-mouth,” I mused as she pushed herself up to sit on her knees, with her feet underneath her.

“Too bad we can’t do that again,” Olivia said, smirking as she reminded me that I’d ended our deal.

“Well, as far as I’m concerned, until you put on your skirt and go home, we can do anything we damn well like,” I said, openly ogling her naked body. “And I may talk a big game, but we both know if you show up at my door, I’m not going to send you away, even if you have a boyfriend. Though if you try to watch Big Bang Theory, you’re out on that sexy ass of yours.”

“I guess I shouldn’t watch it then, because I’m already getting sore back there,” Olivia said, reaching back to rub her ass.

“I’m sure Selena’s gotta have something for that around here somewhere,” I said, slipping off the bed. Grabbing my shorts, I pulled them on as I went searching for something to soothe Olivia’s tender backside.

+ * + * +

“We’re still friends, right?” Olivia asked, giving Belle a pat on the head.

“That depends,” I said, giving her a smirk. “Do you expect the friend rate on your tattoo, or the ‘I saw you naked and didn’t laugh’ rate?”

“What about the ‘I fucked your ass, so it’s free’ rate?” Olivia asked, rubbing her ass.

“I think we can work something out,” I said, opening the door for her.

“If you need more convincing for why it should be free, give me a call,” Olivia said, leaning in to give me a hug.

“You’re going to make it very hard, aren’t you?” I groaned to myself as she turned to leave. The groan got even louder as she lifted her skirt to show me that not only was she still not wearing underwear, but she’d also put the plug back in her ass.

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