I’ll Do It If You Do It

Title: I’ll Do It If You Do It

Author: The Artist

Celebs: Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Dormer

Codes: FF, cons, rom, shave

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


Jennifer Lawrence was sitting on the bed, reading a book. Wearing just a shirt and short shorts, Natalie came out of the shower with a razor and a can of shaving cream. Right in front of Jennifer, Natalie started shaving her legs.

Jennifer turned to Natalie, “Are you trying to turn me on?”

“I don’t think that would be too hard,” Natalie coyly replied.

“At least it’s not like you still have to shave half your head,” Jennifer pointed out.

“Oh, very funny, sweetie!” Natalie replied sarcastically.

“I thought you looked hot.”

Natalie smiled, “Thanks, I appreciate the compliment. Sometimes I wish I took the plunge and went all the way!”

“You mean shave your whole head.” Jen was awestruck that her beautiful friend wanted to do that. “Really? But you have such beautiful hair! Then again, you’d probably still be hot. I mean you still have those gorgeous eyes and that sexy smirk. But would you really shave off all your hair?”

Natalie pretended to think about it: “I’d do it if you do it.”

If hearing her friend would do it took her aback, Jennifer was floored at the prospect of doing it herself: “You want me to shave MY head?”

Natalie ran her fingers through Jen’s hair. “Come on, you’re cute, you’re pretty. You don’t need hair to stay that way. Besides, you wouldn’t have to wash it, or dye it or brush it or anything for a long, long time.”

“I think it would be fun – I mean we’d be two hot bald chicks. Besides, I think it would kinda kinky.”

“I’ll tell you what, since I’ve already done something like this, I’ll go first. So you can brace yourself.”

“Deal!” Jennifer and Natalie slapped hands. They then moved into the bathroom to look for a pair of clippers powerful enough to sheer them completely. After a little rummaging, Natalie found a pair.

“What do you think? Think I could be a sexy barberette?” Natalie asked as she posed sexily with the clippers.

Jennifer laughed at this. “You could, but don’t think you’re gonna stall anymore!”

Jennifer took Natalie’s hand and walked her back to her bedroom and sat her down. Before doing the deed, Jennifer took a handful of Natalie’s flaxen locks and held them to her face, taking a whiff. “Ah, I’m gonna miss this beautiful hair.”

“Yeah, and I’m gonna miss yours. Now shut up and shave me, sweetie.”

To make it easy, Jennifer decided to start off by recreating Natalie’s ‘do from The Hunger Games and started shaving the side of Natalie’s head.

“It’s like déjà vu all over again, huh Nat?” Jen joked. Natalie thought this was funny. It was a reminder of just how funny it felt to have those clippers vibrating all over her head. Jennifer kept buzzing as more and more of Natalie’s beautiful locks kept tumbling to the ground until half of Natalie’s hair was gone.

Natalie started rubbing her hands across both sides of her scalp. “It’s so weird how one side still has all this thick hair and one side is all buzzed,” Natalie said in wonderment. “I thought I’d be used to this, but I’m not.”

Jen held up her clippers. “How about we even it out?” Jennifer said seductively. Natalie braced herself as the clippers plowed straight into Natalie’s golden tresses. Natalie was enjoying it so much that she managed to keep a smile on her face as more and more of her beautiful hair kept being separated from her scalp. Before long, Natalie was a buzzed babe.

“Oh my god, you look soooo hot,” Jennifer said. She blew on the clippers like a smoking gun. Unable to resist, Jennifer started rubbing Natalie’s freshly buzzed scalp. It felt so incredible for both of them that they started giggling like schoolgirls.

With all of Natalie’s hair buzzed off, Jennifer picked up her friend’s head and started rubbing Natalie’s buzzed scalp across her face. “Aw, that feels so good. It’s like it’s really soft and velvety, but also kind of prickly.”

Natalie was laughing a bit – it felt so weird to have Jennifer massage her freshly shaved scalp with her face. Natalie rose and planted a peck on Jennifer’s lips. With these two, there was no such thing as “just one kiss”. The two started smooching. Though on a subconscious level, it may have been a diversion for Jen as Natalie reminded her: “Your turn.”

Jen sat in the chair, with a surprising level of enthusiasm. As Natalie picked up the clippers, Jen just quipped “Don’t go easy on me!”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to relieving you of those blond locks!” Natalie made good on her word and without mercy, she plowed the clippers straight into Jennifer’s scalp and revealed a patch of grey stubble. Natalie was ruthless and just plowed throw Jennifer’s short blonde hair, exposing more and more of Jennifer’s scalp. Both girls were reveling in the feeling – Jen loving the feeling of the clippers massaging her scalp and the thrill of letting go of her hair, Natalie loving the chance to do something so bizarrely kinky with her little girlfriend.

After a while, Natalie finished buzzing Jen’s head. Jennifer ran her hands across her freshly buzzed scalp. “Oh my God. I thought it felt weird on your head. On my head, it’s just wow! That’s all I can say is wow.”

“Oh, wait til you get a load of this.” Natalie sat on top of Jennifer and started spraying her head with shaving foam. She then proceeded to massage the cream into Jen’s scalp. Soon after, Natalie fetched a razor. While still sitting on top of her friend, Natalie continued shaving her friend smooth. Both women were giggling a bit, but trying to hold back a little. Neither one wanted Jen to be cut. After a few strokes of the razor Jennifer Lawrence was smooth as a baby’s bottom. Jen started rubbing her now bald scalp.

“This feels so weird. I’m used to feeling this on my legs, but this is just different.”

“Different but still sexy”, Natalie cooed, emphasizing her point by planting a smooch on Jennifer’s head.

“Your turn now, dear.” Jen got out of the chair and traded places with Natalie. Like her lover, Jennifer wanted to sit in Natalie’s lap as she shaved her scalp. Jennifer took her seat on Natalie’s lap. Being the goof she was, she started straddling Natalie’s lap. Natalie laughed at how silly her lady love was being, but also because it felt good.

Jennifer took long smooth strokes, both because she didn’t want to scalp her beautiful friend but also because she was savoring the bizarrely sensual experience until Natalie was a smooth. Jennifer tossed the razor aside and started rubbing and caressing all over Natalie’s bare scalp.

“It feels so good on you. I love massaging and caressing your smooth scalp.” Jennifer leaned over and smothered Natalie’s head with her bosoms, Natalie’s laughter was muffled by a mouthful of boob. “Well, I definitely got you all the way smooth.” Both laughed at this.

“What do you say we clean up in the shower?” Natalie asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I like the sound of that.”

Jennifer got off of Natalie. Both women started undressing. Both women being nude in front of each other wasn’t exactly a new site to these women. But the site of their naked bodies without hair was a new site.

Natalie admired her sexy friend: “I have to say you fabulous – no clothes, no hair. I just see your beautiful face, your beautiful body. You look so pure, nothing in the way. You’re all woman with nothing to hide.”

“Thanks, I think you look king of like an alien.”

“Oh shut up!” Natalie knew Jennifer was kidding but played along.

“You do look like an alien, an alien I want to have sex with.”

Natalie flashed that trademark crooked grin. “Don’t say it, do it!”

Natalie took Jennifer by the hand and guided her to the bathroom. Both women hopped in the shower and turned on the water. Jennifer gasped. “Oh my God! This is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I mean I’ve showed before, but now I feel everything,” Jennifer proclaimed in shock.

“Everything?” Natalie asked.

Natalie grabbed Jennifer’s head and started smothering Jen’s head with soft, loving kisses. She followed that up by slowly and seductively licking Jennifer’s smooth head.

“Mmmm, licking that is better than any ice cream cone I’ve ever had,” Natalie cooed.

Jen was standing against Natalie’s back. “You know what I love about you not having any hair?”

“What?” Natalie asked.

“I can do this!” Jen made her point by licking and kissing Natalie’s ear. Jennifer progressed by kissing down Natalie’s exposed neck.

Jennifer grabbed a bottle of her shampoo. “Guess we don’t have to buy this stuff for a while.”

“I don’t know sweetie, I think we can still use it.” Natalie squeezed a squirt of the shampoo and started rubbing it into Jen’s scalp as if she was washing it. The whole thing felt so wonderful but so weird that Jennifer couldn’t help but giggle.

“Does that feel good?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah, I feel everything. Wanna try?” Jennifer grabbed the shampoo and squirted out a little dab. She started rubbing the shampoo into Natalie’s scalp. The two hairless beauties stood there, rubbing each other’s scalps in tandem. The whole experience was so bizarre but so sensual.

“You know, if you feel everything, I got an idea,” Natalie said with her trademark smirk. “Turn around.”

Jennifer knew it was gonna be good and listened. She could feel Natalie push her down until she was on her knees. Natalie had always been the one calling the shots so Jen was used to her being firm but gentle in making her do what she wanted.

Down on her knees, with the shower still pouring on both of them, Jennifer could feel Natalie rubbing her pussy against her bald head. This was like nothing else either of them had ever felt. Natalie’s pussy may have been an area that Jennifer had felt and tasted many times over, but it was so amazing to feel this on such an erogenous and sensitive area.

Natalie kept rubbing and grinding until she blew her load on Jennifer’s head. The two emerged from the shower in bathroabs.

“I got a present for you,” Natalie said, with her hands behind her back.

“Oh God, what now?” Jen asked.

Natalie brought her hands out, revealing a pile of flaxen tresses, “I’m giving you my hair. I’ve never liked a woman enough to give her that.”

This was such a sweet and weird gesture that Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re too kind. You really had such beautiful hair.” Jennifer put the golden locks on top of her own head. “What do you think? You think I can pull of your ‘do?”

“Blonde hair, dark hair, short hair, long hair, my hair, no hair – I think you’re absolutely adorable no matter what.” Natalie inched closer and wrapped her arms around Jennifer.

“Aw, you too.” Jennifer and Natalie embraced in another kiss.

“I have something else for you, my pretty. I had to wear a fake tattoo in Hunger Games. I wanted to give you a little mark of my own.” Natalie applied some lipstick and planted a kiss on Jennifer’s bald head. “That’s my seal of approval for my little cue-balled cuite.”

“Well, I wanted to give you a fresh tattoo too.” Natalie turned her head and felt J-Law writing something with a marker. When she was done, she handed Natalie a mirror. Natalie’s face lit up when she saw Jen’s message: J (heart) N.

“That is so sweet, Jen!”

Jennifer hugged Natalie: “I just wanted to let you know how much I care for my bald-headed goddess!”

“I think I can show you a thing or two.”

Natalie guided Jen to the bed and opened her bathroom. After kissing down Jennifer’s stomach and around her legs, she buried her tongue deep in Jen’s pussy. In Jen’s life, nobody could work that area like Natalie. Under normal circumstances, this would already be a mind-blowing experience. But it was so weird reaching down to Natalie’s head and only feeling bare scalp. It was such a unique turn-on to feel Natalie’s chrome dome. Because of this, Jennifer came even faster than usual.

Natalie snuggled up to her. It was the perfect end to a bizarre but lovely experience.

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