Scarlett Takes It All Off

Title: Scarlett Takes It All Off

Author: The Artist

Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Anna Paquin

Codes: FF, cons, shave

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


It was a fairly nice burlesque club. Anna Paquin walked in, hoping she wasn’t recognized. This was an evening where she had a private invitation from a friend. Anna approached the counter and was told where she could find her show.

Entering the back room, Anna couldn’t help but notice how empty the room was. Had she been duped? This offer sounded a bit too good to be true. Though it was a short wait before the woman who invited her showed up – Scarlett Johansson. “Hey sweetie, I’m glad you made it.” Scarlett had a bright grin as she planted a smooch on Anna’s cheek.

Anna let out her gap-toothed grin for Scarlett, “I see I’m the only one here. When I read ‘Scarlett Takes it ALL off’, I figured a lot of people would want to see this.”

“I know baby, but this is a treat just for you,” Scarlett cooed as she gently caressed her petite friend’s face. Anna’s milky skin almost went red as she blushed, feeling flattered that Scarlett was doing something just for her. Scarlett was already wearing sexy lingerie with silk stockings. If this is how she started, Anna knew it would only get better from there.

Anna sat in her chair. Scarlett turned on her music and began doing her sexy dance. Scarlett danced like a pro. Her moves were truly on-point. Even if they weren’t, Scarlett was already hotter than sunburn. The first article to go was Scarlett’s bra, revealing those world famous breasts to an audience of one. Scarlett seductively tossed the bra right into Anna’s face.

Anna figured Scarlett wanted less resistance from her apparel when she pulled out a pair of scissors. Scarlett took the scissors to her stockings, slicing them down the center like a knife. The other stocking suffered a similar fate. Scarlett stood back up applied the scissors to her thong. She paused for a moment, creating a little dramatic tension. Soon, Scarlett snipped off her thong and was relieved of her undies. Anna could admire Scarlett’s beautiful body in all its glory, from her perfect breasts to her round, shapely ass. Though the next part was something Anna would never forget no matter how long she lived.

Anna thought the scissors were just a sexy way of stripping but Scarlett really surprised Anna when she took the scissors to her own head. Anna’s jaw hit the floor as Scarlett started hacking away at her own locks, with reckless abandon. “Oh my God,” Anna asked. “What are you doing?”

“I told you, sweetie: When I take it all off, I’m taking it ALL off.” Scarlett made good on her word, chopping off more and more of her hair, as red locks rained to the floor. This was a sexy striptease so Scarlett blew a kiss with a handful of hair.

As weird as this was, Anna was kind of turned on by what Scarlett was doing – it was so bizarre but so kinky at the same time. Next, Scarlett pulled out a heavy-duty pair of clippers. Like G.I. Jane, Scarlett plowed the clippers right down what was left of her hair, until all that was left was a sexy buzzcut. Scarlett walked over and began straddling Anna’s lap.

“So what do you think of my new look?” Scarlett cooed.

Anna stammered a little, in shock of what happened. “I think you look amazing.” Anna wasn’t kidding. The lack of hair brought out Scarlett’s eyes and trademark pillowy lips. Scarlett put those lips to use and kissed Anna. When two women who had such beautiful lips locked, neither wanted to let go. Anna let go just a little, but only to lick Scarlett’s lips. This escalated to the two licking tongues.

Scarlett ran her finger seductively across chest, “You know, I brought something for you.” Scarlett produced a razor and a can of shaving cream. Needing no instructions, Anna covered Scarlett’s head in foam. She rubbed it in, lovingly caressing it all over Scarlett’s scalp. Anna took the razor and gently shaved Scarlett smooth. Scarlett rubbed her freshly bald head, absolutely loving it. “Forget something, sweetie?”

Anna knew Scarlett meant something quite saucy. Scarlett kept things neat south of the equator. Anna only needed a little foam to shave Scarlett’s pussy smooth. Anna began running her hand across Scarlett’s bald head, loving the feeling. It was so smooth, almost like glass. It was such a striking and dynamic look, but still so feminine. Scarlett was now completely and truly naked – all woman with nothing to hide.

Anna showed Scarlett how much she loved her new look by smothering her head in kissies. The petite kiwi was such a gentle kisser that they felt like kitten paws all over Scarlett’s head. Anna worked her way down to Scarlett’s neck. It was here Scarlett found out what a sensitive and erogenous area the back of her neck was.

“Anna… make love to me!” That was a request that didn’t need repeated. Anna gave Scarlett her own little strip show even if she didn’t take it as far. Nude was far enough, especially with a cute body like Anna’s. Scarlett laid on the floor. Anna crawled over, kissing Scarlett on the lips, taking time to kiss and lick Scarlett’s beautiful breasts, kissing Scarlett’s belly before making it down to Scarlett’s sweet spot.

The two engaged in a glorious 69, Anna’s brunette head licking Scarlett’s bald pussy. Scarlett’s shaved head was licking Anna’s hairy pussy. The two moaned licked each other, adoring each other, worshipping each other’s bodies until both of them came.

Scarlett and Anna sat back up, kissing each other, lovingly but also so hungry for each other. They got a little sloppy but it didn’t matter for two women who loved each other. Anna broke the kiss to ask, “So any chance you can do your little striptease again?”

Scarlett shrugged, “Sorry, I can only do it once.”

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