Karen Gillan’s Session

Title: Karen Gillan’s Session

Author: HYPnoman

Celebs: Karen Gillan, Cara Delevingne

Codes: FF, MC

Disclaimer: If you aren’t 18 or over do not read. Hypnosis doesn’t work this way.


After hypnotising Brie Larson, Cara had made a tea that could hypnotise any subject no matter how tough they were mentally she used this trick on many women including: Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan, Karen Gillan, Kaya Scodelario, Lily James and Emilia Clarke all of whom’s stories we’ll explore.

Karen woke up feeling groggy and sleepy and almost didn’t go to her hypnosis session that day. She had started to smoke almost too much and knew she needed help. So she threw on a pink blouse and drove to the hypnotist. She walked in and saw a woman wearing a suit who proceeded to shake her hand. The woman said her name was Cara and Karen got the sense that she was British. Cara led Karen to the couch she’d be sitting in and pulled off her glasses and placed them on the table her tea was on and then asked Karen if she would like some tea. Karen accepted and began to relax. Cara brought her the tea and her and Karen got to know each other through their conversation. However after a few minutes Karen started to feel slightly drowsy and worn-out. Cara asked Karen if she wanted more tea which Karen accepted thinking it might help her lethargy if she put some sugar in it. Karen got halfway through the cup and then Cara asked her to look into her eyes. Karen did this and immediately fell asleep and under Cara’s spell.

Cara asked Karen to follow her and led Karen to the bedroom where she made Karen strip. After she was nude she started to rub her pussy which Karen enjoyed greatly she started to carress Karen’s nicely shaped tits and then started to kiss her all over. She made Karen finger her pussy Cara came so hard she actually passed out. When she woke up Karen was sleeping by her side Cara knew she’d get suspicious if she woke up any later than three hours after she went out so Cara dressed the unconscious actress and quickly threw her back on the couch and poured half a cup of warm tea to make the setting look the same. When Karen was awoken she felt energetic and like she didn’t even want to smoke. She thanked Cara for her help, crossed her legs and finished her tea. She left feeling wonderful.

What Karen didn’t know was that in the tea she just drank Cara poured an elixir that would make Karen come back whenever Cara pressed a button. It also made her sexually attracted to Cara. Cara’s next subject: Kaya Scodelario.

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