Sapphic Erotica: Scene 85

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 85

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Amber Heard, Ryan Simpkins

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Amber in her kitchen, getting dinner ready. “In my early twenties, I was a straight up lesbo.  Then I met my husband, who I’ve been with for almost ten years.  I can’t really explain what it was about him.  Maybe it was my Christian upbringing, fighting against what I’m now realizing is my true nature.  I thought I was living as the real me, until she showed up.” We hear the doorbell, and Amber goes to answer it. “Coming!”

She opens the door, to find Ryan on the other side. “Hey, Ryan, what’s up?”

“Hey, Ms. Heard.  I just came to tell you we’re having a party at my dorm this weekend, and ask if you’d like to come.”

“A college party?  Do I look like I’d belong at something like that?”

“Oh, no!” Ryan laughs. “It’s not that kind of party.  This is more of a ‘sit around eating Doritos and watching movies’ kind of party.  It’s one of my dorm-mates’ birthday, so…”

“Well, tell her I said happy birthday.”

“Um, alright, I will.” Ryan pauses, then blurts out, “Can I just say, though, you could totally fit in at one of those parties.” Ryan smiles nervously, then looks at the ground.

“Yeah, maybe in college…”

“Wish I’d known you then.”

“Okay, well, I should get back to dinner.”

“Alright.  See ya.”

Amber closes the door, then leans against it, stifling a smirk. “That girl.  I’ve gotten that vibe from someone before, so I know what it means.  It didn’t help that, well…Ryan’s just the kind of girl I often fell for, when I was her age.”

We then see Amber sitting in her living room, watching TV. “That fateful day, my husband was away for the weekend, attending a business conference.  I have a feeling Ryan sensed he was gone, because…”

The doorbell rings, and Amber again opens the door, to find Ryan on the other side. “Hey, Ryan, what’s up?”

“Uh, hi, Ms. Heard.  Can I talk to you about something?”

“Um, okay.  What is it?”

“I…think I’d feel more comfortable…if we could sit down.”

“Sounds heavy.”


“Okay, Ryan.  Come in.”

We then see the two sitting on the couch. “So, what I wanted to tell you…” Ryan looks up at the ceiling, and does a lot of hand-talking. “I’ve been having these…Um…I mean…” Ryan pauses for a moment, before saying, “Ms…can I call you Amber?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Amber, I think I might be gay.”

Amber again stifles a smirk. “Um, how do you know?”

“Well, that’s kind of why I came over today.  The thing is…I know you have a husband, but…I had to tell you, or it was going to kill me.”

Amber now releases the smirk, and it turns to a full-on grin. “Okay, I know where this is headed.”

“You do?”

“Ryan, why don’t you…come sit closer to me?”

“Um, okay.” Ryan scoots closer, and Amber leans in.

“So, I take it you haven’t been with another girl yet?”

“Um, no.”

“Then let me show you what it’s like…” Amber kisses Ryan on the lips, tilting her head to get in deep.

After she stops, Ryan stammers, “A-Amber?”

“Wanna go upstairs?”

Minutes later, we see Amber and Ryan rolling around on her and her husband’s bed, in their underwear, lips locked and hands grasping each other’s bodies. “God…” Amber says, looking down between kisses, “I haven’t done this in such a long time…” She then leans down, and kisses Ryan’s chest, then moves down, and kisses the top of her boobs.  In our first close-up, she pulls down the cup of Ryan’s bra, and sucks her pink nipple.

“Uhm…” Ryan squirms a little, and licks her lips.  Suddenly, Amber gets up on her knees, and takes off her bra, as Ryan takes hers off, and then she goes back down, and their breasts touch, as the two continue to kiss.  Amber then moves one hand down, and, in another close-up, pulls Ryan’s panties aside, and inserts her fingers in her moist snatch. “Huh!” Ryan gasps, and Amber shoves her tongue in her mouth, as she continues to finger-bang her.

Amber has now turned around, so her and Ryan are in a sixty-nine.  We then get alternating close-ups, as Amber bows her head and licks Ryan out, and Ryan, holding her head up, has her tongue buried in Amber’s drooling cunt.  As they eat each other, both gasp, moan and whimper, occasionally pulling their heads out, to cry out, “Oh, God!” or “Yes!” or “Fuck!” As they continue, both start to grind their hips against each other’s faces.

Later, both lie on their backs, facing one another, legs entwined, as, in another close-up, their sopping wet pussies rub and push against each other. “Oh, my God!” Amber cries out, throwing her head back, and Ryan just grunts and groans.  Back in the close-up, we see just how moist they are, their thighs dripping wet, as they push harder against each other.

Now, Amber kneels between Ryan’s spread legs, her sweaty tits bouncing and jiggling as, in another close-up, she rubs her practically gushing cunt up and down on Ryan’s.  The two moan out loud, and spasm repeatedly, as they both have multiple orgasms, Amber finally doubling over as she experiences a big one.

Both of them gasping for breath, Amber leans back down, and her and Ryan share a long, sultry tongue kiss.  Amber’s still breathing hard when they stop, and she whispers, “Thank you, Ryan…” then they kiss one more time, as the scene fades out.

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