Greta’s Little Friend

Title: Greta’s Little Friend

Author: HYPnoman

Celebs: Greta Gerwig, Saoirse Ronan

Codes: MC, FF

Disclaimer:  If you are under the age of 18 you should not be reading this. Hypnosis doesn’t work this way obviously.

23rd, January, 2018

Greta had just found out that she and her friend and lead star of her film ‘Lady Bird’ Saoirse Ronan were nominated for an oscar for the film. Greta called Saoirse that day and congratulated her on the nomination and Saoirse suggested that they should go out for a drink which Greta agreed to. That night Greta wore a blouse and saw Saoirse sitting in a booth on her own and Greta sat in with her. They bought a glass of wine and after a few drinks Greta started to feel slightly tipsy and had something to do in the morning so she told Saoirse she was gonna have to leave. Greta got home and got into bed and while she was lying there she thought about Saoirse, she thought about her cute Irish accent and her adorable face. Greta soon thought that she might have sexual feelings for Saoirse however Greta knew she could never confront or tell her about these feelings. She fell asleep eventually however she dreamt of hypnotising Saoirse and having sex with the dazed actress.

24th, January, 2018

Greta woke up and looked up hypnosis and the ways in which one would do so. She found that a woman that lived near where she was could teach her how to do so. Greta threw on a striped shirt and jeans and left. She walked in to see the woman who shook her hand immediately. The woman asked Greta to sit down on her couch which Greta did and Greta then asked if everything she asked her would never be told to anyone else. The woman said yes and offered Greta tea which she accepted. Greta asked if she could hypnotise someone to love her she then began to feel sleepy after two cups of tea and then the woman asked her to look into her eyes which Greta did and then immediately fell asleep and slumped over on the couch. When Greta woke up she was in the woman’s bed and the woman then asked if that answers her question. Greta asked her how she did it and the woman said that she had made a special tea that could weaken the subject to the point where looking in somebodies eyes would hypnotise them immediately. She gave Greta a box of those tea bags. She called Saoirse that night and invited her over. When Saoirse arrived she offered her tea and snuck the hypnotic tea-bags in her tea. Saoirse thanked her and then after her tea Greta asked her to look into her eyes and Saoirse was out. Greta asked Saoirse to remove all of her clothes and follow her to the bedroom. Greta began to finger Saoirse and in return Saoirse rubbed Greta’s clit.
Greta started making out with Saoirse while Saoirse did this. Greta told Saoirse to finger her and after a few minutes Greta squirted all over Saoirse’s tits. After this she decided to just get into bed with Saoirse. She held Saoirse close and kissed her forehead before falling asleep.

25th, January, 2018

The next morning Greta woke up to Saoirse looking at her from close-up and then asked her what happened last night. Greta lied and told her that she offered her wine and it turned out to be very strong. Saoirse offered Greta tea and Greta quickly remembered that she had hidden the hypnotic tea so she agreed. When Saoirse came back Greta drank the tea and then Saoirse asked her to look into her eyes and Greta tried to resist but quickly gave in. She woke in her bed with Saoirse hugging her closely and then they locked lips and fell asleep hugging closely and lips locked.

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