Rydel Lynch’s Cheat Night

Title: Rydel Lynch’s Cheat Night

Author: The Preacher Man

Celebs: Rydel Lynch

Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral

Disclaimer: Nothing that occurs within this story is true and it did NOT happen. Having fantasies is legal.


I had been called over by my best friend Rydel Lynch to her house at 10pm on a Saturday night which was unusual for Ry as she usually liked to be out on the prowl for sexual activity in Los Angeles at this time. However, her text had read ‘Urgent’ and I decided to be right on over there…after all I did harbour a crush on the beautiful musician.

I knocked on the front door, waiting for an answer and after a few seconds the door swung open and stood there was my best friend wearing a low cut tank top with her cleavage pretty much out in the open and a pair of short shorts that showed off a lot of leg. She looked excited and smiled seductively “Come on in Alex.” She wagged her finger towards her and I obliged, moving into the dimly lit room and walking over to her couch I had slept on numerous times.

As I sat Rydel sat right next to me and said “Its been a while since I got to bring back someone to this apartment you know.” I said “But you fuck people here all the time…” She smiled and placed her hand on my crotch, slowly pressing down as she said “But they meant nothing to me. I’d always imagined being fucked by you.” She unbuckled my belt and crept to the floor, her boobs bouncing as she done so.

Her hands undid the clasp on the belt and my trousers fell to the floor as she kicked off my shoes for me and pulled my trousers off completely. I said “Ry…are you sure?” She removed my boxers and said “Fuck yeah” with a devilish grin on her face. She slowly grasped my shaft and began kissing it before eventually licking up and down and stuffing it into her gorgeous mouth.

She had given a lot of head before and I could tell straight away from the way she caressed my dick and kept sucking it with her warm lips and throat. I felt my cock make her gag as the full 8 inches slipped to the back of her throat. She pulled off it with a pop and said “Jesus Alex. Your cock is by far the best tasting cock I’ve had in my mouth for a while.” She kept on sucking and forcing her mouth up and down my shaft before after five minutes she got up and said “Enough teasing. Time for you to give me some real action.”

She hastily whipped off her shorts and revealed she had nothing on underneath, just her hairy vagina waiting to be entered. It was like a landing strip as she guided my hand to the wet surface and I began to penetrate her soaking folds with my fingers. Meanwhile, Rydel removed her tank top and let her tits hang out, the perky nipples hard at my other hand’s touch.

Rydel removed my fingers gently and said “Now let me give you the real Rydel treatment.” She lowered herself down onto my shaft as I felt my dick slowly penetrate her folds and I immediately felt how loose she was. She had done this way too many times for her age. I let Rydel take charge, her tits bouncing into my face as she moved up and down on the shaft. I felt her loose folds rub up against my cock as I began to groan.

She herself was groaning and began shouting “Oh Alex! I’ve wanted you inside me for so long!” I caressed her nipples and then began to suck whilst she bounced up and down against my groin. I kissed her gently and then began to thrust my dick into her pussy harder, feeling that Ry was getting too comfortable.

Sweat glistened on her head and her tits began to move faster as we both reached the point of no return. I said “Ry, how about you let me teach you a lesson from behind.” She had her finger in her mouth and said “Oh I didn’t take you for the anal type Alex.” She smiled and got off my cock, it popping out with a sharp pop.

I stood up and bent her over the table, gently pushing a finger inside her tight butthole. I then decided it was fine enough, having licked my finger before hand as I shoved my cock into her hole. I felt the tight walls clasp around my dick and her arse began to loosen after a few moments. She moaned “Alex! Oh you dirty fucker! Do me like the little whore I am.” I said “Oh you’re a whore all right.” I pounded away at her for minutes, feeling us both come close to an orgasm.

I said “Its time for you to become an ass to mouth slut Miss Lynch.” She said “Oh, I’ve never tried this before but I’ve always wanted to.” I pulled out of her arse and then moved her to the couch where I fondled her tits as she sucked my cock. I felt my own climax building and I shouted “Fuck!” as I blew my load all into Rydel’s waiting mouth. She smiled and cum dribbled down her cheeks and onto her tits.

She said “But you haven’t gotten me off yet!” She pulled me onto the floor and dragged me to her hairy muff and I tasted the sweet pussy juice after just 30 seconds of munching on her folds. The warm cum spread onto my face as Rydel moved and began kissing me all over. I said “Is this your cheat day?” She said “If it is then I want to cheat everyday.” And just like that my best friend had turned into my fuck buddy.

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