Lucky Bastard 15: Getting the Part

Title: Lucky Bastard 15: Getting the Part

Author: MiamiLyfe

Celebs: Ariel Winter

Codes: MF, oral, titty fuck, anal

Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy


I was sitting in my new second floor office on Broad Street in Glendale.  Earlier in the week I had finally finished decorating and setting everything in the office up.  The office had a lobby area with three rooms splitting off from the lobby.  One room was Ryan’s office, I had the corner office with the bathroom, and the third room was a screening room.  I liked my office, it was decorated with a nice large desk, three comfy office chairs, a couch and a bunch of sports memorabilia I had collected over the years up on the walls. While I liked my office, my favorite room in the office was the screening room.  The room had painted black walls, so it could be as dark as possible, it also had one large projection screen, two other 50 inch TVs on either side.  The screening room also had a large leather couch with 2 matching recliners, and two mini fridges filled with drinks and snacks.  While I probably didn’t need it, the office gave me an excuse to get out of my house, and it would also give Ryan and I a place to hold meetings or do casting sessions.

It was around 11am and I was on the computer returning some emails and thinking about what place I was going to walk to for lunch, when I heard the door to the office open.

“Hello?” I heard a woman’s voice call out. I got up and walked out of my office.  I had not planned on having anyone over today, so I honestly had no clue who walked in.  Walking into the lobby I saw a short black-haired woman standing there in really short jean shorts, and off white sleeveless shirt, cowgirl boots, and her hair done up in a bun.

“Can I ask help?” I asked.  She spun around and I was surprised to see it was Modern Family star Ariel Winter.

“Hi, are you Eddie?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“You bought Jeremy Evans’ script, right?  The dramatic comedy?”


“Goodie, I wanted to talk to you about it.”

“Alright, come on into my office and have a seat.”  I signaled for her to follow me.

“Why did is your office in Glendale?” Ariel asked as she followed me.

“Well, you have free parking with the Galeria, there are plenty of places to eat, it’s cheaper than a space in Hollywood, and also it’s only 20-30 minutes away from most places in Hollywood.  So, it’s not a bad drive for when people need to see me, but also far enough away I don’t have to worry about people coming by just to waste my time.”

“I guess that makes sense” Ariel said as she sat down in one of the chairs across the desk from me.

“So what about the movie did you want to talk about?”

“I want to star in it obviously.”

“Sorry, not going to happen,” I bluntly told the Modern Family star.

“What?” Ariel exclaimed.

“I’ve already cast the lead with Jane Levy and Victoria Justice is going to place one of the two friends.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Nope.  How did you even find out about the script?”

“Jeremy is a good friend of my boyfriend.  I got a copy of a script through him and then I found out about you after they went out to celebrate selling the script.”  Ariel looked out the window in spoke with some disbelief in her voice.  “God, that fucker.  Did you know that after I told him I loved the script, Jeremy told me that if I had sex with him he could guarantee the role I wanted?”

“I knew that guy was a bastard. I hope you didn’t.”

“Sigh…no I didn’t. I mean, I did blow him that night but that just kind of… it, it doesn’t matter.  I still loved this script and I want a part in this film.”

“Well, like I said Jane Levy is already the lead.” To be honest I was not wild about Ariel and I really could not see her as any of the three main roles.  She seemed a little young and just didn’t have the look I thought was right for it.

“What about Clair? I can play Clair.”

‘Eh, I don’t know. I already sent out the script to several other actresses, and like I said Victoria is debating which of the two friends she want to play.”

“Screw Victoria Justice. I’m a way better actress than she ever is.  Plus have you met her? She’s a total stuck up cunt.”  Ariel was getting frustrated that I wouldn’t give her what she wanted.

“Me and VJ are kind of friends actually” Ariel’s face seemed to go a little pale after I said that. “And, you do know that that part has some nude scenes where the actress is topless right? Would you even be able to do it while Modern Family is still going?”

“That’s part of the reason I want this part. The show has one season left in it, so who cares what those people think and I’m tired of people thinking of me as Alex Dunphy. Showing my tits off on the big screen should put an end to people looking at me as some bookworm kid.”

“Yeah, maybe.”  I didn’t really buy this argument since most of the people I knew when they thought of Ariel Winter, her boobs were either the first or second thing people thought of.

“Why are you fighting me on this?  Think how much more money when people hear I’m topless in it.” I had to conceded she did have a point there.  “I mean between the pervy comments people write on my instagram and the way crew members on set eyebang me all day, do you know how badly people want to get a look at the girls.” Ariel cupped her breasts as she said that.

“Well it probably doesn’t hurt that you’ve been a huge tease.”

“I have not.”

“Really?  You talk about how you don’t want to be objectified, and yet you always seem to try to show off as much cleavage as possible whenever possible. Plus you also seem to enjoy showing off your ass by wearing as short and tight a pair of shorts as possible.”

“So! That doesn’t mean I’m a tease.”

“Those crew members you enjoy having eyebang you all day, have you ever fooled around with any of them?”

“Well, no.”

“What about the men on your show?”

“Ew. No. Have you seen the men on the show? I mean if Benjamin Bratt does another guest spot, I might try sneaking into his dressing room.” A big smile came across Ariel’s face. “ You should have heard the moans coming from Julie Bowen’s trailer last time he guest started.”

“Okay, you got me there.” I said while in my mind I picturing Julie Bowen riding a cock.

“And it’s not like I haven’t messed around on the show at all, I had sex with Nolan last year on his birthday.” That snapping me out of my daydream.


“Yeah, he’s kind of cute now that he’s grown up a bit.  So on his birthday I snuck into his trailer, stripped out of my clothes, and when he came back from filming I slept with him.  The only bad part is he told Rico about it, so I ended up blowing Rico on his birthday. Rico literally begged me to do it.  And then there’s Sarah of corse.”

“What about her?”

“Are you joking? Sarah’s a notorious pussy eater.  We’ve been fooling around since I was 15, but she’ll go down on any girl so long as it moves her up the social chain.  How else do you think she got in with Taylor Swift and Ashley Tisdale’s groups of friends?”


“So you are you going to give me the part or not?” Ariel was become very frustrated.

“No. You have to audition for it like everyone else.”

“Oh come on!  What is it?  What don’t you like about me?” she was mad now.

“Fine you want to know what it is, it is three things.  First you came in here expecting me to just give you the part.  Second is that you can’t seem to go outside without the paparazzi following you around.  And it’s not like you are some huge mega star, so that tells me that either you, your publicist, your manager or one of your other people are always tipping them off, telling them where you’ll be.”

“That’s not true!” Ariel tried to defended herself.

“Oh please. I may not have lived in Hollywood long, but I do know that unless you are a ultra A-lister celebrity, you don’t just have photographers following them around whenever they leave the house.  The only way paparazzi would get all those ‘candid’ shots,” I did use air quotes while saying ‘candid’, “is if they are tipped off or possibly paid to show up.”

‘Umm, well…I” Ariel knew she was busted.

“Third, excuse the pun but Jane’s character is supposed to be the ‘Plain Jane’ of her friend group, so it needs to be believable that people would think her friends are hotter. With Victoria that is not an issue.”

“What, and it is for me?” Ariel crossed her arms in frustration.

“I hate to be rude, but honestly I just don’t know what kind of shape you will be in when we shoot.  One of the bad things about have the paparazzi around you so much is that I can see how your weight fluctuates all the time.  Sometimes it seems like you go up and down 10lbs a week.”

“Are you fucking  serious? I’m fucking hot!” Ariel stood up quickly while she began yelling at me.  I’d obviously hit a nerve.  “Look at me, are you seriously telling me I’m not hot enough!?!”

“No, that’s not what I said” I said on the defensive.

“No you said I was fat and out of shape. Well, take a look!” She then whipped off her top, dropped her shorts, and took her hair out it’s bun.  Ariels then stood in front of me naked with the exception if her cowgirl boots.  “So, what do you think? Am I too out of shape for you?”  She did look pretty damn good.  The majority of the actress’s I’d slept with over the last year had been thin, athletic built woman with small to average sized breast.  Ariel on the other hand, was much more curvy with a set of large breast.  Her d cups had a bit of a sag, but that was more do their weight, and had large read areolas.  With the exception of the scar under her breasts, you’d never had guessed she’d actually had had them reduced. She then did a 360 turn, showing off her thick shapely ass.

“Yes, you’re and good shape right now”

“That it? Really? Please, I know you think I look good and I’ll prove it.” She walked around to my side of the desk and fell to her knees with hands going for my crotch. I tried to stop her, but subconsciously I probably didn’t want to so I didn’t try that hard.  She eventually did get my pants undone and she reached in and grabbed my cock.  “Ha! I knew it! I knew… Holy Shit!” Ariel had pulled me fully out of my pants and gotten a full look at what she was holding. “You’re not hard, you’re just… huge.”

“So I’ve been told” I said calmly.

Ariel then stood up and put her hands on her hip, leaving my dick hanging outside of my pants.  She just stood there chewing on her, contemplating what to do next.

“So…umm…what if I fuck you?”


“Yeah! If I have sex with you, will you then give me the part?”

“No way.”

“What? Why not?” I’m not sure if she is upset that I wouldn’t give her the part or that I wouldn’t have sex with her.

“I’m not doing a quid pro quo like that, especially after all that Harvey shit went down.”

Ariel crossed her arms, which pushed up her tits.  “Please, are you telling you’ve never had sex with any of the actresses in your other movies? That Victoria didn’t fuck you to get the part?”

“I didn’t say that. I’ve have had sex with actresses, but its always been sex for the sake of sex, not to get a role.”

“And Victoria? I know she’s blown a bunch of different producers.”

“Yeah we’ve had sex, a bunch of times.” The last time was several days ago when I offered her the part in the film.  She was so excited we spent the next three hours banging all over my office. “And she gives a fantastic blow job.  But we’ve been having sex since before I ever even bought the script, and she got the part because I thought she’d be good for it.”  I started stroking my cock and getting it hard for Ariel to watch.  “Now, it you want to audition for the part when I hold auditions, we can do that.  And if you want me to bend you over this desk right now and fuck until you have multiple orgaims, we can do that too.”  I was now fully hard. I moved my hands from my cock and leaned back giving Ariel a unobstructed view of my large erection. She was looking right at it. I noticed that her pussy was glistening, I don’t know when it started but she was definitely getting a little wet.

“Fuck it,” she said flicking some of her hair off her shoulder and behind her back. “I might as well get something out of this trip.  Ariel quickly got back down on her knees and wrapped her lips around my cock.

“Gotta ask, do you always wear no underwear or was this part of your plan all along?”

“I rarely wear any, but I also thought this might happen.  Especially after I googled you and saw your picture.”  Ariel went back to licking my ball sack after that.  Taking each ball into her mouth, swirling it around in her mouth as she stroked my shaft.  After polishing my nuts for a bit she moved up and licked up and down my shaft.  Taking my cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock as best she could.  Ariel gave a very sloppy and loud blowjob.  For a girl who I am sure had given a fair number of blow jobs in her life, I had to admit I was a little disapointed in her cock sucking skills. She reminded me of some of some girls when I was on high school who would try and recreate what they saw pornstars do.  In this case Ariel seemed to be trying to do a Sarah Vandella impression.  She was very enthusiastic, used lot of spit, did a lot of moaning, and made a lot of sucking noises, but unlike Sarah Vandella, Ariel did have a gag reflex and she struggled to take more than half my cock down her mouth. I let her go for a few more minutes, before pushing her off.

“What’s wrong? My boyfriend loves my blowjobs.”

“Yeah, well, if you end up getting the part, maybe I can have Victoria can teach you a thing or two.”

“Kiss my ass!” She said defensively.

“I rather fuck it.  Now, get up and bend over the desk.”  Ariel rolled her eyes, but still she moved quickly to get into place.  As much as she wanted to act like she didn’t like me, it was obvious by the way she moves that she wanted this even more than I did.

“You know for someone who wants an acting job, your not doing a good job of acting like you don’t desperately want this.” I said as I stood up behind her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really?”  I then slapped my cock up against her clit. Ariel moaned and pushed her ass back towards me even more.  “Told you.”

“Fine. I want it. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

“How badly?”

“Fuck you! Just fuck me.”  Pushing her further down on the desk so her tits were pressed against the desk, I slapped my cock against her clit a few more times before sliding into her.  Her fat lipped pussy gripped tightly around my cock as it slid into her.

“Shit you’re tighter than I thought” I said as I slid out and pushed back in.

“No I’m not” she groaned as I shoved my dick further into her, “you’re just have a really fat cock.”  She continued to moan as I fucked her on my office desk.  As we screwed I watched her thick booty shake as she thrusted back into me.  I could not help myself from groping her ass and giving her ass cheek a slap.

“Tell me, you every let anyone fuck you in the ass.”

“Mmmmm yeah, I let studio exec take my anal cherry.  It’s how I got my last raise.”

“I thought you only teased the guys working at Modern Family?”

“That’s the crew. Execs and producers are different, though maybe if one of them has a dick like yours I might make an exception.”

Giving her ass another slap I ask “So what, you only fuck the higher ups just to help your career?”  I then slowly opened up a top drawer and took out the lube I had in there just in case of situations like this.

“Mostly” Ariel then turned her head and looked me in the eye “Though last time I had two exsecs DP me, it was just for fun.”

I opened up the lube and squirted some into my hand and began using my thumb to apply it to the Modern Family star’s butthole. Ariel flinched at first because of the coldness of the lube, but she soon pushed back into me.  I even slipping my thumb into her ass to make sure she was nice and lubed up.

“You know, most guys at least ask before they get ready to fuck me in the ass” Ariel said as I pulled my dick out of her pussy.

“Yeah, those are the guys who either care about your opinion or care about whether they’d get a chance to have sex with you again in the future. I’m neither.”  I began rubbing some lube on my cock, even though I am sure I probably didn’t need it.  “Plus based on how you were pushing your back on my finger with your ass, you can’t tell me you don’t want it.”  Ariel remained silent after that, that is until I started entering her anal cavity.  It took some real effort to get my mushroom head past her anal ring, but once the head slipped in, it was not too difficult to press the rest of my tool into into her.

“Oh god” Ariel said as she arched her back. “Wait wait wait, just, just don’t move. Let me get used to it for a second.”  I pushed the last inch into the short actress before pausing and letting her get accommodated to my size.  “Shit, you’re bigger than my boyfriend. I can almost feel you in my stomach.”  Ariel put her arms out and supported her torso as she leaned over the desk. Ariel took a deep breath and exhaled.  “Fuck it, let’s do it.”  With that I pulled out so just my tip remained in her and then slammed my full length back into her.

“Oh my god! So good!” Ariel yelled out as we had now hit our rhythm.  Ariel was moving her ass back into me as I thrusted forward.  Her large tits swung freely as I hammered her ass.  She had already cum once with my cock in her ass, and I was working on making her cum again as I reached around and took hold of her large pillowy tits.  I could not stop myself from giving them a big squeeze.

“Umm yeah. Play with my tits as you fuck me.”  I held onto her tits as I screwed her from behind.  “Harder! Harder!” Ariel began yelling.  I wasn’t sure if she was talking about fucking her harder or squeeze her tits harder so I did both.  But she kept yelling harder so I moved my hips as fast and as hard as I could as I plowed her, and also began twisting and pulling onto her nipples.

“AHHHHHhahahahaha!” Ariel cried out joyfully as she came once again.  As she came down from her orgasim her arms gave out causing her to drop back down onto the desk.  Ariel might have been spent after cumming again but I continued fucking her ass.

“I hope you don’t have any plans after this, because I’m gonna cum all up in your ass.”

“Do it.  I dare you. Make me spend the rest of the day running around town with you cum in my ass.”

“Yeah is that what you want” I asked as I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge.

“Yes, I want it you bastard. Just do it already!”  I kept going for a few more thrust before finally burying my dick fully into her ass and firing off my load.  It had been quite a few days since I’d last had sex, so it was quite a sizeable load I unleashed into her ass.  “Oh my god! Oh wow!” Ariel commented as she felt more and more cum fill her up.  When I finally finished I pulled my still mostly har dick out of Ariel’s now gaping asshole, some cum immediately began leaking down her leg.

“Well, I get what Victoria sees in you now.” Ariel said as she still stood hunched over the desk catching her breath.

“You make it sound like we’re done already” I commented as I sat up on the desk next to her.

“What do you mea… Jesus.  How are you still hard?” Ariel sounded a little disappointed when she turned to look at me and saw my cock was still mostly at full mass.

“I don’t know, it’s not that unusual.  Don’t tell me you’re tired already?”


“I don’t know about how Modern Family does it, but movies have long shooting days. You can’t be coming here begging for movie roles if you don’t have the stamina for long hard work” I mocked her.

“Shut up.  Are you always such as ass?” Ariel ask as she stood up and moved over a bit towards me.

“No, I’m actually a fairly nice guy.”

“Yeah right.” Ariel obviously didn’t believe me, but that didn’t stop her from putting my dick, which was in her ass not 5 minutes ago, back into her mouth.  She used her mouth to clean off my dick and get it nice and wet.  Once she had my cock doused with her saliva she moved into position and wrapped her large tits around my dick and began to titty fuck me.  She moves herself up and down quickly with her tits fully wrapped around my cock.  “So, have any of those skinny bitches you’ve been with able to titty fuck you like this?”  Ariel asked, then using her tounge to flick my cock head on her down stroke.

“No. No they haven’t” I said as I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her tits stroking my cock.

“Thought not.” Ariel closed her lips around the head of my dick and began sucking it as she continued to titty fuck my shaft.  She continued going at it for another 2 minutes before giving up.

“This is taking too long, lay back” Ariel ordered me.  Clearing off the desk space behind me I laid back down with my knees hanging over the edge.  Ariel meanwhile had climbed up onto the desk and was now squatting over my crotch.  Taking my hard cock into her hand she rubbed it along her wet pussy all the way down passed her taint and to her ass and then bringing it back up to her pussy.  “Now which whole should I put it in” she teased me.  She rubbed my cock back and forth several more times before finally making up her mind and dropping down, sinking her pussy onto my dick.

“Shit that feels good” I said as she begins to ride me.

“Tell me about it, a girl could really get used to this thing” Ariel says as she continues to buck up and down on my cock.  As her thick ass slapped against my lap, her tits bouncing wildly.  I could not help myself from reaching up and playing with her big ol’ fun bags while she bounced on my cock.

“Ugghhh that feels good.  Here” She said as she leaned forward, with her hips still grinding into my pelvis. “Suck on them”  Ariel commanded as she now had her breast hanging right in front of my face.  Taking a firm grasp of one, I sat up and put her tit into my mouth and began sucking away at it.  “Oh, yeah that it” she gasped.  I switched over to the tit and Ariel closed her eyes.  She just enjoyed the feeling of my dick in her pussy and my lips around her nipple.  With her distracted, I quickly flipped us around, knocking several things from my desk, but we ended up with her flat on her back with her cowgirl boots up on my shoulders, and me on my knees continuing to fuck her.  I continued to screw her pussy, and Ariel was making it clear that she was getting closer to cumming once again by the sounds of her moans.  Right when I felt like I had her on the verge of her orgasim I pulled out and pushed my dick back into her asshole.

“You bastard!” Ariel yelled as she felt my dick reenter her backdoor, but whatever frustration she may have had quickly disappeared as I began fucking her again and using my fingers to flick her clit.  Still loosened up from earlier, her ass gave little resistants as I pounded away at it.  Soon she was cumming for the third time that day with my cock up her ass.  Meanwhile I never hesitated or slowed down.  I was looking forward to shooting my load all over her chest.

I kept working her ass hard until I finally felt ready to blow.  Ariel was still pretty cum drunk, so rather than have her get up, I stood up and amid my cock down at her.  After stroking it a bit, I finally came, shooting my cum down on her tits with a couple of shots going long and hitting the actress in the face.   When it was over, even I was surprised by the amount of cum I had cover her with, considering this was my second load in under and hour.

“Jesus, Ed.  Do you always cum in bucket loads?” Ariel asked as she sat up and wiped some cum from her face.

“Not always, but it has been a couple of days since I’ve gotten off.”  I said as I jumped down off the desk and picked up my phones.

“Couple of days? You know that makes you sounds like a total man whore right?” She joked.

“I guess. Say cheese!” I snapped a quick picture of Ariel’s face and cum covered tits.

“You suck.” Ariel said after I took the picture, though she did not even bother to cover up, so I took a few more.  “None of those pictures better end up online.”

“Don’t worry they won’t.  Besides I read the gossip sites, I know that there are plenty of other nude pics of you out there that have yet to find their way to the web.”  I put down my phone and started putting on my pants.  “There is a bathroom through that door if you want to clean up.”

“Okay, thanks.” She said sliding off the desk and shaking her ass as she walked to the bathroom door.  I finished getting dress and picked up Ariel’s clothes off the floor, putting them on the desk with a copy of the sides I was giving to other actresses who I was having come in for auditions.  Ariel came out of the bathroom, still naked, with the cum cleaned off of her and her hair done back up in a bun.

“I left the sides for the Chloe part on top of your clothes.  Auditions will be here next month on the 28th.”

“So even after all that, your not going to give me the part?” Ariel asked, still a little bewildered by everything.

“Nope, but if you want to do this again my number is on the papers.  Later.” I said as I headed out the door to go get lunch, leaving a naked Ariel Winter in my office to get changed and see her way out.

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