Pizza Night

Title: Pizza Night

Author: Tori

Celebs: Olivia Holt, Cade Holt

Codes: mF, MMF, rape, oral, anal, incest, rough

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.



Olivia Holt and her 15 year old brother Cade were getting ready to watch a movie.  Their parents had gone out of town for the weekend and Olivia had promised them that she would keep her younger brother company.  The movie had just started when the doorbell rang.  “CADE!  PIZZA’S HERE!!!” she yelled.  Cade came bounding down the stairs and opened the door.  He paid the delivery guy and came into the living room carrying the pizza and a 2 liter of soda.  They were just about to dig in when the doorbell rang again.  Cade stood up and said, “What now?”  As soon as he opened the door, all hell broke loose.

Before she knew it, two masked intruders came running towards her.  They grabbed her and threw her to the floor.  While one of them held her hands behind her back, the other one wrapped duct tape around her wrists and then put a piece across her mouth to silence her screams.  Olivia could only watch as the third intruder held a knife to her brother’s throat.  When they were satisfied that Olivia was immobilized, the three of them sat Cade in one of the dining room chairs and duct taped his wrists behind the chair and then his ankles to the legs.

As Olivia struggled to get free, two of the intruders came over and pulled her to her feet.  They stood on either side while the third one held a knife back against Cade’s throat.  The tallest one started to squeeze and rub her tits through her tank top and then he reached into his pocket and opened a switchblade.  The other guy held her tight as the first one ran the tip of the blade along her hard nipples.  He then slowly ran it up and sliced through first one strap and then the second causing the top to fall down, revealing her perfect breasts.  Olivia’s tears ran down her cheeks as the two men fondled her in front of her younger brother.  The intruder standing next to Cade got down in front of him and used his knife to slice off his sweat pants.  After pulling the shredded garment off, he cut off his boxers leaving him sitting there, exposed.

The two men holding Olivia started to laugh and the tall one said, “Look at that, the kid’s getting a hardon from watching his sister.”  Cade could only sit there and watch as the masked intruder cut off the remains of Olivia’s top.  He then cut off her shorts and panties, leaving Olivia standing completely naked in front of Cade.  Suddenly, the intruder ripped the tape from the gorgeous blonde’s mouth and as he pushed her to her knees, he said, “You’re gonna suck my cock and you’re gonna like it or my buddy’s gonna slice off your little brothers dick and feed it to him, understand?”  Olivia nodded and opened her mouth.  The intruder pulled his cock out and slapped it against her cheek and said, “Watch closely little brother.  I bet your sister is one hell of a cocksucker.”  As Olivia started to suck off the intruder, the one next to Cade got down his knees and started to suck his cock.  Cade didn’t know what to do, not that he could do anything about it.  As the intruder sucked Cade’s cock, Olivia did her best to pleasure the other man with her mouth.

After a few minutes, the other guy next to Olivia pulled down his pants and lay down on the floor.  The guy she was sucking pulled out of her mouth and said, “Climb aboard sweet meat.  Time to ride the bologna pony baby.”  Olivia, with her hands still taped behind her back, swung her leg over the guy on the floor and felt his hard cock against her pussy.  The guy held it as she slowly impaled herself on him.  He held onto her slim hips as she started to ride him.  She looked over and saw the third man busy sucking her brother’s cock and then watched as Cade blew his load in the intruder’s mouth.  The sight almost made her sick and she was just about to say something when the first man stuck his cock back into her mouth.  She rode the cock in her pussy while the other man started to fuck her face.  After a few minutes, he pulled out and got behind her and shoved his hard meat straight into her ass, causing her to scream out in pain.

The two men DP’d the pretty blonde while the third man stroked Cade’s cock, forcing him to watch his sister getting raped.  They raped the young actress for several minutes and then they both came, filling her gaping holes with their cum.  They let Olivia roll onto the floor and watched as their nasty scum oozed from her freshly fucked holes.  They both used her long blonde hair to wipe off their cocks and then the tall one cut the duct tape from her wrists and told her to get on her hands and knees and crawl over in front of her brother.  Left with no choice, she did as she was told and when she was in front of Cade, the tall man held his knife against her throat and said, “Go on sis, suck off your little brother.”  Olivia felt like throwing up but gathered all her strength and took Cade’s cock into her mouth.  The third intruder standing next to Cade, pushed her head down, forcing Cade’s cock deep into her throat, causing her to gag.  When she was finally let go, she pulled off and coughed.  The two intruders that fucked her laughed and then the tall one said, “Come on sweet meat, we don’t have all night.”

Olivia went back down on her brother and as she bobbed up and down on his cock, the second man stood behind her and shoved his cock into her still gaping asshole.  He sodomized the young blonde while she gave head to her brother.  Cade could do nothing but watch as they defiled his sister.  After several long minutes, Cade shot his load into Olivia’s mouth just as the intruder pulled out and showered her back with cum.  As soon as the tall man pulled Olivia back onto her knees, the third intruder came over and held his knife against her cheek while the other two got dress.  As they headed towards the door, the tall one said, “Thanks sweet meat.  Maybe we’ll come back later.”

As soon as the door closed, Cade looked as Olivia and said, “Liv.  LIV!”  His sister just sat there staring blankly into space.  “LIV!!! WAKE UP FOR CHRISTS SAKE!”  Olivia blinked her eyes and turned to look at her brother.  “Liv, get a knife from the kitchen and cut me loose.”  Olivia slowly got up and went into the kitchen.  When she got back, she cut her brother’s wrists loose and handed him the knife.  Cade cut the tape from his ankles while Olivia stood next to him, clearly in shock.  When he was finally free, he grabbed his sister and hugged her.  Olivia immediately started to sob into his shoulder.  He held her and said, “It’s ok.  It’s all over now.  We’re ok.”  Olivia pulled away and walked towards the phone and said, “We have to call the police.”  Cade said, “NO!  Don’t!”  Olivia turned and said, “We have too.  Those guys…….”  Cade came over and took the phone from her hand and said, “Look, I know what they did to you and to me but we can’t tell anyone.”  Olivia looked at him in disbelief.  “What do you mean we can’t tell anyone?  I WAS RAPED!”  Cade looked at her and said, “I know but think about it.  Do you really want the publicity?  Do you want everyone to know what they made you do to me?  I know I don’t want anyone to know that guy sucked my dick.  I can’t go through the humiliation.”

Olivia picked up the remains of her tank top and wiped her face off.  She picked up the other rags from the floor and slowly walked upstairs.  Cade heard the shower and then went upstairs and put on a fresh pair of sweatpants.  He sat down on his bed and a few minutes after the shower turned off, Olivia came into his room in her robe.  She sat down next to her brother and towel dried her hair.  They sat there for a few minutes and then she said, “Listen, I won’t say anything but only because of you.  It will be our secret.”  Cade leaned in and kissed her cheek and said, “It’s the only thing we can do.”  Olivia nodded and went into her bedroom.

The next day, the two didn’t say much to each other.  Olivia was still trying to process what had happened to her so Cade said, “Look, I’m going for a walk.  Lock the door behind me, ok?”  Olivia followed him to the door but before he left, she hugged him and said, “I love you Cade.”  Cade smiled and said, “I love you too.  Everything’s going to be alright.”  Olivia nodded and then locked the door after Cade was gone.

Cade Holt walked several blocks from the house and crossed the street headed towards the convenience store on the corner.  He saw the black Mercedes parked at the end of the lot and walked over to it.  He opened the back door and climbed in.  Spencer List was behind the steering wheel.  Sitting next to him was Liv’s “I Didn’t Do It” costar Austin North.  The person in the back seat was Spencer’s twin sister Peyton.  The three looked at him and then they all started to laugh.  Cade looked at Peyton and said, “You’re about the prettiest gay guy I’ve ever had suck my cock.  Peyton reached over and squeezed his cock and said, “It was my pleasure.”  Spencer looked at him and said, “Man, I’ve got say, your sister has the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked.”  Peyton said, “Tighter than mine?”  Spencer nodded and then Austin said, “She wasn’t tight by the time I got to nail her but hell, I’m always getting sloppy seconds with you so I’m not complaining.  I’ve wanted to tape that ass for a long time but that prissy bitch never gave me the time of day.”

Spencer started the car and said, “Where too?”  Peyton pulled Cade’s cock out of his pants and said, “Let’s get a room and you all can make me air tight.”  Austin high fived Spencer and as he pulled out, Peyton went down on Cade.  As she started to suck his cock, he said, “Holy FUCK Peyton!  You’re so much better at giving head than Liv.”  They all laughed as the car pulled out on the highway.


The End

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