Silver Screen Express Ch. 17

Title: Silver Screen Express Ch. 17

Author: Cadeauxxx

Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale

Codes: MFF, cons, oral, anal, rim, slut, cheating

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission. For feedback, I can be reached at cadeauxxxseed(At)Gmail(dot)com

Special thanks to KMB for this idea. To LD73, this story is for you. I hope you enjoy!




Los Angeles, California


Friday morning had come, pushing the work week to it’s desirable closing hours. As an old saying went, ‘the eagle flies on Friday’ and that eagle couldn’t fly any sooner when it came to David. After a disastrous work week involving troubles with his gold plated Silver Screen Express taxi van, David couldn’t wait for the week to end. Back on Monday, the van began having trouble with the brakes. This minor inconvenience was only a prelude of stress to come in the passing days. By Wednesday morning, something was wrong with the ignition and start up. He had lost a day’s pay out in the street on Thursday after having the car put in the shop. Now he was only hoping he could make up for that lost day by netting some extra tips from the wealthy fares whom would be calling in for service from the exclusive company. It was the least David could do, as no one enjoyed a shortage in their pay check of the week.

The winter cold fronts had come and gone through L.A., leaving a streak of nice weather before fading off into nothing. Since the cold days had passed, David was back to wearing a pair of shorts and the usual flip flops over his feet when he sat in the driver’s seat of his van. Since December, he had taken to wearing a black shirt out to work almost every day of the week. With his face cleanly shaved and wearing a new set of fresh cologne he received as a Christmas gift, David was back on the streets as usual with his gold plated taxi van. Through the morning, he picked up two fares to net around eight hundred dollars before the 10:30 hit the clock for his usual lunch break. He took the stop near a gas station to put twenty dollars into the gas tank and then buy a snack. The wind blew through his hair while standing outside for a few minutes, just the last bit of winter breeze still pushing on through town.

By the time he was back on the streets, David had turned off Pico Boulvard, approaching near the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center. The traffic of the afternoon was always a hassle between this part of time, but he couldn’t complain when it was a hot spot for fares calling in. Sure enough to David’s assumption, the dispatch panel of his taxi van was going off with multiple calling customers within his vicinity. While stopping at a red light, he raised the styrofoam cup that had been sitting in his cup folder, taking a sip of water. Within seconds, the dispatch played a story of two girls near the Gilbert Lindsay Plaza requesting a pickup. Since David was already less than five minutes from that street, he called in to take this fare for himself. When the light turned green again, the van turned down another street with the wheels rolling towards David’s destination. There was a row of pedestrians near the street, but he seemed to have spotted his fares quite easily. Two girls, one with black hair and the other a blonde flagged down the gold van before he pulled to a stop. He shifted gears, coming to a stop and unlocking the doors. Within seconds, David could hear the right side passenger door sliding open. He glanced up into the rear view mirror while greeting the two ladies.

“Hello there! I take it that you’re the two who called for a ride?”

Sounds of shuffling could be heard as they climbed into the taxi van. David usually glanced up into his rear view mirror to have a look, but he had been too slow before hearing a voice gasp and lightly whispering audible words: ‘Oh my god! Ashley look, it’s him!’. By the time David did try to look into his rear view mirror, he felt a hand tapping him over his back. He instantly turned around to be greeted at the smiling face of a black haired girl. She busted up giggling as she looked back into his old face, seemingly excited for what was a reunion of sorts. Wearing a small black jacket over a while shirt and a pair of daisy dukes style jean shorts below, Vanessa Hudgens had found her way back into David’s taxi. He paid no attention to the blonde haired girl sitting next to her on the right side, as he smiled back to Vanessa’s lovely face.

“Oh hey there, babe! It’s been a while since I last set eyes on you, what a surprise!”

“You remember me, David?”

She raised her eyebrow before speaking. With a soft smile, he nodded his head. From the back, David could see the blonde girl sitting there and observing them. She wore a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans, a casual dress code for a warm afternoon in town.

“Yeah, of course I do! How could I forget someone like you in the back of my van?”

The black haired girl busted up giggling before turning to look at her friend sitting next to her. David had turned away to face the steering wheel of his van, gripping it with a smile as he began to pull away from the side of the streets. The doors were closed and the van would soon be rolling down the roads just as it always did after picking up a fare. Memories were flooding through David’s mind of the first time he had met Vanessa Hudgens. Given how excited she was, he now had a good feeling about today’s work. Perhaps this was going to be a memorable Friday despite the concerns he carried over his work earnings. He spoke up while slowing the van down to a stop with a red light.

“So Vanessa, it’s been a long time huh? Who’s your friend you’ve got there with you?”

“Hi there, my name’s Ashley.”

It was a different voice greeting David now. When he glanced up into the rear view mirror, he witnessed a smile across the woman’s pink lips. He chuckled a bit before Vanessa spoke again.

“This is my friend Ashley Tisdale, have you heard of her?”

“I’m afraid I can’t say I have.”

“What? That’s too bad. I’m a singer, you probably would like my music if you ever gave it a chance.”

“I’ll have to remember that later.”

He replied while the light in front of the van had flashed green, allowing him to continue moving along traffic. Another giggle was heard from the back seat before Vanessa’s voice answered back.

“Well, she’s heard all about you. I told her about the time I met the infamous ‘David the taxi man’ of Los Angeles.”

Another laugh was heard, this time from Ashley’s voice.

“Oh my god, Vanessa! If this is the old sleazeball you’ve been telling me about, I’m amazed! He remembered you, but that doesn’t mean I all of a sudden believe your tall tales about him.”

“So you still think I’m full of it, huh?”

Raising his eyebrow, David listened to the two girls bicker a bit. It seemed that Vanessa had told secrets of her times within the back of his taxi last year. He couldn’t help but smile to himself, as this had become an eventful coincidence. From time to time, David had moments where he picked up the same passengers over extended stretches of time. This was the first time that David had a repeating fare that just so happened to be a woman of famed status. He was unfamiliar with Ashley Tisdale, but perhaps that would change later on. It had been a few months since he last had the privilege of driving around a celebrity from outside Hollywood. Today may have been his lucky day to reunite with Vanessa. He grinned to himself while thinking back to the dirty things they had done right in the back of this taxi van. Despite this, he still had to learn their desired place of destination.

“So, where can I take you two ladies? You called for a ride, so I know I’ve gotta take you somewhere.”

Vanessa gasped as she began to reply to him.

“Oh, we needed to get back to my friend’s apartment, but now…”

As she paused, a laugh was heard from the other woman’s voice. David had his eyes focused on the road in front of him, but had peeked up into the rear view mirror momentarily to see Ashley smirking back at her friend.

“Now what?”

Vanessa giggled before continuing on.

“Now we’re in the back of a sexy man’s taxi and I can prove to you that it was true!”

Ashley sighed.

“Seriously, Vanessa? You really don’t think I believe you about that, huh?”

“Where’s the apartment at, babe?”

David’s voice had interrupted them.

“It’s back around Burton Way, I’ll let you know the address when we get close.”

Ashley had replied back to him before Vanessa had a chance to say anything else.

“Alright, just to let you know the initial fee will be for five hundred dollars. By the time we’ll get there, I’ll add up the rest of the payment.”

As David gripped the steering wheel, he rolled to his left side to make a sharp turn. He was familiar with the Burton Way street, knowing that it was home to a number of luxurious apartments and a few hotels. His mind had become drenched in nostalgia over the previous time he had picked up Vanessa last year. When he glanced back into the rear view mirror again, Vanessa had leaned over and was whispering into her friend’s ear. He noticed her eye glancing towards the back of the front seats, almost as if she knew his keen eye would have a focus on them between driving. Through his memories, he could recall a funny conversation he had with Vanessa when they spent a day in his cab. He was curious if she still liked to get naked for her limo drivers, as she had confessed to David last year. After a minute of silence, David was soon alerted to Vanessa’s voice.

“Hey David, I need to ask you something real quick.”

“Yes, babe?”

She licked her lips, crossing her legs among the black leather seat in the back. Her friend sat beside her, glancing up to the back of David’s head as Vanessa spoke.

“Are you still making ‘deals’ with gorgeous women who get in the back of your van?”

He chuckled at her question. The fact remained for David that it had been over three months now since the last time he had to clean cum stains from the back of his taxi van. Here he was earlier in the morning worried about a shortage of money in his check, but now Vanessa was making him completely forgot about that in return of something else he enjoyed. After a moment, he replied back to her.

“Yeah, you already know how that works. I’ll give you a free ride and take us some place nice and quiet, if you let me have some fun with you.”

Vanessa giggled before responding back to him.

“Nice. You haven’t changed one bit.”

“Oh my god, I guess it is true after all. You’re such a fucking slut, Vanessa!”

Ashley’s words had caused her friend to giggle at her before answering back.

“Don’t deny it! You get around too!”

The two girls began to laugh at each other as David kept his concentration solely over navigating through the traffic ahead of them. He was already beginning to think of what back roads he knew in this area, as places he could take them for a bit of fun. Ashley glanced up at the seats, knowing that David was properly studying them from the rear view mirror that was visible above.

“Since you’re a sleazy old guy who does nasty things on the job, I figure I should ask you something. Have you ever had a threesome in the back of your van before?”

David laughed. It was funny to him as he usually had to go through a routine attempt of seducing the beautiful women who climbed into the back of his van. Vanessa and her friend Ashley were quite different. They seemed to already be horny, looking to indulge in their own fun. Such a question like this had caused him to chuckle briefly before answering her back. David could recall the threesome he had last year involving an actress and her husband. A threesome with two beautiful ladies was something he had yet to experience, but how could he lie to her?

“Yeah, last year. A lovely actress from New York called my cab and she brought along her husband. He and I gave her a pretty good work out that day, that was a lot of fun.”

Vanessa patted Ashley’s shoulder before speaking.

“See, I told you. David is a kinky old bastard, he knows how to get around.”

“But you haven’t had two girls at once in the back of this van, huh?”

Ashley smirked after her question. David knew exactly what the two girls were hinting for, as they made it obvious from the start. A threesome between the two of them would be a nice way to make up for the week’s disappointments. David figured he could forget all about his shortened pay checks, if it meant another chance for Vanessa to work him over into a frenzy. Her friend sounded like his type of fun loving woman. Taking a turn through the roads, he was now seriously thinking about where he could take them for a ‘quiet little spot’ to hide the van from preying eyes. The sound of their breathing could be heard among the van rolling down the streets as David finally was ready to speak up and make an offer. He figured this is what Vanessa had to be waiting for since she had experience with the games he played.

“Alright ladies, I’ll tell you what. You both wanna free ride? I’ll make this ride free if you’ll let me climb in the back seat and get naked with both of you. I can take us to a quiet place right now.”

A grin formed across Vanessa’s lips before she clapped her hands together.

“Yes, finally! We are getting fucked today! Woo hoo! No more waiting around hoping to find lucky guys at parties!”

Such excitement was displayed from Vanessa before she cupped Ashley’s face and leaned in for a slight kiss over the lips. David smirked to himself when he caught sight of their kiss through the rear view mirror. After taking a turn down another road, he soon realized the perfect spot where he could hide the gold van clear from any wandering strangers. David spotted an abandoned building off to the side. It’s walls were covered in graffiti and decay over the grey concrete. The building itself was previously a law office on the outskirts of town, but that seemed like a lifetime ago back two decades. Another turn had to be made before he could properly navigate his way beyond the building. He wanted to park behind it since there was clearly a wall to the left side that would hide the van entirely. While he was busy driving, the girls in the back had their own way of burning time.

Vanessa and Ashley had been close friends for many years, going back to their days in Disney and the fame of High School Musical. Over time, they had developed a close bond they spent together on wild adventures. Some of them became rather lustful, as today’s events were currently unfolding. Even though Ashley was married, she still had a habit of going out with her friend and keeping secrets away from her husband. Vanessa pushed her lips to Ashley’s once more, this time sharing a tender kiss between them. David didn’t catch sight of it, as his focus was shifted back to the road, but he soon heard the sound of their moans. After breaking the kiss, the two brown eyed ladies looked back at one another before Vanessa glanced over towards the back of the front seats. She smirked, ready to tease her friend.

“How about we go ahead and take our clothes off? Let’s give that kinky old bastard a bit of a distraction.”

“And you aren’t scared that will make him lose his focus on the road?”

David’s voice cracked into laughter at Ashley’s words. He teased them with his response.

“You aren’t the first one to say that. Go ahead, I dare you to get naked right now. I’m sure I can focus just fine up here.”

Vanessa giggled, glancing back to her friend as she moved over the leather seats. Together, they both began to strip down. Vanessa threw off her jacket first, allowing it to fall to the black floorboard of the vehicle below. David had not realized earlier that both of her feet were pushed into a pair of white high heels that showed off her toes. Ashley wore a black pair of pump style heels, going along with the surprise she had underneath her clothes. The next time David had glanced up into his rear view mirror, he could see Vanessa’s nude body from behind while Ashley was wearing some kind of black lingerie that must have been underneath her casual clothes. He smiled to himself, calling out to them.

“Mmmm, hot damn. There’s that nice ass, Vanessa.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah? You missed this ass huh, you dirty old bastard?”

“Fuck yeah, I did!”

She raised her left hand back and then spanked her own ass while glancing behind her shoulder. Ashley smirked over at her friend and suddenly came up with an idea to tease him while he was still driving. She leaned over, whispering into Vanessa’s ear. ‘If he goes crazy over your ass, let’s see how he reacts when we do some twerkin’ back here’. They moved over the seats, climbing over them as both girls moved into a position on their knees and pressing their hands against the leather surface of the back seats. From the left side seat, Vanessa began to roll her hips and grind her ass before Ashley repeated the process in the right side seat. The next time David glanced up into his rear view mirror, he had witnessed what appeared to be a booty shaking contest in the back of his van between the two beautiful girls. Letting out a short laugh, he spoke in praise to them.

“Oh, you two like to work it from behind, huh? I like that…”

Ashley moaned without answering him back, all while Vanessa had cracked up giggling. They eventually came to a stop, moving back from the seats to face each other. David stopped the van once he had driven behind the abandoned law office building. As he shifted gears, Ashley placed her hands over Vanessa’s shoulders while the other woman wrapped her hands around her neck. They began to kiss once more while David backed the van up and turned to glance out the back windshield. He almost became distracted at the sight of Ashley knocking Vanessa’s naked body down over the seats as they were locked into a passionate kiss.

“Ohhhhhhhh, that’s some good kissing going on there. I can’t wait to have some fun with you…”

He was clearly referring to Ashley, though he didn’t say such. She ignored his words, still focusing all her energy on kissing her friend. The van came to a stop again once David had positioned properly around the wall of the old building. Out the windows he could see various colors of graffiti spray painted over the decaying walls, but he paid the street art no attention whatsoever. Turning the key in the ignition, he shut the engine off just as the girls broke their kiss. Vanessa knew what this meant, as he would soon be joining them in the back seat of the van. The driver’s side door opened and then David set his flip flop shoes outside over the concrete pavement before shutting the door. Vanessa pushed Ashley off her, calling out.

“Get up, he’s coming!”

“Alright, alright!”

Licking her lips after replying, Ashley stomped her heels over the floorboard of the van. When both of them stood up, the sound of their heels had been muted from the carpeted floorboard. David had approached the left side back door before sliding it open and stepping in. For Ashley, this was the first time she had come face to face with the man. It was almost funny in her mind that she would agree to fuck a man without seeing his face, but Vanessa had led her on this kinky adventure. David smiled over both of them before stepping in and sliding the door shut behind them. Now all three of them were locked into the large space of the van’s back seats. Vanessa stood naked to his left side while Ashley was to the right still in her black lingerie. He reached up with his left hand, cupping Vanessa’s face as he gently caressed it.

“It’s been a while, babe. I’ve missed you.”

She smirked at him, teasing back.

“Yeah, right! I’m sure you’ve been fucking other women since then.”

“Hey, I ain’t denying it!”

Ashley watched as her friend leaned in and kissed the older man. She thought to herself that there was probably more going on between them, but Vanessa had told her quite the tale about him. ‘David the taxi man’ had kept the dark haired woman satisfied to the point of bragging about her one time chance with him. When they broke the kiss, he looked over at Ashley. She shook her head to him before speaking up.

“Sorry, but I don’t wanna kiss you. The only man I’ll kiss is my husband.”

David raised his eyebrow while looking back at Ashley. Cheating wives were some of his favorite women among the long list of famous names that had taken their clothes off in the back of his cab. Just to know that she was married made him more excited to write about her in his diary later tonight.

“So you’ll fuck other men behind his back but you won’t kiss them?”

After speaking, he smirked while looking back at her. Ashley looked back at him as she became offended and yelled back.

“That’s none of your goddamn business, you fucking sleaze bag!”

“Okay, okay! I apologize! Save the kisses for this cute thing right here, I don’t need to kiss you.”

With his apology, David began to strip his body of clothes. He stepped out of his flip flops while unbuttoning his shorts, giving the two girls something of a strip show as he pushed them down. Vanessa whistled, teasing him as she called out.

“Hubba hubba, mmmmmmm. That’s my sexy old cab driver right there!”

While Vanessa teased him, Ashley licked her eyes as she glanced down to the bulge sticking out of his underwear. It wasn’t until David had shoved his white briefs down and revealed his hardening rod, she finally felt confident about this. Ashley licked her lips as Vanessa began to clap her hands and shout at him.

“Wooooo, there you go! Get that shirt off and show me that sexy stomach!”

David almost laughed at Vanessa’s actions while he finished up by removing his shirt. There was something funny about this girl, as she seemed to glimmer in excitement while she was horny. As she stood there completely in the nude, he could see the shiny wetness developing around her pussy even though she wasn’t pleasuring herself with her fingers. When he stepped out of his shorts and underwear, David sat down in the middle of the seats and now it was time to begin. Both girls fell down to their knees, giving him the impression that they had a history of having threesomes together with lucky bastards like him. They crawled over to him, gazing up into his face with the smiles that greeted him. David took in a deep breath before he felt Vanessa grabbing his cock. Ashley broke eye contact to look at his large meat pole, licking her lips as her friend began to stroke it back and forth with her caring hand.

“Ohhhhhh yeah, get it hard for me, babe.”

“Mmmmmmm, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do right now.”

Vanessa’s voice had changed, becoming more slutty in a low tone. Ashley moved her hand away, bringing her palm down to his balls as she began to rub them while Vanessa’s right hand was pumping his shaft up and down at a slow pace. David breathed heavily, feeling the hardness of his cock and then letting out a soft moan when Ashley began to massage his balls with one hand. Once Vanessa had felt that his thick rod was to it’s fullest size, she licked her lips and moved between his legs. David watched as she placed her soft pink lips over the head and kissed it.

“Mmmmm, I’ve missed this big dick so fucking much.”

“Have you, babe?”

Her eyes shifted, glancing up into his face as she gave him a little smile, flashing her teeth. Ashley moved her hand away from his balls, allowing Vanessa the full space between his legs to begin with her oral skills. All the blonde woman could do was lick her lips as she watched Vanessa close her eyes and envelope her little pink lips around his cock. ‘Mmmm’, Vanessa moaned slightly as she began to quickly bob her lips up and down the first few inches of his cock. Ashley looked up into his face and spoke in a low, slutty voice.

“You love her whore mouth, don’t you?”

David didn’t respond to Ashley’s words. All he could do was lick his lips, softly grinning at the choice of words with ‘whore mouth’. Vanessa moved her hands to cup his hanging nut sack down below, She began to rake her fingernails across his balls while she plunged her mouth down, bobbing her lips and down his cock. She was locked into the heat of the moment and absolutely nothing was going to interrupt her concentration while aggressively sucked his thick meat pole. Closing his eyes, David took a deep breath as he could hear every slobbering and sucking noise that Vanessa’s mouth was creating.

“God, ohhhhhh! Fuck yes!!”

With his voice crying out in pleasure, Vanessa had opened her eyes and looked up into his face. David opened his eyes as she stopped and began to move her lips back up to the head of his cock. Vanessa sucked on it hard before releasing it loudly with a popping sound that echoed through the four corners of the vehicle. Strings of saliva dripped from her open lips, as Vanessa let out a sensual giggle and then moved her hands back to the base of his wet cock. Her eyes looked into David’s face once more as she then used her tongue to lick the underside of his long shaft. Once her tongue had reached the head, she twirled around it before breaking eye contact. This was her show as Ashley was only sitting next to her on the floorboard and watching the talents Vanessa worked with that ‘whore mouth’ of hers. She lowered herself down further between his legs, pushing her head between David’s thighs. He soon felt her tongue lapping over his nut sack.

“Suck on those nuts, babe! That’s it right there, ohhhh yeah!”

For the time being, Ashley had felt left out while Vanessa was giving a full demonstration of the skills she had with her ‘whore mouth’. The sound of her slobbering and sucking over his nuts could be heard loudly. Ashley let out a moan, studying her friend as she became tempted to strip off her lingerie and finally become completely naked. Vanessa popped his left nut between her lips, sucking on it before letting it fall freely from her mouth. She didn’t plan to spend a lot of time slobbering on his nuts so she moved further down between his thighs. She knew what David enjoyed from the first time she had fucked him in the back of his van. When her tongue raked through his ass cheeks, he knew exactly what to do. David leaned back a bit, giving Vanessa more room from underneath to find his dark little hole between his cheeks.

“Yes, get freaky down there for me, babe! That’s it!!”

Ashley bit down on her lower lip as Vanessa began to rim him. Vanessa had moved her hands between his thighs, creating an ample opportunity now for Ashley to use her hands and wrap them around his dick. While Vanessa poked the tip of her tongue around the little hole between his ass cheeks, Ashley began to slowly stroke his cock with both of her hands. A small string of spit had dripped down from David’s nuts, falling above Vanessa’s upper lip. She opened her eyes, gazing up into his face as she continued to eat his ass. The sounds her mouth had created had mixed in with his soft moans, all while Ashley was breathing heavily. The blonde woman had felt as if she were left out so far as Vanessa had taken the spotlight to wow him like she had done last year. Ashley didn’t have her chance until Vanessa had completely removed her head from between his thighs, now it was over to her. Looking back at her friend, Vanessa spoke to her.

“Show him what you’ve got! How about you use YOUR whore mouth for a change!”

Such a choice words coming from her friend, all Ashley could do was smirk as Vanessa had moved back to his left side. At last, Ashley was about to have her time to show David what she could do. He sat there, watching the blonde girl move between his legs and flashing him a cute smirk.

“Go ahead, babe. I wanna see if you can choke on that dick like your friend. Show me if you’ve really got a whore mouth like her.”

“Ohhhhh, you’re about to see alright!”

A sense of excitement could be heard through Ashley’s words before she planted her lips down over the head of his cock and began to suck. She wasted no time going down on his thick cock at a fast pace, causing David to moan aloud.

“Ohhhhhh, babe! You aren’t one to start off slow, that’s for sure!”

He had the impression that this must have been a competitive nature between the two friends. Vanessa had already proven herself in front of Ashley, as her friend now seemed to be attempting to go above and beyond her. Placing her hands over his hips, Ashley’s boobs began to bounce about as she plunged her lips up and down. The sounds she made while slobbering over his meaty rod could be heard loudly.


Sitting next to Ashley was Vanessa whom had dropped her lower lip while watching. She had witnessed this so many times in the past. Though she had done her own job impressing David, Vanessa was leaving the true fireworks to Ashley, as she knew that her friend could make men scream and wail from the power of her mouth. Her breasts began to bounce around a bit from the containment of the lacy black lingerie bra. Vanessa studied her every move, waiting for the perfect time to tell David when to take control.

“Oh, fuck! You know exactly what you’re doing!”

His praise was well received, as Ashley indeed knew how to work his cock back and forth between her lips. The moment came when Ashley positioned her hands behind her back. Vanessa knew just what to do as her friend pushed her lips all the way down to the base of his cock, deepthroating every inch of his long rod. Vanessa shouted to him.

“Quick! Grab her by the hair and fuck her mouth! Trust me, she’s waiting for it.”

Hands behind the back was the sign that Ashley often gave to her friend when they were locked into a threesome with a lucky guy. David followed Vanessa’s instructions and gripped Ashley’s blonde hair within his left hand. When he pushed her mouth down, she eagerly began to aggressively bob her head up and down, regardless if he had taken control or not.

“FUCK!! Ohhhhh man, this is amazing!”

Vanessa giggled as she listened to the sounds that Ashley’s mouth created as David then bucked his hips while pushing her head down. Over and over, his entire cock disappeared between her lips as she moved back and forth. At this rate, he was bound to lose control and shoot his within her oral canal but he no longer cared. It had been far too long since he had a day of pleasure in the back of his taxi van. Ashley had proved herself, as she had not choked a single instance while feeling the head of his cock slamming to the back of her throat. Grunting aloud, David gritted his teeth before growling more moans.

“I could fuck this mouth all day, god!!”

“Yeah, my friend has the REAL whore mouth, don’t she!?”

“Fuck yes!”

He let out another moan as Vanessa’s words were so teasing. With a few more pumps into Ashley’s mouth, David couldn’t hold himself back. He pushed the blonde singer’s mouth all the way down and then closed his eyes before roaring aloud as his orgasm commenced.


His cock had erupted into a steamy explosion from within Ashley’s mouth, filling it with his hot seed. Her big brown eyes gazed up into his face while David was attempting to catch his breath. She gave him a little wink as he removed his hand from her hair. Ashley brought her lips up, releasing his fat cock with a popping sound. She then giggled before turning to Vanessa who ran her hands up to her cheeks. While the man had to recover from his climax, he was gifted with the sight of them locking lips and kissing. During the kiss, Ashley used her tongue to swap some of the cum into her friend’s loving mouth. Vanessa broke the kiss, pulling back to reveal a long string of cum before they both sucked it up. The string broke, falling down Ashley’s chin before she slurped it back up and swallowed it down. David couldn’t believe what he was witnessing with his very own eyes.

“My god, both of you have a whore mouth, that’s for sure.”

After his words had alerted them, both girls turned and looked to David’s face before letting out laughs almost simultaneously. Their voices became something of a chorus, echoing loudly through the van’s four corners. Ashley licked her lips before responding to him.

“So a dirty old sleazeball like you enjoyed that, huh?”

“Hell yeah, he did! I told you this old bastard likes to get nasty!”

Vanessa’s words teased Ashley back, but she was focused on other things.

“That’s a great big cock he’s got, I hope he knows how to use it to make us scream our fucking lungs out.”

David smirked before responding to her words.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, babe. I know just how to use my equipment.”

“So, who do you wanna fuck first?”

He ignored Ashley’s words and glanced over at Vanessa, giving her the nod.

“I want you first, Vanessa. Get up on top of me, I wanna pound that ass.”

Letting out a whistle, Vanessa turned and looked at her friend while David sat back in the seats.

“See, I told you he was an ass-man!”

Patting his lap, David called out to her again.

“Reverse position for me, babe. That way your friend can work her whore mouth over your pussy.”

“Ohhhhh, how charming. I was beginning to wonder if you were gonna leave me out.”

Ashley smirked, her words coming off like a smart ass with her tone. After Vanessa had risen up from the floor, she turned her back to David. He wrapped his arms around her waist while she began to sit down over his lap. Her hands reached down, wrapping around his fat dick as she pushed it up and between her ass cheeks. Ashley remained on the floor, leaning up on her knees while it took a bit of time for Vanessa to shove the head of his cock towards her back door hole. Once she could feel it poking through, a soft grin formed over her face. She lifted her legs up, hinting for David to use them to hold her up. His hands moved over her legs, taking in a grip.

“That’s it, come on! I want to feel that big dick pounding me in the ass! GIVE IT TO ME, YOU NASTY OLD BASTARD!!”

“Ask and you shall receive, babe!”

Vanessa stretched her legs up to her shoulders, demonstrating that she had flexibility and the body of a dancer with her strong legs. With this position, David had better access to the hole between her ass cheeks. He bucked his hips forward, taking in the first thrust while Ashley leaned in, ready to plant her mouth down over Vanessa’s shaved cunt.

“Ohhhh, yeah! That’s it, give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!”

Thrusting his hips harder, David gripped her legs tighter within his grasp as he pounded his cock forward into her ass. Vanessa bounced among his lap, her boobs bouncing up and down with each thrust. Letting out loud moans, her hair began to sway around wildly as David took control and pumped his long shaft forward into her ass. Though Ashley wanted to eat her friend’s pussy, she found it quite difficult to accomplish as David pounded into Vanessa’s ass at such a fast pace, her body bounced a bit from his lap.


David loved it when a woman called him names such as the ones uttered from Vanessa’s mouth. He groaned, continuing to buck his hips forward and driving his long shaft into her ass. Ashley eventually placed her hands between Vanessa’s thighs and leaned in, trying to lock her mouth over the pink folds of her friend’s pussy. It was a struggle with Vanessa’s clit rubbing up against her mouth and then over her nose. She still attempted to do something by darting her tongue into that pussy while Vanessa continued to scream.


Despite this pleasure, David had planned to stop soon. He slowed down, thrusting forward one last time and then coming to a complete stop. With no further movements, Ashley was now allowed to venture her tongue further into Vanessa’s clit, causing the girl to scream once again.


Ashley’s tongue slithered deeper into Vanessa’s twat before she shook it from within. The wetness of her mouth had rubbed over Ashley’s upper lip and nose, as the scent of Vanessa’s dripping folds had filled her nostrils. Taking in a deep breath, Vanessa looked down. Since David had stopped pumping his dick into her ass, she lowered her legs, causing him to let go of them. Her hands moved through Ashley’s thick blonde hair. David breathed over Vanessa’s neck before calling out.

“Alright, that’s enough! I wanna piece of your blonde friend now.”

His words had alerted Ashley to stop, pulling her tongue away from Vanessa’s clit as she leaned up from the floor. Vanessa set her heels down over the floorboard as David helped lift her up from his lap. His cock slid from Vanessa’s tight back door hole before flopping freely away. David moved up from the seats and then spoke up, knowing just how he wanted these two sexy sluts for the next round.

“I want you both on the seats, side by side.”

“Mmmmmm, you gonna fuck us from behind then?”

He smirked at Ashley, letting out a laugh.

“Yeah, I’d like to do that.”

“Just so long as that cock is in my pussy soon, I don’t care how you wanna take me.”

With his right hand, David smacked Ashley’s ass after she spoke. Vanessa went on and climbed over the seat, wasting no time getting into position while he teased Ashley.

“If you want me to fuck you, then you better get the rest of that lingerie off now, babe.”

“Ohhhhh, I thought you’d like me to keep it on.”

She replied with a smirk, teasing him. Ashley pulled over the left shoulder strap of her bra before tugging it loose. After snatching the bra off and dropping it to the floor, she tugged her thong down. David licked his lips, letting out a laugh as she began to step out of the thong, leaving it over the floor.

“Damn, that’s a cute ass right there.”

Unable to stop himself, David lightly spanked over her ass once more. Ashley giggled before climbing on the seats. This time he had Ashley to his left side view and Vanessa over to the right. The two girls looked at each other, exchanging goofy grins while David positioned himself behind Ashley. With his right hand wrapped around his cock, he guided it between Ashley’s thighs, quickly finding her pussy and slowly thrusting in. His other hand rested down the small of her back.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeah…Go on, I want you to fuck me.”

Vanessa bit down on her lower lip while listening to her friend moan. She couldn’t help herself, she had to reach down with her right hand and begin to finger herself while her friend was being fucked right next to her. David took his time, experiencing the warmth feeling and tightness of Ashley’s pussy before he began to pick up the pace in speed.

“God, this pussy is so fucking tight.”

“Are you complaining about it, you old sleazy bastard?”

Ashley teased him with her dirty words, prompting him to spank her ass before replying.

“Fuck no! Do I sound like I’m complaining?”

He spoke just as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock forward into her twat. Ashley closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan as she could feel inch after inch of his thick rod pumping into her. Vanessa continued to drive her middle and index finger into her own pussy, twirling them around as she moaned.

“Yes, ohhhhh yes. Fuck me. Mmmmmm, fuck me.”

Ashley’s words were spoken softly while the sound of David’s balls slapping between her thighs became audible with each thrust he sent into her. He moved his hands over her ass cheeks, gripping them as he began to pound into her harder and faster, causing her tits to bounce from underneath. As her hair began to wave around, Ashley opened her eyes and called out to him.


A slight moan was heard apart from her loud screaming, as it was Vanessa calling out while digging her fingers deeper into her cunt. David didn’t stop, still pounding away into the beautiful blonde’s loving hole as she screamed louder with each passing minute.


She gritted her teeth while the sound of their bodies smacking together could be heard among all the moans. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound was only interrupted momentarily by Vanessa’s own moans and then calling out to him impatiently.

“Make her cum, David! Do it so you can fuck me next! I don’t wanna wait any longer!”

Vanessa wanted it so bad and she didn’t want to wait any longer. When Ashley’s voice began to raise with her heavy breathing, she knew that her friend wasn’t going to last much longer. Over and over, David continued to pound his thick cock into that tight pussy. Ashley raked her fingernails over the back of the black leather seats, unable to hold back her breaking inner walls as his cock continued to pump into her.


“Take it, babe! YES!!”


As Ashley screamed, her body began to shake and then David experienced the feeling of her warm juices flooding around his cock. She had become fulfilled in the ecstasy of pleasure by finally reaching her climax. David snatched his cock free from her dripping pussy and now he was prepared to give his rod to Vanessa. Ashley felt his rod departing from her used, dripping hole. Vanessa excitedly called out to him when she felt his hands moving over her hips after David had stepped around to his right side.

“Finally, yes! I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard like you did the last time you picked me up in this van.”

“Vanessa, wait!”

It was Ashley’s voice calling out. She moved over the seats, turning to look at David as she had something else in mind for all three of them.

“Move down on the floor, Vanessa! I want you to lick my pussy clean while he fucks you from behind, how about that?”

David raised his eyebrow, obviously impressed with her offer of a new position.

“I like that, let’s do it.”

He took a few steps back, allowing Vanessa enough room to move off the seats. David had the impression from Ashley’s idea that she wasn’t used to being left out. The two girls must have shared a number of exciting threesomes before in the past. They worked like a duo together with him, leaving him thoroughly impressed during all this time. Moving to the middle of the seats, Ashley sat down and threw her legs over Vanessa’s shoulders, as they were now in position together. Just when Vanessa buried her lips to Ashley’s pussy, that was when David went on and guided his cock into the dark haired beauty’s pussy. A muffled moan escaped her lips when he made the first thrust into her. Ashley groaned, gazing up at David’s face as she placed her hands over her breasts, softly rubbing them while her friend began to eat her.

“Mmmmmm, you’re such a sleazy old fucker, you know?”

Letting out a laugh, David smirked at her, flashing his teeth. He began to thrust his cock into Vanessa’s cunt as he replied back to Ashley.

“Yeah! Tell me something I don’t know, babe!”

The blonde singer squeezed over her tits, poking her nipples between her fingers as she returned a smug grin to him. Vanessa wasted no time collecting all of Ashley’s juices and swallowing them down her throat like a hungry slut. She moved her hands over her friend’s legs, just to position herself better between her legs. Ashley’s heels poked over Vanessa’s back as the black haired girl was busy thrusting her tongue into her friend’s pussy. A muffled moan was heard through Vanessa’s voice, sending vibrations into Ashley’s skin. David moved his hands to grip over her ass cheeks, rearing back his right hand to playfully spank Vanessa as he continued to thrust into her. Ashley expected David to utter a reply back to her, but he didn’t. He ignored her smart ass tone as he cried out in pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah! I’ve missed this pussy, you sexy little thing!”

“I bet you’re gonna miss watching her use her whore mouth to eat me after today!”

Ashley’s words teased him like so many times before in the day. David glanced down, his eyes tracing over Vanessa’s back as he pounded his cock into her pussy again and again. He worked at a steady pace, not pumping into her too fast like he had done Ashley, all out of the fear that he would blow his load within Vanessa. The thought of making a sticky mess over the girls had not crossed his mind, as he simply did not want this pleasure to end.

“Fuck, ohhhh god!”

David cried out in a fury of pleasure. He could feel a few drops of sweat running through his hair and moving down his forehead.The sounds of slobbering and sucking could be heard as Vanessa was still hard at work, eating Ashley’s tight little pink pussy. Vanessa expected to reach her orgasm soon, as she had already worked herself into a frenzy using her fingers to pleasure herself only minutes earlier. Ashley threw her head back against the seats, closing her eyes as she moaned. Her hands were still squeezing over her own tits while she called out to Vanessa.

“Mmmmmmmm, I love it when you work that whore mouth and eat me out. You just love my pussy, even if you don’t ever tell me you do.”

The sound of heavy breathing could be heard as Vanessa was drawing closer and closer to reaching her climax. David continued to slowly thrust his cock into her pussy, trying his best to hold back his own orgasm. As she ventured her tongue through her friend’s tight cunt, Vanessa was ready to scream after she felt every inch of his rod pumping into her over and over. Unable to hold herself back any longer, Vanessa raised her head up and then cried out now that her mouth wasn’t embedded over Ashley’s clit.


Ashley studied the reaction across Vanessa’s face as she had reached her orgasm. From behind Vanessa’s body, David was grunting as he quickly pulled his cock out of her pussy. Vanessa’s juices squirted over the floorboard down below. After months of not having to scrub any cum stains from the back of the van, David was going to have a mess to clean up over the weekend.

“Ohhhh man, I’m about to cum now! FUCK, FUCK!!”

Licking her lips, Vanessa quickly recovered from her orgasm and was ready to finish him off.

“Leave that to me! I’ve got this, don’t worry you dirty bastard!!”

Her words were spoken with familiarity to David, as he could’ve sworn that the first time he had met Vanessa, she had done the same thing. She had all intentions of using her ‘whore mouth’ to finish him off while Ashley sat back among the seats and watched. Once Vanessa had turned around to face David, she grabbed his cock with her right hand and slipped it between her lips. David didn’t have enough time to react if he wanted to blow his load over her face. With her hand tightly wrapped around his shaft, Vanessa began to stroke his thick meat up and down while she sucked on the head, eagerly waiting for his load to shoot into her whore mouth.


Ashley began to giggle as she heard David moaning aloud. He cried out as Vanessa had forced his cock to erupt into her mouth, filling her jaws with his hot seed. Now she had come even with her friend, as they both had tasted his cum. She continued to stroke his cock, making sure to squeeze out every last drop into her loving whore mouth. He panted, breathing heavily as Vanessa worked to drain his cock.

“God, that’s what I remember about you, babe…You are such a dirty fucking girl.”

“That she is!”

David glanced over at Ashley to see her grinning at him, just as she had done countless times before. Seemingly satisfied with enough cum in her mouth by now, Vanessa pulled her lips away from his cock with a loud pop noise and then moved up from the floor. She turned to face her friend, climbing up over the seats to give her a kiss. David stood there and watched as they locked lips together for a short kiss. Vanessa came up, looking Ashley in the eyes as she dropped her lower lip. The blonde singer parted her lips, sticking her tongue out ready to catch a string of cum that Vanessa made drip from her mouth. It missed her mouth entirely, landing over the left cheek of Ashley’s face and dripping down her neck. The two girls began to kiss once more as David just stood there and watched the little show they put on for him. Reality was coming back to the center of his mind, as he was beginning to remember he had a job to do. He smiled, feeling better about today’s events to make up for whatever losses he had in his pay check. A chance coincidence had turned into a fun event that had washed away any dread he had on his mind during the morning.

“That was a lot of fun girls, but I think it’s about time I got you both back over to that apartment. That is, after we all get our clothes back on, of course.”


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