Sapphic Erotica: Scene 86

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 86

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Elizabeth Banks, Jenna Fischer

Codes: FF, oral, mas, drugs, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Elizabeth wearing a fifties style dress, talking on a phone from the same period. “Yes, I know exactly what you’re talking about, Jen.  Oh, I would die if that happened to me.” Elizabeth sits listening for a moment, smiling and playing with the phone cord with her finger. “Oh, I know.  Hey, Jenna, why don’t you come over, so we can continue this conversation over coffee?”

Later, Jenna sits at the kitchen table with Elizabeth, also in a fifties style dress. “So, can you believe it?” she says, as Elizabeth pours coffee. “Bill, of all people, a big ol’ queer.”

“You think you know somebody, huh?  So, how’s Sarah taking it.”

“Oh, I don’t even want to think about it.” Once Elizabeth finishes pouring, Jenna reaches for hers, but Elizabeth stops her.

“Oop, not so fast…” Elizabeth reaches into a paper bag on the table, and pulls out a bottle of Bailey’s.

“Huh!” Jenna gasps, grinning. “Liz, where’d you get that?”

“You know that package store that just opened up next to Jed’s Fix-it Shop?  I was picking up Dan’s putter, and…got curious.  So, want some?”

Giggling, Jenna nudges her cup forward, and Elizabeth pours in the creamy liqueur.

Some time later, the two are still talking. “So, you know how Sarah found out?” Jenna asks, sounding a little tipsy.

“Idunno.  Bath house?”

“Rest stop bathroom.”

“Jesus.” The two are silent for a moment, then Elizabeth says, “Still, though, you must have thought about it once or twice.”

“What, Bill with another man?”

“No, no, I mean…What would it be like…ya know…with your own gender…”

“What?  I…no, I never…I mean…” Jenna pauses for a moment, looking down into her lap. “Maybe once…or twice…”

Elizabeth smirks at this revelation. “Hey, Jenna?”

“Yeah?” Jenna looks up, and, hesitantly, Elizabeth leans forward, and gives Jenna an open-mouthed kiss on the lips, which Jenna immediately reciprocates. “Wow…” Jenna says, breathily, when they stop. “We really just did that.”

“Yeah, we did.  So, did ya like it?”


Elizabeth now grins. “You know what I’d like to do now?”

“What?” Elizabeth leans over, cupping one hand around her mouth, and whispers something to Jenna, which causes her eyes to widen. “Whoa!  Wait!  We can’t…”

Elizabeth pulls her hand away, and says, “Sure we can…” She then starts to kiss Jenna’s neck.

“Jesus…” Jenna whispers, closing her eyes, rolling her head around, as, down below, Elizabeth places her hand on Jenna’s knee, and slides it up her thigh, pushing up her skirt.

It cuts to the two of them making out on Elizabeth’s bed, groping each other through their fifties undergarments.  At one point, Elizabeth slides down Jenna’s bra-strap, then pulls down her cup, and then leans down, and, in our first close-up, flicks her tongue on Jenna’s hard nipple, before taking it between her lips, and sucking it. “Uhm…” Jenna sighs, tilting her head back.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth slides her hand down Jenna’s stomach, and into her panties, causing her to gasp, and lift her shaking hands off the bed.

“Wow…” Elizabeth coos softly, “You’re so wet down there…” She then crawls toward Jenna’s feet, planting the odd kiss along her belly, as she hooks the side of Jenna’s panties with her thumbs, and pulls them down. “Jesus!” she then blurts out, giggling.

“What is it?”

“Your vaj.  That smell…it’s really turning me on…” She then leans over Jenna’s thigh, and, in another close-up, slides her tongue inside her juicy slit.

“Ohg…Huh…” Jenna starts breathing hard, and chewing her lower lip. “Oh, God…” She then pulls down her other cup, and feels herself up. “Feel so hot…” Back in the close-up, Elizabeth works her tongue in deeper, and Jenna’s hips start to spasm. “Oh, my…God…” Jen starts to moan on every exhale, as her breathing deepens, and her face begins to twist. “Oh, God, Elizabeth…I think I’m gonna cum…” Again in the close-up, Elizabeth’s fingers probe Jenna’s cunt, while she licks around her clit.  Before long, Jenna starts to buck her hips, and she cries out, voice cracking.

“Oh, my God, Jen…” Elizabeth says, kissing Jenna’s wet thighs. “How’d that feel?”

Jenna gets up on her elbows, and moans breathily, “Bring that ass around and I’ll show you…”

Elizabeth laughs out loud at this. “Well, if you say so.” She then moves over, so she’s straddling Jenna.  In another close-up, Jenna pulls aside Elizabeth’s panties, and buries her tongue in her wet snatch. “Ooh!” Elizabeth moans, and then gasps, “Huh…” bowing her head. “Oh, my God…” As Jenna eats her out from behind, Elizabeth reaches up with one hand, and unhooks her bra, then pulls the straps down, and lets it slip off her.  Back in the close-up, Jenna spreads Elizabeth’s pussy-lips with her fingers, while she tongue-fucks her. “Oh!” Elizabeth moans vocally, mouth gaping, shoulders jerking forward with every breath. “Oh, God!” Suddenly, Elizabeth’s face screws up, and she cries out loudly, then collapses on top of Jenna. “Jesus Christ…I just came…”


Hair matted to her sweaty forehead, Elizabeth gets back up on her hands and knees, and turns around, so she and Jenna are face to face. “Hm…” Jenna hums, smiling up at her. “How was that?”


“Jesus…” Elizabeth gasps, still catching her breath. “That was incredible.”


“God, I know.  I can’t believe how much I enjoyed that.”


“So…” Elizabeth smiles, leaning down, “You think you’d do that again?”


“You know, I think I would.”


“What do you think our husbands would say if they walked in on us right now?”


“I don’t know.  Maybe they’d ask to join us?” Elizabeth busts out laughing, then her and Jenna stare at each other, smiling for a moment, before Elizabeth leans down, and the two share a long, passionate tongue kiss, as the scene fades out.

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