Sapphic Erotica: Scene 92

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 92

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Jenny Slate, Felicity Jones

Codes: FF, oral, mas, con


This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on an aircraft factory in the early forties, where we see the two on the assembly line, with the standard coveralls, big gloves and bandana, what exposed skin there is covered in sweat and grime.  The quitting time horn blares, and both take off their gloves. “About bloody time…” Felicity mutters, and Jenny snickers at this.


Later, the two are walking out of the factory, having washed up somewhat. “So…” Felicity asks, “What are you doing with your nights, what with your husband overseas, and all?”


“Oh, you know.  Listen to the radio, go to bed, do…something, then sleep.”




“Uh, you know…Those lonely nights…”


“Okay, I gotcha.  So, you’re not going out?”


“Who would I go with?”


“Well…I only ask because there’s this thing at the dance hall tonight, and I have no one to go with.”


“C’mon, Fe.  How’s it gonna look, two women going together?”


“Like our husbands are both at war?”


“Good point.  Well, I suppose I could use a night out.”


Later that night, Felicity walks down the hallway of Jenny’s building, in a sexy black dress.  She approaches Jenny’s door and knocks. “Coming!” Seconds later, Jenny opens the door, in a figure-hugging red dress.


“Oh, my!” Felicity says, doing her toothy grin. “Where have you been hiding those?”


“Yeah, those coveralls really do cover all, don’t they?” Jenny says this as she locks her door, then turns back to Felicity.


“I guess.”


“And, look at you!”


“Oh, I’m nothing special, but thanks.”


“Well…” Jenny extends her elbow. “Shall we?” Giggling, Felicity locks arms with her, and the two walk off.


Later, the two slow dance, as the band plays a romantic tune. “You know,” Jenny says, a little nervously, “I still feel like people are staring at us.”


“I assure you, Jenny, nobody’s staring; they’re all pre-occupied with their own dance partners.  Besides, why would they be staring at us?”


“Well, you know…” Jenny attempts to convey her meaning through facial gestures, until Felicity chuckles.


“Look, I can prove to you nobody’s staring.”


“How?” Felicity answers her with a long, passionate kiss.  When they stop, Jenny has a surprised look on her face.


“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long…” Felicity whispers, grinning.


“You’re…Oh, my God, Fe, you’re a dyke?”


“Did you like it?”


“I…Well, yeah…”


“Then, I’m pretty sure that makes you one, too.”


Jenny takes a quick glance, and sees nobody’s looking, then turns back. “I…Oh, God!” She starts to hyperventilate. “What’s happening?  I-I’m thirty-six years old, and only now I’m finding out I’m…”


“Yeah, it was pretty devastating for me, too.”


“I…What do we do?”


Felicity places one hand on Jenny’s hip, and the other on her shoulder. “We finish this dance.”


“Then what?”


Felicity smiles again. “We shall see.”


Later, we see the two get into the backseat of a cab. “Where to, ladies?”


“43 Bedford Park,” Felicity says.


“That’s…your place,” Jenny says, “Isn’t it?”




“So, what are we doing?”


“Well, I’m leaving that up to you.  When we get there, you can come in with me, or I can pay your fare home.”


“Oh, is that all?  I thought it would one of those tough decisions that I’d spend the rest of my life wondering about.”


Felicity lets out a tiny snicker. “What do you want, Jenny?”


“What do I want?” Jenny stares at Felicity for a moment, then leans forward, and kisses her.


The two make out for a minute, before it cuts to the hallway of Felicity’s building, where the two continue necking. “Hang on…” Felicity breathes, “I need to let us in.”


“Oh, go right ahead.”


Felicity unlocks the door, then it cuts to them kneeling on her bed, in only their panties, embracing and kissing. “God, I want you…” Felicity whispers next to Jenny’s ear, as the latter kisses her neck.






“I…have no idea what I’m doing.  Can you…show me?”


Felicity grins. “Of course.” She then grabs Jenny’s shoulders, and lowers her onto her back, continuing to kiss her.  Felicity then moves down, feeling up and squeezing Jenny’s breasts, and, in our first close-up, she flicks her tongue on one of Jenny’s hard, brown nipples, then sucks it.


“Uhm…” Jenny shifts  around on the bed, then starts to feel herself up, as Felicity keeps moving, kissing down her stomach.  Once she arrives at the waistband of Jenny’s panties, Jenny grabs them and quickly takes them off, then, at Felicity’s urging, spreads her thighs.  In another close-up, Felicity kisses the outside of Jenny’s moist, hairy pussy, then starts to lick it, gradually working her tongue inside her juicy slit. “Huh!  Oh…” Jenny again squirms around, moaning, brow furrowing, as Felicity licks her out. “Oh…God…” Jenny again feels her breasts up, this time squeezing them a little harder.  Back in the close-up, Felicity has her first two fingers deep inside Jenny’s cunt, while she licks around her clit. “Oh, God…” Jenny starts to grind her hips. “I’m…gonna cum…” She soon starts to buck her hips, breathing choppily, face contorting, until, with a shrill cry, Jenny climaxes.


Felicity comes back up, and the two again kiss. “Is that what I taste like?” Jenny says, smirking.


“You never tasted yourself after…”


“No.  So, do you taste the same?”


Felicity grins, and rolls onto her back, next to Jenny. “Only one way to find out.” As she says this, Felicity quickly takes off her panties.  Jenny smiles, and moves down, between Felicity’s legs.  In another close-up, Jenny starts to gingerly lick the outside of Felicity’s pussy, before giving her more lavish tongue-strokes, causing Felicity to gasp and twitch. “Ooh…Ohg…” As Jenny licks her out, Felicity kneads and squeezes her breasts, and chews her lower lip.  Back in the close-up, Jenny is holding Felicity’s pussy open, and licking the pink, dripping wet inside. “Oh, God…” Forehead creasing, Felicity starts to jerk her hips, so hard Jenny’s forced to hold on to her sides.  Felicity’s writhing and gyrating get more pronounced, until, face twisting, and digging her nails into her tits, Felicity lets out a hoarse, throaty cry.


Later, the two lie face to face, arms around each other, passionately kissing.  The two stop for a moment, and smile at each other, then continue, as the scene fades out.

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