The XXY Files: Starring Bella Thorne & Zendaya

Title: The XXY Files: Starring Bella Thorne & Zendaya

Author: Satoshi88

Celebs: Bella Thorne, Zendaya

Codes: futa, unrealistic, solo

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.
Bella stared through teary eyes at the ceiling as another restless night plagued her. For the past month, she had been unable to leave her house, save for the occasional dead of night trip to her personal physician. Sure, she understood her life in recent years of nonstop partying would catch up to her, but she had always figured she wouldn’t feel the ramifications of drugs, booze, and sex for years to come… and not to mention in such a world altering way. A way that would affect her during all hours of the day and night that required neigh constant “treatment”.  And just at the thought of what she had to do and how it made her feel made the ailment in question begin to flare up, and so for the umpteenth time that day her hands moved towards her pajama bottoms, towards the tent beginning to form in her crotch. She gently began folding her growing cock through her bottoms, ignoring the growing precum stain forming as she thought back how this all started.

She had been in San Francisco at Pier 39, just a simple night out with her sister. She was actually having a great time, eating good food, enjoying the games and entertainment, and the view of the marine life. It was almost two in the morning before they had decided to head home and get some rest. Suddenly as they were waiting on the street for their Uber, she felt her sister her dragging further up the street, “Ooooh cmon Bella, let’s see what’s in here!” Remy Thorne said to her younger sister dragging her into a neon lit African  Smoke Shop. Bella rolled her eyes at her pothead of a sister, “Remy, its 2 o’clock in the morning…” “I know I just need a new bong, I kinda broke my old one when I walked into the kitchen to get my third bowl of cereal… what I had the munchies!” Rent says defensively as they walk into the store. “Alright, get your damn bong. I’ll just look around until you’re ready to go.” Bella says as her sister immediately heads towards the neon colored glass pipes in the corner of the store.

As her sister excitedly shopped, Bella idly looked around the shop at all the different items for sale. She saw various shirts, hats, dashikis, trinkets, and herbs and salves. It was in the herb section she saw something that caught her eyes. “Excuse me?” she asked the woman behind the counter, “Are,uh, are these shrooms?” The woman looked at the dried fungi behind the case and nodded. “Yes, they are called “Satyrias-Nympha’ or as they called in my village, ‘Fruit of the Great Astarte’” she says proudly. “Awesome! Looks like tonight isn’t over quite yet.” Bella says before reaching into her purse. “I’ll take all that you got.” she says throwing down $200 on the counter, but the woman shakes her head. “Sorry can’t sell you any. It’s meant for men who have trouble pleasing their wives. It makes them strong, focuses their minds, and makes their ‘love’ very strong.” Bella rolls her eyes, “ Yeah yeah, whatever… look here’s a grand. You give me all the ‘magic Viagra shrooms’ and i promise not to take more than a small bite at a time,ok” she says slippining the money into the woman’s hand. The woman sighs, “Okay fine… but its gonna 2 grand and no more than a bite a day or you’ll have consequences you can’t imagine…” she says bagging up the herb for Bella. Bella nods and does a ‘Scouts Honor gesture when her sister comes up to the register with a bong with cats and hemp leaves all over it making her sister laugh. “ What? I think it’s pretty damn cute.” “Whatever. Cmon I already paid for you.” she says quickly grabbing her bag and her sisters hand as they hurry to the Uber outside, the African woman watching on. “Gods, what have I just done?” she asks herself before looking at the stack of money in her hand. “Just made $2000 off a silly little white girl is what…” she says shrugging.

By now Bella’s stroking and teasing had caused her cock to reach its full potential as it brought her out of her flashback by pushing up out of her pants through the waistband, dripping precum on to her toned stomach. Bella frowns looking down at her leaking piss slit, and the pool of precum before sticking her finger in the pool and rubbing the precum around her cockhead making her twitch and groan. Another unfortunate side effect of the overdose of those damned mushrooms, was along with a cock, a seemingly limitless supply of cum that she just couldn’t keep up with. The last time she came with getting a 2 liter soda bottle, she had to spend four hours with a towel and bucket before she got most of the cum off the walls, floor, and ceiling. Meanwhile, Bella had teased herself to the point she just had to wrap a hand around her cock and start pumping it, lest she go insane. The explosions of pleasure she felt made her grunt animalistically, her hand going from tight hold to vise grip. “Oh fuck yes…” Bella growled as she fucked her hand her eyes rolling up in her head. Even though the thought put her mind at odds, her cock overruled any inhibitions to the desire Bella was imagining. That it wasn’t a hand wrapped around her immense cock, but it was nice tight warm pussy. The cunt of… oh so many choices. ‘My sister Dani, the teasing slut..” Bella groaned under her breath, her hand a blur flying up and down her twitching cock. “ Natalie Martinez, that thick latina body…” She grunts squeezing her precum squirting rod in her lap. “Oh or fucking… yes fuck Z I’m gonna cum!” Bella roars as she can feel her balls pull up.

Suddenly the silence in her room is broken by the chimes of her cellphone. Bella, surprised, quickly releases her cock and picks up the phone. “Hello?…” she asks panting. “Hey Bella, been awhile huh?” A sexy familiar voice answers, making Bellas cock twitch and dance before her eyes roll into the back of her head as she throws it back. “Zendaya?!”, She cries out as she hears her sultry voice and her mind envisions her old friend, and those trigger her overheated cock to fire a deluge of cum right at her face, shirt, ceiling and just everywhere.

“Hey? You okay over there?” Zendaya asks hearing Bella grunt and groan. “Y- yeah… just stubbed my toe…” Bella said, her cock and body still twitching from orgasmic aftershocks. A huge blob of futa cum that hit the ceiling,formed into a large droplet that feel down onto Bella’s phone, causing the screen to be covered before she wiped it off onto her hand, then licked it off from their lazily as she laid back, enjoying her own taste. “Well good! I miss you girl, and I’m in the neighborhood so I thought I’d stop by! Look outside your window.” Zendaya said cheerily, meanwhile Bella’s eyes fly open in panic…

To be continued

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