Virtu-All Celebs: An Introduction

Title: Virtu-All Celebs: An Introduction

Author: Satoshi88

Codes: intro, nosex, setup

Disclaimer: This is completely fictional (unfortunately). This is just some idea that popped into my head that seemed like a bit of fun. Comments are more than welcome, just be constructive if you have any advice/suggestions



The soft fog rolled into the San Francisco, as the clock gently turned to 5am screeching me out of my peaceful sleep. Normally any other Saturday morning, I’d be irritated that I had forgotten to turn my alarm off, but this morning my eyes flew open in excitement as I quickly got up, turned on the tv, and started getting dressed. The news anchors came on the screen as I stripped, quickly trying to find some clean socks. I stopped in the mirror for a second, my black body a sharp contrast for the pristine white walls before continuing to dress.

“Good morning Bay Area, on this rather excited Saturday morning. Why you ask? Well after 15 years of teasing, Go Fund Me campaigns, and multiple delays, Virtu-All has finally arrived!” The newsman said smiling. “This revolutionary new virtual reality technology, promises an experience that is to be unrivaled. In addition to ditching those awkward and clumsy head goggles, this home system even is able to replicate actual matter. That’s right, with futuristic trademarked carbon printing this in home virtual device, will at your command create or replicate anything or one your mind can pick out or conjure.” The newswoman says, before turning to her co-anchor. “Well what do you think you, gonna get one for your kids?” Tim chuckles, “For $5k with pre-order, Veronica? No ma’am… but I may just be getting one for me and the wife. It’ll save a little cash on date night if we don’t have to leave the house to be in Rome” Veronica does the trademark news anchor laugh. “Well Tim, if you were planning on getting one, you better hurry down to your local electronics store, because most places already have lines stretched around the block..” she says as Tim jumps in. “This is especially surprising, given the fact that so many say that this technology could be abused, celebrities in particular saying they feel they will be replicated by these devices for less than appropriate circumstances…”

I laugh, thinking to myself, “What? Don’t like when all those people you teased can finally let some of that frustration out on your clones?”. However hearing about the lines, I quickly slipped on some sandals, not wasting time with laces I hurry out the door, off to the huge electronics store at the mall about 5 blocks away. As I arrived I saw a line around the block. I groaned, worried I’d have to spend the whole my entire day just getting a Virtu-All system. I get in line, behind this one older guy as he turns and greets me. “Hey young brother what’s up?” He asks as he sees me anxiously looking towards the front of the line. “Huh, what? Oh nothing much, just you… waiting for a Virtu-All like everyone else.” I say aggravated. “Don’t worry man, line is moving pretty fast, so you’ll be balls deep in whoever you’re planning on in no time.” he says with a wink making my eyes go wide. “Woah woah, what makes you think I’m gonna use this that way?!?!” I ask put off and slightly embarrassed. He laughs, “C’mon man, young guy in his 20s, dropping 5k on JUST a way to kill aliens in his living room? I don’t think so…” He says before noticing the ticket in my hand. “Oh man, you preordered huh? Cause preorders can just head in, they’re hurrying you guys along.” He says as I hop out of line giving him a quick thanks, and him giving me a wink and saying enjoy.

Once inside, I see a employee standing near a door, leading to the stockroom and head over to him.”Excuse me, do you handle?…” He sighs, “Ticket please…” I hand it over as he takes it and heads to the back, before returning with a box, the size of a cereal box. “There you go… can I offer any accessories? Such as a ‘waterproof’ protector or Virtu-All Energy Pills?” He says firing off his obviously scripted lines. I started to say no, but became intrigued about the pills. “What exactly are those?” I ask as he grabs a large bottle, larger than a jar of jam. “They’re pills that enhance gaming stamina and performance, as well as…” He falls off trying to remember his prompted lines before just rolling his eyes. The annoyed teenager just says, “Look man, they’re basically Viagra for who or whatever you’re gonna be banging once you fire this thing up, they’re discounted at $19.99, so you want them or not?” I quickly agree and pay for everything before heading home as fast as I could.

Once inside, I having the foresight to clear out my living room prior to today, open the box, follow the instructions, and set-up the Virtu-All. A half hour later, I say aloud. “Virtu-All: On!” Suddenly the room gets dark, and a neon green Welcome To Virtu-All appears on the screen, followed by a prompt to set language, time zone, and voice interface. After all was done, it set to a default scenery of an empty beach in Hawaii. The experience was unreal. The heat of the sun was actually felt upon my skin, despite the fact that I had just come in from a light drizzle of rain outside. The sand was actually felt between my toes, the smell and light mist of the crashing waves seemed so so real. The sounds of gulls were only interrupted by a voice asking, “Welcome Satoshi, my name is Karen. How can I be of service today?” I immediately recalled that Virtu-All got a deal with Karen Gillan to do the AI voice. This was going to be fun, as I thought over every perverted scenario, my brain had ever come up with before I replied. “Karen, do you have Netflix in your files?” I asked ready to play with an new fantasy I had envisioned. “Of course! Do you want to watch some shows sir?” I shook my head, “I was actually hoping you could recreate Hawkins, Indiana for me, specifically Hooper’s cabin from season two…” I request grinning…

To Be Continued

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