Sapphic Erotica: Scene 95

Title: Sapphic Erotica: Scene 95

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Rosario Dawson, Zendaya

Codes: FF, oral, mas, ws, rom, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on a darkened New York apartment building, at night.  Rosario walks through her apartment with a candle, looking for a more substantial light source.  In a cupboard, she finds a gas lantern. “Yes!” she says, grinning, as she lights it.  Just then, there’s a knock on the door. “Hello?”


“Rosie, it’s Zen!  Can I come in?” Rosario places the lantern on a table, and goes to open the door. “Hey, Zen.  You’re…not with a John, are you?”


“Would I be dressed like this if I was?” Zendaya says, referring to her being dressed in a t-shirt and panties, the same as Rosario.


“Idunno.  Maybe he goes for that?” Z gives her a look. “Okay, never mind.  C’mon in.”


The two go to sit on Rosario’s couch. “Fucking blackout.  All I can say is I’d better get my fan back soon.  I’m cranky if I don’t sleep.”


“And, in your line of work…”


“I know.”


“As if it wasn’t bad enough for you, with that freak with the 44 running around.”


“What did they say he calls himself? ‘The Son of Sam’?”


“Yeah, typical weirdo.  I’m surprised you’re even working at all, with him around.”


“Well, I gotta work.  If one night, I go out and get my head blown off, well…”


There’s a pause, as Rosario breathes in deeply. “Can we talk about something else?  This is kind of starting to freak me out.”


“Well…Wanna have sex?”


“Huh?” Rosario seems taken off guard by this question. “I…Look, I don’t know what kind of vibe you think you’re getting from me, but I’m not gay.”


Zendaya snickers and smirks at this. “Oh, c’mon, honey.  I know you’ve secretly lusted after me since I moved in.”


“I…” Rosario sighs. “Is it that obvious?”


“Let’s just say I’m good at picking up on these things.  Look, do you wanna do it or what?”


Rosario’s silent for another moment, then, “Fuck it.  I mean, who’s gonna find out?”


“Exactly.” Zendaya scoots over next to Rosario, and the two start to kiss, while rubbing each other’s shoulders.  As they make out, they pull off each other’s shirts. “God, Rosie…” Zendaya leans down, while she lifts Rosario’s big, heavy tits to her lips and, in our first close-up, flicks her tongue on Rosie’s dark brown nipple, then plants her lips around it, and sucks her titty.


“Uhm…” Rosario sighs, and tilts her head back, as Z gropes her other tit. “Hm…” She then pull’s Z’s head out of her tits, and the two kiss some more.


“Can we go to your room?” Z whispers between kisses.


Now, the two are on Rosario’s bed, Z on top, continuing to make out.  Zendaya starts to move down, again squeezing and sucking Rosie’s big tits, then kissing down her stomach, and, finally, arriving between her legs.  In another close-up, Z starts to lick the outside of Rosie’s brown pussy, while rubbing the edges of her labia with her thumbs. “Oh, God!” Rosario’s face immediately screws, and she starts to feel herself up, and bite her lip.  Back in the close-up, Z’s thumbs are now holding Rosie’s pussy open, exposing the pink, dripping wet inside, and licks around her clit in a slow circle. “Oh, fuck…” Rosie gasps, starting to grind her hips. “God, yes…” Again in the close-up, Z now licks around Rosie’s clit faster, and it’s apparent Rosie’s close to climaxing. “Yes!  Oh…Yes…” Suddenly, Rosario arches her back, and lets out a deep groan. “Oh, fuck…” she then gasps raspily, brow furrowing as she’s experiencing aftershocks.  Down below, Zendaya kisses her wet thighs. “Zen?  Can I do you?”


Z smiles up at her. “Of course you can, honey.” Z then crawls partially up Rosie’s body. “Just a heads up, though; I’ve mostly just been doing handjobs and blowjobs the last few weeks, and, well…I haven’t cum in all that time.”


Rosario sits up. “What does that mean?”


“Oh, you’ll find out…” Z comes up the rest of the way, and the two do some more kissing, before Rosie grabs Z, and flips her over, both of them laughing, so she’s now on top.  Rosario then moves down, and, in another close-up, licks and sucks Z’s pointy brown nipples, while she gropes and squeezes her small breasts. “Hm…” Z sighs, tilting her head back, and sucking her lower lip.  Rosie then kisses down Z’s stomach, which shimmers slightly with sweat.  Finally, in yet another close-up, Rosie starts to lick the outside of Z’s already drooling pussy, causing her to twitch, and her voice to shake as she breathes vocally. “Oh, God…” Z moans, starting to writhe on the bed, “I already feel close…” Back in the close-up, Rosie inserts her fingers in Z’s now audibly wet cunt, and she responds by starting to buck her hips. “Oh, my God!  Rosie, that spot, right there…” After a bit longer, Z blurts out, “Oh, fuck, take ’em out!” Rosie does, and, letting out a deep groan, Z’s pussy spurts in Rosie’s face.


“Oh, Jesus!” Rosario laughs. “So, that’s what you meant?”


After sucking air for a moment, Z sits up, and says, breathily, “Get back under me.”


“Um, okay.” The two again trade places, as Z kneels between Rosie’s thighs.  In another close-up, Z presses her dripping wet pussy against Rosie’s and starts to rub it up and down. “Oh, God…” Rosie’s face immediately screws up, and she starts to breathe rapidly, whining on every exhale. “Fuck, that feels good…” After a bit, Z leans over, planting her hands on either side of Rosie’s head, and starts to thrust into her. “Oh, my God!  Oh, fuck!” As she gets close to another orgasm, Rosie starts to grind back against Z, whose shoulders start to jerk and spasm.  Finally, both of them crying out loud enough to be heard throughout the building, Rosario and Zendaya cum in unison.


Exhausted, Z collapses on top of Rosie, and the two, both sweating profusely and gasping for breath, wrap their arms around each other, and kiss passionately.


“Oh, fuck…” Rosie gasps, as Z kisses her sweaty neck. “I think I love you, Zen…” Her eyes then pop open. “Oh, God, I’m sorry.” She sits up, and Z gets up on her hands and knees.




“I shouldn’t have said that.”


“Why not?”


“Well, because, I mean, you’re…”


Z again smirks and snickers. “Oh, trust me, honey.  You’ve done nothing wrong.  And besides…” Z leans in, and whispers, “Maybe you’re not the only one in love, here…” Z again kisses Rosie, who lays back down, pulling Z down with her.


“I love you, Zen…”


“Say it again…”


“I love you…” The scene fades out on this.

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