Jeri Ryan Makes A Porno

Title: Jeri Ryan Makes A Porno

Author: Photodude1162

Celebs: Jeri Ryan

Codes: FF, MMF, M-F, rape, NC, nc/cons, reluc, oral, anal, mdom, viol, tort, inter, beast, spank

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.


The year was 2004 and Jeri Ryan was driving home after yet another unsuccessful audition for some bullshit TV movie of the week. What the fuck is going on she thought a year ago I was the hottest thing on TV now I can’t even get a part in some stupid movie of the week. I knew I should have accepted that men’s magazines offer to pose now they won’t even return my phone calls.

As she is pulling into her garage she hears the phone ring. She jumps out of the car screaming “I’m Coming I’m Coming” as if the phone can hear her and keep the person on the line. Hello she answers out of breath. Miss Ryan. Yes she replies after she has caught her breath. Hello Miss Ryan my name is Rick Harper and I would like to talk to you about a business opportunity. Would this be about a special type of video tape?  How did you?

Then he hung up. Shit. Then the phone rings again. Hello? Miss Ryan I am sorry that I hung up on you but you shocked me. How do you know about our tapes? Some years ago my boyfriend showed me one of your tapes. What was your friend’s name? I am not going to tell you. Which tape did you see? I am not going to answer that question either. Look let’s get this straight I am not going to tell you who or which tape I saw.

The funny thing I was thinking about this just a few weeks ago. I have a proposal for you I will do one of your tapes as well as spending a week at your island resort. How do you know about our resort? Again I am not going to tell you. But I have an idea. Go on. I do the tape you know when you will be sending it out so at the end of the tape I tell them I am going to be at the resort for these dates. This way they can watch the tape come to the island and make their wildest fantasy come true. That is a very interesting idea I will need to talk to the board of directors to see if it could be done.

I have another way to make the tape even hotter. Would you like to hear my idea? Most definably please continue. First there is no casting you pick the men and women who are going to be in the video with me. Second I don’t know want to know what is going to happen. You set up a house with remote cameras and microphones then you just have them show up. What about hand held cameras for the close ups. Fine, but no one gives and directions everything just happens.

You realize it could be a woman or it could be a dozen men there to gang bang you or it might be a lesbian seduction or anything else we can think up. You would agree to this? Only if we can come to an agreement about my compensation than yes I would agree to do the video. Miss Ryan you have given me a great deal to think about I need to sit down and discuss this with my board of directors. May I call you on Monday? Yes at the same time? Yes I am looking forward to talking to you again. Have a good night Miss Ryan I am looking forward to talking to you on Monday. You to Mr. Harper have a nice evening. Jeri went to bed that night dreaming of gang bangs and lesbian seduction all the while playing with her pussy.

Monday could not get here fast enough but finally at the appointed hour her phone rang. Hell. Hello Miss Ryan its Rick Harper. Hello Mr. Harper. Considering what we are talking about may I call you Rick and please call me Jeri. Ok Jeri we like the idea but we have some questions. Such as? Is there ANYTHING you won’t do? Yes. What wont you do? I will not do anything that draws blood or leaves permanent scares on my body. Could you give me an example? Sure you can spank my ass with your hand or a paddle but you can’t use a whip. You can put clips on my nipples but they can’t be so sharp that they cut my flesh. So if I told you that you were going to be gang banged by ten men and the smallest penis would be ten inches and they were going to use all three of your holes you would be ok with that. Not only would I be ok with it the idea excites me.

Now let’s talk about the money. Before we do that I have some questions. How much do you sell the videos for? The cost of the tape to our members is $250.00. Do you ever offer a discounted price? No never. How many members do you have? We have about 50,000 members worldwide. I want $1,000,000 plus a 10% royalty on all future sales in perpetuity. Does that include you visit to our island? No that would be an extra $250,000 plus 25% of what you charge. That is allot of money you’re asking for. Yes it is but it’s a fraction of what you’re going to make off this deal.

Before you say anything this is nonnegotiable take it or leaves it. Jeri this more money than I have the ability to authorize I need to talk to the board of directors. If these terms are agreeable to them I would fly to LA with the contracts for you to sign. I usually stay at the Beverly Hills Hilton you could meet me there. I don’t like the idea of someone seeing me at a hotel how about you can come to my house. That’s fine do you need my address? No I know where you live. Please call me before you come over I would hate for you to show up when I had someone over.

Its 3 weeks later the contracts have been signed and the money has been transferred to her Swiss bank account. Jeri was brought to a huge mansion on a fenced in property and was told the movie would start sometime tomorrow. The first this she did was walk around the house and the property. She could see the cameras and microphones in all of the rooms and around the pool. The one thing she could not understand was why one of the doors in the house was locked. After a swim in the pool and a nice relaxing shower she heard her front door open. She stood tentatively and moved toward the noise just a room away, when she saw them 4 large rough looking men.

I was told we would be starting some time tomorrow she stuttered, stepping back as she saw their faces break into grins. “Look what we got here guys Miss 7 of 9 to play with” who tried to grab her and make it into the hallway only to go crashing into the wall as another of the men threw her against it and pinned her there, breathing hotly into her ear. “We’re going to have us a little party, bitch,” he hissed, dragging her into her living room and throwing her hard to the plush carpeting as the men working together, grabbed her, as she realized this is what they had planned for her first scene. The director kept his eyes on the hand held camera, only occasionally glancing at the fixed ones, making a mental note to give the operator a bonus he did such a great job of catching the desire in her eyes. As he watched his men hold the woman down and pull off her clothes.

“No!!” she screamed as she felt teeth bear down on her nipple, hands groping her now nude body, lithe and svelte from hours of exercise a day. Her hands were held above her head and her legs held open as fingers probed at her lightly furred pussy. “I’ve got to get a taste of that cunt,” she heard one of them say just before one of the men swung his leg over her chest and leaned down, his mouth beginning to hungrily slurp at her privates. “Hey, don’t hog!” another one of them yelled, pushing them both over until she was lying on her stomach on top of the man greedily licking her cunt, sending brief flashing of pain and excitement through her as her body was violated.

The director watched remotely, thinking what a great ass she had, two firm globes of muscle, as one of the men pulled them apart, his cock lubed and pushing against her ass while the third man was pulling out his cock near her face. They had tied her hands behind her back to get them out of the way, so now she was completely helpless, her slender, taut body at the disposal of his three men.

She howled in agony as one of the men drove his cock into her ass while, at the same moment, the man beneath her bit hard against her clit, sending agony spiking up her body, making it feel like they were tearing her apart. A moment later pain lanced through her head as the third man lifted the front of her body up by her long, luxurious hair, and pushed his cock into her mouth, saying “suck, bitch, suck it good” before ramming it against the back of her throat. Her whole body spammed under the triple assault, and the nausea rose in her guts as the cock was forced down her throat and he began to fuck her face like a cunt, slamming his pelvis against her delicate nose.

Guttural sounds escaped from around the cock in her throat each time the man behind her drove his cock hard into her ass. Her mind went numb as pleasure filled her body, a haze of blackness covering her thoughts as she was buffeted back and forth relentlessly. The only relief she had was the man at her cunt had stopped biting and gnashing his teeth against her flesh, and had sucked the flesh around her clitoris into his mouth and was running his tongue quickly back and forth across her clit, his teeth mashing against her sensitive flesh each time the man above him bore down into her ass.

The director loved it; it was a masterpiece. A beautiful celebrity being raped, and his camera man was doing great, getting every shot that mattered: the cock stretching her raped asshole wide open, plunging in and out with abandon, a side shot of the cock in her mouth, sliding in to the balls, a far shot of her whole body being so abused. The sounds, too, the sounds were perfect, each slap of skin against skin, each grunt, each slurping thrust, and each and every cry of pain was captured. They were going to make a fortune off this video.

It seemed like an eternity, her body, twisted into an unnatural position, brutally rocked between two raping cocks. It went on and on, her eyes tightly shut her long lashes soaked with tears which ran down her face, splattering against her rapist’s thighs each time he drove down her throat. Sparks began to flash behind her eyes as her rape continued, the pain, the lack of oxygen, all sending her into a daze beyond sensation. Her guts began to churn and her body began to shake as the sparks began to grow larger and brighter, each thrust into her ass sending her clit hard against the man’s mouth below, each thrust into her face dazing her slightly more. “Get ready bitch, here it comes!” she heard one of them say, and then she felt a tearing sensation in her scalp as he gripped her head more tightly, grinding his crotch into her face, cutting off her airways.

At the same time the man fucking her ass leaned hard against her, spilling his come deep into her bowels. She screamed as the man below her bit down on her clit, and the sparks exploded in wave after wave of cascading light and motion, her body undulating as pleasure/pain coursed through her raw nerves, a warm gush of fluids splattering across her thighs betraying an orgasm which seemed like it wouldn’t stop. The director watched in amazement as Jeri began to jerk like a she was being electrocuted , with come spraying from between her legs, her body shaking in the throes of an obviously mind-shattering orgasm, her gyrations only seeming to stop once the man at her head pulled his softening cock from her throat.

She moaned as she was thrown onto her back, the after effects of her orgasm overwhelming her. She couldn’t think. Her mind was a swirl with emotions, her body seeming to float as the man who had been beneath her snarled, “I got to get me some of that cunt,” grabbing her ankles and pushing them to either side of her head. She sobbed in anticipation as he drove his cock hard into her splayed, slick cunt, the more so because it felt so good. As her body was rocked under the punishing fucking, drawing helpless grunts in between her sobs from her throat, her mind drift only feeling pleasure.

She gasped as the second orgasm of her rape washed over her, and tears ran down her face. Her body shuddered again as he ground his pelvis against hers, spilling his seed deep in her guts, and she moaned as pleasure washed through her. The camera focused on her tear-stained face being twisted into passion. The director continued watching, as his men knocked her around a bit. By the time they were done, her whole body throbbed, come running down the inside of her thighs and down the side of her mouth.

The worst of it was that her body betrayed her two more times, gushing fluids against her rapists, bucking uncontrollably as the men laughed at her and called her a whore, a slut, a fucking machine. When they were done, the camera lingered lovingly over her beaten, raped body as it lay on the floor. She didn’t think about what she had gone through, she just went through the motions of caring for her battered body before curling up in bed and went to sleep wondering what was next.

Cut! Print! Is everything set up for tomorrow? Yes. What time are we scheduled to start? 8am the assistant director replied. Make it 1pm we need Jeri time to rest. Ok Boss! The director looked at the shooting schedule “If this was that hot I can’t wait until tomorrow.

When Jeri finally woke up 18 hours after her rape/gangbang her body was battered and bruised so she decided that a soak in the Jacuzzi to help her body heal. When she walked outside she saw a beautiful red head sitting in the Jacuzzi drinking a glass of champagne.  “Hi!” my name is Sharri and I am a here to make sure you are ok.”Come on in, it feels fabulous.” They began chatting about whatever crossed Jeri’s mind which was pretty foggy after all that she went through the day before. Eventually the conversation turned to sex and Sharri asked Jeri a question that caught her a bit off guard. “Have you ever experimented with another woman?”

Jeri blinked dumbfounded for a moment before responding that she hadn’t. “Ever been curious?” Julie asked as she slid her toe up the inside of Jeri’s leg reaching her inner thigh just above her knee. Jeri looked at her new friend for a moment and wondered what it would be like to make love to this beautiful young woman. She felt her pussy tingle a bit as she noticed how little of Sherri’s body was covered by her skimpy bikini. “I am now,” Jeri’s said and she watched as Sharri moved and sat down next to her. Sharri began to kiss Jeri and quickly poked her tongue between the star’s lips.

After a slight hesitation Jeri began kissing back. Sherri let her hand fall to Jeri’s thigh and slowly ran her fingers up towards her pussy. She gently cupped her hand over Jeri’s mound and pressed against it through the fabric of her bikini. As Sherri’s tongue swirled in her mouth and her hand pressed between her legs, Jeri quickly lost any inhibition. She slid her bikini top up over her tits exposing her large mounds to Julie.

Jeri arched her back raising her tits above the surface of the water and Sherri’s mouth was instantly around one of her large pink nipples sucking it erect. Jeri then hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her bikini bottoms and rolled them down her legs and kicked to the other side of the Jacuzzi. Her swelling labia quickly parted allowing Sherri to slide a finger inside Jeri’s cunt. Jeri moaned as she alternated pressing her crotch against Sherri’s hand and pressing her chest against Sherri’s face.

Sherri then lifted her head from Jeri’s chest and pulled her finger out of her cunt. Despite being underwater Sherri could still taste Jeri’s pussy on her fingers when she licked it. Sherri then climbed out of the tub and peeled off her bikini exposing her round, firm tits and furry, red bush nestled between her toned thighs. She stretched out naked on a towel and Jeri was quickly out of the Jacuzzi and lying next to her eager to resume.

Sherri had Jeri mount her in a sixty-nine position and she hungrily dove into the star’s already excited pussy. Jeri began tentatively licking and sucking her new friend’s labia, but there was nothing tentative about the way Sherri was munching Jeri’s pussy. Her tongue was circling around her fuck tunnel while her fingers had reached up and were busily pressing and playing with Jeri’s magic button. Jeri could feel a massive orgasm coming on. She had never been touched like this before. Sherri knew just how to excite her and push her to the brink and let off a bit and push right back.

When she was ready Sherri rolled them over so that Jeri was now on the bottom. She swapped her mouth and fingers burying two of them deep into Jeri’s cunt and clamping her lips around her swollen clit and pressing the tip of her tongue hard against it. Jeri howled and bucked her hips as her orgasm raged across her still wet body. Her juices squirted out of her cunt as Sherri kept rubbing her tongue back and forth over Jeri’s magic button. When Jeri’s body stopped trembling Sherri lapped up her juices from her swollen lips and inner thighs.

Sherri then jumped to her feet and headed for the door. “I’ll be right back,” she said looking back at Jeri’s naked body on the floor. “I just want to get us a little toy.” She returned a few moments later with a thick, black rubber dildo about eight inches long. “God I love this thing. I’d be lost without it,” Sherri said as she tossed it to Jeri and lay down next to her. She pulled her thighs back to her chest fully exposing her cunt to Jeri who quickly got the idea. She took the dildo in her mouth and licked a bit to get it wet. She could taste Sherri’s cunt on the rubber and decided she wanted more.

“The rubber blocks out too much of your taste,” Jeri said as she lowered her head between Sherri’s spread thighs, “I need more”. With that she took a long, slow lick of Sherri’s wet slit before pressing the head of the black dildo into Sherri’s fuck tunnel. She teased Sherri a bit with the head before sinking the shaft deep into her liquid center.

Sherri moaned and craned to neck to watch the black rubber dildo disappears between her pink labia. Jeri sank the rubber dong all the way into Sherri’s pussy and slowly pulled it out and slowly pressed it back in. She did this a number of times causing Sherri to moan and bite her lower lip as she flexed her cunt around the warm rubber shaft. “I think it’s time to pick up the pace a bit,” Jeri said as she began pumping the dildo a little faster.

“Oh fuck!” Sherri responded between moans. “Harder, please! I really need to cum!” Jeri increased her speed even more until she her hand was a blur. Sherri’s right hand left her thigh and quickly found her excited clit and began rubbing it franticly as Jeri continued pounding the dildo in and out of her cunt. Trying to do anything to make her orgasm hit faster, Sherri’s other hand began rolling and pinching one of her nipples.

Finally her cunt muscles flexed on their own and clamped around the dildo as her climax began. Her naked flesh rose in a mass of goose bumps and her body started to tremble. Jeri removed her hand from her clit and began licking and sucking it as Sherri had done to her earlier. She continued sliding the dildo in and out of Sherri’s body as the young toned hips bucked against her.

When Sherri’s body stopped trembling, Jeri pulled the dildo out of her pussy and eagerly licked Sherri’s sweet nectar from it. Sherri sat up and reached down between Jeri’s legs and began rubbing her pussy as she cleaned off the dildo. When she was done Jeri tossed it aside and slid her ass towards Sherri so that their pussies touched.

The two naked women began grinding their pussies together. Occasionally their clits would touch causing them both to moan loudly and buck against the other. Sherri began pulling her pussy back a bit and then slamming back against Jeri’s. Jeri began doing the same and the two girls began humping the other’s pussy with their own. Jeri’s large tits bounced on her chest as Sherri’s crotch made contact with hers. When Jeri hit her climax she stopped and Sherri held her pussy against Jeri’s until her orgasm passed.

Both women then fell on their backs exhausted, their arms spread out to the side, their legs still locked together, and their chests heaving. After a few moments, Jeri crawled back to the Jacuzzi and slid into the water. As she was cleaning herself off Sherri joined her to do the same.

They soaked in the tub for a while exchanging deep, passionate kisses before Sherri climbed out and told Jeri she had to leave. Jeri had a feeling that even though Sherri was her first woman she ever made love to she would not be her last.

Cut Print!! That was the hottest and sexist scene I have ever seen. I think Jeri is getting into this. If she loved today’s scene she’s going really love what we have planned for tomorrow.  Unlike the first night Jeri slept a deep and refreshing sleep.

Jeri heard a car pull into the driveway around 9AM. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it there were Peter and Rick waiting to come in.

“Hi Jeri!” Peter said greeting me. “Hi guys!” I said, returning their greeting.

Don’t worry Jeri we are not here to hurt you we are here to make love to you. When Jeri heard that you could see the relief in her face and body langanue

How about having a beer with us to kind of break the ice, so to speak?” Rick asked. “It’s a little early in the day?  “Not at the moment Jeri,” he said with a big smile. “Aren’t you going to invite us in so we can have some fun?”

I wasn’t much of a drinker but I thought that a cold beer would be a nice way to start so I told them that sounded pretty good. I stepped back and they came into the house. I felt a tingling sensation within me as the two huge black men brushed past me. Peter and Rick motioned me towards the living room.

Rick noticed the cameras and microphones all around the room and asked me about it. I started telling him all about it while Peter went to the kitchen to get the beer. The cameras had remote digital zoom and the picture and the sound was crystal clear. Peter came back from the kitchen and handed me a cold bottle of beer. It tasted great, really hitting the spot as I tried to adjust to my thoughts of what I’d have to today with these two huge black men.

Peter motioned towards the couch, so I walked over and sat down. Rick sat on the couch with me. Peter sat in a swivel chair across from me. I tried to prolong the inevitable and I asked them about themselves. The answer that I got was none of my business that they were there for one thing and one thing only as they eyed my body with lustful intent. Peter had kept refilling my glass and I was really beginning to relax. I enjoyed the two men’s company but I knew that eventually I needed to do would come up along with their dicks.

They were getting a little hungry, probably from drinking the beer and Peter suggested they call out for pizza. I could eat with them if I liked they said. It had been awhile since I’d had pizza. Their offer sounded tempting so I took them up on it. Rick went to the phone while I used their bathroom. When I returned, Peter had poured me another beer. I’d had enough beer and was feeling really buzzed so I just nursed it until the pizza arrived.

The pizza finally arrived. It smelled great when Rick opened the box. Peter put a couple of big slices on a plate and handed it to me. We sat in the living room, eating pizza and talking some more. I finished my pizza and took a big drink, finishing my beer off. The effects of the beer had me very relaxed.

“You know why we’re here Jeri. Peter said almost in a whisper. I felt Peter’s arm around my shoulders pulling me towards him. He leaned into me and kissed me softly on the lips. It had been so long since anyone had kissed me like that. Peter’s lips moved over mine. I tried to keep my lips together but I could feel the heat in my body rising. I put my hand on Peter’s shoulder trying to keep him at a reasonable distance.

Rick came over and sat down on my other side. Peter’s lips parted from mine. I opened my eyes, seeing him smiling. Peter put his huge hand on my chin and turned my head towards him. He put his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. I felt his tongue slide between my lips, licking them back and forth. I tried to resist but I eventually parted them so his thick tongue slid deeply into my mouth. He worked his tongue over mine then swirled it around my mouth.

My body was reacting to all the kissing. I knew I had to go along with them so I wasn’t objecting as they took turns kissing me and probing their hard tongues inside my mouth. Rick’s hand was at the hem of my skirt pushing it slowly upwards his strong hand brushing back and forth on my leg. I pressed my legs together to keep his hand from getting any higher but that didn’t stop him. He kept rubbing along the top of my leg, inching my skirt higher.

Peter was kissing me harder, grinding his lips on mine. I felt his hand cupping one of my breasts, massaging and fondling it. My breathing was coming in slow deep breaths as the two men worked on me. I knew I couldn’t stop them but my body was now strangely hungry for their attention.

Peter had my skirt almost pushed up to the top of my thighs his strong hands rubbing up and down on my legs. I relaxed, letting them part just a little. Peter’s hand immediately slipped down between my legs. Peter and I parted lips. Rick waited a minute to let me catch my breath before putting his lips on mine. He slid his huge tongue between my lips and probed deep inside my mouth. He worked it in and out of my mouth slowly. It was like he was tongue fucking my mouth. I moaned deeply as he continued sliding his tongue in and out.

I was so engrossed with Peter that I hadn’t noticed Rick unbuttoning my blouse. He pulled the blouse from my skirt and spread it wide open. I felt the cool air passing over my chest. Rick put his hand up to my breasts and squeezed them. The heat inside my body was building. Peter stopped kissing me. He was

looking down at his hand up under my skirt, mere inches from my panties.

I put my hand down to his arm, forcing him to stop. He kept his hand where it was at, not pushing up any farther. Peter kissed me on the neck several times. He put his fingers on the front clasp of my white, lace-trimmed bra. I held his wrist to keep him from pulling on the clasp. My head was clearing but my body was still very aroused. I knew I should get up from the couch but I also knew that I couldn’t do that if I wanted.

“Hmmm… be a damn shame to get this far and not see those beautiful tits of yours, Jeri.” Peter whispered. Peter toyed with the clasp. I released my grip on his wrist letting him pull the clasp apart. My bra sprang apart, my breasts bared for their eyes. I looked down at them. My nipples responded as the cool air whispered across them. They were growing erect, blossoming on their own. Peter grinned and took one of the nipples between his fingers. He pulled on it gently causing it to elongate.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh …. ohhhhhhhhh,” I moaned deep, watching Peter play with my aroused nipples.

Rick slid his hand down my leg, lifting my foot up onto the edge of the coffee table. My skirt was still pushed to the top of my thighs. Peter kissed me softly, barely pressing his lips against mine. His hand slid between my legs, gently massaging the bare skin of my inner thigh.

Peter was kissing my breasts and sucking on my hard nipples. He took turns, doing one breast and then the other. I couldn’t hold back. I felt myself slipping into a long slow orgasm. My body squirmed on the couch as it overtook my heated body. Rick’s hand was on my pussy, rubbing back and forth over my panties. His manipulations prolonged my orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhh …. Hmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned, letting myself enjoy the sensation I was experiencing.

Peter rose up from the couch as Rick kept rubbing my pussy, keeping me aroused. When I looked up Peter was completely naked. His huge black cock pointing straight out from his muscular body. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was mesmerized by its enormous size as I realized that it was twice the size of any cock I had ever seen.  Peter stood in front of me. He put his hand down to take mine. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up off the couch. I was standing right up next to him, leaning against him to steady myself.

Peter took my hand and put it on his rock hard cock. It was so thick I couldn’t get my fingers around it but I could feel it pulsating. His cock felt so hot. He stepped back and I followed him, still gripping his cock. Rick came up behind me, his strong hands on my hips.

“Let’s see what the rest of that hot little body of yours looks like, Jeri” Rick exclaimed.

I couldn’t see his face but I’m sure he was grinning as much as Rick. I was at the point of no return. Then I remembered the money that I had already been paid reason.  I had to do this; there was no other way. I had to fuck these two big black men like a two bit whore.

I stood in complete submission as Rick pulled my blouse and bra off, tossing them on the couch. Then his hands slowly unzipped my skirt and pushed it down my legs. Rick lifted each foot one at a time until I’d stepped out of it. He tossed the skirt on the couch with the rest of my clothes. I stood there wearing just my white panties and high-heels.

Rick ran his hand over my ass. “Damn that’s one hell of an ass!” He exclaimed aloud. “Got to be some good fuckin’!”

Peter grinned looking down at my hand, still holding his pulsating horsecock. He pulled the front of my panties outward and glanced down at my trimmed blonde pubic hair. His grin got even bigger. He let go of my panties and they snapped back. Peter put his hands on my panties and started to pull them down
my legs. He let go of them and they fell around my ankles. I stepped out of them leaving them lay on the floor. I looked down, seeing the large wet spot in the crotch of my panties. Peter and Rick noticed it too.

“Spread those gorgeous legs Jeri!” Rick ordered.

I spread my legs a little. Rick pulled them much farther apart. He pushed my shoulders forward with one hand, sliding his other hand between my legs. He gently rubbed the lips of my pussy and I couldn’t keep from wiggling my ass. I held onto Rick, my hands at his waist. Peter reached between my outstretched arms and grasped his cock near its base. He pointed it up towards my face.

I knew what he wanted and I put my lips on the bulbous head of his cock, kissing it all over. I had to work my lips around to get it into my mouth. My lips were stretched over his shaft, my tongue swiping along the underneath side. I tried pumping my mouth up and down on his cock but I couldn’t get much past the head. I sucked on the head of his big black cock as hard as I could.

Rick was fingering my pussy, sliding up and down the tight slit. I felt my juices flowing. Peter held the back of my head but I still managed to suck his cock as hard as I could. My mouth was making loud slurping sounds.

I felt Peter’s body tensing. His leg muscles were taut. I held his waist tight, my lips clamped onto his thick hard cock. I sucked him until he came. His hot load shot hard to the back of my throat. I managed to swallow it just before he blew his next load into my waiting mouth. My nostrils flared trying to breathe. I managed to swallow Peter’s second load. I was choking a little so I took my mouth off his cock. His firm grip on my head started to ease.

I pulled myself up clawing at Peter’s chest for support. Rick pulled his hand from between my legs. Peter’s cock was still oozing cum; it dripped down onto the carpeting. Rick held me by my waist, pulling me back against him for support. I managed to slowly get my breath back.

“Fuckin’ damn Jeri, you suck real good!” Peter exclaimed.

I looked back at Rick. He was perspiring even though the air conditioner was running. He said, “Come on Jeri, you got a lot more fucking to do,” as he pushed me towards the master bedroom. I saw Peter walking slowly towards the kitchen. Rick pulled the blanket off the bed and threw it on the floor. I kicked off my high-heels and got on the bed, stretching out in the center.

Peter entered the bedroom carrying a couple of beers. He handed me one and I took a big swallow, washing my mouth and throat. I handed the beer to Rick. He finished it off. Peter got on the bed; his eyes were focused on my hot pussy. He lowered his mouth to my pussy and started licking it with his strong tongue. He probed it inside me, licking my inner walls.

I saw Rick stripping off his cloths just before I closed my eyes. Peter worked my pussy over like an animal. He sucked my clit with his lips until I thought I would lose my mind. I had a tremendous orgasm lasting several minutes.


Peter licked my pussy slower and slower until he finally stopped. I opened my eyes seeing Rick standing by the side of the bed, grinning. His rock hard cock was as big as Peter’s was.

I wasn’t sure I could handle his huge cock up inside me. It was so long and thick, so damn big. He saw the frightened look on my face. He reached for a box on the nightstand and pulled out a large tube of lubricant. I looked up at Peter.

“Better put plenty on.” Peter suggested. “She got one tight fucking pussy.”

Rick squeezed a stream of the lubricant along the top of his hard cock. He took his hand and smeared it all over the long black shaft. He stepped into the bathroom, grabbing a towel to wipe the excess off his hand. Rick walked to the foot of the bed and stood there looking down at me.

He was shaking his huge black cock at me when he grinned and said, “You think you can handle all this?”

“Do I have any choice? You think you can handle this?” I said defiantly as I spread my legs wide and slipped my fingers down over my soaking wet pussy. Rick climbed between my legs pushing them farther apart. His cock looked at big as my lower arm. My eyes were bulging seeing it that close. Rick pushed his wedge shaped cock between the lips of my pussy. I tried to pull away from him for a second as he pushed his cock into me slow and easy. I felt the head of his thick cock pass through the opening of my pussy and push deeper inside me. My pussy was being stretched as never before. I took a deep breath and held it until Rick had it worked almost all the way in. I couldn’t believe he’d gotten it inside me. I exhaled slowly when Rick pulled back. He pulled it all the way out.

I stared at it as he pushed it back inside me. I gasped as he pumped in short, quick strokes. Rick’s huge horsecock was like a warm fire in my pussy. He began to take longer and harder strokes inside me. The lubricant on his cock was making slurping sounds when he fucked into me. I felt his hot balls smacking against my ass on every deep thrust of his oversized prick.

“Oh God,” I thought. “The things one does to make a buck” Here I was on a bed letting a huge dicked black man fuck me like a common whore. I’d never felt anything like it. He was a real stud and he played my quivering body like a master musician.

Rick hooked his arms under my legs so they rested in the crook of his arms. He fucked me slow and easy, then hard and fast until I came. I pushed down with my legs, lifting my ass up off the sheets. Rick slowed his fucking to a leisurely tempo while the orgasm took over my body. I gritted my teeth to keep from screaming out. When my orgasm slipped away, he began fucking me hard again.

Rick pumped me until his whole body went rigid. He shot his load holding my ass up off the bed. He slowly pulled his cock back and then took one deeper plunge. He was panting for breath as he held himself buried to the hilt in my spasming pussy. His arms collapsed to his side, my butt fell back on the bed. He was perspiring so much; streams were running down his muscular chest. Rick managed to drag himself off the bed and head towards the master bathroom.

I felt a weight on the bed and turned to see Peter reach down and spread my legs, climbing on the bed between them. He was licking his lips back and forth. I felt his warm breath blowing on the lips of my pussy. I spread my legs farther apart causing Peter to smile. He licked all around my pussy. I felt my body beginning to squirm against his hot tongue. Peter grasped my legs firmly and held me down.

He flicked his tongue against my clit, causing me flinch. Peter vibrated his tongue up and down my pussy. I was moaning as his expert tongue worked me up. My hands were grasping the sheets; I felt an orgasm building. My legs tensed enough to lift my butt up slightly. Peter stopped licking my pussy until I settled back down on the bed.

He put his mouth back on my pussy and darted his tongue inside me. I gasped as he swirled his tongue inside my cum filled pussy. I felt my orgasm building again. Peter slid his tongue up to my clit and toyed with it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had a fantastic orgasm, my juices flowed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhhhhhhh … ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned aloud.

Peter kept his mouth on my pussy, sucking hard. My orgasm finally faded letting my body relax. I opened my eyes slowly. Peter was making the last of his slurping sounds. Then he told me to get up on my hands and knees. When I did Peter got up behind me and grasped my waist with his strong hands. I felt his massive horsecock slip between the lips of my pussy and then slide all the way inside me. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh … Ahhhhhhhhh!” I moaned as he also filled me twice as deeply as anyone ever had.

Peter fucked his long thick black dick in and out of me steadily. He gyrated his hips making it swirl inside me. I was panting for breath. I started moving my ass back towards him as he increased his tempo. He slapped my butt hard. I fucked back towards him harder. I almost pushed him back off the bed but his strong legs kept him into me.

He started fucking me with long, hard strokes. I came within a few minutes. Peter kept plunging his huge prick harder and harder until I felt it explode and fill me with his hot cum. He released his grip on my waist and I fell forward, his big cock slipping out of me. I lay there hugging the warm sheets, my body still quivering. I felt the bed move when Peter got off the bed. I closed my eyes until my body stopped shaking.

Then Rick rolled me over onto my back. I looked at his cock. He was hard and I knew he wanted to fuck me again. My pussy was tender but I was so into it that wanted him to fuck me anyway. We kissed and held each other. Peter sucked gently on my tender nipples until I told him I was ready. He didn’t waste any time pushing his huge black cock inside me. My cunt was sopping wet, allowing him to enter me without much resistance.

We fucked slow and easy for quite awhile. I locked my legs around his waist forcing him to fuck me deeper and faster. He pumped his cock into me until I felt his hot cum spewing deep. He got off at least twice. His body froze as he came the second time. I held my legs tightly around him until his body relaxed. He was forcing himself to take deep breaths. He lay down on top of me and then rolled off to one side.

I saw Rick leaning against the dresser sipping on a beer, a black vibrator in his hand. It was long and slim, tapered at the head. Rick was applying some lubricant to it. He approached the bed, grinning as he told me, “I’m going to get you ready Jeri.” I didn’t know what he meant but I soon found out.

He was holding the vibrator, twisting the end back and forth. It hummed when he turned it on. James rolled me over onto my tummy and spread my legs, holding them apart. Rick lay across me. I felt him spreading my butt cheeks. He pressed the vibrator against my ass, not my pussy. I tensed, trying to get away from the vibrating head.

Rick teased my butt with the vibrator and then slowly penetrated me with the tip. I felt it starting to vibrate inside me. He pushed the vibrator in a little deeper. It felt so different, an experience I’ll never forget. Rick turned the vibrator speed up a little. My ass was bucking as the vibrator hummed inside me. I felt Peter release his grip on my ankles. I kept my legs apart. Rick slowly stroked the vibrator in and out of my ass. He finally pulled it all the way out.

I felt my ass still tingling as he climbed up over me. I felt the head of his huge cock press in against stretched anus and cave it inward. I couldn’t do anything to stop him as he buried every long thick inch of black horsecock up my ass in one powerful slam of his hips. He pulled back almost all the way and then slammed it in to the hilt again as I howled in pain. I was pinned flat to the bed, his muscular black body holding me down. His thrusting grew faster and faster inside my anal passage as I screamed my head off into my pillow so that the neighbor’s wouldn’t hear me.

He pounded his cock into my glove tight asshole hard and deep as my screams changed from pain to absolute pleasure. I had never been fucked this hard in my life and I loved it. The shrieks of my orgasm echoed off the bedroom walls as I felt Rick drive himself deep inside me. With a few last thrusts, his cock let go, filling my ass with his cum.

He pulled out and I felt hands on my hips pull me up to my knees. Peter moved back behind me and fit his dick against my cum drenched asshole. I heard him say, “I got to get me some of this Jeri.” His cockhead throbbed at my anus as he pressed forward. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cockhead popped into my rear channel and my head jerked up as I was sodomized once again by a long thick black horsecock.

I became numb in my body as he fucked me up the ass for I don’t know how long before he deposited another heavy load of potent spunk deep up my tight little asshole. The two of them fucked me all through the long hard day, depositing several more heavy loads of their thick spunk down my throat, in my tight loudly squishing cunt and up my even tighter little asshole.

It was not until after 5 in the afternoon that the two of them staggered out of the house, leaving me fucked out on my bed. I couldn’t count the number of orgasms that had racked my body throughout the daylong fuck fest. The two black men were insatiable, resting for only brief periods between fucks. I had been taken in so many different ways, often being double fucked one way or another. It had been incredible and what had started out as just another scene in the video had become the most wanton day of my life.

Exhausted and drained by the continuous bouts with the two men, I desperately wanted to go to sleep. I recalled all the nasty things I’d been forced to do on the bed as I stripped the sheets and replaced them with a clean set so I would not have to sleep on the sweat and cum soaked sheets.

I stood there in the bedroom recalling that the two men often exchanged positions as they fucked me. I remembered being forced to straddle Peter’s cock with my back to him while Rick stood on the foot of the bed to face fuck me. When that was over, having rested a bit, I was forced on all fours with Rick taking me doggie style as I was forced to use my mouth to satisfy Peter kneeling at my head.

I remembered being sandwiched between them, their massive cocks filling my cunt and asshole as they pounded away in rhythm. It was unlike any experience I’d ever had and the orgasms they’d fucked out of me were so overwhelming
that I lost consciousness before they’d finished. And it all continued into the early evening.

Still, I couldn’t get over the numerous mind-shattering orgasms that Peter and Rick had driven me to, ones so powerful that I was dazed each time. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, slipping my hands into my cum drenched cunt and shivered at the memory of the long thick black cock’s that had gang banged me all day long.

Fingering myself faster and faster, I wickedly thought of the consequences I faced from now on whenever I would see a large black man I would remember this day.


Cut Print. For the first time the director came out of the back room to talk to Jeri. That was incredible Jeri how do you feel? Great really great I now know what it like to be truly satisfied. We tomorrow is the last day of the shoot what do you think about what we have shoot so far? Well really like shooting with Sherri and of course Peter and Rick. Any chance I can get their names and phone numbers. Sorry no they don’t even live in LA. Too bad. Can I ask what scheduled for tomorrow? You can but I am not going to tell you. Ok I understand I am going to take a shower grab a bite to eat and go to bed. Good night Jeri sleep tight.


Jeri woke up the next morning a little sad but excited about what the last scene was going to be.  She had found out so much about herself that will change her life forever. The first thing she loved making love to a women and having more than one lover at a time was so much more satisfying than just one. Jeri took a nice hot shower had a light breakfast put on a loose sun dress and went to the living room to wait and see what would today bring.

Jeri did not have to wait long about 30 minutes later there was a knock at the front door. That surprised Jeri because over the last few days nobody had bothered to knock. When she opened the door she found a very well built and handsome young man with a beautiful German Sheppard. Hello my name is Adam. May I come in? I am sorry do you have the correct address? Yes I do Jeri may I come in?

Once she heard her name she stepped aside and let him in.  As Adam was walking past her and turned around and pressed a white cloth to Jeri’s face and after a brief struggle she collapsed in his arms. He put her over his shoulder and went to the only locked door in the whole house and took a key put of his pocket unlocked the door and stepped inside.

When Jeri woke up she found herself bound on the floor. Her thighs were strapped to the posts holding the bar, forcing her legs wide apart. Her ankles were then shackled to eyelets in the floor even wider apart than her knees. Her wrists were then secured in fur lined cuffs to posts in front of her and even wider apart than her ankle cuffs. This left her with her head lower than her ass in a kneeling spread eagle position.  You went through all of this just to fuck me? You’re a good looking guy if you would have asking I would have fucked your brains without you having to drug me and trying me up. Sorry Jeri you’re not my type.  Let me go get your partner for this scene.

Adam left the room and then came back with a big German Sheppard let me introduce you to Lucifer.  What the fuck, are you serious. Yes Jeri I am serious Lucifer has been trained to fuck women it may start out painfully but it will end with you having the most intense orgasms you have ever had.  “NO! NO! PLEASE! HELP ME!” there is no one here to hear your screams and if there was they won’t help you.  Besides when you took our money you agreed to do anything well this is anything.

He just started licking my pussy with his big pink tongue. “Ohhhh…My God.” I spread my legs as far as my bondage would allow me, and nice wasn’t the word for it. That tongue was fantastic! The dog was licking all the way from my asshole up to my clit which popped out instantly.

I was getting wet, and not just from Lucifer’s saliva, of which there was more than plenty, but also from my own excitement that seemed to blindside me like a freight train. As I lay there with my legs spread apart, unable to do anything but push my sex harder against Lucifer’s long rough tongue.

Adam watched, smiling at me as I blinked at him. I didn’t know if he’d expected this, I know I hadn’t, but he seemed content with how things were going, I could see that. The dog was all over my pussy, licking me so that he split my labia and the tip of his tongue went inside me, making me shudder as I felt my orgasm coming. The dog was going to make me cum, in like thirty seconds flat and there was nothing I could do about it. As if I’d want to do something about it? Yeah right! I was flying high on Lucifer’s attention and I couldn’t stop him if I wanted to.

Lucifer was so big, as big as me, bigger even as he outweighed me by 30 or 40 pounds probably, so big that he didn’t have to really mount me, he could have just stood there on all fours as, and pushed his doggy dick right inside me. The dog wasn’t going to give me that chance and I grunted as Lucifer climbed onto my back. He locked his strong front legs around my waist, hugging me tightly and knocking the wind out of me for a second. He lunged forward, missing my pussy and bouncing his hard cock almost painfully off my pelvis.

He kept going though, stabbing and growling and finally, on about the fourth or fifth try Lucifer found what he was looking for. His cockhead, sharp and pointed and wet with doggy precum found my hole and he pushed himself inside my sex, going deep on the very first thrust so that I screamed, literally, but with surprise more than pain.

It did hurt though, I won’t lie about that. That long cock filled me quick as lightning and it burned a little, like something hard and hot punching me deep between my legs. And that time the wind really did get knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds and all I could feel was Lucifer’s cock, which had to be huge, filling me over and over as he started pumping me about a hundred miles an hour.

I finally did catch my breath, but just barely, and I shook with both excitement and the effort of trying to support Lucifer’s weight. I finally just dropped my head so that my firm, round, butt was high in the air, and Lucifer kept pounding me like a machine. I’d never felt anything like that. How could I have? He was huge inside me, his cock longer than any cock that I had ever had, and just as fat. My pussy convulsed around him, the pain disappearing quickly beneath the onslaught of pleasure.

That dog knew how to fuck!

I was cumming like crazy too, moaning and gripping the ropes in my fists, taking that cock over and over and loving ever second of it. I barely noticed the animal’s knot at first, but it was getting bigger and bigger and Lucifer was deep inside me. He didn’t pull back very far at all, he just stroked me fast and short, keeping his cockhead as close to my cervix as he could, and that was a good thing. I didn’t have to take his knot into me; by the time it had grown too big, it was already lodged inside me! A large mass of muscle filling with blood, swelling inside my pussy like a balloon, and pretty soon it had gotten much too big to come out.

Lucifer started whining when he couldn’t even give me the little strokes anymore. Even so, I was still being rocked with every powerful thrust of the dog’s shaggy body. And his cock was so hard, unlike a man’s dick; Lucifer’s was like steel, like a bone and it didn’t yield at all as it pressed against my tender pussy walls. I was doing all the yielding, my cunt trembling around the knot lodged just inside me, blocking any escape for Lucifer’s sperm. I’d surrendered totally, giving myself up as the dog’s bitch. I moaned and cried real tears as I orgasmed again, begging him to fuck me harder. To fill me with his doggy cum.

He did cum too; his legs still clamped tightly to my ribs, but mercifully his paws were on the floor now. His warm furry body pressed against my butt and lower back, his saliva running from his panting mouth, landing on me in warm wet drops of dog spit. And his cock pressed so deep inside me that I thought he must have penetrated my cervix, it was swollen and hard and suddenly erupting inside me.

Lucifer dumped a huge load of canine sperm into my womb. Hot powerful jets of the stuff filled me, soaking into my pussy as he whined happily, still moving, and still fucking me as much as he could. His knot was too big now and stuck inside my sex and there wasn’t any place for it to go. Mostly he just tried to drive me across the floor with his dick.

“Ohhhh God!” I moaned, rolling my eyes with pleasure and looking at Adam who had taken out a hand held camera and was recording me take my very first load of dog sperm. “He’s…cumming…I can feel it!” I gasped and then smiled and then bit my lip as I started cumming again.

It wasn’t too long before Lucifer was able to pull out of me. I’d worried that we might be locked up for an hour. I mean, his knot felt like bowling ball inside me, but it wasn’t anything like that of course. Maybe more like a baseball really, but it might as well have been a basketball. My cunt was clamped around it tightly, all of our juices sealed inside my pussy and I felt full, incredibly full, and that was a sensation I really liked a lot.

But finally after about ten minutes, or maybe fifteen, Lucifer was able to pull away from me, his knot still there, but smaller now, like a plum maybe at the base of his cock and I winced at the pressure of the thing squeezing out of me, followed by a real flood of juices.

Lucifer’s cock didn’t shrink back into his sheath right away either and I could see his penis now. It was very long, a good eight inches, maybe more, which looked insanely huge to me. It had probably been even longer than that when it had been inside me and I had no idea how Lucifer’s cock had fit. It was red, like purplish, and glistening with our juices, hanging down as he walked away and finally settled down to lick himself clean.
Adam got Lucifer off me, the dog seemed to be content for the moment, and his cock had gone down finally, but Lucifer still licked at it. I thought that must have been nice, being able to clean himself like that, and I wished I could have licked myself right then. I kept my ass up, but even so there were all kinds of girl cum and dog semen and I don’t know what all running out of me. Adam checked my pussy, to make sure there was nothing wrong but I could see the bulge in his pants as he probed my sex gently.

“Does it hurt?” he asked me.

“Nooooo…” I sighed. “It feels really good.”
Lucifer had fucked me hard.

After I’d taken a little rest, but not cleaned myself at all, Adam had asked me if I was ready for my other partner. Other partner?? Yes you did not think it would be that easy. I want to introduce you to Damian Lucifer’s son.

My sex felt hot, like I had a fever down there, and a little loose, like it was bigger, but that was only because I’d had to stretch around Lucifer’s knot when he’d locked me up tight. My pussy would go back to normal…I hoped. I looked at Damian, a bigger version of his dad.

“No, I don’t mean that.” I was looking at Damian’s cock, which was exposed now by a good three inches, fat and red and wet. “He just looks…big.”

“Huh?” David looked at the animal. “Oh, yeah. I think he takes after his dad,” Adam grinned. ”

“Well,” I nodded. “I guess I’m ready.” But in fact I was very ready. It got me all hot inside looking at that dog and knowing he wanted me. He wanted to fuck me bad and I thought that was kind of sexy. I mean, yeah, he was just a dog, but he looked at me the same way some of the guys on the street did, like he just needed me. He needed to be inside me and I really wanted it right then, sore pussy or no.

First though, I hoped he was going to lick my pussy, because when Lucifer had tongued my pussy it was the best thing ever, and I wanted to feel it again. So when Adam let Damien out and of course the dog made a beeline for me. Hopefully he wouldn’t mind tasting Lucifer’s cum, but thankfully Damien didn’t seem too awfully concerned.

The dog wanted to smell me first anyway, that was natural enough, and then he wanted to lick me and I was under him alright, right underneath his big fat doggy cock and it dripped all over me. And that tongue! Damien was inside me. I mean, he started digging for juice first thing. He wasn’t fooling around. Maybe he figured if he could lick out all of Lucifer’s sperm. Or maybe he just really liked the way I tasted, because his tongue slipped inside my stretched pussy and I thought he was going to reach all the way into my womb! It was deep, seriously deep, and I trembled like a leaf when I took my first tentative lick of Damien’s red cock.

I don’t know why I did it, really. I guess it was just because we were in that position, sort of a 69 with the dog on top of me, except he wasn’t lying on me or anything. Damien just stood there. So I pushed myself up as far as my bondage would allow and his penis was right in my face. I stuck out my tongue, not knowing what to expect, but it didn’t hurt. It didn’t burn me or make me sick, if anything the dog tasted hot and watery, his precum having a little flavor, but not much. Just a hint of, mmmm…garlic maybe, no not that. Cloves?

I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. But I was licking him more and more, collecting his precum in my mouth and maybe some semen too. I swallowed it down eagerly as my pussy just surrendered itself completely to Damien’s long tongue.

“Jesus, Jeri…Suck it…” Adam breathed, watching me from the front row. I mean, he’d moved close, kneeling down so he could watch as I took Damien’s hard cock between my lips.

My mouth filled quickly and the animal seemed to be hunching his hips, just a little as more of his penis began to swell from is furry sheath. I moaned, trying to lift my butt a little higher because that tongue was tearing me up, bringing my clit to rapt attention as that wet muscle scraped across it over and over. I brought my head up turning slightly. I wrapped my lips around the shaft, all pink and red with purplish veins. It felt hot and pulsing in my mouth while I sucked harder, working my tongue around the flanged tip so that Damien growled softly.

It was incredible doing that, and my orgasms flashed through me one after another so that I could barely concentrate on what I was doing. I was sucking his cock, a dog’s cock, drinking his juices and feeling what I couldn’t swallow run past my lips, down my chin and neck. Adam stared at me as he told me how sexy I looked, how beautiful I was with my mouth impaled on that rigid length of animal penis.

After my third good orgasm, I finally couldn’t do it anymore. I’d been straining to keep my pussy on Damien’s tongue, and my own tongue felt tired and thick, my neck sore from being turned awkwardly. I moved, knowing what I needed, what Damien and I both wanted. He was eager to fuck me; satisfied that he’d cleaned enough of Lucifer’s sperm from his bitch.

Since I was still bound I was in the same position had been with Lucifer with my ass in the air and my head down, I didn’t have to say anything, or motion for him. I was in heat, my pussy dripping with the fluids of a real bitch. Damien mounted me quickly, dominating me totally with his great size and weight. I almost collapsed beneath him and it took every ounce of strength I had to support the both of us as he thrust his cock into my hungry pussy on the very first try.

“Ohhh God…” I just moaned, like I was praying, and I felt another grand cum overtaking me as Damien’s cock split my already well-fucked cunt easily. He drove himself in straight and true, piercing my sex and banging the sharp tip of his penis against the soft pillow of my cervix. I shuddered and winced as he touched bottom, and my whole body jerked as he began pounding me relentlessly. Lucifer seemed gentle and slow by comparison. Damien fucked me wildly, his rear paws digging into the comforter, bunching it up when he pushed us forward; his front legs scratching at my skin as he pulled me back.

Damien’s cock pistoned in and out of me with long strokes, which was different than the way Lucifer had done me. Lucifer had gotten deep and stayed there which was nice, but this wasn’t bad either. Damien liked to withdraw what must have been nine inches of solid dog cock, pulling it back and then slamming it home, but fast, much faster than a man could have done it. And the knot, I could feel it growing, moving in and out as he fucked me.

It was pleasant at first, a different feeling, like my pussy going over a hump, but then the hump started getting larger and it took more pressure to push it in, and then pull it out. The sensations were insane as it became apparent to even my feverish brain that soon Damien’s knot wasn’t going to get past my cuntal opening without some real effort. I could feel it stretching me, becoming uncomfortable, and Damien started whining as he had to strain to get it in and out and finally it just stayed inside me.

He was sill fucking me hard, but mercifully Damien took shorter strokes with his knot now firmly lodged just inside my pussy. It wasn’t coming out, not until long after the dog had finished. It just went a little deeper, making me shiver and then it would yank me back, just an inch, back and forth as fast as you can imagine. It was no wonder I couldn’t stop cumming.

Damien came first, as my pussy drank hot dog sperm, I was breathless, almost intoxicated by the experience. I’d never cum so much or so hard. I’d been well and truly fucked and while Damien stood over me, locked tight with his cock still spraying into my womb, I realized that for the moment the dog was undeniably my master.

Cut Print!! That’s a wrap!! Adam called out let me untie you and get you cleaned up.  Adam yes Jeri do you sell dogs?? Jeri most women after they have been fucked by Lucifer or Damien ask me that same question. But no I don’t sell my dogs.

A short time later Jeri is sitting on the couch with Lucifer lying next to her. Hello I hope you have enjoyed my video. I have an exciting announcement I am sure that a lot of you wish you were here fucking me. Well here is your chance starting on Monday August 20th and ending on Saturday August 25th I will be on Fantasy Island to make all of your fantasy’s cum true and just like this video ANYTHING goes. So call the number on the tape and make your reservations because it will be strictly first cum first served. So call 800-555-6969.

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