Lacey: Starved For Cock

Lacey was starved for cock.

She took Bradley’s cock in her mouth, felt Tim enter her from behind. She was
still dressed. She felt them inside her, driving her wild.

He beautiful party dress would be ruined, she knew that. But it didn’t matter.
One of the luxuries of stardom was that finacial concersn were much less a
hindrance. She clenched all the muscles in her velvet pussy rhythmicly. She felt
Tim tense. She knew it wouldn’t be long for him. Herself, she planned to fuck
and suck all night. Telling them that valium she’d taken was X was a brilliant
stroke. Nothig would be held against her. She was complelely
free from their
judgements. She just wanted to be used. And that was why she was here.

Tim pulled out and sprayed all over the back of her dress. She could feel the
warmth, could hear the ecsatcy in his breath.

She worked Bradley. Chugging his long thibk cock down her thoat as far as
possible, feeling the tension in his skin, on his shaft, building in his
scrotum. She would make him wait. She would make him wait.

She withdrew from his cock. She tore the thin strap from her dress and tied it
tight around his swollen penis. He would have to wait. She would make him
wait… She motioned him back to the corner. He would have to obey. They were
all being paid well, all being paid to do to her, and for her, exactly what SHE

She motioned Jimmy over. Jimmy was a little man, about her own size. Jimmy
suffered from mental retardation. He stuttered and guffawed, the kind of man
that would never get NEAR the likes of Lacey Chabert.

But Jimmy had a hidden gift.

Lacey lifted the rest of her dress over her head. SHe stood there in all her
splendour wearing nothing but her earrings, her bra, and her high-heeled
strapped shoes.

Jimmy wore only his hospital pants. Thin material, cheap, waste.

She slinked her way across the dark room to him.

Jimmy guffawed.

She slowly undid the drawstring of his loose pants.

Jimmy guffawed.

Lacey paid no attention to him, only to his groin. Like a baby girl unwrapping a

She slid the front of his scrubs open, down over part of his member.

Her breathing heightened.

She slid his pants the rest of the way down. She on her knees in worship.

Jimmy stood there with his 14 inch erection, soft, oblivious. She started to
stroke him, she brought him to life. She bowed to take his tip into her mouth.
Slow, he grew. He rose. Jimmy’s eyes bowed in ecstasy. She licked her hands and
oiled him up as she sucked. She stood, led him over to the centre spotlight of
the room, a small backless couch. She lay down and spread her legs. She took him
by the dick. She guided him into her. Once the motion began no lead was
necessary. Mindless, he fucked. Jimmy. Fucked. Her. Until. She. Thought. Her.
Whole. World. Would. Explode. . .

She motioned Bradley to come forward, she extricated herself from the bohemoth.
He fucked dead her, desperately, still trying to find release. He seemed
confused and agitated that the good feeling had gone away. Bradley brought her
the bowl of hot oil. She bored it over herself. She threw the bra the length of
the room. She concentrated the oil on the area of her pussy, and she dipped her
fingers below. All around, all around. She slid two fingers into her ass. She
fucked her hand. Two fingers, then three. She bucked into the air, in a sort of
parody of the way Jimmy was. She turned over, kneeling on the divan on all
fours, nipples hard enough to cut diamonds.

Bradley helped Jimmy back to her. Helped Jimmy into her tight, small perfect
ass. She closed her eyes. Jimmy was slow to catch on, confused, then he

He pushed himslef into her tight ass and pulled himself back, rammed himself in
then pulled back, fucked himself into a frenzy — drove Lacey to one as well.
With Jimmy’s gargantuan cock in her tight ass Lacey swung herself to and fro,
fucking herself against his tree trunk of fuck meat. She wanted it. She wanted
it. Nothing else mattered to her. Nothing else existed. She felt herslef
accomodate him, felt herself tear so slightly, felt the pressure build, felt the
tingling in her pussy. Her arms gave out and she fell. Now with just her ass in
the air Jimmy fucked into her pristine perfect image of purity. He fucked the
perpetual good girl, America’s sweetheart.

He made guttoral noises as he piled on the snesation. He FUCKED> HE FUCKED. HE

In the purest sense of the word.

No bullshit pretense.

Just FUCK.

He existed for this and so, in this moment, did she.

She bucked and she bucked and she bucked.

She C A M E.

She C A M E.

She C A M E.

She C A M E and kept on cumming.

From exhaustion, from overload, from pain. She passed out. Jimmy continued to
fuck her. No one dared approach him. He fucked her for another 23 minutes before
he blew his massive load.

He fell asleep in the corner.

Everyone got paid and went home.

Everyone but one.

Hours later, the starlet still toyed with Bradley’s tourniqueted cock. The blood
was still caught. He was still rigid. He need to come.

She wouldn’t allow it.

Everytime he even thought of touching himself she whipped him. There would be no
release for him. Not yet. She lay in front of him. SHe palyed with her tits. She
licked his body. She lathered his cock. She stuck toys in his ass.

She sucked his nipples. Let him suck hers.

But she would not let him have release.

She paraded herself before him. She performed for him with other girls and with
toys. She came many times but none for him. She even played with their dog. Let
the dog fuck her.

She played with his balls, she stroked his cock. She got off on it. But there
would be no release for her 12 year old brother Bradley.

by Will Graham

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