On The Road With Kathie Lee

Title: On The Road With Kathie Lee


Celebs: Kathie Lee Gifford

Codes: MF, public, oral, anal, MILF

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It is not real. It is  fantasy only.


My name is Dick and I’m the luckiest pervert in the game. I’m living with my dream woman and fucking her brains out day in and day out. I woke up from my power nap shaking my head and hung over. I was on the bed in the RV that Kathie Lee Gifford had bought for us to travel the country sexually. What does that mean you may ask? It means that she and I travel from coast to coast fucking our brains out and fucking others out as well.

Kathie Lee came back in the RV with a smile on her face. “Wake up sleepy head. Momma brought her sexy stud some breakfast. She can even wash it down with momma’s milk you love so much.”

I looked back at her with groggy hungover eyes and saw she was topless, shaking those amazing tits of hers.

I fucking love her C cup tits and yes, I do love her milk she let’s me suck out of them. My cock was hard again, as it always is, looking at her shaking those fucking beautiful tits. I turned over on my back, my hard cock springing up leaking precum.

Kathie Lee handed me the box with my food and knelt down. She licked the precum up slowly as I watched and ate some bacon. “Mmmmm baby, momma loves her stud’s cream. It tastes so good. Give me more and more and more baby.” She sucked the head of my cock as she looked at me smiling. I was eating a sausage link now and I asked her if she could season it a little. “Sure baby.“ She took it from me and slid it up her pussy fucking her pussy with it as she sucked my cock.

I watched her deep throat my cock over and over while I ate. She took the sausage link out of her pussy and handed it back to me. “Here you go baby, momma seasoned it up real good for you.” I took it and ate it. Her “seasoning” was just right.

She continued to work my cock licking it all over, kissing it, jacking it off as she licked under the head. I was ready to dump a load of my cream in her mouth and she could sense it. She sucked hard on the head, jacking it fast. I closed my eyes and blasted her mouth full of my creamy nut. My cock jerking as the cum splattered her mouth. She kept sucking hard and jacking my cock faster to get every drop out. When I stopped, she opened her mouth showing me all the cum filling it. She smiled and swallowed it all, smacking her lips, with a big grin on her face. “Mmmm Mmmmm baby, momma loves that cum. My favorite breakfast. Such tasty protein.”

I pulled her up to me on the bed and sucked on her tits. I sucked hard and her milk flowed into my mouth. I swallowed it all, kissing her tits when I was done drinking. “Where were you babe, I didn’t notice you get out of bed.”

“I bet you didn’t, as out of it as you were. I went out to get some breakfast about an hour ago. The waitress was so friendly. She got down on the floor and ate my pussy while I ate. I made sure to give her a big tip. A big hairy trucker kept rubbing his cock at the counter, so I went up to him, rubbed it and told him to follow me outside. We went outside behind the diner and I let him fuck my ass. He didn’t last long, only about 3 or 4 minutes before he came in my ass. He was nice though, he gave me $100 and thanked me.”

She was such a horny slut and I fucking loved it. I’m horny as hell too, so we make a perfect match. “Damn baby, you got me all horny again, titty fuck my cock.”

She leaned over and wrapped her gorgeous tits around my hard cock. She pumped it with them, rubbing her tits all over it as she did. I just watched and enjoyed every fucking second of it.

We fuck all the time. We are either partying or fucking 24/7. Our solution to life’s challenges is to get laid as much as possible. I fucking love my life.

Kathie Lee was fucking my cock with her perfect tits so good. She licked my cock as it popped out. She squeezed her nipples as she fucked my cock and covered my cock in her sweet milk. It felt so fucking good. She smacked my cock with her tits, rubbing them all over my milk covered cock.

I was ready to bust a nut again. I grunted as she wrapped those amazing tits around my cock tight and jacked it fast, her tits flying up and down my cock, her milk lubricating them. I came hard, shooting my cum high in the air as she squeezed her nipples and sprayed my cock with her milk again.

“Yeah baby, momma loves ur cream.” Kathie Lee put my cock in her mouth to suck the rest of the cum out, mixed with her tit milk. I fucked her mouth as she moaned. I fucked it really fast, holding her head. My cock was plunging in and out of her mouth at a blazing speed. I kept fucking her mouth faster and faster. I grunted once more and came in her mouth again. I filled it once more. She swallowed every fucking drop, sucking my cock head hard. She got it all out licking the head quickly while it was still in her mouth.

“Dick, I’m sure glad you’re my man. You know how to keep momma happy.”

“Kathie Lee, I’m sure glad you’re my woman. I need a bitch to swallow my nut all day and night and you’re the right bitch for the job.”

We both laughed. I kissed her neck, softly rubbing her tits. She has me captivated, so horny for her all the time.

I got up and pulled my shorts on, no shirt and put my flip flops on. I was a casual guy with an always hard cock. Sex was my main subject of my thoughts and I was horny again, but I downed some coffee and got in the driver’s seat of the RV. Kathie Lee sat up front with me.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed west. Along the way assorted trucked would pass us and Kathie Lee would flash them, leading to some loud horn blowing. She had put a tank top on but no bra. I love that she doesn’t wear on. Her tits look so good in a tight tank top without the bra.

We made good time so we pulled off of the exit and pulled into a truck stop for lunch. We got out and stretched. I groped Kathie Lee for behind as we did. She has the sexiest tits, I love playing with them. We went in the diner and found a booth. A beautiful black waitress made her way to our table.

“May I take your order?” She said, smiling, after she asked Kathie Lee for an autograph. I looked her over, beautiful face, huge natural tits. She had to be a 44 G cup. I’m really good at guessing bra sizes. It’s a gift, like my always hard cock. She noticed my full body visual exam I was giving her and leaned over to me, whispering in my ear. “I love a hard white dick in my ass.” I looked at Kathie Lee and smiled.

I got up and took the waitress’ hand leading her to the women’s bathroom. I put her hands on the sink and got behind her. I lifted ur uniform skirt up, pulled down her panties and leaned over. I spread her cheeks wide and shoved my tongue as far up her ass as I could. I licked out her ass and smacked it. She moaned and I tongue fucked her ass fast and deep.

‘Please fuck my ass daddy, I need your white cock in it baddddddddd!”

I got up and pulled my cock out of my shorts. I smacked it on her ass, causing her to shiver and moan. I smacked it on her ass a couple more times, then I rubbed it on her anus.

“Beg me bitch, make it good or daddy won’t give u what you want.”

“Oh daddy pleaseeeeeeeeee fuck my black ass pleaseeeeeeeeee daddy. I need your beautiful white cock so bad.”

I shoved my cock up her ass. I could tell she’s had a few other white cocks up there before. I fucked her ass hard and fast looking in the mirror I ripped open her top and pulled her giant black tits out. I sucked them, biting them, stuffing as much of them in my mouth as possible.

I pounded her black as hard and fast as she screamed for me to fuck her harder and faster. I granted her wish and POUNDED HER ASS HARDER, FASTER, ALL THE FUCKING WAY up it. My cock drilling up that chocolate rump faster and faster and fasterrrrrrr.


I squeezed her huge tits hard, softly biting her neck. I shook her tits as I sucked them, looking in the mirror as I used her.

My cock so hard in her ass, she moaned loud. I kept pounding that thick black ass, squeezing her huge tits hard. She looked at me in the mirror “fuck it whiteboy, fuck that black ass good motherfucker.” I gave her what she wanted as I fucked that black ass faster, reaming her out big time. I just kept fucking her ass faster and faster, looking at her in the mirror the whole time.

I felt my cock swell, ready to pop. I thrust all the way up that sexy, thick black ass and I came hard. I filled it with my thick cum.

She yelled out  “FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH WHITEBOY, GIVE ME THAT NUT!!!”  I obliged, filling her ass full of my white nut.

I smacked her ass as I pulled out of it and thanked her for the booty fun. She smiled and said “anytime baby.”

I put my wet cock back in my shorts and went back to my table. Kathie Lee was playing with her tits when I got there so I sat and watched. She had her top pulled up and was pulling her nipples, twisting them hard. She smiled at me and I smiled back, reaching  over and rubbing her nipples, looking right at her. A drop of milk came out. I wiped it up with my finger and put it in Kathie Lee’s mouth. She shucked my finger, making me so hard.

I pulled my cock out and winked at her. She crawled under the table and started sucking me off, jerking my cock and sucking the head. I leaned back and sighed. My woman’s oral skills were second to none. She sucked my cock head hard, jerking my cock fast. “Give momma what she craves Dick. Shoot your creamy load in my mouth. Feed me baby, I’m so hungry for it.”

I watched her suck me off, not caring at all who could see. We love public sex, it turns us both on big time.

She kept working my cock head, licking all over it, shoving her tongue in my pee slit. That felt so fucking good. She knew it and kept slowly sliding her tongue in and across my pee slit. I smiled at her, blowing her a kiss. She smiled and started sucking my cock all the way up and down. She took it all in, deep throating me. She sucked me faster, looking right at me. I closed my eyes and shot my load in her mouth, spurt after spurt of thick nut going in her mouth. She swallowed it all, sucking my cock head hard as I kept cumming in her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmm baby, your cum tastes so good. I love swallowing it baby. Mmmmmmmmm.”

She put my cock in my shorts after she sucked me dry, and sat back in her seat.

We ate our lunch and payed our bill. The hot black waitress I ass fucked smiled at me when I gave her a big tip and gave me her number. We went back to the RV to head back out on the highway but I was so hard watching Kathie Lee walk in front of me, shaking her ass in those daisy dukes she had on. I grabbed her as we got on the RV and yanked her shorts down. I bent her over and slammed my rock hard cock up her pussy. “Oh yeah baby, pound mamma’s pussy baby. Tear it up!” I slammed my cock up her pussy so fucking hard. I was so fucking horny for her, I just pounded the shit out of her pussy, squeezing her tits through her top as I did.


I pounded it harder and harder and harder. I felt the urge to pee and said fuck it. I just pissed in Kathie Lee’s pussy. I fucked her harder as my piss flew out after I filled her pussy with it. I was so fucking turned on. I fucked her so fucking fast, every inch of my hard cock drilling up her piss filled pussy. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled hard, smacking her ass. “FUCK YEAH BABY, TAKE THAT ROCK HARD COCK BITCH.”

I pulled out and stood up, pulling her head back. I shoved my cock down her throat.

“Suck it whore, take your man’s cock and suck it hard whore. Your my slut and I’m using you any way I want.” Kathie Lee loved me dominating her. “Yes baby, I’m your slut forever. Use me. FUCKING USE ME I’M YOUR FUCKING WHORE!!!” She said after she took my cock out of her mouth to lick it. She put it back it and suck me harder than she ever has.

I reached down and squeezed her beautiful tits so fucking hard. She squealed and smiled as I twisted her whole tits as I squeezed them. I slapped them hard over and over. “YES BABY, FUCKING DESTROY ME. FUCK ME TIL I PASS OUT. THEN KEEP FUCKING Me. USE ME, I’M YOUR WORTHLESS FUCKING WHORE!!!”  She yelled as I pulled out of her mouth.

I pushed her down on all fours and shoved my cock back in her piss filled pussy. I fucking destroyed that pussy, pounding it, drilling it, fucking it faster and harder than humanly possible. Kathie Lee screamed in pleasure. She loved every second of it.

I kept fucking her sweet pussy, piss flying out as I fucked her faster and harder over and over. I CAME HARD up her pussy. Spurt after spurt of thick cum mixing with the piss, filling her pussy.

Kathie Lee fell forward to the floor, so pleased and pleasantly sore. I layed beside her, looking at her, rubbing her beautiful face. She got on top of me and layer there hugging me. I rubbed her back, thinking of how lucky I am.

Join us next time for our next kinky adventure out on the highway. Keep Trucking everybody. Honk Honk!

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