Neighbourhood Watch

Title: Neighborhood Watch

Author: Blackjack

Celebs: Alison Brie

Codes: MF, cons, oral, voy, interracial

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It was the middle of summer in Los Angeles and I was stuck sitting inside of an apartment complex with a bad air conditioner unit and not much else going for me. Sitting at the side of the bedroom window, I was looking out over the various people that lived inside of my apartment complex and really couldn’t see anything except for the windows and very occasionally, curtains being closed or opened.

Life with a broken leg was not fun.

“Josh? Are you awake?” The sound of my mother filled the small hallway and as I turned my wheelchair around, I saw her standing there in my doorway with a long box tucked under her arm. She was still in her pink scrubs like she had been when she left this morning, that meant she hadn’t been home yet after her shift though you would never have been able to tell with how well she kept herself. A lot of people said I looked more like my mother than I did my father and I guess I could see where they were coming from. We both had the same chocolate coloured hair though hers was a lot longer than mine and we did have the matching brown eyes too but I wouldn’t have said we were exactly the same. For example, she wore glasses and I didn’t I had a beard and she didn’t.

“Hi Josh, are you feeling any better?” She asked, stepping inside of my room and placing her hand against my cheek in the way only a mother could do. I offered her a smile and shrug of my shoulders.

“Not really. But the doctor did say it was going to take a while to heal.”

“She did. You’ll just have to sit this summer out won’t you?” She said, placing a hand on my shoulder and squeezing it gently. “So you won’t be able to do any of your drama courses this summer, you can keep picking up the spare parts over the autumn and winter time and who knows, they might air that infomercial you were in over the winter so you can get some residuals from that too.”

She had a point but none of this was helping. I was still stuck unable to work and there was no way that thinking on possible residuals that might be coming my way could help me really cheer up. She seemed to notice this too and took her hand away from my shoulder and then to the box she had placed on my bed. Bringing it over, she showed me what the box was. It contained a bright blue with black accents telescope that was built with a tripod at the bottom. It looked like one of those things you’d see in a holiday catalogue for someone who you didn’t know well enough to buy gifts for.

“Your Grandpa used to use this when I was a kid, he showed me all sorts of stuff back when we were living in Colorado. You might not see much of the sky here in Los Angeles but there might be something in the hills or the streets you can see. It might keep you occupied for a little bit right?” Her phone went off in her purse and she had to step out of the room. While she did that, I took the box up off of the bed and looked it over. Thinking back to my Grandpa, I always did think that he seemed happy when he was out stargazing and from what my parents said, I was always happy doing it with him as well. Maybe this could be a good thing for me? I lifted the lid of the box off and looked inside of it. The legs of the device didn’t seem to be there but the actual lens and viewing bit of the telescope was. Lifting up some of the small polythene bags, I saw that there was a selection of different tools and accessories with the telescope that could further increase my usage of it.

This actually could be really fun…

“That was the hospital.” Mom said, coming back into the room and dunking her phone back into her handbag. “Looks like I’m doing most of the midday shifts this week, Nicole’s gone into labor so you’ll have to fend for yourself. I’ve already spoken to some of your friends who said they’ll come by to make sure you’re okay and I’ll come back first thing in the morning and make you some lunch. I know, I know. You’re a strong independent man who don’t need no mom to make him his lunch but you’re also my baby and if you don’t let me do this… I’ll break the other one.” She leant in and offered my cheek a kiss before she stood up and looked down at the box of stuff. “Is it all there?”

“Yeah, I think so? I don’t see the legs for it though?” I said, looking over the box and jiggling it to see if any were hiding somewhere on the sides.

“They may have fallen out somewhere. Grandma says it’s not been down in years. I think you could probably still mount it to the balcony out there though?” She said, pointing over to the small wire fence that was up around my short ledge. She reached into the box and pulled out a small vise like device that could easily slip around the fence. Tossing the bit back into the box she gave my hair a rustle before saying her goodbyes and leaving me to it. Laying the box out on my bed, I got all the necessary bits together and started to piece together the telescope. Without the feet, it was going to look a little weird but it wasn’t like I could do that much as it was, I’d need to be able to move the telescope around at free will and I wouldn’t be able to do that very well if it was stuck on the three legs.

Screwing the bolt on feature to the top of the railing, I made sure it was nice and tight before I lifted the telescope up and slowly, carefully placed it down on top of the telescope, moving it around in a screwing in motion, it slowly came down and moved to being fully secure on top of the holder. Rolling the telescope around one last time, I lifted the bottom of the telescope up and I was able to actually look through the bottom of the telescope. Peering down the bottom of it, I squinted through the viewfinder and I was already looking across the way from where my apartment was. My apartment complex was three sets of the same towers, all at the same sort of height in twenty floors. I lived on the fifteenth floor and while it was a bit of a trip upstairs with a broken leg, it did give me a great view of the Los Angeles skies when the skies were clear.

My viewing moved from the bottom of the tower block, where there was a small, immaculately clean swimming pool filled up with some of the kids in the building now. I moved up and feeling like something of a creep, my eyes moved from one apartment building window to another. I could see all sorts of different people who lived in the buildings, there were the slightly older people in their forties and fifties and then there was the Jeopardy Jockeys, people in their sixties and seventies who lived in the lower levels of the buildings and would spend all day in front of the TV waiting for their relatives to come and see them. Moving from left to right, my eyes peeked into the rooms of the people who were all home today.

There were a couple of curtains that were closed or front rooms that were empty as well. It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday though so it was entirely likely that people were just away at work or doing something else. Los Angeles was a constantly busy town and the city never sleeped when there were deals to be done or movies to be made. Sitting back in my chair slightly, I looked moved up a floor and continued the sweeping motion from side to side. Focusing on windows that were open and that had the curtains open as well. The building on the left of my apartment did have a lot of people home, there were a fair few of the older people who were still home and looking at the TV or just reading the newspaper or some trashy romance novel.

Not that I could fault them of course. I was here home alone and bored stiff.

Moving my view up to the next floor, I was up to maybe the tenth or eleventh floor of the building on my left when my view settled on one particular window. Each floor had these slightly larger suites that were expensive and took up roughly two of the normal apartments and this suite had a beautiful brunette woman inside of it. She was sitting on her couch, her laptop was on and she was also buck ass nude with a leg hanging over the arm of her couch. She had a finger inside of herself and her other hand was groping at her chest, squeezing her pretty sizeable breasts as she slipped her finger in and out of her. Her head was back against the top of her couch and she had her mouth wide open.

Clearly in the throes of passion, I watched her intently. Rather happy I now had a clear view of this woman who was busy jilling herself off to what I could only imagine was some hot porn. Keeping my telescope focused on her, I could feel my dick starting to get hard as the woman pushed her finger in and out of her, sliding the digit in and out and getting it wetter with each passing moment. I could see just how wet she was and how slick her finger was getting with each hard push she moved her finger inside of her. My dick was already getting to be a tent inside of my sweat pants and while I wanted to get myself off to the live sex show in front of me, I also didn’t want to miss a thing. Her other hand came down and reached between her legs, her index and middle finger rubbing against her clit while she continued to stimulate herself hard and fast.

My hand came down and groped at the tent in my pants, pawing at it and squeezing at it over the fabric of my sweats and while I focused my viewfinder on the woman, staring at her as she continued to rub herself and tease her entrance faster and faster, clearly getting herself off to whatever it was she was looking at. While she touched herself, I kept the telescope focused on her and managed to hold it in place with the use of my shoulder and cheek while my left hand gripped the side of my wheelchair and the right one was undoing the strings around my waist. Slipping my sweats down eventually, I looked down towards the woman and with my dick now exposed, I wrapped my hand around the base of my dick and started to stroke it. Normally, I liked a bit of lotion on my hands for masturbation but who knows how long this would be going on for?

So, with this woman’s face still obscured but her pussy and tits on display, I continued to focus on the positives and focused on stroking myself to her touching herself. Groaning to myself, I bit down on my bottom lip and started to slide my hand up and down on my length, teasing it as she ran her fingers along her slit. She was brushing her index finger against her hard clit while her middle finger moved inside of her folds and seemed to just get wetter and wetter as she toyed with herself. I was moving my hand up and down, stroking and squeezing at my dick as she moved her finger inside of her. Her body had a light sheen of sweat on her skin and she was clearly enjoying what she was doing. Going to town on herself, the mystery brunette was frantically rubbing at herself and also teasing her clit, making her pussy seem to get wetter and wetter with every heartbeat she had. My hand came up off of the side of the wheelchair and I adjusted the viewfinder of the telescope, applying the maximum level of zoom to the telescope so I had the perfect view inside of her apartment.

The woman was in shape, nothing unusual for a Los Angeles resident, but she was in better shape than your average gym bunny. She had a tight, flat stomach but her breasts were swollen and looked like they were going to be more than a handful for me if she were to come over here. She had a thin strip of pubic hair that ran down to her entrance from the top of her mound and from what my telescope could show, she was dripping wet. I felt a bead of precum roll down the bottom of my length and I was already close. Watching her while I stroked myself quicker and quicker, I felt like I should be feeling dirty or rude for watching this woman pleasure herself but this was wild. This was like something out of a porn movie only I was watching it without paying for it as well.

While I wished I could see what she actually looked like, I was more than happy to just go with her naked body and the sight of her breasts bouncing and shaking lightly while she rammed her finger in and out and she also rubbed her clit with her finger. Watching as she got closer and closer, I felt like I was getting just as close. It had been so long since I had actually gotten any action and seeing something as lewd and rude as this was enough for me to be ready to blow right away.

As she reached what must have been another wild orgasm for her, my eyes focused on her folds all while my hand continued to pound my dick like it owed me money. Stroking myself faster and faster as she did the same, I gritted my teeth and watched her for as long as I possibly could do. When her back arched up off of the couch and her pussy exploded, a thin jet of her orgasm tearing from her and shooting all across her front room and looking like it was going to paint her laptop with the coating of her orgasm. While she was cumming, I was on the same path. Stroking my cock for one last time, my dick twitched and I started to cum as well. My dick and balls pulsed as I shot a series of ropes from my cock, firing it against the thin grating wires of the balcony and mercifully hitting the railing bars and not going between them to give someone beneath me a nasty surprise.

With my orgasm ripping through my body, my head and entire body twitched, shaking away with pleasure, the telescope rolled away from me and spun towards the side slightly. I closed my eyes and continued to jerk my cock, pushing what was left of my orgasm out of my balls and onto the stone coloured flooring of the balcony. Rolling back in my wheelchair slightly, my head fell backwards and I worked on catching my breath again. Wiping away some sweat with the back of my forearm, I took in a few more deep breaths of air before I lifted my head up and refocused my thoughts on what had just happened. Looking around, I grabbed the bottom of the telescope and spun it back to where the mystery woman was. Looking through the viewfinder, I quickly found the womans room again but this time I could see a lot more.

The woman was standing in the window and looking directly up at me. She had a hand up over her eyes and I now knew exactly who she was. She was Alison Brie. Star of Community, Mad Men and various other bit parts on TV and she was staring up at me, still naked and her face had left one of heavenly pleasure and now one of ghastly shock. She reached over to one of the long hanging curtains and wrapped it around herself before she pulled them both closed and I could no longer see insider her apartment. It was then that I saw there was a small circular beam of light resting on the back of her curtains and it suddenly clicked with me.

The telescope must have caught the sun’s reflection and pushed it into her room!

Every single bad thought that I had before catching the lewd sex show was now racing through my mind a mile a minute and I was almost certain that I was going to get kicked out of my apartment and I’d be stuck going to some hell hole where scary crack addicts lived. Moving to unscrew the telescope, I quickly made my way back inside of my apartment and slammed the door shut. Locking it, not that it did much use being this high above the ground. Wheeling my chair over to the bed, I quickly disassembled the telescope and threw it back into the box. Tossing the box over to my desk, I held my head in my hands for a moment before looking around for some sort of reassurance that it would be okay.

There wasn’t much I could do sitting in my bedroom, so after making myself a small TV dinner, I managed to get myself into bed and quickly went to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would bring me.

The next morning, I had managed to get myself into some shorts and a sports vest with some clean underwear on as well. Sitting in my front room, there was a sound at the front of my door and when I saw my mom walk in, I simply exhaled in relief and looked over to her with a smile.

“Hi Josh.” She said, walking in with a box of chocolates tucked under her arm.

“Hi mom, nice shift?” I asked, looking over at her as she placed the chocolates down on the table in front of me.

“It was okay. The girls on duty all chipped in for those for you though!” She said, tapping the box with her index finger. “Wasn’t that sweet of them? Make sure you write them a thank you note.”

“I will mom, I will.”

“So, I was talking to someone in the lobby today,” Mom started and as soon as she did so, I could feel the hairs on my arms standing up on end. “Did you know there’s another actor here? She’s been on the TV too!” She said, filling a small tumbler with tap water. “She’s got some TV show in the works and has been struggling with the script. I said you’re an actor too. You don’t mind running lines with her do you?” She asked in that way that wasn’t a question but she was framing it as such.

“Uh… No of course not. What’s… What’s her name?”

“Alison something?”

Oh fuck! It was Alison Brie who mom had been talking to!

“She said she’d be around in a couple of hours so you can have time to… You know, have a wash. She’s pretty, you should try to impress her.”

Well, that was humiliating but if Alison was going to be coming around, I highly doubted it was going to be to run lines with me. She was probably going to scream obscenities at me, slap me a little bit and probably then march her way down to our landlord and demand I get kicked out. My mom did have a point though, I hadn’t been to the shower since I had broken my leg and my clothing was fresh on every morning, I couldn’t have smelled that bad.

Still… A quick wash wouldn’t hurt.

My mom continued to chat about her shift working and when she bent down to kiss me on the cheek, she made her way out of my apartment and left me to my thoughts. Sitting at my kitchen table, I stabbed my fork into the lasagna she had brought with her and toyed with my food while I thought about what had happened yesterday afternoon.

She was going to have questions, no doubt about it. What could I say though? She was masturbating and I was getting off to her masturbating. It was a total invasion of privacy and I was completely in the wrong as well. Looking over at the front door, I fed myself the dinner and simply waited for the doorbell to ring or for someone to knock on my door. Having seen her totally in the nude, something that most men would probably consider an enviable position, it wasn’t like I could just imagine her in her underwear and she would be onto the same level as me. I was just waiting for Alison to come over to me and we would be able to hash this whole thing out.

Wheeling backwards and away from the table, I made my way over to my bathroom and quickly wetted a small hand towel with some warm water and then applied some soap to it as well. Quickly washing under my arms and along my forearms as well, I made sure to get behind my ears and also over my neck as well. Grabbing the towel, I dried myself off and made my way back to my front room, my eyes focusing on the front door. I had no idea how long I had been sitting there staring but there was a long, slow quiet moment before a brief knock hit against my door making me almost jump out of my skin. Rolling my way over to meet the front door, I took a deep breath of air and opened the door. Poking my head through the gap, I could see Alison standing there and she had a look downwards, as if she were already expecting me to be in the chair.

‘How did she… Oh right, my mom.’ I thought to myself as I looked down to the floor and rolled backwards so she would be able to step inside. Rolling my way into the front room, Alison followed me in and closed the door to my apartment behind her. Alison was dressed in a long, flowing maxi dress that hid her impressive legs and most of her upper chest as well. There was a fair bit of cleavage still on display but with what I saw yesterday? I had seen more of that than I probably should have. Alison looked around the apartment before turning back to me.

“Nice place. I mean, they all look the same I guess but this is nice.” She said, walking over to a small air freshener that was sitting on one of the tables. “Obviously your mom’s influence though. She is so nice. Does she work at the local hospital?”

“Yeah, when she’s not down at the Y with other Vietnamese immigrants.” I answered, discussing what my mom got up to with people of her own country’s origin. I had never been to Vietnam but with my mom leaving her home country and meeting my dad here, it sort of made sense that I viewed myself as an American over Vietnamese-American. My dad was white as apple pie and my mom being born in Vietnam did mean that I was the product of an interracial couple and so I did have some of the features of my asian bloodline. “So… About yesterday…”

“Pretty weird right?” She asked, looking over at me and resting against the table. “I bet you never thought breaking your leg would give you that sort of a show?”

“Not really.” I admitted, resting back in my wheelchair and making eye contact with her. As we did, she made her way over to me and bent down at the waist slightly so we were now eye level and I was staring deep into her impossibly bright baby blue eyes. I could see the pink lipgloss she was wearing and I could smell her perfume as well. She walked around my front room, her sundress floating in the air as she prowled around, looking to see what was available to her. I watched her from my seat, wondering where she was going to stop. As she made her way around my apartment, I bit down on my bottom lip and my chair squeaked slightly as I adjusted my location to where she was now standing. She moved over to the kitchen sink, she helped herself to a small clear glass tumbler and she helped herself to a glass of water.

She looked over her shoulder at me, brushing some of her brown hair out of her face.

“Do you mind?” She asked.

“Not at all.” I replied.

So, Alison filled the small glass up with the water, turning around to look across the kitchen to look over at me. Her eyes were soft and kind, but there was also an element in the air of her seemingly working out what she could do with me. As we made eye contact, I sighed softly and decided that now was the time to make up for it. Clapping my hands together briefly, the soft sound seemed to be enough to make the pretty brunette pay attention to me.

“So about yesterday… I’m really sorry it happened. I was just… Snooping and didn’t think I’d see something like that. I certainly didn’t expect to see someone as hot as you doing it. It was… Incredible.” I said, my mouth opening and now the truth was just spilling out of me and I had no way of really stopping it and Alison didn’t even seem to mind as she just sat back and let me explain the really fucked up scenario in me watching her masturbate and myself getting off to her touching herself. “I really had an incredible time watching it. Like, I’ve never seen anything like it before and seeing it happen? It was like something out of a porno.” I admitted. “I get what I did was fucked up though. I’ve been so freaking terrified since you caught me. I’m amazed I even got to sleep last night I’ve been so scared that you were going to get me thrown out of my apartment or something.”

With that done, I sighed softly and sat back in my chair and watched as Alison finished off the rest of the glass of water and then placed it down on the side. She took a couple of seconds before lifting the glass up, rinsing it out and drying it before she placed it back on the side of the kitchen sink so it could dry out. She turned around to face me, and with her hands behind her back, she made her way down towards me. Each step she took carried significant weight with it and the way she walked was as if she was carrying judgement with her. She paused about an arm’s width away from me and she came down so that we were at eye level. Her tongue came out of her mouth and she ran it over her pink lips before she spoke to me.

“So you enjoyed it last night?”

“I… Uh… I did?”

“You liked watching me get myself off?”


“Here’s what we’re going to do then Josh.” She said, standing up, her hands coming up to her dress and smoothing down the front of her sundress. “I’m going to blow you. If you impress me, I’m going to fuck you. You don’t impress me? The super’s going to know you were perving on me. Deal?”

I didn’t even have a chance to object as Alison moved herself up onto my wheelchair. Her hands came down, took hold of mine and brought them up off of the sides of my wheelchair and onto her breasts. With no idea what to do, I pressed my fingers inwards and offered her chest a firm squeeze. Alison let out a low moan before she hiked her maxi dress up and placed herself down on my lap and linked her arms around my neck.

“I haven’t been fucked in a long, long time. Do you mind helping me out with that?” Her fingers ran against the top of my spine, the tips of her nails touching my skin as she rolled her hips backwards and forwards slightly. “So, how about I take you back to your bedroom, help you onto your bed and we go at it for a while?” She asked, her lips were inches from mine now and our breath was hot, mingling with each others as her right hand came up and stroked against my face before she pulled me up into a hot, deep kiss.

The kiss lingered for what felt like a moment before she moved her mouth away and we were able to finally taste the fresh air in the room. Alison reached her hand down between our bodies and it came down to grab a hold of my length over my shorts. Massaging my dick over the material of my shorts, Alison looked down at where her hand was and then up to make eye contact with me. Smiling, she moved her face forward and we shared another kiss before she moved herself off of the wheelchair and down onto her knees to the side of my wheelchair. Her fingers came up and she quickly loosened the string of my shorts so that the fabric of my shorts was more open to her hands. She placed both of her hands on the waistband of my shorts and quickly tugged them down.

Her big blue eyes settled on the sight of my dick and as if she wanted to tease me, she ran her tongue over her lips before she dove in and wrapped both of her hands around my length. Pushing my cock upwards, Alison ran her tongue along the bottom of my shaft and all the way up to the top of my pole. As her tongue moved its way up, I could only let out a long, low groan as she teased me. Her right hand remained wrapped around the base of my shaft, cupping the top of my length while her left hand came down and almost expertly cupped my balls while her tongue ran up and down the underside of my pole. Flicking her tongue against the top half of my shaft and then down to the bottom, Alison took her time giving my skin butterfly kisses with her tongue.

Alison ran her tongue up to the head of my cock and then she used her right hand to roll my foreskin backwards, presenting my dick’s head for her to play with. She opened her mouth up and closed her lips down around the underside of my head. Closing her lips down around it, Alison started to gently tease the skin, her tongue flicked against my head while she applied some very light pressure to my dick’s head. As she did so, I let out another moan, my head falling back in my chair and my back almost arching instantly up off of the chair. Alison seemed to be enjoying this just as much as I was. Her hand on my balls gave me another gentle squeeze before she moaned around me.

“Mmmmm…” Alison moaned as she closed her eyes and went back to sucking my dick. Her lips slipped down past my dick’s head and down just a little bit further, sliding more of my length into her mouth. Moving up and down, further and faster, Alison had more of her spit shining against my dick as she sucked it in the front of my apartment. Her hands squeezed down on my balls and she pushed her mouth even further, this time going until the head of my dick touched the back of her throat. She coughed gently and pulled her mouth up and off of my dick. Her hand came up from my balls and she gently tapped the length of my cock against her lips and cheeks.

“Look at this dick.” She said, her voice a husky whisper against the skin of my dick as she played with my cock. “I bet this is going to feel so good inside of me.” Alison said sexily.

“I mean, we can do that?” I asked, looking down at her as she smirked and nodded her head.

“I figured you’d say something like that. Don’t you want to cum in my mouth first though?” She asked, looking up at me as her hand continued to pump me up and down. “I want to taste your cum.” She added, planting a kiss on the head of my cock. Before I had a chance to even answer though, she had her mouth open and it was right down on my length, completely deep throating my cock and her lips were down on my balls. Her left hand came to rest on my thigh while her head moved up and down, faster and faster. Working her lips straight up and down, fucking her face on my dick with an almost breakneck speed, Alison was ready to have me cum right into her mouth.

Shooting rope after rope into into Alison’s waiting mouth, I had my eyes closed while I orgasmed so hard. Finally sitting right back down into the chair I looked down at Alison and watched as she slipped her mouth up off of my dick. Swallowing down my pearly white load, Alison grinned and wiped at her lips with the back of her hand before climbing up off of her knees. Smoothing down the front of her legs, Alison looked around.

“Wash room over there?” She asked, stuffing her thumb towards the direction of where my bathroom was. I nodded my head and she turned to make her way over to where the bathroom was. “Go get into bed, I’m going to wash my mouth out and then we’re going to fuck.”

That was enough for me. Controlling the wheelchair, I spun myself around and quickly wheeled myself right back into the bedroom. Moving myself so that it was going to be an easy lift into the bed, I managed to push myself out of the chair and onto the bed. Wriggling myself to the middle of my bed, I quickly undressed myself, lifting my ass up and slipping my shorts off, I quickly pushed my underwear down as well and then laid back down on the bed, totally nude and going right back to being hard again. Looking over to the door when Alison made her way back inside of my room. She had now stripped herself of the sundress and she was standing before me totally naked as well. Licking her lips, she made her way onto my bed. Moving so that she was sitting on top of me, Alison leant forward and she reached behind her. Her hand curled around my shaft and she slowly stroked my dick up and down.

Leaning forward, Alison lifted herself up and she aimed herself down onto my length. Still with a hold on my dick, Alison slowly lowered herself down on me, her head falling back and her eyes closing as she slowly pushed down. My dick split her lips right open and she could only moan as my cock pushed inside of her.

“Oh fuck…” She moaned, her hips staying in place for a brief moment. Her head rocked forward and she opened her eyes met with mine. “You’ve got a nice dick.”

“Thanks.” I said with a chuckle. My hands came up and brushed against her breasts, toying with them as she leant down and our lips quickly met with each others again. Her hands were flat on my chest but her right hand moved up and stroked against my face as we slowly slipped our tongues together. Cupping and squeezing her breasts, Alison moaned into the kiss as she started to push herself down on my dick. As she rolled herself down, the both of us moaned into each others mouth and I felt such a rush of pleasure as she pushed her hips down onto my lap. Her hands rubbed across my chest, her fingers stroking the curves of my torso as my own hands kept a firm grip of her chest. My hands moved over her breasts, massaging the skin while her hips slipped up off of my dick and then she dropped herself down again on me.

Alison’s lips broke from mine first and her head went right back down to my ear, nibbling against it while I lifted my hips up off of my bed to meet her hard, fast downward thrusting. Alison was moaned in my ear and every little noise she made was utterly arousing to me and my cock continued to throb inside of her folds as she continued to ride me, sliding herself up and down on me faster and faster. My hands came down off of her breasts and down to her ass, squeezing her asscheeks before smacking them with an open palmed slap. Alison cried out in pleasure, her head jolting slightly as she looked down at me and quickly bit her teeth down on my bottom lip.

“Do it again…” She commanded, something I was more than happy to do. Smacking the other cheek and then squeezing her ass, I struck her again and listened to every little bit of moan falling from her mouth. While she moaned, I lifted my head up off of the pillows, propping myself up on my elbows so I could wrap my lips around her hard little nipples. Quickly taking the left one into my mouth, I closed my lips around it and suckled on the hard little nub while my hand slapped against each of her cheeks. My teeth rolled her breast’s nipple from side to side before I moved my hands down to her hips and took a hold of her. Helping her slip up and down on my dick, Alison moaned in delight and her head fell backwards, her long hair falling from her face and showing off her pretty face as she bounced up and down on me.

My hands had a hold of her hips, helping her slide up and down while her fingers combed through my chest and then moved up off of my chest to come down onto her ass. Steadying herself as Alison slipped herself up and down, helped by me lifting her up and down on my dick. The brunette cooed in pleasure as her hips slipped up and down, slowly working herself up and down on me while my hands had a firm grip of her waist. Alison groaned as her pussy lips sank all the way down onto my prick and as she reached the bottom of my pole, she slowly rolled her hips around, grinding against me as she played with my dick inside of her. Slipping her hips from side to side, Alison kept herself moving in a slow, steady rhythm moving herself up and down and then around in a circle. Her head had fallen backward and she was stuck looking up at the ceiling of my apartment as she got into it.

My eyes however, were focused on her breasts, watching them bounce up and down as she rode me hard and fast. My right hand came up off of her hips and up to her chest, squeezing against her breast while they shook frantically from her riding me so much. As she slipped herself up and down on my dick, Alison’s mouth fell open and she started to pant out into the air.

“Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck yes! Fuck!” She screamed out, her head back and still looking to the ceiling as she started to cum. Her pussy walls squeezed down on me and her lips had soon exploded all over me, making me groan in pleasure as well as her body practically froze and her walls started to cum so hard around me and all over my cock as it was buried inside of her. With her cumming hard over me, I was tempted to roll her over and pin her down so I could really give it to her but with my broken leg, there wasn’t much I could do for it. So, I laid back and watched as her hips smashed down and she rolled her hips around in a very weak, mild grinding attempt. Alison fell forward, her head crashing against my chest as she recovered from the hard orgasm

Alison moaned in pleasure as she pulled her hips up off of my dick slowly and she wriggled up so that her folds were pressing against my cock. Her hands came up and she held my face in her hands as she kissed me again softly. Our tongues moved together again as Alison cooed in pleasure and slowly recovered from her hard orgasm. Lifting her hips up and gently rubbing her lower lips against my hard cock, Alison cooed and reached between her legs, grabbing a hold of my dick and stroking it slowly. Still slick with her orgasm, Alison looked down at me and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose before looking down at me.

“Fuck, I really wish I could get it doggy style.” She said softly, sighing as she slipped her hand up and down. “I’ll have to make do with reverse cowgirl.” She said, a sly smile over her face as she moved herself up off of my chest and turning herself around. Adjusting herself on my lap, Alison reached beneath her and lifted her lap up off of my skin and then pushed herself right down on my lap again. My cock, still slick with her orgasmic fluids and her own entrance was practically begging for me to come right back inside of her. So, I placed my hands on her sides and pulled her right back down on my lap making us both moan right out with the feeling. Alison’s hands came back and she settled them on my chest, keeping her in place along with my hands on her hips as well. With both of us so into it, I really couldn’t believe just how good this whole session was going. Lifting her up and then dropping her down, Alison cried out in pleasure and I could already feel her body reacting to it.

“Fuck… So fucking good!” Alison cried out as she threw her head back and her long brown hair whipped against her back while she slipped herself up and down. Her body moved a little closer to me and I could go right back to grabbing at her breasts all while we both moved together, my hips coming up off of the bed and her body moving down. Cupping and squeezing at her chest, I went right back to playing with her hard little nipples, pinching and pulling on them while her hips flicked herself around on me, grinding her hard little clit against my lap while she moved herself up and down.

Alison felt so utterly divine squeezing her walls around my length as she moved herself up and down, riding me just as hard as I seemed to be giving it to her. Alison’s moans and panting was definitely helping me be pointed in the right direction as I lifted myself up into her as she dropped herself down. Working on concentrating in getting my cock inside of her while she dropped herself down, the steady rhythm of us working together and moving to get herself off with me trailing not far behind. I could feel the throes of my orgasm starting to take place and fucking Alison Brie to an orgasm was already working on taking its toll on me. Lifting my hips up into her, Alison was frantically slapping her own hips down against my waist, her orgasm was close as well. The two of us fucked harder and harder, sweat starting to drip down both of our bodies as Alison let out an almighty whine and her pussy tightened around me again.

“Oh fuck… Here comes another one!” She screamed out, her body trembling in my hands before her body went rigid and she exploded all over my length. As she came, I did as well. Shooting my hot cum inside of her, I grunted as I started to tremble and shake and orgasm hard inside of her. Shooting my cum inside her, I could feel Alison exploding with me, her walls were squeezing me tightly and her own pussy was leaking all over my lap as she came again and again. Her fingers were digging into my chest and against my pecs as she came, one hand coming up off of my chest to rake through her auburn locks as best as she could do while she was bounced up and down on me. The hard rhythm we had been going through for the entire session was thrown out of sync as her orgasm rocked through her and she collapsed on my chest, falling backwards and having my length slip right out of her as she did so, my dick slapped against my lap and she was pressing against me, her sweaty body mixing with mine as we recovered from the hard fuck in the low light of the afternoon California sun.

She took in a deep couple of breaths before she rolled herself over so she was now lying on my front. Her hands came up, stroked my face and then we kissed again, the strength of the kiss getting weaker and weaker with each passing smack of our lips. Alison moved her lips down to the side of my face first, her pretty lipstick was smeared now and she didn’t seem to care if it ruined the side of my neck as she kissed me. Working her lips up and down my skin, she moved her lips up to my ear and she gently took it between her teeth, tugging on it before she moved her face to look directly at mine and we made eye contact. My hands ran up and down her sides before gently settling on her ass and giving the cheeks a firm squeeze. Alison giggled gently and placed her lips back on mine before she sat back up on my lap and wiped some sweat away before she let her head fall back and she sucked in some deep lungs full of air and sighed again.

“I should probably get going. I have a casting call in…” Alison started, leaning forward and letting her breasts hang in front of my face, an ample target for me to lather in kisses. She reached over grabbed my wrist watch as I wrapped my lips around her nipple, sucking on it gently. She let out a low moan and her eyes fluttered as she had to forcefully push my mouth away from her chest. “An hour. With California traffic I don’t like my chances.” She sighed, letting her head fall back and suck in another deep breath. She regretfully put her hands on my chest and slowly pushed herself backwards and climbed up off of my body and stumbled out of my bedroom towards where she had presumably disrobed.

Turning her head to look back at me, she bit down on her bottom lip before pausing.

“I’d stay but…”

“I know. You’ve got stuff to do.” She nodded her head and smiled at that clarification from me. “I’d come and say goodbye but I think that would be more trouble right now.”

“Oh no, you definitely don’t need to do that.” She said, waving her hand. “I’ll go get dressed and then we can say our goodbyes I guess.” She said with a simple shrug. Making her way back to the bathroom, I took the time to sit back and reflect on what had just happened. I could feel the slickness of Alison’s and my own juices on my lap and I could smell the scent of sex in the air as well. Closing my eyes and just reflecting on what had just happened, I was quickly disturbed, though it was a pleasant one, in Alison clearing her throat. I opened my eyes and looked over at her, she had her summer dress back on, her heels were back on and she had touched up her make up as best as she could do. Smiling over at me, she also had in her hand a black sharpie pen.

“So, I always have to sign casts whenever I see one and figured it would be only fair that I sign yours too!” She said, walking into my bedroom, she took a seat on the side of my bed and quickly started to write out what I could only assume was an autograph or a personalised note for me. She scribbled for nearly thirty seconds before she lifted the pen up and nodded her head. “There. Won’t be able to read it until the cast comes off but that’s fine by me too.” She smiled, looking down at the cast and then up and me. Lifting her lips up, she kissed me again before running her hands over my chest.

“Okay, I really need to go. I’ll see you around though Josh.” She said with a wink.

And with that, she was gone.

Weeks passed and I never heard or saw Alison again, I mean, I saw her on TV and stuff but she never came around my apartment again. When I had my cast cut off, I was enjoying being able to walk around outside. I actually thought to check what Alison had written for me. Looking over the cast, my eyes went wide at the sight of what she had left me…

Two blocks of three numbers and a final block of four numbers.

Was this her phone number? My hand trembled as I keyed in the numbers one by one…


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