The Trumpster vs Megyn Kelly and Beth Chapman

Title: The Trumpster vs Megyn Kelly and Beth Chapman


Celebs: Megyn Kelly, Beth Chapman

Codes: MF, MFF, anal, oral

Disclaimer: This is fiction. It is not real. It is a fantasy. It is a sex parody, nothing more. It is for entertainment purposes only.


The Trumpster was in the oval office, kicked back behind his large mahogany desk, his eyes closed and his hands clasped behind his head. He was in extremely deep thought, contemplating his interview with his arch nemesis Megyn Kelly, that was to begin shortly.

The Trumpster was snapped out of his extreme deep thought, that only he could achieve, by the sound of the Today show attractive, young producer that was blowing him. She was smacking her lips loudly as she swallowed the enormous load of Trumpster jizz that he had just dumped into her sucking mouth.

The Trumpster had convinced her that it was very important for her to do that to “prep” him for his strenuous interview.

You will see as this story progresses, that The Trumpster is very persuasive when it comes to sex. As he would put it, in his own unique way, his persuasion ability is “huge, extremely huge, just like my amazing, spectacular, larger than life cock. It’s huge, it’s bigger and better than any cock ever in the history of cocks.”

The hot young producer wiped her mouth, smiled and asked if he needed anything else. He said “no thanks young woman, you suck a good dick, but I’m ready for my interview now. She quickly got up and went out in the hall to tell Megyn and the camera crew The Trumpster was ready.

Megyn Kelly had fully recovered from her first experience with The Trumpster. The 2016 debate fiasco was well behind her and she was happy at NBC now.

She thought to herself that even though she hated this egomaniac, she was professional enough to do this interview and get big ratings for her show.

She walked into the oval office and sat in her seat a few feet away from the man she loathes more than any other. She didn’t look at him as he sat down across from her. She turned her head to the side and talked to her makeup artist who was touching her up.

The Trumpster just sat there with a very confident smirk on his face, as he looked directly at her. He looked her up and down, as he said under his breath “not bad.”

Megyn had a disgusted look on her face when she heard that. She couldn’t stand the fact that he was leering at her, probably thinking of all the disgusting things that he wanted to do to her. She had heard all the rumors about his sexual prowess and all the conquests that he bragged about. She had heard that his cock was 15 inches long and thick, but she didn’t believe it. She could just ask the producer that just blew him and find out that it was very true. The producer was telling everyone and complaining about her jaw being sore from the blowjob she gave him.

Megyn enjoys sex very much. She cheats on her husband only for job purposes though. She has let a few producers fuck her over the years. A network executive has her in his office every day bent over his desk giving him her pussy and ass to keep her job security strong. She tells herself that it is ok though because she is doing it to further her career.

The interview starts and Megyn puts on a brave face. The Trumpster plays nice and answers her questions in his own very unique way, all the while thinking to himself “I’m gonna bang this bitch. I’m gonna show her why I’m the greater banger of women in the history of the universe. Yeah, I’m the best, the greatest. I may have 99 problems but this bitch ain’t one.”

As Megyn asked all the pertinent questions written down for her to ask, she thought to herself “I’m gonna do something to make this asshole screw up and look so stupid on national television. I know, he’s a dirty pervert so I’ll distract him so he will screw up. I can’t stand him looking at me like that but it will be worth it to see him look stupid on TV.”

She opened her legs seductively, while crossing them, letting The Trumpster ogle her stockings and legs in the short dress she was wearing. He looked and smirked. She then rubbed her finger over her nipple thru her light blue dress, as she asked all the questions she needed to. She licked her ruby red lips slowly, but nothing made The Trumpster screw up. She was pissed. She was determined to think of something to make him screw up.

The Trumpster was indeed thinking of all the dirty things he wanted to do to Megyn. He was gonna fuck that sweet ass of hers and make her, in his words, “cum more than a bitch could possibly cum. I’m gonna give her a huge big O and freak her like only the greatest, huge cock, super human, superhero that I am could.”

Megyn decided she would just come out and ask him a very sexual question to throw him off.

“Well, do you think if you would spend less time doing interns and porn stars, you might get more done to help make America great again?” She smirked, assuming she had him now.

The Trumpster thought for a second, then responded with “maybe, but they all love the way I do them and America loves the way I run them. I’m the man Megyn, I’m already making America great again. You should let me DO you the favor of showing you how I work… at making America so great.” He winked, knowing he had thwarted all of her dastardly efforts to humiliate him.

She had a disgusted look on her face as they wrapped up the interview and packed everything up. The Trumpster walked over to Megyn and asked her to stay for awhile to let him explain his ideas more clearly.

Megyn looked at him with a mean scowl on her face, ready to tell him to get tell out of her face. Then an idea popped in her head. She would secretly tape him with phone camera while he “explained” his perverted ideas to her. She forced herself to smile and told him she would stay. All of the others left the room as The Trumpster sat at his desk and Megyn sat in a chair in front of it.

“Well Megyn, I’m glad you stayed. Your sex question kinda surprised me, but it really didn’t. I know you have heard all of the stories about The Trumpster and The Trumpster assures you they are all true.” The Trumpster says with a very large, sly smile on his face.

Megyn has her right hand, with her phone in it, resting on the arm of the chair but pointed towards The Trumpster. She assumes the camera on her phone is working, not knowing that it isn’t. She smiles, and to keep him going, plays along. “Well, I have heard a lot of stories. I don’t believe most of them. I mean, who has a 15 inch cock anyway?” She says, smiling a sexy smile to encourage him to go on.

The Trumpster smirks and stands up, walking over to the other side of the desk, right in front of Megyn. He sits on the desk and unzips his suit pants and pulls out the proof that the rumors about his cock are true. It is right there for Megyn to see, 15 thick inches of Trumpster meat.

She stares at it, her mouth wide open. She can’t believe her eyes. It is by far the largest cock she has ever seen. She is disgusted by the sight, wanting to punch him as hard as she can in his nuts. She surprises herself by also being turned on by the sight. She has always dreamed of getting fucked senseless by a cock like that, but the biggest one to ever fuck her was 9 inches. She didn’t know what to do. She hated the egomaniac, but she was turned on by his enormous cock and by his brazen display of it.

The Trumpster saw the look on her face and he knew he was gonna get her. He stroked his huge cock looking right at her as he said to her “Megyn, let’s cut the crap. We both know you love The Trumpster’s cock.” He shook it around as she discreetly licked her lips. He slowly stroked it, making it bulge out to an insane size.

Megyn snapped out of her huge cock daze and told herself that she couldn’t succumb to this asshole’s advances. She thought, incorrectly, she had him caught on camera.

The Trumpster smirked and grabbed her hand and held it around his giant cock. He jerked her hand up and down on his erection, holding it tight on it.

Megyn was shocked and disgusted. She tried to pull her hand off of his giant cock and cursed at him, but something wouldn’t let her stop staring at it. She realized she secretly wanted to jerk his cock, but she didn’t want him to know that. She kept letting him jerk his cock with her hand, pretending to fight it. “You’re a disgusting pig.” She told him, as he “forced” her to jerk him off.

The Trumpster got this party started fast as he grabbed her head and pushed it down on his giant cock as far as he could. “There bitch, start sucking and do a good job.”  He ordered as he smiled a giant Trumpster smile.

Megyn was appalled by his brazen aggression and thought about biting his cock. She quickly realized though, that she couldn’t fight the urge to want to be fucked silly by this mountain of a cock. She thought she would just not let him know how much she wanted it and act disgusted. She gagged on his giant cock, but started sucking it. Megyn was a very skilled cock sucker. She could usually make a man cum in just a couple of minutes. She sucked hard, up and down his giant rod. She licked it as she sucked. She put her phone down to play with his giant balls.

The Trumpster was enjoying her oral skills and encouraged her in his own unique way. “That’s right slut, make The Trumpster happy. Suck the greatest cock in the history of civilized cocks.” He pushed her head down further, she had about 10 inches down her throat.

Megyn was surprised she could take that much. She hungrily gobbled down his amazing cock. She didn’t even gag any more. She sucked up to the tip, looking at him with a mean look on her face, hiding her excitement. She sucked the tip hard, then took her mouth off of it to lick the underside of the head licking short quick licks. She could feel his cock twitch, knowing he was enjoying it. She licked in his pee slit, her eyes never leaving his.

The Trumpster looked back at Megyn with his Trumpster smirk, enjoying the blowjob. He then realized he had a meeting with Beth Chapman, the TV star bounty hunter. He told himself she can wait, but then realized he could work a threesome with two hot bitches so he smirked even more.

Megyn was sucking hard, shaking her head working the head of his cock, still frowning as she did. She smacked his cock as she sucked it, rubbing his balls with her other hand. She then stopped sucking his cock to suck his balls one at a time. She looked up at The Trumpster angrily, as she sucked his big balls, licking them in her mouth as she did. She was loving sucking his giant cock. She jerked jt as she licked up the length of it, spitting on the head. She then surprised the both of them by deep throating his entire 15 thick inches, her nose in his public hairs, her chin on his balls.

The Trumpster wanted to cum in her mouth, so he held her head and came hard, rope after rope of thick cum coating her throat. “Yeah bitch, take the greatest cum in the history of cum down that fucking throat.” He said as he kept cumming. Megyn, although surprised at first by the cum, didn’t miss a beat, opening her throat letting The Trumpster deposit his enormous load down it.

He pulled her head up off his cock as he was still cumming, putting it on her lips. He came in her mouth and even pulled out to cum on her face as well. When he stopped cumming, Megyn swallowed the cum I  her mouth as sucked his cock head to get the last drops out. She looked at him, without the frown, not caring anymore if he knew how much she enjoyed his cock. She wiped the cum off of her face and, looking at him smiling, licked her hand clean slowly.

“Well pervert, are you gonna fuck me silly or not? You probably can’t get it up again.” Megyn said smirking.

The Trumpster tore off her clothes and pulled her around behind his desk. He sat her on it facing him. He didn’t say a word as he spread her legs and shoved his giant cock up her pussy.

Megyn was wide eyed at his quick entry. The size of his cock both hurt her and made her scream with pleasure as The Trumpster forced his way up her wet pussy in and out slowly, but forcefully.

All of a sudden his intercom buzzed. He didn’t flinch, as he kept shoving his giant cock up Megyn pussy while he asked his secretary what she wanted. She told him Beth Chapman was her to speak with him. He remembered his earlier idea and said “send her in.”

Megyn wasn’t even paying attention as she was still wide eyed with lust as The Trumpster fucked her very wet pussy. “Fuck me you pig. Is that all you got asshole?” Megyn taunted him, wanting him to fuck her silly.

The Trumpster fucked her harder, smacking her face, forcing his cock all the way up her ever loosening pussy. The door opened and Beth Chapman, the super sexy, giant breastfed TV bounty hunter walked in. Her enormous tits had teased and pleased countless male fans of her shows. She was there to try and convince The Trumpster to support some bail bonds legislation she was backing. She dressed to impress him, wearing a skin tight low cut tank top with no bra amazingly, skin tight leather pants and 5 inch stripper pumps.

Megyn was screaming “Fuck me you fucking pig. Tear this pussy up your egotistical pig.”

Beth looked at them, startled at first, but then a smile came across her sexy face. She realized her way to get her legislation backed by The Trumpster. She would back that thick ass up to his enormous cock. She smiled at The Trumpster, and he smirked at her. She walked over to them, taking her top off, pulling her giant tits out of her bra cups. She pulled off her pants and thong, but left the pumps on. She started playing with his balls as she went to her knees and started licking them all over.

Megyn smiled as she looked at Beth. She always wanted a woman to eat her pussy but she never had the nerve to ask. She was loving The Trumpster’s pussy pounding, playing with her clit as he thrusted up her pussy all the way, banging against her cervix. She rubbed her clit moaning loudly, watching Beth suck The Trumpster’s balls. She told The Trumpster “I’m cumming you fucking pig, I’m gonna cum all over that huge fucking cock!!!”

The Trumpster kept pounding her pussy so fucking hard the desk was shaking. “Yeah bitch, cover my amazing, spectacular cock of cocks with ur juice.” He said smirking big.

Beth was sucking his big balls hard. She licked every inch of them and sucked them, loving the taste of them. She sucked them one at a time, working each equally as good. She watched as Megyn came, her body jerking as she did she rubbed her clit fast as she came, coating The Trumpster’s cock with her cum. Beth jerked his giant cock out of Megyn’s pussy and sucked it taking all 15 thick inches down her throat the first try. She proved she was an expert, sucking him so good, all the way down each try.

Megyn was still rubbing her clit watching Beth suck The Trumpster’s cock, amazed at her oral skills. She asked her to please eat her pussy. Beth smiled as she licked The Trumpster’s cock from tip to base. She played with his balls as she started licking Megyn’s pussy.

The Trumpster liked that. He rubbed his cock head on Megyn’s labia as Beth licked both his cock and her pussy. She sucked his head in, sucking hard, then she shoved her tongue up Megyn’s pussy. Beth’s big nipples were so hard as she licked out Megyn. She enjoyed eating her pussy, but she enjoyed a big cock, in her pussy, even more. She pulled her tongue out of Megyn’s pussy and sucked The Trumpster’s cock fast. She let it fall out of her mouth so she could stand up and bend over onto Megyn. She looked back at The Trumpster and said “OK big daddy, shove it up my pussy and freak me out.”

The Trumpster obliged and shoved his giant cock all the way up Beth’s sweet pussy. He smacked her ass hard as he freaked that well used pussy, fucking her fast. He smacked her ass even harder as she said “oh yeah, I like it rough so pound the shit outta me big daddy.”

Megyn started kissing Beth and playing with her huge hanging tits. She pulled her hard nipples and squeezed her huge fun bags as they kissed.

The Trumpster was fucking Beth’s pussy harder, smacking her ass hard every thrust in her pussy. Her pussy was well used by many dicks over the years, small and big. She was a total whore, but a dominate whore. She took charge as she let any guy with a hard cock work her holes the way she wanted. She was the gangbang queen of TV. She let 100 guys pound her holes one time as she whipped them. She has a couple of gloryhole spots she frequents when she was to suck some anonymous cock. She’s a freak that loves the way The Trumpster is freaking her pussy.

The Trumpster is pounding the shit out of Beth’s pussy, spreading her ass cheeks so he can get farther up her pussy. His giant cock is drilling up her pussy harder, the desk is shaking as he fucks her faster.

He gets an idea and pulls out of Beth’s pussy. He spreads Megyn’s legs wide and points his cock at her ass. Megyn smiles, kind of scared of the thought, but also very turned on by it. She looks at him smiling and says “do it.”

The Trumpster with that Trumpster smirk PLUNGES his giant cock up Megyn’s tight ass. She holds in the scream from the pain of it. She wants to be freaked out too. She fucking loves her former enemy’s giant cock in all of her holes and she doesn’t give a fuck how big of a slut she looks like. “BANG MY ASS HARD MOTHERFUCKER. USE IT, FREAK ME OUT BIG TIME BABY. I LOVE YOUR FUCKING GIANT FUCKING COCK. MAKE ME YOUR ASS FUCK WHORE BABY.” Megyn screamed, as she lost all of her inhibitions and hate for the man freaking her ass.

“Don’t worry Megyn, you were my ass fuck whore when you walked in the door.” The Trumpster said, as he pounded his huge cock in and out of Megyn’s formerly tight ass.

Beth was rubbing Megyn’s tits as The Trumpster used her ass. Megyn leaned over and sucked as much of one of Beth’s giant tits in her mouth as she could. The Trumpster joined her, sucking Beth’s other giant tit as he pummeled Megyn’s ass. Megyn and The Trumpster both got a mouthful of milk from Beth’s tits as she could lactate anytime she wanted. They swallowed it and kept sucking wanting more.

Beth moaned and rubbed The Trumpster’s balls as he pounded Megyn’s ass. She loved the attention given to her breasts. She would let random guys on the street get a mouthful of her milk whenever the mood struck her.

The Trumpster swallowed another mouthful of Beth’s milk then stood up. He grabbed her nipple and squeezed as hard as he could, pointing it at Megyn’s pussy The milk flew from Beth’s big nipple coating Megyn’s pussy and the desk. She moaned loudly as The Trumpster kept spraying her tit milk everywhere as he freaked Megyn’s hot ass. He licked at it as it flew out and kept pummeling Megyn’s ass harder and faster.

“I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!!” Megyn yelled as she squirter all over The Trumpster. Pussy cum and tit milk flew through the air, covering everything and everyone it hit.

The Trumpster pulled out of Megyn’s ass and told her to lay on the floor. He told Beth to sit on her face and face Megyn’s pussy. They both moved into position. He walked up to Beth and told her “wrap those big fucking tits around my super awesome giant cock.” She obeyed and The Trumpster began tit fucking her her amazing tits while Megyn ate her pussy, licking and tongue fucking her like crazy.

The Trumpster pounder Beth’s tits hard and fast, slapping them as he did.

Beth said “oh shit, I’m cumming.” She came in Megyn’s mouth as Megyn gleefully licked it all up.

The Trumpster pulled out of Beth’s tits and told her to kneel down next to Megyn’s face. She quickly did. He pointed his giant cock down at them and came giant rope after giant rope of cum all over both of their faces and in both of their mouths as they opened them. He kept cumming as they lapped it up. “Yeah bitches, swallow that spectacular jizz, the most amazing jizz ever. Here comes some more.” He said, as he kept cumming thick cum all over them. He finally stopped and they both came up to suck his cock clean. They swapped his cum as they kissed, letting it hang out of their mouths, playing with it as they looked at him.

“Well, that’s was fun but you two sluts need to leave The Trumpster alone now.” He said as he admired his work, knowing they were hooked on him and his super, amazing spectacular cock.

Megyn saw, as she got dressed, that her phone wasn’t recording and she was mad. She wasn’t mad that it didn’t record The Trumpster violating her so she could get him in trouble. She was mad it didn’t record it so she could watch it later as she played with her sore pussy. She smiled as she got dressed, knowing she wanted his cock as much as she could get it from now on.

Beth and Megyn got dressed and left smiling, pleasantly sore. They were two more satisfied sluts for The Trumpster.



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